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Guide prepared by: Bruce Merrell, Museum volunteer

TITLE: Lane Family Photograph Collection



Dates: 1910-1946

Extent: 394 items, one linear foot

Language and Scripts: The collection is in English

Names of creators: Max Manger, Strye Photo Studio, P.S. Hunt, G. McCreary

Administrative/biographical history:
This collection may contain unrelated groups of photos. Several photo processing
envelopes containing negatives are from Fairbanks photo studios and have the name
“Lane” penciled on them, and two postal envelopes were addressed to Harry or Mrs.
Lane [see Box 2, Folder 5, “Ephemera”]. Harry Lee Lane, born July 1, 1887 on Prince
Edward Island, Canada, came to Alaska in 1916 and worked as a timekeeper for the
Alaska Railroad in Anchorage.1 He enlisted in the Canadian Army and lost both legs
during World War I in France. He returned to Anchorage and the railroad and then
spent 1925 and 1926 working for the Fairbanks Exploration Company in Fairbanks.
Many of the photos in this collection are apparently from this period in the Interior.
Harry and his wife Eleanor Emma Lane owned the Pioneer Hotel (see .9) in Fairbanks at
some point, left Alaska, and returned in the 1930s.2 In Anchorage, the Lanes purchased
the Crescent Hotel [see .101 and .106] at Fourth Avenue and C Street in 1933, renaming

1 “Harry Lane, 68, Dies; Plan Rites Tomorrow,” Anchorage Daily Times, April 17, 1956, p. 7.
2 “End of the Trail,” Alaska Magazine, June 1972, p. 69; “Mrs. Lane Dies Here,” Anchorage Daily Times,
March 13, 1972, p. 2.

it the Lane Hotel in 1939. Harry Lane retired from business in 1951 and died in
Anchorage in 1956. According to Eleanor Lane’s obituary the couple left no surviving

It is unknown what connection, if any, there was between the Lanes and Mrs. Myrtle
Lane, who lived in Fairbanks before coming to Anchorage where she managed the Dahl
Rooms.3 A caption on the back of .29 mentions “Myrtle.” Photos .111 and .12 are
associated with Oscar Dahl who ran a hotel in Seward.4 A postcard (.111) sent in 1922
from Dahl to Eleanor E. Nelson in Fairbanks may show a connection, although Eleanor
Lane was presumably married to Harry at the time and Eleanor Nelson may be another
person. A 1944 wedding portrait of a young couple (.274) is inscribed with the Lane
Hotel name. Perhaps this photo collection was found in the hotel? The Lane Hotel
burned in September 1966 and fourteen people died in an arson fire that caused the
most fire fatalities in Anchorage’s history
5. Lane Street in Mountain View is named for
Harry Lane

Scope and content description:
The collection consists of black-and-white photographic prints and negatives. Most
photos are of individuals or groups in outdoor Interior Alaskan settings, engaged in
activities such as fishing, camping, mining, and travelling by automobile or river
steamer. Few individuals are identified by full name. There are good photos of
Athapascan bark canoes at a summer fish camp (.126-.129). A few photos are of
Anchorage, including boats at the mouth of Ship Creek. Box 2, Folder 3 contains family
photos that were taken outside Alaska; again, most individuals are not identified with
full names.

Arrangement: Topical. Series 1: Interior Alaska. Series 2: Interior automobile trip. Series
3: Anchorage-Curry-Seward-Nenana. Series 4: Interior rivers & villages. Series 5:
Dawson, Y.T., Upper Yukon River, Skagway. Series 6: Fishing trips. Series 7: Dogsledding.
Series 8: Studio portraits. Series 9: Wreck of the Steamer Yukon. Series 10: Outside.
Series 11: World War II. Series 12: Ephemera


Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use.

Physical Access: Original items in good condition.

Technical Access: No special equipment is needed to access the materials. A light box
may assist in viewing negatives.

3 “Mrs. Myrtle Lane Succumbs Here,” Anchorage Daily Times, August 16, 1948, p. 4.
4 [Oscar Dahl obituary], Anchorage Daily Times, September 8, 1964.
5 Anchorage Fire Department 75th
/ Anniversary Yearbook, 1915-1990, p. 130.
6 John P. Bagoy, Legends & Legacies, p. 353.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:
The Anchorage Museum is the owner of the materials and makes available
reproductions for research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be
obtained from the Anchorage Museum before any reproduction use. The Anchorage
Museum does not necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In
some cases, permission for use may require seeking additional authorization from the
copyright owners.

Preferred Citation:
Lane Family Photograph Collection, Anchorage Museum, B2011.014

Acquisition and Appraisal Information:
The collection was acquired by the Museum well before the move to expanded facilities
in 2010. No acquisition paperwork accompanied it and the collection may contain
unrelated groups of photos.

Processing Notes:
Nitrate negatives removed from boxes 1 and 2 and placed in Box 3.


