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Guide prepared by: Sara Piasecki, Photo Archivist

TITLE: Dora Keen Collection



Dates: 1880-1958 (bulk 1911-1932)

Extent: 7 boxes, 5.4 linear feet

Language and Scripts: The collection is in English.

Name of creator(s): Dora Keen, George W. Handy, H.L. Tucker, Alfred H. Brooks, Thomas Riggs
Jr., Ralph S. Tarr, D. W. Eaton, Rob. Sewell, Lawrence Martin, Merl LaVoy, E. F. Foley, T. H.
Lindsey, Leonora Brooks Borden Trafford

Administrative/Biographical History:
Dora Keen was born June 24, 1871, in Philadelphia, a daughter of the surgeon William
Williams Keen. She was educated at Bryn Mawr College, graduating in 1896. Her interest in
mountaineering began during a trip to the Alps in 1909-1910. She traveled to Alaska in 1911
“merely to see the wonderful scenery of the southwest coast,”
1 but shortly after arriving
developed her plan to summit Mount Blackburn. Her first attempt failed; she returned and
successfully reached the top on May 19, 1912. Keen’s 1911 expedition to Mt. Blackburn was
the first expedition to use dogs on a mountain, the first to succeed without Swiss guides, the
first to camp in snow caves, and the first to make a prolonged night ascent.2

1 Keen, Dora. “The first expedition to Mt. Blackburn.” Bulletin of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia, 10
(1912): 172-176.
2 “Guide to the Dora Keen Photograph Collection, 1911.” University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.
Available at: Accessed February 19, 2015.

Subsequent to summiting Mt. Blackburn, she traveled across the interior to the Yukon River,
becoming the first woman to cross the Skolai Pass. In 1914, she was part of a scientific
expedition to Harriman Fjord and College Fjord, in Prince William Sound, and made the first
explorations of the Harvard Glacier. Keen wrote numerous articles for journals and popular
magazines and lectured on her experiences. She became a fellow of the Royal Geographical
Society, London, in 1914.

Keen married German-born George William Handy on July 8, 1916, in McCarthy. They settled
in West Hartford, Vermont, and operated a farm. The couple divorced after 16 years of
marriage. Dora later served as librarian at the West Hartford Library and sold insurance. She
died while traveling, in Hong Kong on January 31, 1963.3

Scope and Content Description:
The collection consists of 1350 photographic prints (including one cyanotype, proof prints,
panoramas, enlargements, and micrographs), 54 nitrate negatives, news clippings and other
ephemera created or collected by Dora Keen, circa 1895-1940. Included are photographs
taken by Dora, as well as those taken by other members of her Alaska expeditions, other
explorers and geologists working in Alaska, and professional photographers in America and
overseas. The collection includes Dora’s scattered notes on camera types and exposure times,
as well as several images showing Dora holding her cameras.

There are approximately 750 images of Alaska, primarily of the two attempts at Mount
Blackburn, 1911-12; the return via the Nizina-White River Route, 1912; the expedition to
College Fjord, Harriman Fjord, and Columbia Glacier, September 1914; the Keen-Handy
wedding, 1916 (.726-734); the Kanatak area, 1923-1925, including two images of Frederick
Martin’s Douglas World Cruise biplane after its crash landing in 1924; and a trip to Port Wells
and Harriman Fjord, 1925. Photos collected by Dora include some early Alaska-Canada
Boundary Survey images.

The remaining photographs are of non-Alaskan locations. The vast majority of these are of the
Beulah Farm in West Hartford, Vermont, which Dora and George ran circa 1917-1932. There
are also images from Road’s End Farm in East Dover, Vermont, 1934-1935. There are
approximately 200 photographs from Dora’s travels in the United States and abroad, most
dating from 1890-1910.

Arrangement: The collection was received in other than original order. Arranged by format
into four series: 1. Albums. 2. Loose prints. 3. Negatives. 4. Ephemera. Loose prints and
negatives are arranged by Keen’s own numeric system when indicated. Photos without Keen’s
numbering are arranged by location and year, when known.

3 Wikipedia contributors. “Dora Keen.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. April 14, 2014, 16:00 UTC. Available at: Accessed February 19, 2015.


Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use. Access to original nitrate
negatives is limited.

Physical Access: Original items in fair to good condition: silvering, fading, and/or curling of
some prints.

Technical Access: No special equipment is needed to access the materials.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:
The Anchorage Museum is the owner of the materials and makes available reproductions for
research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the
Anchorage Museum before any reproduction use. The Anchorage Museum does not
necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission
for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation:
Dora Keen Collection, Anchorage Museum, B2015.008


Acquisition and Appraisal Information
Purchased from Skinner Auctions in 2014. Skinner indicated that the unnamed seller had
found the collection with material from his father’s photo studio; his father had received them
from an unnamed individual in the 1970s.

Processing Notes
The collection was received in other than original order. Previous owners disbound albums
and cut photos out of several pages. Attempts were made to reorder the pages by date as
much as possible. Many loose prints show evidence of having been removed from albums
prior to accessioning; single photos cut out of albums housed with loose prints.

Original photo and negative sleeves bearing manuscript notes are housed with collection

Negatives scanned at time of processing.

Separated Materials
Nitrate negatives removed to freezer. Oversize materials removed to oversize shelving.

Images published by Keen prior to 1923 are in the public domain. When known, publication
dates are included with individual item descriptions.

Dora Keen Photograph Collection, 1911. Collection 453, University of Washington Libraries,
Special Collections
William O. Field Papers, 1890-1994. Collection USUAFV5-26, University of Alaska Fairbanks,
Alaska Polar Regions Collections & Archives
[Catalogue of Alaska slides and negatives in the collection of Dora Keen Handy]. [S.l., n.p.,
1979]. 1979.0023 VF, Alaska State Library Historical Collections

Keen, Dora, 1871-
Alaska Railroad
Copper River and Northwestern Railway
Mountaineering expeditions – Alaska
Glaciers – Alaska
Mountaineering – Alaska
Mountains – Alaska
Snow and ice climbing – Alaska
Women mountaineers
Floods – Alaska – Kanatak
Farms—Vermont—West Hartford
Athapascan Indians – Alaska
Pacific Gulf Yupik Eskimos – Alaska
Blackburn, Mount (Alaska)
Wrangell Mountains (Alaska)
Chugach National Forest (Alaska)
Prince William Sound (Alaska)
Port Wells (Alaska)
Columbia Glacier (Alaska)
Ten Thousand Smokes, Valley of (Alaska)
Katmai National Park and Preserve (Alaska)
Kanatak (Alaska)
Anchorage (Alaska)
Cordova (Alaska)
Valdez (Alaska)
Copper River (Alaska)
Chisana (Alaska)
Nizina River (Alaska)
Juneau (Alaska)
Kenai Lake (Alaska)
Hartford (Vt.)
East Dover (Vt.)
Rainier, Mount (Wash.)

Dawson (Yukon)
Alhambra (Granada, Spain)

