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Guide prepared by: Sara Piasecki, Archivist

TITLE: Anchorage Daily News Dunlap-Shohl Political Cartoon Collection



Dates: circa 1982-2008

Extent: 19 boxes; 19 linear feet

Language and Scripts: The collection is in English.

Name of creator(s): Peter Dunlap-Shohl

Administrative/Biographical History:
Peter Dunlap-Shohl drew political cartoons for the Anchorage Daily News for over 25 years. In
2008, he won the Howard Rock Tom Snapp First Amendment Award from the Alaska Press

Scope and Content Description:
The collection contains the original artwork for Peter Dunlap-Shohl’s editorial cartoons,
published in the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) circa 1982-2008, as well as unfinished and
unpublished cartoons. The original strips from the first year of Dunlap-Shohl’s comic, Muskeg
Heights, are also included; the strip ran in the ADN from April 23, 1990 to October 16, 2004.
The majority of works are pen-and-ink drawings, with a smaller number of pencil sketches,
watercolors, scratchboard engravings, and computer-generated art. Cartoons created after
about 2004 were born digital; the collection includes digital files of cartoons dated from
February 1, 2005-October 5, 2008. Some born-digital cartoons are only available in paper
copies. The collection also includes some examples of original graphic art created by Dunlap-
Shohl for specific projects; these are generally undated and oversized. There is one

photograph in the collection, of Peter Dunlap-Shohl at the Anchorage Daily News offices. See
Detailed Description of Collection for more information.

Arrangement: The arrangement is primarily chronological, with some groupings by size and
subject matter (for example, graphic art).


Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use.

Physical Access: Original items in good condition.

Technical Access: No special equipment is needed to access the materials.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:
The Anchorage Museum is the owner of the materials and makes available reproductions for
research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the
Anchorage Museum before any reproduction use. The Anchorage Museum does not
necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission
for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation:
Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Anchorage Daily News Dunlap-Shohl Political Cartoon Collection,
Anchorage Museum, B2009.017


Acquisition and Appraisal Information
Donated by Peter Dunlap-Shohl and Pat Dougherty for the Anchorage Daily News in October
2009. Dunlap-Shohl began donated born-digital files in April-May 2017; high-resolution files
were downloaded by Dunlap-Shohl from the web site of the American Association of Editorial

Processing Note
Some undated cartoons left in original chronological order.
Digital files stored on Museum servers. Paper printouts created as access copies.

Separated Materials
Oversize materials shelved out of chronological order.

Some cartoons not available as original drawings but only as prints or photocopies, as noted in
the descriptions. There are no cartoons for April, October, or December 1996. There are

scattered holdings for 1997 and 1998. There are no cartoons for January 1999 or July 2002.
After July 2004, there is only one original ink drawing, for November 4, 2004. Per Dunlap-
Shohl, cartoons were primarily born-digital after 2004. Cartoons were signed “Shohl” prior to
August 1983, and “Dunlap-Shohl” afterwards.


Dunlap-Shohl, Peter, 1958-
Political cartoons—Alaska
Editorial cartoonists—Alaska
Alaska—Politics and government— Caricatures and cartoons
United States—Politics and government— Caricatures and cartoons