Harding, Warren G. (Warren Gamaliel), 1865-1923
Harding, Florence Kling, 1860-1924
Callahan, Dan
Stein, Abraham
Bragaw, Robert S.
Eckman, Chris
Kennedy, George
Seeley, Lawlor W. (Dr.)
Tarwater, Edgar R.
Walkowski, August S. “Wally” (Dr.)
Gaikema, N. J. (Nick)
Dahl, Oscar
Smith, Jefferson Randolph, 1860-1898
Pinska, Martin
Williams, Owen
United States Army Air Corps. Black Wolf Squadron—Flying Expedition, 1920
White Pass & Yukon Route
Haleys Roadhouse (Fort Yukon, Alaska)
Hudson Stuck Memorial Hospital (Fort Yukon, Alaska)
Strye Photo Studio (Anchorage, Alaska)
Hotel Seward (Seward, Alaska)

Pioneer Hotel (Fairbanks, Alaska)
Sea Lion (Boat)
Crescent (Boat)
Yukon, S.S. (Steamship)
Sled dogs
Mosquito nets
Baseball teams—Nenana
Athapascan Indians—Boats
World War, 1939-1945—Alaska—Attu
Fairbanks (Alaska)
Livengood (Alaska)
Tofty (Alaska)
Nenana (Alaska)
Anchorage (Alaska)
Skagway (Alaska)
Fort Yukon (Alaska)
Stevens Village (Alaska)
Nulato (Alaska)
Wiseman (Alaska)
Coldfoot (Alaska)
Koyukuk River (Alaska)
Curry (Alaska)
Dawson (Yukon)
Richardson Highway (Alaska)
Lake Laberge (Yukon)
Yukon River (Yukon and Alaska)—Five Finger Rapids
Saginaw (Michigan)
Mineral Springs (Texas)