Detailed Description of the Collection

[Photo Albums]
[Alaska Album, 1914 and 1923-1925]
1 — 100.3. Swede, Romanian, German, Americans, back to help us “pack out” [five men standing in brush next to small tent in wooded area]
2 — 100.4. The Swedish prospector and his 6 weeks’ outfit [man wearing suspenders and brimmed hat and holding rifle standing in low brush with pile of supplies at feet, pine trees and mountains in background]
3 — F[ritz] and his cub bear [bear cub on chain sitting with dog, person standing just out of frame to right]
4 — At prayer. Bismarck and the cub [bear cub on chain sitting on wooden kennel]
5 — Starting for Stetson Creek [person in small rowboat near bank, holding oar, pine trees and mountains in background]
6 — 100.7. Looking back on camp [view across water to mountains, small white “x” marked on shoreline]
7 — 101.1 [scenic of small islands in water]
8 — 104.3. Mile 18 [dog walking on railroad tracks through wooded area]
9 — 93.7. Lake Kenai, mile 20 [homestead or work camp in wooded area, with cabins and tent, pile of fuel wood or railroad ties in clearing, probably Alaska Northern Railway]
10 — Going prospecting, Lake Kenai, in homemade boats [six people loading two wooden boats along shore, corner of cabin at right]
11 — 104.5 [two men and two dogs in rowboat, one man in second rowboat half out of frame at left, Kenai Lake]
12 — 234.10. An ice raft. Water 40°, air 50°. 9.16.14, 11:30 A.M. [Dora and George Handy on iceberg. Cf. .697]
13 — 234.11. A cold proposition. 9.16.14, 11:30 A.M. [Dora and George Handy swimming back from iceberg]
14 — 234.13. Just a stunt. 9.16.14, Noon [shirtless man hoisting himself onto iceberg]
15 — 223.2. Harvard Glacier from Station K. 9.17.14, 8:20 A.M. [bird’s eye view of College Fjord and glacier, person in rowboat near shore, pine tree in foreground]
16 — 223.5. 223.4. 223.3. Wellesley, Vassar, Bryn Mawr, and Smith Glaciers, College Fjord, from Station K. 9.17.14, 8:20 A.M. [panorama with three images, bird’s eye view of fjord, three small rowboats in water, gnarled pine tree at left. Cf. .669]
17 — 223.11. Bryn Mawr Glacier from Q. 9.17.14, 10 A.M. [bird’s eye view of College Fjord, small rowboat in water, pine trees in foreground]
18 — 223.9. Vassar & Wellesley Glacier. 9.17.14, 10 A.M. [bird’s eye view of College Fjord, small rowboat in water, man wearing backpack and smoking pipe seated at right in foreground]
19 — 235.7. Towards Golden, from Station Q, College Point. 9.17.14, 10:15 A.M. [bird’s eye view of College Fjord, two people in rowboat in water, pine trees in foreground]
20 — 223.10. Yale Glacier. 9.17.14, 10:30 A.M. [distant view of glacier terminus, man standing in shallow water at left. Cf. .670]
21 — 223.11. Barnard, Wellesley, & Vassar Glacier. 9.17.14, 10:30 A.M. [view across College Fjord to glaciers]
22 — 235.8. Getting water for lunch. 9.17.14, 10:35 A.M. [man standing in bow of boat collecting water dripping down cliff face]
23 — 235.9 [similar to .22]
24 — 235.10. Marmot on rock 9.17.14, 11 A.M. [distant view of animal on rock outcropping on shore]
25 — 223.12. 236.1. Yale Glacier from Station Q. 9.17.14, 11:15 A.M. [panorama with two images of glacier terminus, man seated on shore with rowboat at left. Cf. .671-672]
26 — T12 [similar to .25]
27 — 236.2. Under Yale Glacier in a small boat. 9.17.14, 1 P.M. [close-up of glacier terminus. Cf. .699]
28 — 236.3. Only 150 yards from a 300 foot ice cliff, watching for ice to fall. 9.17.14, 1:30 P.M. [glacier terminus, man seated in boat in foreground. Cf. .700]
29 — 236.4. Yale Glacier in a small boat, only 150 yards from a 300 foot ice cliff. 9.17.14, 1:30 P.M. [similar to .27. Cf. .701]
30 — 236.5 [Yale Glacier terminus]
31 — 236.6. 9.17.14, 1:30 P.M. [similar to .27. Cf. .702]
32 — 236.7. 9.17.14, 1:45 P.M. [glacier terminus, stern of boat in foreground. Cf. .704]
33 — 236.9. 236.8. Yale Glacier from Station T [panorama with two images of glacier terminus, small rowboat in water at left, brush in foreground at right]
34 — 236.11. Wellesley and Vassar Glaciers from T. 9.17.14, 2:30 P.M. [view across fjord, rocky shore in foreground]
35 — 237.1. Harvard and Yale Glacier. 9.17.14, 3:30 P.M. [view across fjord to rock outcropping dividing termini of two glaciers, three men in boat in foreground]
36 — 237.2. Yale Glacier from Station Q. 9.17.14, 4 P.M. [view across fjord, person on shore in foreground, person in small boat coming into shore, iceberg in water]
37 — 237.3. Wellesley Glacier from Q. 9.17.14, 4 P.M. [distant view of glacier, brush in foreground]
38 — 237.4. 237.5. Vassar Glacier from Station Q. 9.17.14, 4:10 P.M. [panorama with two images, view down rocky beach to glacier, small rowboat in water at right]
39 — 237.6. Harvard and Yale Glaciers from Station Q. 9.17.14, 4:15 P.M. [distant view of figure on rocky beach, fjord and glaciers in background]
40 — 237.7. Wellesley Glacier. 9.17.14, 4:45 P.M. [man standing next to boulder on rocky beach in foreground, glacier terminus at right]
41 — 235.11. Leaving Camp 1. 9.18.14, 8 A.M. [smoldering camp fire in clearing, with case of Ry-Krisps, glacier in distance]
42 — 235.12. College Fjord from Camp 1. 9.18.14, 8:45 A.M. [view down fjord, bow of boat in foreground]
43 — 238.1. Frozen fresh water around icebergs hard to break through. 9.18.14, 9:10 A.M. [man at oars in rowboat on College Fjord, icebergs in water, glacier in distance]
44 — 237.8. Smith Glacier. 9.18.14, 9:25 A.M. [glacier terminus. Cf. .705]
 45 — 237.9. Vassar and Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 9:25 A.M. [view down fjord with glacier termini, boat oar in foreground]
46 — 238.2. Smith Glacier. 9.18.14, 10 A.M. [glacier terminus, small icebergs in foreground]
47 — 237.10. Vassar and Bryn Mawr Glaciers. 9.18.14, 10:15 A.M. [view down shoreline to glaciers, small pine tree and low brush in foreground. Cf. .706]
48 — 237.11. Smith & Harvard Glaciers. 9.18.14, 10:50 A.M. [distant view down College Fjord, pine trees in foreground. Cf. .707]
49 — 237.12. Smith & Harvard Glaciers. 9.18.14, 10:50 A.M. [view down shoreline to glacier terminus]
50 — 238.3. Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 11 A.M. [rocky shoreline with pine trees, glacier in background at left]
51 — 239.1. Vassar & Bryn Mawr Glaciers. 9.18.14, 11 A.M. [view down shoreline to glaciers, large pine trees in middle ground]
52 — 239.2. Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 11:30 A.M. [glacier terminus, rocky beach in foreground, low brush at right]
53 — 239.3. 9.18.14, 11:30 A.M. [Bryn Mawr Glacier terminus, person standing on rocky beach in foreground]
54 — 239.4. Push moraine in front of Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 11:30 A.M. [close-up of glacier terminus]
55 — 239.5. Icebergs from Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 11:30 A.M. [glacier terminus]
56 — 239.6. Smith & Harvard Glaciers. 9.18.14, 11:45 A.M. [view down shoreline, large pine tree at left, glaciers in distance]
57 — 239.8. Pushing through iceberg jam. 9.18.14, Noon [glacier terminus, icebergs in water]
58 — Pushing through iceberg jam from Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 12:30 P.M. [man in bow of boat in foreground. Cf. .708]
59 — 239.10. Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 1 P.M. [glacier terminus]
60 — 239.11. Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 1 P.M. [glacier terminus]
61 — 238.4. Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 1 P.M. [glacier terminus]
62 — 238.5. Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 2 P.M. [view across fjord to glacier]
63 — 238.6. Bryn Mawr Glacier. 9.18.14, 2 P.M. [view across fjord to glacier, three men in boat in foreground, second boat at left]
64 — 239.12. Vassar Glacier from below College Point. 9.18.14, 3 P.M. [view across fjord to glacier]
65 — 238.7. Wellesley Glacier, and Bryn Mawr & Smith Glaciers, from Station R. 9.18.14, 4 P.M. [view across fjord to glacier, small rowboat in foreground]
66 — 238.8. Wellesley Glacier, and Bryn Mawr & Smith Glaciers, from Station R. 9.18.14, 4 P.M. [view down fjord to glaciers, small rowboat in water, rocky shore in foreground]
67 — 238.9. From Station R. 9.18.14, 4 P.M. [bird’s eye view of small rowboat on lake or river through wooded area]
68 — 238.10. Camp 6. 9.18.14, 4:30 P.M. [similar to .67]
69 — 240.1. Below Wellesley Glacier from R. 9.19.14, 7:15 A.M. [view across fjord to glaciers, pine trees in foreground. Original image blurry]
70 — 240.4. Bryn Mawr & Smith Glaciers. 9.19.14, 7:30 A.M. [view across fjord, small rowboat in water, pine trees in foreground at right]
71 — 240.5. Bryn Mawr, Smith & Harvard Glaciers from R. 9.19.14, 7:30 A.M. [view down fjord, man in small rowboat at center]
72 — 238.11. Smith, Harvard & Yale Glaciers, below R. 9.19.14, 8:15 A.M. [view down fjord, two men seated in boat in foreground at left]
73 — 238.12. Holyoke & Barnard Glaciers. 9.19.14, 9:30 A.M. [view across fjord, large iceberg in distance]
74 — 241.1. Lunch. 9.19.14, Noon [two people standing on rocky beach, pots and pans on ground, man in rowboat pulled in to shore, pine trees in background at right]
75 — 241.2. Blueberries at Golden. 9.20.14, 10 A.M. [close-up of man’s hand holding spring from berry bush against wood plank wall]
76 — 241.3. Icebergs on Duck Point, and Baker Glacier. 9.22.14, 4 P.M. [man holding rifle standing on beach near ice chunks, glacier in background]
77 — 241.4. Harriman Glacier push moraine. 9.23.14, 3:30 P.M. [creek exiting glacier terminus on left, moraine on right]
78 — T43. Roaring Glacier. [view across beach to log cabin in woods at base of mountain. Cf. .85]
79 — 241.5. Harriman Glacier. 9.23.14, 3:35 P.M. [glacier terminus]
80 — 241.6. 9.23.14, 4 P.M. [similar to .79]
81 — 241.7. Dirty Glacier from G. 9.23.14, 4:15 P.M. [bird’s eye view looking down shoreline, glacier terminus and moraine in middle ground]
82 — 241.8. Roaring Glacier from Station G. 9.23.14, 4:15 P.M. [view across fjord]
83 — 241.9. Harriman Glacier. 9.23.14, 4:15 P.M. [glacier terminus, person standing on rocky shore at left]
84 — 240.6. 240.7. Harriman Glacier from near G. 9.23.14, 4:30 P.M. [panorama with two images of glacier terminus, rocky shore and rock outcropping at left, low plants in foreground at right]
85 — 240.8. Callahan’s cabin, between icebergs, Harriman Fjord. 9.24.14, 7:30 A.M. [view across beach to log cabin in woods at base of mountain. Cf. .78]
86 — 240.9. Surprise Glacier from Station D. 9.24.14, 10 A.M. [view through gnarled pine trees to small rowboat on water, glacier in distance]
87 — 240.10. Baker Glacier. 9.24.14, 10 A.M. [bird’s eye view across fjord, pine trees in foreground]
88 — 240.11. Serpentine Glacier, from Station D, Harriman Fjord. 9.24.14, 10 A.M. [view across fjord, small rowboat in water at left, pine tree in foreground at right]