Detailed Description of the Collection

1 — [Peter Dunlap-Shohl at newspaper offices with Michael Carey and visiting cartoonist Dani “Eldani” Agular, mid-1990s] 1982 [no day] - “Subsistence living” ©1982 Thursday A14 [Subsistence Repeal Initiative bulldozer] - “As for all this irresponsible talk about earthquake hazard on ‘L’ Street, let me reassure you that we have taken the most exhaustive safety precautions” ©1982. Sunday A8 [lifeboat on rooftop] - “Capital punishment proposals” ©1982 Saturday A11 [noose around state] - “We think of it as building on the past” ©1982 [Anchorage historical homes destruction wrecking ball] - “In the shadows” ©1982 Sat. A10 [Anchorage historical homes cabin next to high-rise] - “Toothaches” ©1982 [elephant dropped tusks reading “Faiks vs. Metcalfe “, “Miller vs. Fink”. Print] - “And, once we elect enough candidates who can pass this test maybe we can bring back some of the old tests, like trial by fire” ©1982 Sat. A10 [men at table with Moral Majority Candidate Morality Survey] - “The circus comes to town” ©1982 Tuesday A10 [parade with banners for Massive Campaign Spending] - “Insanity defense, insanity offense” © 1982 Saturday H2 [open prison door, gun shop] - “Anchorage rents got you down? Hardy Traveler Kamp Ground now going condo [...]” ©1982 Saturday A10 [couple in car with “Alaska or Bust” and “I Survived the Alcan” signs at campground] - “Overkill” ©1982 Tuesday A10 [stuntmen in cannons with banners for “Governor” and “Election” aimed at man with newspaper headlined “State Campaign Spending hits 6.1 million” - “Scotty says the shields are up Captain!!!” ©1982 Saturday A10 [Alaska Press spaceship being attacked by cloud labeled “Newsman found in contempt for refusal to name source”] - “Faulty fund forms forces state to ask 33,600 to reapply for dividend – news item” ©1982 [pilot sitting in grounded paper airplane. Print] - “Pork man” ©1982 Saturday A12 [Pac-Man-style shape labeled “Public Works spending secrecy” eating pigs] - “Erosion” ©1982 [Subsistence Controversy river eating at Alaska banks] - “The way I see it, the nuclear freeze doesn’t become a local issue until Fairbanks gets the bomb” ©1982 [bartender and customer] - “Diversified importing business” ©1982 Tuesday A10 [bootlegger’s skeleton leaning against crates of alcohol, crime, and despair] - “’A spending limit in the hand is probably better than no limit at all’ – Tom Williams, State Revenue Commissioner” ©1982 Sunday J2 [sailor with broken ship’s wheel] - “Tom, the fact that most of your support comes from the Railbelt is becoming a sore point. That’s why it’s so important that we move the capital. [...]”©1982 Sunday J2 [Tom Fink] - “Jeez, who let him out of the closet?” ©1982 Sat. A12 [caveman with Violence Against Gays club. Pencil study on verso] - “Nuclear freeze, nuclear thaw” ©1982 Tuesday A10 [missile in ice and mushroom cloud] - “Hey kid, don’t worry – you’ll always have me” ©1982 Sunday M2 [Back Room Abortions man comforting woman watching No State Funded Abortion protestors] - “At first I felt guilty about applying for the Permanent Fund without qualifying as a resident [...]” ©1982 Sat. G2 - “Can you believe those figures on the capital move? [...]”©1982 Thursday A16 [bartender and customers] - “Time was, it was a struggle to get a quorum – now it’s a struggle to get away from one” ©1982 Sat. L2 [State Electric Associations mob chasing men] - “The tunnel at the end of the light” ©1982 Saturday G2 [man carrying Oil Revenues torch into cave] - “Our studies unearthed an alarming correlation” ©1982 Tuesday A10 [speaker with chart showing Anchorage Road System and Anchorage Driver Nervous System] - “Issues ’82: an invitation to the polls” ©1982 Tuesday A6 [Subsistence, Spending, Death Penalty, Capital Move polling booths] - “Looks like a mandate for a smaller quorum” ©1982 Sunday L2 [one person in audience at Chugach Electric Membership Meeting] - “Excess baggage” ©1982 Sunday J2 [Fink In ’82 railroad handcar carrying Divisive Views and Railbelt Strategy baggage] - “’Alas, poor funding’” ©1982 Saturday A18 [Shakespearean actor with Alaska Rep sword] - “Project 80’s, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Task Force proposal ©1982 Sat. G2 [megaprojects alongside Library hole in the ground] - “Good fences make good neighbors” ©1982 [Fairbanks Women’s Shelter with moat and barbed wire] - “The salmon panic of 1982. I hear that they want to inspect Alaska salmon with the same methods used to inspect for radioactive leaks [...]”©1982 Sat. G2 [customers at restaurant] - “What’s up pop? I’m protectin’ you from obscene literature [...]” [Newsweek] - “Holding aloft Excalibur, Sir Fanning rode forth to smite the dragon of gun control” ©1982 [Ken Fanning with flyswatter] - “It’s been like this ever since word got out that babies born in Alaska before the fifteenth of October qualify for the Permanent Fund” ©1982 [saints at heaven’s gate watching babies fall] - “The Native Land Claims Settlement – Alaska Railroad version” ©1982 [“and not deeded to them for as long as the railroads shall run”] - “Fly!” 1982 Sunday A14 [Legislature kicking man tied to anvil and Political Public Campaign Financing balloons off cliff] - “Nesting ground” ©1982 Tues. A12 [Traffic Fatalities and Reported Rape vultures] - “Cashflow” ©1982 Sunday J2 [leaking Labor Dept. Bookkeeping barrel] - “We subscribe to the theory that two heads are better than one” ©1982 Saturday H2 [Alaska Senate dividing brain of Legislative Finance Division] - “Loaded weapon” ©1982 [Loaded arrow pointing to drunk driver, Weapon arrow pointing to car] - “Raspberry Rd. Traffic Crossing ©1982 [hockey players looking at street sign] - “It could’ve been worse – we could’ve been locked inside” ©1982 Thursday A14 [protestors outside James Watt press conference] - “I suppose this means we shouldn’t expect the power on anytime soon” ©1982 Thursday A8 [Chugach Electric Association caught in tornado. Print] - “It says ‘Sorry, no money for dorms this year, hope they see you through the winter.’ Sincerely, Don Bennett” ©1982 Saturday G2 [student at camp fire next to “Welcome to U.A.A.” sign, crate of sleeping bags] - “There’s been talk lately that Ballot Measure Six would deny poor women freedom of choice [...]” ©1982 - “Do we accept children? Madame, here at the Kings Ransom Apartments, we demand your first born as a security deposit” ©1982 [landlord with prospective tenants. Caption rewritten on new slip] - “When you said you would have to go outside for school, I assumed you meant the south Forty-Eight” ©1982 [parent with newspaper headlined Hammond Vetoes UAA Dorm Funds and student at desk on lawn] - “Caution: Legislature at Work” ©1982 Sunday J2 [Potter Valley Road alligator coming out of Budget Process manhole] - “Sinkhole” ©1982 Saturday A10 [Tony Knowles sinking into 1983 Budget Proposal. Top half of Knowles figure redrawn and pasted on. Dirt on drawing] - “All right men, let’s board her!” ©1982 Sat. G2 [men in Federal Housing Assistance dinghy approaching Anchorage Rents freighter] - “Well now there’s a refreshing statistic” ©1982 [people reading newspaper headlined ‘Alaska Ranks First in Voter Turnout’] - “Well, the clean air is hard on him, but the locals are a refreshing change” ©1982 Sunday J2 [James Watt debarking from airplane wearing gas mask] - ©1982 [boxing glove in the shape of a skull; Kim Duk-Koo killed by Ray Mancini?] - “Political ploy of the season: Senator Ted Stevens outlined a picture of life in Washington D.C. so horrifying that no person in his right mind would go there. This left fellow Republican Don Young with no challengers for his seat – neatly insuring a Republican delegation in 1982” ©1982 [Stevens with speech bubble filled with scenes of terror. Dirt on drawing] - “So, if we’re all bailing out early, then who’s flying the plane?” [men jumping with 20 Year Retirement option parachutes from State Employee Retirement Fund airplane] - “Railbelt tightening” ©1982 [Southcentral Electricity Demand belt on waist] - “The last time we had to replace an Assembly member, a bareknuckled controversy erupted [...]”©1982 [ANC Assembly with Secret Ballot envelope] - “Boston Tea Party? Heavens no, child, this is a Mad Tea Party!” ©1982 [Alice watching Tundra Rebellion dumping sack overboard] - “Senator, some Alaskans have come to discuss safety in the national parks” ©1982 Thursday A16 [secretary leading wild animals holding newspapers into Ted Stevens’ office] - “Look kid, I can’t help it if he’s alone, afraid, and a long way from home. If he is not Alaskan, he’ll have to get housing assistance elsewhere” ©1982 [Fred Chiei with child and E.T. Print] - “Dry well” [man carrying Alaska flag about to fall into Predicted State Revenue Drop hole. Undated] - “So there I was officer, stuck at the intersection for 15 minutes when it suddenly hit me – the solution to traffic congestion isn’t more roads, it’s fewer cars” ©1982 Sat. A11 [driver responsible for pileup on Seward Highway. With manuscript note: ‘Trim off caption!!!’] - “The last frontier” ©1982 Saturday H2 [Grim Reaper driving up Alaska Traffic Deaths graph line, tossing alcohol bottle from car] - ©1982 [Punch and Judy show, puppets fighting with ‘The Rep’ and ‘Alaska Arts Council’ clubs. Print] - “Q: What do you get when you cross a donkey, an elephant, and a lizard [Libertarian]? A: Impossible to say, but fortunately is appears impotent [’82 House Coalition]” ©1982 - “Swell, let’s just hope that the Pentagon doesn’t decide that we need to develop one for our side” ©1982 [polar bears reading newspaper headlined ‘Soviet Pollution Possible Source of Arctic Haze,’ walrus wearing gas mask coming out of water in background. Two similar versions of same cartoon, one undated, unsigned] - “I’d like to refute recent criticism of state budget secrecy [...]” ©1982 Sat. G2 [Jay Hammond] - “Ironic, isn’t it? Decades of struggle to get to the front of the bus, and suddenly it’s in reverse” ©1982 [Ronald Reagan driving Civil Rights bus. Pencil study on verso] - “The only bills passed by the House during the recent adjournment” ©1982 Saturday [State of Alaska Lack of Reserve Note, 80 Dollar Per Diem] - “Haunted housing” ©1982 [gravestone for ‘Rental Vacancy Less Than 1%’ in front of spooky house] 1982 September - “Try to hold out – we’re consulting as to whether, given the current situation, you should hang on, or hang yourself” ©1982 9/30/82 Thursday A14 [Susitna Dams hanging from broken rope bridge with planks listing delayed projects, and men arguing over graphs on cliff edge above] 1982 October - “The territorial imperative” ©1982 10/2/82 Saturday A12 [State and Municipality gorillas arguing over Point Campbell skyscraper, State holding skier, Municipality holding prisoner] - “Local issue” ©1982 10/3/82 Sunday J2 [American flag with Ground Zero stars waving in front of nuclear blast mushroom cloud] - “Gentlemen, the governor’s plan to convert the Careage House to a minimum security detention center will present some awkward security problems. Hardened criminals breaking out? Frozen families breaking in” ©1982 10/5/82 [Pencil study on verso for cartoon about Ballot Measure 6] - “’Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum strong enough, and I can move the world’ - Archimedes” ©1982 10/5/82 Tuesday A12 [workman with pole extending through ballot box] - “Black hole” ©1982 10/9/82 Saturday A10 [dollar bills being sucked into State Budget Process] - ©1982 10/10/82 Sunday J2 [car passing sign ‘City of Anchorage Nuclear Disaster Evacuation Route: Due to construction, highway will be open for evacuation between the hours of 8:00 and 12:00 only, chains or studs advised’] - “Bridge out” ©1982 10/12/82 Tuesday A13 [White Pass and Yukon Railroad train approaching unraveling Metal Prices trestle bridge] - “Bringing home the Permanent Fund” ©1982 10/14/82 Thursday A12 [Tom Fink in gingerbread house made up of Susitna Dams, Fink Housing Plan, and Capital Move wings] - “He wants to know if we’d like to kick in a little something from our Permanent Fund checks” ©1982 10/16/82 [children passing panhandler with sign ‘Please Help Alaska’s Schools Meet Their $42 Million Budget Shortfall’] - “They claim it’s time you got a nose job” ©1982 10/17/82 [Alaska Constitution looking at long-nosed protestors with ‘Vote Yes Alaska Constitutional Convention’ signs] - “Finkhole” ©1982 10/19/82 [Permanent Fund house sinking into Fink Mortgage Plan hole] - “Aha! Here it is again! [...]” ©1982 10/21/82 [popular movements as conspiracies] - “Problem child” ©1982 10/22/82 [‘Potential $13 Million Anchorage School District Deficit’ bully with slingshot in classroom] - “Well, we see it as the logical extension of his theory that the candidate that we endorse hasn’t got a prayer” ©1982 10/24/82 [man with booth ‘Greenies for Fink’] 1982 November - “Halloween certainly seems to be lingering on this year” ©1982 11/2/82 [couple walking past voting booth surrounded by monsters labeled Capital Move, Spending Plan, Subsistence Controversy, and Abortion Funds Restriction] - “And this is what we’ll use to line the cage” ©1982 11/7/82 [man holding Alaska Constitution looking at Tundrus Rebellicose bird cage; Tundra Rebellion] - “News item: the U.S. government refused Friday to obey a court order directing White House Counsel Ed Meese to testify in a draft resister’s trial” ©1982 11/9/82 [Secret Service agents hiding Edwin Meese in trunk of car for flight to Canada] - “Ice sickle” ©1982 11/11/82 [Winter 1982 scythe about to cut down Anchorage Homeless] - “Avalanche conditions severe” ©1982 11/13/82 [résumés pouring out of Sheffield Transition Office] - “Law and Disorder platform” ©1982 11/18/82 [clown with sign ‘Let’s Lock Up More Criminals More Often’ shoving people into ‘Overcrowded Alaska Prisons’ clown car] - “Dense pack” ©1982 11/23/82 [missiles growing out of Ronald Reagan’s hair] 1982 December - “Unplanned obsolescence” ©1982 Thurs. Dec. 2, ’82 [motorist standing next to car in ditch, license plate HLP 911] - “Dec. 2, 1982: doctors in Salt Lake surgically implant a new heart, while in Anchorage, the Assembly removes one” ©1982 Dec. 4, ’82 [1983 Municipal Budget] - “Alaska’s other permanent fund” ©1982 12/5/82 [aurora borealis spelling out ‘The Hammond Years’] - “I see where the new municipal budget will raise taxes [...]” ©1982 12/11/82 [couple discussing merits of new taxes] - ©1982 12/12/82 [Municipal Power & Light squid fighting Chugach Electric octopus, with tentacles labeled ‘10,000 Customers’] - “Hunting time” ©1982 12/14/82 [bear in crosshairs of gunsight] - “Whoops, looks like a bit of a loophole” ©1982 12/16/82 [‘Gold Nugget Thank You to Sen. Fahrenkamp’ crashing through State Statutes wall; Bettye Fahrenkamp. Print] - “Beached rail” ©1982 12/7/82 [Ted Stevens trying to lever Alaska Railroad Transfer locomotive out of surf] - “Alaska statutes guarantee a public right to know information concerning public meetings” ©1982 12/18/82 [man in Closed Budget Meeting trench coat changing ‘know’ to ‘no’ with paintbrush] - “First strike capability” ©1982 12/19/82 [Holiday Drunks alcohol bottle with missile fins] - “It’s risky Claus, but by flying low on these coordinates, you should be able to avoid radar detection and the danger of being mistaken for a nuclear strike” ©1982 12/21/82 [elf handing route to Santa Claus in sled] - “Lover’s leap” ©1982 12/23/82 [Oil Revenue man jumping off cliff, chained to State Spending woman saying a prayer] - “Between you and me Comrade, is wonderful thing, free market” ©1982 12/26/82 [passengers at outdoor airport gate reading newspaper headlined ‘Anchorage Tourism Officials Fear Air Route Loss to Soviets’] - “Christmas week, 1982: the Railbelt gains an hour of sunlight” ©1982 12/28/82 [State Employees at desk with Juneau Workday Schedule Change sun coming in window] - “Unusual weather: we don’t normally suffer blasts of hot air out of the Southeast until the Legislature is in session” ©1982 12/30/82 [man and woman flying in strong wind. Pencil study on verso] 1983 [no day] - “Someone knock?” ©1983 [man nailing Ethics Legislation to door, ‘Dankworth Case Legislative Immunity Ruling’ giant opens door and squishes man] - “PAC Man” ©1983 [Performing Arts Center Man, ballerina running from enemies Budget Woes, Design Woes, Delays] - “Nice doggie. Want a bone?” ©1983 [man about to hit APOC dog with Funding Cut bone] - ©1983 [quixotic horseman with Alaska Natural Gas Line Proposals lance tilting at windmill with Market Glut and Construction Costs blades] - “The blind leading the blind” ©1983 [blindfolded Death Penalty carrying club and dragging Blind Justice by her hair. Pencil study on verso for cartoon featuring Joe Josephson quote on Death Penalty Bill] - ©1983 [Statue of Liberty holding ‘E.R.A. Yes’ tablet while protestors with ‘Gays and Unisexuals (Whatever That Is) No!’ signs pull clown mask onto her face] - “XXX – no member of the public admitted without the accompaniment of Big Brother” ©1983 [guard beneath theater marquee advertising movie ‘John Sacket and the Senate Finance Committee in: Behind Closed, Locked, and Barred Doors’] - “Black eyes” ©1983 [House Coalition with open audio reels of ‘Joe Flood Tape Flap’ as eyes] - ©1983 [E.P.A. Pinocchio calling out ‘Poppa!’ to William Ruckelshaus inside workshop] - ©1983 [Rondy ’83 scraping Downtown Dog Dispute dog’s poop off bottom of shoe] - “Letter bomb” ©1983 [charred Rep. John Cowdery holding exploding ‘Greenie’ Memo. Print] - “The first signs of spring” ©1983 [robin with clothespin on beak in response to stench from garbage uncovered by snowmelt] - “Evidence suggests that the victims were bludgeoned with some heavy, blunt instrument” ©1983 [unidentified man holding own head like a club; Bill Sheffield?] - ©1983 [Arab sheiks in OPEC car arguing about speed while pulling Alaska in small trailer] - ©1983 [Susitna Dams Proposal dam with cracks from declining Power Demand Projections and State Revenue] - “Public wreck creation area” ©1983 [abandoned truck at Kincaid Park; junk car graveyard on bluff] - “Clockwise” ©1983 [Time Zone Change worker on scaffold moving clock hands with ‘Western and Southcentral Alaska’ and ‘Southeastern Alaska’] - “Alaska parks, present borders. Borders proposed by Alaska Congressional Delegation” ©1983 [wild animals in mountains, shooting target] - “Souvenirs” ©1983 [Sheffield South 48 Campaign Trip suitcase carrying monsters labeled Credibility Problems, Friction with Legislators, and Distraction from Duties] - “Using live ammunition” ©1983 [Viking standing next to trebuchet loaded with Street People aimed at Downtown Deli. Print] - “Well, it used to be an elevator, but I’m afraid that mow all we’ll get is the shaft” ©1983 [people looking into empty shaft with sign ‘Alaska Student Loan Proposal’. Ink study on verso] - “The end of the rainbow” ©1983 [Bill Sheffield cooking in pot at end of Sheffield South 48 Fund Trip rainbow. Ink study on verso] - “O.K., you’re free to go” ©1983 [Bill Sheffield talking to himself in mirror, holding newspaper headlined ‘Conflict Charges Against Sheffield, Wunnicke, and Gorsuch Cleared by Sheffield Department of Law’] - “Strange bedfellows” ©1983 [birder, bear, and hunter in bed with newspaper headlined ‘Audubon Society, Professional Hunters, Unite to Oppose Bear Hunting Rule Change’] - “The Loch Service Monster” ©1983 [Design Defects monster rising up from Service High School pool] - “Mast’s gone? Hey, no sweat, we’ll just replace it with a piece of the bow” ©1983 [Oil Revenue mast snapped, captain sawing off Permanent Fund prow] - “Tape worm” ©1983 [Bussell Accusations Flood Incident audio tape reel eating into ’83 Legislative Session apple; Charlie Bussell] - “Awaiting rigor mortis” ©1983 [House having just shot own head off, holding Sheffield Appointees and newspaper headlined ‘Hayes Vows House Will Adjourn Repeatedly if Necessary’] - “A dance to spring” ©1983 [ballet dancer picking up trash and heading toward Anchorage Municipal Land Fill with bags of Spring Clean-Up ’83. Print] - “The low hurdles” ©1983 [students jumping over School District Academic Requirements For Athletes hurdles] - “Granted he’s not going to just pop back inside, but at least we can stop rubbing the lamp” ©1983 [Uncle Sam releasing nuclear missile genie from teapot as man holds Nuclear Freeze Resolution] - “Hey really, they taped me! You have my word on it! Well? Not a word on it” ©1983 [Charlie Bussell, audio engineer] - “Window of vulnerability” ©1983 [broken United States Education System window in school] - “Trash compaction” ©1983 man holding Refuse Facilities umbrella as bag of ‘An Estimated 600,000 Tons of Solid Waste in Anchorage by Year 2025’ falls out of sky] - “You can’t judge a book by its cover-up” ©1983 [Anchorage Assembly sitting on Ben Marsh Ethics Probe book with questions sticking out of its pages] - “The transcendent right of life of all human beings [...]”©1983 [Ronald Reagan at podium. Print] - “Oh, hey, wow, Bobby, going for a dip in the pool? Nope, for a peek at the mechanical room” ©1983 [student in deep-sea diving suit holding newspaper headlined ‘Panel Recommends Asbestos Removal from West High Pool Mechanical Room’] - “Troubles with the House [...]”©1983 [couple comparing woes of Ronald Reagan and Bill Sheffield] - “Legally drunk. Illegally drunk” ©1983 [man hooked up to blood alcohol meter, driver in car labeled ‘An Estimated 75% of Anchorage Drivers After 10:00 PM’] - “Only 190 working days left until 1984” ©1983 [June 24?] [federal agent in office moving papers from Inbox to Outbox, including Federal Lie Detector Tests, Easing of FBI Restraints, Pre-Publication Review] - “911!!!” ©1983 [Alaska man shouting from house as Deregulation beaver fells Long Distance Rates telephone pole] - “Goodness, it says here that Reagan denounced the arms freeze [...]”©1983 [couple discussing Ronald Reagan] - “Damaged in transit” ©1983 [passenger from ’82-83 Legislative Session airplane picking up crushed Ethics Legislation bag from gorilla baggage handler] - “Break up” ©1983 [man clinging to Oil Revenue tripod as ice cracks beneath him; Nenana Ice Classic] - “Burning the fingers from both ends” ©1983 [hand holding candle burning from both ends of Swollen Revenue Demand and Shrinking State Revenue] - “Chicken in a fox coop” ©1983 [Permanent Fund hen surrounded by Senate foxes] - “John! John Cook! What brings Alaska’s parks chief here? [...]”©1983 [kicked downstairs by James Watt] - “Emission inspections, bah! I remember when we could breathe free of these obnoxious intrusions into the private sector” ©1983 [man driving pickup truck burning oil] - “3 ring circus” ©1983 [1983 Legislative Session eating its own tail in three mouths, possibly Bill Sheffield, Jalmar Kerttula, Joe Hayes] - “3 ring circus” ©1983 [three snakes eating each other’s tails, labeled Executive, House, Senate] - “Toxic waste” ©1983 [Mae Tischer inside leaking oil barrel labeled ‘Contents: Quaint Rural Sayings of Chairman Tischer.’ Pencil study on verso for cartoon about Senate dress code] - ©1983 [people looking at mounted animals in display cases, including ‘Largest Grisly Rat Taken in Anchorage.’ Print] - “Survival of the fattest” ©1983 [men in sleigh being chased by wolves tossing out Permanent Fund baby] - “Dry your eyes, kid, I heard about a great little trailer park in Anchorage” ©1983 [hobo pests on railroad tracks out of Whittier. Print] - “Alaska wilderness survival quiz [...]”©1983 [follow garbage to salmon stream on Kenai Peninsula] - “Wide load” ©1983 [State Spending car on narrow mountain road with sign ‘Road Narrows’] - “To the rescue” ©1983 [men carrying Alaska Death Penalty Revival case opening coffin to resurrect vampire with stake in belly. Pencil study on verso] - ©1983 [Ronald Reagan assembling skeleton of Reaganomicus Rex while signing ‘Dem Bones’] - “So well proportioned! So beautifully balanced!” ©1983 [Coalition sculptor chiseling off Senate Minority arm of Venus de Milo] - “Perhaps I could interest you in something a little more comfortable?” ©1983 [salesman offering Session Limit straitjacket to Legislature] - “Exceeded capacity: blood alcohol content, public indignation, available jail space” ©1983 - “Unnatural habitat” ©1983 [Motorized Vehicles monster with airplane wings standing next to sign ‘Denali, Katmai, and Glacier National Parks’] - “Poached nest egg” ©1983 [Permanent Fund Debt Repeal hand taking egg from beneath sleeping hen] - “Hey, cool...the less you focus, the bigger it looks!” ©1983 Senate looking through Budget Forecast telescope at Future State Revenue money bag] - “Jabba the House” ©1983 [holding 1983 Legislature frozen in carbonite] - “Digression is the better part of valor” ©1983 [Ronald Reagan answering questions] - “Checks and imbalances” ©1983 [scales with Longevity Bonus in one pan, Legal Questions judge in other pan] - “Tech no-logical marvels [...]” ©1983 [errors in missile detection systems] - “Smoking gun” ©1983 [industrial plant with exhaust reading ‘National Academy of Sciences Links Industrial Smoke to Acid Rain.’ Pencil study on verso] - “Mudslide” ©1983 [Revenue Decline slide headed toward Alaska Housing Finance Corporation] - “Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?” ©1983 [beavers carrying off Unprosecuted Lumber Conspiracy tree with money leaves] - “On second thought, maybe reverse is better” ©1983 [Assembly in Auto Inspection Program car on cliff, about to back into clouds of Anchorage Carbon Monoxide Woes] - “This new flight plan sure doesn’t leave much room for a stall” ©1983 [pilot with Session Limit Proposal plan in biplane scraping tree tops] - “Out of sight, out of mind” ©1983 [card reading ‘Dear Street People, Return to Alaska R.R., do not pass go’] - “What? Move the legislature from Juneau and have people flying in to the Anchorage airport?! Are you crazy?!!” ©1983 [customers in bar. Signed ‘Dunlap-Shohl.’] - ©1983 [man entering ‘1984’ door with poster on wall reading ‘George Orwell is Watching.’ Signed ‘Dunlap-Shohl.’] - “Modest proposals for the International Airport Road median strip: some untried ideas that just might work. Tree Memorial. Zero lot line housing construction. Plastic flamingos. Municipal driving range. Adequately planned and tended vegetation” [Undated. Signed ‘Dunlap-Shohl.’ Print] 1983 January - “Heeey old timer, what’s happening?” ©1983 1/1/83 [old man 1982 walks away whistling after handing the staff to Baby New Year] - “Remember, you can’t believe everything you read in the papers. Wait for it to appear in Reader’s Digest” ©1983 1/2/83 [Ronald Reagan] - “Over the falls in a barrel” ©1983 1/4/83 [man in Oil Revenues barrel going over 1983 falls] - “Food chains” ©1983 1/6/82 [sic] [salmon holding Alaska Fishing Industry briefcase chained to ’82 Botulism Scare, Unsold Inventory, and Soft Foreign Markets] - “Sea monster” ©1983 1/8/83 [Submerged Lands Dispute monster] - ©1983 1/10/82 [sic] [Valdez Grain Terminal silos as sticks of dynamite, with Contract Snarl fuse] - “Look, I see your point, but I don’t think the Assembly will grant a liquor license on the grounds that ‘Live Nude Dancing Girls’ constitutes theater” ©1983 1/12/83 [men in office reading newspaper headlined ‘Assembly O.K.’s Alcohol For Rep’] - “Disease and complications” ©1983 1/14/83 [scientist looking through microscope at ‘Hepatitis B’ and ‘Lack of Immunization Funds’ cells. Pencil study on verso] - “Trickle up? Economics” ©1982 1/15/83 [sic] [Congress man falling off cliff, reaching for AK Oil Revenue tree while Federal Deficit elephant clings to his ankles] - “Raleigh Hickel” ©1983 1/19/82 [sic] [Wally Hickel using Canada’s Gas Line cloak to cover puddle to keep Japan’s feet dry. Print] - ©1983 1/25/83 [AK Students playing violin with broken Loan Program strings] 1983 February - “Don’t be silly...what could possibly be moving out here?” ©1983 2/24/82 [Ronald Reagan paddling canoe in Toxic Waste Dump, with tentacle of E.P.A. Controversy rising out of water behind him] - “The real trick is getting it back in” ©1983 2/27/83 [The Great Legislato magician having pulled giant Permanent Fund Debt rabbit out of bag] 1983 March - ©1983 3/3/83 [Ronald Reagan as shark menacing man in Alaska Native Housing Funds umiak] - “So they won’t buy executive clemency – do you suppose I could declare myself an endangered species?” ©1983 3/6/83 [EPA chief Anne Gorsuch Burford at desk with staffer holding newspaper headlined ‘House Free to Move Against Gorsuch’] - “Etiquette question of the week: is it proper for the hosts to carve one another before they carve the entrée?” ©1983 March 10, 1983 [Legislature chef and Bill Sheffield dueling with swords over Supplemental Budget turkey] - “Holy smokes! Natural gas rates are going to rise between 20 and 25 percent! [...]”©1983 3/12/83 [couple reading newspapers and lamenting ‘the rate of the hikes’] 1983 April - “To hear Satanic message, play record backward [punk music album]. To hear Satanic message, play record forward [James Watt record]” ©1983 Thursday April 7, 1983 [Print] 1983 July - “Lost and found: Air Force and state credibility. 330 gallons of toxic waste” ©1983 Sat. eds. July 30, 1983 [man sitting at desk with sign ‘Cleanliness is Next to Impossible’, metal barrels] - “WPPSS bonds” ©1983 July 31, 1983 [Washington man chained to Law Suits, Higher Electric Rates, Lower Credit Rating balls-and-chains; Washington Public Power Supply System] 1983 August - “Subject to industry recall. Not subject to recall” ©1983 Aug. 2, 1983 [Alaska Salmon can, can of ‘Succulent Toothsome Alaska Worms, a product of the Matanuska Valley’ with portraits of Jalmar Kerttula and Barbara Lacher] - “So how do we tell which drivers are drunks?!!” ©1983 8/4/83 [police in patrol car in traffic on Anchorage road. Print] - “Intracontinental drift” ©1983 Sat. 8/6/83 [map of Alaska split by time zones] - “National park hunting” ©1983 Sunday 8/7/83 [Alaska Congressional Delegation riding elephant, Ted Stevens, Don Young, Frank Murkowski] - “Another giant Matanuska crop” ©1983 8/9/93 [giant Student Population Growth growing next to Valley Schools] - “Bargaining chips” ©1983 Aug. 10, 1983 [Ronald Reagan chiseling Nerve gas and MX Missile notches into pedestal holding dove with olive branch. Pencil study on verso] - “A curse on the treasure? The curse is the treasure” ©1983 Saturday Aug. 13, 1983 [Legislature Leadership Account chest] - “Remember the good ol’ days when all we had to worry about was trudging 10 miles to school uphill through a snowstorm?” ©1983 Sunday Aug. 14, 1983 [family reading newspaper headlined ‘Beams Sag at New School, Asbestos Removal Continues, Service Pool Unsafe’] - “Holes in the ceiling” ©1983 Tues. Aug. 16, 1983 [‘Decline in Federal Aid’ and ‘Decline in State Revenue’ holes in roof of Tax Ceiling Initiative house in rainstorm] - “Can you believe it?? Those state meatheads have decided that they won’t fund weekend same-day sports and newscasting!!! [...]” ©1983 Aug. 18, 1983 [couple watching television, discussing tape-delayed network television broadcasting] - “Dad! Look! One of Ted Kennedy’s teeth!” ©1983 Sat. Aug. 19, 1983 [young walrus holding up human tooth; Patrick Kennedy, Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary] - “When I was a kid, this was a babbling brook. Nowadays it mostly whimpers” ©1983 Aug. 20, 1983 [father and son walking along polluted Chester Creek as people throw trash from overpass in background] - “Why should we allow the capture of killer whales that live 50 years or more in the wild but only 2.8 years as captives in amusement parks? That’s showbiz” ©1983 Thurs. Aug. 25, 1983 - “On the other hand, think what it’ll do to discourage vandals” ©1983 Saturday Aug. 27, 1983 [father and son skiing, trail signs with distances to Asbestos Hazard and Toxic PCBs] - “If it weren’t for women, us men would still be walking around in skin suits” ©1983 Sunday Aug. 28 [Ronald Reagan as cave man carrying carcass of rabbit labeled Speakes’ Bunny Suit Blunder; Larry Speakes. Print] - “Always look a gift horse in the mouth – it may need a trip to the dentist” ©1983 Tues. Aug. 30 [men inspecting teeth of Kincaid Nike Site horse] 1983 September - “Road narrows” ©1983 Sept. 8, 1983 [drunk driver swerving down road with signs for ‘Penalties Stiffened’ and ‘Programs Cut’] - “Iditarod Trail hazards: foraging moose, steep icy hills, rising land values” ©1983 Sat. Sept. 10, 1983 - “Well, there goes the neighborhood” ©1983 Sun. Sept. 11, 1983 [sign on Fourth Avenue outside of Club 25, ‘New Home of Anchorage’s Oldest Building.’ Print] - “Two birds with one stone” ©1983 Tues. Sept. 13, 1983 [fighter jet shooting at KAL 007 and Soviet/Western Relations; Korean Air Lines flight 007 shot down] - “Do you know where your Assembly is tonight?” ©1983 Sept. 15, 1983 [car bumper sticker. Print] - “Oh, swell, we’re orphaned, caged, and about to be crated and shipped thousands of miles away from home and he’s got a headache?!” ©1983 Sat. Sept. 17, 1983 [bears reading newspaper headlined ‘State Official Dubs Cubs Excedrin Headaches 101 and 102.’ Pencil study on verso] - “Hand off” ©1983 Sunday Sept. 18 [Legislative Session 1983 fumbling football handoff to 1984, football labeled ‘Lawsuits, Antagonism, Discord’] - “Go ahead, eat it. At least you’ll die of natural causes” ©1983 Sept. 20, 1983 [woman eating sandwich at Earth Funk Café while man reads newspaper headlined ‘Report Links Alfalfa Sprouts, Cancer’] - “PCB poisoning” ©1983 Sept. 22, 1983 [Tony Knowles in hospital bed, with downward trend on Knowles Administration Credibility chart. Print] - “Anchorage’s best emission control plan” ©1983 Sat. Sept. 24 [People Mover at bus stop] - “You’d think a man who shoots his own foot that much would be more sensitive” ©1983 Sun. Sept. 25 [two men in wheelchairs watching James Watt stifling a chuckle on television] - “Federal aid. State aid. Local aid. First aid!!!” ©1983 Sept. 29, 1983 [man getting both arms and one leg caught in slammed doors. Pencil study on verso] 1983 October - “Hey, so the oil won’t burn. So what? That just means we don’t have to worry about the heat melting our container boom” ©1983 Oct. 1, 1983 [men working next to sign ‘Beaufort Sea Oil Spill Clean Up Test Pits, Caution Murphy’s Law at Work’] - ©1983 Sunday Oct. 2, 1983 [James Watt with foot in Ronald Reagan’s mouth] - ©1983 Tues. Oct. 4, 1983 [man rolling State Cuts and Federal Cuts boulders uphill as Tax Limitation boulder rolls down] - “Jesse Helms Day” ©1983 Thurs. Oct. 6, 1983 [October calendar with Jesse Helms portrait on Halloween] - “Haunted house” ©1983 Sat. Oct. 8, 1983 [Governor’s Mansion with underestimated cost monsters] - “I’ve come to throw myself on your tender mercy” ©1983 Sun. Oct. 9, 1983 [Anchorage woman with Tax Cap baby seeking shelter from Legislature. Pencil study on verso] - “The exception that disproves the rule” ©1983Tues. Oct. 11, 1983 [man holding ‘Haste Makes Waste’ sign sitting at D.E.C. desk flooded by polluted Toxic Waste Regulation Delays water] - “Kenai River giants: salmon, crowds, snarls” ©1983 Sat. Oct. 13, 1983 [combat fishing and competition between user groups] - “Hold it, I think I found the real problem – another [expletive] raven!” ©1983 Sun. Oct. 17, 1983 [workmen in Chugach Electric Turbine Repair Dept.] - “Bar keep, set one up for the road [...]”©1983 Tues. Oct. 19, 1983 [man at bar too drunk to care about deterrents] - “And now, here’s Bill Sheffield and his dog, Spot” ©1983 Thurs. Oct. 20, 1983 [Sheffield holding ‘For Sale’ sign, shaking Duck Shack of his leg, sign in background ‘State Land, No Trespassing’] - “Uphill struggle on the Kenai” ©1983 Sat. Oct. 22, 1983 [optical illusion fish ladder with Sport Pressures, Environmental Pressures, Commercial Pressures. Signed by Dunlap-Shohl with “Way after Escher”] - ©1983 Sun. Oct. 23, 1983 [man asleep while answering Alaska Public Offices Commission telephone] - “Voila!!!” ©1983 Tues. Oct. 23 [Uncle Sam performing on stage, audience member pulling Klaus Barbie and skeleton out of Uncle Sam’s hat] - ©1983 Tues. Oct. 24 [drunk driver speeding untouched through New Tough Sentences steel trap] - ©1983 Thurs. Oct. 27, 1983 [scarecrow guard with sign ‘Sorry this room of the Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Museum closed due to lack of funds,’ with models of public works projects on display in roped-off gallery] - ©1983 Oct. 29, 1983 [traffic speeding past cross on side of road in winter] - “Delicate imbalance” ©1983 Oct. 30, 1983 [circus tightrope walker with ‘Tough Alaska Sentences’ and ‘Overloaded Alaska Prisons’ weights on balancing pole] 1983 November - “The riddle of the Sfinks” ©1983 Nov. 1, 1983 [Tom Fink as sphinx, wondering whether to run for office after reading poll results] - “Grenada coverage” ©1983 Thurs. Nov. 3, 1983 [giant Defense Dept. holding hands over eyes of Press] - “Under friendly fire” ©1983 Sat. Nov. 5, 1983 [O.A.S. Treaty and Constitution in foxhole] - “’Sunny Southern California’ he said... ‘Be a star, live in the fast lane...’” ©1983 Sun. Nov. 6 [orcas jumping through hoops, one hoop with orca life expectancy statistics] - “Well, according to the tests, his blood alcohol content was zero, but his carbon monoxide level was off the scale” ©1983 Tues. Nov. 8, 1983 [policeman pulling over driver in heavy winter traffic, with inset of scientists in lab] - “Bargaining chips: how arms increase leads to arms reduction [...]”©1983 Thurs. Nov. 10, 1983 [six panels of Earth exploding with weapons, leading to total disarmament] - “Then it’s agreed – we get ourselves busted for subversion, sent to prison, and bingo... we have access to the innermost workings of the State Department” ©1983 11/12/83 [Logical Positivists for Skepticism members reading newspaper headlined ‘Top Secret Files Sent to Prison’] - “[Expletive] power outages! [...]”©1983 11/13/83 [man reminiscing about ‘Let the bastards freeze in the dark’ comment during 1970s energy crisis and TAPS permitting] - “Remember, with this big stick it’s walk softly” ©1983 11/15/83 [Uncle Sam carrying huge Defense Budget missile while Ronald Reagan ushers him to edge of Deficit cliff] - “The outlaw of supply and demand” ©1983 11/17/83 [Oil Export Ban gunslinger facing off against oil barrel] - “Payloads” ©1983 Sat. Nov. 19, 1983 [Legislature toiling up ’84 Session hill yoked to Repealed Office Pay and Salary Raise Indignation bags] - “Incensed moose at work on a plan to reduce the Anchorage bowl car pollution” ©1983 Sun. Nov. 20, 1983 [moose preparing to push large snowball into heavy traffic. With print showing modification to final cartoon] - “Try the password – according to these old speeches, it’s ‘open government’” ©1983 Tues. Nov. 22 [men struggling to open door of Budget Meeting] - “Time warp” ©1983 Nov. 24, 1983 [Ketchikan Zone Change Movement looking at grandfather clock twisted into knot] - “Turkey. Leftovers” ©1983 Sat. Nov. 27, ’83 [Prop 24 turkey, Municipality of Anchorage logo with sinking Unfilled Needs ship] - “Toto, I don’t think this is Kansas anymore...” ©1983 Monday Nov. 29, ’83 [Dorothy and Toto from Wizard of Oz looking at destruction in Lawrence; movie ‘The Day After’] 1983 December - “The education of David Stockman [and] Linda Rexwinkle” ©1983 Dec. 1, 1983 [Stockman reading ‘Supply Side Economics’, Rexwinkle reading ‘Proposition 24’. Print] - “Beware of the watchdog” ©1983 Sat. Dec. 3, 1983 [APOC dog showing Unlimited Personal Campaign Loans thief to front door] - “Bruno! Easy! He said ‘check the points’, not ‘checkpoints’” ©1983 Sunday Dec. 4, 1983 [mechanic threatening motorist at gas station] - “In accordance with our good news policy, we have cancelled news from El Salvador” ©1983 Tues. Dec. 6, 1983 [man watching Ronald Reagan on television. Caption written on flaking correction fluid] - “Double vision” ©1983 Tues. Dec. 13, 1983 [drunk driver imagining own reflection in rearview mirror, but actually reflecting Grim Reaper] - “Q: What will Ed Meese be eating this holiday season? A: Crow, with a vegetable” ©1983 Thurs. Dec. 15, 1983 [waiter serving crow and ketchup; Meese on “unsubstantiated” claims of hunger] - ©1983 Sat. Dec. 17, 1983 [caped crusader Free Speech being kicked out of State Teleconference Network telephone booth with sign ‘No Divisive Issues by order of Bill Ray’] - “Turnagain Heights, 1964. Turnagain Depths, 1983” ©1983 Thurs. Dec. 18, ’83 [sic] [houses destroyed in Alaska Earthquake, man looking at planned subdivision sign] - “Surely Santa could spring $16 million for a good little orphan in need” ©1983 Dec. 18, 1983 [sic] [Anchorage child with smoking gun, having just shot Local Revenue, sitting on lap of Legislature Santa Claus. Print] - “Oh, that’s comforting – the system isn’t even on line yet, and already we get a blackout” ©1983 Sun. Dec. 18, 1983 [family reading newspaper headlined ‘Alaska Power Authority Meeting Closed to Public’] - “Story time, revisionist tales from Ed Meese [...]”©1983 Tues. Dec. 20, 1983 [anti-nuclear activists as communist dupes] - “Say, Rudolph, about your nose so bright...” ©1983 Thurs. Dec. 22, 1983 [Santa Claus with newspaper headlined ‘Anchorage Police Crack Down on Drunken Drivers’] - “We’ll have to feed this dog better if we want it to fetch the paper” ©1983 Sat. Dec. 24, 1983 [APOC dog eating Annual Contribution Report paper instead of handing it to homeowner] - ©1983 Tues. Dec. 27, 1983 [magician with Legislature Move Proposal chainsaw about to saw State Government in half] - “Ironic, isn’t it? He’s glutted, but we diet” ©1983 Thurs. Dec. 29, 1983 [couple in restaurant ordering off State Revenue Report menu while fat Oil Market orders wine at next table] B2 1984 January - “No toga parties this year guys – we’ve got a chaperone” ©1984 Thurs. Jan. 5, 1984 [Animal House sign changed to Alaska State House, old woman ’84 Elections holding rolling pin] - “Pity they can’t extend our deadline” ©1983 Sat. Jan. 7, 1984 [sic] [old couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Long Legislative Fight Seen for Longevity Bonus Program, State Optimistic Judge Will Extend Deadline’] - “Car bomb” ©1983 Jan. 8, 1983 [i.e. 1984?] [wrecked car with traffic fatalities statistic. Signed ‘Dunlap-Shohl’] - “Carface: he loved the Alaskan dream, with a vengeance” ©1983 Tues. Jan. 12, 1984? [sic] [movie poster, Anchorage Traffic Violence monster] - “Hope he’s had his shots” ©1983 Sun. Jan. 15, 1983 [i.e. 1984?] [Iditarod musher and dog team treed by Iron Dog snowmachine. Signed ‘Dunlap-Shohl’] - “Peace, in a box” ©1983 Sat. Jan. 15, 1984 [sic] [Ronald Reagan holding coffin labeled ‘Over $2 Million in Proposed Military Aid to El Salvador’. Pencil study on verso] - “Lawmakers vote to judge themselves; exclude public from ethics oversight – news item” ©1983 Tues. Jan. 17, 1984 [sic] [Legislature straightening tie in Big Brother mirror. Ink study on verso with note “K-J here’s an idea, you could blow this up and run the story (sabbaticles, remember?) in the thought balloon”] - “He says to hell with the flu – he’s not going back to school until he knows the roof isn’t coming down” ©1984 Thurs. Jan. 19, 1983 [sic] [child hiding in bed] - “Sorry-pool rules” ©1984 Saturday Jan. 21, 1984 [NCAA pirate forcing Alaska Seawolves hockey player down diving board over empty pool] - “Double teamed” ©1984 Sunday Jan. 22, 1984 [quarterback Bill Sheffield holding Additional Permanent Fund Deposit football about to be tackled by Al Adams of the House Raiders and Don Bennett of the Senate Redskins] - “News item: a non-smoker can inhale the equivalent of a half pack of cigarettes a day simply by breathing while in a smoke-filled room” ©1984 Tuesday Jan. 24, 1984 [woman tied to burning cigarette stake] - “The daze of our lives” ©1983 Thursday Jan. 26, 1984 [sic] [family watching three television sets with viewership statistic] - “Supply side. Flip side” ©1984 Sat. Jan. 28 [Arthur Laffer on coin obverse labeled ‘Upswing 1984,’ eagle holding anchor on reverse labeled ‘Deficit’] - “Underground classic” ©1984 Sunday Jan. 29 [Legislature teacher about to reprimand NEA student reading ‘Bob Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior.’ Print] - “Looks like another historical house on its way to the dump” ©1984 Tues. Jan. 31 [Hospitality to Mushers dog house on flatbed truck labeled ‘Assembly No Vote on Temporary Kennels’] 1984 February - “Bag man. Bag lady” ©1983 Thurs. Feb. 2, 1984 [sic] [Payroll accountant, woman looking through trash, carrying bag with gender pay gap statistic. Pencil study on verso] - “Hey, what’s the harm in a few counterfeit bills if you don’t intend to pass ‘em?” ©1984 Sat. Feb. 4, 1984 [man posting Election Year Show Bills on city wall] - “Untethered space flights: Astronauts. Deficits” ©1984 Sun. Feb. 5, 1984 [extravehicular activity outside Challenger space shuttle, USA rocket passing Saturn] - “Obviously headed for a legal loophole” ©1983 Tues. Feb. 7 [sic] [bus riders reading newspaper headlined ‘Troopers Nab Escapee in Law Library’. Pencil study on verso] - “Forget the sled dogs – here’s something that really stinks” ©1984 Thurs. Feb. 9, 1984 [couple inside house looking out window at giant bulldog with tag ‘Anchorage Litter Up 51%’] - “Boy, looks like they’re not kidding about those funding problems” ©1984 Sat. Feb. 11, 1984 [man driving moose team hitched to snowplow on city street] - “Say, Fred – there’s a gentleman here wants to buy up all the tickets” ©1984 Sunday Feb. 12, 1984 [ducks impersonating man at Duck Shack Lottery Tickets window] - “News item: United States Information Agency blacklist was ‘mindless’ in origin, according to agency official” ©1984 Tues. Feb. 14, 1984 [embarrassed official reading Top 40 music list] - “Seward’s icebox” ©1984 Thurs. Feb. 16, 1984 [Neighbor Relations shivering in Prison Site Controversy refrigerator] - “Haven’t seen this much action since Fischer vs. Spassky” ©1984 Sat. Feb. 18, 1984 [elephant and donkey competing in tic-tac-toe at State of Alaska Redistricting Championships. Pencil study on verso] - “Too bad the N.C.A.A. doesn’t recognize political football – we could forget our qualification problems” ©1984 Sunday Feb. 19, 1984 [teams playing with U.A.A. Dorms football] - “Jack and the budget stalk” ©1984 Tues. Feb. 21, 1984 [Ronald Reagan standing with ‘Supply Side Seed Co.’ seed bag underneath tree shooting up carrying Deficit man] - “Say hon, never mind taking Junior to the mall – it was only a rumor” ©1984 Sat. Feb. 25, 1984 [woman dragging brat out door as man holds newspaper headlined ‘Anchorage Mall Kidnapping Tales False’] - ©1984 Sunday Feb. 26, 1984 [Don Smith and John Wood riding speeding People Mover bus attempting to jump over parked buses with destinations ‘Proposed Fare Increases’] - “Standing tall” ©1984 Tues. Feb. 28, 1984 [Ronald Reagan at podium standing in man’s shadow labeled with poverty statistic] 1984 March - “Out of the closet” ©1984 Thursday March 1, 1984 [man carrying School Prayer Amendment exiting closet with Matthew 6:6 posted inside] - “Legislative ethics – the proposed public role” ©1984 Sat. March 3, 1984 [people posed as ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ over proposals written on pillar] - “Ask not for whom the bus tolls” ©1984 Sunday March 4, 1984 [headstone for People Mover at Proposed Fare Increases grave] - “Looks like we’ve also got a bit of an underexposure problem” ©1984 Tues. March 6, 1984 [man shining light into basement at Clear Air Force Base, casting shadow of Questions About Test Simulation Microwave Radiation Unknowns] - “I thought the whole point was to enhance law and order” ©1984 Sat. March 10, 1984 [Demolition Legality Questions standing on rubble of Alaska Hotel on Fourth Avenue] - “But Monty, I don’t want a $62 million prison!” ©1984 Sun. March 11, 1984 [Senate as Monty Hall with winner Whittier, prisoner Seward holding signs advocating for new penitentiary] - “Good news folks! A cheap, clean power source for Susitna!” ©1984 Wednesday March 14, 1984 [Legislature about to burn Alaska Constitution] - “Pool shark” ©1984 Thurs. March 15, 1984 [Susitna Blackmail Clause shark in 4 Dam Pool kiddie pool] - “I thought this only happened with Russian dissidents” ©1984 3/15/84 [James Wiedeman and Ron Walt headed off to Dept. of Commerce Salt Mine, Red Dog Zinc Mine in opposite direction. Print] - “The incorrigible hulk” ©1984 3/17/84 [shirtless Tony Knowles tearing up Fourth Avenue as Assembly looks on. Print] - “Keystone corpse” ©1984 3/18/84 [Senate and House Keystone Kops propping up Buckner Building corpse, wanted poster on wall for Wild Bill Sheffield] - “So, would you say that you and your fellow Kenai veterans are outraged at our magazine’s coverage? [...]”©1984 3/20/84 [U.S. News and World Report reporter at desk] - “Grime and punishment” ©1984 Thurs. March 22, 1984 [Clean-Up Costs vulture and Aesthetic Costs monster picking through Anchorage Litter trashcan] - “So help me Alice, the next kid who says ‘Where’s the beef?’ is asking for it” ©1984 Sat. March 25, 1984 [school children in cafeteria line, poster on wall with ‘Basic Food Groups: Fast, Fattening, Frozen’] - “Alaska’s other troubled canning industry” ©1984 Sun. March 26, 1984 [chefs Bill Sheffield and Legislature trying to close lid on State of Alaska Corrections Sardines] - “People Mover. People remover” ©1984 Tuesday March 27, 1984 [People Mover bus, Anchorage Traffic car] - “Susitna blackmail claws” ©1984 Thurs. March 29, 1984 [giant talons speeding towards birds in 4 Dam Pool birdbath] - “Silent partner” ©1984 Sat. March 31, 1984 [Senate, House, and gagged Public on Proposed Ethics Panel] 1984 April - “Meesecarriage of justice” ©1984 Sunday April 1, 1984 [Edwin Meese holding Attorney General Nomination sword and scales balancing Loans and Jobs with Carter Briefing Material and Mortgage Deal] - “’I sense a strong feeling of harmony...that was not here last session’ – Joe Hayes, Jan. ‘84” ©1984 Tues. April 3, 1984 [possibly Bill Sheffield, Jalmar Kerttula, and Joe Hayes in leaking Hydroelectric Feuds hot tub. Pencil study on verso] - ©1984 April 5, 1984 [Legislature trying to take cartload of items through ‘Short Session Express Line $700 Million or Less’ line at grocery store being waved off by Bill Sheffield. Print] - “My life insurance? Concealed Weapons of Alaska of course, why?” ©1984 April 8, 1984 [couple dining at restaurant] - “Sour dough” ©1984 April 10, 1984 [woman holding rotten loaf of Unconstitutional Longevity Pay sourdough bread] - “Mined. Undermined” ©1984 Thurs. April 12, 1984 [Nicaraguan ports, U.S./World Relations] - “And you thought getting rid of the cockroaches was tough” ©1984 Saturday April 14, 1984 [Buckner Building Prison Appropriation monster rising out of water at Whittier] - “I don’t know – getting kidnapped by SeaWorld and taken to Southern California is almost starting to look good” ©1984 Sunday April 15, 1984 [orca talking to polar bear holding newspaper headlined ‘Arctic Haze Plagues North’] - “Ohhhhh nooooooo Mr. Bill” ©1984 Thurs. April 19, 1984 [tiny man with Budget Veto Bypass Amendment gavel running at giant Bill Sheffield. Pencil study on verso] - “One more unforeseen design problem” ©1984 Sat. April 21, 1984 [Bill Sheffield looking over State Hydro Projects dam to children with fingers in dike, Petersburg refusing to plug hole] - ©1984 Tues. April 24, 1984 [Legislature holding 120 Day Session Goal pole preparing to vault over high bars of Railroad Transfer, Longevity Bonus, Hydro Package, Major Projects Fund, and Corrections] - “Contra diction” ©1984 Sun. April 25, 1984 [Ronald Reagan with State Terrorist and Freedom Fighter posters. Print] - “Dag nab it! Tell Mrs. Murkowski she’s got to get a hold of a bed. We want him awake and well rested when he meets the pope this time” ©1984 Thurs. April 26, 1984 [staffers on telephone discussing Frank Murkowski. Print] - “Let’s hope those boy scouts in Juneau are helping little old ladies across the street” ©1984 Sat. April 28, 1984 [Pioneer Homes women trying to cross $1 Million Shortfall] 1984 May - “The reapportionment menagerie [...]”©1984 Tues. May 1, 1984 [Ice Worm, Donkey, Elephant, with Coalition blocking gerrymandering efforts] - “Porky’s II: the ’84 Session [...]”©1984 [movie poster, starring Runaway Capital Projects Spending pig] - “I, uh, think I can, I think I can, I hope I...” ©1984 May 5, 1984 [Coalition donkey and Bill Sheffield fighting on Alaska Railroad engine headed towards Jan Faiks moose on tracks. Print] - ©1984 Sun. May 6, 1984 [tiny REA Loans and Tax-Exempt Bonds tow trucks unable to jumpstart giant Susitna Finance Plans car] - “She says she’s not in distress, that she tied herself here, and for us to bug off” ©1984 [Mountie and horse standing next to tracks, with Jan Faiks blocking Governor’s Bills locomotive. Print] - ©1984 Thurs. May 10, 1984 [blind Legal System chef singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and carrying Longevity Bonus Decision cake to old couple after removing Attorney’s Fees slice] - “The other lemon law” ©1984 [patrol car with ‘Mandatory Auto Insurance’ bumper sticker pulling over lemon driving ‘40% Alaska Motorists Uninsured’ car] - “Plinking” ©1984 Sat. May 12, 1984 [Don Bennett using Guns In Parks Bill gun to shoot Alaska Parks sign. Print] - “Said he was taking his ball and going home” ©1984 May 13, 1984 [bear with hammer-and- sickle armband pulling ‘Bulgaria-East Germany’ ring out of Olympic logo] - “O.K. Walt, we have to put you back on, but remember – only sunny forecasts from here out” ©1984 Thurs. May 17, 1984 [director Lyon shouting at Economic Outlook map on Vast Wastelands Broadcasting Corp. television show. Print] - “Haven’t they done enough digging?” ©1984 Sat. May 19, 1984 [resident talking to man holding Tuluksak River Diversion O.K. standing next to Northland Gold Dredging miner, grave of Past Environmental Damage in background] - “If we could only make it as invulnerable to the Russians as we have to Congress” ©1984 Tues. May 22, 1984 [Ronald Reagan and military officer watching Congress throw pebbles at MX missile] - “It’s the first case of a factory recall to protect manufacturers instead of customers” ©1984 Thurs. May 24, 1984 [House mechanic pulling engine out of Senate-Passed Lemon Law car] - “Our energy policy? Burn petroleum byproducts” ©1984 Sat. May 26, 1984 [people shoving Oil Revenue money into Hydro Bail-Outs, Susitna Studies, and Rate Equalization Subsidy furnaces. Pencil study on verso] - “That would make sense... What better choice could you make for a guy whose job is undermining governments abroad than a fellow who’s had experience doing it here at home?” ©1984 Sunday May 27, 1984 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Baker: Carter Briefing Papers Came through CIA’s Casey’] - “Whatever happened to the days when all you had to drive to finish a railroad was a golden spike?” ©1984 Thurs. May 31, 1984 [men confronting Alaska Railroad Power Struggles vampire] 1984 June - “I’d like to address charges that we in the House have indulged in wasteful, excessive spending [...]”©1984 Sat. June 2, 1984 [inability to account for expenses] - “Signs of the Anchorage housing crunch: The disappearance of the mobile home. The appearance of the mobile lot” ©1984 Sun. June 3, 1984 [trailer park with development sign, lots for sale in earthquake slide zone] - ©1984 Tues. June 5, 1984 [man trying to close House Adjournment suitcase overfilled with Technical Problems and Unfinished Business] - “Revolving adjournment” ©1984 Thurs. June 7, 1984 [Senate spinning House in revolving door] - “The agony, the bloodshed, the victory, but at what terrible cost? [...]”©1984 Sat. June 9, 1984 [man watching Democratic primary on television] - “Another grim reminder that the insects may someday rule the Earth” ©1984 Sunday June 10, 1984 [teenagers looking at newspaper box with headline ‘Litterbug Control Laws Nearly Lost’. With manuscript notation: ‘State nearly loses’. Pencil study on verso] - “Water...water” ©1984 Tuesday June 12, 1984 [man crawling through desert toward Continuing Hydro Appropriations. On cardboard] - “In recognition of your conscientious performance of your civic duty, we would like to present this certificate of merit” ©1984 June 14, 1984 [EPA wearing biohazard suit handing PCB Clean-Up Bill to citizen. Print] - “See Dick run. [...]”©1984 Sat. June 16, 1984 [people running away from loose dog] - “The lion and the calf shall lie down together but the calf won’t get much sleep – Woody Allen” ©1984 Sunday June 17, 1984 [Bill Sheffield with Permanent Fund calf and Major Projects Fund lion] - “The thought of them out there, vulnerable, exposed – it’s more than I can bear. [...]”©1984 Tues. June 19, 1984 [Ronald Reagan discussing MX missile] - “We’re going to go ahead and drill without the anesthetic” ©1984 Thurs. June 21, 1984 [Coastal States watching Ronald Reagan run into ocean surf carrying oil rig, throwing away bottle of Offshore Oil Revenue Sharing medicine] - ©1984 Saturday June 23, 1984 [man painting sign ‘Welcome to the Little Su, Gunfire Hazard Today is Extreme’ jumping into garbage dump with beer cans and dog food to avoid armed motorists] - “Shoot, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came out for acid rain – cuts down on those pollution- causing trees” ©1984 June 24, 1984 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Reagan Defends Environmental Record’] - “Food poisoning” ©1984 Tuesday June 26, 1984 [Open Meeting Law diner choking on Closed Dinner Meeting O.K. turkey in restaurant] - “On maneuvers in Latin America” ©1984 Thurs. June 28, 1984 [man in military uniform carrying Improper Honduras Spending money bag sneaking behind Congress wearing pith helmet and carrying binoculars. With manuscript note: ‘Honduran maneuvers’] - “An imaginary guide to the Smithsonian exhibition of Alaska Folklife [...]”©1984 Sat. June 30, 1984 [lawsuits over mining, kitschy art, McDonald’s food, Alaskans melting in Washington D.C. heat] 1984 July - ©1984 Sun. July 1, 1984 [resident on telephone agreeing with Alice Herrington comment ‘that Aleuts living on the Pribilofs are indistinguishable from modern Russians’; village life] - “Gas hog” ©1984 July 3, 1984 [Legislature filling tank of ’84 Spending Spree motorhome with Projected Oil Revenue gasoline] - “News item: State study reveals average tourist unimpressed with Alaska’s largest city” ©1984 July 5, 1984 [tourists dancing to ‘Mild About Anchorage’; ‘Wild About Anchorage’ ad campaign] - “Hello, I’ve got what looks like an electrical hazard, but I’m afraid to call a lineman” ©1984 Saturday July 7, 1984 [man on telephone, Potential Homer Electric Picket Line Violence transformer crackling outside] - “When I was a kid, German shepherds were the macho dogs to own [...]”©1984 Sunday July 8, 1984 [pit bull dog scare] - “I see no obstacle Mr. SeaWorld, full speed ahead” ©1984 Tues. July 10, 1984 [navigator Malcolm Baldridge on prow of Federal Permit for Orca Capture ship about to run over Alaska Opposition skiff] - “The hawk that laid golden eggs” ©1984 July 12, 1984 [Salvage Co. workers surrounding Air Force hawk with Surplus Disposal Policy egg] - “Dangerous intersection” ©1984 Sat. July 14, 1984 [ambulance at corner of Summer Cycling Rise and Winter Driving Habits. Pencil study on verso] - “Clearing the air on the environmental record” ©1984 Sun. July 15, 1984 [Ronald Reagan spraying Industrial Strength Rhetoric Brand Air Freshener at Coal Leases car, Encouragement of Mining Logging Drilling in Wilderness Areas bulldozer, Efforts to Relax Anti-Pollution Standards smoke, and leaking barrels labeled Burford, Watt, and Lavelle] - “Vicious circle” ©1984 Tuesday July 17, 1984 [Prince William Sound, Mat-Su, and Nikiski- South Anchorage running from Doughnut District boulder rolling downhill] - “Hey, what’s all this fighting about? [...]” ©1984 July 19, 1984 [children playing cops and robbers while father holds newspaper headlined ‘Policeman Convicted of 3 rd Degree Theft Will Keep Job Unless Judge Says No’] - “Well, it looks to me like exciting change [...]”©1984 Saturday July 21, 1984 [Tony Knowles and Tom Fink interpreting shape of ‘Knowles Record’ clouds] - “An eye for an eye” ©1984 Sunday July 22, 1984 [boxer Ronald Reagan hitting self with Anne Gorsuch Burford Appointment, boxer Walter Mondale hitting self with Bert Lance Appointment] - “Hey, forget mud, I think we can get away with slinging this stuff” ©1984 [elephants holding can of Sunny Jimmy Peanut Butter; Jimmy Carter] - “News item: radio messages already recorded by the government will urge survivors of a nuclear attack to fill out emergency change of address forms at the post office” ©1984 Tues. July 24, 1984 [men at table for Postal Contract Negotiations] - “If the slip fits...” ©1984 Thurs. July 26, 1984 [Reagan Campaign Director Rollins holding ‘Ferraro may be the biggest bust politically in recent history’ slip; Geraldine Ferraro] - “Road warriors” ©1984 Saturday July 28, 1984 [Tom Fink and Tony Knowles fighting on Northern Lights Boulevard] - “Looks like the mayor’s getting a bit carried away with the signs” ©1984 Sunday July 29, 1984 [car stopped at ‘Stop Fink’ stop sign] - ©1984 Tues. July 31, 1984 [lemon-shaped Lemon Creek Correctional Center with ‘creek’ crossed off sign] 1984 August - “Wanna get that Ed?” ©1984 Tues. Aug. 2, 1984 [APOC and Press at door of VECO Mousetraps house. Print] - “It’s a joke!!! A nothing-burger job [...]” ©1984 8/2/84 [sic] [knight Don Young defending damsel Anne Gorsuch Burford in tower] - “Trickling down” ©1984 Saturday Aug. 4, 1984 [people clinging to edge of Poverty Line chasm] - “Alaska outdoors licenses: Fishing. Hunting. Stealing” ©1984 Sunday Aug. 5, 1984 [Cabin Trespass Permit] - ©1984 Tues. Aug. 7, 1984 [State Spending locomotive speeding toward June Revenue Forecast on shrinking rails] - “Kinda shakes your confidence when they send the referee to the penalty box” ©1984 Thurs. Aug. 9, 1984 [O.M.B. in hockey penalty box] - “Loophole” ©1984 Saturday Aug. 11, 1984 [executioner M. Ed. Dankworth about to hang Disclosure Law Intent on VECO Campaign Funding Plan gallows as Bennett, Eliason, P. Fischer, Moss, and Faiks look on] - “Hey, let’s not overlook the value of gridlock – loose lugs and bad brakes are just about harmless at zero miles per hour” ©1984 Sunday Aug. 12, 1984 [Anchorage traffic] - “Quoth the Reagan ‘Nevermore’” ©1984 Tues. Aug. 14, 1984 [Edgar Allan Poe as Uncle Sam sitting in Deficit spill and asking Ronald Reagan raven ‘Tax hike? Defense cut?’] - “Testing, 1,2,3, testing” [Ronald Reagan tapping on The Button at nuclear missile site. Print] - “Suppose there are any earplugs left over from the Scorpions concert?” ©1984 Saturday Aug. 18, 1984 [Tom Fink leading musicians on Roads Issue Bandwagon] - “Whatever happened to the days when they put a pea under your mattress?” ©1984 Sunday Aug. 19, 1984 [Anne Gorsuch Burford on mattresses piled on top of oil barrel, NCPAC running away from bed] - “Don! The light – it’s green! Go! Go!” ©1984 [Don Smith asleep at the wheel with Tax Cap in passenger seat] - “The leadership of the Democratic Party aren’t soft on communism; they’re soft on democracy [...]” ©1984 Thurs. Aug. 23, 1984 [elephant being hard on democracy with political stances] - “Hurt? Nah, doesn’t hurt a bit” ©1984 Saturday Aug. 25, 1984 [Don Young with thumb caught in Non-Voting Record trap] - “And, if elected, I pledge to reduce crime in our streets. I’ll take down all my illegally placed signs” ©1984 Sunday Aug. 26, 1984 [candidate with campaign signs] 1984 September - “So, will they also be disposing of that?” ©1984 [couple passing leaking ‘2 ½ Year-Old Statute Violation Question’ barrel at future Union Oil Drilling Mud Disposal Site. With manuscript note: ‘Michael, Howard has seen sketch’] - “Let’s just hope they’re not as expensive to replace as the bolts and plastic stool caps” ©1984 Thurs. Sept. 13, 1984 [staffer showing general memo reading ‘Pentagon may have purchased as many as 15,000,000 defective microchips’] - “2, 3, 4, sound off... sound off! Hey, where is everybody?” ©1984 Sat. Sept. 15, 1984 [Ted Stevens carrying Light Infantry Division flag heading toward Alaska, many footprints headed toward Fort Drum. Print] - “When it comes to ethics charges, we in politics must promote the golden rule. And that rule is? Silence is golden” [Don Smith at podium with ‘Frivolous Charge Prosecution’] - “Did you read about that poor Soviet grandmother whose house was blown up by her own government? [...]” ©1984 Tues. Sept. 18, 1984 [New Longevity Bonus Regulation bomb headed toward old couple in Welfare Benefits house] - “Bus stop” ©1984 Thurs. Sept. 20, 1984 [John Wood and Don Smith manning Halt Sunday Service barricade. Pencil study on verso] - ©1984 Saturday Sept. 22, 1984 [USSR/US border on map of Bering Sea, with sailing ship on American side, dragon on Soviet side] - “So much for the sobering effects of coffee” ©1984 Sunday Sept. 23, 1984 [drunk Pentagon Spending general holding coffee maker with $7,622 price tag] - “So what do you think about those charges that the Japanese aren’t fully reporting their catches? [...]” ©1984 Thurs. Sept. 27, 1984 [fishermen doubting a fish tale that downplays the size of the catch] - “Low road construction” ©1984 Saturday Sept. 29, 1984 [Tom Fink riding ‘Unsubstantiated Last-Minute Charges’ bulldozer] - “White House anti-terrorist protection barrier” ©1984 Sunday Sept. 30, 1984 [Ronald Reagan hiding behind Jimmy Carter head in front of White House wall] 1984 October - ©1984 [American Colleges being choked by weeds of Underpaid Staff, Deteriorating Buildings, Narrow Specialization] - ©1984 Thurs. Oct. 4, 1984 [Tom Fink and Tony Knowles watching uncounted ballots drama on television] - “The flag raising at Block 51” ©1984 Sat. Oct. 6, 1984 [people raising Proposition 1 Town Square flag. Print] - “The mouse that roared” ©1984 Sun. Oct. 7, 1984 [giant APOC mouse holding ‘VECO/APAC Fine Recommendations’ ringing doorbell at VECO Mousetraps house. Pencil study on verso] - “The 1984 hostage crisis” ©1984 Tues. Oct. 9, 1984 [Grim Reaper leading Beirut Bombing Victims through city ruins] - “Man bites police dog” ©1984 Oct. 11, 1984 [Don Bennett biting APOC dog. Print] - “Remember when an obnoxious tourist was a guy in a loud shirt who yelled at you in English and complained about the water?” ©1984 [Ronald Reagan in jungle reading ‘C.I.A. Guerilla Guide to Nicaragua’] - “I thought blimps went out with World War One” ©1984 Saturday Oct. 13, 1984 [Air Force officers looking at tethered Inflated Contractor Costs balloon] - “Sorry boys, the opera ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings, and the fat lady appears to have laryngitis” ©1984 Sunday Oct. 14, 1984 [Tony Knowles and Tom Fink stabbing each other on stage as Vote Count lady struggles to sing in background] - “Kick. Follow through” ©1984 Tuesday Oct. 16, 1984 [George H.W. Bush getting foot stuck on own mouth] - “Anchorage’s own Mayor’s Marathon endurance and obstacle race [...]” ©1984 Thurs. Oct. 18, 1984 [race route with starting line, Financial Plunge, Campaign Climb, Heartbreak Hill, Prostration Peak, Recount Ridge, Contest Cliff. With manuscript note: ‘Check requiring Pargeter’] - ©1984 Tues. Oct. 23, 1984 [State Revenue riding OPEC camel] - “Trying to turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear” ©1984 Sat. Oct. 27, 1984 [legislators Mitch Abood and Joe Flood both disavowing pay raise. Print] - “Ed Dankworth? Who’s that?” ©1984 Sunday Forum, Oct. 28, 1984 [Senator Paul Fischer trying to hide VECO Contributions Campaign Dollar with Dankworth portrait] 1984 November - “I’m not sure I like the looks of this new pacemaker” ©1984 Thurs. Nov. 1, 1984 [quack surgeon preparing to implant Mickey Mouse Session Limit wristwatch into old man Legislature] - “For every affirmative action, there is an equal and opposite reactionary” ©1984 Nov. 3, 1984 [Ronald Reagan holding sign ‘Ferraro Was Chosen Because of Gender’; Geraldine Ferraro] - “Jeez, more shoving matches and the Legislature isn’t even in session yet” ©1984 Nov. 4, 1984 [Joe Flood, Mitch Abood, Jerry Ward, and Joe Josephson fighting] - “Batteries not included” ©1984 [man carrying giant Operating Funds battery to box holding Capital Projects robot] - “Are the words ‘landslide’ and ‘natural disaster’ connected in your mind?” ©1984 Tues. Nov. 6, 1984 [Ronald Reagan-shaped boulders sliding toward voting booth] - “African skeletons: Ancient. Living” ©1984 Nov. 8, 1984 [man reading newspaper headlined ‘1.6 Million Year Old Human Remains Found in Africa’, starving Africans] - “Ghostbusters? This is the Anchorage headquarters library...” ©1984 Sun. Nov. 11, 1984 [Tax Cap ghost in stacks] - ©1984 Nov. 13, 1984 [John Sackett riding unicycle on tightrope being used for tug-of-war between donkeys and elephants. Pencil caption ‘Balance of Power’] - “This is the beginners hill?” ©1984 Thurs. Nov. 15, 1984 [New House Coalition skiers headed down Declining Oil Revenue slope] - “It’s Wien Air – they all agree there’s a guy with a bomb on board, but they can’t seem to agree who it is” ©1984 Saturday Nov. 17, 1984 [men in control tower] - “In anticipation of the arrival of the U.S. fleet, the Sandinista government today began the mining of its own harbors” ©1984 Sunday Nov. 18, 1984 [television reporter with men tossing bombs off boat in background; Nicaragua] - “Well, looks like the only entry we can expect for the Campbell Creek Classic this year is the Tidy Bowl Man” ©1984 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘City Streams Seriously Polluted’] - “The McEnroe of world politics” ©1984 [Nicaragua and Ronald Reagan playing tennis, World Court referee calling shot ‘In’ as Reagan complains; John McEnroe. Pencil study on verso] - “The capital projects turkey: the more you eat...the hungrier you get” ©1984 Thurs. Nov. 22, 1984 [man’s stomach growling with Maintenance Costs pains] - “Nuclear winter. Nuclear spring?” ©1984 Sat. Nov. 24, 1984 [Uncle Sam and Soviet bear facing off during 1 st Reagan Term, bear offering Uncle Sam flowers during 2 nd Reagan Term] - ©1984 Sun. Nov. 25, 1984 [Social Service Needs van trying to park in tiny Social Service Funding parking spot] - “Say guys, can you hold for the President? [...]” ©1984 Tues. Nov. 26, 1984 [Space Shuttle being asked to catch deficit as it rockets past] 1984 December - “That’s odd – the moment we touched down, everyone’s oxygen mask dropped into their seat” ©1984 Thurs. Dec. 14, 1984 [airplane on tarmac next to sign ‘Welcome to Anchorage, Carbon Monoxide Danger Today is Critical’] - “Dear, what’s that funny-looking thing under the steering wheel? [...]” ©1984 Tues. Dec. 18, 1984 [car airbag to release oxygen during carbon monoxide alert] - “I read that the nuclear winter and the disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs work on the same climatic principles [...]” ©1984 Sunday [man saying that humans will be too smart to avoid disaster] - “Who’s defending whom?” ©1984 Sat. [naked Domestic Spending man holding club facing giant Deficit while Defense Dept. cowers] - ©1984 Sun. [mother talking to daughter while reading newspaper headlined ‘Inversions Causing Anchorage Monoxide Woes’] - ©1984 [Santa Claus in sleigh with State Spending bag plunging downward with Oil Revenue reindeer in leads] - “Q: What debilitating condition should members of this new Alaska organization be seeking relief from? A: Blindness” ©1984 Saturday [Alaska Association of White Men] - “How about a Star Wars defense against this?” ©1984 Thurs. Dec. 27, 1984 [Uncle Sam pulling on Ronald Reagan to face Darth Vader Deficit] - “I didn’t think Minnesota Drive was supposed to become a speedway until Fur Rendezvous” ©1984 Sat. Dec. 30, 1984 [car accident] - “Africa’s horn of plenty” ©1984 Dec. 31, 1984 [starving child carrying Africa-shaped basket holding Totalitarianism, Terrorism, Racism, and Hunger. Drawing cut out and pasted to ruled paper] 1985 January - ©1984 1/1/85 [sic] [starving African child with 1984 sash handing hourglass to Baby New Year 1985] - “Susitna Dam” ©1985 Thurs. Jan. ? [man left high and dry with Legislature rowboat, Continuing Susitna Appropriations dam holding back sea of money] - “Progress in the ‘80’s: The personal computer. The overly-personal computer” ©198 [sic] Sat. Jan. 5, 1985 [Privacy Invasion Threat mainframe] - “Bill Clark’s resigning [...]”