Detailed description of the Collection

Series 1: Interior Alaska
 1 —[President Warren Harding and Mrs. Harding, standing on rear platform of railroad passenger car, 1923?]
 2 —[President Warren Harding? and unidentified woman in front of log house]
 3 —[Dan Callahan of Fairbanks, and woman; see Lael Morgan’s Good-Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush, p. 248]
 3a —.3b—Mrs. Kashner and I, when we were in the movies. Norman Dawn Co. picture called, “the Trail of the Broken Heart.” Oct. 25-23. Notice no snow. Ellen. [two women on board sidewalk in front of store with sign “Palace Bath House Open Day and Night”
 4 —.8—[Visit of the U.S. Army’s Alaska Flying Expedition (Black Wolf Squadron) to Fairbanks, August 1920; see Robert W. Stevens, Alaskan Aviation History, Volume I, pp. 24-41]
 9 —Nenana team in Fairbanks [crowd of people, some of them men in baseball uniforms, and auto in front of Pioneer Hotel; [Max] Manger photo. According to an obituary for Eleanor Lane), she and her husband Harry ran the Pioneer Hotel for a time.]
 10 —[Men walking on board sidewalk in front of Fairbanks Restaurant]
11 —[Log house with woman and man seated on porch, “Abe Stein” nameplate on front door. Abe or Abraham Stein is listed on First or Second Avenues in Fairbanks in Polk Directories for 1902, 1903, 1907, 1909-10]
 12 —[Sewing display with placemats, lace, tablecloths; stamped on back Cann-Loussac Studio, Fairbanks]
 13 — A. Bock’s Plant [Dragline mining operation. Adolph Bock is listed as a miner at Tofty in the Polk Directory for 1911-12.]
 14 —Fowler and Morris [Men shooting pool in store]
 15 — What Cheer Bar—Eureka Creek [Hydraulic mining scene with three men, tent and sluice]
 16 —[Hydraulic mining—men with sluice]
 17a —.17b—[1920s automobile with two passengers, in front of bleachers]
 18 —[Two men, two women on bed, with “Livengood” pennant on wall, phonograph on stand]
 19 —Mrs. Dora Williams. Nov. 14 th 1921 [Woman with camera case reclining beneath birch tree]
 20 —This is taken in front of my house but is a very poor view of my garden. I have all kinds of flowers this summer, I wish I could send you a bunch. Anna Bonner, 8/17 [woman standing in front of tar-paper covered building]
 21 —Tom Smith & Joe Kelly tofty Alaska
22 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with two prints [two men standing in front of store window]
23 —Photographic negative, nitrate, no print [two men and a woman standing in front of store window]
24 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [man and woman standing in front of store window]
 25 —.26—[Man feeding black bear in front of log building]
 27 —I Was Here A While, Nenana, Alaska [man climbing birch tree, black bear standing below. Photo by Shade]
 28 —Bear in Mind, Nenana, Alaska [man and black bear in birch tree. Photo by Shade]
 29 —Woodchopper / Dear Friend / This is Siza and me we done our turn in the show Sunday. Myrtle is well / Owen [man and black bear in tree overhanging a pond]
 30 —Had this taken on the job yesterday [man in hat and boots standing outdoors]
 31 —[Man with fishing gear standing in stream]
 32 —[Man standing at edge of stream, hat in hand]
33 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [three women, two men in front of tar- paper building]
34 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [three women, two men in front of tar- paper building]
35 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [man with coffee pot, two women]
 36 —[woman and man with 1920s automobile, log building in background]
37 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [three men, three women in front of roadhouse, part of 1920s automobile showing]
38 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [four men, three women in front of roadhouse]
39 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [three women, two men in front of tar- paper building]
 40 —[1920s automobile with man and two women]
 41 —[Two women and man standing beside river]
42 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [three women, two men in front of tar- paper building]
 43 —Man and woman standing beside river]
44 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [man and two women in road with 1920s automobile] B1/F2
 45a —.45b—[White draft horse and man standing in front of building]
 46 —.48—[Men and women standing in front of log building]
 49 —[Man wearing beaded Athabascan gloves and woman in trousers and men’s hat, standing in front of log building]
 50 —[Group portrait of men, wearing lodge paraphernalia?]
 51 —[Overview of Interior town]
 52 —[Men with dogs in front of store, winter]
 53 —[Group of uniformed nurses and one child in front of log building]
 54 —[Two men and woman, plus dog, in front of log building]
 55 —[Woman wearing middy blouse and holding a book in front of log pile]
 56 —[Man, and woman in nightgown with nightcap, in front of partially-built log structure]
 57 —[Men, women, and dogs in front of log building]
 58 —[Grumpy old men, one holding a small dog, and laughing children]
 59 —[Seated woman with Redbook magazine (?) and large dog, interior of home]
60 —Photographic negative, nitrate, three prints [man and woman standing in front of log building]
 61 —[Pigs]
62 —[Man with carpenter’s square around his neck, holding hands with woman in mosquito net]
 63 —[Women with mosquito nets and horse-drawn hay rake]
 64 —[Woman with mosquito net and berry bucket (?)]
 65 —[Two women standing in field of grain]