89 — 240.12. Cataract, Surprise & Baker Glaciers from D. 9.24.14, 10:30 A.M. [view through wooded area across fjord, pine trees in foreground]
90 — 242.1. Cataract and Surprise Glaciers, from E. 9.24.14, 11:15 A.M. [view across fjord, small rowboat in water at right, short pine trees in foreground]
91 — 242.2. Baker Glacier, from E. 9.24.14, 11:15 A.M. [view across fjord, small rowboat in water at center, tops of pine trees in foreground. Cf. .709]
92 — 242.3. Serpentine Glacier from E. 9.24.14, 11:15 A.M. [view across fjord, small rowboat in water at left, pine trees in foreground]
93 — 242.4. Toboggan Glacier from Station E, Harriman Fjord. 9.24.14, 11:15 A.M. [view through wooded area to glacier terminus in middle ground]
94 — 242.5. Cataract, Surprise, & Detached Glaciers. 9.24.14, 11:15 A.M. [view through wooded area across fjord, pine trees in foreground]
95 — 241.10. Cataract, Surprise, & Detached Glaciers, from Station E. 9.24.10, 11:30 A.M. [view across fjord, pine trees in foreground]
96 — 242.6. Cataract, Surprise, & Detached Glaciers, from Station F. 9.24.10, Noon [bird’s eye view across fjord, man with small rowboat tied to rocky beach at left, pine trees in foreground at right]
97 — 242.7. Baker Glacier. 9.24.14, 12 P.M. [view across fjord, pine trees in foreground]
98 — 242.8. Serpentine and Coxe Glaciers, from Station F, Harriman Fjord. 9.24.14, 12:15 P.M. [view through wooded area across fjord, large pine tree in center foreground]
99 — 242.9. Duck hunting, Harriman Glacier, from F. 9.24.14, 12:30 P.M. [view down scree flanked by pine trees to man pointing rifle at water, glacier in distance]
100 — [view across fjord to glacier, reflections in water]
101 — 243.1-4. Harriman, Cataract, Surprise, Detached & Baker Glaciers. Panorama of Harriman Fjord, from F. 9.24.14 [panorama with four images, view from hillside across fjord, dead tree trunk in foreground]
102 — 241.12. 241.11. Serpentine and Coxe Glacier. 1:15 P.M. [view through wooded area across fjord, gnarled pine trees in foreground]
103 — 242.12. Serpentine Glacier and Mt. Gilbert from F. [view across fjord from shore with low brush and gnarled pine tree in center]
104 — 243.5. Surprise Glacier. 9.24.14, 2:30 P.M. [distant view of glacier terminus]
105 — 243.6. Baker Glacier from boat. 9.24.14, 2:30 P.M. [distant view of glacier terminus]
106 — 243.7. Detached Glacier from boat. 9.24.14, 2:45 P.M. [boat oar in foreground at left]
107 — 243.8. Cataract Glacier. 9.24.14, 3 P.M. [distant view of glacier terminus]
108 — 243.9. Mt. Muir, reflected. 9.24.14, 3 P.M. [glacier terminus in background]
109 — 243.10. Cataract and Serpentine Glaciers from boat. 9.24.14, 3:15 P.M. [distant view of glacier termini]
110 — 243.11. Toboggan Glacier from Duck Point. 9.24.14, 4 P.M. [rowboat tied to rocky shore in foreground, view across fjord to glacier]
111 — 243.12. Serpentine Glacier and Mt. Gilbert. 9.24.14, 4 P.M. [view down grassy shore to glacier terminus]
112 — 244.1. Reflection, Mt. Muir. 9.25.14, 7 A.M. [view across open water to gravel shore, low brush, and glacier terminus]
113 — 244.2. Mt. Muir and Serpentine Glacier from near Callahan cabin. 9.25.14, 7 A.M. [view across gravel flats to glacier terminus]
114 — 244.3. Dirty, Harriman, & Cataract Glaciers from near Callahan cabin. 9.25.14, 7 A.M. [gravel beach in foreground, view across open water to gravel shore, mountain range, glacier at right]
115 — 244.4. Cascade, Barry, and Coxe Glaciers from moraine point. 9.25.14, 8:30 A.M. [distant view of glaciers from gravel beach, person standing on ice chunks near shore in center. Original image blurry]
116 — 244.5. Harriman, Cataract, Surprise & Baker Glaciers from moraine point. 9.25.14, 8:30 A.M. [view across gravel beach to water, glaciers in distance, person standing on beach at center, boat tied to shore at left]
117 — 244.6. Cascade and Barry Glaciers from A. 9.25.14, 9:30 A.M. [view across fjord to glacier termini, gnarled pine trees in foreground]
118 — 244.7. Cascade & Barry Glaciers from A. 9.25.14, 9:30 A.M. [view across fjord to glacier termini, brush, pine trees, and dead tree trunk in foreground]
119 — 244.8. Cataract, Surprise, Baker & Serpentine Glaciers from A. 9.25.14, 10 A.M. [view down fjord to glacier termini, pine trees on steep shore at left, rowboat in water at right]
120 — 244.9. Cascade Glacier. 9.25.14, 10:30 A.M. [view down steep shoreline to glacier, rowboat in water near shore in center]
121 — 244.10. Cataract, Surprise, Baker & Serpentine Glaciers from C. 9.25.14, 10:40 A.M. [man reclining on shore reading book in foreground]
122 — 246.1. 244.12. 244.11. Cascade, Barry, and Coxe Glaciers from B. 9.25.14, 11:15 A.M. [panorama with three images looking across water to glacier termini, man wearing hat sitting on steep shoreline reading book at right]
123 — 246.2. From B, Harriman, Cataract, Surprise and Baker Glaciers. 9.25.14, 11:30 A.M. [view down fjord, rocky promontory in foreground]
124 — 246.3. Coxe Glacier, close by. 9.25.14, 11:30 A.M. [view down steep shoreline to glacier terminus]
125 — 246.4-7. 1910. 9.25.14, Noon [panorama with four images of glacier termini, “1910” written on rock outcropping at right probably indicates earlier expedition route]
126 — 246.8. Cascade & Barry Glaciers from near point. 9.25.14, Noon [view across open water to two glacier termini divided by rock outcropping]
127 — 245.2. Harriman Glacier from near Serpentine. 9.25.14, 1:40 P.M. [view down fjord]
128 — 245.3 [view across fjord to glacier, bow of boat in left foreground]
129 — 245.4. From boat: Cataract, Surprise, Baker and Serpentine Glaciers. 9.25.14, 1:40 P.M. [similar to .128]
130 — T41. 1910. [view down gravel shore to glaciers, man wearing hat and holding walking staff standing on beach in center, “1910” written on ridge in center distance probably indicates earlier expedition route]
131 — T42. [view across rocky beach to glaciers, ice chunks on beach in middle ground, trees in distance at right]
132 — 245.5. Baker Glacier from Duck Point. 9.25.14, 4 P.M. [open water in foreground, wooded area at base of glacier]
133 — 246.9. 246.10. 246.11. Serpentine Glacier. 9.25.14, 2:15 P.M. [panorama with three images of rocky beach with grasses and ice chunks in foreground, man pointing rifle standing on beach in center, glacier flowing from right to center of image]
134 — 247.1. 246.12. Serpentine Glacier. 9.25.14, 2:45 P.M. [panorama with two images looking down shore from opposite side of glacier. Original image at left blurry]
135 — 247.5-8. Columbia Glacier from Station G. 9.29.14, 9 A.M. [panorama with four images of view across water to glacier terminus, man wearing hat and smoking pipe seated on shore at right, wooded shore at left]
136 — 249.10. West face. 9.29.14, 9:30 A.M. [Columbia Glacier moraine, trees at left]
137 — 249.11. Columbia Glacier from west side. 9.29.14, 9:30 A.M. [view across fjord, tree trunk in foreground]
138 — 249.12. [view across fjord to Columbia Glacier, three tree trunks in foreground]
139 — 247.9. Holding the skiff in a big wave from falling ice. 9.29.14, 9 A.M. [bird’s eye view of man standing on rocks holding onto rowboat]
140 — 247.10. From G. 9.29.14, 9 A.M. [view from rocky shore to Columbia Glacier terminus]
141 — 247.11. Columbia Glacier west side. 9.29.14, 10 A.M. [view down rocky shore to glacier terminus]
142 — 247.12. Push moraine. 9.29.14, 10:30 A.M. [boulders piled near trees]
143 — 251.1. Push moraine. 9.29.14, 10:30 A.M. [view down rocks to fjord, pine trees at right]
144 — 251.2. Overthrowing trees 150 yrs. old. 9.29.14, 10:30 A.M. [pine trees and dead tree trunks at left, boulders at right]
145 — 250.1. From boat. 9.29.14 [Columbia Glacier terminus]
146 — 250.6 [icebergs near shore, glacier terminus at far right]
147 — 250.4. Columbia Glacier. 9.29.14 [glacier terminus]
148 — T47 [view through pine trees to Columbia Glacier terminus]
149 — 584 [view along shoreline to Columbia Glacier terminus, pine trees in foreground]
150 — 250.8 [icebergs near shore]
151 — 250.7 [low view from water to Columbia Glacier terminus]
152 — T46 [close-up view of glacier terminus and ice chunks on shore]
153 — 251.3. Trees overthrown by waves and icebergs. 9.29.14, Noon [pine trees, dead tree trunks, and driftwood]
154 — 251.4. Columbia Glacier from small islands near D. 9.29.14, 12:15 P.M. [rocks, grasses, pine trees, and driftwood in foreground, glacier terminus in distance]
155 — 251.6. Advance upon Heather Island. 9.29.14, 12:30 P.M. [view from rocky shore to glacier terminus, large iceberg in foreground]
156 — 251.5. Destroying forest. 9.29.14, 12:30 P.M. [view down rocky shore with ice chunks, pine trees at right, glacier terminus next to wooded area in distance]
157 — 251.7. Columbia Glacier from near D, on small island. 9.29.14, 1 P.M. [pine trees and low brush in foreground]
158 — 251.8. 9.29.14, 1 P.M. [view through wooded area to glacier terminus, pine trees in foreground]
159 — 251.9. 9.29.14, 1 P.M. [view across fjord to Columbia Glacier terminus, small rowboat in water at left, pine tree in foreground right]
160 — 250.9. 9.29.14, 1:10 P.M. [view from rocky beach with ice chunks to Columbia Glacier terminus, small rowboat in water at center]
161 — 251.11. Columbia Glacier from Heather Island near E. 9.29.14, 1:20 P.M. [panorama with two images of view through wooded area to glacier terminus, pine trees and driftwood in foreground]
162 — 251.12. 9.29.14, 1:30 P.M. [view through wooded area to glacier terminus, pine trees in foreground]
163 — 252.1. 9.29.14, 1:35 P.M. [view through densely wooded area to glacier terminus, pine trees in foreground]
164 — T45 [9.29.14, 1:30 P.M. [view through wooded area to glacier terminus, pine trees in foreground]
165 — 252.2. Columbia Glacier from Heather Island. 9.29.14, 1:45 P.M. [view from clearing in wooded area to glacier terminus, person standing near downed tree at right]
166 — 252.3. Ice destroying forest. 9.29.14, 2 P.M. [piles of driftwood in center, pine trees at left, glacier terminus at right]
167 — 252.4. Present limit of Columbia Glacier on Heather Island looking east. 9.29.14, 2 P.M. [moraine, with ice chunks at left, driftwood in center, pine trees at right]
168 — 252.5. 9.29.14, 2:10 P.M. [view from moraine to open water, ice chunks at left, dead tree trunk at right, mountains in distance]
169 — 252.6. Columbia Glacier destroying forest on Heather Island looking west. 9.29.14, 2:15 P.M. [view from moraine to open water, ice chunks at right, pine trees at left, mountains in distance]
170 — 252.7. Push moraine at right. 9.29.14, 2:20 P.M. [view from moraine to open water, ice chunks at right, pine trees at left, mountains in distance]
171 — 252.8. Push moraine destroying forest on Heather Island. 9.29.14, 2:25 P.M. [moraine, with ice chunks at left, pine trees at right]
172 — 252.9. 9.29.14, 2:25 P.M. [similar to .171]
173 — 252.10. Columbia Glacier from Heather Island. Mr. Tucker on push moraine of glacier, near face. 9.29.14, 2:30 P.M. [view down gravel beach with ice chunks to glacier terminus, man standing on gravel pile at right]