©1985 Sunday Jan. 6, 1985 [Ronald Reagan wondering who will leave next] - “Dear Sir [...]”©1985 Tues. Jan. 8, 1984 [sic] [Navy vice admiral answering citizen suggestion to name Trident submarine ‘Caspar’s Folly’; Caspar Weinberger] - “I see...another drop in oil revenue” ©1985 Tues. Jan. 8, 1985 [crystal ball falling off table as fortune teller predicts Alaska’s future] - “Communique from a third party that considers the ‘Star Wars’ plan a dangerous escalation of the arms race and a threat to their security. The [expletive] lily-livered Europeans? The Martians” ©1985 Jan. 10, 1984 [sic] - “Buried by treasure” ©1985 Sat. Jan. 12, 1985 [Electoral Process covered by Campaign Overspending] - “Jeez what a nightmare – I dreamed I was attending a ceremony in which Catherine Stevens re-christened the University of Alaska Anchorage the U.S.S. Trident” ©1985 Sun. Jan. 13, 1985 [couple in bed] - “I guess contaminated oil and chemical solvents aren’t the only hazardous wastes around” ©1985 Saturday Jan. 19 [family next to sign warning of sewage contamination in Campbell Creek. Pencil study on verso] - “The fortune cookie predicts indigestion” ©1985 Sunday Jan. 20, 1985 [group eating Budget, man at head of table holding Revenue Forecast banner] - “Sonny, you sure you know your way across this street?” ©1985 Tues. Jan. 22, 1985 [Longevity Bonus boy scout leading old woman between Income Supplements Loss and Medicare Benefits Loss trucks] - “What’s wrong with the senator? He’s worried sick over the possible revenue drops. Oil? Campaign funds” ©1985 Sat. Jan. 26, 1985 - “Alaska’s Socialist Party” ©1985 Sun. Jan. 27, 1985 [people at party eating slices of cake labeled Railroad Buy, Hydro Subsidies, Housing Subsidies, Red Dog Mine Subsidies] - ©1985 Tues. Jan. 29, 1985 [men at conference table reading ‘Ronald Reagan Fitness Plan’, empty seat at head of table with nameplate for hospitalized Konstantin Chernenko] - “Hmmm, does getting together to have a good cry constitute a violation of the Open Meeting Act?” ©1985 Jan. 31, 1985 [reporters outside Private State Revenue Meeting] 1985 February - “Pat, how do you feel about a political comeback in Alaska?” ©1985 Sat. Feb. 2, 1985 [Richard Nixon with newspaper headlined ‘Municipality: We’ll Give Up Public Records When a Judge Tells Us To’] - “To demonstrate our commitment to individualism, we’re condemning you for being a maverick” ©1985 Tues. Feb. 5, 1985 [elephants confronting socialist Bill Ross] - “This is becoming more doormat than welcome mat” ©1985 Sat. Feb. 9, 1985 [muddied Open Meetings Act rug in front of closed State Revenue Meeting door] - “First class. Middle class. Economy” ©1985 Sun. Feb. 10, 1985 [Ronald Reagan serving champagne to general on airplane, with man squeezed into seat behind, economy falling out open door. Pencil caption ‘Budget travelers.’ Pencil study on verso with caption ‘Ronald Reagan Budget Airways’] - “Alaska literature quiz [...]”©1985 Tues. Feb. 12, 1985 [North Slope Borough Audit; Eugene Brower contracts to campaign contributors] - “Attention – in order to simulate true arctic battle conditions, we’ll be moving the Brimfrost exercises to the Lower 48” ©1985 [soldiers in field] - “Well, it looks like the general underestimated troop strength after all. The Viet Cong? CBS” ©1985 [William Westmoreland suit against Mike Wallace over Vietnam documentary] - “Their craving for mind-altering substances threatens them, their loved ones, and society at large – The Chemical People” ©1985 Sat. Feb. 16, 1985 [movie poster, Soviet bear and Ronald Reagan with chemical weapons] - “Tell Senator Abood that an expert witness has arrived bearing testimony in favor of the APOC” ©1985 Sun. Feb. 17, 1985 [North Slope with three daggers in back labeled Questionable Campaign Finances. Pencil study on verso] - “Wouldn’t you know it, we reach the market just in time for the fare cuts” ©1985 Thurs. Feb. 21, 1985 [extraterrestrials in Amber Lights Discount Airways space ships over Anchorage] - “Tell John Wood we’re having second thoughts about his proposal to allow churches to build wherever they find a lot” ©1985 Saturday Feb. 23, 1985 [Future Home of Gay Church for the Worship of God across street from Moral Majority Headquarters. Print] - “Shoot, at this rate it’s going to be cheaper to fly to Muldoon” ©1985 Sunday Feb. 24, 1985 [couple at bus stop reading newspaper headlined ‘Smith Proposes Bus Fare Hike’] - “Could I call your attention to another group of Ethiopians who seem to have left the country?” ©1985 February 25, 1985 [starving child pointing out Famine Victims grave to Ethiopia Government shaking fist at departing airplane] - “Another set of politically unacceptable numbers” ©1985 Thurs. Feb. 28, 1985 [doctor holding ‘Physicians Report 20,000,000 Americans Suffering Hunger’, with ‘Vietnam Troop Counts’ report in corner] 1985 March - “Hey, whoa! I don’t think they’re after us this time” ©1985 Saturday March 2, 1985 [wolves running from airplanes shooting at Alaska Railroad train running into moose on tracks] - “With socialism infiltrating every corner of state government, Alaskans can take comfort knowing that one bastion of free enterprise stands unthreatened. Under our campaign finance laws, politicians are easy to buy and sell” ©1985 Sunday Mar. 3, 1985 - “U.S. Army arctic survival tips: how to use your government issue uniform to stay warm” ©1985 3-3-85 [soldiers burning clothes on camp fire] - “Camel in the trail” ©1985 Wed. March 5, 1985 [sic] [State Revenue musher and dog team running into OPEC Instability camel] - “Oil isn’t the only precious commodity they’re running out of” ©1985 [Legislature wasting time while Mickey Mouse Session Limit wall clock ticks down] - “Wonders of nature department: the mayor takes a shower... and the city gets soaked” ©1985 Sat. March 9, 1985 [Tony Knowles showering, resident with $5000 bill. Print] - “Well, here’s the problem – we’ve been putting the wrong thing in our silo” ©1985 Sunday March 10, 1985 [couple on farm reading newspaper headlined ‘Farm Bill Vetoed, MX To Be Funded’] - “One last appalling Nazi experiment: Transform confirmed war criminals into American citizens” ©1985 Tues. March 12, 1985 [man in overcoat coming out of U.S. Intelligence; Arthur L. H. Rudolph?] - ©1985 March 14, 1984 [sic] [Declining Oil Revenue gorilla forcing Alaska to say ‘Uncle’ while Uncle Sam looks on helplessly] - “Campaign finance reform? Nah, politicians shouldn’t have to jump through a bunch of procedural hoops” ©1985 Sunday March 17, 1985 [people jumping through zeros in Campaign Spending $100000000. Pencil study on verso] - “Cut and diluted: Cocaine. Life expectancy” ©1985 Tues. March 19, 1985 - “It’s the only place in the world where the house takes all the risk” ©1985 Sat. March 23, 1985 [men gambling on State Grants to Municipalities slot machine] - “’I still believe in the old traditional bond of marriage’ – Sen. Paul Fischer explaining his vote against criminalization of marital rape” ©1985 Sunday March 24, 1985 [man holding onto woman wrapped head-to-toe in chains. Print] - ©1985 Tues. March 26, 1985 [Uncle Sam impaled on Pentagon-head screw being tightened by Boeing Tool Prices wrench] - “Gentlemen, your refusal to fund the MX could lead to a weakening of the U.S. ... oops... wrong bargaining speech” ©1985 March 28, 1985 [Max Kampelman sitting at conference table with Soviet delegation; nuclear arms talks] - “We can’t stop it – it claims that ‘innocent Anchorage driver’ is a contradiction in terms” ©1985 Sat. March 30, 1985 [staff of Division of Motor Vehicles Computer Dept. drowning in Suspensions being spit out by mainframe] - “Life in the fast lane” ©1985 Sunday March 31, 1985 [driver in Accelerated Road Program race car headed toward State Construction Budget and Cost Increases potholes on racetrack] 1985 April - “Well, the campaign laws are useless but maybe we can nail them on a litter rap” ©1985 [man shoveling paper money out of North Slope Companies truck into hands of politicians] - “No problem, we’ll just have them kick in their unused campaign funds” ©1985 April 4, 1985 [couple passing group of politicians shaking last drop out of Oil Revenue barrel] - “Senator Kelly is right – they don’t posture as much behind closed doors as they do in public” ©1985 Saturday April 6, 1985 [lizard and bat with ‘We Pledge Open Government’ sign being booted out of More Secret Budget Talks. Bat figure is glued-on copy of original drawing] - “Jeez, between the potholes and the tax rolls Anchorage land is vanishing faster than ever” ©1985 Sunday April 7, 1985 [man helping driver out of sinkhole in street] - “Assemblyman Jones and the doomed temple” ©1985 Tues. April 9, 1985 [Jones outside 4 th Avenue Theater wondering whether to save the building, ‘Revenge of the Care Bears’ advertised on marquee] - “Oil slick” ©1985 Sunday April 14, 1985 [driver in Accelerated Roads Program car skidding on Revenue Declines oil spill] - “Fuel additive” ©1985 Thurs. April 18, 1985 [Uncle Sam bringing Oil Export Ban bottle to US- Japan Trade Deficit race car] - “Slashing” ©1985 Thurs. April 18, 1985 [blind Justice holding scales and broken Nosslinger Deportation hockey stick; Nicolo Nosslinger] - “Zoning: Residential. Commercial. Twilight” ©1985 Sat. April 20, 1985 [Anchorage Historic Homes levitating in twilight zone] - “Never fear dearest – we can always get by on what I make in ‘loans’ and campaign contributions” ©1985 Sat. April 20, 1985 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Freshmen Legislators Vow Pay Cut’] - “Without even leaving the ground” ©1985 Sun. April 21, 1985 [man painting caribou kill symbols on Federal Bureaucracy helicopter with hand-crank propellers] - “Looks counterfeit” ©1985 Tues. April 23, 1985 [Congress looking at ‘Aid to Contras’ dollar bill with portrait of George Washington dressed as guerilla] - “Souvenir of Bitburg” ©1985 Thurs. April 25, 1985 [Ronald Reagan with black eye; World War II commemoration at German military cemetery] - “Pick the message of desertion: ‘No’ to millions in aid to Contras. ‘No’ to billions in aid to U.S. citizens” ©1985 Sat. April 27, 1985 - “Outrageous prices for the Governor’s Mansion: new fireproofing, new plumbing, redecoration, $2 million. New governor, $2-3 million” ©1985 Sunday April 28, 1985 [Estimated Campaign Costs treasure chest] - “Boundaries: Too tight. Too loose” ©1985 [Fairbanks Office Lease Area Limits, Sheffield Administration Ethical Limits. Print] - “The famine in South Africa” ©1985 Tues. April 30, 1985 [starving men casting shadows labeled Justice, Hope, Patience] 1985 May - “Pandora’s treasure chest” ©1985 Saturday May 4, 1985 [Alaska Campaign Laws box releasing monsters labeled Fairbanks Office Flap, VECO Affair, North Slope Scandal, Campaign Contributions as Personal Income] - “Hey, hey you leeches, you parasites on the public purse... When you gonna pay your way?!!! Easy Don, easy – that’s a school bus” ©1985 Sunday May 5, 1985 [Don Smith. Print] - “So, the big question is: was he in Vegas when the Legislature suddenly came up with that extra $136.1 million?” ©1985 May 9, 1985 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Ray Mum on Mystery Trips to Seattle, Las Vegas’; Bill Ray] - “More honorary degrees for Alaska politicians [...]”©1985 Sat. May 11, 1985 [Don Bennett, Bill Sheffield, Eugene Brower, Legislature. Print] - “What he does on his own time is his business” ©1985 Sun. May 12, 1985 [small man sitting on Mitch Abood’s lap, holding bloody Flood Smear ax; Joe Flood] - “The Senate stands adjourned” ©1985 Tues. May 14, 1985 [man standing with pants around ankles, pant legs labeled ‘Ethics Bill, Pay Raise, Subsistence Bill.’ Print] - “North Slope crude, refined” ©1985 [oil barrels filled with Conflicts of Interest, Double Billing, and Overcharges turned into Campaign Contributions] - “Good heavens Igor, we forgot the brains” ©1985 Thurs. May 16, 1985 [Senate and House creating Massive Unread Appropriations Bill monster] - “Hey, just be glad the Air Force didn’t name something after us – their coffeepots run up to $7000” ©1985 Sat. May 18, 1985 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Lawmakers OK $40,000 for U.S.S. Alaska Ceremonies,’ with ‘$2000 for Coffee Service.’ Print] - “Back to the earth in Philadelphia” ©1985 Sun. May 19, 1985 [police standing in smoldering ruins; bombing of MOVE] - “Fish lands world-class angler” ©1985 Tues, May 21, 1985 [Senate crushed by Subsistence salmon] - “Remember when looking after a statue meant cleaning up after pigeons?” ©1985 Thurs. May 23, 1985 [giant Legislature vulture perched on ‘Nimbus’ statue by Robert Murray. Alternate caption in pencil on verso] - ©1985 Sat. May 25, 1985 [wealthy couple walking into theater showing ‘Ronald Reagan’s America, Rated RR 1 in 5 Children Not Admitted,’ homeless person on sidewalk next to poster] - “To heck with scholarships, let’s leave the money lying around a few more years and buy a battleship” ©1985 Sunday May 26, 1985 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Alaska Schoolkids’ Navy Fund Grows to $47,750’] - “And now, to close a few loopholes” ©1985 Thurs. May 30, 1985 [Ronald Reagan holding Tax Reform brand facing Special Interest cattle throwing lassoes] 1985 June - “Alaska’s campaign contribution law is a sham! [...]”©1985 [Mitch Abood with Unlimited Contribution Proposal. Print] - ©1985 Sat. June 1, 1985 [military brass at desk with ashtray with $659 price tag, sign on wall ‘Thank You for Not Smoking’. Pencil study on verso] - “Progress: Roman times, athletes battled to the death to entertain the crowd. Today, spectators incur the fatalities” ©1985 Sunday June 2, 1985 [gravestones for Brussels and Detroit; Heysel Stadium Disaster] - “It was the human thing to do – it was only a matter of time before he drank from one of our creeks” ©1985 June 4, 1985 [men carrying bear carcass in Anchorage] - “The headwaters of Little Campbell Creek” ©1985 Thurs. June 6, 1985 [toilet] - “Bomb in the Capitol” ©1985 Sat. June 8, 1985 [Bill Sheffield holding Appropriations $50,000,000 Over Revenues bomb while Legislature covers ears] - ©1985 Sunday June 9, 1985 [Frank Ferguson in jail for drunk driving, singing to tune of ‘Tom Dooley’. Print] - “Thank goodness George Sullivan wants his hat back” ©1985 Tues. June [11], 1985 [elephants trying to throw hats in ring, bouncing off giant hat in center. Print] - “Awright, this is a stickup! Ummm, why should I be afraid of a lousy water pistol? ‘Cause I filled it in Fish Creek!” [bank robber. Print] - “Here Cap, this is for the dashboard” ©1985 [Ronald Reagan handing ‘Biblical Defense of Defense Spending’ cross to driver of Defense Budget tank] - “Comrade, are you sure our Navy spies can be trusted? According to these plans they gave us, the ashtrays alone cost $660” [Soviets looking at Top Secret fighter jet plans] - “Take a Sentimental Journey Dept.: ‘Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I just believe a spy ought to be shot’ – Ted Stevens” ©1985 Sat. June 15, 1985 [television cameraman filming execution by firing squad] - “Slides from Ortega’s Moscow trip [...]”©1985 Sunday June 16, 1985 [Daniel Ortega, Sandinistas. Print] - “Nuclear issues quiz: 1. Define half life. The minimum time I hope to live before the bomb drops”©1985 June 18, 1985 - “Gold for performance on the rings” ©1985 Thurs. June 20, 1985 [Anchorage Olympic Delegation] - “Dr. Science [...]”©1985 Sat. June 22, 1985 [Ronald Reagan, MX missiles, Chemical Weapons Bill] - “Hey Dad, let’s go down to Campbell Creek and catch some ... Diseases” ©1985 Sunday June 23, 1985 [parent finishing child’s sentence] - “Godzilla meets Wasilla” ©1985 June 25, 1985 [City Council dinosaur pulling up trees; Peter Zamarello] - “Tell the pilot that we have about seven different groups here that want to take the plane hostage. Pilot? What pilot?” ©1985 Sat. June 29, 1985 [Lebanon airplane] - “Bedtime for Rambo: the U.S. House, Ronald Reagan and the people of Nicaragua [...]”©1985 Sunday June 30, 1985 [movie poster] 1985 July - “I hear the Fairbanks office people may call Governor Sheffield to testify in their suit to get the lease back [...]”©1985 [men jogging. Stain on drawing] - “One more service-connected disability” ©1985 Tues. July 2, 1985 [man with arm in ‘No Lawyers for Service-Related Claims’ sling, Supreme Court running away with gavel] - “Another dubious state building lease” ©1985 July 4, 1985 [Governor’s Mansion falling apart with Bill Sheffield as tenant] - “What? Bench my star player?” ©1985 Sat. July 6, 1985 [Bill Sheffield with oxygen tank throwing Shively Resignation in trash, John Shively wrapped in bandages and using cane. Print] - ©1985 Sun. July 7, 1985 [Bill Sheffield sitting on Executive Branch of tree with Root of All Evil labeled ‘Million Dollar Campaign, Lower 48 Fundraisers $100,000 Loan, Fairbanks Office Deal’. Pencil study for different cartoon on verso] - “What a summer – late spring, all that rain, streams polluted, bears on the prowl – what could possibly go wrong next?” ©1985 Tues. July 9, 1985 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Watermelons Banned’] - “Our founding father, who art in heaven...” ©1985 July 11, 1985 [Edwin Meese praying at bedside] - “We in the People’s Republic are very interested in a Western-style capitalist investment in Alaska timber [...]”©1985 Sat. July 13, 1985 [Chinese questioning communist-socialist policies] - “’I made my own money, and that’s where I wanted to spend it’ – Gov. Sheffield on his 1982 campaign” ©1985 Sun. July 14, 1985 [Bill Sheffield in dollar sign-shaped stocks] - “Why is it called a code? Because so few in Juneau seem to understand it” ©1985 Tues. July 16, 1985 [father and son watching television, newspaper headlined ‘Legislators Expected to Pass Ethics Code’] - “A word to the wise doctor – when selling this to the administration, don’t refer to Mars as the ‘Red Planet’” ©1985 July 18, 1985 [scientist presenting on Joint U.S.-U.S.S.R. Mars Expedition] - “Whatsa matter Iacocca? Don’t you believe in government bail-outs for auto companies anymore?” ©1985 Saturday July 20, 1985 [Lee Iacocca in Chrysler car rear-ending Ford and GM in Fuel Economy Standard car] - “Campbell Creek Classic. New Formula” ©1985 Sunday July 21, 1985 [man holding soda can, ‘Now With Coliform’] - “The Alaska Power Authority developing an alternate energy resource” ©1985 July 23, 1985 [lineman warming hands on Operating Budget fire burning Capital Budget telephone poles] - “On site with the Alyeska Sludge Disposal Team [...]”©1985 Sat. July 27, 1985 [arguing about definition of sludge. Print] - “Tell me again why they call it ‘protectionism’” ©1985 [State Revenue and Federal Revenue run over by Oil Export Ban tank] - ©1985 Tues. July 30, 1985 [crosses in cemetery. Drawing scratched on black film. With print captioned ‘The new South Africa homelands program’] B3 1985 August - “One funeral the South African government is still encouraging” ©1985 Sat. Aug. 3, 1985 [man digging grave of South African Government] - “Bill Sheffield! Did you chop down that cherry tree? I cannot recall...” ©1985 Sunday Aug. 4, 1985 [Sheffield Administration tree] - “President Reagan, aides, and members of Congress struggle with the family dog, Luckless” ©1985 Tues. Aug. 6, 1985 [Deficit bulldog. Print] - “We in the Senate resolve to condemn favoritism in any state leasing process. Except this one...” ©1985 Thurs. Aug. 8, 1985 [man tossing out Fairbanks Office file] - “A page from the Alaska Drug Enforcement notebook [...]” ©1985 Sat. Aug. 10, 1985 [aerial surveillance misidentifying potato crop as marijuana plants. Print mounted on ruled paper] - “Central America. Extreme America” ©1985 Sunday Aug. 11, 1985 [Contra guerilla fighter] - “More pollutants discovered in Anchorage waters” ©1985 [man brushing teeth as Surprise Pila Fees monster crawls out of sink] - “Moral Majority meets immoral minority” ©1985 Tues. Aug. 13, 1985 [Jerry Falwell greeting P.W. Botha in office] - “Dinosaurs of the North Slope [...]” ©1985 Aug. 15, 1985 [Scandalous Rex, Revenuesaurus, Utilidoricus, Shelloilicus. Print mounted on ruled paper] 1985 September - “Anchorage braces for its next major earthquake” ©1985 Sept. 10, 1985 [man with head in Sand bucket, newspaper headlined ‘Geologists: Anchorage Still Not Prepared for Earthquakes’] - “Back to the future” ©1985 [Alaska riding in car being driven by OPEC, speeding over downward curve of Oil Prices] - “We have the right to remain silent, anything you said will not be held against you...” ©1985 Thurs. Sept. 12, 1985 [Alaska Supreme Court judge presiding over Ketchikan Judge Gucker; George “Jerry” Gucker private censure. Print] - “Giving ‘till it hurts” ©1985 [Contribution Limit being squeezed by squid with tentacles labeled Family Gifts, Off-Year Contributions, Contributions from Businesses Affiliates Employees, Multiple Contributions Through Union Locals] - “Blind? Nah, she wears those so nobody will recognize her” ©1985 [Justice wearing sunglasses, carrying Private Censure sword and State-Paid Fees For Disciplined Judges money bag outside of Ketchikan Court System] - “Looks like we’ll have to change cocaine’s street name from ‘snow’ to ‘termination dust’” ©1985 Tues. Sept. 24, 1985 [men walking, newspaper headlined ‘Study: Cocaine a Killer’] - “High adventure on Alaska’s perilous waters: Steve Mahay, 38, runs Susitna’s Devil’s Canyon. Joey Brown, 2, nearly drinks from Fish Creek” ©1985 Saturday Sept. 28 [pollution] - “Fierce? Heck no, that’s his stomach growling” ©1985 Sunday Sept. 29, 1985 [APOC watchdog with small Funding bone] 1985 October - “Democracy is a wonderful system – where else can one guy’s vote count for four?” ©1985 Thursday Oct. 3 [election workers watching 25% Turnout man walk away. Pencil study on verso] - “Coin toss becomes traditional method of settling Alaska campaigns” ©1985 [people throwing coin money into air] - “The ‘80’s: Alaska votes its pocketbook. Alaska gives pocketbooks the vote” ©1985 [newspaper box with headline ‘Alaska Goes For Reagan’, man with Excessive Campaign Spending money bag for head] - “How bad is that stuff anyway? I dunno, but it looks like it ate a hole in the permit” ©1985 [workers at Alyeska Wastewater Treatment Plant over Unregulated Pollutants storm drain] - “One more unacceptable form of racial discrimination: arms race over human race” ©1985 - “A disturbing trend: inexplicable assaults [...]” ©1985 [road rage, supermarket rage, ‘Wasilla home attacked after rape suspect agrees to go to trooper station’] - “Borrowing stalemate continues in Washington” ©1985 [donkey and elephant arm wrestling, with Social Security Recipients and Federal Employees caught in the squeeze] - “Dangit Paw, here come the Revenuers agin’” ©1985 Sun. Oct. 13, 1985 [Senate and House moonshiners with State Spending still approached by man with ‘Revenue Forecasts Down $179 Million’ report] - “Changing the face of Anchorage: Skywalks. Skydives” ©1985 Tues. Oct. 15, 1985 [pedestrian overpass, Municipality falling with tiny Federal Revenue and State Revenue parachutes] - “Wild life habitat” ©1985 Thurs. Oct. 17, 1985 [people partying and dumping trash at Connors Bog] - “They huffed and they puffed and it blew my house down” ©1985 Sat. Oct. 19, 1985 [Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi with report, ‘U.S. Hijack Response, Polemical Tone to Blame for Collapse’] - “Multiple choice: identify this group shrinking in terror of ‘unmerchandised area’ in the downtown mall: A. Mall shoppers. B. Mall developers” ©1985 Tues. Oct. 22, 1985 - “Hillside strangler” ©1985 Thurs. Oct. 24, 1985 [man choking while reading newspaper headlined ‘Septic Systems Failing on Hillside, Water Quality Threatened’] - “Principal over politics” ©1985 Sat. Oct. 26, 1985 [man sitting on ‘Big Campaign Spenders = Campaign Winners’ money bag, overlooking man on smaller bag] - “Gridlock at the U.N.” ©1985 Sunday Oct. 27, 1985 [Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev facing off in cars. Pencil and ink study on verso] - “Quaint customs of the Far North: where those who give out the treats wear the disguises” ©1985 Oc.t 31, 1985 [Halloween monsters Hidden Giving Through Loopholes and Laundered Campaign Funds handing out money] 1985 November - “Jeez, this airborne particulates problem is getting ridiculous” ©1985 [pieces of Soviet space debris falling over Anchorage] - “An arms race we’d like to see” ©1985 Sunday Nov. 3, 1985 [Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev racing to summit of World Opinion while challenging each other to arms reductions] - “Umm, isn’t Halloween over?” ©1985 November 5, 1985 [Grim Reaper going door-to-door with Death Penalty Initiative] - ©1985 Thurs. Nov. 7, 1985 [sea creatures reading newspaper headlined ‘Humphrey: I was Kidnapped, Drugged, Forced to Swim the Sacramento’; Humphrey the Whale] - “Nope, still not getting the picture” ©1985 Sat. Nov. 9, 1985 [Ted Stevens watching Honeywell Ad Conflict on television as workman adjusts antenna on his head. Print] - “Monuments: Washington. Lincoln. Reagan” ©1985 Sunday Nov. 10, 1985 [Ronald Reagan riding money-eating goat named Deficit] - “Senator Ray, could you comment on your Seattle trip of last month? I was there on the people’s business. Which was? None of your business” ©1985 [Bill Ray. Print] - “And you thought the migration of the lemmings was wild” ©1985 Nov. 12, 1985 [elephants stampeding toward Gubernatorial Primary, including Joe Hayes, Dick Randolph, Arliss Sturgulewski] - “Trick, or treat?” ©1985 [elephant answering door, Dick Randolph on doorstep] - “What did it say? It wished me well” ©1985 Thurs. Nov. 15, 1985 [people with Capital Projects Request Lists lined up at State Wishing Well] - “The National Park Service marks its boundaries” ©1985 Saturday Nov. 16, 1985 [sic] [Closed Subsistence Meeting dog urinating on Open Government fire hydrant. Print] - “Here it is – ‘Consumption: a progressive wasting away of the body’” ©1985 Sunday Nov. 17, 1985 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Study: Heart Threatened by Coffee Consumption, Double Tax Urged: Group Seeks to End Cigarette Consumption’] - “It looks innocent...but it’s actually a can of worms” ©1985 Tues. Nov. 19, 1985 [Potential Conflicts popping out of Unlimited Gifts to the Governor can] - “Test ban treaty? We thought you said press ban treaty” ©1985 Thurs. Nov. 21, 1985 [Ronald Reagan with arm around Mikhail Gorbachev] - “News item: Gov. Sheffield, 8 legislators huddle behind closed doors to discuss the ’86-’87 budget” ©1985 Sat. Nov. 23, 1985 [hiding behind door as Revenue Declines monster lurks outside] - “The boy who cried wolf” ©1985 Sun. Nov. 24, 1985 [shepherd Ted Stevens holding Permanent Fund calf, calling for Susitna wolf] - “I read where Don Regan said that meetings like the summit are really over most women’s heads [...]” ©1985 Tues. Nov. 26, 1985 [husband hoping wife could explain politics to him. Pencil study on verso] - “Henry! There’s no need for that – the I.R.S. will do it for you!” ©1985 Sat. Nov. 30 [man burning 1040 form, wife with newspaper headlined ‘Tax Forms Lost, Destroyed by IRS Employees’] 1985 December - “Horrors of the deep: Giant squid. Great white shark. Commercial fishing safety record” ©1985 Sun. Dec. 1, 1985 - ©1985 Dec. 3, 1985 [Uncle Sam opening mail, Congressional Mass Mailing Expenses envelope promising ‘You may have already lost $144,00,000 in the Congressional Clearinghouse Giveaway’] - “Richter scale: how property lines are drawn on the Turnagain slide” ©1985 Thurs. Dec. 5, 1985 [seismograph] - “Computers: Apple. Lemon” ©1985 Sat. Dec. 7, 1985 [State Criminal Justice Computer] - “It says ‘Merry Christmas from Bill Sheffield. Please send $1.00 to me, care of the Governor’s Mansion, and mail copies of this card to 5 friends. Do not break the chain’” ©1985 Dec. 8, 1985 [couple reading mail] - “Soviet spy? Nah, he’s afraid they’ll ask what we charge the Pentagon for a rivet” ©1985 Thurs. Dec. 13, 1985 [man collapses after reading newspaper headlined ‘Government Employees, Contractors to Face Lie Detector Tests’] - “Gosh, how exciting! Whatever shall we do with our windfall?” ©1985 Sat. Dec. 14, 1985 [Ted Stevens and Legislature with TAPS Settlement, sheik on OPEC Prices flying carpet coming in for crash landing] - “Bernie, please...this is madness! Nothing stops the Alaska Railroad” ©1985 Sun. Dec. 15, 1985 [two moose tying woman to tracks. Print] - “Predicting the weather: Heavy frost buildup - early winter. Heavy fur buildup - severe winter. Heavy missile buildup - nuclear winter” ©1985 - “Here’s the problem – burned out bulb” ©1985 Dec. 17, 1985 [man and woman fixing string of lights labeled ‘Power Subsidies’, State Energy Policy man with broken light bulb head] - “The Hidden Lake salmon run” ©1985 Tues. Dec. 17, 1985 [Fish and Game man running from fish tsunami] - “Quick! He’s headed back for the chimney!” ©1985 Thurs. Dec. 19, 1985 [couple watching Santa Claus take State Workers’ Pay Raise present out from underneath the Christmas tree] - “Drunk? Nah, they’re just trying to figure out where the fourth lane went” ©1985 Sat. Dec. 21, ’85 [traffic at intersection of C Street and 36 th Avenue] - “The trick is not to inhale” ©1985 Sunday Dec. 22, ’85 [man wearing gas mask holding sign, ‘Jury Still Out on Smoking’] - “So...antiquated equipment, no brakes, no cockpit voice recorder, no fire extinguisher, and I see you also flunked the pilot’s physical” ©1985 Tues. Dec. 24, 1985 [FAA Inspection of Santa Claus and his sleigh] - “Look at the bright side – we can bill ourselves as the world’s largest natural luge run” ©1985 Thurs. Dec. 26, 1985 [pedestrians on icy sidewalk reading newspaper headlined ‘Weather Service Predicts Slop for Olympic Visitors’] - “’I feel it is an effective way to communicate informally... everyone was gone by 9 o’clock’ – Sen. Murkowski on a series of $1,000 fund-raising dinners” ©1985 Saturday Dec. 28, ’85 [Frank Murkowski manning the drive-through window at Murkdonald’s. Print] - “No sign of him yet?” ©1985 Sun. Dec. 29, ’85 [Santa Claus trying to stuff Contested Unpaid State Taxes bag down narrow Tax Appeals Process chimney] - “The rare books collection” ©1985 [Head Librarian Tony Knowles clasping ‘Loussac Overruns’ book to chest at reference desk] 1986 January - “Dang! Where is a $700 toilet seat when you really need one?” ©1986 Saturday Jan. 4, 1986 [U.S.A.F. Parts Procurement Dept. getting ‘Urgent Communiqué: Spend! Spend! Spend!’] - “News item: Alaska bears gunned down because of their ‘terrors of the North’ image [...]” ©1986 [Abdul Ak-Bear, Kodi Ak-Bear, Teddy Bear] - “News item: Falwell bottoms out in national polls, changes organization’s name” ©1986 Tues. Jan. 7, 1985 [sic] [Jerry Falwell, Moral Majority] - “The color purple” ©1985 Thurs. Jan. 9, 1985 [i.e. 1986] [man with Racism in Anchorage black eye] - “Isn’t he supposed to be digging us out?” ©1986 Saturday Jan. 11, 1985 [sic] [Red Dog Infighting rescue dog shoveling snow over Willie Hensley of NANA and George Ahmaogak of North Slope Borough. Print] - “How to terrorize Libya” ©1986 Sunday Jan. 12, 1985 [sic] [Libyan flagged ship lamenting Dramamine embargo] - “If the cost of a smear is only $5,000, what’s your good name worth? $5,000 – plus postage” ©1985 Thurs. Jan. 16, 1986 [sic] [couple passing newspaper box with headline ‘Couple to pay $5000 for flier; Sara Clossey Norris and Joe Norris] - “Psycho III: Gramm-Rudman [...]” ©1986 Sat. Jan. 18, 1986 [movie poster; Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act] - “We’re headin’ north to take our chances with the aerial hunts” ©1986 Sun. Jan. 19, 1986 [dogs and cats around gravestone with euthanasia statistic] - “Unofficial button of the 1986 Fur Rendezvous” ©1986 Thurs. Jan. 23, 1986 [Pray For Snow] - “Shave it, George – the Miami Vice appearance fell through” ©1986 Sat. Jan. 25, 1986 [George H.W. Bush with facial stubble] - “I see that the Senate State Affairs Committee wants to raise the campaign contribution limit to $2000 [...]”©1986 Sunday Jan. 26, 1986 [couple discussing price of free speech] - “The Sleeping Lady. The Comatose Lady” ©1986 Tues. Jan. 28, 1986 [Mt. Susitna, Susitna Project Financial Report] - “I still can’t get over it [...]”©1986 Thurs. Jan. 30, 1986 [exposure deaths of homeless] 1986 February - “News item: endangered species list expanded” ©1986 Saturday Feb. 1, 1986 [Gramm- Rudman-Hollings bulldozer herding Transportation Spending, Agriculture Spending, Treasury Spending, Military Spending; deficit control] - “It hurtles through the heart of Alaska, threatening all in its path: Runaway Train [...]”©1986 Sunday Feb. 2, 1985 [sic] [movie poster, Subsistence Controversy locomotive] - “Venetian blind trust” ©1986 Feb. 4, 1986 [Bill Sheffield peeking out window blinds] - “Heeeeeel Spot! Spot! Heeeeeel!” ©1986 Feb. 6, 1986 [Spot Oil Prices pulling OPEC and Alaska downhill] - “Speaking of legislative pay cuts...” ©1986 Sat. Feb. 8, 1986 [man holding money bags labeled ‘Leftover Campaign Contributions Converted to Income’ and ‘Loans Officials Re-Pay Themselves With Post-Election Fundraisers’] - “Mush” ©1986 Sun. Feb. 9, 1986 [Fur Rendezvous World Championship Sled Dog Race musher and team in rain on Fourth Avenue] - “Hold it...” ©1986 Feb. 11, 1985 [sic] [judge with gavel halting Congress clown about to send Constitutional Separation of Powers through Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Budge-o-Matic meat grinder; deficit control] - “Alaska has had enough of scandals, sweetheart deals, and cronyism [...]”©1986 [Dick Randolph with foot caught in Disclosure Oversight mop bucket] - “1986 Fur Rendezvous weight pull” ©1986 Sat. Feb. 15, 1985 [sic] [man wearing fur hat struggling to pull Snow Drought snowman on sled] - “Senate State Affairs Committee Breed Standards for Watchdogs [...]”©1986 Sunday Feb. 16, 1985 [sic] [anatomy of Campaign Finance and Disclosure Bill dog] - “Oddly enough it is a cold day here ... but no, we haven’t enough snow to run the race either” ©1986 Saturday Feb. 22, 1986 [Devil in hell talking on telephone; Fur Rendezvous] - “O.K., Buddy...let’s see you walk this line” ©1986 Sun. Feb. 23, 1986 [policeman Mitch Abood forcing Existing Campaign Law to walk curving line. Print] - “Lawmakers awaiting March revenue forecasts” ©1986 [House and Senate in bed together listening to slow drip] - “In his haste to depart, Mr. Marcos left some baggage” ©1986 Feb. 27, 1986 [Corazon Aquino looking at Ferdinand Marcos’ luggage with tags ‘Poverty’, ‘Inflation’, $26 Billion Foreign Debt’; Philippines] 1986 March - “That was close, but I’m sure St. Francis would have put in a good word for us with Brothers Bob and Dave” ©1986 Sat. March 1, 1986 [animals headed towards Alaska Zoo. Print] - “Rumor of the week: Marcos will head north to set up a campaign consulting firm” ©1986 Sun. March 2, 1986 [Ferdinand Marcos reading Alaska newspaper with headlines ‘APOC May Fine Lobbyist’, ‘Books to Close on Flood Smear’, ‘Lawmaker Transfers Money to Own Account’. Print] - “Q: What’s the only similarity between Contra ‘Freedom Fighters’ and our founding fathers? A: Both have their names on a lot of U.S. currency” ©1986 Tues. March 4, 1986 [Aid To Contras being dropped into Nicaragua] - “Mysterious reactions: Chemical. Official” ©1986 March 6, 1986 [Borden Chemical formaldehyde in railroad tanker car] - “Oooooooh, my head!” ©1986 Sat. March 8, 1986 [Oil Market with Earth-shaped head hungover from drinking Saudi Lite] - “Star Wars. Special Effects” ©1986 Sunday March 9, 1985 [sic] [Failure Cover-Ups and Phony Breakthroughs explosions] - “Our insurance companies? Assorted Insurers of America...why?” ©1986 Tues. March 11, 1986 [people about to be struck with falling Insurance Crunch safe] - “Tell me again why they call it ‘Saudi Light’” ©1986 Thurs. March 13, 1986 [State Budget crushed by Oil Glut barrel] - “’s all, folks” ©1986 Sat. March 15, 1986 [Pork Barreling pig. Print] - “Remember when the big worry about the pipeline was how it would affect animal behavior?” ©1986 Sunday March 16, 1986 [people reacting to Oil Glut knot in Trans Alaska Pipeline] - “’It would stand up as long as nobody challenged it’ – Sen. Zharoff” ©1986 March 18, 1986 [Health Based Alaska Hiring Bill patient in wheelchair and on oxygen. Print] - “It’s, it’s horrible...the terror in their eyes. The cows? The politicians” ©1986 March 20, 1986 [men outside Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse] - “Sheffield seems to be all for a blind trust when it comes to our assets” ©1986 Saturday March 22, 1986 [Private Budget Cutting Meeting with ‘Trust Us’ sign on doorknob] - “Late March 1986: in a last-ditch gamble to save the budget, bureaucrats from the Department of Revenue quietly began buying up Nenana Ice Classic tickets” ©1986 Sunday March 23, 1986 [man at ticket window] - “The over-friendly skies” ©1986 March 25, 1986 [Al Adams checking in at Lobbyist Air ticket counter, staffer wearing t-shirt reading ‘I’m Kim, Fly Me’] - “Get out there and find spring!” ©1986 Thurs. March 27, 1986 [man wearing Hawaiian shirt sending dog outside] - “Snow? More [expletive] snow?!! I thought it was spring! I’m sicka snow! Anything but snow! [volcano rumbles to life] Oops.” ©1986 Saturday March 29, 1985 [sic] - “What’s the password? Censored the open meetings act” ©1986 Sunday March 30, 1986 [man in trench coat seeking access to Private Budget Talks] 1986 April - “More evidence that oil comes from dinosaurs” ©1986 April 1, 1986 [dying OPEC dinosaurs] - “Speaking of air hazards...” ©1986 April 3, 1986 [airplane flying past Air Traffic Technician Shortage volcano erupting] - “Hello, this is Alastair Cooke [...]”©1986 Sat. April 5, 1986 [episode of ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ with Oil Prices barrel rolling down stairs] - “Military advice for Contras” ©1986 Sun. April 6, 1986 [man handing ‘A History of the Vietnam War’ book to Ronald Reagan wearing ‘I’m A Contra’ pin] - “Questions that need to be asked: Who gets more mileage out of the Enserch frequent flyer program? Legislators. Enserch” [Unsigned. Undated] - “I missed it. Did he announce for governor, or student body president?” ©1986 Sat. April 12, 1986 [Bill Sheffield addressing students in gymnasium] - “The state fossil” ©1986 Sun. April 13, 1986 [man trying to fill Alaska car gas tank with trunk of Oil Prices woolly mammoth] - “Make the most appropriate choice for state fossil: Woolly mammoth. White elephant” ©1986 Tues. April 15, 1986 [Oversize Unrealistic Public Projects elephant eating money from tub. Woolly mammoth is print copy of drawing or scratchboard illustration] - “Rated ‘X’ for violence to open government” ©1986 [movie poster for ‘Deep Cuts’ on wall outside Closed Budget Meetings door guarded by watchdog. Print] - “Zeroed out” ©1986 Thurs. April 17, 1986 [Constituents menaced by watchdog outside Closed Budget Process door] - “Whose budget benefits most from APOC cuts?” ©1986 Sunday April 20, 1986 [state map labeled ‘People of Alaska’, advertisement for ‘Sleazeball Trickit & Hyde, Creative Political Financing Our Specialty’] - “Publicly, the Contadora nations oppose our Nicaragua policy, but privately they support us [...]”©1986 Thurs. April 24, 1986 [Ronald Reagan transforming into hooded terrorist] - “Alfred Hitchhawk’s The Humans [...]”©1986 Sat. April 26, 1986 [movie poster with goose terrorized by fleet of airplanes] - “Let’s see... PCBs from Ship Creek [...]”©1986 Sat. April 26, 1986 [DEC scientists in lab looking at tiny ‘original Senate appropriation for our budget’ under microscope] - “It’s so mysterious [...] The Peters Creek benzene? The budget” ©1986 Sunday April 27, 1986 [woman describing budget process] - “Poo doggie looks hungry. Wanna bone? Here, take this” ©1986 Tuesday April 29, 1986 [Senate wedging APOC watchdog’s mouth open with ‘Reform’ bone] 1986 May - “News item: Faced with a barrage of environmental crises, one state official advised ‘Stay inside, don’t breathe the air, don’t drink your water and sue the Russkies’” ©1986 Tues. May 3, 1986 [map of Alaska with gas mask on western coast facing U.S.S.R. across Bering Sea] - “Spring fashions, the Eighties look: PCBs, radioactive clouds got you down? The Moonsuit: roomy, comfortable, and so practical. Accessories: volcanic ash masks, Geiger counters” ©1986 Sat. May 3, 1986 [with print showing modifications to final drawing] - “Running shoes: For contested races. Uncontested races” ©1986 [athletic shoes, flip flops] - “Play dead” ©1986 Sunday May 7, 1986 [Senate Majority holding gun to head of APOC watchdog] - “Drink up, it’s Hazardous Waste Spring Clean-Up Week” ©1986 May 8, 1986 [salmon in Ship Creek] - “Ballad of the Trespass Cabineer” ©1986 Sat. May 10, 1986 [man outside log cabin singing to tune of ‘This Land is Your Land’] - “I wonder how the gods are fixed for liability insurance” ©1986 Sunday May 11, 1986 [people on shore as volcanoes erupt and tsunami wave approaches] - “Looks like Bennett learned lots about communism, but not much about the constitution” ©1986 [people reading newspaper headlined ‘Lawmakers Attend Seminar on Constitution, Communism’ while being menaced by watchdogs outside Closed Budget Process walk-in safe. Print] - “Last minute arm-twisting in Juneau” ©1986 Thurs. May 15, 1986 [men pulling on hands of Mickey Mouse Session Limit clock] - “You be the shrink [...]”©1986 Sat. May 17, 1986 [choose the diagnosis for Legislature responding differently to same inkblots labeled ‘Hazardous Substance Accidents’ and ‘Industrial Water Pollution’] - “In the event of nuclear war, citizens ineligible for the shelters would be expected to rely on ‘self-help’ [...]”©1986 Sunday May 18, 1986 [father and son making ‘Ban the Bomb’ signs. Print] - “Which ball will non-graduating athletes spend their lives behind?” ©1986 May 20, 1986 [soccer ball, basketball, eight ball] - “The year 2000: as luck would have it, only two species were able to adapt to toxic chemicals in the Arctic” ©1986 May 22, 1986 [humans and mosquitoes. Print] - “Obstacle course” ©1986 Saturday May 24, 1986 [Charity Fundraisers runner approaching Revenue Declines chasm before reaching Olympics logo] - “The president’s right – there’s plenty of food around, you just have to know where to look” ©1986 Sunday May 25, 1986 [old women looking through garbage dumpster] - “And we thought getting rid of those Aleutian cows was tough” ©1986 [Sacred Cows eating from Budget trough] - “Rumor of the week: The Marcos’ $2,500 shoe bill, incurred at U.S. bases, can be explained by the fact that Imelda is a big Wizard of Oz fan” ©1986 Saturday May 31, 1986 [Imelda Marcos tapping heels together and saying ‘There’s no place like home’] 1986 June - “Return of the Wally Mammoth” ©1986 Sunday June 1, 1986 [Wally Hickel as woolly mammoth towering over elephants underneath GOP Primary banner] - “Whale songs of Prince William Sound” ©1986 Sat. June 7, 1986 [LP by The Orcas with covers of songs ‘All Shook Up,’ ‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘Cover Me’, ‘Help’, ‘Run for Your Life’] - “Pouring SALT II on the wound” ©1986 Sunday June 8, 1986 [Ronald Reagan dumping truckload of salt into Arms Race chasm, hammer and sickle on opposite side. Pencil study on verso] - “Wide load” ©1986 [truck hauling Housing Glut house towards narrow Market Tunnel] - “Dr. Strangeguv” ©1986 Thurs. June 12, 1986 [Bill Sheffield waffling on appropriating Permanent Fund profits] - “So, burning coal and gas could threaten life. Hence the term ‘fossil fuels’” ©1986 Saturday June 14, 1986 [men in diner reading newspaper headlined ‘Greenhouse Effect Truly Frightening’] - “Water pressure” ©1986 [man on lawn in yard being strangled by Shortages water hose] - “Benzene in Peter’s Creek, PCBs in Ship Creek [...]”©1986 Thurs. June 17, 1986 [couple discussing water shortages] - “OK, explain it to me one more time” ©1986 Saturday June 21, 1986 [Susitna Study Process as optical illusion water wheel. Signed by Dunlap-Shohl with “Apologies to M.C. Escher”] - “Constructive engagement ring” ©1986 Sunday June 22 [P.W. Botha of South Africa holding lead to ring in Uncle Sam’s nose] - “One financial arena where the public benefits from a high interest rate” ©1986 June 24, 1986 [people with eyes to peepholes in Campaign Financing wall] - “’I’m trying to put it behind me’ – Marco Pignalberi on his secret loan from Lew Dischner” ©1986 June 26, 1986 [man holding money behind back; North Slope Borough corruption probe] - “No parking!” ©1986 [World Court shouting down barrel of U.S. Nicaragua Policy tank parked on Nicaragua/Honduras border] - “News item: specimen bottles from a new home drug testing kit will be shipped by mail” ©1986 Sat. June 28, 1986 [drug-sniffing dog being reprimanded by handler for false positive at U.S. Post Office Drug Detection Division] - “Q: What military maneuver can we expect the Contras to practice with U.S. Aid? A: Creating a diversion” ©1986 Sunday June 29, 1986 [truck carrying money bags turning off road before reaching Contra Troops] 1986 July - ©1986 July 3, 1986 [Supreme Court shutting the door of ‘The Closet’ and hanging ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign; gay rights] - “’Let’s tour Alaska’ you said... ‘We’ll avoid terror from the mid-east’ you said” ©1986 Saturday July 5, 1986 [people panicking and car crashing after seeing newspaper headline ‘OPEC – No Agreement’] - “And you thought ‘assault on the summit’ was only a mountaineering term” ©1986 [Ronald Reagan dropping SALT II Decision and Libya Bombing bombs on American and Soviet flags on mountaintop] - “Forget my lifeline, how’s my pipeline?” ©1986 Thurs. July 10, 1986 [State Revenue with palm reader] - “Why, that was the Loan Ranger” ©1986 Sat. July 12, 1986 [Marco Pignalberi and Joe Josephson watching Lew Dischner swoop past throwing money. Print] - “Cost per barrel: Falling. Rising” ©1986 Sunday July 13, 1986 [North Slope Oil, Pork] - “I suppose a loan from Lew Dischner’s out” ©1986 July 15, 1986 [staff in computer room of Dept. of Revenue Forecast Division. Print] - ©1986 Sunday June 15, 1986 [Ronald Reagan calling Mikhail Gorbachev to get Soviet intelligence on location of Contras] - “Crunching the numbers” ©1986 Thurs. July 17, 1986 [Oil Prices monster eating Alaska State Reveno’s cereal] - “The Abominable Snowman” ©1986 July 18, 1986 [Crack dealer hitchhiking to Anchorage] - “Is the Reagan Administration prepared to give up its costume jewelry?” ©1986 Saturday July 19, 1986 [Ronald Reagan wearing ring from ‘Constructive Engagement with South Africa’ box] - “Gubernatorial candidates vying with one another for a chance to bring fiscal responsibility back to Alaska” ©1986 Sunday July 22, 1986 [sic] [Wally Hickel, Joe Hayes, Arliss Sturgulewski, Dick Randolph, Bob Richards, and Steve Cowper running toward Primaries while throwing money] - “Gubernatorial jingles: Alaska man. Ain’t misbehavin’” ©1986 Thurs. July 24, 1986 [Wally Hickel, Bill Sheffield] - “The riddle of the Sphinx” ©1986 Saturday July 26, 1986 [Alaska asking OPEC sphinx how low oil prices will go] - “What’s wrong with this picture?” ©1986 Sunday July 27, 1986 [map with Africa in shape of upside-down Ronald Reagan] - “News item: cigarette ads aimed at women identify smoking with thinness” ©1986 Sunday July 27, 1986 [skeleton smoking] 1986 August - “Arabic numerals” ©1986 [man watching coins in shape of numbers falling out of bottom of State Revenue bag. Alternate captions in pencil partially erased. Pencil study on verso for cartoon captioned ‘Finally, a bold new plan to rescue Alaska’s economy’] - “Repossession papers” ©1986 [Ronald Reagan holding OMB Budget Report in driver’s seat of Defense Build-Up tank] - “Regrettable misunderstanding at the White House” ©1986 Sunday Aug. 17, 1986 [Ronald Reagan being offered urine samples, saying ‘I asked for your analysis’] - “Identify above real estate: Zamarello Beirut holdings. Zamarello Alaska holdings” ©1986 [dog looking down on ruins of building; Peter Zamarello] - “I don’t care what it costs, we do need more cops on the Hillside” ©1986 Sunday August 24 [residents watching Jan Faiks and Arndt von Hippel fighting] - “Q: What sort of jobs program should Alaska voters watch for from gubernatorial candidates? A: Snow” ©1986 [melting snowman] - “Jeez – I haven’t seen this many people stuffed in a booth since the early ‘60’s” ©1986 August 26, 1986 [elections workers looking at political candidates in voting booth, including Steve Cowper, Arliss Sturgulewski, Joe Hayes, Dick Randolph, Wally Hickel, Bill Sheffield, Bob Richards] - “Popular constellations” ©1986 Saturday August 27, 1986 [Navy ship under way beneath Big Dipper holding $ Shore Leave Profits money bag] - ©1986 August 28, 1986 [elephant singing ‘Alaska Woman’ to Arliss Sturgulewski] - “Arabian nights” ©1986 [Alaska man dreaming of falling oil prices. Pencil study on verso] - “So, it’s Cowper and Sturgulewski [...]”©1986 Saturday August 30, 1986 [couple watching television, discussing governor’s race] - “First place includes the booby prize” ©1986 Sunday August 31, 1986 [rhinoceros wearing Economy sash waiting at Governor’s Race Finish line] 1986 September - “Barrel racing: Alaska’s traditional form of gambling” ©1986 Thurs. Sept. 4, 1986 [jockey on racehorse running from rolling oil barrel] - “Our HAL 9000 is acting up – says we’d rather not know the truth” ©1986 Saturday Sept. 6, 1986 [man on computer at Municipal Accounting Office] - “U.S.-backed red invasion” ©1986 Sunday Sept. 7, 1986 [man being chased by bottles of Deficit Brand Red Ink] - “Maybe we could talk the Cousteau Society into rescuing us” ©1986 Sept. 9, 1986 [Economy walrus and State Workers seals floating on barrel in Oil Glut sea] - “Hey, love me, love my dog” ©1986 Thursday Sept. 11, 1986 [Bill Sheffield with Red Dog Mine dog licking Steve Cowper’s face. Print] - “Just shows you don’t have to take drugs to be crazed by them” ©1986 Sat. Sept. 13, 1986 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘House Votes to Require Military to Police Drugs’] - “Hello, Alaska Department of Fish and Game? I need advice on sedating bears” ©1986 Sunday Sept. 14, 1986 [man in telephone booth surrounded by bears on Wall Street] - “Forget the Anchorage home auction – this is where the bidding gets interesting” ©1986 Tues. Sept. 16, 1986 [elephant, donkey, and Special Interests with money bags lined up outside Governor’s Mansion] - “Too close for comfort” ©1986 Sept. 18, 1986 [surveyor Loren Lounsbury unable to see Bradley Lake Conflict monster through transit. Print] - “Oh look, they named a street after Don Smith’s petition drive” ©1986 Sat. Sept. 20, 1986 [family passing Dead End sign] - “Rub the magic specimen bottle and a genie appears” ©1986 Sunday Sept. 21, 1986 [beaker from 1986 Election Kit] - “PAC Man. Ms. PAC Man” ©1986 Tues. Sept. 23, 1986 [Don Young sitting on top of tall stack of PAC Contributions money, Pegge Begich sitting on small stack] - “Heavens, Brother Porcupine, how’d you get the face full of quills? Chasin’ my [expletive] tail” ©1986 Sunday Sept. 28, 1986 [elephant and donkey looking at Libertarians porcupine with ‘O’Brannon For Governor’ balloon tied to tail; Mary Jane O’Brannon] - “Heimlich maneuver saves bear, journalist” ©1986 Sept. 30, 1986 [Uncle Sam squeezing bear, bear spitting out reporter Nicholas Daniloff] 1986 October - “You liked ‘Runaway Train,’ you’ll love ‘Runaway Railroad’, the sequel [...]”©1986 Oct. 2, 1986 [movie poster, driverless Alaska Railroad Passenger Service locomotive. Drawing stained] - “And you thought ‘wild goose chase’ was only a figure of speech” ©1986 Sunday October 4, 1986 [Goose Busters agents speeding out of Fish and Wildlife office after getting call about whaling captain receiving geese by mail; Thomas Napageak, subsistence hunting. Print] - “Behind the double eight-ball” ©1986 Sunday Oct. 5, 1986 [Steve Cowper and Arliss Sturgulewski standing behind Fiscal ’88 ball] - “Dad, is there such a thing as a man-eating plant? Only nuclear ones” ©1986 [father and son reading newspaper headlined ‘Chernobyl Plant Radiation Underestimated’] - “The drug issue in Alaska” ©1986 Thursday Oct. 9, 1986 [map of Alaska as user addicted to oil] - “It’s actually a kaleidoscope” ©1986 Oct. 9, 1986 [Ronald Reagan looking through Star Wars Vision telescope] - “The wharf project site, to include restaurants, shops, and a ‘theme park’, has been filled with rubble, asphalt, scrap metal, refrigerators, car bodies... Sounds like an Anchorage theme park already” ©1986 Saturday Oct. 11, 1986 [couple watching television] - “Curtain raising at the Performing Arts Center” ©1986 Sunday Oct. 12, 1986 [crew struggling to hoist dollar bill on stage] - “Hey, nothing sticks like drilling mud” ©1986 Oct. 14, 1986 [Arliss Sturgulewski painting with oil on wall, ‘Cowper voted to lock up coastal plain forever’] - “Hey, this isn’t rain, it’s red ink” ©1986 Tuesday Oct. 14, 1986 [Steve Cowper and Arliss Sturgulewski in storm] - ©1986 [A.O.C. skier wrapped around Europe’s Turn tree; Anchorage Olympics bid. Signed by Dunlap-Shohl with “Apologies to Chas. Addams”] - “Trapped, helpless, yearning to be free... What, another speech on the immigration bill? Nope, it’s a motion that Congress adjourn” ©1986 Sunday Oct. 19, 1986 - “We should have out in for a grant from Anchorage’s Accelerated Roads Program, eh?” ©1986 Oct. 23, 1986 [Canadian customs officials on Alcan reading newspaper headlined ’10,000 To Leave Anchorage Over Three Years’] - “The intoxicating effects of Hickel on draft” ©1986 Saturday Oct. 25, 1986 [mahout Jan Faiks struggling to steer GOP elephant] - “Halloween reading” ©1986 Sunday Oct. 26, 1986 [couple in bed, man reading Stephen King’s ‘It’, woman reading ‘Municipal Revenue Forecast by O.M.B.’] - “I hate watching a campaign degenerate into a bunch of flip remarks” ©1986 [couple watching candidates flip-flop on television] - “Oath of office, 1987: Oh, censored” ©1986 Thurs. Oct. 30, 1986 [candidate swearing at State Deficit monster] 1986 November - “They warned us about eating all that stuff” ©1986 Saturday Nov. 1, 1986 [Alaska man sick in bed after eating ‘Capital Projects’, ‘Subsidies’, and ‘Bail-Outs’ Halloween candy] - “Not much to report – just a bunch of the boys whooping it up over passing their urine tests” ©1986 Sunday Nov. 2, 1986 [man in telephone booth spying on bar customers, newspaper box with headline ‘Meese Recommends Employee Surveillance’] - “Road kill” ©1986 [blind Justice labeled Due Process run over by ‘License Suspension Without Conviction’ patrol car in pursuit of DWI car. Pencil study on verso for cartoon about Mitch Abood] - “A handshake for the victor” ©1986 Thurs. Nov. 6, 1986 [Economy crushing Steve Cowper’s hand] - “Tell me again why they call it the Pacific Ocean” ©1986 Tuesday Nov. 7, 1986 [warships and fighter jets of Soviet Build-Up and U.S. Build-Up] - “It’s almost enough to make me re-think gun control” ©1986 Saturday Nov. 8, 1986 [physician in hospital showing porcupine patient ‘Diagnosis: Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wounds to Feet’, Libertarians graph on end of bed] - “Well, we’ve been working really really hard and I think we’ve got a coalition [...]” [Jan Faiks. Print] - “Deal positively with political stress – punch out a ballot” ©1986 [voters wearing boxing gloves stepping into voting booths] - “Would you sign a petition to protest the name of the King Center? [...]”©1986 Thursday Nov. 13, 1986 [signature gatherer hounding couple, possibly Don Smith] - “Fall 1986, ‘home delinquency’ takes on a new meaning in Anchorage” ©1986 Sat. Nov. 15, 1986 [party in house for sale, people dancing with oil barrel on lawn] - “Frontiers of mad science: watch in horror as the State of Alaska performs a brain transplant on itself!” ©1986 Sunday Nov. 16, 1986 [Alaska with empty head handing brain to Brain Drain assistant] - “The opera’s hardly started, and already the fat lady is singing” ©1986 Tuesday Nov. 18, 1986 [PAC Costs Viking singing ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’; Performing Arts Center] - “Call the bomb squad! That’s who left it here” ©1986 Thursday November 20, 1986 [Assembly emergency vehicle speeding away from Mayor’s Race finish line, King Controversy bomb with short fuse] - “Mountain View and Eagle River are in the same district? What do they have in common? They don’t even touch! Which district is that anyway? The Twilight Zone” ©1985 Tues. Nov. 21, 1986 [sic] [couple watching television] 1986 December - “Remember when the big playground worry was getting your tongue frozen to the monkey bars?” [children next to sign ‘Warning: Possibly Mercury or Arsenic Contamination’. Undated. Unsigned] - “’We can no longer afford to be the prisoners of events we cannot control... we can no longer afford to say we don’t care how they do it Outside...’ We can no longer afford anything” ©1986 Dec. 2, 1986 [people listening to Steve Cowper speaking at podium] - “Has anyone thought to call Ivan Boesky?” ©1986 Dec. 4, 1986 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘U.S. Officials Wonder Where Diverted Arms Dollars Went’; Iran-Contra affair] - “That’s one small step for Moon, one giant leap for moonkind” ©1986 Saturday Dec. 6, 1986 [man with foot in mouth holding ‘Assembly Invitation to Moon-Linked Group; Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Print] - “So the president wants a special counsel to take over from Meese [...]”©1986 Dec. 7, 1986 [couple watching Ronald Reagan on television; Iran-Contra affair] - “School lunch” ©1986 Dec. 9, 1986 [Anchorage School District shopping for ‘Lean Cuisine: a $25 to $27 Million Budget Crunch’] - “Adult party games: pin the donkey on your tail” ©1986 Dec. 11, 1986 [front halves of elephants Faiks Coalition and Kelly Coalition chasing back halves of donkeys] - “You thought ‘The Fly’ was scary? Wait ‘til you hear how THIS happened” ©1986 Saturday Dec. 13, 1986 [Senate Coalition beast, part elephant, part donkey] - “You’re Ollie North?? You always get to be Ollie North!! This time, I’ll be Ollie North and you be the Iranian arms merchant. That settles it! War toys are having a bad effect on the kids!” ©1986 Sunday Dec. 14, 1986 [parents and children in front of Christmas tree] - “The ghost of Christmas past” ©1986 Tues. Dec. 16, 1986 [$600 Million Deficit pig sitting on chest of Alaska man in bed] - “The hazard of passive smoking” ©1986 Dec. 18, 1986 [Alaska passed out next to OPEN smoking Oil Glut hookah pipe] - “There is no plan for a transfer of presidential powers during surgery. They will remain in the White House basement” ©1986 Saturday Dec. 20, 1986 [reporters at briefing; Ronald Reagan] - “What Santa brings bad little children” ©1986 Sunday Dec. 21, 1986 [child throwing a tantrum after finding an oil barrel in his stocking] - “Christmas toys? Sure buddy, and I’m Eugene Hasenfus” ©1986 Tuesday Dec. 23, 1986 [Santa Claus with sleigh being search by Sandinista guerillas in Nicaragua] - “So which one is Rudolph? Can’t tell, since Chernobyl, they’ve ALL been glowing” ©1986 Dec. 25, 1986 [elves with Santa Claus’ reindeer] - “News item: commercial pilots often nod off on overnight flights” ©1986 Sunday Dec. 27, 1986 [pilot reciting ‘Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep’ with variant wording. Pencil study on verso] - “Sure I accept big donations from special interest groups. But remember, money doesn’t buy influence. It merely ensures access” ©1986 Dec. 30, 1986 [politician in office with ‘Your Contribution Welcome’ mat] 1987 January - “And here we thought fiscal conservatism was the theme of the ’86 campaign” ©1987 Sunday Jan. 4, 1987 [couple passing newspaper box with headline ‘Big Spenders Win Alaska Elections’] - “News item: new Alaska beer debuts in Juneau” ©1987 Jan. 6, 1987 [donkey and elephant drinking Prudhoe Crude-O, ‘leaves you cold sober’] - “Unidentified flying object” ©1987 January 8, 1987 [people guessing at identity of extraterrestrial in State Deficit space ship] - “It’s an Alaska tuxedo” ©1987 Sat. January 10, 1987 [man arriving at Inaugural Ball wearing oil barrel] - “Sure we’re the minority, but we’ll be the conscience of the Senate” ©1987 Sunday Jan. 11, 1987 [Senate Coalition donkey/elephant animal about to spray Raid insecticide on cricket] - “Upholding the Hypocritic Oath” ©1987 January 13, 1987 [surgeons C.I.A. and N.S.C. holding whipsaw labeled ‘Doctored Intelligence to Iraq and Iran’] - “Happy 15 th , Alaska Legislature! Noisemakers! Party games! Balloons! Birthday cards!” ©1987 January 15, 1987 [screaming legislator, arm-wrestling, Deficit balloon] - “The birds and the killer bees” ©1987 Saturday January 17, 1986 [sic] [U.S. Dept. of Education ostrich with head in sand as swarm of bees spell out ‘AIDS’] - “Where the word ‘taxidermy’ comes from” ©1987 Sunday January 18, 1987 [man’s head mounted on wall, viewer saying ‘His last words were ‘Heck, what’s wrong with new taxes?’’] - “Late March, 1987: Closed door caucuses on the state budget take a bizarre turn” ©1987 Tues. Jan. 20, 1987 [witches with cauldron, casting spell to ‘make these numbers all compute’. Print] - “A page from the KSKA listener’s guide: The State of the State address... followed by ‘Nuthin’ But the Blues’” ©1987 January 22, 1987 [Steve Cowper at podium, Cowper playing guitar] - “So what’s our zoning classification now? Combat” ©1987 Saturday Jan. 24, 1987 [Carr- Gottstein knight fighting Hickel Investment Co. knight at intersection of Huffman and New Seward. Pencil study on verso] - “The new panhandle” ©1987 Sunday Jan. 25, 1987 [map of Alaska as panhandler] - “News item: Governor fights illness while laboring over recent speeches” ©1987 Tues. Jan. 27, 1987 [Steve Cowper in bed surrounded by aides, talking about ‘Taiwan flu’] - “Keep replaying it – they don’t call him the great communicator for nothing” ©1987 Thurs. Jan. 29, 1987 [Ronald Reagan watching self on television, past budgets on floor at feet] 1987 February - “More exciting than the Peking Acrobats – if these guys fall, we all get squished” ©1987 Sunday Feb. 1, 1987 [Steve Cowper riding bicycle on tightrope while carrying Senate and House on shoulders] - “News item: Government houses in Alaska prone to sliding off their foundations: St. Michael. St. Mary’s. Juneau” ©1987 Tues. Feb. 2, 1987 [village buildings, State House Majority building sliding off Open Government pad with ‘Private Meeting’ sign on doorknob] - “Waterfowl of Potter Marsh: Ducks. Geese. Loons” ©1987 Feb. 5, 1987 [loon with pick and shovel for mining. Print] - “’You can run, but you can’t hide’ Dept.: According to astronomers, the rest of the universe is speeding away from our galaxy” ©1987 Sat. Feb. 7, 1987 [Ronald Reagan wearing space suit, holding Star Wars laser guns] - “Does the cash machine look different to you lately?” ©1987 Sunday Feb. 8, 1987 [The Banks standing next to Alaska Economy slot machine] - ©1987 Feb. 10, 1987 [Ben Grussendorf and Don Bennett singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ as Revenue graph crashes into ground nearby. Print] - “’Tulsa’, the new season – wealthy preacher Oral Roberts turns up in the shower and explains his death was all a bad dream” ©1987 Feb. 12, 1987 [takeoff on television show ‘Dallas’] - “Do they give an Oscar for casting?” ©1987 Sat. Feb. 14, 1987 [Steve Cowper and unidentified man looking up at George Sullivan as cupid] - “How’d that happen? Crossing against the green” ©1987 Sunday Feb. 15, 1987 [Ronald Regan as duck on crutches, Contras ducklings on crutches following behind] - “Frozen illusions: Anchorage. Juneau” ©1987 Tues. Feb. 16, 1985 [Ice Sculpture Contest, Legislative Optimists carving ‘OPEC Ascending’ dollar sign in Budget Sculpture Contest] - “Playing musical chairs while Rome burns” ©1987 [Ramona Barnes and Max Gruenberg dancing to ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’. Print] - “Go ahead, make my day” ©1987 Sat. Feb. 21, 1987 [man preparing to spray insect with ‘Insecticide, Caution: Misuse may create mutant superbugs’] - “Awaiting the March Hare” ©1987 [Legislature magician with Budget Magic book and March Revenue Forecasts hat] - “Iditarod ’87: in the spirit of the historic serum run, mushers carry moonsuits and respirators to the city of Nome” Sun. Feb. 22, 1987 [musher and dog team in moonlight. Unsigned. Scratchboard] - ©1987 Tues. Feb. 24, 1987 [Uncle Sam wearing ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ t-shirt behind wheel of USA car speeding past sign, ‘Slow Energy Crisis Ahead’] - “It’s just like Acapulco – you jump off and hope the waves come in” ©1987 Sat. Feb. 28, 1987 [men atop Oil Price Forecasts cliff] 1987 March - ©1987 Sunday March 1, 1987 [NSC driving Foreign Policy car with sign ‘President in Trunk’] - “The real Star Wars gap” ©1987 March 3, 1987 [Ronald Reagan standing in doorway of dressing room, flowers and rave reviews piled up outside of Mikhail Gorbachev’s dressing room] - “The new math” ©1987 Thurs. March 5, 1987 [School Board, Assembly, and Employees students looking at falling Revenue graph on blackboard] - “Crockett and Tubbs are helpless. Weird as it is, it’s perfectly legal” ©1987 [Don Young headed off on Expense Paid Cruise] - “Legal Loopholes Dept.: ‘When they had horse thieves they hung them. They also hung a few innocent people, too, but they should have never been there when the horse was stolen’ – Mitch Abood justifying the death penalty” ©1987 Sunday March 8, 1987 [Abood with noose. Print] - “Where the term ‘phony’ comes from” ©1987 Tues. March 10, 1987 [man looking at ‘azure waters’ on cover of Anchorage Phone Book] - “In an unusual compromise on the Hill today, Congress gave the President his Star Wars money provided he uses it to shoot the Contras into space” ©1987 Thurs. March 12, 1987 [reporter outside U.S. Capitol] - “Just another of his crazy gags” ©1987 Saturday March 14, 1987 [Ronald Reagan with ‘I’ve Lost My Voice’ gag in mouth, man holding up ‘Laugh’ sign] - “Airsickness” ©1987 Sunday March 15, 1987 [Plutonium Shipments jet landing] - “It’s local hire. Politicians will only be bought by the locals” ©1987 Tues. March 17, 1987 [diner customers reading newspaper headlined ‘Judge Bans Out-of-District Contributions’. Print] - “Who says you can’t run from the law?” ©1987 March 19, 1987 [elephant with ‘Please Give’ bag leaving ‘Juneau City Limits, No Fund-Raisers During Legislative Session’] - “Look at the upside, Tony... you’re the first politician around to actually cut the state deficit” ©1987 Sat. March 21, 1987 [Steve Cowper talking to Tony Knowles with Municipal Revenue Sharing check in hand. Print] - “Swenson’s not gonna like this...” ©1987 Sunday March 22, 1987 [sourdoughs snowshoeing past sign, ‘Welcome to Womanley Hot Springs, Home of Iditarod Champions’; Rick Swenson. Print] - “Senator Sackett, weren’t your contributors upset that you spent their money and didn’t even run? Not at all. We’ve told you guys time and again, people don’t expect anything of us when they contribute. I met their expectations” ©1987 Tues. March 24, 1987 [John Sackett] - “The ‘slow and steady’ strategy catches on” ©1987 Thurs. March 26, 1987 [Mayor’s Race candidates as turtles, with Dave Walsh chained to Voluntary Campaign Restrictions ball-and- chain, Red Boucher hiding in shell] - “Symbols: Christianity. Television evangelism” ©1987 Sat. March 28, 1987 [Christian fish, large fishes devouring smaller fishes. With overlay] - “The Stockholm Syndrome: the peculiar sympathy of a hostage for his captors. The Juneau Syndrome: the curious desire to remain a hostage” ©1987 Sunday March 29, 1987 [man with Oil Market ball-and-chain and ‘No Taxes, No Way’ sign] - “In spite of establishment resistance, the new openness policy seems alive. Think ol’ Gorbachev can pull it off? Gorbachev? They’re referring to the Alaska Legislature” ©1987 March 31, 1987 [couple watching television] 1987 April - “The Courthouse Rock. To the tune of Jailhouse Rock [...]” ©1987 Sat. April 4, 1987 [judge playing 3 rd Ave Expansion drums, singing] - “Comeback tips: Never used a greased pig contest for a show of strength” ©1987 Sunday April 5, 1987 [Ronald Reagan losing grip on Highway Bill pig] - “When eagles go bad” ©1987 [eagle dropping fish on passing airplane. Signed by Dunlap- Shohl with “Apologies to Gary Larson”. With overlay] - “Trespassers? Why, these cabin owners are nothing less than modern Davy Crocketts... He’s delirious. Cabin fever” ©1987 [audience listening to Don Bennett. Print] - “Top gums” ©1987 Thurs. April 9, 1987 [toothless bald eagle, ‘Star Wars 1 st Phase 16% Effective’ written on beak; takeoff on ‘Top Gun’] - “Another $10 day. A few more like this and we’ll have the down payments on the condo” ©1987 Sat. April 11, 1987 [people selling rocks] - “Hey, if they pull that off, maybe they can negotiate a truce between Kenai setnetters and sports fishermen” ©1987 Sunday April 12, 1987 [diner customers reading newspaper headlined ‘U.S Fish Ambassador to Negotiate Opening of Soviet Waters’] - “Late May 1987: Monty Hall is coaxed out of retirement to mediate between the House, Senate, and Governor” ©1987 [Steve Cowper, Jan Faiks, and Ben Grussendorf on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’. Print] - “Mysterious forces at work in our state [...]” ©1987 Tues. April 14, 1987 [Greenhouse Effect, Fun House Effect, Poorhouse Effect, Bughouse Effect; economy] - “So do you think the oil industry is overtaxed? Well, after the wad they dropped on the last election, they probably are short on funds” ©1987 Sat. April 18, 1987 [couple at home. Pencil study on verso for different cartoon] - ©1987 Sunday April 19, 1987 [pedestrian passing banks with special gun giveaways for deposits; economy] - “The administration’s latest arms-hostage deal” ©1987 Tues. April 20, 1987 [Ronald Reagan in prison cell with Iranamok ball-and-chain, someone whispering in window about long-range missile talks] - “Budget caps” ©1987 April 23, 1987 [Don Bennett wearing dunce cap, proposed budget cut numbers on blackboard. Print] - “It’s unfair that low-paid state workers take the same cut as white collar workers [...]” ©1987 Sat. April 25, 1987 [couple discussing income levels] - “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out” ©1987 Sunday April 26, 1987 [movie poster, Ronald Reagan whiffing at Cost, Security, and Effectiveness balls] - “Raising Alaska [...]” ©1987 April 28, 1987 [movie poster, Business, House, Citizens, and Senate all arguing over who’s baby it is] B4 1987 May - “Oliver North salutes his flag” ©1987 Sat. May 2, 1987 [Jolly Roger flag] - “The Senate’s permanent teeth come in” ©1987 Sun. May 3, 1987 [Revenue Strategy monster salivating over Permanent Fund piggybank] - “The last great race” ©1987 May 5, 1987 [winners racing towards ticket window with sign ‘Iditarod Prize Checks Cashed Here’] - “(Hydro)power mad” ©1987 Thurs. May 7, 1987 [crazed Legislature beaver saying ‘Build the dam, must build Bradley Lake’] - “Credo of the Senate Finance Committee” ©1987 Sunday May 10, 1987 [man wearing ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop’ t-shirt] - “Santa and the Easter Bunny” ©1987 May 11, 1987 [Senate Finance Committee man wearing Santa Claus hat looking at basket with note, ‘Thanks for the $40 Million – APEA’] - “Leave it to Beaver” ©1987 Thurs. May 14, 1987 [Ed Dankworth telling Senate beaver to build dams] - “One Alaska pork farm that’s still thriving” ©1987 Sat. May 16, 1987 [pigs eating money on Reappropriations Ranch] - “’If you were a fly on the wall in there you wouldn’t have to ask that question’ – Rep. Gruenberg explaining closed door budget meetings” ©1987 Sun. May 17, 1987 [witches over cauldron, casting spell on ‘Alaska’s earnings’] - “Hi folks! I’d like a line of credit on the Permanent Fund. These gentlemen will co-sign” ©1987 May 19, 1987 [Legislature gesturing to fighting OPEC sheiks] - “The Senate dribbles out the clock” ©1987 Thurs. May 21, 1987 [man holding budget, flapping lips] - “Speaking of hazardous waste in Juneau” ©1987 Sat. May 23, 1987 [man feeding money to ravenous Unbalanced Budget dog] - “Cheshire shark” ©1987 Sun. May 24, 1987 [disappearing shark saying ‘We in state government promise open meetings this session’] - “What about checks and balances? They’re all for ‘em...blank checks and big balances” ©1987 Sat. May 30, 1987 [diner customers reading newspaper headlined ‘Mayor’s Business Group to be Exempt from Oversight Laws’] - “Current events quiz: this renegade junta of fanatical retired and active officers recently seized the reins of a civilian government. They are from: 1. Argentina. 