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Guide prepared by: Sara Piasecki, Photo Archivist

TITLE: Dorothy Stauter Collection



Dates: circa 1905-1947

Extent: 1 box; 0.2 linear feet

Language and Scripts: The collection is in English.

Name of creator(s): Ward Wells, P.S. Hunt, Winter & Pond, Steve McCutcheon, J.E. Haynes,
Merl LaVoy, Sawyers, Schallerer, J.C. Evans, Alaska Shop, Frank LaRoche, Hewitt’s Photo Shop,
Robert Bragaw, Henry Kaiser

Administrative/Biographical History:
Dorothy Geraldine Stauter was born Oct. 12, 1913, in Hoquiam, Washington, to Isabel Sowers
and Harold Nelson. She moved to Anchorage in the 1940s and worked as a clerk in Bert’s
Pharmacy. She was a member of Pioneers of Alaska Auxiliary 4, was a past board member and
officer of the Retail Clerks Union Local 1496, and past treasurer of the Central Labor Council.
Stauter died Sept. 26, 2005.

Scope and Content Description:
The collection consists of 154 black-and-white photographs and postcards and three color
postcards of Valdez, Juneau, Anchorage, and other Alaskan towns and villages as well as scenic
views of glaciers, mountains, and landscapes, all dating from the first half of the 20th century.
There are many commercial photographs, including 38 by Valdez-based photographer P.S.
Hunt. Of note are two images of the Alaska Central Railway route and images of early mining
and logging operations. For more information see Detailed Description of Collection.

Arrangement: Not applicable


Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use.

Physical Access: Original items in good condition.

Technical Access: No special equipment is needed to access the materials.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:
The Anchorage Museum is the owner of the materials and makes available reproductions for
research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the
Anchorage Museum before any reproduction use. The Anchorage Museum does not
necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission
for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation:
Dorothy Stauter Collection, Anchorage Museum, B1980.041


Acquisition and Appraisal Information
Donated by Dorothy Stauter in March 1980.

Separated Materials
Items 1-9 not with collection.

Dorothy Stauter Collection, B1972.067
Mt. Trident Eruption Photographs, B1980.104
Dorothy Stauter Negative Collection, B1993.005.001-008

Alaska Central Railway
Ahtena Indians—Alaska
Athapascan Indians—Yukon
Tlingit Indians—Alaska
Mines and mining—Alaska
Anchorage (Alaska)

Valdez (Alaska)
Juneau (Alaska)
Tyonek (Alaska)
Point Hope (Alaska)
Cordova (Alaska)
Seward (Alaska)
Chatanika (Alaska)
Wrangell (Alaska)
Fairbanks (Alaska)
Skagway (Alaska)
Katalla (Alaska)
Chickaloon (Alaska)
Fort Yukon (Alaska)