174 — 252.11. Miss Keen on push moraine, seracs overhead. 9.29.14, 2:35 P.M. [view down gravel beach with ice chunks to glacier terminus, Dora standing on gravel pile at center]
175 — 254.1. Columbia Glacier from boat near Heather Island. 9.29.14, 3:30 P.M. [glacier terminus]
176 — 253.2. 9.29.14, 3:30 P.M. [Columbia Glacier terminus, large iceberg in center]
177 — 253.5. 253.3. Columbia Glacier from F. 9.29.14, 4:30 P.M. [panorama with two images of glacier terminus, small rowboat in water at left, rocky shoreline with pine trees at right]
178 — 253.8. 253.6. Columbia Glacier from A. 9.30.14, 9 A.M. [panorama with three images of distant view of glacier terminus, islands at right, boat oar at left]
179 — 253.9. 253.10. Columbia Glacier from near B, sowing forest all but destroyed. 9.30.14, 9:45 A.M. [panorama with two images of moraine beach, ice chunks at right, islands with pine trees at left]
180 — 253.11. Advance of ice to edge of stream at N.E. of glacier. 9.30.14, 9:45 A.M. [moraine, stream in foreground, pine trees in background at right]
181 — 253.12. Trees seen in 253.10. 9.30.14, 10 A.M. [moraine in foreground, large ice chunk or boulder in front of pine trees]
182 — 254.4-5. Columbia Glacier, stream from small island at mouth. 9.30.14, 10 A.M. [view from wooded area to fjord]
183 — 254.6. Heather Island from B showing end of ice, and forest in 254.3, from small island seen in 253.6 and 9. 9.30.14, 10 A.M. [driftwood and pine tree on rocky shore in foreground]
184 — 254.3. Trees seen in 253.10. 9.30.14, 10:10 A.M. [view down moraine to fjord, pine trees and ice chunk at right. Same as .889]
185 — T40 [bird’s eye view of rowboat in water, looking across fjord to glacier termini]
186 — 629 [person holding walking staff standing on rocky beach in center foreground, looking down fjord to glacier terminus]
187 — T18. [close-up of glacier terminus, bare rock at right, “?” in upper corner of print]
188 — T44 [view from steep shore across water to mountain, “?” in upper corner of print]
189 — E12. 8/10/25. Looking up Valley of 10,000 Smokes, from lower end. Mt. Mageik. First fuel, water & feed [view from sandy slope with dead brush across valley to mountains]
190 — F3. 8/10/25. Leaving Valley of 10,000 Smokes and its desolation. Sparse feed & fuel. Soft sand. Last look up Valley, to head [panorama of two images of valley, man and woman arm-in-arm at right, two men arm-in-arm in center, dead tree trunk at left]
191 — H2. 8/14/25. Nearing Kejulik Pass. Getting “Mary” out of a bog hole [three men pulling pack horse on hillside]
192 — H3. 8/14/25. Kejulik River, from pass. Hard to find a safe way down [scenic of river valley]
193 — H5. 8/14/25. Climbing far up, at dusk to avoid canyons. 2 hrs. down to river [pack horses travelling along hillside above river valley]
194 — H6. 8/15/25. Kejulik River camp. A wet camp & no tent poles anywhere [two pack horses standing in low brush at base of hill. Original image blurry]
195 — H7. 8/15/25. Kejulik River. Testing depth & current [distant view of man wearing backpack crossing river]
196 — H8. 8/15/25. Fording Kejulik River. Fording 20 times in one day [person carrying load in fast-moving river]
197 — H9. Oil location notice. N.E. of Lake Becharof, S.W. Alaska [driftwood poles set in tundra, pack on ground at left]
198 — H10. 8/16/25. On the way to Kanatak. A trackless waste of ridges, swamps & rivers [view across tundra, three men and woman in foreground, possibly George Handy at right, Dora at left]
199 — I3. 8/21/25. Lake Becharof & Mt. Peulik. That interminable last day [view across tundra to lake, man on horseback at left, man holding two packhorses at right]
200 — I4. 8/21/25. All low land swampy. Mt. Peulik & Lake Becharof – at safe range [view across lake to volcano]
201 — I5. 8/22/25. Kanatak, S.W. Alaska. Cabin, with sod as a wind break [cabin with windows and sod roof, tar-paper cabin in background, driftwood in foreground]
202 — I6. 8/22/25. Kanatak, Alaska. “Hotel” and cabins, at the oil town [buildings, with holls in background]
203 — I7. 8/22/25. Kanatak, Alaska. Beach wreckage. Windiest town on coast [driftwood, boat, and small shack on beach near bluffs]
204 — I8. 8/22/25. Kanatak, Alaska. Barricading against wind – useless [three cabins, hills in distance]
205 — I9. 8/22/25. Kanatak, Alaska. Indian children hooking salmon [two Alutiiq boys wearing Western-style clothing and hats on small wooden pier, one boy holding salmon]
206 — I11. 8/22/25. Kanatak, Alaska. Native “barabaras,” wind proof and warm [two cabins with sod walls, driftwood propped against wall of cabin at left]
207 — J12. 8/25/25. Wide Bay, S.W. Alaska. Good-bye to oil, and the Alaska Peninsula [man standing at ship deck railing at right, two small boats in distance, buildings on shore, hills in far distance]
208 — 4.1. 8/28/25. Alaska R.R. Bartlett Glacier, the troublemaker [view from Alaska Railroad train, low brush in foreground, glacier in distance. cf. .218]
209 — Kanatak, Alaska – why it has no dock. Ships driven ashore during flood [barge Blazer cast up in front of Chas. Madsen General Merchandise, barge next to building at right, man standing on muddy ground at left. 1923? Cf. B1965.018.196]
210 — Kanatak, Alaska. Road tractor with oil [tractor on winter road, possibly in ditch or with broken axle, man in snowbank at left, possibly repairing tire]
211 — Kanatak, Alaska. Tractor pulling Martin’s plane out of shallow water [crowd on beach watching tractor pull Douglas World Cruiser biplane, two men standing on airplane, April 1924, Major Frederick L. Martin, U.S. Army Air Service World Flight]
212 — Lt. Martin’s plane at Kanatak, May. Plane of world flier, forced down, frozen [Douglas World Cruiser biplane with logo “Air Service U.S.A. World Flight” in water near shore ice, man on ice at right positioning ladder across lead, two men standing in shallow water near airplane]
213 — Kanatak, Alaska, after an annual flood [view down boardwalk in front of row of buildings, several buildings washed into boardwalk from elsewhere, including Brad’s Lunch Room]
214 — Kanatak, Alaska, the oil town of the S.W. Houses displaced by annual flood [several buildings pushed up against one another, including “U and I” and Tom Dodd]
215 — Kanatak, Alaska. What the wind can do there [small shack upside down]
216 — Kanatak, Alaska. Houses afloat [several buildings in deep water]
217 — Kanatak, Alaska – afloat. Annual winter flood [Ocean View Café in surf]
218 — 4.2. 8/28/25. Alaska R.R. 4 levels of tracks, at Bartlett Glacier [view down Alaska Railroad tracks to glacier. cf. .208]
219 — 4.3. Alaska R.R. Snow guage [sic], 16’ high [view down Alaska Railroad tracks past three small buildings, snow gauge at left, hills in background]
220 — 4.4. 8/28/25. Anchorage, Alaska. Govt. R.R. shops & offices in distance [view of Ship Creek and Alaska Railroad yards from train]
221 — 4.5. 9/1/25. Cannery near Seward. Herring “gibbers” (cannery girls) [bird’s eye view of cannery docks, four women standing with boy near sacks piled at left, three men and woman at right under second-level deck]
222 — Port Nellie Juan (Mrs. Davidson) [woman seated next to creek running out past pine trees to sound]
223 — Port Nellie Juan, cannery, Prince Wm. Sound [bird’s eye view of building between sound and pine tree-covered hillside, steamship at dock]
224 — 4.6. 9/2/25. Port Nellie Juan. Our skiff and motor, off to camp [small boat with outboard motor tied to cannery dock]
225 — 4.7. 9/3/25. Fog lifting, Port Wells, Alaska. Loading up at the Granite Mine [view down rocky beach, boat tied at right, trees in distance at left, fog bank along mountains in background]
226 — 4.8. 9/3/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Jefferson Davis Hamilton, Texan. Faithful caretaker at the Granite Mine [portrait of man seated on building steps]
227 — 4.9. 9/3/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Barry Glacier. En route to our cabin [scenic of sound]
228 — 4.10. 9/3/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Barry Glacier, at head of Harriman Fjord [similar to .227]
229 — 4.11. 9/4/25. Harriman Fjord, Alaska. Cascade & Barry Glaciers, from Pt. Doran [view across fjord to glacier termini, pine trees in foreground]
230 — 2.1. 9/4/25. Harriman Fjord, Alaska. Cascade, Barry & Coxe Glaciers, formerly united, now receded almost to separation [view down fjord to glacier termini]
231 — 2.2. 9/4/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Penniman Glaciers, Harriman Fjord [view across fjord to hanging glaciers]
232 — 2.3. 9/5/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Home-stake mine, Harriman Fjord [cabins and buildings along base of hill, pine trees in background, person standing on beach in center. Original image blurry]
233 — 2.4. 9/5/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Sunset on Harriman Fjord [scenic with hanging glaciers, oarlock on boat in foreground]
234 — 2.5. 9/5/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Sunset on Harriman Fjord [scenic with three tidewater glaciers, iceberg in foreground, possibly Cataract Glacier in center]
235 — 2.6. 9/5/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Barry & Coxe Glaciers, now separated [view across fjord to glacier termini]
236 — 2.7. 9/7/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Harriman Fjord, Penniman & Serpentine Glaciers [view across fjord]
237 — 2.8. 9/9/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Harriman Fjord, Harriman & Cataract Glaciers [view across fjord]
238 — 2.9. 9/9/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Penniman Glaciers [view across gravel beach with ice chunks]
239 — 2.10. 9/9/25. Port Wells, at dusk. Camp fire guests, from Latouche, 70 m. [three men silhouetted in foreground, small boat in water in center]
240 — 2.11. 9/12/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Our cabin at Mosquito Creek [view down gravel beach, cabins along tree line at right]
241 — 2.12. 9/12/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Our cabin at Mosquito Creek [view across gravel beach to cabin in pine trees, collapsed building at right]
242 — 1.1. 9/15/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Gulls riding icebergs, Penniman Glaciers, Harriman Fjord [oarlock in foreground, icebergs in distance near glacier terminus]
243 — 1.2. 9/15/25. Harriman Fjord, Port Wells, Alaska. Cataract & Surprise Glaciers [view across fjord, side of boat in foreground]
244 — 1.3. 9/18/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Harriman Glacier, Harriman Fjord [view across fjord]
245 — 1.4. 9/18/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Harriman Glacier, Harriman Fjord [closer view of .244]
246 — 1.5. 9/18/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Baker & Penniman Glaciers. Odd shaped icebergs [boat in foreground, icebergs in distance near coastline]