2. Guatemala. 3. The White House basement” ©1987 Sunday May 31, 1987 1987 June - “Q: What’s worse than cleaning up after 63 dog teams? A: Cleaning up after the legislature” ©1987 June 2, 1987 [Iditarod Debt dog, Steve Cowper wearing biohazard suit cleaning up after State Deficit dog] - “The first time a lack of authority stopped a member of Reagan’s team” ©1987 June 4, 1987 [Elliott Abrams on inability to brief Congress. Print] - “Johnny! We don’t celebrate the last day like a bunch of legislators!” ©1987 Sat. June 6, 1987 [teacher reprimanding student in classroom. With overlay. Pencil study on verso] - “Maybe we can start a recall petition” ©1987 Sunday June 7, 1987 [caribou looking at Ted Stevens holding sign ‘I’m the Senator of the Caribou’. Print] - “The best defense is a bad offense” ©1987 June 9, 1987 [couple passing newspaper box with headline ‘North Suggested Alamo-Style Battle for Contras’] - “How about some rubber bullets for this guy?” ©1987 June 11, 1987 [Senate bear with head stuck in oil barrel at Juneau Dump] - “The Society of Uncreative Anachronism” ©1987 [Legislature knight fighting OPEC dragon, saying ‘In OPEC’s name, begone!’] - “Dr. Edward Teller submits a new verse to the Alaska Flag Song [...]” ©1987 Sunday June 14, 1987 [Star Wars on the ‘blast frontier’] - “A little guidance problem with the MX” ©1987 Tues. June 16, 1987 [Air Force officer with missile stuck in foot] - “The call of the wild” ©1987 Thurs. June 18, 1987 [Steve Cowper calling House and Senate to picnic table to eat Permanent Fund Earnings piggybank] - “The Assembly is considering a law against knowingly spreading AIDS [...]” ©1987 Saturday June 20, 1987 [couple discussing proposed law] - “The Senate plan for financial security” ©1987 Sunday June 21, 1987 [Alaska at OPEC slot machine-gas pump] - “I thought ‘The Refrigerator’ was a Chicago Bear” ©1987 Tues. June 23, 1987 [bear raiding garbage cans outside house where couple reads newspaper headlined ‘Local Bears Scouting for Garbage,’ Rambeau dog house in yard; William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry] - “July 2 – The special session is shocked by a merger proposal from Rhode Island” ©1987 Thursday June 26, 1987 [sic] [Steve Cowper at podium] - “And we thought that was the handicapped space” ©1987 Sat. June 27, 1987 [check for Phone Solicitation made out to Special Olympics, crossed out and replaced with C-P Concerts. With overlay] - “‘When they had horse thievery, they hung them. They also hung a few innocent people, too, but they should have never been around when the horse was stolen’ – Mitch Abood ©1987 Sunday June 28, 1987 [Abood running from ’84 Flood Smear horse; Joe Flood] - “New Alaska Associations: LAMB. PORC” ©1987 June 30, 1987 [Lost a Million Bucks Club, Senate clown in Presume Oil Rebound Continues Club] 1987 July - “Really Doc! Never felt better!” ©1987 July 2, 1987 [physician Steve Cowper glowering at patient Legislature on oil barrel IV] - “Well, he kept saying he was bringing them back to finish the job” ©1987 Sat. July 4, 1987 [man tossing paper money out of Veto Overrides bag] - “That does it. I’m swearing off humans for good” ©1987 Sunday July 5, 1987 [mosquitoes passing newspaper box headlined ‘Study: Mosquitoes Ingest, Carry AIDS Virus’] - “Just Say ‘No’ Dept.: ‘Politics is a communications business’ – Jan Faiks, shortly before asking a reporter to leave a GOP seminar on dealing more effectively with the press” ©1987 Tues. July 27, 1987 [Faiks wearing armor, reading ‘Talking Back to the Media’. Print] - “Jaws: This time, it’s pit bulls” ©1987 Thurs. July 30, 1987 [movie poster] 1987 August - “We thought we’d get more hostages out of Iran, but we were lied to [...]”©1987 Sunday Aug. 2, 1987 [Reagan administration staffers making excuses, gravestone reading ‘Here lies U.S. Foreign Policy’] - “Think Cowper’s right that Alaska has an outside chance at the supercollider? I think chances are it’ll go Outside” ©1987 Tues. Aug. 4, 1987 [couple jogging on Coastal Trail. Pencil study on verso for different cartoon] - “Unleaded or hotleaded?” ©1987 Thurs. August 6, 1987 [man at gas station, Persian Gulf Oil gas pump being riddled with bullets] - “Bering Strait icebreaker” ©1987 Sat. Aug. 8, 1987 [swimmer Lynne Cox approaching shore with banner ‘Welcome to Big Diomede’. Pencil study on verso for cartoon captioned ‘News item: Group seeks to put gambling initiative on 1988 ballot’] - ©1987 Sunday Aug. 9, 1987 [George Shultz at podium discussing Nicaragua] - “Performing arts vs. martial arts” ©1987 Aug. 11, 1987 [Lawsuits and Petitions weapons being hurled at PAC Viking opera singer; Performing Arts Center] - “Summer fun on the Persian Gulf” ©1987 August 14, 1987 [Ronald Reagan with Britain and France playing beach volleyball against Ayatollah Khomeini using landmine as volleyball] - “Project 90’s: The town square. The town cube” ©1987 Sat. Aug. 15, 1987 [Rubic’s PAC; Performing Arts Center] - ©1987 Sunday Aug. 16, 1987 [missiles flying over bow of OPEC freighter, ‘o’ in OPEC as bullseye] - “Must be the harmonic convergence – he seems to be channeling for F.D.R.” ©1987 August 18, 1987 [Dave Walsh and Larry Baker looking at Tom Fink holding ‘New Deal Approach’] - “News item: Baker campaign strategy to occupy middle ground” ©1987 Aug. 20, 1987 [Larry Baker running from one side of issue to another] - “The supercollider: your guide to subatomic physics: Mesons. Gluons. Dream-Ons”©1987 Sat. Aug. 22, 1987 - “Disasters, near misses, confusion ... this year I say we walk south” ©1987 Sunday Aug. 23, 1987 [ducks looking up at airplane traffic. With overlay] - “News item: test results suggest ‘serious questions of confidence in the ... MX missile’” ©1987 August 25, 1987 [MX, with ‘x’ represented by crossed fingers] - ©1987 [cheerleader Red Boucher spelling ‘Boucher’ as ‘Faiks’, APOC watchdog checking dictionary. Print] - “Oh Jan, you shouldn’t have...” ©1987 Thurs. Aug. 28, 1987 [sic] [Ben Grussendorf taking $30,000 present from House Minority elephant as Jan Faiks hides behind elephant. Print] - “Awwwww, he’s looking at me with those big, sad eyes again...” ©1987 August 29, 1987 [Ronald Reagan looking at Contras dog panhandling for money] - “Managing the project? Of course the Assembly is managing it. And, er, a good manager knows when to delegate!” ©1987 Sunday Aug. 30, 1987 [Assembly wearing hard hat, Tony Knowles sweeping PAC Viking opera singer off her feet; Performing Arts Center] 1987 September - “After Red Square and Ryan Air we figured there might be a market from small plane pilots” ©1987 Sept. 1, 1987 [man in store selling bumper stickers, ‘I Violated [Soviet hammer-and- sickle] Airspace’] - “Spypaper” ©1987 Thurs. Sept. 3, 1987 [CIA operative stuck to back of postage stamp] - “Mafia Mike and the Untouchables” ©1987 Sat. Sept. 5, 1987 [Mike Von Gnatensky spelling his last name over telephone to Resorts International, Bally’s, and Caesar’s] - “Showdown at the world’s largest pork calling contest” ©1987 Sun. Sept. 6, 1987 [people shouting ‘sooey’ at Supercollider Competition, Alaska saying ‘Yo! Pig!’] - “Pizza dough [Mafia Mike Von Gnatensky]. Play dough [Red Boucher]. Sour dough [Tom Fink]. Baker’s dough [Larry Baker]. Sweet roll [Dave Walsh]” ©1987 Sept. 10, 1987 [comparing campaign finances for mayoral race. Print] - “News item: Anchorage residents to pull together last minute parade [...]”©1987 Sat. Sept. 12, 1987 [mayoral candidates, ANWR, Supercollider, and ‘a ’69 VW bug representing the economy’] - “Of course we believe in the Central American peace plan. This here’s an olive branch” ©1987 Sun. Sept. 13, 1987 [Ronald Reagan in jungle holding ‘$270,000,000 For Contras’ club] - “Sure we buy U.S. arms for our terrorist group [...]”©1987 Tuesday Sept. 15, 1987 [guerilla using American weaponry to fire on U.S. Embassy] - “January [Steve Cowper with sign ‘The Buck Stops Here’]. February [Legislature with sign ‘The Bucks Never Stop’]. April [chickens ‘buc’-ing over ‘Choose Tax or Dividend Vote’]” ©1987 [Print] - “Stretching dollars” ©1987 Thurs. Sept. 17, 1987 [elephant Outside Fundraisers rock in State- Funded Travel slingshot aimed at donkey] - “By the power vested in me, I dub thee Sir Dick, Senator of Fairbanks” ©1987 Saturday Sept. 19, 1987 [elephant knighting kneeling Dick Randolph, hitting Steve Cowper with sword] - “Weird! The breathing gets easier the higher we go” ©1987 Sunday Sept. 20, 1987 [Ronald Reagan as mountain climber headed to Arms Summit, Mikhail Gorbachev in space suit climbing next to him] - “Jan Faiks models the latest in hair shirts” ©1987 [Faiks wearing Hawaiian shirt, saying ‘Waikiki is no picnic’. Print] - “Q: What’s worse than a Waikiki picnic? A: Airplane food” ©1987 Thursday Sept. 24, 1987 [Jan Faiks] - “Musical chairs – the percussion section” ©1987 Sat. Sept. 26, 1987 [Steve Cowper hitting elephant with Senate Seat Appointment, elephant swinging Senate Nomination chair] - “Pick the ‘serious’ candidate: A. Mafia Mike. B. Bowtied Tom” ©1987 Sunday Sept. 27, 1987 [Mike Von Gnatensky with gambling funds, Tom Fink gambling on Permanent Fund] - “The Fink ‘hair of the dog’ recovery plan” ©1987 Tues. Sept. 29, 1987 [Tom Fink in bar buying drinks for everyone with Permanent Fund Earnings. Pencil study on verso] 1987 October - “News item: 70% of known groundwater contamination in Alaska caused by petroleum products. Oil! We found oil!! You idiot, this is groundwater” ©1987 Thurs. Oct. 1, 1987 - “Jeez, all the partisan infighting, legal opinions, threats...I’ll be glad when the Bork nomination is over. Bork? I thought you were talking about the Randolph nomination” ©1987 Sat. Oct. 3, 1987 [couple watching television; Dick Randolph] - “Air safety tip: Should one of the plutonium flights crash, assume the survival position” ©1987 Sun. Oct. 4, 1987 [family praying] - “Suddenly, even Waikiki was starting to look like a picnic” ©1987 Oct. 6, 1987 [Jan Faiks and Ben Grussendorf fighting in armor. Print] - “Alaska’s flag, 1987 – the Big Dip” ©1986 [sic] [state flag with stars rearranged; economy] - “The only construction based on Permanent Fund earning Anchorage is likely to see” ©1987 Oct. 8, 1987 [Tom Fink building rickety Fink Platform] - “Better Red than dead” ©1987 [Dave Walsh and Tom Fink presenting flowers to Red Boucher. Print] - “Y’all must have misunderstood. This is Texas. We wuz hopin’ you could spare us some cash” ©1987 Sunday Oct. 11, 1987 [Jan Faiks holding purse open at party, banner reading ‘Welcome to Fundraiser Alaska Senators’] - “This dang golden goose is heavier than I thought” ©1987 Oct. 13, 1987 [Dave Walsh and Tom Fink running, Fink carrying Permanent Fund Plan on back. Pencil study on verso] - “The governor is suing us, the House is mad at us, but we’ve still got the people...of Houston and L.A.” ©1987 Oct. 15, 1987 [Jan Faiks and elephant taking fire in foxhole. Print] - “’I’ve always believed that if you’re going to lead, you occasionally have to stop and look around and see if anyone is following you’ – Tom Fink” ©1987 Sat. Oct. 17, 1987 [angry mob pursuing Fink holding Fund Earnings Plan pennant; Permanent Fund] - “Dear Oscar, congratulations on your Peace Prize [...]”©1987 Sunday Oct. 18, 1987 [Ronald Reagan writing letter to Oscar Arias Sanchez; Contras] - “Meanwhile, still wandering in the desert...” ©1987 [Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia riding OPEC camel towards 1988, singing to tune of ‘We Three Kings’. Pencil study on verso] - “Of course it won’t jump start. This baby is powered by a rubber band” ©1987 Tues. Oct. 20, 1987 [mechanic working on Fink Campaign car, Tom Fink holding Permanent Fund Earning battery] - “Trouble in the trophy room” ©1987 Thurs. Oct. 22, 1987 [Bear Market trophy head roaring at Ronald Reagan] - “News item: Investigators say U.S. Army munitions security ‘leaking like a sieve’” ©1987 Sat. Oct. 24, 1987 [Uncle Sam handing out weapons to trick-or-treating guerillas] - “What I like about Tom Fink is that you know where he stands” ©1987 Sunday Oct. 25, 1987 [couple watching Fink Platform collapse. Pencil study on verso] - “Alaska – air crossroads of the world” ©1987 Tues. Oct. 27, 1987 [Plutonium Flights skull- and-crossbones] - “Whoever loses has to go in there and club it to death” ©1987 Oct. 29, 1987 [Congress and Ronald Reagan fighting over baseball bat outside Deficit cave. Pencil study on verso] - “Hand over the goodies! Isn’t this cute? He’s supposed to be Tom Fink in Juneau!” ©1987 Sat. Oct. 31, 1987 [child dressed as Tom Fink trick-or-treating on Halloween] 1987 November - ©1987 Sunday Nov. 1, 1987 [worried bulls looking up at ‘Stock Market’ sign changed to ‘Stockyard’; economy] - “Don Young doing his homework before a crucial budget vote” ©1987 Nov. 3, 1987 [Young in office reading ‘How to Bag an Elk’] - “Metamorphosis: Caterpillar. Butterfly” ©1987 Thurs. Nov. 5, 1987 [Tom Fink eating Permanent Fund dollars, bow tie fluttering away from net] - “Does that include the beating I took in the stock market?” ©1987 Sat. Nov. 7, 1987 [diner customers reading newspaper headlined ‘Alaska Bear Attacks Increase’] - “Forget Ginsburg – what have these guys been smoking?” ©1987 Sunday Nov. 8, 1987 [Ronald Reagan and State Dept. in Plutonium Flights paper airplane] - “Well Ed, looks like we brought new meaning to the term ‘hanging judge’” ©1987 Nov. 10, 1987 [Ronald Reagan and Edwin Meese looking up at dangling feet of Robert Bork and Douglas Ginsburg; Supreme Court] - “One sector of the economy where the dollar is rising” ©1987 Thurs. Nov. 12, 1987 [Steve Cowper on Pay Cut Restoration dollar] - “Front view. Back view” ©1987 Sunday Nov. 15, 1987 [Tom Fink with fingers crossed behind back] - “Reaganomics: 1980, trickle down. 1987, hose down” ©1987 Nov. 17, 1987 [Ronald Reagan with Laffer curve, as firefighter battling Deficit blaze on Wall St.] - “Special return engagement: Dizzy on Ice [...]”©1987 Sat. Nov. 14, 1987 [Anchorage traffic, poster takeoff on ‘Disney on Ice’] - “The Mat-Su Valley: where stripping is in the schools, not the bars” ©1987 Nov. 19, 1987 [road sign, ‘Vote No on Nude Dancing’] - “Q: What’s nauseating, dangerous, and colorless? A: A white out” ©1987 Saturday Nov. 21, 1987 [hooded Ku Klux Klan member] - “The only guard dog whose silent bark is designed to protect prowlers instead of owners” ©1987 Sunday Nov. 22, 1987 [APOC dog wearing ‘Confidential Investigations’ tag with empty speech balloon] - “[Ronald Reagan:] We can cut [Mikhail Gorbachev:] missiles, [donkey:] the deficit, [GOP Conservatives elephant:] the comedy” ©1987 Nov. 24, 1987 - “Verification may be stumbling block to ratification of missile pact – news item” ©1987 Nov. 26, 1987 [Ronald Reagan identifying bird as dove, Senate calling it a turkey] - “I can’t believe this story – a fish board member gets caught red-handed in a fishing violation and still says he has ‘something to offer the board of fish’. He does. His resignation” ©1987 Sat. Nov. 28, 1987 [bird’s eye view of couple watching television] - “The Ron-Contra Affair” ©1987 Sun. Nov. 29, 1987 [Ronald Reagan tossing Committee Report and embracing guerilla] 1987 December - “Let he who is without sin cast the first boomerang” ©1987 Dec. 3, 1987 [Uncle Sam shouting ‘Yo! France, no rewards for hostage takers!’] - “It’s an all-purpose card deck – we can read the future and play poker at the same time” ©1987 Dec. 5, 1987 [Steve Cowper, Jan Faiks, and Ben Grussendorf with ‘Shared Revenue Guess’ cards. Print] - “Lost in the Berm Triangle” ©1987 Sun. Dec. 6, 1986 [sic] [man nearly buried in snow] - “The Right stuff” ©1987 Dec. 8, 1987 [Ronald Reagan stuffing Treaty into the New Right’s mouth] - “Right. Plug in the smoke-eater” ©1987 Dec. 10, 1987 [man with DEC Budget air purifier facing dragon exhaling Pipeline Terminal Vapor Questions smoke] - “The stairway to heaven” ©1987 Sat. Dec. 12, 1987 [man falling down exterior stairs at Loussac Library] - “Once again Don Young impresses fellow congressmen by snapping shut a trap on himself” ©1987 Sunday Dec. 13, 1987 [Don Young with foot in mouth, man saying ‘Murkowski asked to testify second’; Frank Murkowski, Tongass National Forest] - “OPEC ministers seal their agreement with the traditional handshake” ©1987 Dec. 15, 1987 [line of sheiks twisting each other’s arms] - “Baby on board” ©1987 Dec. 17, 1987 [complaining man on Fish Board boat] - “Gary Hart throws his hat back in the ring” ©1987 Sat. Dec. 19, 1987 [dunce cap] - “Speaking of flight security crackdowns” ©1987 Sunday Dec. 20, 1987 [Ronald Reagan carrying Plutonium Shipments luggage through airport security] - “Home is where the heart is. By that standard he’s homeless too” ©1987 Dec. 29, 1987 [homeless people outside White House, with HUD budget statistic] - “’Our application was a signal to the federal government and the scientific community that Alaska is serious about attracting science’ – Steve Cowper” ©1987 Dec. 31, 1987 [Cowper with ‘Smoke Signals’ book burning money] 1988 January - “Well, it looks like the world may actually be safer in 1988. Thanks to the missile pact. No, no, the 3-wheeler ban” ©1988 Sunday Jan. 3, 1988 [couple watching television] - “I thought it was the old bearded guy that carried the scythe” ©1988 Jan. 5, 1988 [Tom Fink as Baby New Year wearing 1988 sash and carrying Layoffs scythe] - “So the mayor wants a citywide bull session on the economy. Heck, the way he and Halford have been talking, it’ll be a bear session”©1988 Jan. 7, 1988 [men at bus stop; Tom Fink, Rick Halford. Print] - “Play dead! Play dead! Dang it, he was doin’ it a minute ago” ©1988 Sun. Jan. 10, 1988 [Tom Fink giving command to Recovery dog wagging its tail] - “How piñata parties turn ugly” ©1988 Tues. Jan. 12, 1988 [Urban Legislators and Rural Legislators fighting over Revenue piñata] - “Cheer up, think of the incentive he’ll have to retire” ©1988 Thurs. Jan. 14, 1988 [Bill Ray with $10,000 check for ‘Retirement Boost’] - “Q: How can a liquor store open in spite of overwhelming local opposition? A: It’s as easy as ABC” ©1988 Sat. Jan. 16, 1988 [Alcoholic Beverage Control Board with ‘O.K.’ rubber stamp] - “It’s part of his program to create jobs – in the emergency response and medicine fields” ©1988 Sun. Jan. 17, 1988 [Steve Cowper standing on railroad tracks in front of speeding Railbelt Energy Fund locomotive] - “Hot lunch at the White House birdfeeder” ©1988 Thurs. Jan. 21, 1988 [Central American Peace Process dove under fire from inside White House] - “Was that ‘pirating’ or ‘parroting’?” ©1988 Jan. 23, ’88 [parrot Sen. Paul Fischer saying ‘Bigger dividend’ while Pat Pourchot and Ben Grussendorf look on. Print] - “Democracy according to Ted” ©1988 Sunday Jan. 24, 1988 [Ted Stevens with ballot for U.S. Senator in unchallenged race, saying ‘1 Man, 1 Vote’] - “’I suppose I’m just going to have the damn thing torn down, which if I were not mayor I would probably delay’ – Tom Fink on the Palm Motel” ©1988 Tues. Jan. 26, 1988 [hotel room doorknob in shape of Fink with ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. Pencil study on verso] - ©1988 Thurs. Jan. 28, 1988 [logger cutting down Mat-Su Timber Sale Draft Contract tree, whispering ‘Timber’] - “The back wall is buckling, we need temperature controls, and our samples keep getting contaminated with microscopic dust. Can’t something be done? O.k., o.k.” ©1988 Sat. Jan. 30, 1988 [State of Alaska Maintenance changing ‘Welcome to the D.E.C. Lab’ sign, adding ‘Pardon Our Dust’] - “’Democracy is everywhere on the move.’ But we’ve got our eyes on it” ©1988 Sunday Jan. 31, 1988 [Ronald Reagan reading State of the Union, Reagan holding FBI Surveillance of Rights Groups report] - ©1988 Jan. ’88 [mahout Jan Faiks on Grand Oil Party elephant eating money from ARCO Contributions trough. Print] 1988 February - “Apocalypse now” ©1988 Feb. 2, 1988 [Mitch Abood holding APOC Reform sword. Print] - “While we’re shutting down air carriers...” ©1988 Feb. 4, 1988 [Reagan Air Plutonium Flights biplane] - “Meanwhile, back on the jump-start beat” ©1988 Sat. Feb. 6, 1988 [two disabled cars with hoods up, man at wheel of ‘Softened DWI Charges’, skeleton at wheel of ‘Drunken Driving’] - “Throwing the book at bootlegging – 1 page at a time” ©1988 Sunday Feb. 7, 1988 [wad of paper bouncing off man’s head, arc of trajectory labeled ‘$1,000 and/or One Year in Jail’] - “I dunno Jan, I don’t think ‘The Canadian Threat’ is enough to convince the Navy to home port in Alaska” ©1988 Feb. 9, 1988 [Steve Cowper talking to Jan Faiks with newspaper headlined ‘Canada Plans Military Bases Near Northwest Passage’. Print] - “Some Assembly required” ©1988 Feb. 11, 1988 [Tom Fink carrying Municipal Government Kit while John Wood looks on. Print] - “Think about it – this is probably the only Anchorage real estate that’s gained value” ©1988 Feb. 13, 1988 [ducks at Potter Marsh. Print] - “Knik River Lament” ©1988 Sunday Feb. 14, 1988 [man under fire in foxhole singing to tune of ‘Home on the Range’] - “It could have been worse, they could have asked how many prefer Gorbachev” ©1988 Feb. 16, 1988 [presidential candidates with newspaper headlined ‘N.H. Voters Would Pick Thatcher,’ with George H.W. Bush, Michael Dukakis, and others] - “Mr. Law ‘n’ Order” ©1988 Feb. 18/88 [naked Paul Fischer standing in front of desk, cannabis leaf over genitals, APOC Violations sweater on floor, Vote Against Criminalization of Marital Rape shirt on chair. Print] - “Says here that man may be at least 90,000 years old, and present in the Middle East since then. Nah, if we were that old, we’d be extinct by now” ©1988 Sat. Feb. 20, 1988 [people in ruins labeled Beirut, Iraq, Iran, Gaza] - “You know what I miss about the go-go years? What? Politicians too busy spending our money to care how we spend our time” ©1988 Sunday Feb. 21, 1988 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Pot Bill, Cursing Crackdown’] - “Economic recovery: a win/win plan [...]” ©1988 Feb. 23, 1988 [Native corporation selling losses to Outside firms] - “Meese bombs” ©1988 Thurs. Feb. 25, 1988 [Edwin Meese head as bomb saying ‘Ummm, reference to Labor Party payoffs to avoid pipeline bombings? I don’t recall’] - “The number you have reached is not a working number” ©1988 [man with telephone cord wrapped around neck yelling ‘Mayday! Mayday! 911! Fiscal emergency!’ Pencil study on verso] - “Juneau – For the third week in a row, the Senate expected to have too few people in town to conduct state business” ©1988 Sunday Feb. 28, 1988 [Jan Faiks at airport fuming at departing man wearing ‘Thank God It’s Thursday’ t-shirt. Print] - “Looks like the Marie Osmond concert was a bust” ©1988 Feb. 29, 1988 [guitar-playing busker on street wearing ‘Support Kenai Central High’ t-shirt] 1988 March - “And now, performing without a net...” ©1988 March 3, 1988 [man with foot in mouth hopping along telephone wire; Don Young?] [Oversize. In B19] - “Of course I want to collect money from the oil industry! I’ve always collected money from the oil industry!” ©1988 Sat. March 5, 1988 [Jan Faiks holding Tax Bill, wearing oil barrel on head with slot labeled ‘Insert Campaign Contributions Here’. Print] - “We are approaching Merrill Field. Please refrain from smoking until you are well away from the entire area” ©1988 Sun. Mar. 6, 1988 [airplane landing over sign ‘Caution Volatile Fumes’; landfill closure] - “Nobody touch” ©1988 Tues. March 15, 1988 [Senate Troll and Economic Limit Factor Elf. Pencil study on verso] - “Cross section of a marginal drilling area” ©1988 March 17, 1988 [oil rig atop The Faiks Formation, The Abood Structure, and ELF Debate. Print] - “[Rick Swenson:] ‘490,000 Alaskans would hate to see her win.’ [Susan Butcher:] ‘I’ll bet a lot of them would rather see me win than him.’ [Crowd:] ‘Goooooooooooo Redington!!!’” ©1988 March 19, 1988 [Iditarod Race. Print] - “’You must decide whether I am a wild dog howling at the moon with his feral kin...or a trained watchdog’ – Benji Grussendorf” ©1988 Sunday March 20, 1988 [dog with whiskers like Ben Grussendorf] - ©1988 Sat. March 26, 1988 [Steve Cowper and House in car stuck in traffic behind Mitch Abood and Jan Faiks in Senate car with bumper sticker ‘I Brake for ELFs’. Print] - “Forget $100 million for the Navy, the state can probably get the Coast Guard wholesale” ©1988 March 21, 1988 [men passing newspaper box with headline ‘Budget Cuts Maim Coast Guard’] - “I believe in the politics of inclusion, civil rights, and the uncivil Right” ©1988 March 24, 1988 [George H.W. Bush with Religious Right holding Campaign Against Rights Bill club] - “Let me put it this way: your palm reads like the script from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’” ©1988 Sun. March 27, 1988 [Alaska man with Revenue Forecasts fortune teller] - “Where’d he get all the confetti? Shredded documents” ©1988 Monday March 29, 1988 [Ronald Reagan on stage celebrating Oliver North, with banner reading ‘I Still Think Ollie North is a Hero – R.R.’] - “Food fight” ©1988 Thurs. March 31, 1988 [Steve Cowper throwing Prime Budget Oranges at Senate elephant tossing Finest Budget Apples] 1988 April - “And you thought survival suits were only for fishermen” ©1988 Sat. April 2, 1988 [family eating breakfast wearing biohazard suits, reading newspaper headlined ‘Lead Found in Battery Shop, Area Yards’ and ‘Ozone Layer Thinnest Near Poles’] - “’We’re not going to serve them up a plate full of sacrificial lambs’ – Steve Cowper” ©1988 Sun. April 3, 1988 [Cowper as cook with stewpots full of Railbelt Energy Fund, Permanent Fund Earnings, and ELF, as Legislature yells ‘What? Sacred cow again?’] - “Back, scum! This is the first class lifeboat!” ©1988 April 5, 1988 [Jan Faiks defending Oil Co.’s men in ELF lifeboat as Ben Grussendorf and Steve Cowper try to board in storm. Print] - “So, I agree to step down, fly to Spain, and you’ll not pursue extradition? Whoops, that’s the Noriega deal. Yours must still be here in the briefcase” ©1988 April 7, 1988 [Edwin Meese talking to lawyer] - “Juneau: where fairy tales come alive [...]”©1988 Sat. April 9, 1988 [Railbelt Energy Fund and Permanent Fund Earnings as Sleeping Beauties, D.E.Cinderella as janitor, The ELF, Jack Coghill and the Barley Stalk] - “And now, batting clean-up...” ©1988 Sunday April 10, 1988 [D.E.C. batter with tiny Budget bat] - “Gentlemen, I came into office hoping to model my administration on F.D.R., particularly his first 100 days [...]”©1988 Tues. April 12, 1988 [Tom Fink declaring war on Wasilla] - “Heeey Vern! It’s spring! Time to tackle all those projects you’ve been putting off... like remodeling the doghouse” ©1988 April 14, 1988 [Mitch Abood boarding up APOC watchdog house; takeoff on Jim Varney commercials. Print] - “We finally came up with a fool-proof economic stimulator!” ©1988 Sunday April 17, 1988 [Liberal Gift Policy for Legislators, people tearing open presents] - “That’s help wanted, you ninny!” ©1988 Tues. April 19, 1988 [Edwin Meese looking at ‘Wanted’ poster with his likeness] - “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” ©1988 Thurs. April 21, 1988 [Chem Waste auditioning for part in ‘City Hazardous Waste Plan’ play] - “It’s not you” ©1988 Sat. April 23, 1988 [Court System judge oohing over wig on display in store window, with label ‘Expansion $270,000,000] - “The APOC’s anti-aircraft gun” ©1988 Tues. April 26, 1988 [dog with rocket launcher, ‘Bang’ flag in barrel] - “How the ‘Star Wars’ space shield works: 1. Defense Department scientists shoot billions of dollars into space [...]” ©1988 Thurs. April 28, 1988 [dollar bills obscure satellite view, protect citizens from ozone hole] - “Cause of death? Heavy blunt instruments – the victims were sat on” ©1988 sat. May 30, 1988 [coroner with ELF Debate and Women’s Commission corpses. Print] 1988 May - “Hey, it’s me! Bill Sheffield, the guy you didn’t impeach, remember?” ©1988 Sun. May 1, 1988 [Sheffield showing Legal Fees to House, Senate, and Steve Cowper, all saying ‘I can’t recall’] - “Oh, wow! Did Nostradamus predict that too?” ©1988 Thurs. May 2, 1988 [man with sandwich board warning of disaster next to man with sandwich board reading ‘We Will/Might Not/Will Target the Assembly’] - “I hear the Legislative Ethics Committee wants a $50.00 limit on gifts to lawmakers. Minimum or maximum?” ©1988 May 5, 1988 [couple riding bicycles on Coastal Trail] - “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached our snoozing, er, cruising altitude of...” ©1988 May 7, 1988 [airplane passengers panicking] - “Speaking of nonsensical cosmic beliefs...” ©1988 Saturday May 7, 1988 [Ronald Reagan with Star Wars stars in his eyes] - “Mid May, 1988: Desperate to eke out its dwindling budget, the Coast Guard begins trawling on its North Pacific patrols” ©1988 Sunday May 8 [Coast Guard ship with fishing gear out] - “Maybe you should lay low in the duck shack for a while – it worked for the election” ©1988 Tuesday May 10, 1988 [Tom Fink at desk looking at Recall Application. Stain on drawing] - “Why would I trade? That’s my old car, remember?” ©1988 Sat. May 14, 1988 [customer on Honest Dick Eliason’s car lot, looking at Auto Insurance Unrequired junker] - “The last great 3-legged race” ©1988 [Ben Grussendorf wearing House shirt and Jan Faiks wearing Senate shirt tied together at start of obstacle course leading to Adjournment. Print] - “Actually, a recall is sounding better and better” ©1988 Sun. May 15, 1988 [Tom Fink at desk reading newspaper headlined ‘Lawmakers Ax $7 Million for City’] - “How to make government by astrology look good” ©1988 May 17, 1988 [Legislature and Steve Cowper looking into crystal ball, divining future price of oil] - “Smoldering garbage ignites” ©1988 Thurs. May 19, 1988 [Tom Fink as firefighter hosing down $7 Million Deficit blaze being fed by his own statements] - “The final page of the independent counsel’s report” ©1988 Thurs. May 20, 1988 [man running for Justice Dept. exit with ‘Kick Me’ sign on back] - “Where the phrase ‘sentenced to the chair’ comes from” ©1988 Sat. May 21, 1988 [gravestones for issues, all died by being ‘Sat on by Committee Chairman’, including ELF Revision, Campaign Reform, Mandatory Auto Insurance, Tort Reform, Women’s Commission, Courthouse Expansion] - “Buckling up in Petersburg” ©1988 May 22, 1988 [police officers shackling graduate at city limits; roadblock on high school graduation night] - “It’s the darndest thing. I coulda swore I sawed her in half” ©1988 May 24, 1988 [magician Paul Fischer on stage with Women’s Commission taking a bow] - “Well, that’s the last time I charter a helicopter with state funds! Look bad, huh? I’ll say! The darn prop wash ruined my hair!” ©1988 May 26, 1988 [Jan Faiks with staffer. Print] - “Bad connection” ©1988 Sat. May 28, 1988 [elephant attacking donkey in telephone booth, voice message of Fred Chiei coming out of receiver] - “Look buddy, unless you’ve got proof that’s your wife’s name, we’re takin’ your boat” ©1988 Sunday May 29, 1988 [Coast Guard ship stopping fishing boat The Mary Jane] 1988 June - “The independent prosecutor said today that while he would not call for an indictment, he does favor labeling Ed Meese with several consumer warnings” ©1988 Sat. June 4, 1988 [reporter covering Edwin Meese news conference] - “’I feel like a dog who has been chasing cars for years and then one day I catch the car’ – Tom Fink, inaugural speech” ©1988 Sunday June 5, 1988 [pipe-smoking dog driving Suzuki Samurai car passing newspaper box with headline ‘Consumer Group Calls for Samurai Recall’] - “As time wore on, the Fink administration began to look less and less like F.D.R. and more and more like ‘Mission Impossible’” ©1988 June 8, 1988 [Tom Fink watching television tagline ‘This tape will self-destruct in 60 seconds’, saying ‘Wow! Garzini! Can we set up our paperwork to do this?’] - “An elephant’s memory is nothing compared to its imagination” ©1988 Sat. June 11, 1988 [John Wood saying ‘The recall is a Faiks, Halford, and ARCO scheme to keep me out of Juneau!’, Jan Faiks and Rick Halford countering ‘he’s just a part of the Dankworth plot to steal the Senate from us’. Print] - “Let a smile be your nuclear umbrella” ©1988 Sunday June 12, 1988 [Ronald Reagan carrying Star Wars umbrella in hurricane] - “Flying the Jolly Roger” ©1988 June 14, 1988 [Jolly Roger flag on Cement Block Postage Subsidy mailbox. Pencil study on verso] - “Welcome to Provideniya! Not only do you look familiar, but I think the model for the airplane logo is my granddad” ©1988 June 16, 1988 [Alaska Airlines logo on airplane behind Alaska Native and Chukchi native meeting; thawing of Ice Curtain] - “OK soldier! drop and gimme 50!!!” Forget those investigations, son. This is the Army, not the Pentagon” ©1988 Sat. June 18, 1988 [grunt offering sergeant $50 bill] - “Our Alaska trip has been great. So far we’ve experience both the call of the wild and the wild recalls” ©1988 Sun. June 19, 1988 [tourist in telephone booth as protestors carry signs to recall Tom Fink, John Wood, Jim Barnett] - “Bad news sir, we found this joint in a seaman’s locker. Do we seize ourselves under zero tolerance?” ©1988 Tues. June 21, 1988 [officers on Coast Guard ship] - “Plan ‘A’ was to blast the money out of Juneau. This is Plan ‘B’” ©1988 Thurs. June 23, 1988 [Tom Fink and Assembly laying dynamite at Anchorage city limits. Stain on drawing] - “Suddenly, everyone in the joint froze” ©1988 Sat. June 25, 1988 [bar fight between various issues before the assembly, Viking opera singer with Arts Center Name Debate shield appearing in doorway; Performing Arts Center] - “When I told you I burned them, I may be telling the truth or I may not. What has he been smoking, anyway? Public documents” ©1988 Sun. June 26, 1988 [Tom Fink smoking pipe] - “So the Fireplace Papers were the blueprint for controversies like hiring a non-librarian as library head and curbing drunken driving prosecution. They shoulda burned ‘em before they read ‘em” ©1988 Tues. June 28, 1988 [couple discussing Tom Fink transition] - “This is hopeless. I’ll never store up enough fat for the winter earing these skinny bikers and joggers” ©1988 Thurs. June 29, 1988 [bear on Coastal Trail] 1988 July - “Q: According to Jan Faiks, the Cowper Administration is ‘like an Anchorage condo.’ What real estate analogy fits the Senate presidency? A: The ARCO Tower” ©1988 - “He who laffs last...” ©1988 Sat. July 23, 1988 [paid consultant Arthur Laffer pocketing check] - “Late November, 1988 – Facing a huge gap in the budget and unwilling to raise taxes, the Anchorage Assembly changes its name” ©1988 Sunday July 24, 1988 [man holding ax wearing Anchorage Disassembly t-shirt] - “Real estate whiz Tom Fink consummates a deal on the Brooklyn Bridge for use as a Fire Island crossing” ©1988 Tues. July 26, 1988 [pencil study on verso] - “Overwhelmed by acid rain, overgrazing pack animals, man-made pollution and motorized vehicles in the wilderness, Smokey turned to survivalism” ©1988 Thurs. July 28, 1988 [bear holding rifle, sitting outside den with crates of supplies] - “As part of a plan to reduce executive costs, city manager Ron Garzini’s 4 x 4 is replaced by a Yugo” ©1988 Sat. July 30, 1988 [driver on phone with police in heavy traffic] - “Arrrrgh! The heat! I can’t take the heat! Sounds like some heartfelt testimony for the greenhouse effect bills. That, or a Senator is caving in to the special interest opposition” ©1988 Sunday July 31, 1988 [people outside closed U.S. Senate hearing. Pencil study on verso] 1988 August - “How’s the war on drugs going? Good! It says here we’re bombing!” ©1988 August 2, 1988 Tuesday [Ronald Reagan reading newspaper] - “You getting’ a yard sign for this election? Yeah: No trespassing” ©1988 Aug. 4, 1988 [Theresa Obermeyer debating Collins] - “Well, heh heh, I’m not going to pick an invalid” ©1988 Sat. Aug. 6, 1988 [Ronald Reagan at podium] - “And we though Star Wars as a defensive system” ©1988 Sun. Aug. 7, 1988 [George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan scheming against Michael Dukakis] - “Where does John Wood get the idea he can lump me with oil industry loyalists?” ©1988 Tues. Aug. 9, 1988 [Rick Halford and oil rigs with Vote Halford signs] - “A DEC official collects volatile gases emitted by Alyeska Pipeline Co.” ©1988 Aug. 11, 1988 [Alyeska official spewing insults. Print] - “Where’s the oil export ban when you need it?” ©1988 Sat. Aug. 13, 1988 [men loading painting into moving van for Museum of Western Art; references Bill Foxley’s purchase of Sydney Laurence painting at FDIC auction August 11, 1988] - “A visit with Mr. Science” ©1988 Sunday August 14, 1988 [Ronald Reagan denying greenhouse effect and advocating Star Wars] - “The sanctuary movement in Alaska, 1976” ©1988 Tues. Aug. 16, 1988 [hiding from the I.R.S. in the Church of Liberty, Justice and Truth, Dick Randolph, pastor] - “The saints go marching in” ©1988 Thurs. Aug, 18, 1988 [marching band on Bourbon St. in New Orleans, Michael Deaver, Edwin Meese, Lyn Nofziger, Oliver North, Elliott Abrams, Richard Secord, John Poindexter.] [Oversize. In B19] - “We won’t be screening ‘The Last Temptation.’ I find the movie offensive to my father in heaven” ©1988 Sat. Aug. 20, 1988 [Totem Theater manager at desk with Now Showing sign] - “So this guy’s supposed to be a hawk, but pulled strings to get into the Guard” ©1988 Sunday Aug. 21, 1988 [bartender and customers] - “I haven’t seen one of those bumper stickers in years. Must be a campaign consultant” ©1988 Tues. Aug. 23, 1988 [“Oil feeds my family”] - “I thought warming up to the Soviets was a big step” ©1988 Aug. 24, 1988 [A Salute to Texas at the Alaska State Fair. Print] - “Aren’t you a bit young to need a student loan? It’s not for college, it’s for school supplies” ©1988 Sat. Aug. 27 [girl in office] - “Bush Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” ©1988 Sunday Aug. 28 [George H.W. Bush and man dodging bullets] - “Speaking of back to school time...” ©1988 Aug. 30, 1988 [Tom Fink studying Public Records Law] 1988 September - “We’re vulnerable on the economy, George [...]”©1988 Sept. 1, 1988 [George H.W. Bush campaign strategy session] - “It’s one of the new fall dramas – ‘Hill Building Blues’” ©1988 Sat. Sept. 3, 1988 [people watching television advertisement from Alaska Police Department Employees Association] - “You got a check from Cowper’s $1,000 a plate fund-raiser?? [...]” ©1988 Sept. 4, 1988 [Jan Faiks wearing barrel on head talking to elephant. Print] - “City Hall of Horrors, The ‘A’ Budget: all we can afford is a chainsaw” ©1988 Sept. 4, 1988 - “So because we may lose the largest tankers that conform to the Jones Act, the state could lose millions. Man! It oughta be called the Davy Jones Act” ©1988 Sept. 8, 1988 - “We figure we’ll turn this ‘Dirty Dozen’ thing into an advantage” ©1988 Sat. Sept. 10, 1988 [Don Young: Congressman for Drilling, Logging, and Paving All Alaska sign] - “The prosperity of the West is a sham, Boris. There is a façade of wealth, but as you can see, this jewelry I bought is made of moose nuggets.” ©1988 Sunday Sept. 11, 1988 [Russian couple in kitchen] - “I don’t think you can expect the public to propose a tax on themselves unless they thoroughly understand the need. [...]”©1988 Sept. 13, 1988 [Tom Fink at desk] - “If they don’t get it together on the budget...we’re gonna audition for a ‘Wild About Anchorage’ commercial” ©1988 Sept. 15, 1988 [vultures singing] - “So will Anchorage step aside for Salt Lake City? [...]”©1988 Friday Sept. 16, 1988 [Anchorage Olympics bid] - “Title to their tower gone, their financial empire in ruins, the Hunt brothers moved across the street” ©1988 Sunday Sept. 18, 1988 [three hobos entering rescue mission] - “News item – Bush dubs Dukakis ‘Gold Medal winner in the tax and spend competition” ©1988 Sept. 19, 1988 [George H.W. Bush throwing roses at Ronald Reagan on medal stand] - “Fall colors” ©1988 Sept. 22, 1988 [Tom Fink with Veto Override black eyes] - “Jeez, 1300 pounds of garbage per U.S. citizen in 1987. Kruschev was wrong - we’re gonna bury ourselves” ©1988 Sat. Sept. 24, 1988 [men at dump] - “Mayor Fink tries to change his luck by knocking on wood” ©1988 Sunday Sept. 25, 1988 [hitting Assembly Chairman in head] - “’The Great One.’ ‘The Whopper.’” ©1988 Sept. 27, 1988 [misprinted Alaska magazine cover with Denali reversed] - “Now that kids making over $500 must file, we need an image they can relate to” ©1988 Sept. 29, 1988 [I.R.S. sign in the style of Toys R Us] 1988 October - “How to make petroleum jelly” ©1988 Oct. 1, 1988 [State of Alaska falling from Lost Oil Revenue cliff.] [Oversize. In B19] - “U.S. relay teams. Disqualified. Unqualified” ©1988 Sun. Oct. 2, 1988 [Olympic runners fumbling handoff, Dan Quayle reaching for handoff] - “Mayor Fink finally finds a way to work with the assembly” ©1988 Oct. 6, 1988 [Tom Fink threatening to endorse candidates] - “Getting hit with both barrels.” ©1988 Oct. 8, 1988 [Budget being hit by Prudhoe Decline and Oil Price Slide] - “The tragic effects of Quayludes” ©1988 Oct. 9, 1988 [George H.W. Bush endorsing Dan Quayle] - “All we ask is to be part of the negotiating process! This is the negotiating process!” ©1988 Oct. 11, 1988 [Assembly fighting Tom Fink] - “How do you feel about ‘spin control’? If you mean flipping channels, I’m for it” ©1988 Oct. 13, 1988 [couple watching political debates on television] - “In God We Trust – from you, we’d like a receipt” ©1988 Oct. 15, 1988 [Don Schroer with transition money. Print] - “I said the American people could judge me by my choice of running mate [...]”©1988 Sunday Oct. 16, 1988 [George H.W. Bush endorsing Dan Quayle] - “So I endorsed my favorite legislative candidate by giving money, asked what I could do to help, and that’s how I wound up back at the ol’ duck shack” ©1988 Tues. Oct. 18, 1988 [Tom Fink in shack] - “Save the Whales...Win Valuable Prizes!” ©1988 October 20, 1988 [Public Relations Cup for saving ARCO, VECO, and Standard] - “’It’s time for America to take back the streets’ – George Bush” ©1988 Sat. Oct. 22, 1988 [car with Bush/Quayle bumper sticker splashing Michael Dukakis] - “A short history of the Municipal budget. Having our cake, Eating it too, Liposuction” ©1988 Sun. Oct. 23, 1988 [No Tax Increases cake] - “Speaking of a questionable borrowing of clothing” ©1988 Thursday Oct. 27, 1988 [George H.W. Bush in sheep’s clothing] - “The ‘Education’ President. The ‘Recess’ Vice President” ©1988 Saturday Oct. 29, 1988 [George H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle playing golf] - “Now that was scary! Trick-or-treaters already? Candidate going door-to-door to talk about the budget” ©1988 Sun. Oct. 29, 1988 [couple in living room] 1988 November - “Q: What’s another term for negative campaigning? A: Bushwhacking” ©1988 Nov. 1, 1988 [George H.W. Bush hitting Michael Dukakis with television] - “The beard isn’t all that’s not real” ©1988 Sat. Nov. 5, 1988 [Don Young with Santa’s List] - “The danger of drafting” ©1988 Sun. Nov. 6, 1988 [Alaska car following OPEC tanker truck off cliff] - “The problem with Anchorage air quality isn’t what you can’s what you can’t see” ©1988 Nov. 8, 1988 [statistic on false vehicle registrations] - “Reading America’s lips” ©1988 Nov. 10, 1988 [donkey and elephant using magnifying lenses to analyze results of elections] - “Jan Faiks dropped $120 on cab fare from the airport to Long Island? Hey, at least this time she didn’t charter a helicopter” ©1988 Nov. 12, 1988 [couple in kitchen. Print] - “Last session: lawmakers sat on issues. This session: vice versa” ©1988 Nov. 13, 1988 [man sitting on ELF and Women’s Commission stool, Deficit sitting on man. Print] - “Hey, this stuff isn’t ticker’s the falling dollar” ©1988 Nov. 15, 1988 [George H.W. Bush in open car] - “We’re cutting cops [...] What kinds of city services are going to be left? Burial” ©1988 Thurs. Nov. 17, 1988 [men on street] - ©1988 Sat. Nov. 19, 1988[“Saudis” with steam coming out of his ears at OPEC gas pump with No Smoking sign] - “3...2...1...Blast off” ©1988 Sunday Nov. 20, 1988 [Uncle Sam pointing Star Wars gun at his own head] - “People Mover. People Remover.” ©1988 Nov. 22, 1988 [child at bus stop, carbon monoxide coming out of exhaust pipe] - “Drag race” ©1988 Nov. 25, 1988 [Alaska being dragged behind OPEC Production car] - “The Great Alaska Shootout” ©1988 Saturday Nov. 26, 1988 [assemblymen shooting at each other, each shouting a budget item] - “A brief history of OPEC: The 70’s fuel lines. The 80’s worry lines” ©1988 Sunday Nov. 27, 1988 [cars in line at gas station, man wearing kufiyah] 1988 December - “Did you notice that the snow has a weird pinkish tint and the sky is sort of purply instead of black? Good Lord! It’s Ted Turner! He’s colorized winter!” ©1988 Dec. 1, 1988 [couple in house. Pencil study on verso] - “All the sky is brown [...]”©1988 Sat. Dec. 3, 1988 [men in biohazard suits singing to tune of “California Dreamin’” by the Mamas and the Papas] - “Chef Ronald bakes a file into a cake for Oliver North” ©1988 Sunday Dec. 4, 1988 [Ronald Reagan with Iran-Contra files] - “Q: What do you get when you cross an elephant and a donkey? A: A cross elephant” ©1988 Tues. Dec. 6, 1988 [Senate Coalition fighting State G.O.P. Print] - “The heart of a matador, the instincts of a lemming” ©1988 Dec. 8, 1988 [Assembly bull charging Veto toreador. Pencil study for “Scrimmage line” cartoon on verso] - “Lawmakers finally agree on a use for the Railbelt Energy Fund” ©1988 Sat. Dec. 10, 1988 [electrified moose fence] - “Looks like another Gorbachev publicity coup” ©1988 Sunday Dec. 11, 1988 [Washington lawmakers looking at man with top hat and monocle on cover of The New Yorker. Publication slip adhered to verso] - “Saturday: Assembly overrides mayor’s veto” ©1988 Tues. Dec. 13, 1988 [monster truck crushing Volkswagen Beetle] - “I want a kinder, gentler P.L.O.” ©1988 Thurs. Dec. 15, 1988 [Yasser Arafat] - “Like so many before them, Jim and Tammy Bakker came to Alaska to start over” ©1988 Sat. Dec. 17, 1988 [Performing Arts Center with For Sale sign] - “On Comet! On Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen” ©1988 Sunday Dec. 18, 1988 [dead reindeer tied to Santa Claus Steve Cowper’s sled carrying Status Quo Budget] - “Sheesh! Whatever happened to tying tin cans to the bumper?” ©1988 Dec. 20, 1988 [elephant and donkey in Senate car dragging State G.O.P. Print] - “We’ll go back to the star when the economy recovers” ©1988 Thurs. Dec. 22, 1988 [traffic on road with lighted SOS sign at Arctic Valley] - “Santa breaks down as he testifies about payments to Al Adams to ensure continued work in the north” ©1988 Dec. 24, 1988 [courtroom scene. Print] - “The grates of wrath” ©1988 Tues. Dec. 27, 1988 [homeless person on sidewalk vent. Pencil and ink study on verso] - “Suddenly, Al Adams understood why he was asked to raise both arms for the oath of office” ©1988 Dec. 29, 1988 [Adams being frisked in courtroom] - “Dangerous white-out conditions on McKinley” ©1988 Dec. 31, 1988 [covering inked border of Matanuska-Susitna Borough and inking in new Nenana Borough border] 1989 January - ©1989 January 1, 1989 [man watching 1989 hourglass with OPEC in quicksand] - “Mayor Fink, the Assembly, and the unions taking down the Christmas tree” ©1989 Jan. 5, 1989 [three men throwing decorations at each other] - “Relax, as long as he keeps puffin’, we’re safe” ©1989 Sat. Jan. 7, 1989 [wolf smoking cigarette while pigs read newspaper with smoking deaths statistic] - “Political astronomy: Reagan rides off into sunset. Bush disappears into black hole” ©1989 Sunday Jan. 8, 1988 [Deficit hole] - “Consensus builders Tim Kelly and Sam Cotten attempting to determine which way the wind is blowing” ©1989 Jan. 10, 1989 [men caught in tornado] - “Weird courtship dances of the northern forest [...]”©1989 Jan. 12, 1989 [Cowper Administration sheep offering bull moose a state forester job. Print] - “Stretching out for the governor’s race” ©1989 [Don Young sticking tongue out at runners Arliss Sturgulewski and Jim Campbell] - “Tim Kelly stars in The Naked Conflict, from the files of Ethics Squad, rated H Hopeless” ©1989 Sat. Jan. 14, 1989 [Kelly riding bomb labeled Ties To Adams] - “Jan Faiks cleans out the president’s office for Senator Kelly” ©1989 Sun. Jan. 15, 1989 [emptying sack of money out window while wearing oil barrel on head. Pencil study on verso] - “Health food from hell” ©1989 Tues. Jan. 17, 1989 [Legislature cringing at sign for Sacred Cow Special at Cowper Café] - “Evidence that although justice is blind, it does have a sense of smell” ©1989 Jan. 19, 1989 [Edwin Meese Ethics Report. Print] - “Q: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, what is it? A: A decoy” ©1989 [Boucher’s Faiks Campaign man-duck] - “Desperate salmon attempting to abandon ship” ©1989 Sat. Jan. 21, 1989 [sign warning of PCBs and dioxins in Ship Creek] - “Brimfrost? Naw, that’s the mayor, off to an Assembly meeting” ©1989 Sun. Jan. 22, 1989 [man driving tank past Hunt Building] - “The worst part about freezing your tongue to the monkey bars was that you knew all along there was no painless way out” ©1989 Jan. 24, 1989 [Legislature stuck to Deficit bars] - “True, it’s a house of cards, but it is ready for immediate occupancy” ©1989 Jan. 26, 1989 [Steve Cowper selling Budget Guess] - “So, can you describe these funny noises? It’s sort of a menacing growl whenever I try to unplug the block heater” ©1989 Sun. Jan. 29, 1989 [mechanic and customer] - “Brave but foolish Alaskans trying to speed up the greenhouse effect” ©1989 Tues. Jan. 31, 1989 [people outdoors unloading aerosol spray cans] 1989 February - “In one ear...” ©1989 Feb. 2, 1989 [Death Penalty skeleton with Lack of Evidence for Deterrence moth passing through head] - “Tower of Babble” ©1989 Sat. Feb. 4, 1989 [Edwin Meese protesting ethics complaints] - “More evidence that most body heat is lost through the head” ©1989 Sun. Feb. 5, 1989 [Ralph Nader and Ted Stevens arguing] - “Merciless cold wave strikes South 48” ©1989 Tues. Feb. 6, 1989 [sic] - “The Navy runs a depth check as part of its homeport survey” ©1989 Feb. 9, 1989 [Navy officer sticking hand into taxpayer’s pants] - “Dan Quayle, chairman of the President’s ‘Competitiveness’ Task Force presents his recommendations” ©1989 Sat. Feb. 11, 1989 [Quayle pointing golf club at blackboard] - “To keep Medicaid cap off, press down while twisting” ©1989 Feb. 12, 1989 [Pharmacy Lobby twisting Legislature’s arm] - “Still reeling from the cold snap publicity, Alaska tourism is dealt another blow on national television” ©1989 Feb. 14, 1989 [Alaska Men on the Oprah Winfrey Show] - “New meaning for the term ‘Catastrophic Health Insurance’” ©1989 Feb. 16, 1989 [State Health Plan Costs Godzilla terrorizing city] - “Trial balloonist aborts mission when he finds out he’s over Alaska” ©1989 Sat. Feb. 18, 1989 [ice cubes being thrown at Steve Cowper in Taxes Anyone? balloon] - “A romance as big as Texas, Lonesome Hawk, starring John Tower” ©1989 Sunday, Feb. 19, 1989 [Tower hugging Defense Contractors] - “Juneau: heeding the call to forget stereotypes, a visiting Soviet testifies in favor of the Open Meetings Amendment” ©1989 Thurs. Feb. 23, 1989 [hearings room] - “’The Bear, the Dipper, and shining high, the great North Star with its steady light, o’er land and sea, a beacon bright’ – Alaska Flag Song” ©1989 Sat. Feb. 25, 1989 [hammer and sickle in sky] - “We can’t use the revolving door hon – that’s the employee entrance” ©1989 Sunday Feb. 26, 1989 [mother and child entering Day Care Center] - “Thank you for calling 911. All our dispatchers are busy right now, but, hey, given the budget, all the cops and firemen probably are too” ©1989 Feb. 28, 1989 [telephone] 1989 March - “It’s not where you stand on ELF, it’s where you sit on it” ©1989 March 1, 1989 [ELF Adjustment under man sitting in Senate chair] - “Steroids? No, this is the only race in the world that tests for female hormones” ©1989 Sat. March 4, 1989 [men getting Iditarod Blood Tests] - “1990, U.S Embassy in Moscow: a Marine guard wages a lonely struggle [...]” ©1989 Sun. March 5, 1989 [cleaning woman winking at guard thinking about John Tower] - “Cracked oil tankers, an E.P.A. report of serious waste management problems on the slope [...]”©1989 March 7, 1989 [couple discussing State Dept. of Environmental Conservation] - “War and Remembrance, starring Brad Bradley” ©1989 March 9, 1989 [Print] - “Before proclaiming a day in honor of L. Ron Hubbard, the governor’s office runs a routine background check” ©1989 Sat. March 11, 1989 [man with Ouija Board. Print] - “Remember when giant cabbages were the most unbeliveable [sic] thing about Alaska farming?” ©1989 Sunday March 12, 1989 [customers at diner reading newspaper headlined Farmers Take State Money for Growing Barley, Federal Money for Not Growing It] - “The accidental tourist [...]” ©1989 Tuesday March 14, 1989 [Senator Paul Fischer dropping money at Departures gate] - “Your questions about ELF: ‘What does it look like?’ A: Imagine a tiny Ed Dankworth” ©1989 Thurs. March 16, 1989 [man in jester costume] - “Campaign payments to family members get out of hand [...]”©1989 Saturday March 18, 1989 [man giving money to dog] - “Smoke jumpers” ©1989 Sunday March 19, 1989 [man smoking cigarette jumping into open grave] - “The ocean’s roar, 1989” ©1989 Tues. March 21, 1989 [seashell yelling about pollution] - “Telling time under the present legislative per diem system” ©1989 March 23, 1989 [man wearing six wristwatches] - “A hole you can drive a laundry truck through” ©1989 Sat. March 24, 1989 [Political Parties Campaign Contributions van driving through Cowper Campaign Reform barricade] - “Obscene strip show” ©1989 Sun. March 25, 1989 [men emptying Roe Stripping barrel] - “How the downtown Anchorage skyline look to the next major earthquake” ©1989 March 28, 1989 [row of dominoes] - “Fatally oiled in the Valdez spill: cormorant, sea otter, oil industry credibility” ©1989 Wednesday March 29, 1989 [Print] - “How is it possible for this ship to be in this bottle?” ©1989 Thurs. March 30, 1989 [Exxon Valdez tanker inside Alcohol Questions bottle] B5 1989 April - “Under the contingency plan, who must clean up after a major oil spill? A: the oil companies, B: the state, C: the wildlife of the sound” ©1989 Saturday April 1, 1989 - “Good news! 75% of the crude remained on the tanker!” ©1989 Sunday April 2, 1989 [Frank Murkowski holding oiled animal] - “News item: NTSB investigates possibility tanker may have been trying to ‘shoot the gap’” ©1989 Tuesday April 4, 1989 [tanker between ears of State/Industry Spill Preparation] - “The only law that had teeth in Prince William Sound” ©1989 Thurs. April 6, 1989 [Legislature sweating at desk, Murphy’s Law framed on wall] - “Q: What does a successful oil industry skimming operation look like? A: [ELF elf holding net full of money]” ©1989 Tuesday April 25, 1989 - “Maybe the veto’s not such a hot idea Tom. Every time you put your foot down, you shoot a hole in it” ©1989 Thursday April 27, 1989 [Tom Fink] - “Dear Don, Greetings from scenic Prince William Sound. Wish you were here” ©1989 Saturday April 29, 1989 [oiled animals writing postcard to Don Young] - “Really! 70% has evaporated, dispersed, or been collected! [...]”©1989 Sunday April 30, 1989 [oil on shoreline, in water, inhaled by Exxon Spokesmen] 1989 May - “Red herring season opens in the sound [...]”©1989 Tues. May 2, 1989 [Lawrence Rawl defending Exxon] - “Presto! A white rabbit” ©1989 Thurs. May 4, 1989 [Exxon pulling oiled rabbit out of hat] - “Mother Nature, Exxon’s cleaning woman” ©1989 Saturday May 6, 1989 [cleaning woman swearing while scrubbing rocks] - “Forget the ‘ELF’ – we’ll know Juneau is serious about dealing with the industry when they do something about the ‘Good Fairy’” ©1989 Sunday May 7, 1989 [mosquito with Campaign Donations sack throwing money] - “Smith Island. Shuyak Island. Fantasy Island” ©1989 May 9, 1989 [oiled birds and Alyeska with pool floaty] - “Rather than a road through the town square, how about new flashing lights?” ©1989 Thurs. May 10, 1989 [sic] [Performing Arts Center with Walk/Don’t Walk sign] - “Bad news, big guy, they caught on to the steroids” ©1989 Saturday May 13, 1989 [George H.W. Bush with budget bodybuilder] - “The spill has left senators who took oil company donations feeling betrayed. We no longer trust the industry” ©1989 Sunday May 14, 1989 [sign requiring two pieces of ID for campaign contributions] - “Don Young cleans up during the spill” ©1989 Wed. May 17, 1989 [Young carrying money out of Borax Mine] - “Day four of the Exxon Valdez hearings – the N.T.S.B. interviews the ship’s mascot” ©1989 Thurs. May 18, 1989 [Bud Light Party Animal Spuds MacKenzie on witness stand] - “Speaker of the House” ©1989 Sunday May 21, 1989 [man with forked tongue holding gavel] - “’Let it Burn’ policies: Yellowstone, the Hill Building” ©1989 Tues. May 23, 1989 [forest fire in park, Tom Fink saying no to downtown firetruck] - “First the worst cold spell in years, then the spill, now major flooding on the Yukon...” ©1989 Thurs. May 25, 1989 [I Survived the Alaska Highway bumper sticker with “the” and “highway” crossed out] - “Heartsick at the idea of returning to the sound, Alaska salmon give themselves up to foreign fleets” ©1989 Sat. May 27, 1989 [salmon jumping onto freighter] 1989 June - “Weird moments in sports: the Senate Ethics Subcommittee wrestles all session with Al Adams, then throws itself out of the ring” ©1989 June 1, 1989 [boxing match] - “Another candidate for the raptor re-hab center” ©1989 June 3, 1989 [drunk U.S. eagle sucking oil from Energy Policy barrel through a straw] - “Neither housebroken nor senatebroken” ©1989 Sunday June 4, 1989 [Sleaze Factor dog peeing on U.S. Capitol Building] - “A short history of the Olympic bid: 1985, double axel! 1988, triple lutz! 1989, checked into the boards” ©1989 [Rule Change hockey player crushing figure skater] - “Diagram of a tragedy” ©1989 June 8, 1989 [police officer caught in crossing of Line of Duty and Line of Fire] - “Just overlook the Atwater pollution” ©1989 Saturday June 10, 1989 [George H.W. Bush holding I Am An Environmentalist sign, standing next to sewer pipe carrying Willie Horton Ad and Foley Memo] - ©1989 Sunday June 11, 1989 [sad seal wearing “Life’s a Beach: Prince William Sound” t-shirt] - “Big Game Dept.: Hide and Seek” ©1989 [Don Young with antlers, moose callers calling] - “Peking acrobats, an unforgettable performance” [team of acrobats on bicycle with Democracy sign facing down tank in Tiananmen Square] - “Hi kids! Today’s arithmetic lesson is ‘borrowing’” ©1989 [Muni teacher with Budget sack soliciting handouts in class] - “I hear that if Kodiak salmon aren’t harvested, too many may make it upstream and wreck their spawning grounds. Jeez! What kind of stupid animal would destroy its own habitat?” ©1989 June 15, 1989 [diner patrons reading newspaper about oil spill, deforestation] - “A scene we’d like to see: the Exxon executive washroom” ©1989 Sat. June 17, 1989 [men wearing suits cleaning rocks] - “Shanghai, China – 3 sentenced to death for starting a fire” ©1989 Sunday June 18, 1989 [statute of Olympic torch bearer] - “The fate of the last unicorn” ©1989 Tues. June 20, 1989 [two men with rifles calling “Hey, Ivory”] - “Q: What’s Don Young’s position on Bristol Bay? A: A belly flop” ©1989 Thursday June 22, 1989 [Young in water with No To Development Moratorium sign] - “Economic disruption from the spill continues as mass lawsuits require the entire adult population for jury duty” ©1989 [line of people] - “So, the U.S. House Spill Liability Plan means any one oil company would pay no more than $60 million per spill? Yep, that’s the volume discount” ©1989 Saturday June 24, 1989 [people riding bicycles] - “3:00 P.M....the phone rang. I have a 6 th sense about these things. I knew it was someone wanting to talk about the Al Adams case [...]”©1989 June 25, 1989 [Detective Senate throws telephone out window without answering. Print] - “Summer, 1989: Chemists are forced to re-write the formula for water” ©1989 Thurs. June 29, 1989 [man pointing to screen with H₂Oil] 1989 July - ©1989 Saturday July 1, 1989 [A.H.F.C. outhouse] - “The tarball’s in your court, Mr. Bush” ©1989 Sunday July 2, 1989 [George H.W. Bush with Oil Spills ball stuck to tennis racquet] - “Do your windows? Sure” ©1989 July 4, 1989 [Exxon station attendant writes “Spill P.R.” in oil on windshield] - “Speaking of desecrated national symbols” ©1989 July 6, 1989 [Oiled Eagles] - “A lesson we didn’t learn in 1946: never let an earthquake call your bluff” ©1989 Saturday July 8, 1989 [downtown buildings falling off cliff] - “Anatomy of a high-seas driftnet” ©1989 Sunday July 9, 1989 [skull-and-crossbones pattern] - “Remember when ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ referred to indoor pollution?” ©1989 Tues. July 11, 1989 [men carrying money bags out of HUD building] - “Pronounced clean, but still leaving an oily sheen” ©1989 Thurs. July 13, 1989 [Al Adams boat in foreground, Exxon Valdez in background] - “Anchorage 2020: debate over the Turnagain Slide area is finally settled when global warming raises sea level over it” ©1989 Saturday July 15, 1989 [man walking dog along bluff] - “The harder you wave it, the faster it burns” ©1989 Sunday July 16, 1989 [George H.W. Bush waving burning flag] - “Case closed” ©1989 Tues. July 18, 1989 [Senate snapping Al Adams Affair briefcase closed] - “Ancient myth [...]. Modern myth [...]”©1989 Thurs, July 19, 1989 [sic] [Sisyphus and Spill Clean-up] - “Congress scrambles to squelch suspected flag burner” ©1989 Sat. July 22, 1990 [sic] [man preparing to throw bucket of water on Statue of Liberty. Print] - “Wow! These oil-eating microbes are growing like mad! What did you use for fertilizer?” ©1989 Tues. July 25, 1989 [scientists in lab, woman holding Exxon Cleanup Promises report] - “Q: How will we be able to measure cleanup success? A: Dipstick” ©1989 July 27, 1989 [person cleaning rocks and using dipstick] - “Pick the most dangerous pack: Rat, Wolf, Cigarette” ©1989 Saturday July 29, 1989 - “Meanwhile, still attempting to maneuver off the rocks in the sound” ©1989 Sunday July 29, 1989 [man slipping on rocks while discussing end of oil clean up activities] 1989 August - “Outrageous closing costs” ©1989 August 1, 1989 [AHFC Employee Gag Policy gag on woman] - “Hi I’m not a real journalist, but I play one on T.V....” ©1989 August 3, 1989 [man watching television and reading newspaper headlined Network ‘News Simulation’] - “Viscious Checking Dept.: Your check can be made out to...” ©1989 Sat. Aug. 5, 1989 [Floor Costs hockey player checking Sullivan Arena] - “Frustrated with the Assembly, the ever resourceful mayor traded his city-provided sedan for something more practical” ©1989 Sunday Aug. 6, 1989 [Tom Fink riding asphalt compactor, with Town Square Road and Bragaw Extension papers flying behind] - “And we worry about skeleton crews on tankers...” ©1989 Sat. Aug. 11, 1989 [sic] [skeleton sitting at desk in DEC Valdez Office] - “There’s everything you’ve ever known about adventure...and then there’s The Abyss” ©1989 Sunday Aug. 11, 1989 [movie poster advertising oil, raw sewage, toxic metals, medical waste] - “Hostage crisis continues” ©1989 Tues. Aug. 15, 1989 [bottle of Alaska Alcohol Victims] - “Arctic Circle = Chukotsk Peninsula, Siberia” ©1989 Saturday Aug. 19, 1989 [sic] [nuclear waste symbol] - “News item: Archaeologists uncover Stone Age tools in Prince William Sound” ©1989 Sunday August 20, 1989 [Spill Cleanup tool] - “The House Merchant Marine Committee under full sail” ©1989 August 22, 1989 [Oil/Shipping Industry shark fin doubling as sail for small boat] - “Exxon says they’ll return next summer. But how can we be certain? Hey if surgically implanted homing devices are good enough for sea otters...” ©1989 Thursday Aug. 24, 1989 [men on beach] - “Q: What’s the one thing we know Corexit 9580M2 effectively washes? A: Brains” ©1989 Sat. Aug. 26, 1989 [State and Coast Guard approving use] - ©1989 Sunday August 27, 1989 [worker entering Hill Building past Tom Fink “Firing Hazard” warning sign] - “As water disappeared from Campbell Lake, float plane owners were forced to relocate to Iris St. in Spenard” ©1989 Tuesday August 29, 1989 [airplane landed in front of vehicle on flooded street] - “Crack. Crevasse” ©1989 Thurs. Aug. 31, 1989 [drugs in vial, chasm between Medellin and Bogota in Columbia] 1989 September - “Flying ace. Joker” ©1989 Sat. Sept. 2, 1989 [pilot, Congress in jester costume holding Pending Authorization To Shoot Down Civilian Aircraft Suspected of Drug Hauling] - “Solid waste? Nature can deal with it. [...]”