 66 —[Woman with cucumbers standing in greenhouse door, blooming dahlias and nasturtiums in foreground]
 67 —[Man and woman standing on new cement sidewalk]
 68 —[Four women and dog in front of building]
 69 —[Standing dog, nursing puppies]
 70 —[Three men holding dead swan with wings spread]
 71 —[Man standing in field]
 72 —.76—[Men and women in front of buildings]
 77 —[Woman with mosquito net riding horse, man with fishing creel standing next to her, log store in background with sign “Candies Cigars Tobacco Notions”]
 78 —[Woman with two dogs]
 79 —[Two women, one holding camera, other restraining a dog]
 80 —[Two women in front of house with picket fence]
 81 —[Two women in front of house]
82 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [woman standing in front of house]
 83 —Mickey [crouching woman, two obscured women standing, animal pen in background]
 84 —[Two laughing women and man with 1920s automobile in background]
 85 —[Girl in dress with pompoms, boy in a sailor suit and short pants]
 86 —[Caribou running across gravel road] Series 2: Interior automobile trip B1/F3
 87 —[Three women in front of road sign indicating Fairbanks, Miller, Donnelly]
 88 —[Man standing by 1920s automobile in rutted road—Richardson Highway?]
 89 —[Four 1920s automobiles on rutted road]
 90 —Martin Pinska & Brother [Pinska owned a Fairbanks store]
 91 —[Martin Pinska (?) and another man in front of log building, Road House sign above doorway]
 92 —[Martin Pinska (?) and another man in front of caribou antlers, tangled in wire]
 93 —[Woman in front of caribou antlers, tangled in wire]
 94 —[Woman in front of caribou antlers, tangled in wire]
 95 —[Two 1920s automobiles, Martin Pinska? standing nearby]
 96 —[Two 1920s automobiles]
 97 —Paul Hopkins [Man and woman smoking, standing by 1920s automobiles]
 98 —[Three woman and a man, with 1920s automobile] .98.1—[Photographic negative, nitrate, no print [1920s automobile with Alaska 1926 license plate, being towed out of mud by closed-cab tractor] Series 3: Anchorage-Curry-Seward-Nenana B1/F4
99 —[Boat “SEA LION” which belonged to N. J. “Nick” Gaikema of Anchorage. Same photo is cropped and reproduced on p. 17 of John Bagoy’s Legends & Legacies: Anchorage 1910-1935. Left to right: Nick Gaikema (standing at stern), Chris Eckman, George Kennedy, Robert S. Bragaw (on top of pilothouse), Dr. Lawlor W. Seeley, Dr. August S. “Wally” Walkowski, and Edgar R. Tarwater]
 100 —[Boat “SEA LION” with duck hunters. Nick Gaikema at far left with hand in pocket?]
 101 —[Man standing on mudflats at mouth of Ship Creek next to boat “CRESCENT 31D759,” sign “KETCHIKAN SPRUCE MILLS,” cannery buildings, and Government Hill houses in background]
102 —[Two duck hunters in boat with outboard motor, Susitna Flats?]
 103 —[Man standing with flat-bottomed dory, same boat as in previous photo?]
 104 —.105—[Man in office]
 106a —b—The Cresent [sic] Anchorage’s Leading Hotel / F.W. Redwood & Co. Props [built in 1916; see p. 163 in Bagoy, Legends & Legacies]
107 —Winter Delivery – Anchorage Alaska. [postcard of dog team in front of J. R. Smith, Real Estate; Strye Photo Studio; and Empress Theatre on Fourth Avenue, Anchorage. Message on back from John Fitzpatrick to “Mrs. Morrison, Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska,” postmarked April 8, 1921]
 108 —Red Cross Floats. Labor Day Parade. Sept. 3-[19]17, Anchorage, Alaska. A.E.C. G763, P. S. Hunt.
 109 —A.E.C. Residences at the New Hospital, Anchorage, Alaska. A.E.C. G428. P. S. Hunt.
 110 —Anchorage Harbor from Dock No 2, March 25 1919, 3 Hours After High Tide. A.E.C. G-1211
 111 —Hotel Seward, Seward, Alaska. This is the Place [postcard dated February 4, 1922 from “Dahl, c/o/ Hotel Seward, Seward, Alaska,” to “Miss Eleanor E. Nelson, Fairbanks, Alaska.”
 112 —Oscar Dahl, [formal portrait. According to his obituary Dahl came to the U.S. from Sweden in 1909 and bought a hotel in Seward in 1922, operating it until his retirement in 1952. He then moved to Puyallup, Washington, where he died in 1964.]
 113 —.114—Lobby—Curry Hotel, Curry, Alaska
 115 —The Old Duke Trading Post, Nenana, Alaska
 116 —“A” St. Nenana Alaska
 117a —b—Nenana, Alaska [view of town from across river]
 118 —4 th of July, Nenana, Alaska
 119 —4 th of July, Nenana, Alaska
 120 —A.E. Comission [sic] Yards, Nenana, Alaska [railroad yards]
 121 —A.E. Commission Buildings, Nenana, Alaska
 122a —b—Calhoun’s Mail Team, Nenana, Alaska [sled dog team]
 123 —Drag Line Scraper Loading Flat Cars South of Nenana
 124 —Drag Line Scraper Series 4: Interior rivers & villages B1/F5
125 —Summer camp of Natives on the Koyukuk [at AFN 2014, location identified Rock Island below Hughes, which served as a fish camp; based on a panoramic version of this image seen by the respondent, individuals on the river bank identified as Fred Bifelt and Sammy San]
126 —128—[views of summer fish camp with several bark canoes pulled up on riverbank, taken from sternwheel riverboat? Photos by “J. J.”; at AFN 2013, tentatively identified as Ruby area. At AFN 2016, tentatively identified as slough on Yukon River]
129 —[woman in bark canoe with summer fish camp in background; photo by “J. J.”]
 130 —A fish wheel on the Yukon.
 131 —The bridge at Nenana
 132 —Native cemetery at Nulato
 133 —A group at Nulato. [Man holding human bones, skull visible, two Natives in background
 134 —Bones of some of the Natives killed in the massacre at Nulato, Feb. 16 th , 1851 [This and previous two photos are more fully identified in the Tisha V. Ulen Collection at UAF]