247 — 1.6. 9/18/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Surprise Glacier, Harriman Fjord [view across fjord]
248 — 1.7. 9/22/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Capt. L.L. Lane, after whales, gun in bow [view from gravel beach of two small boats in sound, whaling]
249 — 1.8. 9/23/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Mosquito Creek, from our cabin [view down gravel beach, grasses in foreground, pine trees at left]
250 — 1.9. 9/23/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Fresh snow on the mountains, from cabin [view down gravel beach, cabins along tree line at right. Original image blurry]
251 — 1.10. 9/23/25. First fresh snow, on 9000’ peaks in Harriman Fjord. From our cabin, in Port Wells [similar to .250]
252 — 1.11. 9/23/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Re-rigging the motor, between tides [man on beach near boat, cabins along tree line at right]
253 — 1.12. 9/23/25. Port Wells, Alaska. A perfectly balanced boat now [distant view of man in boat in sound]
254 — 3.1. 9/24/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Where the ducks abound, College Fjord from Packenham Point [scenic of sound at Pakenham Point]
255 — 3.3. 9/24/25. Port Wells, Alaska. College Fjord from Coghill Point [bird’s eye view across fjord, pine trees in foreground. Original image blurry]
256 — 3.4. 9/24/25. Port Wells, Alaska. College Fjord from Coghill Point [pine trees on shore at right, gravel bar in middle ground]
257 — 3.5. 9/24/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Duck hunting on Coghill Flats [man carrying rifle walking at right, mountains in background]
258 — 3.6. 9/24/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Dartmouth Glacier, from Coghill Flats [boat tied to grassy shore in foreground]
259 — 3.7. 9/24/25. Port Wells, Alaska. College Fjord, from Packenham Point [scenic of sound from Pakenham Point]
260 — 3.8. 9/26/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Indian goat hunters, at our cabin [four Alutiiq men on gravel beach, one man holding oar or paddle, small boat tied to beach, riverboat carrying three-hole Alutiiq kayak in background]
261 — 3.9. 9/26/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Off in bidarkas, for 20 m. paddle [four men in two three-hole Alutiiq kayaks]
262 — 3.10. 9/29/25. Port Wells, Alaska. Good-bye to our little cabin [scenic of sound, ink asterisk marking camp site]
263 — 3.11. 9/30/25. Golden, Alaska. Abandoned mining camp, only “town” for 70 m. [view of village from water, bow of boat in foreground]
264 — 3.12. 9/30/25. Golden, Port Wells, Alaska. Steve A. Roe, only inhabitant [portrait of man wearing suspenders, leaning against railing] B2 [Beulah Farm Album, 1917-1932]
265 — Beulah Farm, 460 acres, from across the White River, Mar. 12, ’17. Straight line is the Cent. Vt. R.R. [panorama with two images of winter scenic, farm in distance]
266 — Our jerseys, Mar. 12, 1917. Left to right: manure shed, cow barn, hay barn, heifer barn [cattle in pen in front of barn painted “Beulah Farm, William H. Pratt”]
267 — Our first spring, April [yard and trees, barns in background]
268 — Six bedrooms & two baths [interior of house, upstairs, with hallway, railings, rocking chair, toilet]
269 — Our room, Norwegian quilts [interior of bedroom with two beds, chair, bureau, chifforobe, framed photograph of Alaskan mountains]
270 — Beulah Farm barns, 300’ from house, built 1913. March 12, 1917 [barns behind tree line in winter]
271 — All (except horse barn, at right) destroyed by fire, May 2, 1931. Mar. 12, 1917 [barns and silos in winter]
272 — Approaching the new home, Mar. 12, 1917. House, barns [view down road in winter, utility poles at left]
273 — Across the river and a mile away [view through brush across partially frozen river to farm buildings]
274 — West Hartford, Vt. & old covered bridge [view from road down river to bridge in winter]
275 — Stream flow guage [sic] on White River, March 12, 1917 [wooden gauge affixed to tree in foreground]
276 — Our barns above at left, from village, old covered bridge, from village road [similar to .274]
277 — West Hartford, Vt., hotel at left, destroyed by fire a few years later [view down road in winter to buildings, utility pole at right]
278 — Our barns, old covered bridge [closer view of .276]
279 — All houses seen destroyed by flood, 1927 [bird’s eye view of partially frozen river, trees in foreground, houses in distance]
280 — 9” plowing with tractor, April 1917 [furrows in field in foreground, barns in distance]
281 — House and barns, from orchard. Hills are across river [bird’s eye view of farm]
282 — When the bulbs flowered [Dora seated at dining room table, glassware and china on table, house interior]
283 — Looking down river, April 8, 1917 [bird’s eye view of house from orchard]
284 — Brick house and barns from rear [view across clearing to buildings]
285 — [view across clearing to brick house, person standing on path at right]
286 — The old brick house, with hills across river, April 8, 1917 [bird’s eye view of house]
287 — Beyond the brick house, April 8, 1917 [dirt road at right running past cultivated field at left, fallen fence in foreground]
288 — The tractor arrives, April 6, 1917 [view down muddy drive to Beulah Farm barn, man standing in foreground at left]
289 — Our old brick house, April 12, 1917. Half a mile above our house [view from road down driveway to house]
290 — View from brick house, April 8, 1917 [scenic of rolling hills]
291 — April 8, 1917 [brick house]
292 — Original part at left [side view of brick house showing wood-sided addition]
293 — Over 100 years old, April 1917 [brick house]
294 — From front door of brick house [scenic of woods]
295 — Sugar maples and wood shed show road [view across clearing to brick house]
296 — High producing registered Jerseys, in rape, below barns, 1917 Sept. 82 head sold Aug. 1917. 10 of varying ages kept [small format panoramic photograph of cattle in field]
297 — “Pigs in clover” [distant view of Dora in field with team of pigs]
298 — [Dora in field with pigs]
299 — One side of living room, from fireplace. Light and sunny. 15’ x 24’ [house interior, George sitting on couch reading, bookcases along wall]
300 — George, 1917. Studying every evening [house interior, George seated at desk with back to camera, framed expedition photographs on wall. Cf. .981]
301 — Where we slaved evenings [house interior, George in profile in foreground, seated at desk reading, second desk in background, framed expedition photographs on wall]
302 — [house interior, George seated at dining room table, china and glassware on table, framed photographs of mountains on wall with mounted goat head]
303 — Up from the village to the new home [view down winter road to house]
304 — Beulah Farm [view up driveway to house and trees in winter]
305 — Mar. 12, ’17. “The cold weather is all over now,” we were told that day [house in snow]
306 — From our front door. Barns at left [view down hill through trees in winter]
307 — A match for each other [man wearing hat, possibly George, holding cow calf, second cow in background]
308 — Filling silo with ensilage corn, Sept. 1917 [man with horse team next to silo and barn]
309 — Sept. 1917. Registered Jerseys. Last grass before frost [cattle in yard near house]
310 — Potato digger at work, 1917 Sept. [distant view of farm machinery in field]
311 — After the potato digger, Sept. 1917. All to be picked up by hand, that night [potatoes lying in rows in field]
312 — Tractor ploughing 37 acres in 3 days. Note pattern, beginning with two dead furrows in centre and continuing around then in rag rug shape [view across plowed field, cow in foreground]
313 — January 1918. Our first dog, Shep, at the store [dog sitting on porch looking out at snow, second porched building across the way, possibly post office]
314 — Sheep in barnyard with feed racks [sheep in snowy yard in front of Beulah Farm barn]
315 — Deep snow on roof of Wheeler’s shed, West Hartford, Vt. 1918 Jan. [distant view of man shoveling snow off rooftop]
316 — Clearing the village sidewalk, Jan. 1918 [horse pulling man on sled or snow plow down street in winter]
317 — Clearing our driveway of snow [two-horse team pulling man on wood-blade snow plow]
318 — [view up plowed driveway to house, man standing near house]
319 — Farmer’s home made snow plough [four-horse team pulling three people on sled-like snow plow]
320 — Out all day long, always eating [sheep in snowy yard next to barns]
321 — [sheep in snowy yard next to Beulah Farm barn]
322 — Light airy cattle barns, also good for sheep [sheep inside barn. Cf. .996]
323 — Farmerettes harvesting wheat, best workers we ever had [small format panoramic photograph, distant view of two women working with horse team in wheat field]
324 — Tarring sheep’s noses. George & Norman Freeman [George wearing straw hat with young man holding sheep in yard, Dora’s nephew. Cf. .326]
325 — Lambs, separated from their mothers, August [sheep in field in front of outbuilding]
326 — Tarring sheep’s noses. George & Norman [young man, Dora’s nephew, looking into camera as he holds sheep’s nose and George holds sheep’s rear. Cf. .324]
327 — Nydia, blind purebred Arab, bred by Spencer Borden [horse in field. Cf. .992]
328 — Nydia with her new mistress [Dora holding horse in field]
329 — Dick, Virginia Freeman & W.W. Keen, 1918 [surgeon William Williams Keen Jr. in military uniform standing in yard with two children, Dora’s niece and nephew]
330 — [Dora standing in corn field holding ear of corn]
331 — A lot of corn to harvest, and husk [Dora standing in corn field]
332 — Farmerettes harvesting corn, 1918 [George and three women standing in corn field]
333 — Corn as we grew it [a few talk stalks of corn growing under a pine tree]
334 — Husking corn like lightning after farmerettes had returned to college [three young boys standing near barn, corn husker machinery in foreground]
335 — Feeding the corn husker [two boys working machine, third boy sitting in barn doorway]
336 — Winter again. Snow from roof [view across yard, snow pile against house at left]
337 — February 1919. Sawing ice on the river [two men with ice saws on frozen river, pile of supplies at right. cf. .370-374, .1005]
338 — Sawing after the ice plow [closer view of .337]
339 — Brood sows thriving with only a shed all winter [two large pigs in pen in winter]
340 — Wintering better than the sheep in the barns [sheep in snowy pasture]
341 — Their winter home, a stack of barley and wheat, into which they ate quite a shelter [sheep next to hay stack in snowy pasture]
342 — Sheep in winter, house & barns afar [more distant view of .341]
343 — [panorama with two images of sheep next to hay stack in snowy pasture]
344 — Threshing the barley and wheat [threshing machine and sacks of grain on elevated driveway into garage]