Detailed Description of the Collection

 10 — 1946-47 [bird’s eye view of Fourth Avenue looking east, with 515 Club, J. Vic Brown & Sons Jewelers, Gilman’s Bakery]
 11 —Ward W. Wells, Stock 4021 [automobiles parked outside National Bank of Alaska, Fourth Avenue and E Street]
12 — Valdez Fire Department, July 4, ’08. The 10 th year of the city’s existance. P.S. Hunt G1896, P114 [firemen with horse-drawn fire fighting wagon on parade, church at left]
 13 — Treadwell. LaVoy [view of Treadwell Mine from water]
 14 — 2. Juneau, Alaska. Juneau and Gastineau Channel. Winter & Pond [postcard. Bird’s eye view of town]
15 — Native village of Tyonek, Alaska. Historical and modern homes of the village. Photo by Steve & Dolores McCutcheon [color postcard]
16 — Native village of Tyonek, Alaska. Photo by Steve & Dolores McCutcheon [color postcard. aerial]
17 — Saw mill at the head of Kotsina River. Great Northern Dev. Co. [postcard. Four men working outdoors at lumber mill]
18 — “Dock Billam” and his two klutches at Teikhell Roadhouse. Copyright 1906 by P.S. Hunt G798, P25 [Ahtna Indians at Tiekel, family of Doc Billum. Similar image UAF-1964-92-587 signed by Guy Cameron]
 19 — Indian burial, Carmacks, Y.T. [postcard. Athapascan men posed with small casket in cemetery, Yukon]
20 — [Athapascan man posed outdoors holding rifle. At AFN 2016, man tentatively identified as Chief Chimovisky]
21 — [Alaska Native baby in birch baby swing in house, infant wearing button-trim hat. Attributed to Winter & Pond; cf. ASL-P87-0180. 3 copies]
 22 — Sea otter hunters leaving Valdez, Alaska. P.S Hunt P142 [men in bidarkas in bay]
 23 — Mt. McKinley viewed from the Hotel Parsons, Anchorage, Alaska [Hewitt’s Photo Shop; cf. B1989.016.2174]
 24 — Where we ate the $22.50 worth of sandwiches, wireless station 50 miles from Fairbanks, Richardson Trail [man feeding bear outside log roadhouse, young man in background]
 25 — Lake Kenai [scenic view, circa 1900]
 26 — C101. Mendenhall Glacier and Auk Lake near Juneau, Alaska [color postcard. Scenic of Auke Lake and glacier]
 27 — 16343. The woman bear. c. J.E. Haynes, St. Paul, Minn. [black bear sow nursing cubs]
 28 — Small icebergs on Twin Glacier Lake from Juneau, Alaska
 29 — Rainbow Mountain, Richardson Trail, P35 [P.S. Hunt photographer?]
 30 — [adult fur seal with pups on rocky beach]
 31 — Merl LaVoy, Seattle [herd of seals on rocks]
 32 — 31 [on verso:] Swamps below Tonsina [pack horses in densely wooded area]
 33 — 613. Eskimo dog igloos, Point Hope, Alaska. Sawyers [dogs and snow kennels near cache]
 34 — Wreck of S.S. Olympia near Valdez, Alaska [distant view of ship]
 35 — S. east slope of Mt. Regal, Alaska, head of Kennicott [postcard. aerial] F2
 36 — 612. Cow seals hauled out, Alaska. Sawyers [postcard. Rookery]
 37 — 11. Taku Glacier, Alaska. W. P. Co., Juneau [postcard. “The Atwood Family” written on verso]
 38 — Child’s Glacier [group of people posed near terminus, 1930s?]
 39 — Child’s Glacier, Alaska [man pointing at terminus. Original image blurry]
40 — Drier Bay Salmon Packing House, Alaska [view of Prince Packing Co. docks and cannery buildings from water. Print torn]
 41 — S352. S.S. Yukon in Alaska. Schallerers [postcard]
 42 — 103. Cape St. Elias, Alaska. Lavoy [postcard]
 43 — Looking up the Valdez Glacier from the old third bench, June 4, 1905. P.S. Hunt C216
 44 — Freighting near the summit of Thomson Pass on Valdez-Fairbanks Trail. P.S. Hunt J77, P123 [2 copies, one postcard and one print. Line of horse teams pulling sleds up Thompson Pass in winter]
 45 — 72 [on verso:] Thompson Pass, Sept.’07 [men leading pack horses over pass]
 46 — Head of Long Glacier stream flowing from under Long Glacier which flows off Mt. Wrangell [postcard]
 47 — Keystone Canyon near Valdez, Alaska. P.S. Hunt, P5
48 — Mt. McKinley, Alaska, 20,300 ft. from Explorers Park, 8,000 ft. Parker-Browne Expedition, 1910. c. 1910 LaVoy [postcard]
 49 — Alaska ptarmigan. P.S. Hunt, P144 [six birds near stream in winter]