135 —A group at Wiseman. [same photo is in Hazel Lindberg Collection at UAF; at AFN 2013, suggestion that this was taken at Rampart]
136 —A Kobuk belle and her mother at Wiseman. [fancy parkas, moccasins; at AFN 2013, suggestion that this was taken at Fort Yukon]
 137 —Wiseman in Winter
 138 —What happened to our scow on the Koyukuk
 139 —Two fox ranchers above the Arctic Circle.
 140 —Coldfoot in Winter [same photo is in Hazel Lindberg Collection at UAF, incorrectly labeled Wiseman]
141 —A Native family at Coldfoot. [fancy parkas]
142 —A Native at Coldfoot and wolf skins
 143 —[unidentified sternwheel riverboat pushing barge “St. Michael No. 4”] Series 5: Dawson, Y.T., Upper Yukon River, Skagway B1/F6
 144 —Stephen villiage [Steven’s Village]
 145 —Fort Yukon
 146 —Fort Yukon [log Hudson Stuck Memorial Hospital]
 147 —Fort Yukon [from deck of sternwheel riverboat, view includes “Haly’s Roadhouse”]
 148 —Court House Dawson
 149 —Club at Dawson [painted on building: “D.A.A.A.”]
 150 —Between the rocks in the Five fingers [Five Finger Rapids, Yukon River]
 151 —Looking down river at the Five fingers
 152 —One of the Five finger rocks
 153 —A bluff on Lake Laberge
 154 —[man and two women, all dressed up, in front of steam locomotive]
 155 —At Soapy Smiths grave, Skagway, Alaska [same three people as in .154; grave marker reads “Jefferson R. Smith / Died July 8 1898 / Aged 38 Years”]
 156 —[Two men and woman, similar to .155]
 157 —[shack on pilings]
 158 —Master Dick Jones as a Hollander, June 1 st 1915 [toddler in wooden shoes standing in the bed of a cart or truck]
 159 —[view from moving train]
 160 —[woman on porch with hanging birch bark planter; Pullen House, Skagway?]
 161 —[man, woman and dog on shore of lake or bay]
 162 —.168—[group of women on hike to waterfall]
 169 —Single [shingle] Mill close to Ketchikan
 170a —b-.174—two women on deck of ship, lifeboat lettering “Port To_____” shows in one photo—Port Townsend, Washington?]
 175 —[two dressed up women on deck of ship]
 176 —[three men, two women posing on deck of ship. Fancy hats!]
 177 —[woman and toddler on deck of ship, lifeboat in background]
 178 —.179—Man in military uniform and woman, on deck of ship]
 180a —b—[Two women in front of woodpile]
 181 —[Three women and man in front of woodpile]
 182 —.183—[Woman with shovel, digging in mud]
 184 —[Two women on deck of sternwheel riverboat, on waterfront at Dawson (“Moosehide” landslide shows in background)]
 185 —.187—[Two women standing on dock—Carcross, Y.T.?]
 188 —.192—[River scenes]
 193 —[Three men—construction site or railroad siding?]
 194 —[Woman wearing yoke with five-gallon cans—for carrying water?—in front of log building with caribou antlers labeled “Bakery” and “Coffee House”]
 195 —Net and her Mother
 196 —[Native woman and boy outside numbered canvas wall tent, with woman visitor]
 197 —.201—[Men and women standing outside buildings]
 202a —b—[Dog] Series 6: Fishing trips B1/F7
 203 —[Men with fishing gear and dogs]
 204 —.205—[Man standing in stream, fishing]
 206 —[Fishing party—eight men and women, eating lunch, one person holding a stringer of fish]
 207 —[Woman fishing, dog watching]
 208 —.209—[Woman in hip boots]
 210 —[Barefoot man sitting on bank]
 211 —[Man in hip boots and straw boater hat tying gear]
 212 —.213—[Barefoot man standing in stream]
 214 —[Barefoot man and woman in hip boots standing in stream]
215 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [woman on bank with stringer of fish] .215.1—Photographic negative, nitrate, no print [woman on bank with stringer of fish]
216 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [fishing party, man in suit with mosquito net, man with stringers of fish]
217 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [man with dog in front of house] .217.1—Photographic negative, nitrate, no print [man with dog in front of house] .217.2—Photographic negative, nitrate, no print [man with dog in front of house]
218 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [dog resting on top of dog house] B1/F8
219 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [two men, one holding folded camera or camera case, standing in road with 1920s Oakland automobile]
220 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [four men, one woman, standing in road with 1920s Oakland automobile] .220.1—Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [three men, one woman, standing in road with 1920s Oakland automobile]
221 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [man and dog sitting on dog house]
222 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Man with fishing creel and coffee pot, sitting on running board of 1920s automobile]
223 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Woman with mosquito net leaning on 1920s Ford automobile, canvas wall tents in background, and water ditch or railroad grade (?) in distant background]
224 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Woman with mosquito net, mining camp (?) in background]
225 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Two men, one with fishing rod, and two women, mining camp (?) in background]
226 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Two men and woman with 1920s automobile]
227 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Woman with mosquito net and string of fish, mining camp (?) in background]
