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Guide prepared by: Sara Piasecki, Archivist

TITLE: Alissa Crandall Photographs



Dates: 1978-1989, bulk 1978-1979

Extent: 1 box; 0.2 linear feet

Language and Scripts: The collection is in English.

Name of creator(s): Alissa Crandall

Administrative/Biographical History:
Alissa Crandall did public relations photography for the Chugach Council Camp Fire in the
1970s, when the group sponsored swimming lessons for children in rural areas.

Scope and Content Description:
The collection consists of 210 black-and-white 35mm negatives and 102 prints primarily
depicting people and activities in rural Alaska. There are also six images of bush pilot John
Cross, presumably taken in Kotzebue in the late 1970s [.283-288]. Two drafts of stories to
accompany some of the photographs are filed in the last folder. For more information, see
Detailed Description of Collection.

Arrangement: Arranged by format, then alphabetically by location when known


Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use.

Physical Access: Original items in good condition.

Technical Access: No special equipment is needed to access the materials. A lightbox may be
used to view transparencies.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:
The Anchorage Museum is the owner of the materials and makes available reproductions for
research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the
Anchorage Museum before any reproduction use. The Anchorage Museum does not
necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission
for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation:
Alissa Crandall Photographs; Anchorage Museum, B2017.017


Acquisition and Appraisal Information
Donated by Crandall in August 2017.

Cross, John M., 1895-1981
Camp Fire, Inc.
Rural conditions—Alaska
Sled dog racing – Alaska
Spring festivals—Alaska
Sea otter -- Effect of oil spills on -- Alaska -- Prince William Sound
Chuathbaluk (Alaska)
Iliamna (Alaska)
Kaltag (Alaska)
McGrath (Alaska)
Minto (Alaska)
Naknek (Alaska)
Newhalen (Alaska)
Nikolai (Alaska)
Nondalton (Alaska)
Shageluk (Alaska)
Tyonek (Alaska)
Wickersham State Historic Site (Juneau, Alaska)