345 — Horse barn, showing bridge to garage. Blowing straw through ensilage blower, for bedding [man standing in hay stack next to Beulah Farm barn, with pipe leading up to second story window]
346 — 1919. George and his pets. March [George standing in yard with large pig and her litter. Cf. .999]
347 — Brought up in my kitchen. Her first outing [piglet in yard next to house]
348 — Outdoors for the first time, March 1919 [George standing in yard with large pig nursing her litter]
349 — George with my pet pig [George reclining in yard, petting piglet]
350 — Rival’s Branford Ruberta, 7th March, 1919 [large pig in yard next to house]
351 — The Verdict, 3d March 1919 [pig eating from trough in pen]
352 — Pigs is pigs [George standing next to barn with large pig and her litter. Cf. .998]
353 — Nancy Lee of the Fells, litter of 9 March 1919 [large pig nursing her litter in wire-fenced enclosure]
354 — Feeding apples to his pets [George sitting in yard feeding piglets. Cf. .997]
355 — [similar to .354]
356 — A nice warm spot [piglet lying next to building foundation]
357 — My pet pig, following me about [view back towards house from yard, piglet in middle distance]
358 — Her trough – a cigar box [piglet in yard]
359 — My kitchen pet [piglet feeding in yard next to house]
360 — Dewey playing nurse [dog with piglet. Original image blurry]
361 — [dog in yard next to house]
362 — One hen – 23 chicks [chicken with chicks in yard next to house]
363 — Turkey poults [Dora sitting with chicks in yard next to house]
364 — 37 acre meadow in front of house. Virginia Freeman, 1919 [young girl standing in cultivated field, Dora’s niece]
365 — Dick and Virginia learning to ride [George helping young boy on pony, young girl on pony at right, Dora’s niece and nephew]
366 — Virginia, Norman and Dick Freeman on Mrs. Greene’s Shetland ponies [three children riding horses on dirt road, Dora’s niece and nephews]
367 — Howard Butcher, 3rd, on John [young man on horse, Dora’s nephew]
368 — Turkey poults. Their first climb [chicks climbing ladder up to tree branches]
369 — Our turkeys [turkeys in yard in winter, wheeled cart next to outbuilding in background]
370 — George clearing the ice for the ice plow [George on frozen river, using wooden push blade, sled on runners in background. cf. .337-338]
371 — Ploughing ice, February 1920? [two-horse team pulling man on sled-like snow plow at right, man sweeping snow in background at left]
372 — Cross ploughing ice [two men with two-horse team pulling small cutting plow on frozen river]
373 — George, clearing the ice for the ice plow [parallel lines cut into river ice, man at left sweeping snow, horse at right]
374 — Ice blocks, sawed and lifted, waiting to be hauled to ice house [blocks of ice on river, ice saws and shovel in foreground]
375 — Twin calves, a day old [two cow calves in yard next to barn]
376 — Twin calves [man holding two cow calves in yard next to Beulah Farm barn]
377 — Midsummer. Maples planted 50 years before [view from yard to house amid trees]
378 — Picking up potatoes, Sept. 1920 [person bending over rows in field. Original image blurry]
379 — The new truck hauling away potatoes in crates, Sept. 1920 [view down field row filled with potatoes to truck]
380 — Chicken house starting its way to become George’s shop [man with two-horse team pulling small building across yard, two men working at back of building]
381 — Even with skids, the horses can not move the chicken house very well [two-horse team at right harnessed to small building, two men positioning rollers. Cf. .406]
382 — Raspberries and strawberries to be picked each day [view across fields to house]
383 — Garden strawberries [view down rows of bushes]
384 — Popcorn [Dora standing next to corn plants]
385 — Telephone peas, Sept. 1920 [Dora and young girl standing next to tall staked pea plants]
386 — Bottles for 20 orphans, 1920. Marion Irwin [woman feeding two lambs in yard, more sheep in background. Cf. .573]
387 — Twin lambs [two sheep in pasture]
388 — New lambs, all legs [sheep and lambs in orchard]
389 — The suckling express [ewe sheep nursing lamb in pasture]
390 — Keeping close to the milk supply. Twin lambs, one black [similar to .389]
391 — In a month they will have eaten every spear of grass [sheep in pasture]
392 — Blackface [sheep and lamb in pasture]
393 — Little lambs, April [sheep and lambs in yard next to building]
394 — Vermont Potato Growers Association, 1921 [large group of men walking in field. Cf. .1002]
395 — The new gray mare [man holding horse in yard, crates piled next to barn in background, silo at center background]
396 — Soudan grass, Sept. 1920 [George measuring sudangrass growing up against wall]
397 — [man wearing suit and necktie posed next to bushes in winter, George?]
398 — A swarm of bees [bees in flight over yard]
399 — Hiving a swarm of bees [person wearing beekeeper veil bending tree branch over net, box on ground at right]
400 — Bees swarming on an apple bough [similar to .399. Print badly faded]
401 — Dumping a swarm into a new hive [person wearing beekeeper veil kneeling down to empty net into box]
402 — Carl Scherer, 1921. A perfect guest [young man holding camera standing in yard]
403 — George with bee veil, smoker & gloves [George standing in orchard, crates stacked under trees in background]
404 — George, Carl Scherer & Dick Freeman. Ready to work on the bees [three people wearing beekeeper veils standing next to tree, crates on wooden frame at right]
405 — Bees on frames of wax, 10 to a hive [hive frames propped against house steps]
406 — The tractor moves it [chicken coop being relocated. Cf. .380-381]
407 — Wood pile, after lumbering, March 1921 [fuel wood stacked in yard next to barn and silo]
408 — Lumbering partly finished, Spring 1921 [cut timber piled in wooded area. Cf. .1001]
409 — Among the hemlocks – timber and wood [similar to .408]
410 — Chestnut team, June 1922 [man leading two horses on dirt road]
411 — Our riding and driving horses [man standing with horse in yard]
412 — Certified seed potatoes, by the carload. Brick house field [Dora standing in field of flowering potato plants]
413 — A nearly perfect stand. Brick house field [potato field]
414 — Uncle Spen’s oxen, hauling corn to silos [man with team of oxen in corn field]
415 — Chicken house and bee hives in winter [George standing in snow drift, chicken coop in background]
416 — Bee hives, with exits kept clear, March 1923 [Dora standing behind rows of boxes in deep snow]
417 — March 1923 [Dora posed between snowbank and barn door]
418 — 400 bushels to the acre, 1922. Ball ground [flowering plants in field]
419 — Passing inspection with high rating. Bean field [distant view of two men in field of flowering bean plants. Cf. .1003]
420 — W.W. Keen Butcher, 1922? [young boy standing in yard holding cat in bucket, Dora’s nephew]
421 — Harvesting corn [two-horse team pulling man on corn harvester]
422 — Dora Keen Butcher, Nov. 1923 [woman standing in yard, Dora’s niece]
423 — Dora Keen Butcher, Nov. 1923 [woman standing near railroad tracks]
424 — Lumber and mill, Nov. 1923 [cut timber piled next to mill under shed, cut lumber stacked under shed. Cf. .991]
425 — At the mill [cut timber piled in clearing]
426 — Franconia Notch, N.H., Sept. 1924. En route to Maine, on our first vacation [automobiles parked next to small tents in clearing]
427 — Our first camp since Alaska days [George seated at folding table next to automobile parked by small tent, second automobile and tent in background]
428 — Tenting de luxe, with auto head lights, refrigerator, table, etc. [similar to .427]
429 — Near Rangeley, tent partly untied [small tent in wooded area, automobile parked at right]
430 — Dora Keen Handy, 1924. Lake Champlain [Dora sitting under tree roots along shoreline]
431 — Home again, Sept. 1924 [Dora seated on tree stump]
432 — Happier at home, Sept. 1924 [George seated on tree stump]
433 — Our mosquito proof tent [canvas tent in wooded area]
434 — West Hartford Library, Vt., 1925. Washed away by flood, Nov. 3, 1927 [West Hartford Town Library in winter]
435 — See how the poplars have grown! [house and line of trees]
436 — Dora Keen Handy on Polly, June 1925. ¾ Arab, ¼ Morgan [Dora on horse on dirt road in front of house. Cf. .994]
437 — Polly, 1925 June [Dora sitting in trap being pulled by horse, stopped on driveway]
438 — Polly, June 6, 1925 [Dora riding in trap being pulled by horse]
439 — My last ride on Polly [Dora on horse]
440 — Columbia Glacier, Alaska, 1925 [view down fjord to glacier terminus]
441 — Columbia Glacier, Alaska, 1925 [view down fjord, with icebergs, ship rigging in foreground]
442 — Flood covering road and nearly to 2nd floor [view across swollen river to buildings on opposite bank]
443 — Flood, from our end of bridge. Ruins of 100 year old brick house at left [group of people on bank of swollen river, flooded and damaged buildings on opposite bank]
444 — 3. 8 A.M. Nov. 4, 1927, flood [similar to .443]
445 — Old covered bridge. Built after flood of 1865. Destroyed by flood ’27 [view through trees and across road to covered bridge]
446 — Village road in summer. Bridge at right. As it was before the flood of Nov. 3, 1937 [small format panoramic photograph, view down gravel road past houses, person walking in distance]
447 — All that remains of West Hartford Library is the gable of its attic, in centre [crowds of people gathered on riverbank, looking across river to damaged buildings opposite]
448 — As the water receded, still too swift to cross. Library gable and brick house at right. Bridge pier appearing [view across swollen river to damaged buildings opposite]
449 — 1. Flood at West Hartford, Vt. 11 A.M. Nov. 4, 1927 [view across swollen river]
450 — 6. [similar to .449]
451 — 8. Main Street, after the flood. Bridge pier at left [view across swollen river]
452 — Why cellars were mud filled. Water was where woman is standing when I first saw it. Bridge end [group of people gathered on riverbank near damaged building and bridge ruins]
453 — Nov. 3, ’27. Flood covering meadow of Roy Darling and A.L. Dow [view down swollen river]
454 — Remains of West Hartford bridge, endangering R.R. bridge at White River Jcn 7 m. away [debris piled up against trestle of railroad bridge over river]
455 — 12. Junction of White River (left) with Connecticut River, after the flood [view over flooded flats, bluff in distance, bridge at left]
456 — 13. West Hartford ferry landings, Dec. 1, 1927 [view across river to church, sign posted on tree at left reads “Notice, all persons crossing on this ferry do so at their own risk”]
457 — 14. West Hartford ferry, Dec. 1927. Our only way to the village [man on ferry crossing river, church opposite]
458 — 15. West Hartford ferry, Dec. 1927 [view from ferry to buildings on shore]
459 — 16. Where West Hartford library once stood, even the land now gone [riverbank damaged by washout, road at right]