©1989 Sunday Sept. 3, 1989 [lightning striking man] - “Prudhoe Bay. Prudhoe Gulch” ©1989 Thursday Sept. 7, 1989 [oil rig, Oil Revenue graph] - “Creative traffic light interpretation” ©1989 Saturday Sept. 9, 1989 [raven sitting next to labeled traffic light with “Yellow: Keep on Truckin’”] - “Gods above! Driftnets!!!” ©1989 Sunday Sept. 10, 1989 [Odysseus and “the greatest horror of his Mediterranean journey”] - “Fairbanks street rally” ©1989 Friday Sept. 11, 1989 [couple discussing pullout of Exxon and Nordstrom’s] 1989 October - ©1989 [Greenhouse Effect tea kettle whistling, deafening all except appearing as music to George H.W. Bush] - “As promised, double bottoms” ©1989 Oct. 17, 1989 [Tanker Safety riding horse with two rear ends labeled Coast Guard and Oil Shipping Industry] - “It’s now O.K. to root for San Francisco and Oakland” ©1989 Thurs. Oct. 19, 1989 [man waving pennant] - U.S. Constitution, in case of fire do not break glass” ©1989 Saturday Oct. 21, 1989 [George H.W. Bush waving burning flag] - “How to predict an earthquake: new study finds link between human behavior and impending doom [...]”©1989 Sunday Oct. 22, 1989 [Subject Complacent when Earthquake Danger: Certain] - “The most frightening sound in the forest is: A. The howl of the wolf. B. The growl of the grizzlie. C. The belch of the bark beetle” ©1989 - “Greenhouse gas. Laughing gas” ©1989 Saturday Oct. 28, 1989 [vehicle exhaust, George H.W. Bush promises] - “Weirdest Halloween costume of the year: Tom Fink, Friend to City Employees” ©1989 Sunday Oct. 29, 1989 [with Let’s All Negotiate At Once sign] - “Gov. Cowper prepares for a bake sale to support schools” ©1989 Tues. Oct. 31, 1989 [Steve Cowper baking the Permanent Fund] 1989 November - “The only recent recording you can be sure of getting at our library” ©1989 Thurs. Nov. 2, 1989 [man on hold on telephone] - “Latitude and longitude? No, those are discarded driftnets” ©1989 Saturday Nov. 4, 1989 [extraterrestrials in spaceship looking down at Earth] - “Read my lips” ©1989 Sunday Nov. 5, 1989 [George H.W. Bush avoiding questions] - “Hey, we figure if that New Yorker thinks he can get $10,000 for burial plots in Barrow...” ©1989 Tues. Nov. 7, 1989 [couple at Withering Heights Condos, now Withering Heights Mausoleum] - “Reacting quickly to calls for carbon emission controls, George Bush installs a new muffler” ©1989 Thurs. Nov. 8, 1989 [placing muffler in mouth of Global Warming Conference] - “Golden goose egg hatches” ©1989 [Maintenance dinosaur from Project 80s egg] - “Berlin Wall graffiti artist” ©1989 Sunday Nov. 10, 1989 [man walks through door drawn on wall] - “Outlaw Mayorijuana” ©1989 [Tom Fink smoking pipe and talking about marijuana legalization] - “New rules, everyone in the governor’s race has to push that” ©1989 Tues. Nov. 19, 1989 [couple standing next to Abortion Debate baby carriage] - “The president unveils an innovative approach to the war on drugs” ©1989 Saturday Nov. 18, 1989 [sic] [George H.W. Bush predicting that greenhouse effect will eradicate cocoa crop] - “Bearing the cross in El Salvador” ©1989 Sunday Nov. 19, 1989 [silhouette in crosshairs of gun sight] - “Pages from our local law enforcement continuing education catalog” ©1989 Tues. Nov. 20, 1989 [sic] [class descriptions referencing George H.W. Bush, Smurfs, courtroom testimony, silver bullets, audio surveillance] - “’Gone to give a speech, carry on from your end. Best, Frank’” ©1989 Thurs. Nov. 23, 1989 [logger at one end of whipsaw cutting through Tongass Negotiations, reading note from Frank Murkowski] - “Looks like the East Germans are catching on to capitalism” ©1989 Sat. Nov. 25, 1989 [couple watching television advertisement for chunks of Berlin Wall] - “One more troubled Alaska bank” ©1989 Sunday Nov. 26, 1989 [Food Bank] - “Humpty Fink sat on a wall [...]”©1989 Tuesday Nov. 28, 1989 [egg-headed Tom Fink sitting atop Veto wall] - “6.5 million pounds of toxic waste are legally discharged into Cook Inlet each year? That’s ‘Cooked’ Inlet” ©1989 Thurs. Nov. 30, 1989 [men standing next to sewer discharge pipe] 1989 December - “Russian unorthodox” ©1989 Sat. Dec. 2, 1989 [Mikhail Gorbachev] - “The other cold war continues” ©1989 Sunday Dec. 3, 1989 [Anchorage Needy in wind] - “Biologists’ fears that a program to feed predators will tame them prove well founded” ©1989 Tues. Dec. 5, 1989 [wolf complaining about fly on carcass] - “Feet of Clay Dept.: The NEA’s stand on binding arbitration” ©1989 Saturday Dec. 8, 1989 [sic] [man wearing pair of shoes with shoelaces tied together] - “The corpses aren’t the only things that stink around here” ©1989 Sunday Dec. 10, 1989 [gravediggers next to headstones for Exxon Valdez, North Pacific Gillnets, Roe Stripping] - “It was weeks before anyone connected the rash of road kills to the air quality alerts” ©1989 Tues. Dec. 12, 1989 [men with moose roadkill. Small tear in drawing] - “Southcentral nursery rhyme” ©1989 Sat. Dec. 16, 1989 [“Twinkle twinkle little volcano”] - “Which is more important on the Alaska tanker fleet? A: Water line. B: Age lines” ©1989 Sunday Dec. 17, 1989 - “Fortunately, the reindeer restarted at 3000 feet” ©1989 Tuesday Dec. 19, 1989 [Santa and sleigh over Mount Redoubt eruption] - “Pipe bomber lights his Christmas tree” ©1989 Thurs. Dec. 21, 1989 [man with burning cross] - “Noriega debates ratting on himself for the million dollar reward” ©1989 Saturday Dec. 23, 1989 [Manuel Noriega as frog] - “In the new spirit of cooperation, the F.A.A. decides not to cite Elfair” ©1989 Sunday Dec. 24, 1989 [inspector with Santa and sleight] - “Merry Christmas” [composite of figures from cartoons published in 1989. Print] - “Q: When is a public document not a public document? A: Whenever the Municipal clerk says so” ©1989 Dec. 28, 1989 [Police Union Negotiation Report] - “Anthropologists have a new theory on the ice-age migration from Asia to Alaska” ©1989 Sat. Dec. 30, 1989 [couple watching television] - “Exxon competitors benefitting from trade secrets sifted from court files. Holy Cow! Let’s not do this. Great Scott! Here’s a miserable idea” ©1989 Sunday Dec. 31, 1989 1990 January - “In a controversial move, Fish and Game offered a railroad killed moose as a sacrifice to the volcano gods” ©1990 Thurs. Jan. 4, 1990 - “Mayor Fink testing the waters off Fire Island” ©1990 Saturday Jan. 6, 1990 [Tom Fink doing cannonball into water] - “Mount Nodoubt” ©1990 Sunday Jan. 7, 1990 [State Spending volcano about to erupt] - “Q: Given the Fischer ruling, what’s the best hope of ensuring legislators don’t abuse state air travel? A: [erupting volcano]” ©1990 Tues. Jan. 9, 1990 - “1990 budget cuts” ©1990 Thurs. Jan. 11, 1989 [sic] [Legislature football player dodging tackles] - “Animals gather at Sen. Stevens’ Katmai wildlife observation deck” ©1990 Saturday Jan. 13, 1990 [bears watching Ted Stevens fight Park Service] - “Teenage mutant ninja lawmakers, day 4” ©1990 Sunday January 14, 1990 [legislators fighting] - “Q: What’s a bigger political asset than a winning smile? A: Buck teeth” ©1990 Tuesday Jan. 16, 1990 [Alaska Campaign Financing teeth] - “An inspired biologist finally puts Juneau’s garbage bears to work, solving the nation’s landfill crowding problem” ©1990 Thurs. Jan. 17, 1990 [sic] [bears at New York City garbage dump] - “1990 Legislative budget cuts revisited” ©1990 Sat. Jan. 20, 1990 [money dealer doling out cash to grasping hands] - “Wishing on a star at the 4 th Avenue Theater. ‘Don’t go out” ©1990 Sun. Jan. 21, 1990 [man looking at stars in ceiling] - “Northland living, lesson #1: never, never catch snowflakes on your tongue in Valdez” ©1990 Thurs. Jan. 23, 1990 [sic] [man with snowball jammed in mouth] - “How our municipal government works” ©1990 Thurs. Jan. 25, 1990 [Legislative Branch/Assembly fighting Tom Fink as Executive Branch] - “Eureka! Let’s turn investigations and prosecution over to the Anchorage justice system!!! And lawmakers were never threatened by an ethics complaint again” ©1990 Sat. Jan. 27, 1990 - “What the UFO was doing near English Bay” ©1990 Sun. Jan. 28, 1990 [picking up survivor of crashed spaceship after Mount Redoubt eruption] - “Porkosaurus: last of a vanishing breed” ©1990 Tues. Jan. 30, 1990 [Railbelt Energy Fund] 1990 February - “A Southcentral constituent arrives in Juneau with a new perspective on how to spend the Railbelt Energy Fund” ©1990 Thurs. Feb. 1, 1990 [bull moose entering capitol with Stop The Slaughter sign] - “Vandals! Call the cops! Those are the cops” ©1990 Saturday Feb. 3, 1990 [policeman painting Yankees Out of Panama” on wall] - “Szymanski wondered if Dankworth would count all the way to 10. Dankworth wondered if Szymanski could count all the way to 10” ©1990 Sunday Feb. 4, 1990 [M. Ed. Dankworth and Mike Szymanski dueling] - “Point Mackenzie cows, excited by news that the state will own their farms, argue about whether this make them eligible for state employee benefits” ©1990 Feb. 6, 1990 - “Al Adams: clean as a hound’s tooth, er, gums” ©1990 Thurs. Feb. 8, 1990 [toothless Ethics Laws dog tied with multiple chains] - “Multi-party animal” ©1990 Saturday Feb. 10, 1990 [bear with party hat in Moscow] - “It was hell all summer in Prince William Sound, so the wife says, ‘Hey! Let’s take a break! Let’s fly south this winter to California” ©1990 Sunday Feb. 11, 1990 [oiled birds on closed beach] - “Sure, it’s sad, and you want to help them, but we must let nature take its course” ©1990 Thurs. Feb. 15, 1990 [moose looking down on traffic pileup] - “Death roe” ©1990 Saturday Feb. 17, 1990 [Roe Stripping pirate ship] - “Once sled dog racing became big business, hostile takeovers were inevitable” ©1990 Sunday Feb. 18, 1990 [two mushers with tangled teams] - “The mayor tosses his hat in the ring” ©1990 Tuesday Feb. 20, 1990 [Tom Fink throwing head into boxing ring] - “Sure we can afford it! We just put it on the card!” ©1990 Thurs. Feb. 21, 1990 [sic] [Uncle Sam showing Social Security card backed by rabid dog Deficit] - “The one thing still flushing through Kotzebue’s backward sewage system” ©1990 Sat. Feb. 24, 1990 [George Washington with snorkel on one dollar bill] - “A ‘pride’ of sea lions. A ‘shame’ of bureaucrats” ©1990 Sunday Feb. 25, 1990 - “We in BLM and DOT oversee the pipeline [...]”©1990 Tues. Feb. 27, 1990 [Trans Alaska Pipeline corrosion] 1990 March - “The pipeline isn’t the only part of the oil transport system where we can expect corrosion” ©1990 Thurs. March 1, 1990 [Spill Prevention and Response knight in suit of armor] - “Iditarod ’90: in addition to the traditional booties, mushers are forced to carry ash masks for each dog” ©1990 Saturday March 3, 1990 [musher and team on trail, Mount Redoubt eruption] - “Doo doo economics” ©1990 Sunday March 4, 1990 [George H.W. Bush discussing deficit and shoveling manure] - “Q: In what Alaska petroleum area will drilling be most important in the future? A: Spill response” ©1990 Tues. March 5, 1990 [sic] [men in footrace] - “Ethixcalibur – the sword in the stone” ©1990 Thurs. March 5, 1990 [sic] [Legislature looking at sword] - “What navigation system is that? Dead reckoning” ©1990 Saturday March 7, 1990 [U.S. House ship captain steering by Federal Pre-Emption of State Spill Laws chart] - “It could have been worse, the city could have fluoridated it, too” ©1990 Saturday March 7, 1990 [sic] [ducks at outflow of Otis Lake] - “Soviets, excited about liberalized property laws, kick around the idea of buying Alaska back” ©1990 Thurs. March 8, 1990 [sic] [Russian men in kitchen] - “Frank Murkowski starting a chainsaw” ©1990 Saturday March 9, 1990 [sic] [Murkowski hitting self in eye with starter cord on Tongass Amendment chainsaw] - “In D.O.D. we trust” ©1990 Sunday March 10, 1990 [Dept. of Defense officer holding $43 Billion Fund bag] - “The butcher shop” ©1990 March 16, 1990 [man with cuts of meat in case: Roast Runyon, Baron of Barve, Leg of Jonrowe, Osmar Chops, Swiss Swenson Steak; Iditarod mushers] - “Q: What technique does Exxon propose for cleaning deeply oiled beaches this summer? A: Wave motion. Adios!” ©1990 Sunday March 18, 1990 [tiger rowing boat] - “Trouble brewing on the Upper Susitna” ©1990 Tues. March 20, 1990 [beaver agitating for wildlife food handouts] - “Meanwhile, deep in the jungles of Burma...” ©1990 Thurs. March 22, 1990 [Red Boucher and Richard Foster wondering if they will be rescued by Bo Gritz] - “Pro wrestling tour continues to Juneau” ©1990 Saturday March 24, 1990 [Legislature and Budget in ring] - “The spill: where the guilt went: [...]”©1990 Sunday March 25, 1990 [Joseph Hazelwood, Exxon, American drivers] - “Dingbatman” ©1990 Tues. March 27, 1990 [Alaska Mental Competency Laws. Print. Original drawing is object 2015.010.002] - “News item: Alaska fishing accidents claim over 200 lives in the last decade” ©1990 Thurs. March 29, 1990 [fishing boat with noose hanging from gallows being used as mast] - “Drilling rig inspection: Approved method, white glove. State method, white flag” ©1990 Saturday March 31, 1990 1990 April - “Where does the term ‘breakup’ come from? It refers to what happens to our roads in spring” ©1990 April 1, 1990 [people in vehicle] - “The Legislature agonizes over whether or not to embrace ethics reform” ©1990 Thurs. April 3, 1990 [sic] [frog debating metamorphosis to handsome prince] - “We thought we’d try something new this year. Along with the party platform, we built a corral” ©1990 Tuesday April 3, 1990 [sic] [Alaska GOP elephant leaning on Loyalty Pledge gate] - “The sound of science” ©1990 Tuesday April 10, 1990 [gagged scientist holding Spill Studies] - “I hear there was quite a debate over a possible insanity defense” ©1990 Thurs. April 12, 1990 [men walking past newspaper box with Exxon Arraigned headline] - “That ol’ time music: Boxcar Kelly and the Senators. To the tune of Wabash Cannonball [...]” ©1990 Saturday April 14, 1990 [Railbelt Energy Fund] - “Seafood” ©1990 Sunday April 15, 1990 [Untrained Fish Processors in rowboat on high seas. Pencil study on verso] - “Another unsafe single bottom” ©1990 Tuesday April 17, 1990 [Senate sitting on Spill Bills] - “Supreme Court meets Supreme Being” ©1990 Thurs. April 19, 1990 [judge overruling haloed saint] - “True, the climate’s bad, but we are home to some of history’s most sophisticated people” ©1990 Saturday April 21, 1990 [Devil in hell] - “I say sic those lower life forms on the spill, we’ve seen how well the higher ones do” ©1990 Sunday April 21, 1990 [sic] [Coast Guard and other arguing over Oil-Eating Bacteria Plan] - “Look at that. Some of the 2 billion pounds of fish dumped off Alaska every year. And I thought being a bottom-fish was low” ©1990 Tuesday April 24, 1990 [halibut] - “Albino? Not exactly. It’s premature gray from last winter” ©1990 Thursday April 26, 1990 [moose] - “The longer the delay, the riper the smell and the colder the water” ©1990 Saturday April 28, 1990 [man dipping toe into washbasin, holding bar of Ethics Reform soap] - “A year after the spill, sites of deeply-oiled gravel are still being found” ©1990 Sunday April 29, 1990 [Senate shaking oil out of ears, holding Proposed D.E.C. $] 1990 May - “The biggest drug threat facing Alaska is: [...]”©1990 May 1, 1990 [Foreign Couriers, Foreign Smugglers, Local Bootleggers in villages] - “Possible spill-caused mutation that really worries industry” ©1990 Sat. May 5, 1990 [Before and After images of bodybuilding D.E.C.] - “These are the eyes of a State drilling rig inspector. These are the eyes of the State inspectors of drilling rig inspectors” ©1990 Sun. May 6, 1990 [bleary eyes, hands over eyes] - “Ethics? That’s a Senate problem” ©1990 Tues. May 8, 1990 [Ben Grussendorf in House with “Al Adams Was Here” graffiti on wall] - “The Legislature’s subsistence preference. Let the Feds handle it!” ©1990 Thurs. May 9, 1990 [sic] - “Retirement, U.S.A. Men: the ‘Golden’ Years. Women: the ‘Nickle’ Years” ©1990 Saturday May 12 [Benefits] - “The Deficit reads ‘My Lips’” ©1990 [laughing at “My Lips: a political thriller by George Bush”] - “Wild game we wish the feds would take over” ©1990 Sunday May 13 [House and Senate playing tag] - “Q: What will be the most important subsistence activity of the 1990 season? A: Dipnetting” ©1990 Sunday May 20, 1990 [man caught in Legislature Recall net] - “Cry of the State Agriculture bureaucrat. Cowabungle!” ©1990 Tuesday May 22, 1990 [man riding Mat. Maid cow] - “The school district and Assembly study the ’90’s school menu” ©1990 Thurs. May 24, 1990 [kids with “Kick Me” signs on backs looking at board with Hot Potato every day] - “Party balloons as wildlife deterrents: the missing page from the Exxon Bioremediation Manual” ©1990 Saturday May 26, 1990 [clown making balloon animal] - “News item: Senate pushes ahead with legislation to speed death sentences” ©1990 Sunday May 27, 1990 [man offering assault rifle to Death with scythe] - “Once again it was up to the locals to contain damage from a toxic fuel spill” ©1990 Thurs. May 31, 1990 [beavers looking at derailed railroad tanker cars] 1990 June - “The State doesn’t oversee railroad spill response? The railroad response plan is a bunch of phone numbers? What kind of operation is this? Leave it to beaver” ©1990 Saturday June 2, 1990 [beavers] - “Working without a net, or a wire...” ©1990 Sunday June 3, 1990 [Mikhail Gorbachev] - “And you thought hypnosis was only good for breaking nasty tobacco habits” ©1990 June 5, 1990 [man being hypnotized by Philip Morris Alaska Campaign Contributions] - “Dr. Legislature’s Sure-Fire Liquid Diet” ©1990 Thursday June 7, 1990 [man guzzling oil] - “Q: How can I understand what’s going on in Alaska’s dairy industry? (Turn drawing upside down for answer)” ©1990 Saturday June 9, 1990 [cow with This Side Up spots] - “May 9, 1990: House and Senate adjourn. Later, 1990: they finally learn how much they spent” ©1990 Tuesday June 12, 1990 [high five, head slap] - “Congress, suddenly realizing that burning oil might ignite American flags, finally gets serious about tanker safety laws” ©1990 Thursday June 14, 1990 - “We throw fruit now, comrade? Are you crazy? Fruit we hoard, idiot” ©1990 Saturday June 16, 1990 [Mikhail Gorbachev juggling] - “Hey, they replaced ‘missing’ with ‘wanted.’ The search for Point Mackenzie diary culprits continues” ©1990 Sunday June 17, 1990 [man in checkout line at grocery store looking at milk carton] - “Another passive smoking victim” ©1990 Tuesday June 19, 1990 [Earth covered with greenhouse gas emitting cities] - “In the interest of safety, Denali Park officials rename Polychrome Pass” ©1990 Thursday June 21, 1990 [camper and car on single-lane road with Welcome to Do Not Pass sign] 1990 July - “You, too, can play Alaska Legislative Poker [...]”©1990 Sunday July 15, 1990 [state revenue falls while Oil Prices toilet flushes and governor cuts up credit cards with scissors] - “Hey! I thought the tent city festival was over. It is. These are the victims of the social service vetoes” ©1990 Tues. July 17, 1990 [homeless tent camp] - “Frankly, as a national symbol, I’m considering a toupee” ©1990 Thurs. July 19, 1990 [bald eagles reading newspaper headlined Skinheads Vandalize Temple. Print] - “So then this state bureaucrat wants to know if they’re cleaning the beaches for algae or people. Given the events of last year, I’ll take the algae” ©1990 Saturday July 21, 1990 [rocks]- “Alyeska Pipeline shows it’s willing to play hardball” ©1990 Sunday July 22, 1990 [man hitting head with baseball bat] - “Well, I guess we can expect a new direction from the Supreme Court. Whattaya think...moderate, right? Hard right? I’d watch for reverse” ©1990 Tues. July 24, 1990 [car following car carrying judges on urban street] - “Ever eager to seek accommodation, Iraq proposes an alternative to a higher oil production quota” ©1990 Thurs. July 26, 1990 [man screaming for blood] - “Mid-East tension hits a new high” ©1990 Saturday July 28, 1990 [tanker Exxon Mediterranean next to beach with man riding camel] - “The Nelchina herds” ©1990 Sunday July 29, 1990 [three caribou pursued by hoard of hunters] - “Alaska Tourism Council advice that state agencies hold the media at bay with free coffee and donuts backfires tragically as reporters go berserk on sugar and caffeine” ©1990 Tuesday July 31 [Print] 1990 August - ©1990 Thurs. Aug. 1, 1990 [car in traffic with bumper sticker Honk If You’re Innocent of the Valdez Spill, flock of geese honking above] - “What they’re inspecting instead of drilling rigs over at the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission nowadays” ©1990 Sat. Aug. 4, 1990 [man reading Help Wanted classifieds] - “News item: Iraq’s ambassador to the U.S. calls invasion of Kuwait ‘an internal affair’” ©1990 Sunday Aug. 5, 1990 [Saddam Hussein digesting meal] - “Dog droppings are the biggest source of Anchorage water pollution? Yep. They drink from our toilets, we swim and fish in theirs” ©1990 Tues. Aug. 7, 1990 [couple on creek bridge] - “American history snapshots: Declaration of Independence. Declaration of Dependence: Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve!!” ©1990 Thursday August 8, 1990 [sic] - “Cigar explodes, deals another blow to Anchorage air quality” ©1990 Saturday Aug. 11, 1990 [Tobacco Tax] - “Question of the week: If oil prices go higher, can state lawmakers be far behind?” ©1990 Sunday August 12, 1990 [stoned man] - “Jeez, now if I could only unify the Arab world” ©1990 Tuesday 8-13-90 [Saddam Hussein reading newspaper] - “A digital history of Tom Fink [...]”©1990 Thurs. 8-15-90 [thumbs up, thumbs down, all thumbs] - “Who needs the gambling initiative? We already have historical gaming in Alaska” ©1990 Sunday August 17, 1990 [sic] [Doc Legislature gambling in Old West saloon] - “In a surprise move, Larry Carr and Barney Gottstein extend their recycling campaign to their entire business” ©1990 8/18/90 [Carrs grocery store with Sold sign. Print] - “The voice of the three-toed sloth” ©1990 Tuesday August 20, 1990 [Don Young hanging from tree limb with shortstop quote] - “Sex! Gambling! Drugs! [...]”©1990 Thurs. Aug. 23, 1990 [couple reading political campaign mail-outs. Pen-and-ink study on verso] - “Word that voters dislike negative ads reaches the candidates [...]” ©1990 Saturday August 25, 1990 [man watching television] - “False anti-railroad ad forces truckers’ group to install new mudflaps” ©1990 Sunday August 26, 1990 [truck driver with flap blocking mouth] - “Remember when campaigning meant kissing babies?” ©1990 Tuesday Aug. 28, 1990 [man kissing hand of man holding money bag] - “Senate District F gets an oil change” ©1990 Thursday Aug. 20, 1990 [Knight Collins in suit of armor. Print] 1990 September - ©1990 Sat. Sept. 1, 1990 [Steve McAlpine car at Elephant Crossover on road] - “The president works on his slice. Saddam works on his” ©1990 Sunday Sept. 2, 1990 [George H.W. Bush golfing, Saddam Hussein with sword] - “Pick the politician who will be the most likely to ensure the opening of ANWR: Sturgulewski, Knowles, Saddam” ©1990 Tues. Sept. 2, 1990 [sic] - “Mayoral race to watch this year: Tom Fink attempting to outrun his record” ©1990 Thurs. Sept. 6, 1990 - “So where do you think Boucher’s voters will swing? Fink. He makes people see Red” ©1990 Sunday Sept. 7, 1990 [couple walking dog] - “S & L. S.O.L.” ©1990 [bank closure, Taxpayer with Bailout Bill] - “Pete Zamarello declares moral bankruptcy” ©1990 Tues. Sept. 7, 1990 [sic] [man with washtub laundering money] - “American sex symbols. Madonna. Cruise. Dopey” ©1990 Saturday Sept. 8, 1990 [sic] [Kinsey Report] - “Pick the long-term threat to the U.S.: Chemical weapons. Chemical dependence” ©1990 Sunday Sept. 9, 1990 [Uncle Sam drinking from gas pump hose] - “A witness picks the Municipal rose thief out of the lineup” ©1990 Tuesday Sept. 11, 1990 [four men lined up] - “The Finker” ©1990 Thurs. Sept. 13, 1990 [Tom Fink as Rodin’s Thinker contemplating kicking Greenies out of Municipal Fund-raising. Pencil study on verso] - ©1990 Sat. Sept. 15, 1990 [Statute of Liberty with extinguished Energy Policy torch] - “Confrontation in vast, trackless desert continues. Now then, Mr. Souter” ©1990 Sun. Sept. 16, 1990 [confirmation hearings on David Souter] - “There’s no public commission? What kind of legislative ethics enforcement is there? Out-of- commission” ©1990 Tuesday Sept. 18, 1990 [couple on Coastal Trail] - “Typical road construction scene: a bunch of guys standing around aimlessly” ©1990 Thursday Sept. 20, 1990 [Tom Fink, Rick Mystrom, Red Boucher talking about state funding for roads] - “Jack and Wally are back from the dead. Flatliners: some lines shouldn’t be crossed” Sat. Sept. 22, 1990 [movie poster, Jack Coghill and Wally Hickel] - “Suggested roles for Saddam’s American T.V. appearance: Late-night pitchman. Televangelist. Game show host” ©1990 Sunday Sept. 23, 1990 - “Life’s most embarrassing moment: caught in public with a hickey on your neck” ©1990 Tuesday Sept. 25, 1990 [Wally Hickel riding elephant] - “Tom Fink: he hasn’t lost his sense of humor” ©1990 Thurs. Sept. 27, 1990 [using surprise shock hand buzzer on Anchorage] - “Snake oil prices” ©1990 Sat. Sept. 28, 1990 [man caught in boa constrictor’s embrace] - “It’s Coghill. In addition to the campaign funds, he’d also like his knife back” ©1990 Sunday Sept. 30, 1990 [Arliss Sturgulewski stabbed in the back] 1990 October - “Washington monument that did not shut down during the budget battle” ©1990 Thurs. Oct. 11, 1990 [U.S. Deficit rhinoceros statue] - “’Read my lips, no Newt axes’ – what Bush really said” ©1990 Sat. Oct. 6, 1990 [Newt Gingrich wearing Death to the Deficit Deal pin] - “Know your elephants: [...] Alaska elephants: the ones with the pierced ears” ©1990 Tuesday Oct. 16, 1990 [Hickel/Coghill arrow through elephant’s head] - “Where do you guys stock the Sturgulewski campaign’s marijuana tape? It’s been moved from Political Thrillers to Song and Dance” ©1990 Thurs. Oct. 18, 1990 [customer in video rental store] - “It’s already illegal for us to have pot [...]”©1990 Saturday Oct. 20, 1990 [couple discussing Recriminalization Initiative] - “The evolution of Tom Fink” ©1990 Sunday Oct. 21, 1990 [caricature to smiley face] - “Victorious Reds: Cincinnati. Washington” ©1990 Tues. Oct. 23, 1990 [baseball team, red ink pot] - “You gonna vote for Lin Garrison? I was. Now I’m just going to claim I did” ©1990 Thurs. Oct. 25, 1990 [men walking dog] - “Hammond leaning toward Knowles [...] You gotta help me doc. I keep getting this weird feeling I’m becoming a circus elephant” ©1990 Sat. Oct. 27, 1990 [elephant on psychiatrist’s couch. Pencil study on verso] - “Wally and Jack bring new meaning to the term ‘political machine’” ©1990 Sunday Oct. 28, 1990 [Hickel and Coghill in time machine] - “Rereading George Bush’s lips” ©1990 Tues. Oct. 30, 1990 [George H.W. Bush with dentures removed] 1990 November - “Trapped in the subsistence dilemma, various user groups prepare to chew each other’s legs off” ©1990 Thurs. Nov. 1, 1990 [men caught in steel trap] - “Nature sounds. Horse: clip clop [...] Wally mammoth: flip flop [...]”©1990 Sat. Nov. 3, 1990 [Wally Hickel] - “Blowing smoke: it sends the wrong message to our youth” ©1990 Sunday Nov. 4, 1990 [Ed Young blowing Résumé smoke] - “The gubernatorial candidates raised 3 million for the campaign? Yep. Nowadays you pass your hat instead of throwing it in the ring” ©1990 Tues. Nov. 6, 1990 [couple walking dog] - “Emergency rooms statewide were inundated with dropped jaws and popped eyes as the election results became clear” ©1990 Thurs. Nov. 8, 1990 [line of patients] - “Northern ostrich with head buried in permafrost” ©1990 Sat. Nov. 10, 1990 [sign Caution: Alaska Oil Well Inspection Program at Work] - “The Don Young vote count: they love me, they love me not [...]” ©1990 Sunday Nov. 11, 1990 - “I definitely believe biological warfare is immoral, and I have to wonder about geological warfare” ©1990 Tues. Nov. 13, 1990 [soldiers next to oil wells in desert] - “Nervous Juneauites are rattled further by the rumor that the state motto will be changed from ‘North to the Future’ to ‘Back to the Future’” ©1990 Thurs. Nov. 15, 1990 - “Parallel lines: hoping for bread in Moscow. Hoping for a sleeping mat at the Brother Francis Shelter” ©1990 Sat. Nov. 17, 1990 [Print] - “Your tax dollars at work: Keating five, Keating ten, Keating twenty, Keating fifty” ©1990 Sunday Nov. 18, 1990 - “Feats of daring: working without a net. Working with a net” ©1990 Tuesday Nov. 20, 1990 [acrobat, Fishing Hazards vessel at sea] - “Lipsyncing scandals: Milli Vanilli. George Bush” ©1990 Thurs. Nov. 22, 1990 - “Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe? We’re Syrians. I hate it when people answer a question with a question” ©1990 Sat. Nov. 24, 1990 - “Sleeping tight at the Brother Francis Shelter” ©1990 Sunday Nov. 25, 1990 [man caught in Space Squeeze vise] - “Sudden death! Sudden death! George! Easy! It’s only the first quarter” ©1990 Tues. Nov. 27, 1990 [sports fan George H.W. Bush with Beat Iraq pennant] - “Skid marks” ©1990 Thursday Nov. 29, 1990 [Deferred Road Maintenance car] 1990 December - “The average November mean low temperature, 4.2°. Hey, that’s more than a mean temperature, that’s downright sadistic!” ©1990 Saturday Dec. 1, 1990 [couple in kitchen] - “It’s an Anchorage weathervane. Instead of a rooster or an eagle, we have this canary that keels over during air-quality alerts” ©1990 Sunday Dec. 2, 1990 [couple walking outdoors] - “The Stars and Bars – Aaron Copland, 1900-1990” ©1990 Tues. Dec. 4, 1990 [American flag with musical bar stripes] - “Anchorage police dogs, newly retrained to bark before they bite, now struggling to master the Miranda warning” ©1990 Thurs. Dec. 6, 1990 - “This luxury home financed by Lincoln Savings and Loan” ©1990 Saturday Dec. 8, 1990 [Keating 5 in doghouse] - “The big one that got away. The big one that won’t go away” ©1990 Sunday Dec. 9, 1990 [Subsistence fish attacking Legislature] - “Q: Why did the chicken cross the Knik River Bridge? A: Hey, nobody calls you chicken if you’re willing to do that” ©1990 Tues. Dec. 11, 1990 - “Russian America roulette” ©1990 Thurs. Dec. 13, 1990 [Alaska Oil Prices revolver] - “How do you think hazing should be punished? Scarlet letter-jacket letters” ©1990 Saturday Dec. 15, 1990 [students in school hallway] - “Armed with the latest red meat studies, Brutus was always sure to have a kill to himself” ©1990 Sunday Dec. 16, 1990 [wolves] - “Unwilling to hold direct talks with Iraq, President Bush relents slightly, sending a talking Christmas card. ‘Get out of Kuwait’” ©1990 Tues. Dec. 18, 1990 [Saddam Hussein] - “Frank Murkowski: the Far East tour, 1990” ©1990 Thurs. Dec. 20, 1990 [singing “Buddy can you spare a dime”] - “The abominable slowman” ©1990 Saturday Dec. 29, 1990 [snowman with shovel and Christmas Snowplowing scarf] - “Cash cow stampede” ©1990 Sunday Dec. 30, 1990 [Wally Hickel roping Budget Surplus bulls] 1991 January - “A cautionary tale: [...]”©1991 Thurs. January 3, 1991 [dinosaur war underlying Middle East oil wells] - “The unfinished tomb of the unknown soldier. Here Lies a Soldier Who Died for Oil, er, Jobs, er” ©1991 [Print] - “Pavlov’s ‘Old Dog’: ‘He can be very reasonable until the bell rings’ – Clem Tillion” ©1991 Sunday Jan. 6, 1991 [Wally Hickel] - “Hickel Administration sends voters’ watchdog to the pound, adoption prospects slim” ©1991 Thurs. Jan. 10, 1991 [APOC tag on collar] - “High five. Low five. Keating five” ©1991 [slapping money into palm] - “Will the war with Iraq be a quick one? Certainly...for some” ©1991 Sat. Jan. 12, 1990 [crosses in cemetery] - “Typical Anchorage winter crosswalk. Cross yourself, then walk” ©1991 Sun. Jan. 13, 1990 [sic] [pedestrian at intersection] - “After a few giddy months in early 1990, it was time once again to report to the endangered species list” ©1991 Tues. Jan. 15, 1991 [dove with olive branch on crutches] - “January 17, 1991” ©1991 Thurs. Jan. 17, 1990 [sic] [people with thought bubbles depicting various Mideast war symbols] - “The Legislature debates taking a bath once a year, whether it needs to or not” ©1991 Saturday Jan. 19, 1990 [man in shower with bar of Ethics soap] - “The new world” ©1991 Sunday Jan. 20, 1990 [Earth with Out of Order sign, smoke rising from Mideast] - “Q: Whose side is God on in the Gulf?” ©1991 [praying mantis praying over dead insects] - “White Fang: an old dog meets the legislature” ©1991 Thurs. Jan. 24, 1990 [Wally Hickel dog as movie poster] - “Shots in the Baltics? Pay no mind, those are merely echoes of the barrage in Baghdad” ©1991 Saturday Jan. 26, 1990 [Russian bear] - “One major construction program the governor has little enthusiasm for” ©1991 Sunday Jan. 27, 1990 [sign Proposed Site of a Bridge to Native Alaska] - “As promised, the Hickel Administration eagerly began pouring cement” ©1991 Tuesday Jan. 29, 1990 [cement shoes for Block Grants, Public Broadcasting, Childcare Review Board, Women’s Commission] - “Unforeseen consequences: the oil spill draws Gulf wildlife into the war” ©1991 Thurs. Jan. 31, 1991 [birds pooping on Saddam Hussein] 1991 February - “Hazardous oil leak” ©1991 Saturday Feb. 2, 1991 [man giving Draft D.E.C. Spill Rules to Alyeska] - “Why the Hickel-Legislature honeymoon was so short. It’s all my side of the bed” ©1991 Sunday Feb. 3, 1990 [couple in bed] - “Hillside taxpayers’ Buddy Bear Program” ©1991 Tues. Feb. 4, 1990 [man with Free Police Service teddy bear] - “Alaska wants to come of age. What are they now? Rebellious adolescence” ©1991 Thursday Feb. 7, 1991 [audience listening to Wally Hickel speech] - “Soon to be your best hope to see a big bear in the Nelchina basin” ©1991 Saturday Feb. 9, 1991 [Ursa Major constellation] - “The home front” ©1991 Sun. Feb. 10, 1990 [George H.W. Bush propping up Domestic Policy façade of White House] - “Why they call it Wally World: it’s where you go to get taken for a ride” ©1991 Tues. Feb. 12, 1990 [Wally Hickel as showman next to Broken Campaign Promises roller coaster] - “One area of the state still not gaining daylight” ©1991 Thurs. Feb. 14, 1990 [man shining flashlight on Prince William Sound Exxon Spill Settlement] - “Archaeological legacy: Ancient Iraq, pot sherds. Modern Iraq, shrapnel” ©1991 Sat. Feb. 16, 1991 - “Meanwhile in the propaganda war, Saddam maintains airwave superiority” ©1991 Tues. Feb. 19, 1991 [communications tower] - “If you liked the Whale Fat Follies, you’ll love the Trim-the-Fat Follies, starring: Wally Hickel, the State Legislature, and thousands of angry voters” ©1991 Thurs. Feb. 21, 1991 [movie poster] - “A salute to non-partisanship: Wartime. Post-war” ©1991 [elephant and donkey saluting, elephant and donkey fighting] - “Saddam desperately trying to pronounce the word ‘uncle’” ©1991 Sat. Feb. 23, 1991 - “You want 100% of the revenue? Hey, Wally, all’s fair in love ANWR” ©1991 Sunday Feb. 24, 1991 [George H.W. Bush and Wally Hickel] - “Mottos: U.S. dollar, ‘In God we trust.’ Exxon spill damage dollar, ‘Trust us’” ©1991 Thurs. Feb. 28, 1991 1991 March - “Out of the fire, back to the frying pan” ©1991 Saturday March 2, 1991 [Mideast] - “You know what burns me? Year after year there’s a big hullaballoo over whether a man or a woman will be the first into Nome, and, year after year, it’s a dog” ©1991 Sunday March 3, 1991 [dogs outside cabin] - “A white supremacist mails his newsletter to local high schoolers [...]”©1991 Thurs. March 7, 1991 [white males threatened only in Iditarod] - “Post-spill behavior changes: new federal data unveiled [...] Humans, little detectable change” ©1991 Thurs. March 11, 1991 [man at gas station] - “1990: the Justice Department is throwing the environmental book at Exxon. 1991: uh, the Reader’s Digest version” ©1991 Thurs. March 14, 1991 - “Operation Arctic Storm” ©1991 Sat. March 16, 1991 [Iditarod musher Rick Swenson in snowstorm] - “’World Cop’ position filled, ‘World Social Worker’ still seeking qualified applicants” ©1991 Sunday March 17, 1991 [George H.W. Bush walking beat in slum] - “And they have the gall to call us cold-blooded” ©1991 Tuesday 3/18/91 [sic] [fish wearing gas masks swimming past Attu Poison Gas Dump barrels] - “Not a keeper” ©1991 Thursday March 21, 1991 [Uncle Sam reeling in Bristol Bay Oil Leases fish] - “Frustrated with the performance of state officials, the Hickel Administration hires lip- syncing aces Milli Vanilli to present budget testimony” ©1991 Saturday March 23, 1991 - “Rising rents and the space squeeze at the shelters mean another long night for Dorothy” ©1991 Sunday March 24, 1991 [homeless Dorothy and Toto from Wizard of Oz] - “I got a Purple Heart for getting wounded in Iraq, and a black lung for breathing in Kuwait” ©1991 Thursday March 28, 1991 [soldiers coming home] - “Stock at International Thumbscrew soars on news of the Supreme Court’s ruling on coerced confessions” ©1991 Sat. March 30, 1991 [men in factory] - “News item: 2 Anchorage students suspended within a month for bringing firearms to school” ©1991 Sunday March 31, 1991 [students handing guns to teacher saying ‘Gum, people. I said get rid of your gum’] 1991 April - “The traditional Alaska egg-hunt-and-survival-skills derby” ©1991 Tues. April 4, 1991 [children throwing eggs at charging moose] - “Flying carpet” ©1991 Saturday April 6, 1991 [George H.W. Bush pulling rug out from under Iraqi rebels] - “More weaknesses are revealed in Anchorage’s emergency response capability when a pothole swallows a fire truck, an ambulance, and several loose dogs” ©1991 Sunday April 7, 1991 - “Which provides the most valuable air cover? F-15 Eagle. Atmospheric ozone” ©1991 Tues. April 9, 1991 - “The Smithsonian Institution is caught in the awkward position of actually having skeletons in its closet” ©1991 Saturday April 13, 1991 [man in Larsen Bay Collection room] - “Juneau – what a philosophical firing looks like. I think, therefore, I am... Fired” ©1991 Sunday April 14, 1991 [man firing woman at desk] - “Think back to the campaign! Did those guys promise to run government like a business?” ©1991 [diner customers reading newspaper headlined Feds Sue Officials of Failed Banks 3 Top Hickel Aides Named] - “Street person” ©1991 Tues. April 16, 1991 [car splashing panhandler with sign Road Maintenance Please Help] - “White House staff struggles to come up with a snappy name for the Kurdish relief effort” ©1991 Thurs. April 18, 1991 - “The Legislature still struggling to come to grips with ethics” ©1991 Saturday April 20, 1991 [man in washtub with slippery bar of soap] - “Call Before You Dig Dept. – freelance judicial investigator Jack Coghill hits a sewer line” ©1991 Sunday April 21, 1991 [man digging hole filling with Unnamed Sources Secondhand Stories] - “Meanwhile, it’s still flaming away” ©1991 Tues. April 23, 1991 [Saddam Hussein face in smoke from burning oil well] - “As I understand it, this Howard Scaman is the guy who got rapped for stealing coins from the parking meters at Anchorage airport [...]”©1991 Thurs. April 25, 1991 - “The ol’ mental health trust lands homestead, still waiting for the Legislature to prove up” ©1991 Tuesday 4-26-91 - “News item: earthquake epicenter directly under Pt. Mackenzie dairy farm” ©1991 Saturday April 27, 1991 [cows making milkshake joke] - “George ‘Read My Lips’ Bush. Wally ‘Read My Mind’ Hickel” ©1991 Sun. April 28, 1991 - “Speaking of lacking serious artistic or political merit. Now appearing: Fred ‘Bojangles’ Dyson!” ©1991 [Dyson singing and dancing] - “Forced to fly commercial airlines, the ever-resourceful Sununu maintains security through ingenious use of a simple air sickness bag” ©1991 Tuesday April 30, 1991 [John Sununu with bag on head] 1991 May - “Stand in the doorway, they said, it’s one of the safest places in an earthquake, they said. So I did. And that’s when the stampede hit” ©1991 Thurs. May 2, 1991 [emergency worker with trampled man] - “Extreme skiers ‘copping some air’” ©1991 Saturday May 4, 1991 [John Sununu Military Flights] - “Juneau – miraculous soap bar shrinks before it’s even used” ©1991 Sunday May 5, 1991 [Ethics Bill. Pen and ink study on verso] - “Suddenly, doctors nationwide encountered an epidemic of pounding, irregular heartbeats” ©1991 Tuesday May 7, 1991 [people thinking about President Dan Quayle] - “Calendar of Fear: Friday the 13 th . Halloween. The 24 hour halibut opening” ©1991 - “Ace carpenters Kendall, Ward, and Hurlburt attempt to remodel the State House” ©1991 Thursday May 8, 1991 [sic] [men hitting each other with tools and boards] - “Pet trick evolution: The old days, ‘begging.’ Today, ‘plea bargaining’” ©1991 Saturday May 11, 1991 [dogs. Print] - “Great news, Rep. Young! Legal fees on your libel suit are taken care of! Now we can get to work on the dental fees” ©1991 Sunday May 12, 1991 [Don Young with foot in mouth] - “Most Alaskans just aren’t ready for the next big quake” ©1991 Thurs. May 16, 1991 [couple watching television, debating meaning of ‘tsunami’ and ‘Richter scale’] - “When will Alaska get serious about grease gun control?” ©1991 Saturday May 18, 1991 [man wielding Budget Lard gun] - “A procedural fight erupts over whether the Legislature is empowered to confirm Wally Hickel’s ‘Little Man’ as a government official” ©1991 Sunday May 19, 1991 - “The Legislature agonizes over whether to give the ethics bill mouth-to-mouth, or the kiss of death” ©1991 Tuesday May 21, 1991 - “It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings. This year, we got Roseanne Barr” ©1991 Thurs. May 25, 1991 [sic] [Barr wearing House Majority t-shirt] - “The House majority is caught with cards up its sleeve” ©1991 Saturday May 25, 1991 [bingo cards] - “Never ride with a crash test dummy” ©1991 Sunday May 26, 1991 [driver George H.W. Bush talking to passenger Uncle Sam about mileage standards] - “The pit bull is introduced to England” ©1991 Thursday May 29, 1991 [sic] [dog attacking man] 1991 June - “Revenge of the lab rats” ©1991 Sat. June 1, 1991 [caged rats discussing cigarette studies] - “Cagey Anchorage fourth-grader attempting to get his math book banned as satanic” ©1991 Sun. June 2, 1991 [pointing out number 666] - “Didn’t I warn you about going into town after garbage? Sure. ‘Watch out for the Fish and Game agents,’ you said. You never mentioned the pit bulls” ©1991 Tues. June 4, 1991 [bears] - “Inspired moments in Alaska redistricting: Southeast, ‘The Iceworm District.’ Southcentral: ‘The Doughnut District.’ Downtown Anchorage, ‘The Bermuda Triangle’” ©1991 Thursday June 6, 1991 [drowning donkey] - “An excited Wally Hickel phones his press office to find out whether statements attributed to him about progress on subsistence are actually true” ©1991 Saturday June 8, 1991 [at desk] - “Local pit bulls thrilled over John Wood’s proposal that they be tattooed” ©1991 Sunday June 9, 1991 [dogs discussing possible tattoos] - ©1991 Tues. June 11, 1991 [Saddam Hussein, Kuwaiti Monarchy, and Arms Dealers singing together] - “It’s tough to work the pedals with feet of clay” ©1991 Thurs. June 13, 1991 [Porter driving Law ‘n’ Order police car] - “Juneau – it’s a city of intrigue and danger. How’s a Wally Worlder to cope? [...]” ©1991 Saturday June 15, 1991 [Wally Hickel with bolo camera, tape recorder cufflinks, Kevlar shoes, voice scrambler] - “New World on backorder” ©1991 Sunday June 16, 1991 [George H.W. Bush looking at globe] - “Juneau – Hickel Administration announces staff changes after seeing appointees perform ‘under fire’” ©1991 Tues. 6-18 [man holding smoking gun, looking at injured foot] - “Ric Davidge to take charge of the garden hose to California” ©1991 Thurs. June 20, 1991 [snake charmer and hose] - “Concerned over ‘traditional English reserve’ toward women, French Prime Minister Cresson proposes modification of the ‘Chunnel’” ©1991 Saturday June 22, 1991 [The English Channel Tunnel of Love] - “How dry was the spring of ’91? It was so dry [...]” ©1991 Sunday June 23, 1991 [fires in beards, bears in sprinklers, cactus farms in Matanuska Valley, Wally Hickel water pipeline to California] - “Loose cannon” ©1991 Tuesday June 25, 1991 [Armed Undertrained State Officers] - “Bristol Bay fishermen bashing Japan” ©1991 Thursday June 27, 1991 [hitting heads on Salmon Market brick wall] - “The most powerful drooling response to a ringing bell since Pavlov’s dog” ©1991 Sunday July 28, 1991 [PTI and Citizen’s Utilities fighting to answer ATU telephone] - “The remains of APOC, political watchdog are identified by dental records. Yep. Utterly toothless” ©1991 Sat. June 29, 1991 [scientists in lab] - “Hickel Administration proposes exporting Alaska midnight sun to California” ©1991 Sunday June 30, 1991 [man with chart] 1991 July - ©1991 Tues. July 2, 1991 [Kuwaiti Royals yelling Fire looking at Statue of Liberty holding Democracy] - “Wonderland: Cheshire cat. Wallyworld: Cheshire ‘crats” ©1991 Thurs. July 18, 1991 [Professional Teaching Practices Commission] - “The search for neutral jurors for the Exxon Valdez trial proved more difficult than anyone expected” ©1991 Sat. July 10, 1991 [lawyer interviewing extraterrestrial] - “Anything in there to give male mushers a break? Oh, shut up” ©1991 Sunday July 21, 1991 [dog and man in cabin with Humane Society Iditarod Proposals] - “So the allies were on to Saddam’s hidden nukes. So they found out about his secret superguns. Big deal. They still don’t know about ‘Project Goliath’ the world’s largest slingshot” ©1991 Tues. July 23, 1991 - “On a roll after his legislative vetoes, Gov. Hickel decides he can also veto laws of nature” ©1991 Thurs. July 25, 1991 [Wally Hickel on fisheries] - “News item: Don Young equates communism and environmentalism in congressional debate” ©1991 Saturday July 27, 1991 [holding portraits of bears Smokey and Russia] - “I gather their visitor safety record needs work” ©1991 Tues. July 30, 1991 [travel agency posters for California, Florida, and ‘Visit Alaska: See your life flash in front of your eyes’] 1991 August - “P.T.I. – the big one that won’t go away” ©1991 Thurs. Aug. 1, 1991 [fisherman in rowboat reeling in fish] - “Right. I’ve been in the closet all my life, and they claim I can’t keep a secret” ©1991 Sat. Aug. 3, 1991 [man on cot reading newspaper headlined Pentagon Calls Gays a Security Risk] - “Playing phone tag with the Muni” ©1991 Sun. Aug. 4, 1991 [Tom Fink hitting Citizens while P.T.I. looks on] - “It’s, uh, part of the training, kid. Any good farmer has to know how to deal with arcane regulations and callous bureaucracies” ©1991 Tues. Aug. 6, 1991 [entrant with bull being slapped with Rejected Photos Late Alaska State Fair] - “On the road to Cordova with Wally Hickel” ©1991 Thurs. Aug. 8, 1991 [Hickel as child asking ‘When are we gonna get there?’] - “Bulldozer. Pitbulldozer” ©1991 Tuesday Aug. 13, 1991 [Wally Hickel driving Cordova or Bust bulldozer into tree] - “Your tax dollars at work” ©1991 Sat. Aug. 17, 1991 [man surveilling B.C.C.I.A. building] - “Amazing auctioneer talks out of both sides of his mouth” ©1991 Sunday Aug. 18, 1991 [Muni selling ATU] - “Iron Curtain call” ©1991 Tues. Aug. 20, 1991 [bear holding Applaud Comrades sign] - ©1991 Thurs. Aug. 22, 1991 [Hometown Bank insured by FDIC, BCCI insured by Smith & Wesson] - ©1991 [map of Soviet Union, with U.S.S.R. crossed out and replaced with S.O.S.] - “Mikhail! Miracle recovery! A faith healing, Boris” ©1991 Sat. Aug. 24, 1991 [Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev] - “Democracy running rampant, our leaders disgraced and stripped of power...What’s an old KGB agent to do? Courage, comrade, perhaps we can become private investigators for Alyeska Pipeline” ©1991 Sun. Aug. 25, 1991 [men at table] - “Between the sheets” ©1991 Thurs. Aug. 29, 1991 [Alyeska and D.E.C. between pages of Spill Regulations book] - “Trouble brewing: lemmings reading ‘Final Exit’” ©1991 Sat. Aug. 31, 1991 1991 September - “Inspired by Alaska’s gift of salmon, America rallies to the aid of the Soviet people” ©1991 Sunday Sept. 1, 1991 [tons of zucchini being loaded onto freighter] - “Which confused group killed the ATU sale? A: Voters. B: Politicians” ©1991 Thurs. Sept. 3, 1991 [sic] - “Same old bull in the china shop” ©1991 Thurs. Sept. 5, 1991 [man in doorway of China store advertising Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Masochism, bicycle parked outside] - “Pick the vital link for Alaska: Fire Island to mainland. Earth to Wally” ©1991 Sat. Sept. 7, 1991 - “Headstone. Stonehead” ©1991 Sun. Sept. 8, 1991 [Victim of Drunken Driver, Tom Fink vetoing Tougher DWI Law] - “I bought it used. It’s a black automatic. Takes me back to when I bought my first car. Car? He’s talking about a gun” ©1991 Tues. Sept. 10, 1991 [people next to vending machines] - “Wally Knievel” ©1991 Thurs. Sept. 11, 1991 [sic] [Wally Hickel driving Cordova or Bust tractor off ramp] - “Robinson Castro” ©1991 Sat. Sept. 14, 1991 [Fidel Castro with musket on desert island] - “Mooommmm... Mr. Heinze won’t let me drive the train!” ©1991 Thurs. Sept. 19, 1991 [Locomotive 556 on Delaney Park Strip] B6 1991 October - “Hello, Fish and Game? I agree anesthetizing bears in town is dumb, and want to suggest darting rubbernecking humans instead” ©1991 Tues. Oct. 8, 1991 [bear in telephone booth] - “The magnifying glass the Senate Judiciary Committee looked through to scrutinize Anita Hill’s harassment report” ©1991 Thurs. Oct. 10, 1991 [male gender symbol] - “Dyson! Easy! That isn’t cable porn! It’s the Senate hearings on Clarence Thomas!” ©1991 Sat. 10-12-91 [Fred Dyson kicking television set] - “Hey, Citizens! Don Young is having trouble managing his money. You can help – why not send a check?” ©1991 [Reality Check dated 10/13/91] - “What kind of jerks would be bowhunting moose in Kincaid Park?” ©1991 Tues. Oct. 15, 1991 [couple talking, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale hiding behind tree] - “Nightmayor on Elm St.” ©1991 Tues. Sept. 17, 1991 [sic] [movie poster of Tom Fink with Budget] - ©1991 Sat. Oct. 14, 1991 [Mikhail Gorbachev closing door on ruins of U.S.S.R.] - “Waltergate” ©1991 Sunday Oct. 15, 1991 [Wally Hickel tangled in Gas Line] - “Cleared for getaway, er, takeoff” ©1991 Thurs. Oct. 17, 1991 [sic] [Ted Stevens in control tower communicating with Markair Cargo Loophole] - “The evolution of Wally Hickel” ©1991 Sat. Oct. 19, 1991 [sic] [with chainsaw, hatchet, and scissors] - “Anchorage Telephone Futility” ©1991 Sun. Oct. 20, 1991 [Tom Fink hitting self in head with receiver] - “On the road to recovery” ©1991 Tues. Oct. 22, 1991 [Homeless chasing Anchorage Housing Market motorhome] - “Reckless plumbers collide with bandwagon” ©1991 Thurs. Oct. 24, 1991 [Alyeska Plumbing Media Leaks Plugged van running into Open ANWR parade float] - “I’d say fishermen aren’t the only ones that need survival suits around here” ©1991 Sat. Oct. 29, 1991 [fish and crab reading newspaper headlined ’91 Oil Spills Worst in Decade] - “Desperate senator casting about for ways to appeal to female voters” ©1991 Sun. Oct. 27, 1991 [Washington D.C. man reading How To Pick Up Women] - “Using your library card under the Fink budget” ©1991 Tues. Oct. 29, 1991 [man jimmying lock on Branch Library] - “Car-nivore” ©1991 [Anchorage Road Plan monster truck] 1991 November - “Cameras ready – signing of the Civil Rights Bill of 1991” ©1991 Sat. Nov. 2, 1991 [Frank Murkowski holding Ward Cove Exemption making rabbit ears behind head of George H.W. Bush signing paper] - “Tom Fink, ‘boom car’ enthusiast, coming soon to your neighborhood” ©1991 Sun. Nov. 3, 1991 [Road Plan car blasting music] - “Tom Fink: City Father, or ‘deadbeat dad’?” ©1991 Tues. Nov. 5, 1991 [holding sign, No Park Money No Bus Money No Library Money] - “Carefully, the seasoned woodsman drew a bead on his quarry: the green-breasted whistleblower” ©1991 Thurs. Nov. 7, 1991 [Alyeska hunter tripping over leash of Wackenhut bloodhound as rifle goes off] - “Wally thumbs a ride from the feds” ©1991 Sat. Nov. 9, 1991 [Wally Hickel thumbing nose, wearing Dump The Clean Water Act t-shirt and holding Cordova (Will Share Expenses) sign] - “Wait, I know you, don’t tell me [...]” ©1991 Sunday Nov. 10, 1991 [Uncle Sam meeting George H.W. Bush returning from abroad] - “Fink wants to cut branch libraries [...]” ©1991 Tues. Nov. 12, 1991 [couple talking about budget cuts, marketing Anchorage to tourists as a ghost town] - “Hey, sirens! Nope. Just Hillsiders whining about paying for cops” ©1991 Thurs. Nov. 14, 1991 [couple walking dog] - “The ‘Scrooge’ plan to publish names of parents welching on their alimony payments gets really tough” ©1991 Sat. Nov. 16, 1991 [on back of milk carton] - “Tank farm operators moved quickly to improve Government Hill air quality” ©1991 Sunday Nov. 17, 1991 [crane waving huge pine tree air freshener] - “Nobody falls through the Anchorage safety net” ©1991 Tues. Nov. 19, 1991 [full net hitting ground] - “Here’s one: ’85 sedan, $75,000, loaded with extras, sleeps 3... This housing market is getting ridiculous” ©1991 Thurs. Nov. 21, 1991 [homeless family around camp fire] - “So much for the new ‘truth in food labeling’ crusade” ©1991 Sat. Nov. 23, 1991 [George H.W. Bush holding box of Grain O’s Aid to Soviets] - “DEC considers requiring oil companies to cap Government Hill tanks” ©1991 Sunday Nov. 24, 1991 [1995 Deadline Mickey Mouse ears] - “News item: Record year for rain in Juneau” ©1991 Tues. Nov. 26, 1991 [Lee Fischer Scandal, Cordova Road Investigation, and Bussell Bid Waiver storm clouds over Governor’s Mansion] - “Horn of Plenty” ©1991 Thurs. Nov. 28, 1991 [Uncle Sam with U.S. Aid ear trumpet listening to shouting U.S.S.R. peasant] 1991 December - “Neutral site for Mideast peace talks found, rapid progress expected” ©1991 Sunday Dec. 1, 1991 [Antarctica] - ©1991 Tues. Dec. 2, 1991 [sic] [Alyeska Pipeline Pinocchio with Hamel Investigation Explanations nose in shape of Trans Alaska Pipeline] - “Christo patches the ozone holes” ©1991 [Earth with huge beach umbrellas at poles] - “The Cordova road’s in trouble [...]” ©1991 Thursday Dec. 5, 1991 [Wally Hickel discussing agenda] - “The butler did it!” ©1991 Sat. Dec. 7 [George H.W. Bush and John Sununu with Domestic Policy corpse] - “In a controversial move, Santa begins giving away condoms” ©1991 Sunday Dec. 8 [stuffing stockings] - “Valdez: nobody was above Wackenhut suspicion” ©1991 Tues. Dec. 10, 1991 [investigating dog] - “January. December” ©1991 Thurs. Dec. 12, 1991 [Wally Hickel wearing t-shirts ‘We’re gonna have fun’ and ‘Are we having fun yet?’] - “Chicken Little was right” ©1991 Tues. Dec. 17, 1991 [unseen figure swearing while shoveling snow] - ©1991 Thurs. Dec. 19, 1991 [Assembly holding Rezones, sign on head reading ‘Clean Fill Wanted’] - “$10 million hangar sale to state goes through – Markair changes name” ©1991 Sat. Dec. 21, 1991 [Marxair] - “And now, working entirely with people called up from the audience...” ©1991 Sat. Dec. 28, 1991 [Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan juggling] - “The Hail Mary” ©1991 Sun. Dec. 29, 1991 [Baby New Year 1992 racing to catch Earth] 1992 [no day] - ©1992 [school children getting off bus, adults with empty speech bubbles. Color.] [Oversize. In B19] 1992 January - “Jack-in-the-box” ©1992 Tues. Jan. 7, 1992 [Wally Hickel lying on top of Jack Coghill jack-in- the-box] - “Wally and Jack patch it up” ©1992 Thurs. Jan. 9, 1992 [Jack Coghill with tape over mouth, Wally Hickel holding Patch Kit] - “Tudor Track nightmare” ©1992 Sat. Jan. 11, 1992 [poodle with Hell’s Poodles jacket on snowmachine] - “Trade mission breakthrough: in a major Japanese concession, Bush trades Iacocca and other travelling auto execs to Honda” ©1992 Sun. Jan. 12, 1992 [George H.W. Bush waving goodbye to Lee Iacocca] - “Ummm, unusual floor plan” ©1992 Tues. Jan. 14, 1992 [maze to New City Hall, Fink & Assembly, Contractors] - “Unsatisfied with mere legal threats to the feds, Wally dispatches aides to Russia to bargain for surplus nukes” ©1992 Thurs. Jan. 16, 1992 [Wally Hickel at desk] - “Summer of ‘Jaws’: Shark! This coming summer: Salmon!” ©1992 Sat. Jan. 18, 1992 [swimmer scared out of water] - “Ye Tale of Sir Wally and the Sword Excalibur [...]”©1992 Sun. Jan. 19, 1992 [Budget Cuts sword returned to stone] - “Pick the line with the most impact on the future of Alaska politics: The Hickel redistricting. The Prudhoe curve” ©1992 Tues. Jan. 22, 1992 - “News item: Wally describes his first year as a circus” ©1992 Thurs. Jan. 23, 1992 [circus advertisements, Wally Hickel as Ringmaster] - “Insults: the hot new commodity in Pacific Rim trade. Lazy illiterates! Sneaky protectionists!” ©1992 Saturday Jan. 25, 1992 [men on globe] - “So, this is trickle down economics” ©1992 Sunday Jan. 26, 1992 [man in biohazard suit dumping Hazardous Waste from bridge onto The Poor] - “Problems with breast implants, Halcion, and God, when will we learn to just say no to drugs here at the FDA?” ©1992 Tuesday Jan. 23, 1992 [men in office] - “Isn’t it great the way we’re gaining daylight? Swell. Let’s tunnel up to the surface and look for some” ©1992 Thurs. Jan. 30, 1992 [raven above house buried in snow] 1992 February - ©1992 Sat. Feb. 1, 1992 [1980, George H.W. Bush calling Reagan Plan Voodoo Economics, 1992, Bush stuck with voodoo pin] - “The long arm of the Alaska Energy Authority” ©1992 Sunday Feb. 2, 1992 [man tickling Charlie Bussell] - “Apparently voters feel you’re overqualified” ©1992 Tues. Feb. 4, 1992 [George H.W. Bush campaign strategy] - ©1992 Thurs. Feb. 6, 1992 [man shoveling snow off roof of house, dog shoveling snow off roof of doghouse] - “Mom was afraid to ask her teacher for a hall pass. I’m afraid my teacher will make a pass in the hall” ©1992 Sat. Feb. 8, 1992 [students in hallway] - “We’ve got to stop people in Alaska from crossing party lines! Uh, little people, that is” ©1992 Sun. Feb. 9, 1992 [elephant hugging Wally Hickel] - “Who says Saddam is unwilling to allow inspection of sensitive areas?” ©1992 Mon. Feb. 10, 1992 [Saddam Hussein mooning U.N. inspector] - “The Grapes of Wrath, 1992” ©1992 Tues. Feb. 11, 1992 [Former U.S.S.R. car with nuclear missiles strapped to roof] - “The APOC form Alaska politicians long to fill out” ©1992 Thurs. Feb. 13, 1992 [Death Certificate for Watchdog] - “Politicians don’t throw their hats in the ring anymore, they’re too busy passing them” ©1992 Sat. Feb. 15, 1992 - “Legislative aerodynamics – assuming the ‘tuck’ for the Prudhoe curve” ©1992 Sunday Feb. 16, 1992 [downhill skier] - “Gluttonous owl unaware the term ‘bunny hill’ is just a figure of speech” ©1992 Tues. Feb. 18, 1992 [owl carrying off skier] - “The boa can unhinge its jaw... as can the elephant” ©1992 Thurs. Feb. 18, 1992 [sic] [Deficit snake swallowing Uncle Sam, elephant shouting about taxes] - “New Hampshire gives Bush a pat on the back” ©1992 Thurs. Feb. 20, 1992 [Paul Tsongas riding on George H.W. Bush’s back] - “Murkowski struck by falling safe – suffers amnesia” ©1992 Sat. Feb. 22, 1992 [Frank Murkowski discovers $230,000 in cash] - “Wally disproves the maxim that cats always land on their feet” ©1992 Sun. Feb. 23, 1992 [Wally Hickel holding Cordova Road Suit crushed by Caterpillar tractor] - “Holy Grail? You sure? Looks more like a spittoon to me” ©1992 Tuesday Feb. 25, 1992 [Legislature appraising Ethics Reform cup] - “The postal service’s ‘Pick Your Elvis’ stamp promotion goes awry. More write-in votes for a black velvet painting???” ©1992 Thurs. Feb. 27, 1992 - “Blackened, red fish processor” ©1992 Sat. Feb. 29, 1992 [FDA with black eye over Tainted Seafood report] 1992 March - “1,000 points of light” ©1992 Sun. March 1, 1992 [George H.W. Bush seeing stars after being hit by Polls brick] - “I’m facing a deficit, and you want more money? Hey, no sense both of us running in the red” ©1992 Thurs. March 5, 1992 [Legislature and Anchorage School District on seesaw] - ©1992 Tuesday March 7, 1992 [Park Service logo with dead bison] - “The matadors are looking good this year. Wait ‘til the sacred cows get in the ring” ©1992 Sat. March 7, 1992 [Wally Hickel and House as toreadors] - “Perverse political animal behavior: the House and Senate always play with an ethics bill before killing it” ©1992 Sun. Mar. 8 [cats and mouse. Print] - “Unfazed by stories of politicians under the bed, the 1993 state deficit turns out the light” ©1992 Tuesday March 10, 1992 [monster sleeping with people under bed] - “The U.S. House – as bad at covering grenades as it is at covering checks” ©1992 Thurs. March 12, 1992 [man riding Bad Check Scandal grenade] - “U.S. congressmen kite checks, rediscover electricity” ©1992 Sat. March 12, 1992 [sic] [flying kites next to Washington Monument] - “We knew we shouldn’t feed that moose. They told us not to feed that moose. It used to look so cute. Now we have to kill it” ©1992 Sunday March 14, 1992 [sic] [State Budget moose] - “Dead battery awaits burial at the Alaska Energy Authority” ©1992 Tues. March 17 [Charlie Bussell] - “Checks? What bad checks?” ©1992 Thurs. March 19, 1992 [checkered Don Young, Congressman for All Eternity, at desk] - “School lunch” ©1992 Saturday March 21 [Cost Crunch monster salting Anchorage School District] - “Tanner caused a mess, again [...]”©1992 Sunday March 22 [Wally Hickel exulting at lack of negative coverage of himself] - “Modern maladies: School kids, attention deficit disorder. Politicians, deficit inattention disorder” ©1992 Thurs. March 26, 1992 - “Gee, Wally, the Green Party has signed on to the recall! [...]” [Jack Coghill and Wally Hickel. Print] - “Carbon dating: a look at the Bush position on carbon dioxide emissions” ©1992 Saturday March 28, 1992 [George H.W. Bush as dinosaur] - “Charlie Horse” ©1992 Sunday March 29, 1992 [Charlie Bussell as pain in the rear of Wally Hickel] - “Smoke rings” ©1992 Tuesday March 31, 1992 [Bill Clinton holding Pot Statement bullseye] 1992 April - “Chugach Electric suffers a brownout” ©1992 April 2, 1992 [Election Mud tsunami] - “Rubber congressmen” ©1992 Saturday April 4, 1992 [politicians contorting themselves with excuses for check scandal] - “We’re not building a road to Cordova, just doing maintenance [...]”©1992 Sunday April 5, 1992 [Wally Hickel telling people to stop calling him Slick Wally] - “The Three Musketeers” ©1992 Thurs. April 9, 1992 [House, Senate, and Wally Hickel fighting] - “It’s bad enough that Quayle and Skinner fly military on our nickle to go golfing. Can’t they use a golf cart like everyone else?” ©1992 Saturday April 11, 1992 [tank on green] - “And now, the water pistol project [...]” ©1992 Sunday April 12, 1992 [water gun delivering water to California] - “500 years after Columbus sailed to America, Europe lives to regret his sins” ©1992 April 14, 1992 [Mickey Mouse attacking Eiffel Tower] - “It may look complex, but, believe me, it’s easier than simple subtraction” ©1992 Thursday April 16, 1992 [Prof. Legislature at blackboard explaining Theory of the State Budget, with Ledger and Legerdemain on desk] - “White House tax scandal: after generating $600,000 in deductions for the Bushes, Millie is caught accepting scraps under the table” ©1992 Saturday April 18, 1992 [dog] - “Cleanup manual for the next big spill” ©1992 Sunday April 19, 1992 [Who’s On First? By Abbott and Costello, Revised and Updated by Alyeska Pipeline Co.] - “Warding off evil, present & proposed legislative ethics systems. Present system: Rabbit’s foot [...]. Proposed: Ethics reform [sword] [...]”©1992 Tuesday April 21, 1992 - “The Anchorage Tax Cap at work” ©1992 Thurs. April 23, 1992 [city limits signs evolving from ‘Welcome to Our Fair City’ to ‘Entering East St. Louis’] - “Juneau – weird sect voluntarily handles snakes without safeguards. ‘Ethics reform? Whatever for?’” ©1992 Saturday April 25, 1992 [snake handler] - “Unfortunately, the kids had to walk through Tom’s neighborhood to get to school” ©1992 Sunday April 26, 1992 [Tom Fink wearing crown and wielding Veto bat] - “Their faith in the Easter bunny unshaken, members of the state Senate refuse to give up their nest-egg hunt” ©1992 Tuesday April 28, 1992 [searching office area] - “It’s ‘Playgirl.’ How much for a nude session?” ©1992 Thursday April 30, 1992 [George H.W. Bush selling photo ops] 1992 May - “California drought” ©1992 Saturday May 2, 1992 [Justice struggling in the desert] - “Hey kids! Can you spot the item not required to write a state budget? A. [pencil]. B. [calculator]. C. [padlock]. Most senators can’t” ©1992 Sunday May 3, 1992 - ©1992 Tuesday May 5, 1992 [Race brick flying through glass of television set into living room] - “Alaska bush pilot syndrome. Overloaded? Not the way I fly. Hop in!” ©1992 Thursday May 7, 1992 [Senate flying State Budget] - “Alyeska huffs, puffs, and blows the House of Representatives down” ©1992 Saturday May 9, 1992 [Big Bad Wolf] - “Joe Hazelwood accepts teaching job at Mariner’s College” ©1992 Sunday May 10, 1992 [graduate saying ‘Hey, there’s ink all over my diploma’] - “Mr. President, will you follow up your remarks on ‘underlying causes’ by confronting poverty, racism, and despair? No, no, I meant liberalism” ©1992 Monday May 11, 1992 [George H.W. Bush in inner city] - “And landing you can walk away from is a good one – although sometimes, it’s best to run” ©1992 Tuesday May 19, 1992 [Legislature pilot next to crashed ’92 Session airplane] - “George Bush’s Clean Air Act” ©1992 Thursday May 20, 1992 [sic] [smoke coming out of his top hat while he plugs one of several factory flue-gas stacks with his hand] - “A brief guide to weird conspiracy theories [...]” ©1992 Saturday May 23, 1992 [White House spin on Los Angeles race riots] - “Moose drops dead in the yard of the Governor’s Mansion” ©1992 Sunday May 24, 1992 [Wally Hickel looking out window at Budget moose] - “Governor attempts mouth-to-mouth on dead moose” ©1992 Thursday May 28, 1992 [Wally Hickel and Budget moose] - ©1992 Saturday May 30, 1992 [Statue of Liberty holding Bush Haiti Policy and Return to Sender stamp] - “Are you kidding? A guy could cut himself doin’ that!” ©1992 Sunday May 31, 1992 [Wally Hickel with Veto Pen In Case of Emergency Break Glass] 1992 June - “No way to display the U.S. flag” ©1992 Tues. June 2, 1992 [draped over coffin of Free Speech] - “A moment of silence in honor of the Anchorage Times” ©1992 Thurs. June 4, 1992 [man with empty speech bubble] - “Democratic Party [Bill Clinton]. Republican Party [George H.W. Bush]. Costume Party [H. Ross Perot in sheriff hat holding Outsider sign] ©1992 Saturday June 6, 1992 - “Duck stamp. Duck and cover stamp” ©1992 Sunday June 7, 1992 [Legislature in tall grass cowering from Subsistence] - “Hammerhead shark surfaces upstream in Denali Park” ©1992 [Wally Hickel holding mining permits] - “Bush announces new policy to combat global warming [...]” ©1992 Saturday June 13, 1992 [coal-burning plant] - “Stalking the subsistence quandary – it’s tough to sneak up on a beast with two heads” ©1992 Sunday June 14, 1992 [mountain goat with two heads, Federal Law and State Law] - “Catch and release – it’s not just for salmon anymore” ©1992 Thursday June 18, 1992 [Dept. of Corrections in rowboat throwing shark back] - “Q: What group’s traditional lifestyle is most likely to be protected by the subsistence struggle? A: [Law offices of Sturm & Drang] ©1992 Saturday June 20, 1992 - “The long arms of the law” ©1992 Sunday June 21, 1992 [Supreme Court Foreign Kidnapping Ruling gorilla] - “The subsistence session – no bag limit” ©1992 Tuesday June 23, 1992 [Wally Hickel, House, and Senate doing song and dance with bags over heads] - “The school board gets caught between O’Rourke and a hard place” ©1992 Thurs. June 25, 1992 [graduate in cap and gown squeezed by disembodied head and safe holding $5.2 Million] - “Ancient grudges, border disputes, mindless, endless infighting... Wow! Reapportionment is just like Yugoslavia!” ©1992 Saturday June 27, 1992 [couple watching television] - “Bush and Perot replace old-fashioned campaign ‘planks’ with two by fours” ©1992 Sunday June 28, 1992 [H. Ross Perot and George H.W. Bush fighting] - “Thrilled by the State of Alaska’s generous frequent-flier policy, John Sununu comes north to start over” ©1992 Tuesday June 30, 1992 [filling out forms at Personnel Dept.] - “So where will kids get counseling if Fink and Traini kill the planned parenthood grant? Hey, we’ll still have Murphy Brown” ©1992 [couple rollerblading] 1992 July - “Governor receives loose cannon salute” ©1992 Thursday July 2, 1992 [Bussell and Coghill cannons shooting at Wally Hickel] - “Legacies: The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. The Tom Fink Obstacle Course” ©1992 Sunday July 4, 1992 [unmaintained trail system] - “Not suitable for children” ©1992 Thursday July 23, 1992 [girl looking at movie poster for Anchorage School Politics, Secrecy! Intrigue! Danger!] - “Jim Baker hears a voice from a burning bush” ©1992 Saturday July 25, 1992 [James Baker carrying luggage with tags from Mideast amid shouts of Help!] - “An Alyeska spokesman called the congressional report part of a campaign to discredit pipeline operators. Who would bother doing that when Alyeska does such a good job of discrediting themselves?” ©1992 Sunday July 26, 1992 [couple watching television] - “Anchorage gays may live wherever they like, as long as there’s sufficient closet space” ©1992 Tuesday July 28, 1992 [Equal Rights Commission at desk] - “Post office geometry” ©1992 Thurs. July 30, 1992 [man wearing dunce cap holding pyramid] 1992 August - “Pat Rodey said he’s spend $100,000 of his own money on his House campaign. [...] Money talks. Just don’t expect it to be coherent” ©1992 Saturday Aug. 1, 1992 [couple walking dog] - “So, you’re having trouble with your Christian right wing? [...]” ©1992 Sunday Aug. 2, 1992 [elephant and donkey talking about bipartisanship] - “If you liked Alaska’s agriculture program, you’ll love this!” ©1992 Tues. Aug. 3, 1992 [$3 Million for California Rocket cow jumping over moon] - “Don’t say ‘bloodbath’ say ‘ethnic cleansing’” ©1992 Thursday August 6, 1992 [man on pile of corpses] - “Dangerous cat ordinance, anyone?” ©1992 Saturday Aug. 8, 1992 [Anchorage Wetlands Destruction tractor] - “The only circus where the elephants watch, while the rest of us jump through hoops” ©1992 Sunday August 9, 1992 [Closed Primary] - “Swell – a school board that’s busier settling scores than raising them” ©1992 Tuesday Aug. 11, 1992 [students running from fight] - “A poverty line in the sand” ©1992 Thurs. Aug. 13, 1992 [George H.W. Bush carrying Family Values banner in desert] - “You got the Israelis and Palestinians to talk, Baker. Can you do the same for him?” ©1992 Saturday Aug. 15, 1992 [James Baker holding globe, George H.W. Bush with tongue tied in knots] - “Yo! Smokey! What’s the gunfire hazard?” ©1992 Sunday Aug. 16, 1992 [bears reading Fire Hazard sign in park] - “Downtown Juneau – Jack signs on to recall Wally, Wally signs on to recall Jack” ©1992 Thursday Aug. 27, 1992 [Wally Hickel and Jack Coghill] - “Arliss! It’s Wally on the phone. He’s wondering if you’ll take Jack back” ©1992 Sat. Aug. 29, 1992 [Arliss Sturgulewski in living room. Print] - “The GOP hires an Elvis imitator to dog the Clinton campaign...and a Reagan imitator to lead theirs” ©1992 Sun. Aug. 30, 1992 [George H.W. Bush] 1992 September - “I got shot for gettin’ in people’s garbage. You? AIDS. [...]”