 50 — A stream of water on top of Valdez Glacier, June 4, ’05. P.S. Hunt, C211 [2 copies]
51 — Looking down a small crevasse in Valdez Glacier, June 4, 1905. P.S. Hunt, C215 [three men posed at edge of crevasse with dog, one man smoking pipe, one man holding umbrella and smoking cigar. Cf. .52-53]
52 — Ascending the foot of Valdez Glacier, June 4, 1905. P.S. Hunt C212 [same three men as in .51, with two dogs]
 53 — Looking toward mouth of Lowe River from part way up the foot of Valdez Glacier, June 4, ’05. P.S. Hunt, C213 [same three men and dogs as in .51-52]
 54 — Bridal Veil Falls, Valdez, Alaska. P.S. Hunt, J651 [postcard. Falls in winter]
 55 — J.L. Steel and Chas Wilcox in front of cabin 675 ft. above head of Land Lock Bay, April 24, ’05. P.S. Hunt, C171 [two men seated next to rotary saw or sharpening stone outside log cabin near Landlocked Bay]
 56a — Distant of lake at junction of a small glacier with the Valdez Glacier, June 4, ’05. P.S. Hunt, C217 [cf. .59]
 57 — The breaking of the storm, viewed across Fidelgo Bay from Landlock Bay, April 28, ’05. P.S. Hunt, C183 [Landlocked Bay and Fidalgo Bay]
 58 — Distant view of foot of Valdez Glacier at foot of old first bench, June 4, ’05. P.S. Hunt, C209
 59 — Distant view of lake at junction of small glacier with the Valdez Glacier, June 4, ’05. P.S. Hunt, C218 [cf. .56]
 60 — Camp Comfort Roadhouse near Valdez, Alaska. P.S. Hunt, P6 [men and horses outside four log buildings in summer. Name of Guy Cameron covered up at left]
 61 — Wortman’s Roadhouse, Valdez-Fairbanks Trail. P.S. Hunt, P13 [men loading freight sleds in winter, with horses, tents, buildings, and supplies]
62 — McKinley St., Valdez, Alaska, by electric light. Copyright 1910, P.S. Hunt, G2569 [postcard. winter street scene with P.S. Hunt Studio, Candy Kitchen, telegraph poles. 2 copies]
 63 — Keystone Ave., Valdez, Alaska. Copyright 1910 by P.S. Hunt, P111 [winter street scene with woman crossing street, sign for P.S. Hunt Studio on right]
 64 — McKinley St., Valdez, Alaska. Copyright 1910 by P.S. Hunt, P109 [winter street scene with the Bohemian Bar, Valdez Bakery, Tod Winters store, Ed Cross Drug Co.]
 65 — McKinley St., Valdez, Alaska. P.S. Hunt, P7 [street scene with pack train and businesses including Montana [Hotel?], Owl Drug Co., The Senate bar]
 66 — McKinley St., Valdez, Alaska. Copyright 1910 by P.S. Hunt, P168 [winter street scene with Pioneer Barber Shop, Seattle Bar, Daggett Dentist, The Fairbanks, Hotel Valdez, S. Blum & Co.]
 67 — R 1-8. Bird’s eye view of Valdez [postcard. Bird’s eye view of docks, the Nizina store at center]
 68 — From Mrs. J.C. Dieringer’s garden, Valdez, Alaska. Copyright 1908 by P.S. Hunt, G1909, P118 [postcard. Still life with flowers]
69 — Passengers and 2800 lbs. of gold dust from Fairbanks by Kennedy’s stage. P.S. Hunt, P35 [six men and one woman posed with boxes and rifles outside building, waiting for D.T. Kennedy’s stagecoach. print torn] F3
 70 — Keystone Ave., Valdez, Alaska. Copyright 1910 by P.S. Hunt, P110 [winter street scene with J.G. Snyder’s Cash Store, Hotel St. Elias, The Imperial, Keystone Bath House]
 71 — Nome dog team arriving at Valdez, Alaska. P.S. Hunt, 28 [original caption covered by Hunt caption. Dog team stopped on trail, two passengers in sled]
 72 — D.T. Kennedy stage leaving Copper Center, Alaska, for Fairbanks. P.S. Hunt, P12 [horse teams pulling passenger and freight sleds stopped outside Hotel Holman and Copper Center Club, man sitting on small sled labeled “P.S. Hunt Photographer” at left, American flags flying from log buildings]
 73 — Cordova, Alaska. Coast terminus of Copper River and Northwestern R.R. A town of six months growth. LaVoy [postcard. Bird’s eye view of street, signs for “Bunks” and “Restaurant” at left, buildings under construction]
74 — Seward, Alaska, June 1st, 1905. Evans Photo [on verso:] Seward is a town of about three years growth. It is the coast terminus of the Alaska Central Ry. The Lowell family were the original white settlers. The[y] have been trappers and traders for the last thirty years in the vicinity of Resurrection Bay on which Seward is located. Seward has one of the best harbors in Alaska. [bird’s eye view of town and Resurrection Bay]