228 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Man with fishing rod and two women, mining camp (?) in background]
229 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Woman in swimsuit standing in stream]
230 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Woman in swimsuit standing in stream]
231 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Two men, one with cook’s hat, standing in front of mining camp (?)]
232 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Woman with strings of fish on stream bank]
233 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Three men, one with strings of fish, on stream bank]
234 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Man in tree or fish rack]
235 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Two men, one with string of fish, on stream bank]
236 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Woman and man sitting by campfire]
237 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Men and woman by campfire]
238 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Man with strings of fish]
239 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Men and woman by campfire]
240 —Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Man with fishing pole on stream bank] Series 7: Dogsledding B1/F9 [Original photo processing envelope from Mrs. Robertson’s Studio, Fairbanks for .241 through .252 labeled “Owen Williams / N.West Territory”]
 241 —Point Atksen on the Arctice coast Augst 1th 1922 see Ice at end of point
 242 —home camp in arctice Sept 25 th 1922
 243 —My dog team at my home camp 1923
 244 —My load 5 th of March 1923. Just starting for Fairbanks [Yukon stove on sled]
 245 —My load in the Rear. 19 dogs in the string and 3 sleds, on way to Fairbanks, March 5 th 1923
 246 —Ostergard and our two teams first day west of the McKinzie River Canada March 20, 1923
 247 —A night camp in the Barren lands hall wood 35 miles to make this camp on way out this spring [snowshoes leaning against sled]
 248 —My self 500 miles East of Yuckon River in the Rockies
 249 —Ostergard on our way out 400 miles East of the Yuckon
 250 —tea camp in the Rockie Mountains had to hall wood 20 miles to this place
 251 —first timber after crossing the Rockie Mountains on the Bell River
 252 —My Brother and myself at Edmonton Alberta Canada one week ago [man on right has camera case over shoulder]
 253 —[postcard of woman with dogteam, postmarked Tolovana, Alaska, January 11, 1915, addressed to Miss Violet Lovjoy, Livengood, Alaska. Message]:Well I got here O.K. will write you all about my trip later. Regards to FB. and the bunch at F.E.[Fairbanks Exploration Co.?] Sincerely Yours Cleo H.
 254 —[Dog team with cabin in background]
 255 —[Dog team with man and empty sled; similar to .265]
 256 —[Two dogs with buildings in background]
 257 —[Man with dog, mine dumps and firewood in background]
 258 —[Two women in sleeping bags riding on dogsled]
 259 —[Man with dog]
 260 —[Man with dog]
 261 —[Man driving dogsled with woman riding]
 262 —[Man with cap and necktie leaning on dogsled]
 263 —[Man with necktie and shoepacs leaning on dogsled]
 264 —[Woman with dogsled]
 265 —[Dogteam with man and empty sled; similar to .255]
 266 —[Woman (?) with double-bitted axe and two dogs]
 267 —[Woman with dogsled, holding out arm for dog to “sit”] .267.1—[Two harnessed dogs and empty sled]
 268 —[Woman, dog, dogsled]
 269 —[Man with cap and shoepacs crouching by empty sled]
 270 —[Man with cap and shoepacs sitting on empty sled]
 271 —[Party with loaded sled, seven dogs, ready to depart; elaborate three-story shingled building and piles of lumber in background]
 272 —[Man with freight sled and five dogs, mining camp (?) in background Series 8: Studio portraits B2/F1 Photographic prints, some with original mats
 273 —[Man with bowtie and suit, image stamped on front: “Fairbanks Studio / Marier Bros. / Alaska.”
 274 —Gladys & Bud Johnston / Lane Hotel / October 7, 1944 [Caption on cardboard folder]
 275 —[Woman wearing pearl necklace, man with Union Jack or Norwegian handkerchief in pocket]
 276 —Winnie / April 1919, image stamped “H. O. Dodge / Sydney / N[ova] S[Scotia]. [Caption on cardboard folder]
 277 —[Woman on settee, in cardboard folder labeled “Busch / 1115 Janes Ave. / Saginaw, Mich.”]
 278 —[Woman and man in Canadian Navy uniform, in cardboard folder labeled “Goertz / Edmonton” [Alberta, Canada]
 279 —[Woman with bead necklace, retouched eyelashes]
 280 —[Wedding photo of man and woman, in cardboard folder labeled “Neva Wilson / Seattle”]
 281 —[Standing woman with high-necked dress, cross on necklace, and seated man in three-piece suit—same man as in .362 or .366?, in cardboard folder labeled “Seattle Photo Co / 1426 4 th Ave”]
 282 —[Woman and man cutting wedding cake]
 283 —[Woman in formal dress, image labeled “Austin / L.A.”]
 284 —[Two identical images of man, woman and child]
 285 —.286—[Woman in fur-topped boots standing in snow]
 287 —[Woman]
 288 —[Woman] Series 9: Wreck of the Steamer Yukon B2/F2 [Images in this folder are also in the “S. S. Yukon Disaster & Rescue Collection” credited to Glacier Photo Service, photographer G. McCreary, Seward, Alaska. Collection is held by the Seward Community Library—see Alaska Digital Archives online at Also, see envelope in this collection, .393]
 289 —[Front half of Yukon with snowy shore in background]
 290 —[Front half of Yukon, taken from on deck, with snowy shore in background]
 291 —[Deck scene]
 292 —[Lifeboat being loaded, figures on deck]