460 — 17. West Hartford road, lowered 10’ by flood [dirt road in front of damaged buildings]
461 — 18. West Hartford stores, fronts washed out by flood of Nov. 3, 1927 [gasoline pump in front of building at right, building at left with signs “F.L. Worthley - Son Service Quality General Merchandise” and “Post Office, West Hartford, Vt.”
462 — 19. Store front washed out by flood [exterior of building with signs “F.L. Worthley - Son Service Quality General Merchandise” and “Post Office, West Hartford, Vt.”]
463 — 20. What the flood did to a 100 year old brick house [house in ruins]
464 — 21. Wreckage on tree showing flood level opposite Mrs. Bugbee’s [debris piled against tree trunks along riverbank, road and buildings at right. Cf. .1007]
465 — Dora Keen Handy, Dec. 1927 [portrait of Dora seated in house]
466 — George, Dec. 1927 [portrait of George wearing necktie, seated near window. Cf. .974]
467 — Sea wall San Juan P.R. [commercial postcard]
468 — Fortifications, P.R. [commercial postcard, with Dora’s typed caption: “San Juan Harbor, Porto Rico, Jan. 1928”]
469 — Las Dos Bocas, Arecibo, P.R. [commercial postcard, with Dora’s typed caption: “Porto Rico, Jan. 1928”]
470 — Preparing to dynamite the brick house. Destroyed by the flood. July 1928 [damaged house]
471 — George, setting the charges [four men working next to damaged house]
472 — After the foundations had been made to collapse, by dynamiting them [house roof on ground]
473 — Successfully dynamited. No other damage [house in ruins]
474 — Dragging away the remains [horse team pulling on roof]
475 — Dora, Aug. 1928 [Dora standing next to automobile]
476 — George & Dora, Aug. 1928 [George and Dora standing in yard]
477 — Dora, Aug. 1928 [Dora bending down to bushes]
478 — Dr. Ching at her favorite sport [woman standing in river, fishing]
479 — George, 1928 [George standing on riverbank holding fish]
480 — Dr. Sarah Mu Jin Ching, 1928 [portrait of woman physician standing in yard]
481 — After skidding on light snow, held by one strand of a barb wire fence, Nov. 1928 [automobile on side of road overlooking valley]
482 — Jan. 1929 [view down snowy driveway]
483 — Our barns above at right. The new bridge, from library, Jan. 1929 [bridge across river in winter]
484 — Our treeless village, since the flood [view from bridge to buildings on riverbank]
485 — Orchard after snow, with beehives [distant view of boxes in orchard]
486 — Strings indicating arbor vitae [low rope fences indicating walking path around tree in snow]
487 — Old dresser as sideboard [house interior, dining room, framed portrait of William Williams Keen above sideboard]
488 — Our dining-room. 200 year old pine corner cupboard [house interior, with chandelier and floral arrangement on table]
489 — April 1929 [Dora and George standing in yard]
490 — Vaung Tsien Bang, 1929 April 1st [woman pointing rifle on driveway, Bryn Mawr alumna]
491 — Vaung Tsien Bang, 1929 [man and woman standing in yard, pointing rifles]
492 — Library, with new shrubbery, June 1929 [boys and girls posed outside new West Hartford library]
493 — Winter’s beauty [view up driveway in deep snow]
494 — West Hartford library, 1930, and the librarian, Dora Keen Handy [Dora posed on sidewalk in front of library]
495 — Improvements by landscaping, June 1930 [yard next to house]
496 — George’s shop, to be vine covered [former chicken coop in new location near house]
497 — My garden and George’s shop [view past shop to rolling hills]
498 — Terraces in front of shop, 1930 [view across yard to shop]
499 — Susannah, Mary, Betty & George, July 4, 1931 [George with woman and two children on riverbank under bridge, George and girls in bathing suits]
500 — In our pool, Franklin, Paul, Lorne, Walter [four small children wearing bathing suits standing in water feature in yard]
501 — Four happy little Freemans in pool [similar to .500]
502 — Little Freemans, July 1931 [four small children wearing bathing suits standing in river under bridge]
503 — Perennials in front of hedge [view across yard]
504 — Yellow Chinese rose [view across yard to dirt road]
505 — Florence Butcher, June 1931 [young woman standing in yard, Dora’s niece]
506 — Flowering almond at left, iris in front [view across yard to dirt road]
507 — Our front door in June, roses [view across yard to house]
508 — Our maidenhair hedge, and rambler roses [exterior of house, with climbing roses]
509 — Maidenhair and sweet peas, June 1930 [landscaping in yard]
510 — Pink gladioli in front of pine hedge [landscaping in yard]
511 — Concrete dam at pond #3 [George standing on top of dam under construction]
512 — Pond #3. Lining the bank with clay [depression in ground being prepared for flooding, heavy equipment and downed tree at right]
513 — Concrete dam, house at left, across meadow [view from atop dam under construction to house in distance]
514 — Lining the bank with clay. House here [view from trees past dam under construction to depression in ground being prepared for flooding]
515 — Fish pond #2, Oct. 1931 [view down dirt road, pond at right]
516 — Pond #3 from #2, Oct. 1931 [view from road across pond]
517 — Fish pond #3 from #2 [view across grassy clearing to pond]
518 — Pond #3, with house & barns [view from atop completed dam, pond at left, house in distance]
519 — Paul Freeman, 1931 [young boy on sandy beach, Dora’s nephew]
520 — Franklin Freeman, 1931 [similar to .519]
521 — Walter J. Freeman, 3d, 1931. Sand pies at West Hart[ford] [young boy holding pie plate on sandy beach, Dora’s nephew]
522 — Willows planted June 1931, at pond #2 [small trees along shore]
523 — Fish pond #3, with house and barns [view from dam across pond to house in distance]
524 — Dam for half acre fish pond. 14’ high, 100’ long. House seen at extreme right. Oct. 1930 [dam under construction in foreground, heavy equipment in distance]
525 — Concrete dam, 14’ at deepest point, 100’ long [George working atop dam under construction, small concrete mixer at left]
526 — Beulah Farm barns, insured for $23,600 [small format panoramic photograph, bird’s eye view of farm]
527 — After fire. Horse barn, 1 manure shed, long tool shed. House in distance [damaged buildings in foreground, barn in distance. Print damaged along one edge]
528 — The burned barns, May 3, 1931 [building foundations. Cf. .1014]
529 — Hay still burning, day after fire [smoke rising from building foundations, barn in background]
530 — May 1931. Sawdust pit, after fire. Spruce of 1926 & pines of 1927 on hill [damaged structure in foreground, small trees on hillside in distance. Cf. .1015]
531 — Remains of hog barn, cattle barns & silos – only foundations (cracked) [fire-damaged buildings]
532 — Creamery chopped in half to save the horse barn [fire-damaged building next to barn. Cf. .1013]
533 — Where the day before stood 2 large cattle barns, 16’ silo, and creamery [building foundations. Cf. .1012]
534 — Below vegetable garden [landscaping in yard]
535 — Forget-me-nots in steps [to] vegetable garden [stone stairs and landscaping in yard. Print damaged along one edge]
536 — Forget-me-nots on terrace [landscaping in front of shop and house. Cf. .1009]
537 — Forget-me-nots below shop [landscaping in yard]
538 — Corner of terrace and exit [landscaping in yard]
539 — Below the shop. Exit at left [landscaping in yard]
 540 — Brick house setting in summer [view across rolling hills]
541 — [view across yard to brick house and barns]
542 — Cool and shady under the maples. Brick house & barns at right [view down driveway]
543 — Seclusion, only ¾ m. from R.R. & P.O. [panorama with two images, view across lawn to brick house and wood shed]
 544 — View across river from brick house [looking across lawn to rolling hills]
 545 — From our barnyard entrance [small format panoramic photograph, view down driveway with house at right]
546 — Planting corn [man with two-horse team pulling seed drill. Cf. .1026]
547 — June, from our porch. Oats & corn [view through trees to cultivated fields]
548 — With lambs in pasture, I grow and can vegetables all summer. “Doing our bit” to raise food [small format panoramic photograph, bird’s eye view of house and farm]
549 — View down White River, from above barns. Village at left [small format panoramic photograph, bird’s eye view of farm in valley]
550 — From the orchard, where we sit a while on Sundays [view across rolling hills]
551 — Learning to harrow with the tractor. George (left) & Prof. Jacobs [two men riding tractor pulling harrow]
552 — Fields across road from brick house [small format panoramic photograph, view across rolling hills]
553 — Our main barnyard [sheep in yard in front of Beulah Farm barn]
554 — To pasture, hunting every spear [sheep in yard]
555 — Their first pasture [sheep in pasture, man at right, possibly George]
556 — Going to pastures new [pigs in driveway, barn in background]
557 — Hog houses on skids, for pasture [two men walking next to small shed being pulled down driveway]
558 — Easily moved about where wanted [two-horse team pulling small shed from driveway into field]
559 — Hogs, corn, hay. Plenty of work [small sheds in field, crops planted in field in distance]
560 — Keeping cool [pigs wallowing in puddle at right, covered hay stacks in distance]
561 — March 10th. Lambs in sunshine [sheep and chickens in yard, 1920. Cf. .1000]
562 — Sheep in barnyard, waiting for the first grass [cattle and sheep in yard between buildings]
563 — Lambs sunning themselves. April. Late snow. 10 of 114 lambs [sheep in yard near hay racks next to barns]
564 — April [view from house, across yard to barns]
565 — Out to grass, April [sheep in field, house in background]
566 — Their first grass, April 22d [sheep on slope in yard, house at right]
567 — Dewey, our only farm hand [dog in yard]
568 — Eating all the daylight hours [sheep in yard next to house]
569 — The last little lamb, “too far to walk” [man standing in driveway with lamb riding on sheep’s back]
570 — 3 days old, going to pasture [man with sheep and lamb along road]
571 — “I can’t jump that ditch” [lamb in foreground, ewe sheep and cow across small rivulet in field]
572 — House and barns from pasture [view across yard to buildings]
573 — Three claimants for two bottles [Dora, bottle-feeding two lambs, sheep in pasture in background. 1920? Cf. .386]
574 — George & Dora, with pet lambs [George and Dora sitting in pasture with sheep]
575 — After shearing, unrecognizable to their own lambs. May [sheep in pasture, barn in distance]
576 — Twin lambs in pasture. House and barns in distance [ewe sheep with lambs in field] B3 Loose prints [Numbered prints, Alaska, 1911-1916]
577 — 89.9. Cordova harbor [scenic of sound]
578 — 91.4. McKinley Street, Valdez, Alaska [street scene with businesses, pedestrians on boardwalks]
579 — 103.4. Cooper Creek hydraulic giant driving ore-laden gravel & rocks into elevator. Handy M. Co., 1908 [man operating hose at hydraulic mining operation, Handy Mining Co., Cordova. Cf. .798-800]