©1992 Tues. Sept. 1, 1992 [bear and monkey in heaven] - “Proposed safety upgrade for the road to a commercial trucker’s license” ©1992 Thursday Sept. 3, 1992 [truck driving off edge of lane marked Truckers With DWI/Safety Violations] - “Closed primary [elephant]. Wide open primary [battered donkey with Hensley and Rodey bandages]” ©1992 Saturday Sept. 5, 1992 - “George Bush discovers that not only does money talk, it can even make campaign speeches” ©1992 Sunday Sept. 6, 1992 [throwing money from Farm Subsidies, Disaster Aid, and F-15’s bags to pursuing crowd] - “Skinhead and Bonehead” ©1992 Thursday Sept. 8, 1992 [Adult Racists patting head of small skinhead] - “The U.S. record on nuclear contamination of the Arctic” ©1992 Thursday September 10, 1992 [Uncle Sam with halo turning into atomic symbol] - “We won the Cold War [...]”©1992 Saturday Sept. 12, 1992 [elephants discussing party politics] - “Q: What could cause 32 truckers to run a stop sign in a one hour period? A: Clogged air filters” ©1992 Sunday Sept. 13, 1992 [air filters in brain] - “You can help Mayor Fink cut our budget! Snort up volcanic ash [...] Invest in an Iditarod-style headlamp [...] Run over loose dogs and cats [...] Move [...]”©1992 Tuesday Sept. 15, 1992 - “I can’t believe Bush attacking Clinton for traveling to Moscow [...]”©1992 Thursday Sept. 15, 1992 [sic] [couple discussing George H.W. Bush as Chinese spy] - “The federal nuclear waste control program for Cape Thompson” ©1992 Thursday Sept. 17, 1992 [man with nuclear waste symbol for head, with smiley face and ‘Have a Nice Day’] - “You have the right to remain silent” ©1992 Saturday Sept. 19, 1992 [police showing Rape Victim Checklist to woman] - “Duck and cover time: The ‘60s, air raid. Today, school board meeting” ©1992 Sunday Sept. 20, 1992 [children under desks] - “Lip synch serenade” ©1992 Tuesday Sept. 22, 1992 [George H.W. Bush singing to Woman Voters on balcony] - ©1992 Thursday Sept. 24, 1992 [George H.W. Bush riding Bush ’92 Rebates Not Debates elephant and throwing Disaster Aid, Farm Subsidies, and Tax Cut money bags to spectators] - “Speaking of hazardous ruts, have you seen the city transportation plan?” ©1992 Sat. Sept. 26, 1992 [Tom Fink driving car in circles with various road signs] - “Walt Featherly and Tom O’Rourke give the kids a class in conversational French” ©1992 Sunday Sept. 27, 1992 [fighting, yelling En Garde! and Touché! - “The year of the unorthodox campaign” ©1992 Tuesday Sept. 29, 1992 [Bill Clinton bus, George H.W. Bush train, H. Ross Perot saying ‘Beam me up, America’] 1992 October - “Kids? Heck no, ma’am. This sale is for school board members” ©1992 Thurs. Oct. 1, 1992 [gun store Back to School Sale] - “Toilet paper made from genuine Tongass timber” ©1992 Saturday Oct. 3, 1992 [paper money going into Subsidies toilet] - “Aww, c’mon, give ol’ Ross a hug” ©1992 Sunday Oct. 4, 1992 [H. Ross Perot with cacti] - “Susitna: the Sleeping Lady. Spurr: the Snoring Lout” ©1992 Tuesday Oct. 6, 1992 [volcano] - “It’s, ahhh, beautiful, Ted. And the box it comes in will make lovely student housing” ©1992 Saturday Oct. 10, 1992 [Ted Stevens delivering gift of Supercomputer to UAF] - “Alaska, my council on competitiveness has saved you 2,000 auto-related manufacturing jobs [...]”©1992 Sunday Oct. 11, 1992 [Dan Quayle] - “Official bumper sticker of the Anchorage School Board” ©1992 Tuesday Oct. 13, 1992 [If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Lawsuits] - “Never mind plowshares, we’re talking market share!” ©1992 Sat. Oct. 17, 1992 [Uncle Sam as skeleton carrying armload of weapons in desert, U.S.A. #1 Weapons Seller sign] - “Halloween – the White House gets truly desperate” ©1992 Sunday Oct. 18, 1992 [George H.W. Bush handing out F-16s and Farm Subsidies] - “All in favor of a constitutional convention, raise your arms” ©1992 Tuesday Oct. 20, 1992 [Alaska lawmakers raising human arm, tentacle, gorilla arm] - “What’s with the big line of people? [...]”©1992 Saturday Oct. 24, 1992 [George H.W. Bush giving oiled animal carcasses to Alaskans] - “’I’m all ears’ – Ross Perot” ©1992 Sunday Oct. 25, 1992 [Perot as Mickey Mouse] - “The Hickel DEC sinks its teeth into water quality” ©1992 Thursday Oct. 29, 1992 [dentures in water glass] - “It’s ok, folks – he didn’t inhale” ©1992 Saturday Oct. 31, 1992 [George H.W. Bush burning Clean Air Act] 1992 November - “Unsafe sex” ©1992 Sunday Nov. 1, 1992 [Constitutional Convention frog with personal ad] - “I’m mad as hell, but what the hell” ©1992 Thurs. Nov. 5, 1992 [voter carrying Yes! Term Limits! Sign voting for Incumbent] - “Nice statue. It’s a pity the city can’t afford to maintain it” ©1992 Thursday Nov. 12, 1992 [Tom Fink statue] - “Little Rock” ©1992 [Bill Clinton with Electoral Landslide rock] - “Must be one of those people who were issued a ‘666’ driver’s license” ©1992 [Beelzebub On Board sign. Print] - “A safe seat” ©1992 Saturday Nov. 14, 1992 [man sitting on Contributions to Incumbents open safe] - “Fat cats have nine lives” ©1992 Sunday Nov. 15, 1992 [Incumbents cat carrying PAC Money on road to Washington D.C.] - “I can’t believe we’re studying in a converted shower room. Hey, the way the school roof leaks, who needs a shower?” ©1992 Thursday Nov. 19, 1992 [children in hallway] - “Another subdivision? How will our school cope? That is our school. There are portables” ©1992 Tuesday Nov. 17, 1992 [children outside] - “Alaska: the call of the wild. The wild recall” ©1992 Sat. Nov. 21, 1992 [rabid voter carrying Hickel Health Rumors and Recall Wally sign] - “Superman pushing up daisies” ©1992 Sunday Nov. 22, 1992 [man in cemetery] - “Besides the $284,000 cost of his contract, the dismissal of Tom O’Rourke left the school district with a nasty repair bill for his office” ©1992 Sunday Nov. 29, 1992 [man-shaped hole in wall] - “Ribbon cutting with Mayor Fink” ©1992 Tuesday Nov. 24, 1992 [Tom Fink cutting budget lines] - ©1992 Thursday Nov. 26, 1992 [midair collision between Aerial Hunting and Tourism airplanes] 1992 December - “Wally! We’ve just discovered an Alaska product so tough it can’t be cut, dented, or even scratched! [...]”©1992 Tuesday Dec. 1, 1992 [Wally Hickel with Budget] - “Which is demanding special privileges? [...]”©1992 Thursday Dec. 3, 1992 [gay rights] - “No buses today, but here comes our school” ©1992 Saturday Dec. 5, 1992 [foam pieces flying past house in winter wind] - “Fish and Wildlife says you can’t have the Hagemeister Island reindeer, and, what’s more, they don’t believe in you anyway” ©1992 Sunday Dec. 6, 1992 [elf talking to Santa Claus] - “The one method of wolf control that would have even more controversial than Alaska’s aerial hunting plan” ©1992 Tuesday Dec. 8, 1992 [ADF&G staff offering cigarette to wolf] - “And the klieg lights hot glare, CNN live on the air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there” ©1992 Thursday Dec. 10, 1992 [soldiers landing on beach in war zone with media crew] - “Plenty of room down front, people. No offense, Dr. Prevo, but we’d just as soon stay out of saliva range” ©1992 Saturday Dec. 12, 1992 [Jerry Prevo at pulpit] - “Q: What is the proper term for a disgraced Oregon senator? A: Oregoner” ©1992 Sunday Dec. 12, 1992 [Bob Packwood being booted from U.S. Capitol] - “News item: North Pole overwhelmed by wish lists faxed to Santa” ©1992 Tuesday Dec. 15, 1992 [Santa Claus saying ‘Odd, most of these appear to be Anchorage School Board recall petitions] - “News item: Anchorage police sacrifice their ’93 raise” ©1992 Thursday Dec. 17, 1992 [police badge as decoration on Christmas tree] - “Santa Claws” ©1992 Saturday Dec. 19, 1992 [taloned Tax Cap in Santa suit squeezing down chimney] - “After disrupting the Rotary meeting, Theresa Obermeyer goes out to terrorize local karaoke- goers” ©1992 Sunday Dec. 20, 1992 [shouting into microphone about Alaska Bar Exam] - “The Muni gets the last laugh in the off-duty dog care suit” ©1992 Tuesday Dec. 22, 1992 [calculating overtime in dog years] - “Jailbreak” ©1992 Tuesday Dec. 22, 1992 [George H.W. Bush driving prisoners in Pardons sleigh away from prison] - “The Forest Service turns a deaf ear to Tongass wildlife” ©1992 Thursday Dec. 31, 1992 [man with spruce tree through head] B7 1993 January - “St. George and the Dragon” ©1993 Sunday Jan. 3, 1993 [George H.W. Bush patting Iran- Contra dragon] - “Weird sexual position” ©1993 Tuesday Jan. 5, 1993 [Homophobes ostrich with head in sand] - “Northern Scotland – the Loch Ness monster makes a rare public appearance” ©1993 Thursday Jan. 6, 1993 [with Stop the Spill Idiots!!! Sign] - “New World Ordeal” ©1993 Saturday Jan. 9, 1993 [Serb War Crimes] - “Truth in advertising comes to tanker names” ©1993 Sunday Jan. 10, 1993 [The Oopsy Daisy, The Sword of Damocles, The Crapshoot] - “Juneau: after years in the minority, Republican legislators struggle desperately to master the ‘yes’ vote” ©1993 Tuesday Jan. 12, 1993 [Ramona Barnes at podium] - “I see strife, conflict, animosity, and pain in your future, Sen. Halford [...]”©1993 Thurs. Jan. 14, 1993 [Rick Halford with fortune teller] - “Rip-off Van Winkle” ©1993 Saturday Jan. 16, 1993 [Great Longevity Bonus Giveaway] - “Alaska gays struggling to get out of the closet. Alaska politicians struggling to get in” ©1993 Sunday Jan. 17, 1993 [Open Meetings Act Revision] - “The great thing about this is, they have to hold hands” ©1993 Thursday Jan. 21, 1993 [arm wrestling match over gay rights] - “Secondhand smoke signal” ©1993 Saturday Jan. 23, 1993 [child blowing out S.O.S.] - “Joe Camel learns his hump is actually a malignant tumor” ©1993 [in doctor’s office. Original date notation of Sunday July 25, 1993 covered with paper] 1993 February - “Robin Taylor gorging on worms” ©1993 Tuesday Feb. 2, 1992 [can of Donley Allegations] - “How cold is it? [...]”©1993 Thursday Feb. 4, 1993 [wild animals trying to come inside] - “The public teat” ©1993 Thursday Feb. 4, 1993 [sic] [Deficit nursing from U.S. Capitol] - “A running start? [...]”©1993 Sat. Feb. 6, 1993 [Bill Clinton riding Congress horse up to Campaign Reform wall] - “After you, esteemed colleague [...]”©1993 Sunday Feb. 7, 1993 [senators protecting backs while entering chamber] - “The current Senate majority organization” ©1993 Tuesday Feb. 9, 1992 [sic] [musk oxen in defensive ring around George Jacko] - “Theresa Obermeyer’s credibility gap” ©1993 Thurs. Feb. 10, 1992 [sic] [open mouth] - “Reckless driving, armored car division” ©1993 Sat. Feb. 13, 1993 [BP Tax Settlement truck driving away from Budget Reserve] - “While the Senate chokes on the Jacko Affair, the House argues about who gets to do the Heimlich” ©1992 Sun. Feb. 14, 1992 [sic] - “Corkscrew, anyone?” ©1993 Tuesday Feb. 16, 1993 [Assembly cork in Alcohol Tax bottle] - “Your guide to AIDS experts [...]”©1993 Saturday Feb. 20, 1993 [Doctor wearing head mirror, U.S. Senator wearing Mickey Mouse ears] - “Ramona’s right – it’s not the Legislature’s feet dragging on ethics” ©1993 Sunday Feb. 21, 1993 [caveman dragging knuckles] - “The Ethics Circus: how it would look if legislators had to jump through the same ‘Conflict of Interest’ hoop citizens do” ©1992 Tuesday Feb. 23, 1993 [sic] [clown jumping rope] - “Creative alternatives to spending big bucks on our schools [...]”©1993 Thursday Feb. 25, 1993 [subway packers, cut lunches, swing sets for tent poles, snow fort classrooms] - “I can’t believe the way the legislators are fighting over ethics. Scarcity breeds conflict” ©1993 Saturday Feb. 27, 1992 [sic] - “The Sand Lake monster” ©1993 Sunday Feb. 28, 1993 [School Crowding] 1993 March - “Moose along the Iditarod Trail prepare for the worst” ©1993 3/2/93 [moose carrying axes] - “Now here’s an unhealthy romance” ©1993 Saturday March 6, 1993 [Church + State carved into tree with Gay Rights Repeal Petition nailed to trunk] - “Questions that must be asked: doesn’t the Legislature’s health plan cover spine implants?” ©1993 Sunday March 7, 1993 [cowering before Jacko Case monster] - “News item: Mayor seeks Assembly candidates who think like he does” ©1993 Tuesday March 8, 1993 [Tom Fink with square head] - “The Legislature finally got the ethics panel up and running. Swell. What direction?” ©1993 Thurs. March 11, 1993 [couple watching television] - “Freeze, chump! [...]”©1993 Saturday March 13, 1993 [Wally Hickel tries ‘Friendly Mugging’ of Legislature] - “Honey, I shrank the class size, introduced full-day kindergarten, let maintenance lapse...” ©1993 Sunday March 14, 1993 [School District looking up at giant School Woes] - “The East Coast: sundry terrorist groups disqualified in the World Trade Center bombing rush to take credit for the Blizzard of ‘93” ©1993 Thursday March 18, 1992 [sic] [urban snowstorm] - “Sorry the Legislature wouldn’t seat you on their ethics panel. Maybe you should try to become a senator. They’ve set a much lower standard for that” ©1993 Saturday March 20, 1993 [passing offices of George Jacko and Al Adams] - “Thunderhead” ©1993 Sunday March 21, 1993 [Ramona Barnes] - “Just what we need – an elections division that can’t count” ©1993 Tuesday March 23, 1993 [looking at Budget] - “By my faith, ‘tis ... No, not Jan, but Joe of ARCO” ©1993 Thurs. March 25, 1993 [Joe Green as Joan of Arc with oil barrel on head] - “In a reverse of the old routine, trainer Boris Yeltsin puts the head of a large animal in his mouth” ©1993 Saturday March 27, 1993 [Yeltsin with Parliament bear] - “I was pleased the latest citizen ethics nominees knew the difference between ‘ethics’ and ‘morals.’ [...]”©1993 Sunday March 28, 1993 [Gail Phillips on ethics] - “Ross Perot demonstrates how to use your ears as blinders” ©1993 Tuesday March 29, 1993 [chanting ‘Reduce the Debt’] - “Ever since he got his way on the elk transplants, there’s been no stopping Robin Taylor” ©1993 Tuesday March 30, 1993 [hunters confronting exotic animals] 1993 April - “Pick the Legislature’s preferred tool for examining citizen applicants to the ethics panel: A. [magnifying glass] B. [microscope] C. [gun sight] ©1993 Thurs. April 1, 1993 - “Jet engine tears loose over Anchorage, lands harmlessly” ©1993 Friday April 2, 1993 [into Theresa Obermeyer’s mouth] - “Get a grip, Bob. Sure, Alaska timber prices are up, but not even Wally Hickel would approve an aerial beaver hunt” ©1993 Sunday April 4, 1993 [beavers] - “The 80’s: gridlock. The 90’s: jawlock” ©1993 Tuesday April 6, 1993 [elephant filibustering] - “Hard hat area. Hard heart area.” ©1993 Thursday April 8, 1993 [State Construction Budget up, Operating Budget down] - “Sen. Taylor, you have a call complaining about Sitka pulp mill pollution [...]”©1993 Sat. April 10, 1993 [Robin Taylor getting call from transplanted elk] - “Thick. Thicker. Thickstun” ©1993 Sunday April 11, 1993 [Phone Book, Phone Bill, Division of Elections director Chariot Thickstun] - “Rep. Al Vezey restocks the moat monsters” ©1993 Tuesday April 13, 1993 [hiding behind walls of Closed Government] - “Gays’ secret agenda revealed [...]”©1993 Thursday April 15, 1993 [hiding sexuality] - “Republican symbols: National party, the elephant. Senate, the yak” ©1993 Saturday April 17, 1993 [Filibuster yak] - “School district officials suddenly catch on to what’s behind the student body explosion” ©1993 Sunday April 18, 1993 [My Science Project: Cloning] - “Internal organs that store grit: Chickens, the gizzard. Anchorageites, the lungs” ©1993 Tuesday April 20, 1993 [wearing gas mask] - “Well, back to the closet. You’re gay?! No, that’s where my class meets” ©1993 Thursday April 22, 1993 [son with father reading newspaper headlined School Bonds Hammered] - “Blowing in the windfall” ©1993 Saturday April 24, 1993 [man with campaign sign ‘If Elected I’ll Cut State Spending’] - “Washington landmarks: The Rotunda. The really rotunda” ©1993 Sunday April 25, 1993 [Deficit] - “’93 Budget. ’94 Budget” ©1993 [maps labeled ‘Anchorage’ and ‘Anchorwas’. With overlay for printing] - “Spring in Juneau: Robin builds a machine gun nest” ©1993 Tuesday April 27, 1993 [Robin Taylor nesting in Open Meetings Changes] - “Ramona lands the State House on Rick Halford” ©1993 Saturday May 1, 1993 [Ramona Barnes as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz] - “Busjacking” ©1993 Sunday May 2, 1993 [Senate stealing School Priorities] - ©1993 Tuesday May 4, 1993 [Senate and House elephants with trunks twisted together] - “Rick began to wish he’d never given Ramona those brass balls” ©1993 Thursday May 6, 1993 [Ramona Barnes with slingshot] - “The Lake Hood seagull eradication plan hits a snag” ©1993 Sat. May 8, 1993 [pigs complaining about having to eat eggs] - “Snake eyes” ©1993 Sunday May 9, 1993 [donkey with bulging eyes carrying Democrat Gambling Contributions] - “A brief history of the budget: January, karate chops. May, pork chops” ©1993 [$700 Million Construction Budget] - “And you thought falling safes only crushed things in cartoons” ©1993 Thursday May 13, 1993 [Legislature being hit by $630,000,000 BP Settlement safe] - “Unfortunately those who DO remember history are also condemned to repeat it” ©1993 Thursday May 19, 1993 [sic] [Bosnian War] - “In recognition of Alternative Transportation Week, Mayor Fink drives his wife’s car to work” ©1993 Saturday May 22, 1993 [Tom Fink driving] - “Bob Doleful” ©1993 [Nevermore raven on shoulder of Bob Dole spouting negativity] - “Jurassic Pork: only Wally stands between us and a state budget of prehistoric proportions!” ©1993 Sunday May 23, 1993 [movie poster. Print] - “The Legislature rewrites Joyce Kilmer’s ‘Trees’” ©1993 Tuesday May 25, 1993 [Legislature as lumberjack, ‘[...] Only God can save the DEC’] - “Remember the good ol’ days when we congressmen sent stuff like the Family Leave Bill to the White House to embarrass President Bush? [...]”©1993 Thursday May 27, 1993 [letting Bill Clinton embarrass himself] - “The torch is passed to a new generation. Ouch! Yow! This thing is hot! [...]” ©1993 Saturday May 29, 1993 [White House] - “The school district copes with the decision not to buy more portables” ©1993 Sunday May 30, 1993 [classes held in school buses] 1993 June - “Mayor Fink brushes up his bargaining skills – today, the ‘carrot and stick’ approach. Take this carrot and stick it” ©1993 Thursday June 3, 1993 [Tom Fink] - “Why Clinton stays concerned about a good health plan” ©1993 Sunday June 6, 1993 [Bill Clinton with multiple injuries] - “Idiot! We’re supposed to chase OUR tails, not THEIRS” ©1993 Saturday June 7, 1993 [sic] [coyotes reading newspaper headlined Coyote Chomps Rollerblader] - “David and Congress and Goliath” ©1993 Tuesday June 8, 1993 [Bill Clinton fighting Deficit, Congress throwing rocks at Clinton] - “When ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ programs go bad” ©1993 Thursday June 10, 1993 [Cordoava or Bust bulldozer] - “Now that’s air cover!” ©1993 Saturday June 12, 1993 [wolves looking up at Tourism Boycott commercial airliner] - “Sounds like the Senate’s getting serious about going after the deficit. Close. The Deficit Reduction Plan” ©1993 Sunday June 13, 1993 [U.S. Capitol] - “’92-’93 legislative spending priorities” ©1993 Tuesday June 15, 1993 [babies with pacifiers labeled with amounts of money and names Jacko, Williams, Moses, Foster, MacLean, Larson] - “AIDS ribbon” ©1993 Thursday June 17, 1993 [skeleton breaking finish line ribbon with death statistic] - “Shetland Ponyman of the Apocalypse” ©1993 Saturday June 19, 1993 [skeleton riding horse carrying Micro Nukes] - “Dunces with wolves” ©1993 Sunday June 20, 1993 [Wolf Control Zealots shooting self in foot] - “Alert Wally! We may have stumbled onto environmentally correct wolf control” ©1993 Tuesday June 22, 1993 [eagle snatching small dog from woman in motorhome] - “Romance in the ‘90s: Kodiak couple to exchange gins instead of wedding bands” ©1993 Thursday June 24, 1993 [Cupid tossing bow and arrow for handgun] - “Would I share the sacrifice to reduce U.S. debt? Gladly. In fact, someone else can have all the sacrifice” ©1993 Sun. June 27, 1993 [citizen answering pollster at door] 1993 July - “Desperate for an acceptable way to kill wolves, Fish and Game coaches caribou in the use of small firearms” ©1993 Thursday July 1, 1993 - “Robin Taylor on crime and punishment. Lock up your daughters – not Alaska senators” ©1993 [Taylor with arm around George Jacko] - “Tom Quixote” ©1993 Saturday July 3, 1993 [bruised Tom Fink riding donkey, using ATU Sale light pole as lance] - “Can’t Vogler play anything besides ‘The Alaska Flag Song’?” ©1993 Thurs. July 8, 1993 [Joe Vogler in heaven] - “Health care reform approaches the Capitol steps” ©1993 Saturday July 10, 1993 [man in wheelchair at bottom of staircase] - “Wally broods over the fact the flooded Midwest is now in a better position to export water to California than we are” ©1993 Sunday July 11, 1993 [Wally Hickel at desk] - “Ever hear anything sadder than the call of that loon? Yes, I heard that loons are almost extinct here in Anchorage” ©1993 Tuesday July 13, 1993 [couple on lakeshore] - “That’s new – an elephant that tries to clean up after itself!” ©1993 Thurs. July 15, 1993 [Senate Majority sweeping dung into Budget Lawsuit garbage can] - “Congress prepares to attack the deficit” ©1993 Saturday July 17, 1993 [turtle with U.S. Capitol building shell struggling on its back] - “Whoa! This is the nicest summer ever! Even the beluga whales are tanned!” ©1993 Sunday July 18, 1993 [family along Turnagain Arm] - “Military burial for gay soldiers” ©1993 Tuesday July 20, 1993 [The Closet coffin] - ©1993 Thurs. July 22, 1993 [Mount Rushmore, Teddy Roosevelt wearing snorkel in rain] 1993 August - “Behold Alaska, Secretary Babbitt. 591,004 square miles, and none of it middle ground” ©1993 Thursday August 19 [Bruce Babbitt] - “Too proud to wear a license, Anchorage cats agree to carry badges as a compromise with the city” ©1993 [cat arresting dog] - “Perotchio” ©1993 Saturday August 21 [H. Ross Perot’s ears growing] - “Great moments in catch-and-release fishing” ©1993 Sunday August 22 [Uncle Sam unable to throw Bristol Bay Drilling Licenses octopus back into water] - “Exxon has finally agreed to talk. Great! What do they say? ‘We’ll see you in court.’” ©1993 Tuesday Aug. 24, 1993 [fishing boats] - “Mars: the red ink planet” ©1993 Thursday August 26, 1993 [$1 Billion Mars Probe] - “New Fink budget to fund operating costs with reserves” ©1993 Saturday Aug. 28, 1993 [Tom Fink heads as cups in shell game] - “I hope this makes the Humane Society happy. Frankly, I feel [expletive] silly” ©1993 Sunday Aug. 29, 1993 [sled dog team wearing helmets] - “Theresa finally finds an appropriate use for her school district stationery” ©1993 Tuesday Aug. 31, 1993 [Theresa Obermeyer typing resignation letter] 1993 September - “Survival of the fittest in the electronic age” ©1993 Thursday Sept. 2, 1993 [grizzly bear raiding trash, impersonating Frank Murkowski in call to Park Service about nuisance bears] - “As Defense Secretary, I believe it critical we design a budget that can deal with two regional conflicts at once [...]”©1993 Sat. Sept. 4, 1993 [Les Aspin with map of United States] - “More evidence the food chain is screwed up in Prince William Sound” ©1993 Sunday Sept. 5, 1993 [Exxon eel eating its own tail, labeled Alyeska] - “Drawbacks of overcrowded schools: [...]”©1993 Thurs. Sept. 9, 1993 [six panels on underfunded schools] - “The handwriting on the wall. What’s it say? Can’t tell” ©1993 Saturday Sept. 11, 1993 [adult literacy statistic] - “While we’re here, can you watch my back?” ©1993 Sunday Sept. 12, 1993 [Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat] - “What students learn in overcrowded schools. Boy, this town doesn’t care squat about education” ©1993 Tuesday Sept. 14, 1993 - “Genuine Alaska timber products” ©1993 Thurs. Sept. 16, 1993 [crosses in cemetery] - “Jurassic parking lot” ©1993 Saturday Sept. 18, 1993 [Eagle River Walmart dinosaur eating trees] - “Our latest survey of TV violence shows that [...]”©1993 Sunday Sept. 19, 1993 [man watching television] - “Open wide, Alaska” ©1993 Tuesday Sept. 21, 1993 [Clinton Health Plan pill] - “Fluoride perils you may have overlooked [...]”©1993 Thursday Sept. 23, 1993 [piranhas, carnivorous plants, and alligators with strong teeth] - “America reads to its kids” ©1993 Saturday Sept. 25, 1993 [man reading TV Listings to child] - “Wally takes a ‘band-aid’ approach to leadership on health care reform” ©1993 Sunday Sept. 16, 1993 [Wally Hickel with bandage over mouth] - “Health care reform, NAFTA, and now the legislature is taking up tort reform [...]”©1993 Tuesday Sept. 28, 1993 [couple discussing literacy rates] - “Alyeska Pipeline’s electrical code” ©1993 Thursday Sept. 30, 1993 [outlets labeled Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil] 1993 October - “Red light special” ©1993 Saturday Oct. 2, 1993 [traffic at intersection of Old Seward Highway and Dimond Boulevard] - “Dubious surgery: Alaska joined to the rest of the U.S. by the Clinton health plan” ©1993 Sunday Oct. 3, 1993 [map with Alaska stitched to California] - “How would Clinton’s ‘health alliances’ work for a small state like Alaska? [...]”©1993 Tuesday Oct. 5, 1993 [couple discussing alliance with Canada] - “Getting chewed by tobacco” ©1993 [pit bull with Cancer #1 Cause of Alaska Deaths collar] - “Three transplant candidates on the road to health care reform” ©1993 Tuesday Oct. 12 [Congress as Scarecrow, Insurance Companies as Tin Man, Hospitals/Doctors as Lion in Wizard of Oz] - “Pravda? Boris here. To resume publishing you must change your name. Just shorten it to ‘Da’” ©1993 Saturday Oct. 16, 1993 [Boris Yeltsin] - “Anchorage school kid 1979 [...]” ©1993 Sunday Oct. 17, 1993 [‘No more pencils, no more books...’ summer break versus school budget cuts. Second panel not labeled] - “The Bering Sea Head-Up-Its-Bottom Fishery” ©1993 Tuesday Oct. 19, 1993 [back side of Fish Dumping] - “Now that’s a toe tag” ©1993 Thursday Oct. 21, 1993 [Hagemeister Island Reindeer Removal $413,000] - “Look out behind you” ©1993 Saturday Oct. 23, 1993 [cigarette smoker casting shadow with death statistic] - “T.V.: one of the few areas of life Americans think can’t be made worse by government interference” ©1993 Sunday Oct. 24, 1993 [man watching violent television show] - “What do you think of a ‘global budget’ for health spending? [...]”©1993 Tuesday Oct. 26, 1993 [ambulance personnel discussing spiraling health care costs] - “Hey, you wanna talk ugly? Check out all the old zoning complaints piled up and rotting around city hall” ©1993 Thursday Oct. 28, 1993 [Dracula confronting neighbor] - “Granola, anyone?” ©1993 Saturday Oct. 30, 1993 [Don Young offering Wilderness Bill to Ted Stevens, Frank Murkowski, and Wally Hickel] - “Boy, maybe it is time for health reform” ©1993 Sunday Oct. 31, 1993 [trick-or-treaters looking at sign ‘Hospital Yes! We X-ray, Cat Scan, and MRI Halloween Candy’] 1993 November - “Captain Hook, 1993” ©1993 Tues. Nov. 2, 1993 [empty suit with Bering Sea Waste sash] - “I knew these old wagons would come in handy someday – get ‘em in a circle, the zoning vigilantes are comin’!” ©1993 Thursday Nov. 4, 1993 [men with junk vehicles in yard] - “Meet Bossy, welfare mom” ©1993 Saturday Nov. 6, 1993 [Uncle Sam offering Cheap Grazing Fees hay to cow] - “Black and Blue Cross” ©1993 Sunday Nov. 7, 1993 [black eyes from Million Dollar CEO and Preferred Provider Lawsuit] - “So many books! Are you studying to become a doctor? No. Struggling to comprehend health care reform” ©1993 Tuesday Nov. 9, 1993 [library patron] - “Sabotage the Alaska Pipeline? Nah. Looks like they may handle that themselves” ©1993 Thursday Nov. 11, 1993 [terrorists plotting] - “Pipeline manager’s safety precaution: protecting ears from whistleblowers” ©1993 Saturday Nov. 13, 1993 [man wearing earphones at desk] - “Free Wally” ©1993 Sunday Nov. 14, 1993 [Hickel Water Quality Proposal hammerhead shark] - “Bad news, the American dream doesn’t come in full color” ©1993 Tuesday Nov. 16, 1993 [couple reading newspaper headlined Minorities Get Fewer Home Loans Than Whites] - “Blasted by icy Alaska winds as he steps from his jet, Perot has a sudden revelation. These people are trying to kill me” ©1993 Saturday Nov. 20, 1993 - “Aquatic life under the Hickel DEC water standard [...]” ©1993 Sunday Nov. 21, 1993 [silver salmon that looks like a humpy] - “Our Legislature: the goose that swallowed the golden egg” ©1993 Tuesday Nov. 23, 1993 [$800 Million in Spending Ruled Illegal egg stuck in throat] - “Safecracker slams fingers in door” ©1993 Thursday Nov. 25, 1993 [Legislature thief with hand trapped in Budget Reserve safe] - “For those looking for simple language in health reform” ©1993 Saturday Nov. 27, 1993 [cigarette smoker declaring ‘I Quit’] - “Well, I’ve seen silvers, pinks and reds, but I’ve never seen a salmon actually glow. [Expletive] nuclear dumping!” ©1993 Tuesday Nov. 30, 1993 [fishermen on boat] 1993 December - “How the Legislature opens a piggy bank” ©1993 Thurs. Dec. 2, 1993 [cracking Illegal $800 Million piggy bank on own head] - “Excuse me, officer, can I interest you in a petition giving you responsibility to write parking tickets?” ©1993 Saturday Dec. 4, 1993 [signature gatherer approaching cop under fire] - “Let’s make a deal, Limbaugh! You support our presence in the military, and we support yours!” ©1993 Sunday Dec. 5, 1993 [gay rights protestors confronting Rush Limbaugh] - “A typical Alaska legislator debating health reform” ©1993 Tuesday Dec. 7, 1993 [man yawning] - “Cigarette executive demonstrating strategic use of tobacco leaf for testimony on smoking dangers” ©1993 Thursday Dec. 9, 1993 [naked man covering genitals] - “The essential paperwork for access to decent health care in America” ©1993 Saturday [stack of paper money] - “Very high five” ©1993 Sunday [NASA Space Shuttle slapping satellite] - “The ghost of Christmas Future” ©1993 Thurs. Dec. 16, 1993 [Oil Price Bust] - “Appalled at the prospects for next year’s budget, Alaska politicians plead to go with Santa” ©1993 Tuesday Dec. 21, 1993 [clinging to sleigh] - “The ’94 session: down to fumes, the Legislature elects to sniff” ©1993 Tuesday Dec. 28, 1993 [man inhaling oil barrel fumes] - “The Brother Frances Shelter is full [...]”©1993 Dec. 30, 1993 [homeless man winds up at cemetery] 1994 January - “Pandora’s tackle box” ©1994 Saturday Jan. 1, 1994 [Cook Inlet Salmon Allocation Bill] - “Harpy new year” ©1994 Thurs. Jan. 6, 1994 [Legislature being chased by Oil Prices, Jacko Case, Illegal $924 Million] - “The Cold War’s M.I.A.’s” ©1994 [Radiation Test Victims hidden under Uncle Sam’s hat. Original date notation of Sunday Jan. 9, 1994, covered with paper] - “He’s headed back to Fairbanks in winter! Ooooh... things must be even worse than we thought” ©1994 Saturday Jan. 8, 1994 [couple watching Charlie Cole head toward Departures] - “The Legislature’s deficit strategy: keep feeding it, hope it overeats and dies” ©1994 Tues. Jan. 11, 1994 [shark in fishbowl. Print] - “Looks like you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be a rocket scientist” ©1994 Saturday Jan. 15, 1994 [couple in restaurant reading newspaper headlined NASA Woes Space Agency Knew of Observer Problems] - “Yeah, hockey’s violent, but it does keep kids from figure skating” ©1994 Sunday Jan. 16, 1994 [couple at hockey game; Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan attack] - “The Legislature misinterprets Gov. Hickel’s call to ‘dig a hole, cut a tree’” ©1994 Tuesday Jan. 18, 1994 [crying Help from Deficit hole] - “This line is: A. A major earthquake as registered on the Richter scale. B. Aerial view of the pipeline as it might look after a major earthquake” ©1994 - “Naked ambition” ©1994 Thursday Jan. 20, 1994 [naked Craig Campbell with campaign sign about sexually explicit materials in schools] - “Wally! Wally! If we figure out a way to export our weather, we can get the feds off our backs for good!” ©1994 Saturday Jan. 22, 1993 [staffer showing Wally Hickel newspaper headlined Cold Wave Shuts Down D.C.] - “How’d the guns-for-toys swap go? [...]” ©1994 Sunday Jan. 23, 1994 [children playing with violent toys and video games] - “We legislators know voters approved the Budget Reserve Fund for emergencies. Fortunately, we were able to create one” ©1994 Tuesday Jan. 25, 1994 [Deficit dinosaur] - “After much searching, the Assembly finds a private group to sponsor the foundation for the Bronze Mammoth” ©1994 Jan. 27, 1994 [sign on tusk, See Your Dentist Twice a Year] - “Truth in advertising suggestion: this campaign promise should always be printed in red ink” ©1994 Sunday Jan. 30, 1994 [State Senate, House Leaders elephant on soapbox with We’ll Cut Spending sign] 1994 February - “Bleak choice: give our money to a robber, or to the government for more cops, more prisons, death penalty prosecutions...” ©1994 Tuesday Feb. 1, 1994 [couple watching television] - “No problem if we have to replace Tonya Harding. I’ve seen women perform triple axels in parking lots all over Anchorage” ©1994 Thursday Feb. 3, 1994 [people slipping on ice] - “You’ve got a rainy day fund? Then they’ve got a rain dance” ©1994 Saturday Feb. 5, 1994 [three people dancing around Budget Reserve safe, possibly Ramona Barnes, Rick Halford, and Wally Hickel] - ©1994 Sunday Feb. 6, 1994 [man holding Bookkeeping ledger yawning in the face of Deficit dragon] - “Hey, neither do we” ©1994 Tues. Feb. 8, 1994 [men on stoop, one reading newspaper headlined Clinton On Shelling: We Rule Nothing Out and the other reading Serb Atrocity Manual] - ©1994 Thursday Feb. 10, 1994 [house with sign Another Dud Home; HUD] - “The Alcohol Beverage Control Board bounces Cyrano’s for not having enough alcohol in its blood” ©1994 Saturday Feb. 12, 1994 [actor kicked onto sidewalk] - “Personally, I find this at least as disturbing as the Bobbitt case” ©1994 Sunday Feb. 13, 1994 [walrus reading newspaper headlined Congressman Young Brandishes Oosik; Lorena Bobbitt] - “Safecracking 101” ©1994 Tuesday Feb. 15, 1996 [sic] [Ronald Larson instructing child to break into Budget Reserve safe] - “Bride of Frankenbudget, Best Man of Frankenbudget, Officiating Minister” ©1994 Thursday Feb. 17, 1994 [Ramona Barnes, Rick Halford, and Wally Hickel with ‘Illegal $978 Million’ Frankenstein monster] - “Rondy ’94: mushers adapt to track conditions” ©1994 Saturday Feb. 19, 1994 [sled dog team wearing ice skates] - “March: discussion about what to do about the Budget Reserve moves from the politically impossible to the anatomically impossible” ©1994 Sunday Feb. 20, 1994 [Ramona Barnes, Rick Halford, and Wally Hickel arguing] - “So far the adults are having more trouble dealing with ‘asking about sex and growing up’ than the kids” ©1994 Tuesday Feb. 22, 1994 [couple at newspaper box, headline Recall Effort Under Way Sex Text is at Core of Charges] - “Hello, Promotions? Maybe we’d better drop the word ‘baby’ and just leave it at ‘you’ve come a long way’” ©1994 Thursday Feb. 24, 1994 [executive reading newspaper headlined Study Links Tobacco Ads and Rise in Young Girls’ Smoking] - “The longer you wait after pulling a rabbit from a hat, the harder it is to get it back in” ©1994 Saturday Feb. 26, 1994 [rabbits surrounding Budget Reserve hat] - “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall [...] the state legislature and Governor Hickel made an omelet of Humpty & left us in a pickle” ©1994 Sunday Feb. 27, 1994 1994 March - “Do we want sexually explicit materials available in our schools? Or do they really belong in they belong in the mayor’s race?” ©1994 Thursday March 3, 1993 [sic] [Craig Campbell with “Asking About Sex and Growing Up”] - “Sen. Steve Frank proposes secret negotiations for Alaska timber” ©1994 Sat. March 5, 1994 [lumberjack whispering ‘Timber’] - “Then again, maybe this isn’t the year to get tough on crime” ©1994 Sunday March 6, 1994 [Legislature facing Illegal $978,000,000 dragon] - “CIA mole hunt” ©1994 Tuesday March 7, 1994 [ostrich with head in sand] - “What do you make of the proposal that the legislature turn over state spending to an independent group? We already have – OPEC” ©1994 Thurs. March 7, 1994 [couple in front of Alaska State Capitol] - “You can only hold your breath so long under Whitewater” ©1994 Wednesday March 9, 1994 [Bill Clinton] - “Chicken Little’s new job” ©1994 Thursday March 10, 1994 [with sign, Save the Salmon Don’t Eat ‘Em, Washington Fryer Commission] - ©1994 Saturday March 12, 1994 [Ramona Barnes and Rick Halford driving Trucking Vote, running over Wally Hickel holding Do Not Pass sign] - “Balanced budgets” ©1994 Sunday March 13, 1994 [Legislature weightlifting barbell with This Year’s Deficit and Next Year’s Deficit] - “Leprecon artist [...]” ©1994 Thursday March 17, 1994 [Legislature leprechaun with Budget Reserve Raid pot of gold] - “Death takes us all; the death penalty, however, is more selective” ©1994 March 19, 1994 [skeleton holding syringe saying ‘Give me your poor, your minorities’] - “Surgical complications at the Alaska Native Medical Center. ‘Scalpel, sponge, flashlight’” ©1994 Sunday March 20, 1994 [surgeon in operating room] - “Whitewater” ©1994 Tuesday March 22, 1994 [Washington Press Corps foaming at the mouth] - “Q: What auto equipment can best combat drunken drivers?” ©1994 Thursday March 24, 1994 [man wrapped with ball-and-chains labeled Tougher Penalties for Halfway-House Dodging and Felony Charge for Repeaters] - “Tyranosaurus Rx” ©1994 [Proposed Cuts to Indian Health Service dinosaur] - “The Juneau budget shell game: where’s the pea? Answer: [brain of House, Senate Coalitions elephant] ©1994 Sunday March 27, 1994 - “Wow! Look at all those tents! [...]” ©1994 Tuesday March 29, 1994 [budget cuts to National Park Service] - “The Equal Rights Commission removes comments critical of its policy on gays from discrimination exhibit” ©1994 Thurs. March 31, 1994 [man with clipboard saying ‘You have the right to remain silent’] B8 [Oversize] 1994 April - “Wally and the Legislature prepare to appeal the law of gravity” ©1994 Saturday April 2, 1994 [Wally Hickel in Subsistence Fisheries canoe at top of Niagara Falls] - “The Health Care Rag [...]” ©1994 Sunday April 3, 1994 [men with casts and crutches singing on stage] - “Profiles in procrastination: frantic taxpayer trying to do his 1040 before April 15 th . The State Legislature still trying to do last year’s budget” ©1994 Tuesday April 5, 1994 - “State Legislature turns oil back into dinosaur” ©1994 Saturday April 7, 1994 [Budget dinosaur] - “Essential bonds: parent & child. School” ©1994 Sunday April 8, 1994 [S.O.S. flag waving over school] - “Open and shut case” ©1994 Tuesday April 12, 1994 [Legislature thief with fingers caught in Budget Reserve safe] - “The bad news is, the Teamster strike is affecting grocery shipments. The good news is, the Alaska Supreme Court says we’re all subsistence users” ©1994 Thursday April 14, 1994 [family at home] - “High speed chase” ©1994 [Trooper Budget chasing runaway New Crime Bills patrol car] - “Budget Reserve raid getaway vehicle” ©1994 Saturday April 16, 1994 [school bus] - “Sisyphus” ©1994 Sunday April 17, 1994 [child pushing School Crowding Safety Problems boulder up playground slide] - “Legislature Man will now leap tall buildings in a single bound” ©1994 Tuesday April 20, 1994 [sic] [Mickey Mouse with cape and Tough On Crime sign racing towards Prison Costs wall. Pencil study for ‘Budget Reserve raid getaway vehicle’ cartoon on verso] - “Democracy snapshots [...]” ©1994 Thursday April 21, 1994 [comparing voter turnout in South Africa and Anchorage] - “Safe for us, not the Muslims” ©1994 Saturday April 23, 1994 [tank on road to safe haven of Gorazde; Bosnian War] - “The Alaska Senate rewrites the Open Meetings Act” ©1994 Monday April 25, 1993 [sic] [Cheshire Cat Brand Disappearing Ink inkwell] - ©1994 Thursday April 27, 1994 [Ramona Barnes ‘Back Off’ mud flaps on back of Oil Industry Back Taxes tanker truck] 1994 May - “What’s wrong with 0.1 for the road?” ©1994 Sunday May 1, 1994 [man at bar with Grim Reaper holding Bill to Lower Legal Blood Alcohol Limit] - “Awesome. They’re as good at burying stuff as they are at digging it up” ©1994 Tuesday May 3, 1994 [couple in front of gravestone for Oil Co. Back Tax Bill] - “Crime bills the Legislature ignored” ©1994 Saturday May 14, 1994 [man heading out of Alaska State Capitol tossing Increased Court Costs, Increased Prison Costs, and Increased Trooper Costs] - “Trapped” ©1994 Sunday May 15, 1994 [Ramona Barnes inside brick-walled No] - “Our system: voters delegate their power to elected representatives. Non-voters delegate their power to voters” ©1994 Tuesday May 17, 1994 - “A rare stash of state money the House majority considers off limits” ©1994 Thurs. May 19, 1994 [Ramona Barnes guarding Oil Co. Back Taxes money bags] - “Next year’s legislature. This year’s budget” ©1994 Tuesday May 24, 1994 [tightrope walker wearing ball-and-chain] - “And now, for my greatest comeback yet” ©1994 Tuesday May 26, 1994 [Richard Nixon’s grave] - “Smokers are becoming victims in this country – pariahs! [...]” ©1994 Thursday May 26, 1994 [sic] [couple talking about cigarette use] - “Our trade with China will be a powerful force to moderate their stand on human rights. Just as it has modified ours” ©1994 Saturday May 28, 1994 [Bill Clinton] - “The Fink Vision” ©1994 Sunday May 29, 1994 [Tom Fink driving Anchorage Dept. of Industrial Parks and Recreation van] 1994 June - “When I was running for president, I criticized Bush’s Bosnia policy. [...]” ©1994 Thurs. June 2, 1994 [Bill Clinton] - “Fiendishly clever incumbent strategy: make government look so bad nobody wants your seat” ©1994 Sat. June 4, 1994 [couple listening to radio in kitchen] - “The legislature is sending a clear message to lawbreakers. Either obey the law, or exempt yourself from it” ©1994 Sunday June 5, 1994 [knight in armor holding Open Meetings Act. Ink study on verso] - “Zoning in the Mat-Su. [...]” ©1994 [men in bar contemplating move to Russia; government interference] - “You know a bear has spent too much time with humans when it attacks someone for a tennis shoe” ©1994 [Binky the polar bear at Alaska Zoo] - “News item: Southeast fishermen may lose $1 million to spare 3 salmon from runs devastated by Idaho dams” ©1994 Tues. June 6, 1994 [man in fishing boat shouting ‘Torpedo the dams, full speed ahead’] - “Do you think it’s true the religious right is becoming too influential with the GOP? [...]” ©1994 Saturday June 9, 1994 [federal health care reform] - “Though church attendance falls during the Alaska summer, prayer actually increases” ©1994 Sunday June 10, 1994 [angler praying to land fish] - “Northern cubism” ©1994 Thurs. June 16, 1994 [Anchorage Museum blockhead holding McAlpine Appraisals] - “11-year-old girl blamed in Houston shooting” ©1994 Saturday June 18, 1994 [teddy bear labeled ‘Security Then,’ handgun labeled ‘Security Now’] - “Caught between a shrinking budget and a growing number of convicts, the Dept. of Corrections gets desperate” ©1994 Sunday June 19, 1994 [man on sidewalk living in cardboard box labeled ‘Cell Block #9957’] - “Food labeling comes to the Arctic” ©1994 Tuesday June 21, 1994 [beluga whale with label listing insecticides, PCBs, trace metals] - “Joe Camel’s cousin, Joe Weasel” ©1994 Thursday June 23, 1994 [weasel in suit next to newspaper box with headline Tobacco Firms Manipulated Nicotine Levels] - “Bill, Bill, don’t think of the IV as half empty, think of it as half full!” ©1994 Saturday June 25, 1994 [GOP doctor talking to Bill Clinton at bedside of Uncle Sam being given Health Coverage intravenously] - “Now here’s the way to run a bus system!” ©1994 Sunday June 26, 1994 [Tom Fink showing newspaper headlined ‘Denali Rides to Cost Up to $30’ to People Mover mechanic] - “Why the Assembly is anxious to see Fink pass his chair on” ©1994 Tuesday June 28, 1994 [Tom Fink taming with chair and bullwhip. Ink study on verso] - “Tom” ©1994 Thursday June 30, 1994 [Tom Fink as turkey] 1994 July - “A man’s home may be his castle, but who crowned him King Henry VIII?” ©1994 Saturday July 2, 1994 [Domestic Violence. Ink study on verso] - “How the oil export ban works” ©1994 Sunday July 3, 1994 [Uncle Sam being strangled by Trans Alaska Pipeline, Flow Restriction Point at neck] - “Dear Bill, if you are truly serious about winning the Iditarod to raise money for Russia, send Hillary” ©1994 Tuesday July 12, 1994 [woman writing letter to Bill Clinton] - “Which is the most remote and inaccessible? Denali Park. Denali Park Management” ©1994 Thursday July 14, 1994 [ranger with Bus Deal] - “Cosmic disasters: A comet crashes into Jupiter. A star falls in America” ©1994 Saturday July 16, 1994 [O.J. Simpson] - “So, is Wally running? No, skipping...the primary” ©1994 Sunday July 17, 1994 [Wally Hickel on track] - “Giving American children something to look up to” ©1994 Tuesday July 19, 1994 [graph with rising Crimes Against Kids and Child Poverty] - “I wanted Mexican food [...]” ©1994 Thursday July 21, 1994 [Adam and Eve expelled from Eden for eating apple. Ink study on verso] - “Following the successful descent into a Sand Lake gravel pit, Dante does a little blading on the Coastal Trail” ©1994 July 23, 1993 [sic] [robot rollerblading] - “American values: The family car. The family” ©1994 July 24, 1994 [Auto Loan Default Rate 3%, Child Support Default Rate 50%] - ©1994 Tuesday July 26, 1994 [candidates at starting line of Governor’s Race, Wally Hickel considering whether to run. Pencil study on verso] - “Blades: Old mayor. New mayor” ©1994 Thursday July 28, 1994 [Tom Fink with sword, Rick Mystrom on rollerblades] - “Hey, we’ll do the [expletive] killing around here” ©1994 Saturday July 30, 1994 [Bill Clinton with buttons for Ban Assault Weapons and Expand the Death Penalty] - “Health care reform notes: Bob Dole suffers a repetitive strain injury from shaking his head ‘no’” ©1994 Sunday July 31, 1994 1994 August - “The Alaska Legislature’s dental plan for the poor” ©1994 Thursday August 4, 1994 [man telling woman in trailer park to ‘Bite the bullet’] - “The real reason dinosaurs are extinct: Universal health care? Nah. Who needs it?” ©1994 Saturday Aug. 6, 1994 [signed by Dunlap-Shohl with ‘Homage to Gary Larson.’ Ink study on verso] - “Whitewater: lots of noise, not much there” ©1994 Sunday Aug. 7, 1994 [elephant slurping drink through straw] - “Waiting for Wally to drop the other shoe” ©1994 Tuesday August 9, 1994 [Wally Hickel in locker room putting on trainers for footrace] - “The Bible: standard translation. The Bible: Ollie North translation” ©1994 Thursday August 11, 1994 [‘Conceal thy weapon’] - “August runs: governor’s race. Salmon” ©1994 Saturday Aug. 13, 1994 [single person yawning, crowd with fishing poles] - “Attention, Medicaid recipients. We’re putting some teeth into our attack on state spending. Yours” ©1994 Sunday Aug. 14, 1994 [Legislature with Dental Cuts] - “Plane crashes, boat accidents, bear attacks, and now this! Man, this summer’s been tough on tourists” ©1994 Tuesday Aug. 16, 1994 [Dante robot with casts and crutches] - “Who’s to blame for the state of Alaska politics? The interest groups. The no interest group” ©1994 Thursday Aug. 25, 1994 [sleeping man wearing 71% Skip Vote t-shirt] - “U.N. world population conference to begin Sept. 5” ©1994 Saturday Aug. 27, 1994 [egg and sperm evolving into bomb] - “The Alaska Legislature’s outpatient program” ©1994 Tuesday August 30, 1994 [man carrying API Cuts saying ‘Out, Patients’] 1994 September - “Sen. Fred Zharoff shows off his ‘clout’” ©1994 Thurs. Sept. 1, 1994 [hitting self with ‘Power Abuse’ Boast bat] - “Some green for Northern Ireland” ©1994 Sat. Sept. 3, 1994 [dove holding olive branch] - “A bus system running at full capacity. A visitor population that’s set to explode. Speed” [movie poster with Denali Tourism bus] - “The Secretary of Education says we should limit their TV time. Sure. And how are we supposed to afford the surgery without health care reform?” ©1994 Saturday Sept. 10, 1994 [couple looking at children glued to television screen] - “I’m moving to Bosnia. At least there you know why they’re shooting at you” ©1994 Sunday Sept. 11, 1994 [couple walking while newspaper headlined ‘Shots Fired at Trucks While Two Men Sleep’ blows past in wind] - “’Mauled teen-ager’ my butt. How about: hero bear prevents youth from drowning?” ©1994 Tues. Sept. 13, 1994 [polar bear Binky in Alaska Zoo] - “’Police action’ in Haiti requires Clinton administration to rewrite his constitutional job description” ©1994 Thursday Sept. 15, 1994 [Bill Clinton, Commander in Chief of Police. Pencil study on verso] - “Diamonds aren’t forever” ©1994 Saturday Sept. 17, 1994 [single player on baseball field] - “By the skin of our teeth” ©1994 Tuesday Sept. 20 th , 1994 [Jimmy Carter with Haiti Agreement. Pencil study on verso] - “So, was the argument about money or respect? Face it. Our society can’t separate the two” ©1994 Thurs. Sept. 22, 1994 [school bus] - “Moving the Alaska Legislature” ©1994 Saturday Sept. 24, 1994 [man writing ‘Thank you for the generous contribution. I was deeply moved’] - “The mouth of the Kenai” ©1994 Sunday Sept. 25, 1994 [crying Help] 1994 October - “So health reform’s dead. Disgusting. When are those clods in Washington gonna get off their butts and do something about our health?” ©1994 Saturday Oct. 1, 1994 [couple watching television and eating junk food] - “Dead from the neck up” ©1994 [Liquor Lobby Attack Ads bottle with Get Wohlforth sign] - “First baseball, then hockey. It was only a matter of time” ©1994 Sunday Oct. 2, 1994 [lawyer representing sled dogs serving papers to musher in dog yard. Blind stamp in corner: Strathmore 500 Bristol] - “Alaska’s revenue stream” ©1994 Tuesday Oct. 4, 1994 [saliva streaming from mouth of Budget Gap monster] - “Bill McConkey, phantom of the opera” ©1994 Thurs. Oct. 6, 1994 [chandelier falling on Jim Campbell] - “Warning: studies show excessive exposure to alcohol lobby contributions may dissolve the spine” ©1994 Saturday Oct. 8, 1994 [drunken Assembly holding No To Booze Tax Vote] - “The Grid-Loch Ness Monster” ©1994 Sunday Oct. 9, 1994 [elephant rising out of Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool with ‘No’ sign] - “The world according to the Alyeska Pipeline Accounting Department: an ‘ordinary event’. A tragedy” ©1994 Tuesday Oct. 11, 1994 [Exxon Valdez spill, bill for settlement] - “Don’t get sucked in to talk about what I’m saying in a campaign ad. Let’s talk issues. Now, about Tony’s hair” ©1994 Thursday Oct. 13, 1994 [Jim Campbell] - “Dang! There’s gotta be some bad news here somewhere...and all that’s left is my horoscope” ©1994 Sat. Oct. 15, 1994 [couple reading newspaper] - “It’s a disgrace what Clinton and Congress have done to our military budget [...]”©1994 Sunday Oct. 16, 1994 [Ollie North’s Backdoor Budgeting] - “And people mock campaign finance reform” ©1994 Tuesday Oct. 18, 1994 [couple passing Campaign Headquarters with sign for PFD Sale, ‘Twice the Influence’] - “Steve McAlpine crosses party line” ©1994 Thursday Oct. 20, 1994 [tripping on dotted line] - “Official bumper sticker of Prevo’s ‘Scare the Liberals’ Sunday” ©1994 Sunday Oct. 23, 1994 [Annoy a Liberal, Shoot One; Jerry Prevo] - “Prevo warms up for ‘Scare the Liberals’ Sunday by scaring his own congregation” ©1994 Tuesday Oct. 25, 1994 [Jerry Prevo at pulpit holding Liberal devil] - “Who says the Legislature hasn’t worked to encourage Alaska exports?” ©1994 Thursday Oct. 27, 1994 [man loading crate of Inmates onto airplane] - “As winter draws on, desperate Alaskans consider committing a crime in hopes they’ll be sent to Arizona to do their time” ©1994 [thieves outside Whiz Mart] - “And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under guard ...” ©1994 Saturday Oct. 29, 1994 [prison wall with statistic on banner] - “The moving van’s here” ©1994 Sunday Oct. 30, 1994 [Capital Movers van crashing into Juneau house] 1994 November - “The mayor’s best hope of getting the Assembly to take landscaping seriously” ©1994 Saturday Nov. 5, 1994 [dog sniffing tree labeled Police Dog Watering Post] - “Twisted facts, innuendo, outright lies...What can you call campaigns like these? Misrepresentative democracy” ©1994 Sunday Nov. 6, 1994 [couple watching television] - “Election Day: the endless campaign rhetoric about crime backfires as voters become too afraid to leave home for the polls” ©1994 Tuesday Nov. 8, 1994 [house behind barbed wire. Pencil study on verso] - “Neck and neck” ©1994 Thursday Nov. 10, 1994 [Tony Knowles and Jim Campbell at finish line, Campbell sticking neck out] - “Whoa! Voters did move the capitol – about six lengths to the right” ©1994 Sat. Nov. 12, 1994 [election bounce] - “How our new legislature can be more pro-development than the last one: Welfare recipients will be required to stake mining claims. To stimulate the construction sector, the rest of Alaska will be moved to Juneau. To enhance trade with Asia/the Pacific Rim, the Department of Transportation will dig a hole to China” ©1994 Sunday Nov. 13, 1994 - “I feel your pain, Bill. Thanks, Ramona” ©1994 Tuesday Nov. 15, 1994 [Ramona Barnes and Bill Clinton trampled by elephants] 1994 December - “Not only did she get chairmanships for herself, Sanders and Masek, I understand Muffin is now ‘Grand High Vizier of Canine Affairs’” ©1994 Thurs. Dec. 1, 1994 [Ramona Barnes with dog] - “Speaking of snares” ©1994 Saturday Dec. 3, 1994 [Fish and Game tangled in tape from Wolf Video] - “Democracy in the digital age: 1. Extend digit. 2. Apply to cranium” ©1994 Monday Dec. 5, 1994 [Division of Elections scratching head over Mat-Su Returns] - “Wow, eye of newt is nothing compared with mouth of Newt” ©1994 Thursday Dec. 8, 1994 [witches with cauldron reading newspaper headlined Gingrich: One Quarter of White House Staff Used Illegal Drugs. Color] - “Postal Service proposes we lick poison mushroom” ©1994 Sat. Dec. 10, 1994 [stamp commemorating atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki] - “Anchorage, Christmas Eve: Rudolph is overcome by carbon monoxide; Santa performs mouth-to-mouth” ©1994 Sun. Dec. 11, 1994 [on rooftop] - “It says: lump of coal? Get real! How ‘bout a hearty spanking instead? Signed, Craig Campbell” ©1994 Tuesday Dec. 12, 1994 [elf reading letter aloud to Santa Claus] - “Christmas in an armed and jittery land” ©1994 Thurs. Dec. 15, 1994 [Santa Claus in chimney saying to reindeer, ‘Cover me, I’m going in’] - “Ho ho ho,000,000,000,000” ©1994 Sat. Dec. 17, 1994 [Deficit Scrooge looking at Tax Cut Proposals] - “Work the slime line, what do you get? [...]” ©1994 Sunday Dec. 18, 1994 [fish processor singing. Print] - “Dear Santa, as long as you’re up here...” ©1994 Sat. Dec. 24, 1994 [Santa Claus looking at snow shovel left on roof by homeowner] - “Next year, no Christmas lights on the ornamental shrubs” ©1994 Sat. Dec. 31, 1994 [couple looking out window at two moose eating lights] B9 [Oversize] 1995 [no day] - ©1995 [cat looking at fish in fishbowl, second fishbowl empty. Color] - ©1995 [Don Young breathing fire in Tongass National Forest] - ©1995 [elephant holding Tax Cut candy cane, Deficit monster following behind. Color] - ©1995 [Newt Gingrich holding ANWR vote tally. Color] - “Forward together” ©1995 [Bill Clinton stuck to bottom of elephant hoof. Color] - ©1995 [couple reading newspapers in kitchen, headlines ‘Curfew Passes’ and ‘Booze, Drugs Found in 16% of New Moms’. Color] - “You want this in paper or plastic?” ©1995 [man in evidence room, policeman covering eyes. Color] - ©1995 [bird dive bombing man on sidewalk. Color] - If we OK loan guarantees to Markair, can we not place Bibles on flights? It’s going to be a lonnnng session...” ©1995 [Alaska State Office Building in Juneau. Color] - ©1995 [Newt Gingrich with empty speech bubble, wearing bow and quiver, standing next to castle wall. Color] - ©1995 [school children walking home in winter, boy carrying hockey stick. Color] - ©1995 [man labeled ‘City’ smoldering after explosion, holding blank piece of paper. Color] - “Instant replay, sports fans – our schools lost the coin toss to tax relief” ©1995 [football player with dollar sign logo. Color] - ©1995 [three people about to be crushed by falling safe, one man holding painter’s palette, blank sign with arrow at left. Color] - ©1995 [two people with empty speech bubbles next to erupting volcano. Color] - ©1995 [couple looking at elephant carrying blank signs, U.S. Capitol in background. Color] - ©1995 [waitress carrying trays, fat cat holding $6,300 Average Tax Savings Per Lawmaker. Color] - ©1995 [Don Young shouting expletives. Color] - ©1995 [loon crying Help. Color] - ©1995 [extraterrestrials in spaceship above Earth surrounded by space debris. Color] - “TV violence merely reflects society” ©1995 [director shouting into megaphone. Color] - ©1995 [elephant gesticulating and jumping up and down. Color] - ©1995 [couple of hikers with empty speech bubbles in park. Color] - “Trying to make a smoking gun out of a Whitewater pistol” ©1995 [elephant with dripping water gun. Color] - ©1995 [line of motorhomes on the road at night. Color] - ©1995 [group of seven men and women with arms linked, briefcases on floor. Color] - ©1995 [man with empty speech bubble driving convertible car and talking on cell phone, line of palm trees at left. Color] - “Lyda Green: welfare reform queen. Off with their heads!!! No dividends for welfare clients!” [dressed as Queen of Hearts. Unsigned. Color] - [Easter Island moai, man with atomic mushroom cloud labeled ‘Le Boom Boom.’ Unsigned. Color] - [homage to Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” blank paper impaled on pitchfork. Unsigned. Color] 1995 January - “Washington: the Republican majorities ring in the new year” ©1995 Sunday Jan. 1, 1995 [elephants with Welcome 1955 banner] - “Chairman Don Young taking testimony from an environmentalist: How do you plead?” ©1995 Thurs. Jan. 5, 1995 [Ink study on verso] - “A short history of Sir Legislature’s long-range budget reduction strategy: Keep as long a range as possible between you and debt reduction” ©1995 Tuesday Jan. 10, 1995 [knight with extremely long lance] - “Giant sucking sound north” ©1995 Saturday Jan. 14, 1995 [Legislature using straw to suck oil from Prudhoe Decline well] - “We have a foolproof way to combat the shrinking of the U.S. middle class. Add wealthy people in” ©1995 Sunday Jan. 15, 1995 [Newt Gingrich with chart] - “Remember when ‘Young Republicans’ was a college organization?” ©1995 [elephants reading The Young Rule with U.S. Capitol in background; Don Young. Color] - “Sacred cows. Cash cow” ©1995 Tues. Jan. 17, 1995 [Power Subsidies, Permanent Fund, Longevity Bonus grazing on dollars, skull of bull with Prudhoe impaled on horn] - “Something bothers me. [...]”©1995 Saturday Jan. 21, 1995 [elephants in Washington D.C. getting paid the same for doing less] - “We’ve know our budget’s been in trouble since the mid-80’s. [...]”©1995 Sunday Jan. 22, 1995 [couple discussing state budget, ‘If we ain’t broke, don’t fix it’] - “Sorry, Frank. To life the oil export ban would hurt my constituents. Haven’t you heard of the Young Rule?” ©1995 Tues. Jan. 24, 1995 [Al D’Amato talking to Frank Murkowski] - “Unfortunately, any questions about exactly where and how much cutting were lost in the roar” ©1995 Saturday Jan. 28, 1995 [elephant wearing U.S. Capitol hard hat wielding Balanced Budget Amendment chainsaw. Ink study on verso] - “Legislature barking up the wrong tree” ©1995 Sunday Jan. 29, 1995 [dog barking at Babbitt Suit tree; Bruce Babbitt] 1995 February - “A message from the Kenai River” ©1995 Sunday Feb. 5, 1995 [aerial of river shaped into S.O.S.] - “We think we need to look carefully, and go slowly, before enacting any further federal regulations. Federal laws on the other hand...” ©1995 [Newt Gingrich, man wearing Acme Jet Pack blasting off with Contract With America 100 Days] - “Legislature fails to pull Babbitt out of hat” ©1995 Thursday Feb. 9, 1995 [magician reaching into Subsistence Suit hat] - “Admission fee? No, that’s the asking price. Don Young has gone too far” ©1995 Saturday Feb. 11, 1995 [family looking at sign, National Park $1.00] - “We chew off legs; they shoot themselves in the foot” ©1995 Sunday Feb. 12, 1995 [wolves looking at $400.00 Proposed Wolf Bounty] - “For those who were wondering what could ever fill the coming 500 cable channels” ©1995 Tuesday Feb. 14, 1995 [O.J. Simpson coverage] - “Are you sure it’s smart to bring up tort reform with this bunch? Oh, they only mean the feds” ©1995 Tuesday Feb. 21, 1995 [Legislature knight carrying ‘Sue the [Expletives]!’ banner] - “I wonder if their smoke detector works. I wonder what they’re smoking” ©1995 Saturday Feb. 25, 1995 [couple outside AHFC house with ‘$687,000 Award to Fired Auditor’ and ‘$60,000 Golden Parachute’ going up in smoke] - “Big news: the legislature if ready to give a little on the rural subsistence priority. What? Really?? They want us to shoot all the wolves we can eat” ©1995 Sunday Feb. 26, 1995 [village buildings] 1995 March - “KIMO Iditarod coverage” ©1995 Saturday March 4, 1995 [reporter holding hand over mouth of musher] - “Controls, anyone?” ©1995 Sunday March 5, 1995 [trader crashing East Asian Stock Market with his computer] - “The politicians in DC want to cut our welfare benefits and send us to work in a high-tech job market where they refuse to raise the minimum wage. Sink or swim – talk about unfunded federal mandates” ©1995 Tues. March 6, 1995 [tenement residents] - “So they want us to have family values... But not an actual family” ©1995 Sat. March 11, 1995 [men passing newspaper box with headline ‘Bill: No Same Sex Marriage in Alaska’] - “Who makes out best from the GOP/Clinton tax cuts? A: the rich. B: families. C: the deficit” ©1995 Sun. March 12, 1995 - “Wow! A $500.00 tax credit for each of our children! Maybe we’ll be able to leave them something after all! Yeah – that.” ©1995 Tuesday March 14, 1995 [Deficits warthog] - “Another vocabulary problem for Al Vezey” ©1995 Saturday March 25, 1995 [looking at dictionary, trying to spell ‘apologize’] - “News item: Alaska House finance plan says no state money should go to local public TV stations” ©1995 Sunday March 26, 1995 [Cookie Monster on Sesame Street sidewalk with Will Work for Cookies sign] - ©1995 [worker being poked by flat U.S. Wages arrow while U.S. Productivity and U.S. Profits arrows soar upwards] 1995 April - “On the bright side, maybe they’ll cut down on the moose population” ©1995 Sat. April 1, 1995 [couple driving on flooded street as orcas swim past] - “State disclosure reports showed no donor to ‘Citizens Opposed to Senseless Taxation’ was an eligible Anchorage voter” ©1995 Sunday April 2, 1995 [man with long-necked bottle head wearing No On Prop 3 button] - “This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System: Hellllllllp!!!” ©1995 Tuesday April 4, 1995 [man listening to Alaska Public Radio] - “Core curriculum” ©1995 Thursday April 6, 1995 [Federal School Cuts, State Cuts, and Local Cuts taking bites out of apple] - “Noses to the grindstone” ©1995 [elephant sharpening blade, Working Poor with nose to grindstone] - “Suspending disbelief” ©1995 Saturday April 8, 1995 [man hanging from wire passing through head, holding sign ‘Build the Copper Valley Intertie’] - “Dance!” ©1995 Sunday April 9, 1995 [Arts Cuts pointing revolvers at ballerina on Old West street] - “I want to end welfare as we know it. I want to end welfare as we make it up” ©1995 Thursday April 13, 1995 [Bill Clinton, Lyda Green] - “How much dust must one man breathe before you dial 911? [...]”©1995 Saturday April 15, 1995 [Bob Dylan singing about Anchorage air quality] - “So the alcohol tax would lower my property tax? Yep. Right now, the drinks are on the house – yours.” ©1995 Sunday April 16, 1995 [Yes On 3 petitioner talking to homeowner] - “The Legislature doesn’t seem too upset at the idea of a lobbyist married to a lawmaker. As long as they’re not the same sex” ©1995 Saturday April 22, 1995 [couple passing Rep. Eldon Mulder’s office] - “Flat funding education” ©1995 Sunday April 23, 1995 [Legislature with flat brainwave] - “Welfare reform: it’s wrong to accept money and not expect to perform some service in return! Campaign reform: except campaign contributions” [Unsigned] - “I see we’re still not taking air particulates very seriously” ©1995 Thursday April 27, 1995 [family in car passing sign, ‘Welcome to Anchorage, Air Quality Today is: Chunky Style’] - “The handwriting is on the wall. The catch is: no one can read it” ©1995 Sat. April 29, 1995 [literacy statistic on wall] - “I dunno. It says here that as an average America, you spent one and one half years of your life watching TV commercials. Which reminds me, is the reception decent up here?” ©1995 Sunday April 30, 1995 [man holding television talking to St. Peter in heaven] 1995 May - “Public broadcasters work out a deal with the legislature” ©1995 Thursday May 4, 1995 [pledge gift of ‘tote bag signed by Mark Hanley’] - “Suddenly, the House majority felt a twinge of sympathy for welfare recipients” ©1995 Saturday May 6, 1995 [elephant panhandling with sign Can’t Spend Budget Reserve Please Help] - “Actually, losing your car has always been a penalty for driving drunk” ©1995 Sunday May 7, 1995 [car crashed into telephone pole] - “Commissioner Shively waits for the oil royalties bill to come up in the Senate Finance Committee” Mon. May 8, 1995 [three people on bench. Unsigned. Color] - “Gov. Knowles 11:30 press conference May 9” [Tony Knowles at podium. Unsigned. Ink study with caption; color version on verso uncaptioned] - ©1995 [woman with empty speech bubble holding $500,000,000 check from the Budget Reserve to the Alaska Legislature dated May 16, 1995. Color] - “The Keen Eye Borough Assembly” ©1995 Saturday May 20, 1995 [man using telescope to view highway sign, Save the River; Kenai River] - “Engineering the soft landing: first, jettison the excess weight” ©1995 Sunday May 21, 1995 [Alaska balloonist throwing Savings overboard] - “Whoa, dude! Too bad the city isn’t in charge of enforcing the law of gravity – then we could probably ignore it, too” ©1995 Saturday May 27, 1995 [skateboarders in Town Square] - “When will these kids learn that actions have consequences? Maybe they should get Binky to be their graduation speaker” ©1995 Sunday May 28, 1995 [couple reading newspaper headlined Senior Prank Backfires Pranksters Protest] 1995 June - “As certain rap songs have offensive content, KSKA will no longer broadcast rap [...]” ©1995 Saturday June 3, 1995 [public radio ceases transmitting after silencing all offensive content] - “Wait a minute...PG? Phil Gramm” ©1995 Sunday June 3, 1995 [sic] [men passing movie theater marquee with ‘Debbie Does Dulles Hot! Hot! Hot! Rated PG’] - “Sorry, Flight 103, our runway expansion was bungled. Can you divert to the Wal-Mart parking lot?” ©1995 Saturday June 10, 1995 [Anchorage International Airport control tower] - “Alaska – the wide open spaces” ©1995 [motorhomes in Wal-Mart parking lot] - “See a courageous presidential hopeful take on Hollywood!!! (except GOP stars Schwarzenegger & Willis) Bob Dole in Blowhard with a Vengeance” ©1995 Sunday June 11, 1995 [movie poster] - “Sea monster sighted in Bristol Bay” ©1995 Saturday June 17, 1995 [elephant swimming with trunk out of the water, carrying sign, ‘What the Hey – Drill the Bay’] - “’No strings attached’” ©1995 Sunday June 18, 1995 [Candidates with eight IVs, receiving Campaign Contributions intravenously] - “Philip Morris recalls cigarettes over faulty filter” ©1995 Thurs. June 2, 1995 [sic] [executive as gravedigger, headstone for Tobacco Victims] - “It’s big, it’s white, and it’s tough on visitors” ©1995 Thursday June 22, 1995 [ranger and tourist next to sign, ‘Mount Binky (Formerly McKinley)’] - “Girdwood golf hazard: an unsuspecting duffer drives his golf cart between a mother grizzly and her cubs” ©1995 Saturday June 24, 1995 - “They’re getting more brazen all the time” ©1995 Sunday June 25, 1995 [cars driving up to The Crack Hut Drive-Thru] 1995 July - “The unintended consequences of slashed state arts grants” ©1995 Tuesday July 18, 1995 [nude “Hamlet” to save on costume costs] - “Polar bear wounds entire city” ©1995 Saturday July 22, 1995 [figure with broken heart; Binky’s death] - “Hey, kids! Pick the most appropriate animal mascot for a tobacco company. A: Joe Camel. B: Cancer the Crab” ©1995 Sunday July 23, 1995 - “More painting projects for the Forest Service [...]”©1995 Saturday July 29, 1995 [beetle- killed trees, Mount Rushmore, Painted Desert] - “First it was the parking fairies; now, meet the junk-car troll” ©1995 Sunday July 30, 1995 [Craig Campbell sitting inside car up on blocks in yard. Ink study on verso] 1995 August - “America is sick of its airwaves being filled with tawdry sex and degrading sleaze [...]”©1995 Saturday August 5, 1995 [Bob Dole on Bob Packwood hearings. Pencil study on verso] - “How the proposal to reorganize the school board by Assembly district works. 