 75 — Our crowd at Chatanika abandoned mining camp near Fairbanks, Alaska [men and women posed outside bar, young man standing in doorway holding camera, debris pile at left]
 76 — Seward [winter scene with houses and buildings, tree stumps in foreground, building construction at right, circa 1900]
 77 — Wrangell, Alaska. A196 [postcard. Bird’s eye view of town with Woronkofski Island in background left]
 78 — [number never assigned?]
 79 — Wrangell, Alaska [postcard. Bird’s eye view, with church in center foreground]
 80 — End of track, 1906, mile 46 ACRR [Alaska Central Railway, bird’s eye view of men riding in open railcar at left, one man with large camera, group of men on platform at right looking away from tracks]
 81 — 49 Summit ACRR [Alaska Central Railway, two men walking in cleared area]
 82 — 112. Juneau, Alaska. W. P. Co. [postcard. Bird’s eye view of city]
83 — Correct map of a portion of Alaska compiled from United States surveys and other reliable sources, 1906. W.C. Stull, jeweler, optician & diamond setter, Valdez, Alaska [postcard. Map showing Cook Inlet, Mt. McKinley, Valdez-Fairbanks Trail, Canada-U.S. border]
 84 — Harmony Theatre, Anchorage, Alaska. AEC G534, P.S. Hunt [on verso:] 400 blk, south side, between D - E on Forth. Owner, Roy MacDonald, wife, head nurse, A.E.C. [Fourth Avenue street scene with Harmony Theatre, Bank of Alaska, Dr. W.A. Rystrom, Dentist, and building under construction at left. Missing as of 2014]
 85 —Ward W. Wells, neg. no. 3937 [men walking on boardwalks past building with sign for Bank of Alaska. Cf. B1983.091.3937. 2 copies]
 86 — Flying machine, taken at Fairbanks, Alaska. Alaska Shop. [airplane tail number 47358, Ben Eielson’s Curtiss Jenny?]
 87 — 1286. Wharves at Skaguay. LaRoche, photo [bird’s eye view of docks extending into inlet]
 88 — Chatanika, old auditorium and dance hall to left of building with bar. Weeds grow over place today. Luntz[?] [men standing next to truck in street outside Fairbanks Cigar Store, 1940s?]
 89 — Camp at Cooper Creek, spent winter of 1905-6 at this camp [log buildings and log cache in clearing, tree stumps in foreground]
90 — Bridge made of telegraph wire along right of way of V.Y. Ry., Valdez, 1906 [pedestrian bridge across river on Valdez-Yukon Railroad]
 91 — [postcard. Men standing on elevated boardwalk outside Assay Office, Cyrus W. Harrington Mining Engineer, U.S. Deputy Surveyor, F. Butterworth Civil Engineer, U.S. Mineral Surveyor, Falls Creek, Kenai Peninsula? Cf. .93]
 92 — Indian girl and green benches, Carcross, Y.T. [young girl on platform of White Pass & Yukon Route railroad station, passengers in background]
 93 — [five men and dog posed outside assay office, with sign for C.W. Harrington Mining Engineer, Falls Creek? Cf. .91]
 94 — [man bottle feeding two bear cubs]
 95 — [man lying in bed covered with furs inside wanigan or mobile sleeping quarters, rifle, hat, and bookshelves mounted to wall, mining or railroad camp?]
 96 — [two Alaska Native men and five white men on river dock or ferry, most eating or drinking, possibly an expedition with guides]
 97 — [group of men and dogs posed on railroad siding or at small station in winter. Original printed-out process print torn, mounted to modern paper backing]
 98 — 229 [man feeding bear cub]
 99 — [eight men posed outside building, one man wearing apron, possibly cook house, at camp for mining or logging, Katalla?]
 100 — [oil well at Katalla in winter, well at left, storage tank in center, building at right] F4
 101 — [bird’s eye view of unidentified glacier. 2 copies]
 102 — [unidentified glacier]
 103 — [scenic with river and mountains]
 104 — [scenic with river and mountains]
 105 — [scenic with river and mountains]
 106 — [bird’s eye view of unidentified glacier]
 107 — [unidentified glacier]