Detailed Description of the Collection

 1 —28 – Naknek [28 negatives with contact sheet. Cf. .245-274] .1-5 – [Bill Knutsen skinning mink, January 1979] .6-8 – [Bill Knutsen emptying traps] .9 – [man with camera photographing photographer] .10-11 – [men setting traps] .12 – [King’s Flying Service Piper airplane tail number N38186. Cf. .269] .13 – [man setting trap] .14 – [dog portrait] .15 – [Bill Knutsen walking in field] .16 – [sinkhole in snow] .17-19 – [men setting traps] .20 – [close-up of sinkhole in snow] .21-22 – [carving of seal hunter] .23 – [scenic of ocean] .24-25 – [Bill Knutsen skinning mink] .26-28 – [fox pelt on drying rack]
 29 —58 – Newhalen [30 negatives with contact sheet. See article in folder 5]
 29 — Ted & Mary Gerken, owners of Iliaska Lodge in Iliamna, work on menus for a fly-in trip [man and woman sitting at table with coffee cups. has print]
 30 — [man and woman sitting on sofa]
 31 — [woman sitting at table]
 32 — [Ted Gerken on telephone]
 33 —34 – [Mary Gerken making beds]
 35 — [Ted and Mary Gerken, Ted holding dog]
 36 —37 – [people sitting at tables in lodge dining area]
 38 — [exterior of lodge]
 39 —42 – [views of Iliamna, with lodge and boats] .43 – Mary Gerken, Iliaska Lodge, Iliamna [woman preparing food in kitchen. has print]
 44 — Connie Wasillie, helper & cook, Iliaska Lodge, Iliamna [woman preparing food in kitchen. has print]
 45 — Connie Wasillie, full time in summer, part time in winters, general helper and cook for Iliaska Lodge, Iliamna [has print]
 46 — [photo enlarger and photo processing supplies on cart in closet]
 47 —51 – [man building sled]
 52 — [scenic of Iliamna River]
 53 —54 – [exterior of old church, Newhalen]
 55 —58 – [Newhalen cemetery with Russian Orthodox grave markers]
 59 —88 – Newhalen [30 negatives with contact sheet. See article in folder 5]
 59 — Gretchen Griffith, right, works with a high school student during a consumer math class [woman showing student how to use calculator. has print]
 60 —63 – [Gretchen Griffith and student working on math problems]
 64 — [Tom Griffith at typewriter]
 65 — [Gretchen Griffith]
 66 —72 – [Tom and Gretchen Griffith on stairs]
 73 — [Tom Griffith standing in classroom, students sitting at tables]
 74 — Tom Griffith teaching science [man standing in classroom, students sitting at tables. Has print]
 75 —76 – [Tom Griffith in classroom]
 77 — Tom Griffith teaching science, Newhalen [man standing in classroom, students sitting at tables. Has print]
 78 —80 – [Tom Griffith standing in classroom, students sitting at tables]
 81 —82 – [Gretchen Griffith and students standing around man sitting at table in classroom]
 83 — [Gretchen Griffith and JoAnne Wassillie talking in classroom]
 84 — Gretchen Griffith, right, talks with elementary student Elizabeth Gerken as teachers aid JoAnne Wassillie looks on. When Tom is teaching & Gretchen not, she sometimes helps out with other classes [two women talking with young girl. Has print]
 85 — Newhalen [cemetery with Russian Orthodox grave markers in foreground, mountains in distance. Has print]
 86 —87 – [Newhalen cemetery with Russian Orthodox grave markers in foreground, mountains in distance]
 88 — [Gretchen Griffith]
 89 —111 – Newhalen-Iliamna Carnival, March 23 rd [23 negatives with contact sheet]
 89 — [scoreboard with names and sponsors, dated Friday March 23, probably sled dog racers]
 90 —93 – [mushers leading dog teams over tundra at Newhalen]
 94 — [two snowmachines on tundra, airplane at left, buildings at right]
 95 —96 – [two airplanes on frozen lake]
 97 —98 – [woman preparing food]
 99 — Nick Anelon, Newhalen. He’s in charge of sled dog race. Nick carved this ivory cribbage board to raffle off at the Newhalen/Iliamna spring carnival, held March 23, 24, 25, ’79 [has print]
 100 — [view of Newhalen, with church at left]
 101 — [rusting hulk of truck on tundra, buildings in background]
 102 — [exterior of old church, Newhalen]
 103 —105 – [young child walking on road]
 106 — [people standing next to two pickup trucks parked on tundra, dog team resting at right, buildings in background]
 107 —109 – [musher unloading dog team from pickup truck]
 110 — [people and dog teams on tundra, buildings in background]
 111 — [exterior of old church, Newhalen]
 112 —135 – Nondalton [1979. 24 negatives with contact sheet]
 112 — [fire-damaged school and playground]
 113 —114 – [man sitting at desk]
 115 —117 – [woman sitting at desk]
 118 —121 – [woman from .115 and young woman operating print or copy machine]
 122 —123 – [boys and girls playing basketball, ‘Pedro Bay Panthers’ painted on wall]
 124 — This new gym in Nondalton is very popular. The kids never had a gym before. It is used every night for volleyball, basketball, or wrestling. In new school gymnasium. Carpet floor [boys and girls playing basketball, ‘Nondalton Warriors’ painted on wall. Has print]
 125 —126 – [views of Nondalton]