1. School Board. 2. Splinters” ©1995 Sunday Aug. 6, 1995 - “Wow! A 30-minute harp solo!” ©1995 Saturday Aug. 12, 1995 [Jerry Garcia in heaven] - “What do you think of the Whitewater hearings? [...]”©1995 Sunday Aug. 13, 1995 [couple discussing Bill Clinton] - “Want your voice heard in Alaska politics? You can sign this [check] or this [Campaign Reform Initiative] ©1995 [Photocopy] - “Interactive media. Everybody merge!” ©1995 [skyscrapers of Blockbuster, Viacom, Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, Westinghouse, Paramount] - “Facing the fiscal gap: some alternatives to cuts and taxes we haven’t tried yet [...]”©1995 Thurs. Aug, 17, 1995 [bingo, ‘Visualize a Balanced Budget’ bumper stickers, ‘Alaska Buy Our Shirt Before We Lose It’ t-shirts] - “If my life were a movie, I’d be too young to get in” ©1995 Saturday Aug. 19, 1995 [youth running from gunfire] - “Gosh! Why’s everyone so paranoid about me and the Tongass?” ©1995 Sunday August 20, 1995 [Frank Murkowski as beaver, holding Timber Bill] - “While it’s true that the recent violence in a local bar looks like part of a larger dispute between two organized, hostile groups, we’re not ready to label the Democrats and Republicans ‘gangs’.” ©1995 Tuesday Aug. 22, 1995 [Ketchikan Police Department] - “Tuesday, 1:30 P.M. 300,000 Alaskans actually agree on something. [Expletive] power failures!” ©1995 Thurs. Aug. 24, 1995 - “Yo! Mr. Information Age! Mr. Digital Revolution! Couldn’t you figure out a way to do that job from here?” ©1995 Saturday August 26, 1995 [Howard Weaver riding bicycle south, carrying computer and hockey stick. Print] - “Think anyone will care that our ’95 SAT scores were up 34 points from ’94? [...]”©1995 Sunday August 27, 1995 [Anchorage School District] B10 [Oversize] 1995 September - “We in the tobacco industry do not target teens. They’re merely innocent bystanders” ©1995 Saturday Sept. 2, 1995 [man at desk] - “Gangsta rap: the flip side” ©1995 Sunday Sept. 3, 1995 [audiocassette tape labeled ‘Side B: Fuhrman Tapes, Warning Contains Obscene Material’; Mark Fuhrman, O.J. Simpson] - “How politicians look under our current Alaska Campaign Finance Law” ©1995 Saturday Sept. 9, 1995 [man wearing price sticker, ‘$1.98 Per Lb.’] - “Remember, our petition to recall Barrow’s alcohol ban is not about booze, it’s philosophical. ‘Drink freely, die hard’” ©1995 [village buildings. Photocopy] - “Alaska faces up to its fiscal crisis” ©1995 Thurs. Sept. 14, 1995 [‘Have a nice debt’ smiley face] - “But, without bunny boots, how?” ©1995 [‘Keep on Truckin’ logo] - “Pick the biggest joke [...]”©1995 Thursday 9-21-95 [Eldon Mulder as stand-up comedian joking about lobbyist wife] - “The elephants refuse to board the ark” ©1995 [House and Senate with Rural Subsistence Priority ark] - “Welcome to the Tongass. Fire hazard today is: extreme” ©1995 Sunday Sept. 24, 1995 [Ted Stevens fuming] - “Most egregious display of a tongue this side of Bob Packwood” ©1995 Sat. Sept. 30, 1995 [Jerry Sanders sticking tongue out at Ethics Committee] 1995 October - “The ‘80s: Free ride. The ‘90s: Free fall” ©1995 Sunday Oct. 1, 1995 [car on highway, car falling off Fiscal Gap cliff] - “The Pope has asked us not to forget the poor as we consider spending cuts. We haven’t. We’re squeezing them for every nickel we can” ©1995 Saturday Oct. 7, 1995 [elephants at U.S. Capitol] - “Fiscal gap: Leading the charge on the state budget is someone else’s job” ©1995 Sunday Oct. 9, 1995 [sic] [man with declining revenue arrow piercing head] - ©1995 Tues. Oct. 10, 1995 [dove holding olive branch learning foreign languages from audiocassette tapes; Bosnian War] - “The main office of the Kenai Peninsula Borough flood-hazard zoning dept.” ©1995 Saturday Oct. 12, 1995 [sic] [sand castle] - “Why are you GOP moderates so worried about Don Young’s rewrite of the endangered species act? Because we are one” ©1995 Sunday Oct. 15, 1995 [donkey and elephant at U.S. Capitol] - “How to increase class size while still improving Anchorage schools” ©1995 Saturday Oct. 21, 1995 [teacher calling on Parents and Business in classroom] - “Weaver turns tables, Alaskan invades California!” [Howard Weaver on beach, holding California like a surfboard. Undated] - “The longevity bonus, the Permanent Fund, power subsidies, school debt reimbursement, no income tax [...]” ©1995 Sun. Oct. 22, 1995 [couple on Coastal Trail discussing budget deficit] - “Halloween, time to x-ray handouts” ©1995 Saturday Oct. 28, ’95 [Alaska Campaign Financing candy bar with razor hidden inside] - “It’s true! I swear! The government drugged me and gave me a vasectomy! Conspiracy nut” ©1995 Sunday Oct. 29, 1995 [wolves; population control] - “Tim Cook’s seat on the Alaska Public Utilities Commission” ©1995 [chair wedged under knob of APUC door to keep people out] 1995 November - “Apparently there’s a new oath of office” ©1995 Saturday Nov. 4, 1995 [couple passing Ted Stevens campaign poster with slogan ‘I Pledge Never to Vote to Raise Taxes’] - “Don Young shows off his legendary trapping skills” ©1995 Sunday Nov. 5, 1995 [chewing off foot trapped in own mouth] - “News item: Senate Resources chairman Murkowski dismisses $30,000 in timber investments as ‘no big deal’” ©1995 [sitting in living room letting money go] - “It’s like this, doc [...]” ©1995 Thursday Nov. 9, 1995 [Drue Pearce on psychiatrist’s couch with multiple personality disorder, ASRC lobbyist and state legislator] - “What you carry in your wallet to influence Alaska politics. What lobbyists, execs, and union heads carry in theirs” [State of Alaska Voter Identification Card, check for $1000 Campaign Contribution. Unsigned. Color. Pencil study on verso with caption] - “Following in his footsteps” ©1995 Saturday Nov. 11, 1995 [Don Young and Tony Knowles hopping on one foot towards ANWR] - “Alaska calls the signals on ANWR” ©1995 Sunday Nov. 12, 1995 [Congress as football center confused at mixed signals from Alaska quarterback] - “When air bags cause injuries” ©1995 Thursday Nov. 16, 1995 [Bill Clinton and GOP elephant in head-on collision with Uncle Sam caught in the middle] - “For Newt’s next ride on Air Force One” ©1995 Saturday Nov. 18, 1995 [Infant Seat] - “Pipe bombs, shooting, rumbles, stabbings ... we might be lucky to be shot with some hunter’s arrow in this town” ©1995 Sunday Nov. 19, 1995 [moose] - “Someday, I’ll grow up to be president. Only if you start fund-raising now” ©1995 Thurs. Nov. 23, 1995 [school children at bus] - “Fear of flying – it’s not just for the airborne anymore” ©1995 Saturday Nov. 25, 1995 [man running from falling bolt, newspaper box with headline Airplanes Drop Parts With No Warning] - ©1995 Sunday Nov. 26, 1995 [Rick Mystrom tightrope walking on crime scene tape while holding APD Wage Freeze] - “The little Dutch boy, Anchorage version” ©1995 Tuesday Nov. 28, 1995 [Rink Volunteers holding finger in leak while filling outdoor ice rink on Delaney Park Strip] - “Now there’s a tourism strategy” ©1995 Thursday Nov. 30, 1995 [couple passing travel agency with poster, ‘Alaska: See Our Parks While We Still Have a Budget to Keep ‘Em Open’] 1995 December - “Did we overlook any way the federal government can help the rich hang on to more of their money? Let’s pass campaign reform! They’ll save big on political donations!” ©1995 Saturday Dec. 2, 1995 [U.S. Capitol] - “Looking for something to read at the library? Try the handwriting on the wall” ©1993 Sunday Dec. 3, 1995 [sic] [library patron looking at $66,090 Cut] - ©1995 Tuesday Dec. 5, 1995 [Bill Clinton and elephant fuming at each other over calendar reading ‘Only 10 federal shopping days ‘til next budget crunch’] - “1492: Columbus arrives in America, confuses Native Americans with Indians. 500 years later, ignorance still prevails” ©1995 Thurs. Dec. 7, 1995 [man reading newspaper headlined ‘Knowles Drops Tribes Challenge’ saying ‘What? Tribes in Alaska?’] - “Hi! I’m Tony. I’ll be your server for this evening” ©1995 Saturday Dec. 9, 1995 [Tony Knowles at Governor’s Fund Dinner] - ©1995 Sunday Dec. 10, 1995 [protestor with ‘It’s the Economy, Stupid’ sign outside White House with newspaper headlined ‘Clinton: No ANWR Drilling’] - “Whoops, we’re out of gas” ©1995 Tuesday Dec. 12, 1995 [Anchorage School District Bus space shuttle above Earth with Central High Science Program astronaut doing extravehicular activity] - “The good news is, the Congressional Budget Office says this is $135 billion easier than we thought” ©1995 Thurs. Dec. 14, 1995 [Bill Clinton and elephant dressed as Santa Claus squeezing into Budget Agreement chimney] - “1996: the governor goes all out and makes his $1,000-a-plate dinner a masked ball” ©1995 Sat. Dec. 16, 1995 [people in costumes dancing] - ©1995 Sunday Dec. 17, 1995 [U.S. Constitution and American flag flying from flagpole. Print] - “It takes a month for the Coast Guard to notify the state when a tanker has a close call? Apparently their telephone is tougher to use that their vessel-tracking radar” ©1995 Tuesday Dec. 19, 1995 [fishing boat] - “The Ghost of Christmas Future visits the three Scrooges” ©1995 Thursday Dec. 21, 1995 [’96 Election talking to Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, and Newt Gingrich] - “The Canadian government found pesticides and other contaminants in belugas. And people thought Moby Dick was a scary white whale” ©1995 Saturday Dec. 23, 1995 [men in skiff] 1996 January - 1/4/96 [Eileen Maclean holding $6,000 check for office supplies. Unsigned. Color] - “The monster under the strange bedfellows” ©1996 Saturday Jan. 6, 1996 [House GOP elephant under bed of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton] - “Investigators recover the ‘black box’ cockpit recorder from the White House travel office wreckage” ©1996 Sunday Jan. 7, 1996 [‘Hey, it sounds like Hillary’] - “The crash report found systemic failure. That’s a second tragedy. We should lower the flags to half-mast again” ©1996 Saturday Jan. 13, 1996 [couple at flagpole; American Airlines Flight 965] - ©1996 [policeman in patrol car. Color] - “Non-fattening fat, genetically altered tomatoes [...]” ©1996 [couple in grocery store discussing genetically modified foods] - “William Tell’s kid only had to worry about one arrow” ©1996 Sunday Jan. 21, 1996 [State Budget, Fed. Budget, and City Budget arrows heading towards School Spending apple on boy’s head] - “Normally, it’s the frog who has to woo the princess” ©1996 Sat. Jan. 20, 1996 [Legislature frog and Campaign Reform princess] - ©1996 [Bill Clinton in New Hampshire looking at injured Bob Dole and two other men stepping on Steve Forbes with Flat Tax sign. Color] - ©1996 [Bill Clinton, unidentified man holding No Corporate Greed sign. Color] - “The new Alaska tobacco tax would be the highest in the country. We’re known for our high cost of living. I’m all for a high cost of dying” ©1996 Tuesday Jan. 23, 1996 [couple walking dog] - “That’s one small step for woman...” ©1996 Tuesday Jan. 30, 1996 [Judge Dana Anderson Fabe walking into Alaska Supreme Court] 1996 February - ©1996 1/9/92 [sic] [House and Senate elephants behind Tony Knowles entering Fiscal Gap. Color] - “Actually the flat tax is already costing plenty” ©1996 Saturday Feb. 3, 1996 [Steve Forbes scattering money on race to White House] - “Some Rondy. Both the Grand Prix and the sled-dog race are cancelled. We can save both! Let’s bust out of here and chase some cars down Fourth Avenue!” ©1996 Sunday Feb. 4, 1996 [dogs in dog yard] - “Clinton discovers a new strategic mission for the B-2 bomber” ©1996 Tuesday Feb. 6, 1996 [replaces California in a map of the United States. Pencil study on verso] - “Hard to believe there’s not enough snow for the Rondy race. They can certainly have mine” ©1996 Sat. Feb. 10, 1996 [homeowners shoveling snow] - “Eyes on the ball in Juneau” ©1996 Sunday Feb. 11, 1996 [Budget Gap wrecking ball headed towards feuding legislators] - ©1996 [unidentified bowhunter in suit targeting Cupid. Color] - ©1996 [children with empty speech bubbles on snow mound next to busy road. Color] - “While we’re worrying about concealed weapons” ©1996 Saturday Feb. 17, 1996 [elephant holding Budget Plan with $180 Million In Unspecified Cuts hatchet behind back] - “So this is what they mean by ‘criminal justice’?” ©1996 Sunday Feb. 18, 1996 [couple watching television ad for convicted-felon-turned-attorney] - “Coming soon: the side effects” ©1996 Saturday Feb. 24, 1996 [AK Budget chugging Prudholestra from barrel] - “Ouch! They didn’t even ask her views on gay rights. It’s the Assembly version of ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’” ©1996 Thursday Feb. 29, 1996 [candidate getting bounced from Equal Rights Commission] 1996 March - “Amazing. By merely tuning to PBS, I electronically block out the gratuitous sex and violence. The public tv-chip” ©1996 Saturday March 2, 1996 [couple watching television] - “Making prison more miserable” ©1996 Sunday March 3, 1996 [Prisoners and Corrections Dept. with ‘No Frills’ Prison Bill ball-and-chain] - ©1996 [woman walking into Wal-Mart with plaque ‘George Washington Slept Here’. Color] - “At the Fiscal Gap – Echo Point” ©1996 Tuesday 3-12-96 [elephant shouting Big Cuts, donkey shouting Not] - “The budget menu” ©1996 Saturday March 16, 1996 [Tony Knowles outside Downtown Deli and Café with sandwich board ‘Today’s Special: Sacred Cow’] - “So the right to die is fine, as long as you do it with tobacco” ©1996 Sunday March 16, 1996 [sic] [couple passing newspaper box with headline ‘Rep. James: No Cig Tax’] - “Kenai River landowners want compensation for the loss of ability to use property. Great. What do you figure we can get for our spawning beds?” ©1996 Tuesday March 19, 1996 [salmon] - “Marine highway robbery” ©1996 Saturday 3-22-96 [pirate in Outside Ferry Workers skiff making off with Knowles Admin. Settlement] - “Horton Hears a Who (apologies to Dr. Seuss)” ©1996 Sunday March 24, 1996 [elephant holding tiny man with megaphone yelling ‘Open the Primary’] - “Condoms for students aren’t enough. We need to start handing them out to parents” ©1996 Tuesday March 26, 1996 [teachers holding newspaper headlined U.S. Schools Face Record Enrollment] - “The Craig Campbell asterisk” ©1996 Thurs. March 28, 1996 [car speeding through school zone, speed limit asterisk ‘Scofflaws 35’] - “Cue the theme from ‘Jaws’” ©1996 Saturday March 31, 1996 [sic] [Slade Gorton with Fisheries Filibuster Threat] - “Orienting by Northstar” ©1996 Sunday March 31, 1996 [upside-down Alaska state flag with Northstar Deal star] [No cartoons dated April 1996] 1996 May - ©1996 Thursday May 23, 1996 [elephant at GOP Moderates mailbox with envelope, ‘You may have already lost, in the mail-in primary sweepstakes’] - “Firefighting for the rest of us” ©1996 [two firemen holding Donations to Mat-Su hose] - “Read my lips. Oral cancer” ©1996 Thurs. May 30, 1996 [Tobacco Tax supporter confronting Tobacco Lobby] 1996 June - “Uncontained: Southcentral fire. Southcentral generosity” ©1996 Thurs. June 6, 1996 [loading Donations onto truck] - “Another Anchorage urban bear encounter” ©1996 Saturday June 8, 1996 [Smokey the Bear yelling at homeowner with burn barrel] - “Do you think the FCC should require stations to broadcast three hours of educational TV per week? It’s all educational. The question is: what is it teaching?” ©1996 Thurs. June 13, 1996 [family watching violent television show] - ©1996 Saturday June 15, 1996 [Exxon Pinocchio with ‘Seattle Seven’ Ruse nose] - “Forget Montana, the longest government siege in modern U.S. history is still going on” ©1996 Sunday June 16, 1996 [Al D’Amato protesting Hillary Clinton outside White House] - “Gov. Knowles is calling on the Legislature to do tort reform right. You mean, tort reform reform?” ©1996 Tues. June 18, 1996 [couple walking into Nesbett Courthouse] - “Enemies list” ©1996 Thurs. June 20, 1996 [Bill Clinton as own Enemy No. 1] - “The state primary isn’t the only ballot the GOP wants closed” ©1996 Saturday June 22, 1996 [elephant with trunk around Assembly Chair Vote] - “A brief history of flight: The Wright Brothers. The Wrong Brothers” ©1996 Tuesday June 25, 1996 [Federico Pena and FAA declaring ValuJet unsafe] - “The city solves it business tax collection problem” ©1996 Sunday June 30, 1996 [brawny Parking Authority men raiding Arctic Widget Co.] B11 [Oversize] 1996 July - “So, if a musher dies, do we dogs get disqualified?” ©1996 Tuesday July 2, 1996 [dogs in dog yard with newspaper headlined Iditarod Settles Dog-Death Rule] - “It’s alternative fuels research – we’re burning money” ©1996 [Energy Department O’Leary Travel Budget airplane] - ©1996 [skateboarder with Teen Smoking t-shirt passing newspaper box with headline Tobacco Tax Dies. Color] - “’Houston, we have a problem’” ©1996 July 4, 1996 [Fireworks Sales rocket at Houston city limits] - “News item: underage cat buys cigarettes by bush order” ©1996 Tues. July 9, 1996 [cat smoking on couch] - “The doledrums” ©1996 Saturday July 13, 1996 [Bob Dole in sailboat holding 15% Poll Gap] - ©1996 Tuesday July 16, 1996 [painter changing sign on KSKA Anchorage Public Radio door to KSOS] - “What’s the constitutional right that’s supposed to be at stake here? The hot pursuit of happiness” ©1996 Thursday July 17, 1996 [children commenting on car speeding past Photo Radar sign] - “[Expletive] bears are getting way too sophisticated” ©1996 Saturday July 20, 1996 [Security guards outside Garbage Compaction Room, bear tracks leading in and Do Not Disturb sign on door handle] - “I think it’s White House strategy. The more scandals there are, the less people can keep track” ©1996 Sunday July 21, 1996 [elephants in bar reading newspaper] - “News item: Forest Service diverts reforestation money to firefighting” ©1996 Tues. July 23, 1996 [man chopping down Tree-Planting Fund to smother grass fire] - “A Washington State tradition” ©1996 Thurs. July 25, 1996 [Magnuson Act fish stopped by The Gorton-Murray Dam] - “Police composite sketch of the Atlanta bomber” ©1996 Tuesday July 30, 1996 [cockroach] 1996 August - “I would caution America not to rush to conclude that terrorism brought down TWA 800. But just in case, let’s rush ahead with this” ©1996 Saturday Aug. 3, 1996 [Bill Clinton with Anti- Terrorism Bill] - “They mock us for not tolerating other parties in our primary? The national GOP can’t even agree to tolerate other Republicans” ©1996 Tuesday Aug. 6, 1996 [AK GOP elephants with newspaper headlined Abortion Plank Battle] - “The platform” ©1996 Thurs. Aug. 8, 1996 [one elephant caging in Moderates elephant] - “We used to worry about federal red ink. Now it’s disappearing ink” ©1996 Tuesday Aug. 13, 1996 [couple passing newspaper box with headline BIA Can’t Find $111 Million AK Native Funds] 1996 September - “It’s a message from PETA. They don’t mind the loaves, but they want you to knock it off with the fishes” ©1996 Saturday Sept. 7, 1996 [Jesus Christ] - “Alaska postcard: fiscal bungee jumping” ©1996 Sunday Sept. 8, 1996 [man rebounding upwards, thanking Saddam Hussein] - “Congress has to make sure Americans work! Uh...unless they’re homosexuals” ©1996 Thurs. 9-12-96 [Welfare Reform, No Job Protection for Gays] [No cartoons dated October 1996] 1996 November - “One last line to stand in, sports fans” ©1996 Tuesday Nov. 9, 1996 [voting booths, Parks & Rec Bonds] 1997 - “Give Joe Camel another hump” ©1997 Sunday Jan. 12, 1997 [$1.00 Tobacco Tax lump on head] - “Dang. Normally we’re much better at killing things” ©1997 Sunday 3-2-97 [Tobacco Cos. walking through cemetery] - “More than one in five Alaska teens smoke. This is: a tragedy. A market” ©1997 Tues. March 8, 1997 [physician, Tobacco Cos.] - ©1997 Sunday April 20, 1997 [Tobacco Cos. wearing button, ‘No Tobacco Tax Increase, Because Our Children Are Our Future Too’] - “Firing squad” ©1997 Sunday April 27, 1997 [Anti-Tobacco Tax Lobby holding out lighter to boy with cigarette] 1998 - “Tobacco company dreams: genetically altered high-nicotine plants. Genetically altered high- consumption smokers” Sunday Jan. 11, 1998 [Unsigned] - “Three cheers for the tobacco settlement” ©1998 11-22 [‘Hip hip cough’] B12 1999 February - “Minus 30° [...]”©1999 2-6 [frozen moose, trees craving fire, wind chill inside car, high viewership of weatherman] 1999 March - “The English-only backers got their knuckles rapped for using unclear language. They got off easy. 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So an Alaska tax revolt would mean, us giving money back?” ©1999 11-14 [couple walking dog] - “Honey buckets, backward school and law enforcement... Remind me again which millennium we’re entering” ©1999 11-16 [Rural AK cabin on cliff] - “If animals could talk, they’d be speechless” ©1999 11-13 [Don Young showing newspaper headlined Young Delivers Conservation Bill] - “We’ve thrown the door wide open for public comment on the BP deal” ©1999 11-18 [Tony Knowles standing next to tiny doorway] - ©1999 11-20 [Bruce Botelho as cuckoo in clock holding Deadline sign] - “I’m not obese, I’m super-sized” ©1999 11-21 [couple eating fast food, reading newspaper headlined One in Five Alaskans Obese] - “Santa, Schmanta! I wanna sit on Ted Stevens’ lap!” ©1999 11-23 [child in line for mall Santa Claus] 1999 December - “Any ideas on how the charter should be improved? Yeah. 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Do you attend class in a remote school with a leaky roof near a sewage lagoon?” ©2000 1-16 [student in classroom] - “If you thought the Polar Bear Jumpoff in Seward looked fun...” ©2000 1-18 [Cities taking The Tax Cap Plunge] - “What do you think of the $25,000 PFD plan? Creative. Usually we hear of people trying to buy politician’s votes. This is the other way ‘round” ©2000 1-20 [couple walking dog] - “Forget foreign threats, Alaska needs a defense against attacks launched in-state” ©2000 1- 22 [men running from Revenue Sharing Cuts and Tax Cap missiles] - “It certainly rates discussion” ©2000 1-23 [Mackie Plan gorilla on roof of State Capitol; Jerry Mackie] - “Q: Will the $25,000 dividend be considered coldly, thoroughly, and rationally? A: Yes. After it’s gone” ©2000 1-25 [outline of Alaska as hungover party goer] - “Our figures show we can pay off the national debt by 2013, and even sooner if we can collect income taxes on the Mackie Plan” ©2000 1-27 [Bill Clinton with graph] - “Deer frozen in the taillights” ©2000 1-29 [Legislature deer behind BP/ARCO merger car] - “Pathetic moments in Alaska history – the Railroad drills more exploratory wells than the oil industry” ©2000 1-30 [exploration camp along railroad tracks at Gold Creek] 2000 February - “Save some for me!” ©2000 2-1 [Tax Cap and Revenue Sharing Cuts boa constrictors fighting over Cities] - “And in mid-town, as you can see, traffic is moving well” ©2000 2-3 [cars in hurricane winds] - “There’s still a chance for Joe Hazelwood to do his public service cleaning up oil after all” ©2000 2-5 [couple passing newspaper box with headline Third Railroad Spill] - “Alaska school standards” ©2000 2-6 [children outside ‘Underfunded Decrepit’ school] - “News item: Rep. 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Schools’] - “Properly engineered home for the slopes of Eagle River” ©2000 2-24 [eagle aerie] - “Where are the wolves when you need ‘em? ©2000 2-26 [Donley Supreme Court Amendment moose eating Judicial Branch; Dave Donley] - “The current legislature works to regain control of Alaska waters” ©2000 2-27 [man fixing kitchen sink with Plumbing For Dummies] - “Q: Does the Ward-Cowdery Privatization Study suggest a bold new direction for government? A: Yes, as far from these guys as possible” ©2000 2-29 [Jerry Ward and John Cowdery] 2000 March - “Smoke ring” ©2000 3-2 [Cruise Industry captain with black eye] - “State Senate blueprint for courthouse steps” ©2000 3-4 [tall riser ‘Public Interest Legal Fees Limit] - “The Legislature is worried that voters will botch up Fish and Game management. That is, the part they didn’t already turn over to the feds” ©2000 3-5 [men ice fishing. 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Budget bull’s-eye!” ©2000 3-23 [House Finance elephant practicing archery, Long- Range Problem bull behind target] - “The La Brea Car Pits” ©2000 3-25 [cars sinking in Oil Prices] - “And they say wolves are tough to kill” ©2000 3-26 [zombie rising from grave of Land-and- Shoot, Buried by Voters 1996] - “The good news is, in this case I think we can get Alaskans to sign off on predator control” ©2000 3-28 [Exxon gorilla climbing ARCO building] - “The green mile” ©2000 3-30 [two people pulling to stretch Public Defender Budget dollar bill. Photocopy of clipping] 2000 April - “Boy, wolves really are hard to track. Actually, right now we’re just evading voters” ©2000 4- 1 [Land-and-Shoot biplane doing aerial acrobatics] - “You think this is something – they’re proposing a tax cap in Alaska that’ll implode entire cities” ©2000 4-2 [smoldering ruins of Seattle Kingdome] - ©2000 4-4 [man at ballot box, halo making ‘o’ in ‘Vote’] - “Speeding through a school zone” ©2000 4-6 [Tax Cap car running over ‘Slow – Children’ sign] - “I know we can’t wag the dog, but did we have to get sat on?” ©2000 4-8 [ANC Voters dog with Girdwood tail] - “Hoppin’ down the bunny trail” ©2000 4-9 [Legislature facing University, Power Cost Equalization, and State Employee Contracts hurdles on way to Easter Adjournment] - “News item: Legislature allows acceleration of bills through committees” ©2000 4-11 [elephant on skis being pulled by snowmachine] - “’Privatized’ government” ©2000 4-13 [dog guarding Closed Meeting door] - “Bulloon” ©2000 4-15 [Nasdaq bull balloon losing air] - “Alaska Budget Reserve timeline” ©2000 4-16 [hiker walking out on back of alligator] - “Hey, any horse trading going on in there? Neigh!” ©2000 4-18 [Press standing outside Closed Majority-Minority Meeting] - “Fast powerful, modern snowmachine. Alaska snowmachine regulation” ©2000 4-20 [tiny person riding out-of-control snowmachine.] [Oversize. In B19] - “Piñata party” ©2000 4-23 [Senate Judiciary elephant whacking Campaign Law piñata filled with money] - “While we’re cracking down on red-light runners...” ©2000 4-25 [Dave Donley driving Bragaw Extension bulldozer] - “That’s ‘port’!” ©2000 4-29 [man looking at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airpork sign] - “Bush schools. Ambushed schools” ©2000 4-30 [dilapidated school building, Tax Cap Cuts wrecking ball flattening Urban Districts] 2000 May - “Surprise – Juneau proves less enthusiastic about controlling foxes than controlling wolves” ©2000 5-2 [Legislature fox raiding Campaign Finance Law henhouse] - “The subsistence hunt” ©2000 5-4 [hunter with harpoon, protestor with Standing Our Ground sign] - “Juneau time: Stopped early. Still ticking” ©2000 5-6 [Adjournment alarm clock, Subsistence and Fiscal Fix time bombs] - “The smoke detector” ©2000 5-7 [Fire Dept. Audit alarm] - “Tax cap” ©2000 5-9 [Schools caught in jaw of ‘c’ in ‘cap’] - “Hey, urban beautification for us!” ©2000 5-11 [flies above South Park Estates trailer park flooded with Raw Sewage] - “Nose to nose with the tax cap. I’ve got a tax rebate, and I’m not afraid to use it” ©2000 5-13 [giant mosquito menacing Rick Mystrom with flyswatter] - “Congressional tree hugging” ©2000 5-14 [man hugging Conservation and Reinvestment Act money tree] - “Heck, we can watch cockroaches in our kitchen for free” ©2000 5-16 [couple reading newspaper headlined Garbage Bear Tours] - “I hear the School Board might change school times to fit our sleep patterns. With all the talk of school cuts, who can sleep?” ©2000 5-18 [teenagers walking] - “The Fiscal Pole Vault” ©2000 5-20 [GOP Pinocchio running towards Budget Plan high bar] - “The School Board had to cut $11 million from next year’s budget. Now I understand why that famous statue of ‘The Thinker’ is naked” ©2000 5-21 [children walking] - “Hot potatoes” ©2000 5-23 [Assembly Mr. Potato Head fighting School Board Mrs. Potato Head] - “Subsistence solved [...]” ©2000 5-25 [population exodus leading to declaration of entire state as rural] - “If you think moose are hard on ornamentals...” ©2000 5-28 [GOP Right woolly mammoth menacing Don Young landscaping the Conservation and Reinvestment Act] 2000 June - “Yer right, who needs drugs? Just roll, insert and inhale the bills” ©2000 6-1 [donkey and elephant snorting Soft Money] - “Yet another Alaska Airlines passenger forgets to remove his lucky horseshoe before passing through the metal detector” ©2000 6-3 [airport screening] - “Jerry Ward spinning the news that five candidates filed against him: I’m a politician who inspires others to public service” ©2000 6-4 - “Star Warts” ©2000 6-6 [Missile Defense rocket with Cost, Arms Race Potential, Dubious Reliability, and ABM Treaty Loss warts] - “Typical Alaskan rolling his state/municipal tax burden uphill” ©2000 6-8 [man pushing small rock] - “The yellow perch solution to Kenai salmon allocation quarrels: We’ll take ‘em all. Thanks” ©2000 6-10 - “Let me get this straight. Y’all get a PFD, pay no state income tax, have some of the lowest city taxes around, and you stage a blues festival?” ©2000 6-11 [musicians on stage] - “Tobacco lobby compromise on secondhand smoke: complimentary filters for nonsmokers” ©2000 6-16 [man wearing nose plugs in restaurant] - “News item: 68% of death penalties overturned” ©2000 6-17 [executioner holding double- bitted ax over empty block] - “If the tobacco lobby designed respiratory systems...” ©2000 6-18 [one lung labeled ‘Smoking’, the other ‘No Smoking’] - “’Star Wars’ Missile Defense. To launch: 1. Cross fingers. 2. Press button” ©2000 6-20 [hand at control panel] - “The State of Alaska’s current strategy to avoid fiscal mauling” ©2000 6-22 [bear watching hiker ringing bear bell] - “Our kids are someone else’s future” ©2000 6-27 [couple passing newspaper box with headline ‘58% of College-Bound Grads Leave AK’] - ©2000 6-29 [man with Tax Cap tattoo at table wearing City Organizational Chart as bib] 2000 July - “Meanwhile, off road...” ©2000 7-1 [SUV high-centered on peak in Gas Prices] - “Don’t call it ‘Stevens money’” ©2000 7-2 [‘UniTED States of America’ one dollar bill featuring Ted Stevens shielding his eyes] - “D.W.I” ©2000 7-3 [assault rifle making ‘I’ in DWI] - “Alaska’s exit exam for teachers” ©2000 7-6 [teacher calculating salary] - ©2000 7-9 [Tax Cap pin about to burst Municipality balloon] - “In the event of air rage, place whacko in fully headlocked position” ©2000 7-11 [flight attendant on airplane] - “This doesn’t mean the system is fundamentally flawed” ©2000 7-13 [Missile Defense Booster man clutching smoking Kill Vehicle] - “One for the road. Chaser” ©2000 7-16 [alcohol bottle, IV pole] - “If you thought the ’64 earthquake was fun...” ©2000 7-18 [$73,000,000 Tax Cap Revenue Cut soil layer underneath Anchorage] - “A.D.R.? Alaska Derail-road” ©2000 [birds next to Alaska Railroad locomotive] - “Cell phone, fax, TV, radio... He’s in touch with everything but his immediate surroundings” ©2000 7-20 [driver talking on cell phone] - “Taking the Conservation and Reinvestment Act through Western Republicans” ©2000 7-22 [man carrying CARA balloon into cacti] - “Drunken driver key ring” ©2000 7-23 [handcuffs] 2000 August - “And here we’ve been worried about the North Koreans” ©2000 8-1 [Tax Cap missile heading toward Alaska] - “Pick the path to political influence in America: Poll booth. Tollbooth” ©2000 8-3 [sign, ‘Campaign Contributions PACs Use Right Lane’] - “They’re cold-blooded, invasive and destructive. Pike? No, the idiots who dumped them in the creek” ©2000 8-5 [anglers] - “Old GOP image: [elephant]. New GOP image: [elephant Beanie Baby]” ©2000 8-6 - “News item: garbage attraction dooms eight Anchorage bears in three weeks” ©2000 8-8 [bear with paw caught in garbage can trap. Ink study on verso] - “If you love the tax cap, you’ll love... Anchorage mud flat walking tours. Poisonous berry picking. The Alaska Bear Petting Zoo”©2000 8-10 - “Buchanan crashes the party” ©2000 8-12 [Reform airplane crash] - “And I used to worry about worms” ©2000 8-13 [ANC Schools apple about to be swallowed by Possible $50 Million Cut snake] - “Mad Hatter” ©2000 8-15 [Wording Flaws popping out of Tax Cap hat] - “Operation Deadstart” ©2000 8-17 [Possible $50 Million School Cut guillotine] - “The best Vulcan for the job” ©2000 8-15 [Al Gore accepting nomination] - “The other gulf of Alaska” ©2000 8-20 [Urban-Rural divide] - “Pick the best place to find solitude in Alaska: the wilderness. The voting booth” ©2000 8-24 [16% Turnout] - “Pen pals” ©2000 8-26 [Jimmy Carter and Tony Knowles] - “While Alaskans are worrying about exotic imported species...” ©2000 8-27 [California Style Tax Cap monster about to swallow Schools and Services fish] - “You mean, this isn’t how you wanted to spend our honeymoon?” ©2000 8-29 [George Wuerch with machine gun looking at ANC bride. Photocopy from clipping] - “Fee-asco” ©2000 8-31 [fruit being thrown at school Superintendent Bob Christal holding Christal Flat-Fee Contract Process] 2000 September - “Tax cap opponents are just relying on scare tactics...and by the way, without the cap, bloated tyrannical government will take our houses!” ©2000 9-2 [cap supporter] - “If the mayor’s budget cuts are pre tax-cap, what kind of services can Anchorage expect if the tax cap passes? Funeral” ©2000 9-3 [couple watching television] - “Is Anchorage serious about coexisting with wildlife? Of course. Where else can I get hit by a car that brags ‘The Last Frontier’ on its license plate?” ©2000 9-7 [moose] - “Jan. 2001: visiting applicants for Anchorage school superintendent are shown their future desk” ©2000 9-9 [man holding Budget, looking at table saw] - “They say Bob Christal is the ‘poster child’ for the tax cap. Can we fit the 50,000 children in the school district on a poster against it?” ©2000 9-10 [children walking] - “Why, Don Young, are you feeling my pain?” ©2000 9-12 [Bill Clinton with Don Young holding CARA and being bitten by GOP Right dog] - “Aboard Alaska’s oil revenue roller coaster” ©2000 9-14 [man heading down from top of coaster partially submerged in shark-infested waters] - “The imperfect storm” ©2000 9-16 [cruise ship facing giant Tainted Waste wave] - “Warning: can cause fiscal emphysema” ©2000 9-17 [Unfiltered Tax Cap cigarettes] - “Pandora’s safe-deposit box” ©2000 9-19 [evils of Police Cuts, Fire Cuts, School Cuts, Parks/Library Cuts being released from Tax Cap box] - “Even if the majority in a community votes down the tax cap, it will still be imposed on them if it passes statewide. I though tax cappers were against the heavy hand of government” ©2000 9-21 [couple walking dog] - “And, in the six-year, $52 million Whitewater swim, the survivor is...” ©2000 9-23 [Bill Clinton resting at edge of pool] - “Zoo officials search for vandals who freed the Siberian tiger” ©2000 9-24 [checking tiger’s teeth] - “Post tax-cap roads and drainage work” ©2000 9-26 [man playing with toy trucks] - “Even without the tax cap, the budget cuts employees, library and museum hours, flowers... Motto: ‘Anchorage, we remove everything but snow’” ©2000 [couple walking dog] - “Where fish get their reputation for stinking” ©2000 9-28 [Illegally Stocked Exotic Fish] 2000 October - “Oh, that reminds me. Let’s re-release ‘The Exorcist’” ©2000 10-1 [movie executives looking at possessed Hollywood Kid Marketing] - “Uh, oh, Firestones” ©2000 10-2 [man inspecting tires on ANC Transit Budget bus] - “This week the state starts paying $1963.86 each to 585,000 Alaskans. So that’s why our state flower is the forget-me-not” ©2000 10-3 [couple raking leaves] - “Note the sensitive rendering of George Washington, the shades of delicate green...” ©2000 10-5 [museum docent showing Anchorage Cultural Services Budget dollar] - “The headless horseman” ©2000 10-12 [Tax Cap on horseback holding smiley face head] - “The Legislature seems to believe voters can’t be trusted with wildlife management. You mean, the parts they didn’t already turn over to the feds?” ©2000 10-14 [couple passing newspaper box with headline Wildlife Ballot Proposition. Cf. .2000.3.5] - ©2000 10-15 [globe with Arctic Toxins skull in place of polar ice cap] - “The Legislature retroactively approved money to fight ‘Katie John.’ Great. I’m retroactively angry and bitter” ©2000 10-17 [Rural Alaska cabin on cliff] - “Ballot box bonsai – the Legislature’s vision for Alaska government” ©2000 10-19 [Legislative Branch, Executive Twig, Judicial Twig] - “So, how do we separate them without killing one?” ©2000 10-21 [man and woman looking at double-headed Tony Knowles holding signs ‘Fight Katie John’ and ‘Recognize Tribes’. Photocopy from clipping] - “And the ‘G’ stands for ‘gender gap’” ©2000 10-22 [woman looking at poster, ‘G.W. Bush, the ‘W’ Stands for Women’] - “What Anchorage grew in the ‘90’s. What we’ll grow under the proposed A & B budgets” ©2000 10-24 [flowers, mold on Municipality seal] - “Idea #6, we knock out our own teeth and score big bucks from the Tooth Fairy!” ©2000 10- 26 [man holding hammer and Tax-Capper Budget Plan] - ©2000 10-28 [man passing poster, ‘Proposition 1: Save the Dumb Animals from the Dumb Voters’] - “Hey presto, smaller government” ©2000 10-29 [ringmaster with Tax Cap wrecking ball] - ©2000 10-31 [couple watching Ralph Nader commercial on television] 2000 November - “Wildlife fairy tales [...]” ©2000 11-4 [including ‘The people are too stupid to vote on wildlife issues’] - “School bell” ©2000 11-5 [child facing $50 Million Potential Cut boxer in ring] - “Hello, George? Al again. I have to retract my concession. It was based on fuzzy math” ©2000 11-9 [Al Gore] - “The most that political access should cost in Alaska” ©2000 [telephone booth, 25 cents for call] - “The other recount in Florida” ©2000 11-11 [people thinking ‘If only I’d voted’] - “The good news: the State House may be more moderate. The bad news: the House is only half of a duplex” ©2000 11-12 - “To the victor go the spoils” ©2000 11-14 [George W. Bush and Al Gore with Gridlocked Congress] - “Campaign spending nationwide was up a steep 50%... leading to heavy selling of politicians, pushing democracy future down” ©2000 [couple watching television] - “Exit, poll” ©2000 11-18 [man kicking television out door as reporter says ‘Oops, we’re now calling that state for’] - “’Butterfly’ ballots aren’t the only problem” ©2000 11-19 [Electoral College caterpillar eating Popular Vote leaf] - “The sounds of the Campbell tract: gurgling stream, twittering bird, 434 pro-BLM public comments” ©2000 11-21 [Frank Murkowski feigning deafness] - “The face of the next president” ©2000 11-23 [George W. Bush and Al Gore with ballots over heads] - “There were huge snowfalls in Michigan, New York, the Dakotas... So real Alaskans might have to fly south for the winter?” ©2000 11-25 [couple walking dog] - “Hand count in Florida” ©2000 11-26 [picking body parts up from battlefield] - “And now, we go live to the rallies outside Florida...” ©2000 11-28 [protestors with signs ‘Bush Would Suffice’, ‘Gore I Suppose’] - “Awesome. An entire building in a holding pattern” ©2000 11-30 [‘Ted International Concourse C’, Anchorage International Airport] 2000 December - “Tail wags dog” ©2000 12-2 [Electoral College dog with Florida tail] - “10 quit, 12 promoted at Anchorage DFYS office since Sept. first” ©2000 12-3 [line of people passing telephone to answer at Division of Family and Youth Services] - “The long face (formerly long arm) of the law” ©2000 12-5 [State Trooper Recruitment graph] - “Mike Carey’s heart, 591,004 square miles” [at newspaper desk. Print] - “The cracks in Alaska’s child safety system” ©2000 12-9 [physicians looking at x-ray of broken arm] - “Mystrom vision. Wuerch vision” ©2000 12-10 [signs, ‘Welcome to Anchorage City of Lights’ and ‘Welcome to Anchorage Lite’; Rick Mystrom and George Wuerch] - “How can we call ourselves a ‘winter city’ while cutting snowplowing? Redefine streets as ‘snow storage areas’” ©2000 12-12 [couple in car] - “How ‘cluster housing’ works in steep terrain” ©2000 12-14 [Open Space in sky] - “Suspended? I didn’t do anything! Exactly.” ©2000 12-16 [son with parent reading newspaper headlined Over 100 Spectators Disciplined. Pencil study on verso] - “State budget (side view). State budget (top view)” ©2000 12-17 [$30 Oil barrel, bull’s-eye with annual targets] B14 2001 January - “Alaska crude price drops 40% in 6 weeks” ©2001 1-4 [map with sagging Alaska. Pencil and ink study on verso] - “Getting serious: how to move the Legislature and shorten the session at the same time” ©2001 1-7 [igloo and ‘Welcome to Deadhorse’ sign] - “Inspired by popular robot dogs, the Chamber of Commerce offers an alternative to ‘living with wildlife’” ©2001 1-6 [man and boy with remote-controlled moose robot] - “The math portion of the exit exam for legislators” ©2001 1-9 [Fiscal Plan] - “Dad, what’s RPM? Rollovers per mile” ©2001 1-10 [SUV in traffic] - “Actually, Alaska already has a ‘fiscal trigger’ in place” ©2001 1-13 [man with Budget Denial gun to head] - “Likely path of a rural preference in the Senate: in one ear...out the other” ©2001 1-14 - “The treacherous winter of 2000-01: it was so icy [...]”©2001 1-16 [4 panels on ice] - “And you think you’re having trouble getting traction” ©2001 1-18 [man scrambling, holding sign, Tax Diversification in Anchorage!] - “The beltway. The asteroid belt. John Ashcroft” ©2001 1-20 [Ashcroft out in space] - “Roadless area” ©2001 1-21 [Legislature looking at map to Sustainable Budget] - “Education’s symbol: from apple to applesauce” ©2001 1-23 [apple in ANC School budget vise] - “The fiscal plan” ©2001 1-25 [slot machine showing OPEC, Budget Reserve, Ted Stevens] - “Alaska game board” ©2001 1-27 [Hunter and Trapper Monopoly] - “Capitol remodeling: creating a better building without evicting the governor” ©2001 1-28 [No Subsistence Amendment brick wall, Closed Meeting Tradition door, Budget Gap termite] - “Knik Arm Crossing? My dream is just to cross the street” ©2001 1-30 [family on icy sidewalk] 2001 February - “They want budget veto reform? Why would we tie the mayor’s hands?” ©2001 2-1 [George Wuerch with big hands] - “They’re formerly endangered Aleutian Canada geese – the ‘V’ is for victory” ©2001 2-3 [flocks flying] - “I thought natural gas was supposed to be clean” ©2001 2-4 [Faulty Sole-Source Gas Line Consultant Contract van burning oil] - “Who’s ready to talk taxes in Anchorage – a show of hands” ©2001 2-6 [crowd with hands over ears] - “That’s our history textbook? Actually, given its 1970’s copyright, it’s an historical artifact” ©2001 2-8 [children in classroom] - “Nervous rats deserting the Port Mackenzie dock” ©2001 2-10 [rats on rope] - “OK, OK, maybe we do need design standards for ‘big box’ stores” ©2001 2-11 [building as upside-down Boxco box] - “Recognizing the toll taken by alcohol, the Grim Reaper replaces his old-fashioned scythe” ©2001 2-13 [Grim Reaper carrying large bottle past newspaper box with headline Costs Hurt DWI Bills] - “The power of the purse” ©2001 2-15 [Mayor’s Budget Veto purse flattening Assembly] - “Anchorage: where road rage is for pedestrians, too” ©2001 2-17 [man swearing at snow berms and drivers] - “We’ve turned over much of Alaska game management to the feds, same with fish, think we can get ‘em to take timber, too?” ©2001 2-18 [State Logging Oversight stump] - “This town is projected to grow nearly 40% by 2020. Prompting our new motto: ‘Anchorage, city on steroids’” ©2001 2-22 [couple walking dog] - “How can there have been so little testing of dispersant effectiveness in Alaska? On the bright side, it’s that much less of it in the water” ©2001 2-24 [salmon] - “Stain revisited: the pardon pen” ©2001 2-25 [man with ink pen leaking in shirt pocket] - “What do you guys need the hole punch for? The committee is reworking the campaign finance law” ©2001 2-27 [Senate State Affairs] 2001 March - “The paintball” ©2001 3-1 [man slipping on ball bearing, holding sign Racism is Not an Alaska Problem] - “Alaska due for major quake” ©2001 3-4 [Alaska Budget Subduction Zone between Budget Gap Plate and State Revenue Plate] - “Tough questions on the Alaska exit exam” ©2001 3-6 [student reading questions about school budgets] - “The 80’s: Deficits as far as the eye can see! Today: Surpluses as far as the eye can see!” [men looking through opposite ends of telescope] - “Alaska’s capitol dome” ©2001 3-10 [shell of Legislature turtle carrying 3 Bills Passed] - “Toast guard” ©2001 3-11 [charred man saluting from $91 Million Coast Guard Deficit toaster] - “The Legislature says it’ll pick up the pace in the second half of the session. You mean, they’ll ignore the fiscal problem and subsistence even faster?” ©2001 3-13 [couple walking in hall] - “Justice holding aloft an anemometer? For the many Alaska villages where storms can delay the arrival of troopers for days” ©2001 3-15 [couple next to statue] - “Paper tiger, hidden dragon” ©2001 3-17 [Open Meetings Law tiger and Legislature dragon on opposite sides of closed door] - “Why we call if a ‘long-range’ fiscal plan” ©2001 3-18 [Legislature holding 10-Foot Pole] - “Say it with flowers” ©2001 3-20 [withered Horticulture Cuts plant] - “Alaska’s budget gap strategy: when you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hand on” ©2001 3-22 [man climbing down noose] - “Highmarking” ©2001 3-24 [skeleton riding snowmachine with death statistic written in snow] - “The golden spike” ©2001 3-25 [$28 Million Depot nailed through foot of Alaska Railroad] - “McCain-Feingoldfish” ©2001 3-27 [Big $ cat eyeing goldfish in bowl] - “The Alaska Legislature prepares for a rainy day” ©2001 3-29 [man sunbathing with newspaper headlined Fiscal Crunch Looms] - “And then the mayor said, ‘We can make the flowers look even bigger if we put ‘em in smaller baskets’” ©2001 3-31 [couple passing hanging basket on street] 2001 April - “Prop 5: why Wuerch wants a ‘thumbs down’” ©2001 4-1 [thumb pressing down on Assembly] - “Alaska’s booze tax – bailing with a shot glass” ©2001 4-3 [man in rowboat on Alcohol Costs wave] - “Mayor fails to take out some perennials” ©2001 4-5 [Assembly Incumbents flowers] - “Hooters has it both ways” ©2001 4-7 [cigarette smoker yelling ‘Give me liberty or give me death’] - “’Essentially, what we’re trying to do is make the strongest statement to the court that this is the intent of the legislature’ – Sen. Pete Kelly” ©2001 4-8 [Health Dept. kidnapping ransom note] - “Ambulance symbol. Ambulance-diverted-from-emergency-room symbol” ©2001 4-9 [crossed fingers] - “The heavy hand of the federal government” ©2001 4-12 [Alaska Appropriations money bag] - ©2001 4-14 [firefighter holding Alaska Tobacco Litigation Settlement hose dripping Alaska Tobacco Control Spending droplet] - “Piggy Bank contracts hoof and mouth” ©2001 4-15 [dead ‘Budget Reserve (Expires July, 2005)’ piggybank] - “Big pox stores” ©2001 4-17 [Current Big Box Design Standards building] - “State and city benefits package for married couples. Benefits package for gay and lesbian couples” ©2001 4-19 [tandem bicycle, unicycle] - “May it please the court” ©2001 4-21 [Senate Majority squeezing Hess] - “The Legislature and the fiscal gap. Close up: [ostrich with head in sand]. Long view [same ostrich in top of hourglass] ©2001 4-22 - “The hair of the dog” ©2001 4-24 [Alcohol Costs pit bull looking at Alaska Alcohol Tax hair] - “The vacancy our State Senate seeks to fill with its bill altering the governor’s power to appoint U.S. senators” ©2001 4-26 [outline of elephant] - “Eldon Mulder merges his interests in corrections and cruises” ©2001 4-28 [floating prison] - “Rolling blackouts, Alaska style” ©2001 4-29 [Legislature dizzy about fiscal gap] 2001 May - “Panic at City Hall: An expanded museum?! Good Lord, do you have any idea how many more flower beds that might require?” ©2001 5-3 - “Abusive passengers have forced several jets to land here. Anchorage: air rage crossroads of the world” ©2001 5-5 [bicyclists at Point Woronzof] - “House Majority agrees to delay alcohol tax vote until January” ©2001 5-6 [Williams leading elephant in chorus of ‘99 Bottles of Beer’] - ©2001 5-8 [woman embracing child with Mountain View School t-shirt. Original caption ‘Anchorage’s neighborhood school’ covered with tape] - “A new tooth” ©2001 5-10 [Budget Gap with $630 Million Reserve Withdrawal fang] - “Speaking of fouled waters in Southeast Alaska” ©2001 5-12 [Toxic Partisanship sea monster] - “Mad science: school funding formula shrinks Bush kids” ©2001 5-13 [student in lab catching drops from ‘60% Limit on New Funds for Rural Kids’ still] - “Hand in hand” ©2001 5-17 [Statue of Liberty with ‘Equal Rights’ sign and protestor with ‘Gay/Lesbian Rights’ sign] - “The Bush energy plan: Gas pump. Air pump” ©2001 5-19 [Fossil Fuels, Conservation] - “You worry too much about the fiscal gap. The Legislature would never allow something so vital to become hopeless. You mean, like subsistence?”©2001 5-20 [couple talking] - “Not a tree left standing. Eureka! The solution to the Hillside fire problem: zone it for parking lots” ©2001 5-22 [couple with dog] - “Why do they use Roman numerals for Title IX? Because it’s taken the school district so long to comply, it feels like ancient history” ©2001 5-24 [girls playing basketball] - “Well, er, now we have more room to maneuver” ©2001 5-26 [Ted Stevens and Frank Murkowski standing in front of GOP Majority ruins] - “Which would you rather see bottled up in Alaska’s Senate? Cruise ship bill. Cruise ship waste” ©2001 5-27 - ©2001 5-31 [State Gov’t. mechanic facing complicated Gas Line Issues piping] 2001 June - “Apparently we’re not considered ‘organic’ unless people control every aspect of our environment and diet from birth to plate. I get it. In our case ‘organic’ means ‘unnatural food’” ©2001 6-2 [salmon] - “Salmon harvest drying in the Yukon-Kuskokwim region” ©2001 6-5 [woman with single piece of fish on drying rack, blowing away in the wind] - “We can refuse display that might cause substantial disruptions or material interference with primary library business. Silly me, I though promotion of understanding was primary library business” ©2001 6-7 [George Wuerch and man with Diversity sign in stacks] - “Let’s change that to ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’” ©2001 6-9 [George Wuerch at reference desk with sign ‘Librarian, Just Ask’] - “Alaska’s choice: Fiscal plan. Flight plan” ©2001 6-10 [car falling off cliff] - “Breakdown of the separation of Wuerch and State” ©2001 6-14 [George Wuerch protesting outside Loussac Library with sign, ‘Sometimes you just have to say no, L’état c’est moi’] - ©2001 6-19 [woman reading Martha Stewart Living, man reading Dying: Is Your Garage Killing You?] - “What we need are ‘Pampers’ for cruise ships” ©2001 6-21 [couple on dock passing newspaper box headlined Third Cruise Ship Dumps Waste] - “House Republicans declare energy independence” ©2001 6-23 [elephant presenting Florida Drilling Bill to George W. Bush] - “Red Dog, black eye” ©2001 6-24 [outline of Alaska with Heavy Metals black eye] - ©2001 6-26 [driver asleep at wheel of Alaska car, riding on rumble strip headed toward Budget Gap] - ©2001 6-28 [Tony Knowles at desk with Katie John Decision rocket headed towards inbox] - “Threatened: Wetlands. Drylands” ©2001 6-30 [fire danger] 2001 July - “The Alaska Redistricting Law rewrite” ©2001 7-1 [elephant with knotted trunk holding pen] - “If you like the spruce bark beetle, you’ll love the firebug” ©2001 7-4 [insect with fireworks] - “Tree hugger. Tree mugger” ©2001 7-5 [protestor with ‘Save Anchorage Trees’ sign, Speculative Land Clearing bulldozer] - “Wuerch vision for library walls” ©2001 7-7 [Free Expression boxed in] - “While we’re worrying about rolling state vans” ©2001 7-8 [Budget van speeding toward Fiscal Gap] - “Rest assured that Alaska is going over the oil industry with a fine-toothed comb” ©2001 7- 13 [Oil-Field Safety Inspection comb missing most of its teeth] - “The book drop” ©2001 7-14 [George Wuerch getting hit in the head by Library Exhibit Ruling book] - “How can Alaska have fewer oil field safety inspectors than Indiana? To the Alaska Legislature, ‘oil field safety’ means protecting drilling areas from Greenpeace” ©2001 7-15 [couple passing oil well] - “The governor twists some arms on the Katie John appeal compromise” ©2001 7-17 [Tony Knowles with twisted arms] - “It’s a question of sovereignty” ©2001 7-19 [State Senate king standing on protestor with sign, ‘Subsistence: Let the People Vote’] - “The FBI pats itself down for weapons” ©2001 7-21 [man frantically searching pockets] - “This is a nonpartisan suit” ©2001 7-22 [George Wuerch holding Redistricting report, speech bubble in shape of elephant] - “Hey, what’s a little oily sheen?” ©2001 7-24 [elephant swimming in $75,000 Cruise Ship Soft Money spill] - “New attempt at an exhibit policy: nonlibrary materials are OK, as long as they’re kept in their crates” ©2001 7-26 [librarian offloading crate in stacks] - “Nope, not bear proof” ©2001 7-28 [Stock Slide bear opening PFD barrel] - “Honk if you support a rural preference” ©2001 7-29 [AK Senate motorhome with ‘Non Subsistence Vote’ bumper sticker holding up traffic on Seward Highway] - “The latest victim of identity theft” ©2001 7-31 [Uncle Sam opening Pentagon Credit Card Fraud mail] 2001 August - “Subsistence Summit. Subsistence trench” ©2001 8-2 [mountain climber, No Public Vote soldiers dug in] - “ANWR at the 50-yard line” ©2001 8-4 [football field on side of hill, with upward climb to goal posts] - “The governor seems awfully deep in thought. He’s got two big decisions to make: what to do about Katie John, and what he wants for his last meal” ©2001 8-5 [couple passing office] - “What has Anchorage done for Eagle River lately? Parks [empty]. Schools [empty]. Landfill [bonds on trash heap]” ©2001 8-7 - “We thumb our noses at your silly objections” ©2001 8-9 [man with thumb for nose with Human Cloning Projects report] - “I’m against ‘special rights’ for gays. [...]”©2001 8-11 [men talking] - “Subsistence? Let them eat cake” ©2001 8-12 [Senate Hardliners as Marie Antoinette] - “Unfortunately, the path from the Subsistence Summit still leads through the subsistence mud flats” ©2001 8-28 [protestor with ‘Subsistence: Let the People Vote’ sign sinking in Senate mud] - “No appeal. Even less appeal” ©2001 8-30 [Katie John Litigation, Knowles impeachment] 2001 September - “Rare case of a mountain in need of rescue from a man” ©2001 9-1 [Ralph Regula clutching Denali] - “Unfortunately, this stem cell line looks like a dud” ©2001 9-2 [Budget Surplus cells in petri dish] - “Why do you suppose the Legislature booted Peace Corps service off the list of allowable PFD absences? To help the volunteers get experience dealing with backward governments” ©2001 9-11 [couple walking dog] - “As FDR said, ‘A day that will live in infamy.’ Remember, he also said, ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’” ©2001 9-13 [couple watching televisions; 9/11 attacks] - “Flights suspended indefinitely” ©2001 9-15 [dove with olive branch on ground] - “Victories we can deny them” ©2001 9-16 [terrorist reading newspaper headlined ‘Liberties Curtailed’] - ©2001 9-20 [Terror bat flying through Airport Security metal detector] - “You can bet the Alaska Senate is all ears about the recent subsistence poll” ©2001 9-22 [‘In this one, out this one’] - “The terrorists immersed themselves in our way of life, let’s not immerse ourselves in theirs” ©2001 9-23 [burning World Trade Center] - ©2001 9-25 [‘Anchorage,’ with ‘o’ as ‘No Hate’ symbol] - “Meet my clone” ©2001 9-27 [Terrorism and Hate Crime rats] - “America’s healthiest financial indicator” ©2001 9-29 [Disaster Donations check] 2001 October - “News item: redistricting pits Republican against Republican” ©2001 10-2 [two elephants with protest signs] - “2002 budget: why not apply the mayor’s ‘fewer but bigger flowers’ formula to the rest of our city? [...]” ©2001 10-4 [library books, museum objects, police, snowplows] - “Marvel of engineering meets marvel of stupidity” ©2001 10-9 [oil spewing from leak in Trans Alaska Pipeline] - “’America, hit by God...’ I see Bin Laden is still trying to shift the blame” ©2001 10-11 [couple watching television] - “Pouring salt on the wound” ©2001 10-13 [Legislature holding Katie John Appeal salt shaker over Urban-Rural Divide chasm] - “Still waiting for the clamp” ©2001 10-14 [oil spewing out of Constitutional Budget Reserve storage tank] - “Results in from the bioterror lab [...]” ©2001 10-18 [bioterrorism hoax] - “The subsistence stumbling block” ©2001 10-20 [Senate Hardliners blockhead] - “The Knik Arm Crossing: you just have to dig deep enough” ©2001 10-21 [cross section of Cook Inlet, with Federal Treasury layer beneath bedrock] 2001 November - “Oil can of worms” ©2001 11-11 [worms crawling out of Prudhoe Field Safety barrel] - “More evidence that the APD crisis is serious” ©2001 11-13 [police dog leaving for new job at airport] - “Tax break” ©2001 11-15 [ANC Budget with broken leg] - “News item: spectacular meteor shower forecast” ©2001 11-17 [Alaska holding umbrella as Oil Prices rocks fall from the sky] - “And we thought snowmachines were trouble!” ©2001 11-18 [Kincaid Airport Expansion Option jet landing near skiers] - “Municipal horticulture: George and the beanstalk” ©2001 11-20 [George Wuerch with ‘More-With-Less Beans’] - “The wishbone” ©2001 11-22 [Oil Prices and Service Costs pulling on legs of AK Budget man] - “Choking on a small toy? No, gagging on Harry Potter hype” ©2001 11-24 [parent and child watching television] - “Christmas colors: red & green” ©2001 11-24 [Blood Donation, Charity Contribution] - “How the North Slope bond limit would work” ©2001 11-27 [digging Urban/Rural Divide trench to fill Budget Gap trench] - “Vital sign” ©2001 11-29 [Help Wanted Nurses Need sign on Emergency Room] 2001 December - “Attention, Taliban fighters, this is your Mullah Omar [...]” ©2001 12-1 [War on Terror] - “Overly dependent: Foreign Oil [United States]. Domestic oil [Alaska]” ©2001 12-2 - “Paper training crime” ©2001 12-4 [pit bull urinating on 2800 Outstanding Anchorage Arrest Warrants] - “Alaska’s present plan to deal with the fiscal gap. The fiscal gap’s plan to deal with Alaska” ©2001 12-6 [empty head, man with chainsaw] - “Burden of proof” ©2001 12-8 [man carrying huge briefcase labeled ‘19,000 New Cases for 69 Public Defenders’] - “I resent charges of intolerance [...]” ©2001 12-9 [Senator Pete Kelly] - “Why we call it the ‘fall forecast’” ©2001 12-11 [skydiver with sign Alaska $609 Million Short] - “Terrorist ‘sleeper’ threat” ©2001 12-13 [Loss of Civil Liberties] - ©2001 12-18 [Alaska Minimum Wage paper dollar with Scrooge portrait] - “Another subsistence pwoposal? Bwing it on” ©2001 12-20 [State Senate as Elmer Fudd] - “Do you think the Legislature will pull together a long range financial plan? Long range financial planning in Alaska means saving your October PFD for a Christmas vacation to Hawaii” ©2001 12-22 [couple walking dog] - “It’s official: with Ted Stevens money, the Permanent Fund, and low taxes, more Alaskans believe in me than any other state in the union” ©2001 12-23 [Santa Claus] 2002 January - “The other Loussac ice fountain” ©2002 1-5 [frozen Library Exhibit Policy] - “The Legislature engineers a ‘soft landing’” ©2002 1-6 [Alaska bush plane flying into mouth of Fiscal Gap dragon] - ©2002 [naked Baby New Year facing airport screening] - “This exam sponsored by Cliff Notes? Someday school commercialization will go too far” ©2002 [students in classroom] - “What’s the hurry? The longer we delay, he, uh, just becomes a bigger target! Yeah, that’s it” ©2002 1-8 [Legislature knight facing Budget Gap dragon] - “The Arctic tortoise” ©2002 1-10 [BP Valve Replacement turtle with bowler hat and wrench] - “At half-staff for Mike McDonald” ©2002 1-12 [Alaska Flag on musical note] - “So, the idea is to split off the Legislature to Mat-Su while keeping the other capital functions in Juneau? Divided we stand!” ©2002 1-13 [petition signature gatherer] - “If you think what they do with grapes is ugly...” ©2002 1-15 [Liquor Lobby foot threatening to squash Alcohol Tax Increase] - “Attention, Legislature: if you’re waiting to see the whites of the budget gap’s eyes...” ©2002 1-17 [extreme close-up of eyes] - “I hear that Anchorage drivers are having trouble with the new roundabout. They’ll get it – right after they master standard intersections” ©2002 1-19 [pedestrians in traffic] - “The Knowles plan: It’s misguided! It’s unfair! It’s unrealistic! The legislative leadership’s plan: It’s in the mail” ©2002 1-20 [elephants] - “On the Enron trail [...]” ©2002 1-22 [bloodhounds gagging on scent] - “If you can’t bring the Olympics to Alaska... Bring Alaska to the Olympics!” ©2002 1-24 [couple passing newspaper box with headline Alaska Sends Ten Athletes to Winter Games] - “While we’re planning Alaska predator control...” ©2002 1-26 [Budget Gap dinosaur] - “What did the Alaska Legislature learn from the Enron scandal? How to use a shredder” ©2002 1-27 [elephant shredding Soft Money Restriction] - “What happened to ‘when you’re in a hole, stop digging’?” ©2002 1-28 [Rick Halford and Brian Porter digging Urban-Rural Divide] - “We in the House think our closed caucus stakes important common ground in the fiscal gap problem. Neither of us trusts the public” ©2002 1-31 [elephant and donkey at podium] 2002 February - “Upon a stone wall” ©2002 2-2 [Bush Energy Policy as Humpty Dumpty on Secrecy wall] - “While we’re scrutinizing weird legislative districts...” ©2002 2-3 [Rep. Vic Kohring of ‘Wasilla-Portland’] - “Um, President Halford, we’re about to slam into that mountainside. Sorry. No swerving until the public is convinced we have to” ©2002 2-7 [Alaska Budget airplane] - “The Alaska Senate looks to the future” ©2002 2-12 [ostrich with head in sand and sign ‘No New Taxes This Session’] - “Don Young adds his verse to the Alaska Flag Song” ©2002 2-16 [on horseback holding Texas Trip money bag and singing “Home on the Range”] - “Pick the headgear Alaska really needs: A, spending cap. B, crash helmet” ©2002 2-17 [beanie, Fiscal Plan helmet] - “Hold still and I’ll tickle it to death” ©2002 2-21 [Frank Murkowski waving feather at Budget Gap boa constrictor wrapped around Alaska] - “I guess the Legislature finally hit on a cheap way of adding prison capacity” ©2002 2-23 [Big Earl’s Prison Bed & Breakfast] - “Q: How narrow will a rural subsistence priority have to be to clear the Legislature? A: Narrow enough to pass through here” ©2002 2-24 [Senate’s mind] - “What do you say to the charge that alcohol doesn’t pay its way? Egad! Between low taxes and PFD checks, not paying your way is Alaska tradition!” ©2002 2-26 [Alcohol Tax supporter confronting Booze Lobby] - “Now that you’ve signed the petition to move the Legislature, we’ll need one more signature” ©2002 2-28 [blank check] 2002 March - “Our fiscal bomb squad: Whaddya know – lunchtime!” ©2002 3-2 [Alaska Senate] - “It won’t fit on the back burner” ©2002 3-3 [Legislature cook with huge Fiscal Gap pot] - “News item: pedestrian safety expert advises Anchorage walkers to wear ‘reflective materials’” ©2002 3-5 [pedestrian in suit of armor] - “The Legislature should be accessible to Alaskans [...]” ©2002 3-7 [capital move to Hawaii] - “Step one of the rescue plan is you go on a diet” ©2002 3-9 [Legislative Leaders offering Cuts to Budget Squeeze boa constrictor wrapped around Alaska man] - “Elmer befuddled. Awaska should oversee its Fish and Game. Now excuse me while I whack subsistence management” ©2002 3-12 [House as Elmer Fudd] - “New motto: ‘Alaska, if you can’t catch a salmon, at least you can catch salmonella’” ©2002 3-14 [couple reading newspaper headlined Food Inspection Cut] - “Are you going to visit Alaska this summer? Does a tourist [expletive] in the woods?” ©2002 3-16 [couple reading newspaper headlined Cuts May Force AK to Board Up Outhouses] - “Alaska as it is. Alaska envisioned by budget slashers” ©2002 3-17 [two maps, one with small Alaska] - “Alaska proverb: He who leaves his finger in the wind eventually suffers frostbite” ©2002 3- 19 [Rick Halford, Eldon Mulder, Brian Porter with polls] - “What are these pesky lumps in our intersections, anyway? Pedestrians” ©2002 3-21 [traffic] - “The ‘hold-the-line’ Alaska House budget” ©2002 3-23 [Cuts vulture on wire] - “I pay no state sales or income tax [...]” ©2002 3-24 [man angry with government] 2002 April - “Of course, this was purely an advisory landslide. We’ve located the Senate” ©2002 4-4 [rescue worker searching in ANC Subsistence Vote rock slide] - ©2002 4-6 [blind Justice carrying mop into Tetlow Prosecutors Office; Wallace Tetlow] - “Are you concerned that there may be two unequal justice systems in Alaska? No worry. With sufficient budget cuts, we can reduce all enforcement to rural levels” ©2002 4-7 [men on State Capitol steps] - “Well there’s a sign the city needs to clear the snow piles. What’s that? ‘Highmarking’ from snowmobiles” ©2002 4-9 - “We in the Senate find the results of the Anchorage subsistence vote ambiguous” ©2002 4- 11 [man in front of huge ‘Let The People Vote’] - “I refute this charge of pork-barrel spending! Nobody makes a dollar go farther than me. All the way from Washington D.C. to Alaska” ©2002 4-13 [Ted Stevens] - “I told you Kohring’s no-driver’s-license-for-off-road-vehicles bill was too broad!” ©2002 4- 14 [tank chasing men] - “Booze hound” ©2002 4-16 [pit bull with collar, ‘$453 Million Annual AK Alcohol Costs’] - “The safety net for Alaska’s poor” ©2002 4-18 [net about to drop over Senate elephant charging man] - “Free ride. Free fall” ©2002 4-20 [No Taxes car about to drive off cliff] - “Ah, yes, what’s in the hip flask? The Alaska Legislature” ©2002 4-21 [Booze Lobby] - “Senate subsistence charades” ©2002 4-23 [guessing the intent of the voters] - “News item: House budget cuts 32 front-line child protection workers” ©2002 4-25 [man with stack of pink slips racing woman with stack of new cases towards door of DFYS] - “The real danger of teachers working at McDonald’s...” [woman at griddle thinking ‘[...] I could get used to this.’ Undated] - “New bargaining position proposed for state in gas line negotiation” ©2002 4-27 [kneeling man holding $760 Million Tax Break in his teeth] - “If they pass the Daylight Savings Time bill, can we use the daylight here?” ©2002 4-28 [couple outside Closed-Door Meeting] - ©2002 4-30 [dike leaking Budget Gap water, Alaska Legislature as Little Dutch Boy sucking thumb] 2002 May - “The ‘half-asleep’ defense: put it to work for you! [...]”©2002 5-2 [Representatives, Senate Majorities, Voters; Carl Moses vote on tax credit to energy companies] - “Senate proposal for additional lyrics to the Alaska Flag Song” ©2002 5-4 [man singing ‘Don’t know much about history’ while dropping Alaska History Requirement into trash] - ©2002 5-5 [House firefighter pulling water from Fiscal Plan fire hydrant while Senate bulldog sniffs it] - “What we need is a mechanism to hold down spending” ©2002 5-9 [100 Ton Budget Gap weight about to fall on Senate] - “Speaking of including Alaska history in schools...” ©2002 5-9 [sic] [elephant holding School Priorities throwing Kasayulie Decision into trash] - “Remember that meal you sent back to the chef? The chef is sending it back to you” ©2002 5-11 [Chef Williams returning Food Inspection Cut to diner] - “Astronomy corner, today’s question: What causes the sunset of the regulatory commission of Alaska? Answer: the Senate leadership revolving around ACS” ©2002 5-12 [smiley face orbiting earth. Print] - “Relax. There’s still plenty of time to disarm it” ©2002 5-14 [Rick Halford riding Budget Gap missile] - ©2002 5-16 [elephant pirate captain forcing Knowles Board Nominees to walk the plank] - “I’ve done my time. Now for overtime” ©2002 5-18 [Rick Halford at desk] - “Overextended session” ©2002 5-19 [man leaning backward over cliff edge, holding Budget Reserve balloon] - “Going door to door with the Alaska Legislature” ©2002 5-21 [three doors with Closed Meeting signs] - “Q: Do Juneau Republicans have a veto-proof majority? A: Yes, except when Robin Taylor wields the veto pen” ©2002 5-23 [elephant with pen in forehead dropping RCA Bill] - “If you think cleaning up after dogs in city parks is bad...” ©2002 5-25 [House Majority elephant in State Parks] - “You guys in the Legislature spend money like it’s going out of style. It is” ©2002 5-26 [man holding ANC Windfall money bag standing on crumbling cliff] - “Time to twist a few arms on behalf of Eskimo whalers” ©2002 5-30 [Uncle Sam facing off against IWC octopus] 2002 June - “Wait, did the captain just say ‘Thanks for flying without us’?” ©2002 6-4 [Retiring Leaders bailing out of Legislature airplane headed into thunderstorm] - “Job security? Frank Murkowski’s governorship” ©2002 6-6 [man holding Americans For Job Security Soft Moolah money bag] - “Actually, in Alaska we already have ‘instant runoff’ elections” ©2002 6-8 [little donkeys running from Ted Stevens and Don Young] - “First the bark beetle, now the park beetle” ©2002 6-9 [giant Legislature insect menacing State Parks] - “What do you think of the forced closure of state parks? Good policy. With the roads going to hell, nobody will be able to visit them anyway” ©2002 6-11 [family in car] - “Vic Kohring is having residency problems. Jerry Ward is having residency problems. Suddenly I feel flooded with a new compassion for the homeless” ©2002 6-13 [elephant] - “RCA has been slow to discharge its responsibilities. Not that there’s anything wrong with that” ©2002 6-15 [Robin Taylor as snail with Taylor RCA Hearings shell] - “’Punitive’ damages? How ‘bout we just leave it at ‘puny’?” ©2002 6-16 [Exxon Mobil flipping coin] [No cartoons dated July 2002] 2002 August - “Actually, my consumer confidence is quite high, thank you” ©2002 8-1 [brawny U.S. Deficit sitting down to eat] - “79° and sunny again! Maybe those maps showing Alaska floating off the California coast are right after all” ©2002 8-3 [sunbathers at Goose Lake. Pencil study on verso] - “Ice dancing with the Russian mob” ©2002 8-4 [man shooting at feet of skater] - “Coast-hugging route for Coastal Trail extension acceptable to South Anchorage residents” ©2002 8-6 [map showing trail across Turnagain Arm to Hope and around to Girdwood] - “Wayne Anthony Ross says seeing Frank Murkowski is like sighting Elvis. And, like Elvis, I’d rather hear him” ©2002 8-8 [couple reading newspaper headlined Murkowski Slow to Talk Policy] - “Meet ‘Thumper’” ©2002 8-10 [$1 Billion Deficit rabbit behind Frank Murkowski with quote ‘Let’s not talk about rabbit trails of where you’re going to get the money’] - “Official time clock, 2002 gubernatorial debates” ©2002 [ticking Budget Gap time bomb] - ©2002 8-11 [Japan car with bumper sticker ‘Save the Whales For Us’] - “Alaska Railroad spills 120,000 gallons of fuel at Gold Creek [...]”