 293 —[View from air of front half of Yukon, aground close to snowy shore]
 294 —[Low-flying Army C-47, military ships, lifeboat at scene of Yukon wreck]
 295 —[View from airplane of front half of Yukon, aground close to snowy shore]
 296 —[View from airplane of rescue ships at wreck of Yukon]
 297 —[Men and women in lifejackets standing near engine compartment of rescue launch (?), figure in foreground with “Navy” stenciled on jacket]
 298 —[Men eating at table on ship, after rescue (?) Series 10: Outside B2/F3
 299 —An awful picture of me, but good of Bill [Man and woman on porch]
 300 —Bill without hat [Four men standing in front of 1920s automobile] [Images .301-.311 were in an envelope dated February 20, 1926 and addressed to Mr. H. L. Lane / Fairbanks / Alaska, sent from 2324 Reed St. / Saginaw / Michigan. See envelope at .394]
 301 —[Two women and dog with nursing puppies]
 302 —Our dear niece [Woman and dog with puppies]
 303 —[Dog with nursing puppies]
 304 —Scattered all over the yard [Puppies and dog]
 305 —[Puppies and dog]
 306 —This is some of Angie’s foolishness. Ha ha [Puppy looking through hole in garage door]
 307 —Some more of Mrs. Mack’s foolishness [Puppy looking through hole in garage door, dog in foreground]
 308 —[Woman balanced on section of pipe, holding dog’s paws]
 309 —[Woman standing in yard]
 310 —[Woman in yard holding shovel; same as .350]
 311 —[View of house]
 312 —I am forelady at Autreys Dye Wks. This is one of my girls & I in front of the Wright Hotel, that burnt down about 3 weeks ago 9 lives were lost. The place looked beautiful with all the icicles. M. [Two women in front of burned, frozen structure. The Wright Hotel in Saginaw, Michigan burned on January 12, 1918.]
 313 —Dear Sis—This is me, it looks natural only I wanted to look pleasant & I spoiled it. M. [Woman with fur muff next to mailbox]
 314 —I wanted to look funny in this picture, so I put our drivers coat on, my hair shades my eyes. The other girl is the office girl here. How do you like these pictures & did you get the picture of Ed & I? M. (see the nice big fat man I have on this picture. Ha, Ha. [Two women on city street, one wearing a fox stole on her shoulders]
 315 —Nellie Warren / Feb 23, 1872—March 29, 1917 / This is her last picture taken at Santa Monica in Feb. [Woman with leopard (?) stole on her shoulders, in front of palm tree]
 316 —Hub and his daughter. She was 14 in June. [Man standing with girl]
 317 —Sister, brother in law, Nellie and my Daughter in Portland last Xmas [Man, two women, and girl seated in front of fireplace]
 318 —Nellie, Dolly (my daughter) and I. [Man, woman, and girl seated in front of fireplace]
 319 —Sister, Dolly and our Xmas tree—note the presents. Photo by Warren.
 320 —“Hub” at the piano—notice the “pozish” [position]
 321 —Three chicks. No I didn’t make any mistake I still say chicks [Woman holding poultry chicks in garden]
 322 —I put a cross over my head on this picture so you would know me. [Three women in yard]
 323 —Lt. Richard Gaston. [Man in military uniform, standing on beach in front of pier, holding cigar with camera case over shoulder]
 324 —Me and a Boston Bull dog belonging to a neighbor
 325 —Grandma / Angie / Aunt Ida / Dorothy (Grover’s daughter by first wife) / Delbert (aunt Ida’s son) [Five people in front of house]
 326 —[Man in bathing suit, leaning on large chunk of ice]
 327 —[Woman standing in yard—same person as in .309-.310?]
 328 —[Woman and man leaning on 1920s automobile; same as .351]
 329 —Me with dark hat. The girl in the white hat is worth $2,000,000. Whew! [Two women on garden bench, palm trees in background]
 330 —Me. [Woman and palm tree]
 331 —Me taken with background of Gulf. Not very good of me.
 332 —Me with dark hat on. [Three women on steps]
 333 —Farmer Bilodeau & Family [Man, woman and dog on steps of farmhouse]
 334 —Two hicks [Man, woman and dog on steps of farmhouse]
 335 —[Farmhouse]
 336 —Chicken house & 600 chickens
 337 —[Chicken house, evergreen trees in background]
 338 —There are 1700 chicks in this bunch. This is our brooder house
 339 —Our house in early spring [same house as in .333-.335]
 340 —[Woman with chickens]
 341 —[Man and woman with dog in farmyard]
 342 —[Two men and garden bench, palm tree in background]
 343 —[Woman in short dark dress covered with doilies (!), arms out to sides]
 344 —Year 1921—May / A man I knew in Mineral Wells. This isn’t Mac. [Man and woman on horseback; postcard from “Youngs Studio, Mineral Wells, Texas”]
 345 —May 1921 [Man and woman on horseback in front of log building]
 346 —Me in white blouse / May, 1921 [Two women sitting on large rock, riding horse in background]
 347 —Mineral Wells. Year before we married – May, 1921 / The bird is a peacock
 348 —May, 1921 / the peacock and me. M[ineral] Wells
 349 —Mineral Wells May 1922 [Woman standing in yard]
 350 —This was taken 2 months before we were married. I am a lot thinner now. Mineral Wells, Texas 5/-/22 [Same as .310]
 351 —Mineral Wells. At home of people I visited. Son of the family with me [Woman and man leaning on 1920s automobile; same as .328]
 352 —Nov, 1922—M[ineral] Wells [Two women embracing]
 353 —Me with white blouse. M. Wells 1 st fall we were married with girl friend. Mac’s brother took this. Nov. 1922 [Two women sitting next to pond]
 354 —Charlie & me. Nov. 1922 / Had my hair bobbed. Its grown in now. This picture doesn’t look like me at all
 355 —Mac / July 1925 [Man in straw boater hat standing on neighborhood street]