 127 — [laundry hanging on clothesline between two houses]
 128 — [exterior of house]
 129 — [house with laundry hanging on clothesline in foreground, airplane fuselage in background left, possibly the Curtiss C-46 that crashed in Nondalton in 1971]
 130 —131 – [snowmachine pulling sled on frozen lake]
 132 — [boats and cache on lakeshore]
 133 — [view from sled of man riding snowmachine pulling sled, airplane on frozen lake ahead]
 134 — [view of Nondalton from frozen lake]
 135 — [aerial of landscape with lakes]
 136 —165 – Nondalton [30 negatives with contact sheet]
 136 — [Iliamna Air Taxi Cessna airplane tail number N33216 and Cessna airplane N7381K]
 137 — [buildings on lakeshore, one with antlers mounted on wall]
 138 — [aerial of lake]
 139 —140 – [aerials of landscape?]
 141 — [aerial of lake]
 142 —143 – [aerials of landscape]
 144 — [Ski-Doo snowmachine towing sled]
 145 — [two people riding Ski-Doo snowmachine pulling sled with one rider]
 146 — [aerial of landscape]
147 — [cat sitting on stove in front of house, metal barrels at right]
148 — [woman standing at stove in commercial kitchen]
 149 —150 – [woman preparing food in commercial kitchen]
 151 —154 – [boys and girls playing basketball, ‘Nondalton Warriors’ and ‘Kokhanok Warlords’ painted on wall]
 155 — [exterior of new school, with American flag flying]
 156 — [dog standing next to outhouse]
 157 —159 – [laundry hanging on clotheslines, possibly fish drying rack]
 160 — [close-up of window in house]
 161 — Nondalton, previous school. Gutted by fire just after they moved to new school, early ’79 [school and playground, sign in foreground reads Nondalton Elementary and Secondary School. Has print]
 162 — [litter of puppy dogs on snow]
 163 — [house and cache]
 164 — [house with old washtub on porch]
 165 — [dog and cat on porch of house]
 166 —180 – Tanana/Telida/Shageluk [15 negatives]
 166 —170 – [landscape scenics]
 171 — [man in boat deploying set net]
 172 — [set net in water]
 173 —174 – [winter scenics]
 175 — [boots drying on camp fire]
176 — [unidentified portrait]
177 — [unidentified portrait] .178 – [portrait of girl holding puppy dog. Has print with caption ‘Tyonek’]
 179 — Harvey Benjamin brings in one of his father’s salmon in Shageluk [boy holding fish. Has print] .180 – Rosalie Wolf, Shageluk [portrait. Has print]
 181 —210 – Telida/Kalskag/Chuathbaluk [30 negatives]
 181 — [aerial of radar site with radomes, Tatalina?]
 182 —184 – [aerials of landscape]
 185 —186 – [aerials of fish wheel in river]
187 — [view of village]
188 — [man putting fishing line on rod]
189 — [scenic of river, boat in foreground, person standing in background]
190 — [drying racks on bank of river]
191 — [aerial of village on riverbank]
 192 — [close-up of bird and birdhouse]
193 — [view of village with turned earth for garden and picket fence in foreground]
194 — [view of village, possibly school and playground in foreground, bell on frame in front of building, cemetery in background]
195 — [cemetery with crosses and picket fences as grave markers]
 196 — [view of village, with playground in foreground, hills in background]
 197 — [log building with American flag on flagpole, dilapidated truck at left, laundry hanging on clothesline in background]
 198 — [bird in birdcage]
199 — [view of village, with dog yard in right foreground, truck parked at left, snowmachine in front of drying racks at right, house in background with antlers mounted to roof]
 200 — [dog nosing at fish carcass on beach]
 201 — [fireweed]
202 — [Russian Orthodox church, laundry hanging on clothesline in foreground, Chuathbaluk]
 203 — [snowmachines on taiga, Chuathbaluk]
204 — [Russian Orthodox church and cemetery, river in background, Chuathbaluk]
 205 —206 – [Russian Orthodox church and cemetery, river in background, Chuathbaluk]
 207 — [flowers on grave in Russian Orthodox cemetery, Chuathbaluk]
 208 — [Russian Orthodox cemetery, storage tank and buildings in background, Chuathbaluk]
 209 — [Russian Orthodox church and cemetery, Chuathbaluk]
 210 — [fish hanging on a line, Chuathbaluk] Prints F2 Contact sheets for negatives F3 Prints with negatives F4 Prints without negatives
 211 — Trying out a new tent are L to R: Melissa Erickson, Leonardo Lovette III, Erica Dichter, Shane Sorenson, & Jennifer. Watching is Camp Fire after school care director Jim Schaeffer [five children peeking out of tent, with man kneeling next to it, Chugach Mountains in background, Anchorage?]
 212 — Lady cutting fish. Ann Vanderpool in Aniak cutting salmon with ulu, July [woman cutting fish on table, roe at left]
 213 — Trainee Annie Phillips of Chuathbaluk leads a game of “Big Toot, Little Toot” during Camp Fire recreation in her village [young woman playing game with children outdoors]
 214 — [woman, possibly Ruth Allman, showing potlatch spoon to visitors inside House of Wickersham, Juneau]