 108 — [scenic with wildflowers in field, river in background]
 109 — [man wearing suspenders, necktie, and hat with mosquito netting posed on rock in creek bed, tie has label from The Hub]
 110 — [person and dog on small porch along building, possibly mining or railroad camp. Cf. .113]
 111 — [small boats in harbor]
 112 — [steam boiler at Katalla]
 113 — [three men, one wearing jodhpurs, posed in front of building. cf. .110]
 113a — [bird’s eye view of mining camp in valley; identified as Miller/Slate Creek, Nizina District, by Elliott in 1998]
 114 — [three young girls wearing rain coats and rain hats standing on boardwalk]
 115 — [two men, one possibly Alaska Native, sitting on roof of building nearly buried in snow, snowy mountains in background. Cf. .116]
116 — [comic photo, log cabin nearly buried in snow, two legs sticking straight up from roof, man standing alongside. Cf. .115]
117 — [three men sluicing for gold, man at left wearing bear fur coat, men at right wearing military-style hats and pants]
118 — Copyright [Pacific?] Photo & Art Co. [postcard. man and woman wearing evening down and hat standing on dais decorated with bunting, possibly campaign rally. Image cropped with loss of caption]
 119 — [musher with three-dog team stopped on river. 2 copies]
 120 — [unidentified man feeding two bear cubs chained to kennels]
 121 — [postcard. Man holding hammer standing in stream, possibly prospecting for gold]
 122 — [bird’s eye view of unidentified glacier]
 123 — [unidentified hanging glacier, wildflowers in field in foreground]
 124 — 34 [bird’s eye view of unidentified river valley]
 125 — [scenic of wooded gorge] F5
 126 — [bird’s eye view of river valley and mountains]
 127 — [unidentified glacier]
 128 — [bird’s eye view of river exiting from unidentified glacier. 4 copies]
 129 — [mountains]
 130 — [mountains]
 131 — [mountains and glacier, with burned or beetle-killed trees in foreground. 2 copies]
 132 — [bird’s eye view of unidentified river valley. 4 copies]
 133 — c. 1911. LaVoy [postcard. View through rock or ice formation to unidentified glacier. 2 copies]
 134 — [postcard. Bird’s eye view of unidentified glacier]
 135 — [postcard. Bird’s eye view of mountains along coast, Prince William Sound?]
 136 — [town view with houses and buildings, construction in foreground, mountains in background, Valdez?]
 137 — [winter view down dock to buildings, docks, and utility poles, Valdez]
 138 — P.S. Hunt, P141 [log cabin]
 139 — [mountain and glacier]
 140 — [unidentified glacier]
 141 — Top of Donohoe Peak, 5200 feet elev. Head of Kennicott Glacier [postcard. Donoho Peak]
 142 — [mountains in winter]
 143 — [postcard. Bird’s eye view of drift ice in inlet, mountains across water]
 144 — Cecil Mize, mech. built first plane in Anchorage, 5-14-33. [Hewitt’s Photo. Portrait of man wearing plaid coat and driving cap standing next to airplane. Cf. B1989.016.1564.1]
145 — New Alaska mail service. Bragaw’s [on verso:] Farthest north aviation co., DH-4 mail plane in Fairbanks ready for mail run, Ben Eielson, pilot, winter 1924 [crowd and dog team near U.S. Mail airplane. cf. B1989.016.735.8]
 146 — First plane built in Anchorage by Cecil Mize, 65 h.p. Test flown 5/14/33 by Johnny Moore and purchased by Vern Johnson of Anchorage [Pietenpol Air Camper airplane. Attributed to Hewitt’s Photo]
 147 — Fishing weir used by Natives to catch fish, Alaska [fish wheel on river]
 148 — Main street, new town of Chickaloon, July 19, 1920. AEC G1844, G1845. H.G. Kaiser [small panoramic street scene with houses, tree stumps. cf. B1975.134.199]
 149 — [street scene with railroad tracks in foreground and sign, “End of Track,” wagon wheels at right, buildings in background, Chatanika]
 150 — Head of Fidlgo Bay from near the islands. P.S. Hunt C176 [Fidalgo Bay]
 151 — Phillips store, Fort Yukon, Alaska. Merl LaVoy, Seattle [postcard. exterior of log building with sign for W.E. Phillips General Store]
 152 —Juneau, Alaska [view of town from water with courthouse, docks] Guide updated: October 25, 2016