 356 —Mac’s nephew and me, July 1925 [Man and woman standing on neighborhood street]
 357 —Me. July, 1925 [Woman standing in yard]
 358 —Me. July 1925 [Woman standing in yard]
 359 —Charlie all dressed up. July, 1925 [Man with straw boater and bowtie standing in yard]
 360 —My old cook. They don’t all grow this big in Texas. July, 1925 / 300 lbs. [African- American woman in apron, standing in yard]
 361 —Me – July, 1925 [Woman standing in yard]
 362 —Mac and me. July, 1925. Last summer [Woman and man standing in yard] See also .281—same man?
 363 —[Man and woman in front of horse-drawn wagon, hay hook hanging from side, partially obscured sign reads “___nna Trans____ / ___J. Bilodeau Prop.”]
 364 —[Two women and man in yard]
 365 —[Woman in yard]
 366 —[Two men and woman in yard] See also .281—same man?
 367 —[Two women and dog in yard]
 368 —[Two women in smocks, oil lamp in background]
 369 —[Two women]
 370 —[Two women]
 371 —[Woman in front of brick building, partially obscured sign reads “___rinks”]
 372 —[Two images of man with bowtie, with and without hat]
 373 —[Man in three-piece suit on city street]
374 —Mrs. Stockton & I at Oroville, Calif. May 19 th 1915, Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Two women seated on observation platform of railroad passenger car with sign reading “The Scenic Limited;” this train was run by the Western Pacific Railroad between Oakland, California and St. Louis]
375 — Photographic negative, nitrate, with print [Two women standing on train tracks, railroad car behind with sign reading “the Scenic Limited”]
 376 —[Woman standing in yard; original envelope read “Mrs. Connors”]
 377 —[Woman standing on log walkway; found in envelope that read “Mrs. Connors”
 378 —[unidentified dam, in western U.S.?] Series 11: World War II B2/F4
 379 —[Photograph and newspaper clipping labeled “Star-Tel Eve. Jun 11 1943”]: The gun crew of this American 105mm gun kept it firing on Jap positions in Massacre- Chichagof Pass. In four days this gun belched more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition into the Japanese. (AP).
 380 —[Photograph with newsprint Associated Press description dated 6/10/1943]: JAP CASUALTY ON ATTU. Two U.S. soldiers look at the body of a Japanese soldier killed in the Holtz Bay area on Attu Island. In background (right) is a Jap dugout.
 381 —[Photograph with newsprint Associated Press description dated 6/12/1943]: SUBS-EYE VIEW OF TORPEDOED JAP TRAWLER. Torpedoed by a U.S. Submarine, a Japanese trawler (above) burns as it sinks somewhere in the Pacific. The picture was made through the periscope of the attacking submarine.
 382 —[Photograph with newsprint Associated Press description dated 6/11/1943]: YANKS HUNT JAPS HIDDEN IN DUGOUT. A Yank mop-up squad, guns in hand and armed with grenades, closes in on Jap dugouts in which two Japs entrenched themselves after refusing to surrender. Smoke from dugout at right is from exploding grenades used to wipe them out on Attu Island in the Aleutians.
 383 —[Photograph with newsprint Associated Press description dated 6/11/1943]: THE PRICE OF GUADALCANAL. Row on row of mounds, each topped with a name on a cross, stretch across this Marine Corps burial ground on Guadalcanal, mute testimony of the price paid to wrest this strategic island and its airport away from the Japanese.
 384 —[Photograph and newspaper clipping labeled “Star-Tel Eve. Feb 3 1943”]: Typical of the men who man the cargo ships carrying materials from Canada to England and Russia is this 54-year-old Norwegian gunner, Mangus Jhaz. (AP).
 385 —[Photograph and newspaper clipping labeled “Star-Tel Eve. Feb 3 1943”]: A wounded Italian soldier helped ashore from a British destroyer at Malta after rescue. (AP).
 386 —[Photograph with newsprint International News Photos description dated 6/12/1943]: ART DEPARTMENT AT GONA. Gona, New Guinea—Artist-editor J.B. Gray, of Cumberland, MD., is at work on the first edition of an American field newspaper for our fighting men on New Guinea, his editorial sanctum and art dept. in the open air. Kibitzing are Major Archibald Roosevelt, of Oyster Bay, N.Y., son of the late president Theodore Roosevelt and cousin of the present White house tenant, and Major A.L. Lowe, of Corvallis, Ore.
 387 —[Photograph with typed description pasted on back]: At Murmansk the “Sea Witch” is greeted by the natives and the other members of the convoy. Warner Bros. “Action in the North Atlantic”. Series 12: Ephemera B2/F5 Souvenir card, photo processing envelopes, and postal envelopes
 388 —[Birch bark souvenir card with gold (?) nugget]: Souvenir of the Land of the Midnight Sun / Fairbanks, Alaska, 1924
 389 —Cann Studio, Inc. . . Fairbanks, Alaska. [Penciled inscription]: Mrs. Lane
 390 —Cann Studio, Inc. . . Fairbanks, Alaska. We Sell everything at Outside prices. [Penciled inscription]: Mrs. Nash / J.F. McDonald / Saul Moyer / Nordale
 391 —Cann-Loussac Studio, Inc. [with Loussac blacked out] . . . Fairbanks, Alaska/ Post cards, Alaska views, souvenirs, Eskimo carved ivory and curios. [Penciled inscription]: Mrs. Lane
 392 —Mrs. Robertson’s Studio / Second Avenue / Fairbanks
 393 —Undated envelope from Glacier Photo Service, Seward, Alaska addressed to Mr. Lane / Lane Hotel / Anchorage. [See photos of wreck of the Yukon, .289-298]
 394 —Envelope dated February 20, 1926 and addressed to Mr. H. L. Lane / Fairbanks / Alaska, sent from 2324 Reed St. / Saginaw / Michigan. [Photos .301-.311 were found in this envelope] Guide updated: October 26, 2016