 215 —242 – [contact sheet without negatives. Captions on verso]
 215 —216 – [landscape aerials]
 217 —221 – Father Jim Sylvestra tries panning for gold, Spruce Creek
 222 — [young girl panning for gold]
 223 —224 – Around the airstrip at Spruce Creek
 225 — Mrs. O’Carrol
 226 — Father Sylvestra
 227 — Mike O’Carrol [Mike O’Carroll mined on Spruce Creek near Ophir]
 228 — View from airstrip looking northeast
 229 — The town of Ophir [aerial]
 230 — A mining area [aerial]
 231 —232 – The Yukon [aerials of Yukon River]
 233 — Commercial salmon fishing, Kaltag [people working on beach, with fish totes and conveyor belts to water]
 234 —235 – Scenes along the beach, Kaltag [drying racks, fish scale]
236 — Erle Esmailka throwing salmon in a bucket, Austin Esmailka Jr. spearing fish from boat, Dolly Solomon and Hazel Olson at table. Laurie and Jason Saunders watching at right. Kaltag [women and children working on beach, church in background. Has prints]
 237 — Hazel Olson and Mary Lene Esmailka at table, Kaltag [i.e. Marylene Esmailka. Two women cutting fish on beach, church in background]
 238 — L to R: Dolly Solomon, Hazel Olson (daughters) and Mary Lene Esmailka (mother), Kaltag [three women cutting fish on beach, drying racks in background. Has print with caption ‘The Esmailka family cutting salmon, Kaltag’]
 239 — Mary Lene Esmailka, left and Hazel Olson move racks. Austin Esmailka in the background watching, Kaltag [two women hanging fish on drying racks on beach. Has prints, one with caption dated July 1978]
 240 — Clement Esmailka cuts spacers for the salmon to be spread on, Kaltag [man shaping small piece of wood. Has print]
 241 — Salmon drying
 242 — Mary Lene Esmailka hangs the salmon she has cut with her ulu knife, Kaltag [Has print]
 243 — Maggie Mespelt (since deceased) & garden in McGrath, Alaska [Margaret Mespelt standing in vegetable garden in front of cabin]
244 — L to R: Dede Jimmie and trainees Linda Baker and Laverne Jimmie (all of Minto) enjoy a quiet canoe ride after swim lessons in Minto [three young women in boat]
 245 —274 – [Naknek, contact sheet without negatives. Cf. .1-28]
 245 —247 – [fox pelt on drying rack]
 248 —249 – [view along shoreline to cannery buildings]
 250 — [scenic of Naknek River]
 251 — [view along shoreline to cannery buildings]
 252 —253 – [Bill Knutsen skinning mink next to fox pelt on drying rack]
 254 — Bill Knutsen skins a mink while a fox (inside out) dries in the foreground, Naknek [Has prints, one dated January 1979]
 255 —256 – [Bill Knutsen skinning mink]
 257 — [two geese]
 258 — [building with water barrels on frames on left]
 259 —260 – [view down road to excavator digging near beach]
 261 — [close-up of bow of overturned boat]
 262 — [boat on beach]
 263 — [pile of fishing nets]
 264 — [view down street in Naknek]
 265 —266 – [Naknek Lutheran Church]
 267 — [view of Naknek with automobile, buildings]
 268 — [truck parked outside Bristol Bay Borough Volunteer Fire Department]
269 — [man getting into King’s Flying Service Piper airplane tail number N38186]
 270 — [pilot in cockpit of airplane]
 271 — [passengers debarking from bus at airstrip]
 272 — [passengers boarding airplane]
 273 — [school bus and airplane at airstrip]
 274 — [fish nets on rack next to building]
275 — Tamara in Nikolai [girl sitting on rocking horse eating pilot bread]
276 — Learning to swim, Nikolai [men and boys walking through taiga]
 277 — Rosalie Wulf and another Shageluk youngster, Betty Dutchman, show one of the puppies in town [two girls posed with puppy dog]
 278 — In Shageluk: Camp Fire staff member Judy Brookhiser, sitting; Camp Fire staff member Nancy Kommer, standing; Harvey Benjamin with headband, Tommy Dutchman with dog; Susan Miller hiding behind Nancy; Rosalie Wulf at right [woman and children playing with ball in trees]
 279 — Shageluk [semi-subterranean dwelling]
 280 — Punky Standifer, learning to swim, Tyonek
 281 — Right, David Standifer Jr. (“Danny” with dark dog. He was the winner), left, Sharon Standifer (with light dog) at the start of the dog sled races for kids in Tyonek during their winter carnival in March 9, 10, 11, ’78 [two children on small sleds being pulled by single dog, spectators in background]
 282 — Otter recovering from Exxon Valdez oil spill, Valdez, AK [otter in cage, 1989]
 283 — [portrait of John M. Cross]
 284 — [John M. Cross sitting on sofa]
 285 — [John M. Cross sitting on sofa]
 286 — [John M. Cross sitting on sofa showing pilot logs]
 287 — [John M. Cross sitting on sofa looking through pilot logs]
 288 — [open page of pilot log, flights dated July 1937, signed by John M. Cross] F5 Ephemera - “Dream of a lifetime.” Photos by Alissa Crandall, story by Lee Damron and Alissa Crandall [to accompany images .29-58] - “Two persons, one job.” Photos by Alissa Crandall, story by Lee Damron and Alissa Crandall [to accompany images .59-84] Guide written: January 11, 2018