580 — 106.10. Beautiful Valdez Narrows, in July, showing perpetual snow on the mountains above, at about 4,000 feet, because of the northerly latitude. Comfortable weekly steamers make this the finest of trips for tourists [scenic of passage, with side of ship in foreground. Has stamp of Dora Keen, 1729 Chestnut St., Phila. Pa.]
581 — 107.3. Cordova dock [small boats tied to dock in foreground, long pier in background]
582a — 107.6. Childs Glacier, Copper River Ry. [view from rocky beach to glacier terminus]
582b — 107.6. Childs Glacier, Copper River Ry. [proof print]
583 — 108.2. Sheridan [view down small creek to Sheridan Glacier in distance. cf. .599]
584 — 108.6. Childs Glacier, Copper River Ry., Alaska [view from train across flat to glacier terminus, small shed and pile of construction materials in flat]
585 — 109.1. [swollen Copper River, mountains in distance]
586 — 109.2. Abercrombie cañon & Miles Glacier moraine [view down swollen Copper River, man standing along railroad tracks on bluff above at left]
587 — 109.3. Abercrombie cañon, Copper River Ry. [view down railroad tracks along river bank, Copper River at right]
588 — 110.3. Mile 101, Cop. Riv. Ry. [view across river to hanging glacier]
589 — 110.6. Wood cañon, Cop. Riv. Ry. [bird’s eye view down river canyon]
590 — 111.8. Indian camp, m. 126, Cop. Riv. Ry. [view from railroad tracks down river to point, possibly Eskilida camp]
591 — 111.11. Indian cradle, mile 126, Cop. Riv. Ry. [interior of home, with Ahtna Indian family, infant in basket suspended from ceiling. Cf. .824, .913]
592 — 114.1 [group of passengers walking on low railroad bridge over river, two men helping woman at front, train on bluff across river in distance, Copper River & Northwestern Railway]
593 — 115.4. [view down river in flood, glacier in distance at left. Cf. .594]
594 — 115.7. M. 72, Cop. Riv. Ry., flooded 3 mile, 3 ft. deep [view down river in flood, marker posts in water at left, driftwood piled at right]
595a — 116.10 [view across river to glacier terminus, shore at left]
595b — 116.10. Childs Glacier, Copper River Ry.
596 — 116.12. Childs Glacier, Copper River Ry. [man wearing suit and hat holding hand of young girl, both standing near trees on riverbank, glacier terminus in background. Cf. .825]
597 — 117.4. Piece breaking off Childs Glacier [view across river to glacier terminus, splash in water at left, low brush in foreground]
598 — 117.5 [view from grassy riverbank to Miles Glacier Bridge. Print cropped, with loss of caption]
599 — 117.8. Sheridan Glacier, Copper River Ry. [view down small creek to Sheridan Glacier in distance. cf. .583]
 600 — 117.9. Hotel Windsor, Cordova. Rooms 2.50, meals 0.50-0.75 [horses standing in street at right, fuel wood piled against building, man standing near doorway. Cf. .936-937]
601 — 117.10. Schoolhouse, Cordova [young girl standing near tree stump in foreground, school building behind trees in background]
602 — 117.11. Cordova [bird’s eye view of town seen through trees, woman standing in middle ground at right]
603 — 117.12 [bird’s eye view of Cordova seen through trees. Published in “First expedition to Mt. Blackburn” (1912) with caption: “Cordova Harbor in August”]
604 — 119.12. Crossing Kennicott Glacier, 1st day, 5:45 P.M. [men with pack dogs and pack horses crossing moraine. Proof print]
605a — [print of .605b]
605b — 120.4. Crossing the countless crevasses. Upper Kennicott Glacier, 3d day, 2:30 P.M. 2 long days of this to the base. 1st year [three men pushing loaded sled across crevasse, dog at left. Proof print]
606 — 120.8. Blackburn from 2d camp, on ice, 4th day, 5:30 A.M. [two people standing next to two small tents near moraine piles, possibly Dora in foreground. proof print]
607 — 120.12. Mt. Blackburn from 2nd camp, 3d day, 6:30 A.M. [view across crevasses. Proof print]
608 — 121.11. The pool in the glacier where we broke ½ in. of ice to wash for 6 days. D.K. 3d camp, 5th day, 9:45 A.M. [Dora kneeling at edge of meltwater pool, serac in background. Proof print]
609 — 121.12, panorama with 122.1. Mt. Blackburn from base camp, 6th day. Mt. Blackburn, 6 A.M. & Mt. Barrett washing in glacial pool, 6th day [view up glacier to mountains]
610 — 122.8-12. [panorama with two images, view down glacier, route indicated with black dots at right]
611 — [second half of panorama .610, two images across glacier, routes indicated with black dots. Cf. .872]
612 — [completed panorama, four images rephotographed. Copy print]
613 — 123.8 [two climbers on glacier below Mt. Blackburn, person in foreground carrying backpack with snowshoes, person at left standing with dogs]
614 — 124.6 [group of climbers stopped on rocky ridge below snow shelf, carrying backpacks, snowshoes, picks, and other gear]
615 — 124.9. Arrival at ridge camp, 9th day, 7 P.M. [view up from base of ridge to climber standing atop ridge. Cf. .835, .840]
616 — 126.12. Lecture of Apr. 18. Exploring an ice cave on Mt. Blackburn [roped-up climber smoking pipe, holding pick, standing in ice cave]
617a — [print of .617b]
617b — 127.8. Trying to find a way down McClellan Glacier root, 10th day, 5:30 P.M. [dog sitting next to pack in foreground, pole in snow in center, view down glacier to two climbers scouting ice. Proof print. Cf. .837]
618 — 128.8 [view across moraine to dogs pulling sled, four people helping pull]
619 — 128.11 [three climbers stopped on moraine, one carrying tripod. Original image blurry]
620 — 130.7. Wrangell Narrows [view down passage, with boat wake, steamship under way at right]
621 — 120.8. Dora Keen [scenic with ripples in water, mountains partially obscured by fog]
622 — 147.2. 4.21.12. Leaving Kennicott for glacier at left [three people and dogs waiting on railroad tracks, handcar loaded with supplies at left, mine buildings at right. Cf. .833]
623 — 149.2. Up onto Kennicott Glacier again, 3d day, 11:30 A.M. [climbers and dogs with loaded sleds at base of mountains, small pine tree at right]
624 — 149.7. Sunrise on Blackburn & Reynolds, 4:50 A. [view up glacier to mountains, melt water pool in foreground]
625a — Water! Nearing base camp, 5th day, 7:30 A.M. [person in foreground wearing snowshoes, testing ice with pole, climbers in distance leading dogs pulling loaded sleds up glacier]
625b — 150.8. Water! Nearing base camp, 5th day, 7:30 A.M. [proof print]
626 — 151.1. Last use for dogs. Arriving at base camp, 5th day, 10:50 A.M. [climbers on snowshoes and dogs pulling loaded sleds up glacier]
627a — Good camp site from slides [arrow] [three climbers wearing backpacks and holding picks reclining on snow in foreground, cornice above]
627b —d – 154.1. Resting on 70° slope, at 10,400 feet. 4.30.12, 7 A.M., 9th day [proof print. 3 copies]
628a — D.K. at 12,000 ft. [Dora wearing brimmed hat and climbing belt using pick to climb steep slope]
628b — 154.4. D.K. at 12,000 ft. 8:45 A.M., 9th day. Miss Dora Keen climbing Mt. Blackburn, Alaska. Subject of her lecture Sat. evg, Apr. 18, at Brooklyn Institute. [proof print. Has stamp of Dora Keen]
629a — Above the dangerous gulch. Eating. 12,200 ft. [group of climbers bent over snow at left, packs on snow, flag in snow at right]
629b — 154.7. Above the dangerous gulch. Eating. 4.30.12, 9:40 A.M. [proof print]
630 — 154.8. Melting water with candles, at 12,050 ft. [climbers stopped on snow, man at left sitting on snowshoes and holding spoon over flame, man in center sitting on pack holding small bowl, man at right standing next to man reclining on pile of supplies and holding bowl, clothing hanging on picks to dry]
631a — Ice wall that threatened gulch [climbers sitting on snow in foreground, snowshoes in snow next to man at left, tracks leading up slope to large ice wall in background. Cf. .816]
631b —c – 154.9. How can we get up? 12,050 ft. 4.30.12, [9?]:45 A.M. [proof print. 2 copies]
632 — 155.11. Preparing to dig igloos at 12,400 ft. 9th day [two climbers stopped on slope, poles, packs, and picks in snow. Cf. .818, .823]
633 — 156.11. Down to tents, bedding & stove after 3 days in snow caves above, during blizzard [five climbers standing in deep snow, snowshoes in snow, small tent at right]
634 — 162.4. Logan, 150 m. away, over Kennicott Glacier. 5.18.12, 6:30 P.M., from 15,000 ft. Note crevasses [bird’s eye view down glacier, regular pattern of cracks down center of glacier]
635 — 162.7. Looking towards Mt. St. Elias from 16,000 ft. 5.18.12, 7:45 P.M. [bird’s eye view across mountain range]
636 — 164.12. D.K. riding down gulch on top packs on snowshoe sled [Dora sitting on pack on steep slope, rope visible on snow. Photo number lightly erased on verso]
637a —b – 166.2. Riding down at 76° at 9200 ft. 5.22.12, Noon [climber, possibly Dora, sitting on pack on steep slope, second climber holding rope above. Proof print. 2 copies]
638 — 166.3. [two climbers standing in snow below steep slope and seracs, snowshoes stuck in snow upslope of climbers. Caption illegible. Proof print]
639a — A snow bedstead at 8700 ft. 5.20.12 [hole dug in snow for sleeping, bedding on snow, snowshoes propped at head]
639b —d – 167.8. A snow bedstead at 8700 ft. 5.20.12, 3 P.M. [proof print. 3 copies]
640 — 169.9. Kennicott Glacier moraine from above [bird’s eye view of valley and mountains opposite]
641 — 172.2. Starting for Russell Glacier, 6.12.12 [view across moraine and valley, man leading pack horses in middle ground]
642 — 172.12. Dr. Snyder and his tent [man standing next to small tent in wooded area, horses behind him, mountains in distance]
643 — 173.2. [arrow] Alaska-Yukon boundary station near [horses standing in low brush in flat, wooden marker in distance. Print cropped, with loss of caption]
644 — 173.3. Passing Alaska-Yukon boundary post 30 m. below head of White River, 6.14 [view across low brush in flat, horses standing at right near wooden marker. Print cropped, with loss of caption]
645 — 173.10. Horse fording White River [distant view of horse crossing river]
646 — 180.3. Leaving Dawson, 8.8.12 [view from ship of large crowd gathered on dock next to building]
647 — 180.4. Leaving Dawson, 8:15 P.M., 8.8.12 [view of waterfront from ship]
648 — 180.6. On the Yukon, wooding up [paddle steamer Whitehorse stopped along riverbank near fuel wood pile, men on plank between ship and bank]
649 — 180.7. A lumber raft on the Yukon [view from ship of two men moving logs down river]
650 — 180.9. How freight goes up & down Yukon [paddle steamer and barge under way]
651 — 180.12. Approaching Five Finger Rapids [scenic of river]
652 — 181.1. Five Finger Rapids, Yukon [scenic of river]
653a — 215.8 [tidewater glacier terminus and hanging glacier, iceberg in center foreground]
653b — 215.8. Harvard Gl. & Baltimore. 8.18.1[illegible] P.M. Clouds [illegible] [proof print]
654a — 215.9. Harvard, 1914 [glacier terminus]
 654b — 215.9. Harvard Glacier, ice fall. 8.8.14, 4:30 P.M., clouds, 9 & 1/50 [proof print]