©2002 8-15 [ARR baseball player making errors] - “How to guarantee Mat-Su zoning” ©2002 8-17 [residents upset at prospect of state capital move to the Valley] - “Safety in New York City: bars on windows keep crooks from breaking in. Safety in Anchorage: bars on windows keep kids from sneaking out” ©2002 8-18 - “Alaska political parties refuse to say who’s giving them ‘soft’ money. Fine. Let’s start calling it ‘hush’ money” ©2002 8-20 [couple walking dog] - “Traffic signs [...]”©2002 8-22 [movie poster for thriller at traffic roundabout] - “A scene we’d like to see: Lisa Murkowski helps Frank with his homework” ©2002 8-23 [doing Fiscal Math at kitchen table. Color. Cf. .2002.8.29] - “*Gasp* Fran Ulmer just said the forbidden fiscal ‘T’ word! Taxes? Truth!” ©2002 8-24 [couple watching television] - “May I interest you in ‘preferential voting’? Why, yes, I’d prefer to vote the old open primary ballot” ©2002 8-25 [elephant talking to man] - “Earn your stripes: Get out and vote” ©2002 8-27 [American flag] - “A scene we’d like to see: Lisa Murkowski helps Frank with his homework” ©2002 8-29 [doing Fiscal Math at kitchen table. Cf. .2002.8.23] - “Our European and Arab allies flying in formation on Iraq” ©2002 8-31 [fighter jets forming peace sign] B15 2002 September - “The ‘blanket’ primary. The ‘blankety-blank’ primary” ©2002 9-1 [Open Ballot, Closed Ballot] - “KAKM comes up with a less confrontational ‘Running’ host” ©2002 9-5 [Mister Rogers. Color] - “KAKM comes up with a less confrontational ‘Running’ host” ©2002 9-5 [Mister Rogers] - “I would have preferred an actual parachute” ©2002 9-7 [Alaska man falling while holding Parachute Plan] - “Blank Murkowski” ©2002 9-8 [Frank Murkowski with blank face asking about the details of the Ulmer Fiscal Plan] - ©2002 9-10 [Rural Schools man being chased by No Child Left Behind Act school bus] - “Alaska budget diagram” ©2002 9-12 [dotted Line of Flight of The Gap to The Fan] - “M*A*S*H” ©2002 9-14 [Alaska caught in Doctor Shortage-Nurse Shortage vise] - “Oil flow is half what it was, fishing’s in a world of hurt, Ted Stevens can’t live forever, but hey, we’ve still got a strong airport! Which is good, ‘cause most of us are gonna need a flight outta here” ©2002 9-15 - “’I’m not going to be pinned down on the specifics because I don’t have to’ – Frank Murkowski” ©2002 9-17 [Budget Gap rhinoceros sitting on Frank Murkowski] - “’I’m not going to be pinned down on the specifics because I don’t have to’ – Frank Murkowski” ©2002 9-17 [Budget Gap rhinoceros sitting on Frank Murkowski. Color] - “Still think that Alaska’s soft money disclosure requirements are tough enough?” ©2002 9-19 [couple watching attack ads on television] - “Thursday, September 19 – Oro Stewart dies, surrounded by friends” ©2002 9-21 [‘Anchorage’ with portrait of Stewart in ‘o’] - “Clutter? That’s Anchorage landscaping!” ©2002 9-22 [neon signs. Cf. .2003.6.17] - ©2002 9-24 [Alaska Kids balancing on top of teetering DFYS letter blocks] - “Frank Murkowski wants new roads going new places! Without maintenance money they’re all going to hell” ©2002 9-26 [couple driving] - ©2002 9-28 [man wearing Coastal Trail Yes t-shirt looking at road sign, ‘Caution Bristleworms Next 12 Miles’] - “Speaking of plagues from the South 48...” ©2002 9-29 [swarm of Soft Money mosquitoes] 2002 October - “High school brawl cheer” ©2002 10-1 [skeleton cheerleader singing] - ©2002 10-3 [ANC School Budget wearing ball-and-chain with Tax Cap bomb as ball] - “And Curtis Thayer had a vision...” ©2002 10-5 [Richard Nixon saying, ‘Son, what Alaska needs is an enemies list.’ Color] - “And Curtis Thayer had a vision...” ©2002 10-5 [Richard Nixon saying, ‘Son, what Alaska needs is an enemies list.’] - “Hank struggles with the idea that ‘insured by Smith & Wesson’ doesn’t satisfy new coverage requirement laws” ©2002 10-6 [policeman ticketing driver] - “As entrepreneurship is vital to Alaska’s future, I’ve decided to open an antique store” ©2002 10-10 [Frank Murkowski outside store with advertisements for Railroads, Gold Pans, Timber, Moose Nuggets, Bromides. Color] - “As entrepreneurship is vital to Alaska’s future, I’ve decided to open an antique store” ©2002 10-10 [Frank Murkowski outside store with advertisements for Railroads, Gold Pans, Timber, Moose Nuggets, Bromides] - “Toro, toro” ©2002 10-12 [waving Murkowski Fiscal Proposals and Ulmer Fiscal Proposals at The Gap bull] - ©2002 10-13 [donkey sicking skeleton dog from Murkowski Bank Story doghouse] - “They’re talking about starting police 911 dispatchers at $13.30 per hour. Proving crime isn’t the only thing that doesn’t pay” ©2002 10-15 [couple talking] - “Murkow-ski” ©2002 [Frank Murkowski skiing through Budget Facts tree. Signed by Dunlap- Shohl with ‘After Chas. Addams’] - “Frank Murkowski said that the Knowles/Ulmer administration used subsistence as a divisive tool. [...]”©2002 10-19 [men in bar] - “Here’s a guy who says Alaska’s fiscal problem can be solved by increased development and a judicious application of duct tape! [...]”©2002 10-22 [couple reading elections pamphlet] - “The Emperor’s New Clothing Emporium presents the Fiscal Gap T-Shirt, as worn by Frank Murkowski” ©2002 10-24 [shirtless Murkowski] - “Progress. The 1960’s: Outside programming reaches Alaska only after a two week delay. 2002: Outside programming reaches Alaska all too quickly” ©2002 10-26 [child watching Attack Ads on television] - “Sounds like the Legislature move is fizzling. They should have known, nothing moves the Alaska Senate” ©2002 10-27 [couple passing boulder with graffiti ‘No Subsistence Vote! No Fiscal Plan!’] - ©2002 10-29 [small car flying More Roads flag towing Maintenance Costs bulldozer] 2002 November - “The Alaska GOP models combat boots” ©2002 11-2 [elephant with French Smear boot in own mouth] - “While we’re in a hurry to extract stuff from the ground in Alaska...” ©2002 11-3 [ostrich with head in sand and sign, ‘No Taxes! Hands Off the Permanent Fund!’] - “Election 2002 predictions: [...]”©2002 11-5 [move capital to Portland, rural preference, loss of soft money, regretful non-voters] - “I’ll be darned... We locked up Alaska!” ©2002 11-7 [elephant reading newspaper about GOP elections sweep] - “Memo to Mayor Wuerch re: baseball stadium. The cubs are already playing in Far North Bicentennial Park” ©2002 11-10 [bear and cubs] - “It’s Murkowski’s parachute plan” ©2002 11-12 [railroad locomotive, construction equipment, mining tools, logging tools, oil well parachuting from sky] - “And here’s where we get to our most interesting engineering problem” ©2002 11-14 [couple looking at Coastal Trail map next to castle flying NIMBY flag] - “I’ve always said that Alaska must exploit its strategic location” ©2002 11-16 [Frank Murkowski, door to ‘Senate Appropriations, Ted Stevens, Chair’] - ©2002 11-17 [child wearing Tax Cap dunce cap with City Services paper impaled on it] - “Anchorage” ©2002 11-21 [Services barely staying afloat, tied to Tax Cap anchor] - “Arguments for current Anchorage land clearing practices [...]”©2002 11-23 [four panels, including Ronald Reagan quote ‘Trees cause pollution’] - “Which is more likely to be able to locate Iraq? A: U.S. students. B: U.S. smart bomb” ©2002 11-24 - “News item: burden falls on Fire Dept., bus service, to compensate for city budget restrictions” ©2002 11-26 [firefighters sprinting onto People Mover bus to race to fire] - “Transportation Committee” ©2002 [Don Young being carried in Chairman litter. Undated] 2002 December - “Go ahead, laugh...but if this weather holds, I see giant bananas at the State Fair” ©2002 12- 3 [farmer on Susitna Plantation] - “Look at it like this: No insurance means fewer trips to the hospital, reducing our exposure to serious hospital errors” ©2002 12-5 [homeless men] - “Gravy train” ©2002 12-7 [Airport Express locomotive, with Ted Stevens quote in exhaust] - “Stung by criticism from Rick ‘Lights and Flowers’ Mystrom, Mayor Wuerch struggles to articulate his Anchorage vision” ©2002 12-8 [George Wuerch with thesaurus and rhyming dictionary] - “Pete Kott: Speaker of the House” ©2002 [stereo speaker blaring VECO’s greatest hits] - “Valdez spill damages: Why it will take more than a whack on the head with a two-by-four” ©2002 12-10 [tiny man with two-by-four on giant Exxon head] - “Were you a proud Mississippi voter for Strom Thurmond in 1948? Honey, I wasn’t allowed to vote in 1948” ©2002 12-12 [African American man with child] - “Dang, the trail’s not even built yet and already the noise level is excruciating” ©2002 12-14 [birds near houses yelling ‘Not In My Backyard’] - “I liked our old fire hats better” ©2002 12-15 [Anchorage Fire Dept. firefighters racing to fire wearing Tax Cap beanies] - “Looks like Lott pox. I’m afraid we may have to segregate, er, quarantine you” ©2002 12-17 [elephant doctor with Trent Lott] - “What’s your take on a road to Juneau? Hey, with an attorney general who’s never practiced here and a social services head from Outside, we need some way of getting Alaskans to our capital” ©2002 12-19 [couple walking dog] - “But, can Lisa beat Tony in 2004? Sure, if she survives our primary” ©2002 12-21 [elephants applauding for Lisa Murkowski] - “Great, a state that won’t maintain its roads blessed with drivers that won’t maintain sobriety” ©2002 12-22 [car passing road sign with automobile accident statistic] - “Why is it that the first group to claim successful human cloning is the last group we want clones of?” ©2002 12-31 [Brigitte Boisselier of Clonaid carrying baby Eve] 2003 January - “Why Nancy Dahlstrom has her work cut out for her in filling Lisa’s shoes: two right feet” ©2003 1-4 - “A fair shake” ©2003 1-5 [brawny ’86 Pipeline Shipping Fee Deal shaking money out of Alaska’s pockets] - “Sign my dividend form?” ©2003 1-7 [nervous man talking to Stock Market bear] - “Are we sure this is a new year?” ©2003 1-9 [Alaska Issues Calendar with perennial issues] - “The good news about global warming: the sky isn’t falling. The bad news: the ground is” ©2003 1-11 [cars falling into melting permafrost hole in road] - “Anchorage gets serious about urban design [...]”©2003 1-14 [couple in residential neighborhood talking about ‘gaudy birdhouses’] - “Digging begins on the Susitna Dam” ©2003 1-16 [Don Young exhuming the dead in a cemetery] - “Rest assured, fellow North Koreans, we can defend our way of life” ©2003 1-18 [Kim Jong Il with nuclear missile] - “So here’s the plan: we whip the greenies into a frenzy over the Knik Arm Crossing and the Susitna Dam, then bam!, in the confusion, we push ANWR through” ©2003 1-19 [Don Young, Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski, and two other men standing around map] - “Meanwhile, back at the Alaska Game Board...” ©2003 1-23 [Hunters playing checkers and yelling ‘King me!’] - “The Ketchikan bridge, the road to Juneau, the Knik Arm Crossing! Oh, and curbing the state’s appetite for spending” ©2003 1-25 [Frank Murkowski at podium] - “Mayor Wuerch begins to wonder if he should seek a Murkowski administration job” ©2003 1-26 [George Wuerch at farewell party for staffers] - “We want Alaska’s Fish and Game to be managed scientifically. Our first experiment will be crossbreeding habitat permitting and DNR” ©2003 1-28 [Frank Murkowski in lab, blackboard drawing of sheep + wolf] - “Which has the most potential to influence business investment in Alaska? A: Permanent Fund. B: Permanent Lack of Funds” ©2003 1-30 [safe, charging Budget Gap rhinoceros] 2003 February - “On the campaign trail with Rick Mystrom [...]”©2003 2-1 [removing ‘Wuerch For Mayor’ sign from yard] - “What is our plan for increasing revenue? In a word, ‘oil.’ Come onnnnn genie of the lamp!” ©2003 2-2 [Frank Murkowski polishing lamp. Cf. .2003.12.21] - “American tragedy: Icarus. Cassandra” ©2003 2-4 [asteroid, NASA Safety Panel woman] - “Removing habitat permitting from the Dept. of Fish & Game: a win-win scenario [...]”©2003 2-6 [scarcity driving up prices for salmon] - “Stained glass” ©2003 2-8 [Abusive Priests figure in stained-glass window] - “Canceled for safety reasons? Potential wet dog smell of cataclysmic proportion” ©2003 2-9 [raining on Fur Rendezvous World Championship Sled Dog Races] - “Dry hole” ©2003 2-11 [Frank Murkowski as patent medicine salesman. Cf. .2003.6.8] - “OK governor, how about ‘executive initiative to keep government small’? [...]” ©2003 2-13 [Frank Murkowski discussing unfilled cabinet positions] - “Johnny Paycheck lives!” ©2003 2-22 [George Wuerch singing] - “Leaping the fiscal gap by minibike” ©2003 2-23 [Resource Development daredevil jumping chasm] - “The Bush view of the world [as Atlas]. World view of Bush [cowboy riding bouncing globe]” ©2003 2-25 - “Frank Murkowski visits the fiscal gap” ©2003 2-27 [looking over edge, saying ‘D’oh!’] 2003 March - “Here’s a radical idea [...]”©2003 3-1 [couple discussing Permanent Fund earnings shortfall] - “Absent positive leadership on the Coastal Trail extension, Anchorage picks the black and blue route” ©2003 3-2 [residents fighting] - “The gubernatorial debates, continued” ©2003 3-4 [Candidate Murkowski debating Governor Murkowski] - ©2003 3-6 [man watching Rick Mystrom negative campaign ad on television] - “News item: wolves plucking Alaska dogs off their chains” ©2003 3-8 [APOC Campaign Watchdog cowering in kennel] - “Alaska Joe Millionaire, the shocking finale” ©2003 3-9 [Frank Murkowski admitting that he’s broke] - “Can we have a little chat about the longevity bonus? Of course, dear. Come closer where I can hear you” ©2003 3-13 [woman wielding cane confronting Frank Murkowski] - “First I punch out your lights, then people send you flowers. Lights and flowers! Now I get it!” ©2003 3-15 [Rick Mystrom threatening George Wuerch] - “Shortly after ponying up $15.00 for his ‘wildlife viewing pass,’ tourist Sheldon Snodgrass views aerial wolf control” ©2003 3-16 - “Sandstorm in Iraq” ©2003 3-20 [Saddam Hussein being buried in bottom half of hourglass] - “We always knew oil was finite, but who’d have thought we’d run low on snow?” ©2003 3- 20 [sic] [men at Alyeska coffee shop reading newspaper headlined Girdwood Loses Ski Nationals] - “Easy, Ted, easy! Alaska can’t afford to lose ANWR and you, too!” ©2003 3-22 [Ted Stevens blowing his top after reading Vote Tally] - “New strategy: Grow it far enough to span the budget gap” ©2003 3-23 [Frank Murkowski with Pinocchio nose] 2003 April - “It’s time to quit fooling around with law enforcement, and finish off APOC once and for all” ©2003 4-5 [Frank Murkowski] - “Dang, after 20 years you’d think I’d at least be outside D.C. city limits” ©2003 4-6 [Alaska hitchhiking in the rain, sign ‘Destination ANWR’] - “Mad sacred cow disease” ©2003 4-8 [disoriented House Finance farmer feeding money to Longevity Bonus cow] - “Welcome to P.E. Today’s activity: balancing Alaska’s budget on your backs” ©2003 4-10 [House coach holding School Kidcare Cuts anvil in gymnasium] - “Note to the Legislative Liposuction Squad: Remove the fat, not the brain” ©2003 4-12 [Longevity Bonus, U.A.] - “How to turn closed budget caucuses to citizens’ advantage: 1. Lock door from the outside. 2. Lose the key” ©2003 4-13 - “Alaska: 44 years old, and still not weaned” ©2003 4-15 [baby with oil barrel bottle] - “Silent spring: DEC head says no to public hearings on pesticide spraying” ©2003 [Ernesta Ballard with fingers in ears] - “The mayor pursues a recount” ©2003 4-17 [George Wuerch crushed by ballot box with election result] - “Inside the closed budget caucuses: why the majority doesn’t want you watching [...]” ©2003 4-19 [jokers and pirates shouting out bad ideas while others sleep] - “Suiting up for the mayoral runoff” ©2003 4-20 [man wearing bunny suit carrying baskets of Easter eggs labeled ‘Spending Increase’ and ‘Tax Cut’; George Wuerch?] - “A mayor floats a fiscal trial balloon” ©2003 4-22 [Hindenburg 2 zeppelin flying flag, ‘Cut Taxes, Spend More’] - “Soldotna, just a little harmless watering tossing, right?” ©2003 4-24 [Statue of Liberty with extinguished torch; Bush protestors] - “SARS? (gasp, wheeze) heavens, no (gasp) always (wheeze) breathe this way (gasp) after climbing stairs” ©2003 4-26 [wife cowering from husband, newspaper headlined ‘63% of Alaskans Obese’] - “Won’t short-funding the University worsen Alaska’s brain drain? Our motto in exporting talent: ‘No child left behind’” ©2003 4-29 [couple walking] 2003 May - “The oversight role envisioned by Conoco Phillips for the Regulatory Commission of Alaska” ©2003 5-1 [mounted bulldog trophy on wall of executive office] - ©2003 5-3 [bottle of Bitter Fiscal Pills] - “Wheeeee!!!” ©2003 5-4 [Alaskans jumping off Fiscal Gap cliff while holding ‘No State Taxes’ and ‘Dividends’ balloons] - “How the proposed state sales tax would work [...]” ©2003 5-6 [three supermarket checkout lines with tax percentages based on income] - “The fiscal nap” ©2003 5-8 [Legislature sleeping through din] - “As to the charge that our Denali Kidcare cuts balance Alaska’s budget on the backs of the poor, let me say Bogus! These cuts do very little to balance the budget” ©2003 5-10 [elephant] - “Where do you suppose those Big Lake people got the idea that the state would let a fire rage up out of control?” ©2003 5-11 [couple facing Budget Fiasco wildfire] - “Campaign finance reform we’d like to see: mandatory curbside political fundraising” ©2003 5-13 [man with sign standing on street corner] - ©2003 5-15 [hard-working cleaning lady being charged sales tax rather than income tax] - “$35.00 in sales tax??? Those of us who couldn’t swing an exemption have to take up the slack” ©2003 5-17 [child’s lemonade stand] - “For too long this legislature has shirked its responsibility to the oppressed, the despised, the downtrodden... Free the lobbyists!” ©2003 5-18 [Ralph Seekins holding SB 89] - “Tsk, tsk. We’ll have to amputate with this veto pen” ©2003 5-20 [Frank Murkowski helping Alaska man with hand trapped under Budget Gap boulder] - “The legislative majority devises a way to swing the adjournment hammer without the minority” ©2003 5-22 [elephant hitting self on head with gavel] - “Our suspicions were justified. Library surveillance caught suspects reading material hostile to bedrock American values. What material? This” ©2003 5-24 [USA Patriot Act] - “’Growing our way out’ of the budget gap: Cuts advocated during gubernatorial race. Cuts now on the table” ©2003 5-25 [X-acto knife, chainsaw] - “The stars are in alignment” ©2003 5-29 [battered State Budget seeing stars that spell out GOP] - “Loosen restraints on lobbyists, check. [...]” ©2003 5-31 [Legislature taking rain check on budget fix] 2003 June - “You’re leaving it to me to write the budget with my vetoes? It’s the ‘Murkowski principle’” ©2003 6-1 [Majority elephant holding quote from Frank Murkowski while Murkowski prepares to sign budget] - “The intertie subsidy: a financial schematic” ©2003 6-3 [man’s shoes tied together, pant legs labeled ‘Costs’ and ‘Benefits’] - “That’s the new director of ‘preventive care’” ©2003 6-5 [bouncer wearing Denali Kidcare Restrictions t-shirt standing in front of Hospital Entrance] - “Due to budget restraints, we’re closing your local DMV. But don’t worry, we’ll build you a road so you can drive to an open one!” ©2003 6-7 [elephant on bulldozer] - “Medicine show, act II” ©2003 6-8 [Frank Murkowski as patent medicine salesman wielding axe. Cf. .2003.2.11] - “Our assault on initiative-driven laws stirred up a hornet’s nest [...]” ©2003 6-9 [Closed Caucus discussion] - “Yes! We’re reversing the growth of state government!” ©2003 6-12 [Frank Murkowski in car speeding backward towards Budget Debacle cliff] - “Alternatives to the canine crackdown [...]” ©2003 6-14 [ways to clean up after dogs] - “The cutting room floor: Murkowski for gov. ads we didn’t see [...]” ©2003 6-15 [longevity bonus, Lisa Murkowski, revenue sharing, education cuts] - “They call it ‘signage.’ I call it ‘spam on a stick’” ©2003 6-17 [neon signs. Cf. .2002.9.22] - “So not only did we lose our revenue sharing and our VPSO, $250 million more in state cuts are coming next year. What are you doing? Digging for oil!” ©2003 6-19 [couple in rural village] - “Frank began to wonder if his administration wasn’t taking the ‘death-before-public- ownership’ philosophy too far” ©2003 6-21 [For Sale sign outside Governor’s Mansion] - “Oh, whew. Ted, when we heard you were partying with a powerful greenie, we thought ‘Sierra Club’” ©2003 6-22 [Ted Stevens with The Hulk] - “Hello, troopers? We’ve been robbed! What’s missing? Our VPSO” ©2003 6-24 [village on crumbling cliff] - “Nimby nightmare” ©2003 6-26 [dogs rallying for Coastal Trail dog park] - “Funding Nemo” ©2003 6-28 [movie poster with Revenue Sharing Cuts shark about to swallow Anchorage Child Services fish. Cf. .2004.3.18] - “What did you think of that petition to get Alaska to secede from America? I’m more concerned America would secede from us” [people in coffee shop reading newspaper headlined ‘Alaska Rakes in Federal Bucks’] 2003 July - “Anchorage says no to unsafe sect” ©2003 7-1 [man carrying God Is Hate sign; Westboro Baptist Church] - “Actually, in Alaska we celebrate July 4 th as ‘Dependence Day’” ©2003 7-3 [man driving pickup truck hauling ‘$12,000 Per Alaskan in 2002 Federal Spending’ money bag] - “Alternatives to the Coastal Trail Extension [...]” ©2003 7-5 [tunnel, hamster wheels, virtual reality helmet, ATV park, remove trail] - “You pulled the sword from the stone? Bravo, Mr. Begich. I hope you’re equally good with an ax” ©2003 7-6 [Frank Murkowski presenting ‘Cuts To ANC’ to Mark Begich] - “$250 million in state spending cuts: the quest continues [...]” ©2003 7-8 [Frank Murkowski contemplating elimination of legislature] - “On the bright side, the Wuerch administration gets good marks for emergency preparations” ©2003 7-10 [Budget Whack, Cop Woes, Assessment Flaws, and Pension $ asteroids hurtling toward City Hall] - “How do we sell this change in overtime rules? [...]” ©2003 7-12 [elephants discussing strategy] - “A permanent fund and dividend for Iraqis will buy their government credibility, show citizens they have a stake in society. Ooh. Think that idea would work for Alaska?” ©2003 7-13 [couple walking dog] - “Fair is fair. I say we split this federal band-aid 50-50” ©2003 7-15 [homeless Urban Alaska with head bump and Rural Alaska with multiple injuries, leaning against wall with graffiti ‘Frank was here’] - “In the spirit of the USA Patriot Act, let’s check what those crazy liberals on the Anchorage Assembly have been reading lately [...]” ©2003 7-17 [Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Constitution, Don Young speeches] - “Encountered in the wild, a grizzly often turns sideways, showing its size to intimidate challenges. See the parallel?” ©2003 7-19 [Lisa Murkowski bent under weight of ‘$900,000 and Counting’ money bag] - “Do-It-Yourself Cartoon, easy ‘n’ fun! Start here: News item: Governor says his chief of staff is ‘looking under the rug’ for road construction money [...]” ©2003 7-20 [choices of label for man having rug pulled out from underneath him] - “Saving the Kenai Challenger Center the Alaska way [...]” ©2003 7-22 [rocket engine from oil barrel, space suit from duct tape, call to Ted Stevens] - “Anchorage: you have to love a town where dogs have space to run free and the USA Patriot Act is put on a leash” ©2003 7-24 - “’You have an abundance of anything and there’ll be a market for it.’ So, maybe we can get rid of this puppy on eBay” ©2003 7-27 [Don Young with Susitna Dam studies report] - “Oops, we might’ve overdone the density on these site condos. What’s the problem? Nowhere left to post all the ‘For Sale’ signs” ©2003 7-26 [couple in housing project] - “My administration is philosophically opposed to an income tax [...]” ©2003 7-29 [Frank Murkowski handing out money to residents of New Jersey, Connecticut, California] - “That’s the system. We lawyers are entitled to a chunk of the salmon settlement! [...]” ©2003 7-31 [lawyers complaining to blind Justice about payment] 2003 August - ©2003 8-2 [two cars at street light, small car with ‘Don’t Laugh, It’s Paid For’ bumper sticker, Bush Tax Cut pickup truck with ‘Paid For? Don’t Make Me Laugh’ bumper sticker] - “The promise of the Internet: the creation of global communities united by shared pursuits” ©2003 8-3 [man wearing Sick Of Spam Society t-shirt deleting emails] - “Ahem, correction: we did have an abuse problem in Anchorage, and made some mistakes... Amen!” ©2003 8-5 [Roman Catholic priest addressing congregation] - “Who knew it was one of our biggest community participation activities?” ©2003 8-7 [pedestrians all wearing t-shirts with slogan ‘I Helped Stiff the City $20 Million’] - “Whoa! California finally tumbled into the ocean! Actually, it jumped” ©2003 8-9 [political signs ‘Recall Davis’ and ‘Arnold for Gov’ being tossed on waves] - “News item: House majority leader says the campaign-and-lobby reform initiative could turn into ‘battle of best slogans’ [...]” ©2003 8-10 [elephant coming up with catchy slogans] - “How to scuttle the move to legalize gambling in Alaska” ©2003 8-19 [man teaching AK Senate parrot to say ‘Gambling is a tax on stupidity,’ while parrot mimics back ‘No new taxes’] - “I hope the trail patrol idea works out. If Anchorage can make places for dogs to run freely, surely it can do the same for humans” ©2003 8-21 [women jogging on Coastal Trail] - “Class, who can define political asylum? Ooooh! ‘California’?” ©2003 8-23 [classroom] - “Why education matters” ©2003 8-24 [students in Mrs. Anderson’s 1 st Grade Class labeled with future careers] - “How to suffer ‘road rage’ without even getting into your car” ©2003 8-26 [man reading newspaper headlined ‘Senseless Deaths on Seward Highway’] - “Sisyphus had it easy” ©2003 8-28 [child rolling School Dist. Deficit, City Deficit, State Budget Gap, and Federal Deficit boulders uphill] - “Tyranny! Alaska is becoming like the U.S.S.R.! So my bill allowing ‘overriding state interests’ to impose shallow gas drilling on local folks is just business as usual” ©2003 8-30 [Vic Kohring at desk] - “Isn’t that cute? Citizens are trying to undo our gutting of campaign and lobbying law. Hey! For funsies, let’s sign their little petition, then gut it again!” ©2003 8-31 [AK House and Senate elephants] 2003 September - “Nonstandardized test” ©2003 9-2 [‘$26 Million ASD Deficit’ Viking with ax challenging teacher with pencil] - “What do you make of this idea that ‘No Child Left Behind’ is a Trojan horse for private school vouchers? Nah, given the city, state, and federal deficits, they’ll have to issue private school I.O.U.s” ©2003 9-4 [students getting off school bus] - ©2003 9-6 [George W. Bush reading Iraqi Survivor Handbook; Iraq War] - “Check the map, hon. I think we’re near Turnagain Pass” ©2003 9-7 [couple passing road sign with Grim Reaper; Seward Highway automobile accidents] - “Gone but not forgotten” ©2003 9-11 [‘9/11/01, 9/[blank]/03’] - “Underregulated coal bed” ©2003 9-14 [Scott Ogan and Evergreen Resources in bed together] - “Uh, sir? Johnny Cash is here [...]”©2003 9-16 [Johnny Cash at gates of heaven] - “I voted for the USA Patriot Act [...]”©2003 9-18 [Don Young with voter’s remorse] - “Relax, this just takes the concept of the ‘Closed GOP Primary’ a step further” ©2003 9-20 [elephants with sign, Nobody But Lisa For U.S. Senate] - “You think an extinct horse-sized guinea pig is impressive? Meet the world’s largest lemming” ©2003 9-21 [Alaska lemming running off Fiscal Doom cliff] - “Randy Ruedrich and his two hats” ©2003 9-23 [doffing AOGC hat while panhandling with GOP Chair hat] - “Kohring and Ogan roll out the red carpet for methane drilling” ©2003 9-25 [hiding local concerns under the carpet] - “Of course, it’s a site condo, so there may be access, maintenance, drainage, and other issues [...]”©2003 9-27 [family with realtor] - “Tyrannosaurus Reckless” ©20039-28 [Proposed $250 Million State Budget Cut dinosaur] - “Boy have we been thinking too small” ©2003 9-30 [Humvee Write-Off passing panhandlers] 2003 October - “First rats, now locusts” ©2003 10-4 [swarm spelling out $30 Million Budget Gap] - “This just in: methane combustible” ©2003 10-5 [charred Scott Ogan saying, ‘Oh, that conflict of interest’. Pencil study on verso, cartoon of Arnold Schwarzenegger carrying ‘Sorry’ pennant] - “Innovative approaches to Anchorage’s budget crunch [...]”©2003 10-7 [sell Eagle River, deputize citizens, turn off traffic lights, eliminate snowplows, convert pools to fish hatcheries] - “News item: Alaskans spending this year’s dividend differently” ©2003 10-11 [man in supermarket buying huge container of rat poison] - “I’m tired of being seen as an unwarranted drain on the federal treasury. You, too? Wow, we have more in common than I thought” ©2003 10-14 [Tribes talking to State backed by $7 Billion money bag] - “Curious cultural practices: Ancient China, foot binding. Present-day Anchorage, head binding” ©2003 10-15 [tiny Tax Cap hat pulled on head] - “Coal bed methane drilling makes that all-important first impression” ©2003 10-15 [couple with ‘Moratorium Yes’ sign looking down into man-shaped hole] - “Garbage night in Eagle River” ©2003 10-18 [bear sniffing at trash cans while couple discusses feeding the animals] - “Saving an Anchorage firefighter’s job will cost the owner of a $200,000 home about $2.00 per month, or you could use the $2.00 plus change to buy a latte. Good luck putting out a fire with the latte” ©2003 10-19 - “I hear there’s a proposal to turn it into a casino. Thereby keeping ‘throwing good money after bad’ in the private sector, where it belongs” ©2003 10-21 [couple outside Seafood Plant] - “Let’s be innovative. When we set our clocks back Sunday, let’s shoot for the days when the city had money” ©2003 10-23 [couple in kitchen reading newspaper headlined $33 Million City Budget Gap] - “Anchorage police ranks are thin [...]”©2003 10-25 [local service cuts are ‘closing the Urban/Rural Divide’] - ©2003 10-26 [Ted Stevens singing about budget to tune of ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’] - “Minimum qualification ‘must-pass’ tests: Students, graduation exam. Schools, No Child Left Behind progress mandates. Parents, fertility test” ©2003 10-28 - ©2003 10-30 [line of solo drivers in traffic decrying inefficiency of underfilled city buses] 2003 November - “So this is why cops are called ‘the thin blue line’” ©2003 11-1 [police officer flattened by APD Case Load anvil] - “Anchorage schools and the hat menace: Students, ball cap. Adults, tax cap” ©2003 11-2 - “Paint-ball bigot vision: whites only” ©2003 11-4 [close-up of pupil-less eyes] - “Sir, how do we answer the charge that Ruedrich has a conflict of interest? Conflict, schmonflict, just have Renkes issue an opinion that there’s no problem” ©2003 11-6 [Governor’s Mansion; Randy Ruedrich, Gregg Renkes] - “Uh oh, a pamphlet on bear-safe garbage practices? No worries, guess where I found it” ©2003 11-8 [bears getting into garbage can] - “On second thought, maybe a petition curbing my appointment powers isn’t such a bad idea” ©2003 [Frank Murkowski with injuries from Randy Ruedrich, Lisa Murkowski, Jim Elkins] - “Gov. Murkowski wonders if he overdid Christmas” ©2003 11-12 [Frank Murkowski looking at credit card bill for services] - “This calls for creative thinking about new revenues. Selling blood comes to mind” ©2003 11-13 [ASD student threatened by many School Cuts swords] - “Electronic gaming is an effective and efficient method of generating revenue. For bar owners” ©2003 11-15 [Video Poker supporter with ace in his hat] - “Funny, I thought that I was the god of the seas” ©2003 11-16 [Poseidon reading newspaper headlined Stevens Fishery Rider] - “Manuscript illumination: a modern approach” ©2003 11-18 [scribe adding White Wash to Crowley Past scroll] - “Once more, from the top, this time with a little less feeling” ©2003 11-20 [NPS ranger with cymbals and Robert Hale on banjo performing Pilgrim Permit Concerto for Dueling Bozos] - “Outdoors quiz: is it OK to pour fuel in the Kenai River? Answer: Yes! If you run it through your outboard motor” ©2003 11-22 [man in skiff] - “A brief history of Murkowski appointments [...]”©2003 11-23 [culminating in doctor’s appointment with ‘self-inflicted wound specialist’] - “Through the holidays with the Murkowski Administration: Halloween. Thanksgiving” ©2003 11-27 [Frank Murkowski wearing mask wielding $250 Million in Cuts ax, then taking mask off and saying ‘Kidding’] - “Correction: make that ‘never underestimate a woman who had her hair done by a welder” ©2003 11-29 [Ramona Barnes] - “Anybody see a pattern in the recent shooting episodes?” ©2003 11-30 [bullet holes spelling out Anchorage Police Staff Shortage] 2003 December - “The mayor wants Alaska families to smooth the way for the Coastal Trail extension. Good idea. I hear the Pilgrims are handy with a bulldozer” ©2003 12-2 [couple skiing past caution signs for Nimby Zone, Red Tape, State Shenanigans, Flatworms] - “OK, maybe DNR does have too much say in wildlife management” ©2003 12-4 [men watching animals with chainsaw, pickax, and shovel singing ‘Hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go’] - “Bless me, father, for the statute of limitations has passed. This job just keeps getting harder” ©2003 12-6 [Roman Catholic confessional; abuse scandal] - “The Board of Game struggles to put an acceptable face on aerial predator control” ©2003 12-7 [poster for ‘Operation Jinglebells’ with Santa Claus in sled armed with rifle] - “The car up on blocks in Anchorage’s front yard” ©2003 11-11 [broken-down police car] - “The unopposed incumbent in 2004” ©2003 12-11 [Budget Gap giant] - “Hey, isn’t that turkey carcass? Are you nuts? I’m on Atkins” ©2003 12-13 [moose raiding garbage cans] - “The bell ringer” ©2003 12-14 [George W. Bush hitting world leaders with bell while collecting donations for Iraq] - “Greetings vanquished cowardly infidels” ©2003 12-16 [Saddam Hussein surrendering] - “Dowsing for dollars, it just might work!” ©2003 [Frank Murkowski and others] - “Ted Stevens walks a mile in Hillary Clinton’s shoes” ©2003 12-20 [wearing high heels and carrying money bag labeled ‘$ A hell of a return for what I put in’] - “You have reached the genie of the lamp [...]”©2003 12-21 [Frank Murkowski rubbing lamp. Cf. .2003.2.2] - “Sick of jumping through this bulky old hoop to file a property tax appeal? Good news! We’re replacing it with this shiny new one!” ©2003 12-23 [Mark Begich with hoops] - “C’mon ya big baby! You can’t catch mad cow disease landing on roofs!” ©2003 12-25 [Santa Claus pulling on reindeer’s lead] - “Far out... Rising oil prices!” ©200312-17 [car headed for unfinished bridge over Fiscal Gap] - “Now here this... We in the Murkowski administration can neither confirm or deny the existence of an ominous storm cloud over party chair Ruedrich” ©2003 12-28 [Frank Murkowski with umbrella in rain storm. Accompanied by photocopy of cartoon with taped-on correction ‘Now hear this’] - “Weapons of moose destruction” ©2003 12-30 [car hitting moose next to road sign, ‘Slow: 17 ANC Moose Hit in 3 Days’] B16 2004 January - ©2004 1-1 [‘2004’ with Budget Gap bombs for zeroes] - “Specialty of the house: ‘mystery meat’” ©2004 1-3 [USDA chef carrying tray covered with Beef Recall Secrecy lid] - “Permanent Fundamentalism” ©2004 1-4 [man in rainstorm with sign, ‘Rainy Day? Touch Ye Not the Dividend’] - “Presto! Through the mystic power of bonding, I magically produce a quarter from the nose of the Fiscal Gap!” ©2004 1-6 [Frank Murkowski pulling coin out of giant’s nose] - “Show you the studies? Borrring. How ‘bout I just show you the money?” ©2004 1-8 [Don Young with Knik Xing Funds money bag; Knik Arm Crossing] - ©2004 1-10 [Ben Stevens with remote control AMATS car; Anchorage transportation] - “Diet, hell. This year I resolve to give up food entirely” ©2004 1-11 [woman passing newspaper box with headline ‘Mad Cow, Bad Salmon’] - ©2004 1-13 [road sign ‘Knik Arm Crossing’ with horse behind cart loaded with money bag] - “So Anchorage thought, ‘Why wait for ‘mad cow’ to hollow out my brain when I can do it myself?’” ©2004 1-15 [man holding hacksaw and School Cuts spoon preparing to do surgery on own brain] - “Remember, Rep. Lynn, dat’s da price of not honorin’ a gentlemen’s agreement” ©2004 1-17 [elephant thug beating up Bob Lynn] - “The Cat in the Hat (updated for Anchorage) [...]”©2004 1-18 [rhyme on school cuts and tax cap. Signed by Dunlap-Shohl with “Apologies to Dr. Seuss”] - “Gun it! That’s Ben Stevens thumbing a ride!” ©2004 1-24 [giant thumb preparing to squash AMATS car] - ©2004 1-25 [Don Young plugging ears while preparing to fire Anchorage daredevil out of Knik Crossing cannon] - “Who better than we to investigate the GOP chairman? His fingerprints are everywhere around here!” ©2004 1-27 [man standing in doorway of Murkowski Administration] - “Right, how could I slap his face? It’s been deep in the sand for years” ©2004 1-29 [Mayors standing next to Legislature ostrich with head in sand] - “Plaintiff pong” ©2004 1-31 [man playing table tennis against Exxon brick wall] 2004 February - “Damn. All three rails seem to be electrified” ©2004 2-1 [Frank Murkowski with track labeled ‘Permanent Fund,’ ‘Taxes,’ and ‘Cuts’] - “If I only had a brain ... a heart ... courage ... a sense of direction. We’re in Anchorage” ©2004 2-3 [cast of Wizard of Oz, Dorothy looking at newspaper box with headline ‘School Cuts’] - “’I basically told the administration that their proposals were the equivalent of crack’ – Pete Kott” ©2004 2-5 [drunk Pete Kott with arm around Ol’ Budget Reserve’ moonshine jug] - “Straight Eye for the Conflicted Guy: Today’s disaster, Scott Ogan” ©2004 2-7 [Ogan wearing Evergreen Energy Jacket and Clashing Tie with Mat-Su Citizens pattern] - “Thinking quickly, the Alaska Legislature hit on a brilliant strategy: play dead” ©2004 2-8 [‘Fiscal Crisis’ Viking ship preparing to land on beach where man is sunbathing] - “Alaska’s standardized curriculum” ©2004 2-10 [school building sagging into The Gap as teacher says, ‘Today we’re studying gravity’] - “Did we hit the fat yet?” ©2004 2-12 [aerial view of giant crater in Alaska] - “It seems the moons are also in alignment in Juneau. ‘Yo, Frank, here’s what we think of yer [expletive] special session!’” ©2004 2-19 [Frank Murkowski] - “Alaska politics play-by-play [...]” ©2004 2-21 [football strategy with governor and Conference of Alaskans playing against themselves] - “The cunning legislature was sure there was a budget solution that involved chewing off someone else’s leg” ©2004 2-22 [wolf stuck in trap] - “Fiscal gap. Credibility gap” ©2004 2-24 [Frank Murkowski stuck on pinnacle between two chasms] - “Election year special: clip ‘n’ save this cartoon for incumbents running on their records! ‘If reelected I’ll ensure the continued decay of public safety [...]’” ©2004 2-26 - “Fellow Alaskans, your legislature not only avoids mere appearance of conflict, we avoid appearance altogether” ©2004 2-28 [Closed Meeting door] 2004 March - “Does Anchorage have a long-term strategy to become a liveable winter city? Yeah, global warming” ©2004 3-2 [pedestrians on snow berm next to busy street] - PDS ’04 [man saying ‘Ow!’ while reading a series of newspapers with Mike Doogan columns, final panel with headline ‘Doogan Quits’] - “I type in ‘Ruedrich e-mail,’ hit ‘search’, and then the screen freezes” ©2004 3-4 [men looking at computer screen with error message ‘Ethics Error, Restart’] - “Rejoice!” ©2004 3-6 [man snatching Schools child from jaws of This Year’s Cuts and handing him into jaws of Next Year’s Cuts] - “So many weapons, so little time” ©2004 3-7 [Legislature man confronting Gap giant, unable to decide on weapon] - “Darwin in the schools” ©2004 3-18 [Exit Exam fish about to swallow smaller Disabled Students fish. Cf. .2003.6.28 - “Missouri: the ‘Show Me’ State. Alaska: the ‘Show Me the Money’ State” ©2004 3-20 [man holding Bonus-For-Dividend-Vote money bag] - “Hey! I can almost see a balanced budget from here!” ©2004 3-21 [elephant balancing on tower of oil barrels near edge of cliff] - “As moose encounters increased in Kincaid Park, ski trophies began to take on a new look” ©2004 3-23 [winners on podium, third place finisher holding moose trophy rather than cup] - “Meanwhile, still floating in treacherous waters...” ©2004 3-25 [Don Young on pool float in Cook Inlet with sign, ‘Ask Me About the Knik Arm Crossing’] 2004 April - “The boy who refused to cry wolf” ©2004 4-1 [ANC Archdiocese shepherd telling sheep not to fear wolves; Roman Catholic priest abuse scandal] - “Ccccome on in! The wwwwater’s ffffine” ©2004 4-3 [shivering Frank Murkowski in water with sign ‘Beaufort Sea Oil Leases, Get ‘Em While They’re Hot’] - “Hey, Judicial Council, we just want to have a conversation. Here are your lines” ©2004 4-5 [big man pushing little man around. Photocopy] - ©2004 4-6 [freebies offered by Coffee Card, Sandwich Card, Voter Card] - “Defang him? Right. Tell Anchorage voters I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole [...]”©2004 4-8 [The Gap dog chewing off pieces of Legislature’s stick] - “You know what Alaska really needs? [...]”©2004 4-10 [elephant advocating spending limit] - “Bloodsucking Alaska giant, swatted by Wall St. Journal” ©2004 4-11 [Tax Burden mosquito, newspaper headlined ‘AK Taxes Lowest of 50 States’] - “Q: Can pork fly? A: Meet Orville & Wilbur” ©2004 4-12 [Knik Crossing and Ketchikan Bridge pigs] - “[...] My hands were never in the cookie jar!” ©2004 4-15 [Randy Ruedrich with head in cookie jar] - “I’m afraid our senate primary might turn nasty. Might? Miller’s already accusing Lisa of voting moderate” ©2004 4-17 [elephants watching television; Joe Miller, Lisa Murkowski] - “Designated driver of the Alaska State Budget” ©2004 4-18 [drunk Oil Prices weaving back and forth] - “OK, political poll [...] I know my state time sheet is around here somewhere” ©2004 4-20 [Randy Ruedrich at desk] - “And Seymour, Anchorage’s tourism mascot, woke up in McGrath” ©2004 4-21 [darted moose singing ‘Wild about Anchorage’] - “The Legislature breathes more easily with higher oil prices” ©2004 4-22 [man snorting cocaine] - “Streamlining government with Ben Stevens [...]”©2004 4-27 [in new ‘Dept. of Elections Corrections’] - “The $100 worker’s tax: sharing the pain equally” ©2004 4-28 [same size bite taking bigger percentage of small paycheck versus large paycheck] - “Remember class, in Alaska, every vote matters...provided it’s OK with Ben Stevens” ©2004 4-29 [classroom] 2004 May - “Pavlov’s donkey” ©2004 5-1 [donkey reacting to every proposed bill with ‘Outrageous! This is another naked attack on the dividend!’] - “No gas tax increase [...]”©2004 5-2 [elephant rejecting all tax ideas] - “Hello, is this Sen. Murkowski’s office? [...]” [woman calling Lisa Murkowski to get an extension on her taxes] - “It was looking grim in the Senate until casino advocates found a way to tie in education” ©2004 [couple outside Alaska Casino Academy] - “The Fiscal Gap: Echo Point” ©2004 [Frank Murkowski holding POMV sign on cliff edge, with clouds spelling out ‘We’ll Grow Our Way Out’; Permanent Fund] - ©2004 [State Attorney General calling Randy Ruedrich’s voice mail] - “The Alaska Senate crawls the fiscal desert” ©2004 [being very specific about what kind of water it would be willing to drink] - “Fear! You’re supposed to be shaking with fear!” ©2004 [Senate shaking with laughter over Frank Murkowski’s threatened Education Veto. With manuscript note ‘Hi Karen, Please give to Pam. D-S 2 of 3’] - “Wolf control? Us?? ©2004 [Gap wolf outside Senate log cabin. With manuscript note ‘Hi Karen, Please give to Pam. D-S 3 of 3’] - “Wheeeeee!!” ©2004 5-13 [Senate riding oil barrel on Oil Prices geyser] - “Hey! Alaska! You just won the oil price lottery! Whattaya gonna do now? Do?” ©2004 5-20 [man wearing The Denial State t-shirt throwing Fiscal Plan out] - “Randy, we agree it’s bad to mix state business with party business, so it would be wrong for us to let your state ethics act problems hurt your party chairmanship” ©2004 5-22 [elephant with Randy Ruedrich] - “The heroic Legislature performs ‘rescue breathing’ on school funding” ©2004 5-23 [man walking away saying ‘All better. Now hold your breath ‘til next year’] - “Ben Steven’s compulsion to overrule Anchorage voters took a nasty twist when it hit him he was one” ©2004 [arguing with self in voting booth] - “Unendangered species act” ©2004 5-25 [The Dividend gorilla, donkey and elephant with signs ‘Save the 800-Lb. Gorilla’] - “Of course you can have an opinion! Here, Leman, have this one!” ©2004 5-27 [Ted Stevens with ‘Lisa For Senate’ sign jumping up and down in front of Loren Leman] - “Family ties” ©2004 5-29 [Lisa Murkowski running U.S. Senate Race tied to Nepotism ball- and-chain] - “That would explain the smell” ©2004 5-30 [Frank Murkowski holding dead cat behind back, saying ‘The Ruedrich ethics matter? Well I agree with Randy, it’s a dead issue’] 2004 June - “We reject moral relativism [...]”©2004 6-3 [elephant defending Randy Ruedrich] - “Q: What looks awful without even being seen? A: [pit bull outside Closed Caucus door]” ©2004 6-5 - “Hey Alaska! Is there anything you don’t understand about the explanation of benefits form? Only our benefits” ©6-6-04 [man in front of computer looking at Premera For-Profit Plan] - “Attention legislators: Beware of altitude sickness” ©2004 6-8 [disoriented man rising on Oil Prices balloon] - “Still the great communicator” ©2004 6-10 [couple reading newspaper headlined ‘Reagan Loss May Sway Stem Cell Debate’; Ronald Reagan death] - “Q: If you took all 31,000 people without medical coverage out of Alaska’s largest city, what could they be? A: Alaska’s second largest city” ©2004 6-12 [map] - “Afterward, nobody again questioned spending anti-terror funds on a jet the governor can use” ©2004 6-13 [Frank Murkowski capturing terrorist] - “Under President Bush I chose to not recognize the International Criminal Court [...]”©2004 6-15 [Uncle Sam no longer recognizable to self] - “Behold, Legislature, I gaze upward and see that lo, the stars are in alignment to solve the budget mess! Governor, when I gaze up, I see higher oil prices” ©2004 6-17 [Frank Murkowski and man on cliff edge] - “Health care snapshot: one Alaska in five lacks coverage” ©2004 6-19 [four clothed people, one naked man] - “Directions to the special session? [...]”©2004 6-20 [Frank Murkowski giving convoluted instructions, donkey and elephant in car both thinking ‘U Turn’] - “The frog? No way! In an election year I kiss only babies! Uh, it’s a baby frog” ©2004 6-22 [Frank Murkowski presenting The Plan frog to Legislature princess. Pencil study on verso for cartoon with caption ‘Frank Murkowski reads Alaska a bedtime story’] - “Ethical hygiene tip: for a squeeky clean party image, remember to scrub behind your ears” ©2004 6-24 [Alaska GOP Chairman Randy Ruedrich riding on elephant’s head, saying ‘Easy boy, I only admitted three out of four violations’] - “Non sequitur of the week: Lawmakers hired photographers to take campaign photos during the special session” ©2004 6-26 [political ad to reelect incumbent ‘Bob Dolittle’] - “So Jim, is a legislative thrashing covered under the current version of workers’ comp?” ©2004 6-29 [injured Frank Murkowski and Jim Clark] 2004 July - “Think big! More Homeland Security solutions for Alaska [...]” ©2004 7-1 [tank for road building, aircraft carrier as ferry, armored boots ‘for those prone to shooting their own feet’] - “The Day After Tomorrow. Today” ©2004 7-3 [movie poster, tsunami inundating Coastal Alaska Villages] - “News item: Murkowski administration to strengthen message delivery” ©2004 7-4 [Frank Murkowski using megaphone to amplify babbling] - “This Tony Knowles campaign message sponsored by an Outside third party” ©2004 7-27 [Knowles with ‘Kick Me’ sign on back] 2004 November - ©2004 11-4 [two highway lanes, marked ‘US Transportation Needs’ and ‘Committee Chairman Lane’] Undated (1/2) - [human eye as clock face. Color] - Friday Lifestyles art 1 of 2, Jan. 26. [stylized man and woman. Color] - [overlay portrait of man. Unsigned. Unidentified by Dunlap-Shohl in 2017] - “Monoski” [skier. Unsigned] - “Louis XVI” [portrait] - “Ramona Barnes” [portrait] - “Wally Hickel” [portrait. Pencil portrait on verso, possibly Tony Knowles] - “Heather Flynn” [portrait] - “Jalmar Kerttula” [portrait] - “Don Bennett” [portrait] - “Dick Randolph” [portrait] - [portrait of Bill Sheffield, 1983. Signed “Shohl”] - [portrait of man. Unidentified by Dunlap-Shohl in 2017] - [portrait of Woody Allen. Unsigned] - [portrait of Ronald Reagan] - [Saddam Hussein with candle burning at both ends] - [man with plunger on head. Unsigned. Two color] - [man holding nose. Unsigned] - [protestors toppling large statue of man carrying money bag and riding pig, ‘Greed’ on pedestal] - [three panels, woman in fear, man laughing, woman in love. Unsigned] - [clock radio] - [six caricatures of men and women, with manuscript note “need Soviet.” Unsigned] - [figures of male and female student bent into S-shapes. Unsigned] - [close-up of person using camera, ‘no lips’ symbol on lens] - [man descending into manhole. Unsigned. Typescript caption adhered to verso ‘Annual growth in per capita income’] - [Statue of Liberty holding flower bouquet in place of torch] - [pilot with handlebar mustache heating coffee on fire from burning airplane and whistling tune as woman crawls out of tent in background] - “Satch lost in Portland” [car driving away from gas station and off edge of map of I-5 corridor; Satch Carlson?] - [man reclining on lawn chair and reading newspaper in kitchen. Print] - [Rapunzel in tower, about to cut her hair as man is climbing up it] - [Alaska state flag on flagpole, with musical notes replacing stars. Unsigned] - [man reeling in huge salmon with conning tower on back] - [family with huge mouths eating dinner. Print] - [man looking through telescope made from Post newspaper looking at Mars, Martian businesses selling Madonna tickets, Martian food, ‘0-Gravity Weight Loss’] - [two men flossing teeth with same strand of floss, coming out of container labeled $6.00 and going back into container labeled $1.20] - [Cujo dog reclining in lawn chair reading Call of the Wild. Unsigned] - [fish processing ship next to flooded fish processing plant] - [Style Police shaking down little man] - [watering can sprinkling water on plant whose leaves are growing into a dollar sign. Unsigned] - [hand banging gavel made out of small garbage can] - [Mikhail Gorbachev having his hat blown off at Portage Glacier] - [Sherlock Holmes inspecting map of Great Britain with magnifying glass] - [man typing on computer keyboard with crossed fingers] - [baby wearing Turbo-Joggers shoes looking up at parent] - [Bill Sheffield, Jalmar Kerttula, and Joe Hayes arguing. Signed “Shohl”] - [Christmas card with portrait of father and two misbehaving children. ‘Ho ho ho’ message taped over original message, ‘Merry Christmas from the McFeaters’] Undated (2/2) - [portrait of Ronald Reagan. Computer-generated art] - [mountaineer making ascent about to be lassoed from behind. Signed by Dunlap Shohl with “Homage à Guy Billout”. Pen-and-ink and computer-generated art] - [junk food speeding down highway into man’s mouth. Computer-generated art] - [skydiver pulling on rip cord, falling with rifle, pistol, snowshoes, and can of borscht. Scratchboard] - [moose. Scratchboard] - [coins falling from one hand into another. Scratchboard] - [hand dropping coin. Scratchboard] - [policeman and homeless person in Red Square. Scratchboard] - [devil with oil well on head. Scratchboard] - [woolly mammoth. Scratchboard] Muskeg Heights April 23-27, 30 May 1-4, 7-11, 14-18, 21-25, 28-31 June 1, 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-29 July [15 undated], 16-20, 23-27, 30-31 August 1-3, 6-10, 13-17, 20-24, 27-31 September 3-7, 10-15, 17-22, 24-29 October 1-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27, [6 undated], 29-31 November 1-3, 5-10, 12-17, 19-24, 26-30 December 1, 3-8, 10-15, 17-22, 24-29, 31 B17 [Paper copies of born-digital cartoons] 2004 August - “Hey, look at me. I have no trouble making adequate yearly progress” ©2004 8-12 [Inflation boa constrictor wrapped around Schools girl] - “Garbage scow attempting to pass as a swift boat” ©2004 8-22 [boat hauling Smear Kerry Campaign trash] - “The closed primary actually increases voter choices. You used to get just one ballot. Now you have your pick of three” ©2004 8-24 [elephant and voter at voting booths] - “We meet in closed caucus. We’ve made it harder to know who lobbies us. You want unobtrusive government? How about darn near invisible?” ©2004 8-26 [elephant] - “Exposé Corner: Will the elite few who hold disproportionate sway over our government please raise your hand?” ©2004 8-29 [woman wearing ‘25% Turnout’ shirt] 2004 September - “My appointment of Lisa led to major headaches [...]” ©2004 9-2 [Frank Murkowski discussing appointments] - “This judge thing really galls me [...]” ©2004 9-11 [Frank Murkowski talking to Lisa Murkowski on telephone about cronyism] - “If it’s U.S. policy to export democracy, shouldn’t we be more concerned with quality control?” ©2004 9-14 [men cowering from Attack Ads and Lies mud being thrown] - “Very impressive, Chairman Young. But why do you need a meat cache in Washington D.C.? To keep my pork away from John McCain!” ©2004 9-16 [Don Young] - “Murkowski resource agencies to speak with one voice” ©2004 9-23 [three men working together to heave shackled Public Debate off pier] - “The Short-Circuit Court of Appeals” ©2004 9-26 [Ted Stevens as judge overruling Ninth Circuit Cod Decision] - “Frank, Frank, Frank, we can’t abolish the APOC. But we can make ‘em wish we had!” ©2004 9-28 [elephant and Frank Murkowski dropping Work Load filing cabinet on woman] 2004 October - “Rep. Young’s pet project meet Pres. Bush’s pet project” ©2004 10-2 [Knik Bridge dachshund meeting Tax Cuts cur] - “Gov. trumpets Taiwan coal deal” ©2004 10-5 [Frank Murkowski blowing out flat Renkes Flap note; Gregg Renkes] - “Wow! The Beluga coal deal created a job already!” [couple passing newspaper box with headline ‘Counsel Named to Investigate AK Attorney General’; Gregg Renkes. Undated, unsigned] - “’Some people say I swagger. In Texas, we call that ‘walking’’ – President Bush” ©2004 10-9 [George H.W. Bush as sheriff tiptoeing around craters labeled Nigeria Uranium, Chalabi Arrest, Abu Ghraib, CIA Memo Iraq Future Bleak, Post-Invasion Looting, Report No WMD, Bremer Speech, Rumsfeld on Osama-Saddam Link] - “Things that go bump in broad daylight” ©2004 10-10 [Frank Murkowski hitting himself in head with hammer, bumps labeled Longevity Bonus Cut, Coal Deal, Jet, Lisa Appt., Special Ferry Run, Judicial Council Run-in] - “Elephant? Donkey? Don’t kid yourselves. What we need in D.C. is ...” ©2004 10-14 [caribou carrying signs in favor of opening ANWR] - “Here’s an idea – Ted adopts Lisa” ©2004 10-19 [elephants looking at polls for Tony Knowles and Lisa Murkowski] - “The 2004 ballot: Loren Leman demonstrates blackening in the ovals” ©2004 10-21 [Leman with black eyes at voting booth] - “We go on a binge, and our kids get the hangover” ©2004 10-23 [Tax Cuts alcohol bottle, child with Debt vise on head] - “The undecided vote” ©2004 10-24 [man walking dog past campaign signs for Lisa Murkowski and Tony Knowles, thinking ‘Do I want to vote for Ted, or against Frank?’] - “The Alaska fiscal plan, as we know it” ©2004 10-24 [drunken man on street seeing Oil Prices fairy godmother] - “Putting an end to the red state/blue state divide” ©2004 [bottle of Red Ink spilled on map of USA] - “Voters may reject the school bonds even though the state will reimburse 60 to 70%. And they worry about our math skills” ©2004 10-26 [children walking to school] - “Halloween quiz. Which is scarier: Ghost stories. Ghost-written stories” ©2004 10-28 [Alaska Election Pamphlet Overedited by L. Leman] 2004 November - “Looks like not one incumbent lost their seat in Juneau. And we’re gonna keep on sending ‘em back ‘til they get it right!” [men shoveling snow. Undated, unsigned] - “We’re losing the Greenland ice sheet to global warming. I never thought I’d miss the day when ‘catastrophic meltdown’ meant a nuclear reactor accident” ©2004 [polar bears] - “Pimp my capitol: Design ideas for proposed new capitol [...]” ©2004 11-9 [including Inverted Dome, Tinted Windows, Left Wing, Right Wing, ‘Time Out’ Corner] - “For those wondering whom Ben Stevens gets advice from” ©2004 11-11 [charred Stevens and Wile E. Coyote reading Acme Guide to Politics. Signed by Dunlap-Shohl with “Honoring Chuck Jones”] - “And you thought moose in the road were bad” ©2004 11-13 [D. Young & Co. Transportation Bill truck headed toward 2005 Congress elephant in road; Don Young] - ©2004 11-20 [Alaska man riding upward arrow on Oil Prices graph, Fiscal Gap dragon waiting at bottom] - “Global warming: Greatest U.S. impact. Least U.S. impact” ©2004 11-21 [Alaska, George H.W. Bush] - [Alaska star as largest one on American flag flying outside U.S. Treasury. Undated, unsigned] - “[Expletive] global warming!” ©2004 11-27 [Santa Claus outside house surrounded by flood waters] - “Lord, grant us one more oil boom” ©2004 11-28 [man headed to restroom with crossed legs after drinking Extra-Extra Mega-Tall Double-Caf Triple-Shot Oil Prices coffee] - “The good news: bigger average paychecks than women nationwide. The bad news: it’s hazardous duty pay” ©2004 11-30 [woman cowering in shadow of Violence Against Women] 2004 December - “Junior take advantage of new free credit report, finds his future is mortgaged” ©2004 12-2 [angry son presenting father with Deficits As Far As The Eye Can See report] - “Then, just as each heaved a sigh of relief, Air Force One flew past” ©2004 12-4 [car with ‘Emigrate or Bust’ sign passing road sign ‘Welcome to Canada Panicked US Liberals Use Left Lane’] - “We’re just trying to educate the public” ©2004 12-5 [man with Phantom Financiers bag on head holding check for Anti-Begich ads; Mark Begich] - “Deep in the coal seam, Gregg Renkes makes an unsettling discovery” ©2004 12-7 [miner’s headlamp illuminating graffiti ‘Scott Ogan was here’] - “News item: Governor’s Mansion suffers water damage” ©2004 12-9 [Gregg Renkes cloud dumping rain on mansion] - “Pick the wildly optimistic forecast: Mr. Alaska, I see $43 oil in your future! Excellent! This is the year I commit to a long-range fiscal plan!” [man with fortune teller. Unsigned, undated] - “Water temperature: 43°, waves = over 20 feet, courage: above and beyond” ©2004 12-11 [Coast Guard rescue helicopter; Selendang Ayu sinking, Kodiak Air Station helicopter crash] - “The good news: we want to permanently abolish the inheritance tax. The bad news: this is your inheritance” ©2004 12-14 [George H.W. Bush standing atop U.S. Debt ball, of ball-and- chain attached to child] - “Blooper video of the year” ©2004 12-16 [video store customer looking at poster for ‘Gregg Renkes in Ethics 2004’] - “Then, just at the last minute, the Budget Gap’s back went out” ©2004 12-19 [executioner lifting scythe to decapitate Alaska man who starts celebrating] - ©2004 12-23 [man passing Recruitment Office with poster of Uncle Sam covering his eyes, with slogan ‘We’re Overlooking a Few Good Men, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’] - “Welcome to the safety net” ©2004 [Mat-Su Abuse Case spider with wrapped victim in web] - ©2004 12-26 [George H.W. Bush reading Operator’s Manual for globe received as Christmas present] - “Reader service: the one-size-fits-all holiday card. Why take the chance of offending someone? Write in their name, sign yours, and let them fill out the rest” [generic card with checkboxes. Undated, unsigned] - “Last minute gifts for Alaska politicians [...]”©2004 12-2[?] [suggestions for Ben Stevens, Gregg Renkes, Randy Ruedrich, John Harris, Pete Kott, Mark Begich, Frank Murkowski. Date partially cropped in copy] - “It’s a good thing the tsunami couldn’t reach all the way between Anchorage and Sumatra. It’s a better thing that we can” ©2004 12-30 [son talking to mother writing a check for tsunami relief] 2005 January - “Ringing in the new year” ©2005 1-1 [Earth from space, with North America thinking about champagne, Indonesia thinking about clean water; Indian Ocean tsunami] - “There’s been a bill filed to fine politicians for campaign lies. Ingenious, they can sell it as campaign reform and a fiscal solution!” ©2005[?] 1-2 [couple skiing] - “What makes you suspect you have masochistic tendencies? I, I live in Anchorage during freeze-thaw season” ©2005 1-6 [man with broken leg on psychiatrist’s couch] - “Dueling biologists settling predator control” ©2005 1-8 [gun-wielding duelists arguing over number of paces] - “Windfall” ©2005 1-9 [protestor with ‘Fiscal Plan Now’ sign being crushed by Surplus money bag] - “Sir Lege, ye fiscal dragon slayer, wins the oil price lottery” ©2005 1-12[?] [knight facing dragon, planning to quit job] - “Top 5 reasons Gov. needs a state jet [...]”©2005 1-13 [Frank Murkowski pushing luggage cart with Gregg Renkes and Randy Ruedrich bags, reasons include frequent flier miles, not having to sit with Wev Shea, predator control, large budget surplus, ‘all that baggage’] - [Frank Murkowski as pilot flying doghouse, takeoff on Snoopy character. Undated, unsigned] - “Boggler: identify the wildly unpredictable announcement Frank Murkowski actually made [...]”©2005 1-15 [five statements, choice E ‘I’m unilaterally boosting oil taxes’] - ©2005 1-16 [diagram of the solar system, dotted line beyond Saturn’s orbit labeled ‘Orbit from which there is no appearance of Renkes’ conflict’] - “Then, mysteriously, something spooked the herd and the Anchorage Assembly bolted. Casualties are still being determined” [cattle stampede. Undated, unsigned] - “The latest numbers on the state surplus show it shrinking. Mayday! We better spend it before it’s gone! ©2005 1-23 [legislators on Juneau Capitol steps] - “Aye ‘n’ beggorrah Sen. Stevens, here be your pot o’ gold! Umm, you realize we risk the wrath of the media...” ©2005 1-25 [Ted Stevens and leprechaun] - “OK industry, look me in the eye and tell me Alaska’s getting its fair share” ©2005 1-30 [Frank Murkowski talking to man carrying huge Slope Profits barrel on back] 2005 February - “Now there’s an ugly new trend in media consolidation” ©2005 2-1 [couple passing newspaper box with headline ‘Third Pundit Caught Taking Gov’t Pay’] - “You know the state’s in trouble when the AG needs help to exercise bad judgement” ©2005 1-3 [sic, i.e. 2005-2-3] [Gregg Renkes on telephone to tech support, asking for help in deleting emails] - ©2005 2-5 [Gregg Renkes with Pinocchio nose growing through Frank Murkowski’s head] - ©2005 2-6 [George H.W. Bush as physician with badly knotted stethoscope, trying to examine Social Security] - “Urban moose control: with hunts discredited, Anchorage adopts a safer, more humane method” ©2005 2-8 [car about to hit moose on road] - “ my back” ©2005 2-10 [Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas shaking hands] - “Global communication: The U.N. is required to do business in 6 different languages. The Anchorage School District has to work with 93” ©2005 2-12 [teacher reading ‘Pashto Made EZ’] - “Sounds more like rent-to-own” ©2005 2-13 [George H.W. Bush presenting wrapped gift to Uncle Sam, with tag ‘Ownership Society, Cost: Trillions in Borrowing’] - “The case for booze in the capitol: alcohol lowers inhibition” ©2005 2-17 [drunken lawmaker saying ‘Open caucuses? Why the heck not?’] - “It’s absurd, it’s plain, it’s Supermajority [...]”©2005 2-19 [Superman-type figure ‘uttering the mystic word no’] - “A redesigned capitol is only half the battle! Introducing the fully updated Solon Mark II, the 21 st century politician! [...]”©2005 2-20 [body parts labeled] - “Smoking: We in the Legislature observe our own rules [...] Everyone should observe the law. We observe it from above” ©2005 2-22 [Smoking, Drinking, Meeting, Reasoning] - “PETA wants Alaskans to empathize with salmon. OK. I’m cold, wet, and hungry” ©2005 2-24 [bears in stream] 2005 March - “Double take – remember when Pres. Bush looked in Putin’s eye and saw his soul?” ©2005 3-1 [close-up of eye with Iran Nukes atomic symbol as iris] - “Gov. and Legislature in hot pursuit of ethics reform” ©2005 3-3 [Frank Murkowski and man stuck in sticky trap] - “Ethics reflexes: Stimulus and response in Alaska elected leaders. 1. Ogan Affair, 2. Ruedrich Case, 3. Renkes Matter, 4. Ethics Reform” ©2005 3-5 [flinching at ethics reform] - “Caution: Temporary revenue windfall on duty” ©2005 3-6 [crossing guard stopping traffic at School Xing, with children walking toward cliff edge] - “Cracking down on debtors doesn’t mean us, right?” ©2005 3-8 [George H.W. Bush holding MasterDeficit credit card being presented with Bankruptcy Bill] - “Voters finally agreed to the expansion when we found a way to make it a roads project” ©2005 3-10 [Drive-Thru at the Anchorage Museum of History & Art] - “I was worried when Murkowski moved habitat biologists into DNR, but now that the Game Board is getting into land trades, I’m just confused” ©2005 3-12 [bears in stream. Color] - ©2005 3-13 [Uncle Sam at gas pump, with options for ‘Product of Oppressive Unstable Middle Eastern Monarchy’, ‘Cranky Latin American Regime’, or ‘Authoritarian Former Superpower’] - “Uh oh...” ©2005 3-15 [woman reading ‘Left Behind’ by Lahaye and Jenkins while man reads newspaper headlined ‘Stevens Talks Retiring’] - “It’s gorgeous, it’s a gift, what’s not to like? We’d have to water it” ©2005 3-17 [people looking out window of house at Museum Expansion plant left on stoop] - “Hey Congress, what’s a word for the sick, their caregivers, victims of identity theft... Deadbeats” ©2005 3-19 [Credit Lobby holding Bankruptcy Bill] - “The Incredible Sulk” ©2005 3-20 [Ted Stevens sitting on Federal Billions to Alaska moneybag saying ‘Oy, Congress, it makes me clinically depressed’] - “Brash prediction: Not only will this get Anchorage voters to embrace transit bonds, they might actually ride” ©2005 3-29 [mechanic showing off ‘PeopleMonster 4 x 4’ bus] - “No dessert until you swallow your sword” ©2005 3-31 [Ben Stevens holding Senate School Bill cupcake, House holding ‘No Use of P Fund w/o Vote’ sword; Permanent Fund] 2005 April - “While we’re worried about the consequences of inactivity in the schools...” ©2005 4-[sic] [obese man wearing Deferred Maintenance Backlog t-shirt. No digital file] - “Big Bird learns the hard way that being ‘watchable wildlife’ is no free pass in Alaska” ©2005 4-3 [Big Bird under fire; funding cut for public television] - “Casting ballots – an Alaska cure for low turnout” ©2005 4-5 [fly fishermen casting ballots into box at Democracy Derby] - “Glacier Bay: ahead full steam” ©2005 4-7 [Frank Murkowski fuming over Ferry Routes] - “Debating the look of the proposed new Alaska capitol” ©2005 4-9 [people next to casket commenting on the dead body] - “Sure, we’ve made great strides in lengthening lifespan, but I’m afraid we’re adding to the wrong end” ©2005 4-10 [file date 2005-4-10] [physicians in front of blackboard with chart ending in Incapacity, Heroic Measures, Death] - “Golden Gate? Sorry, the packing slip says Golden Goose Bridge” ©2005 4-10 [man pulling goose out of mailed packaged labeled ‘To AK From DC, Contents: Knik Bridge’] - “An audience expects to believe in an actor. In Jerry Harper they got an actor who believed in them” ©2005 4-12 [Harper taking bow; death of Cyrano’s Playhouse founder] - “Good morning, class. This is the benchmark exam. It tests reading, writing, and by hour six, stamina” ©2005 4-14 [teacher in classroom] - “Tom DeLay running on empty” ©2005 4-16 [Warning Light on Ethics readout on car dashboard] - “The dream team” ©2005 4-17 [House, Governor, and Senate asleep in bed as Future Fiscal Gap thief sneaks in”] - “Wondering what’s become of the effort to tighten conflict of interest law? It’s bogged down in a gray area” ©2005 4-19 [Legislative Majority elephant] - “It’s a crime the way Alaska’s vast resources have been locked up! [...]”©2005 4-21 [customers in bar discussing Permanent Fund] - “Nauseated at the thought of a governor with an ego so large it must be checked separately? Here’s help: It’s the Fold-Your-Own Air Frank Barf Bag [...]” ©2005 4-23 [folding instructions] - “SELL! Who are those hecklers? Wall Street” ©2005 4-24 [George H.W. Bush holding ‘Private Accounts’ sign] - “What remains of ‘death and disability’ in the Senate’s pension proposal? ‘Dis’” ©2005 4-26 [firefighters] - “Ethics law forbids talking about complaints, mimes silently exploit loophole” ©2005 4-28 [mime making gagging motion behind lawmaker] - “Who needs card rooms? We’ve got a budget that’s an entire house of cards” ©2005 4-30 [figure in house of cards] 2005 May - “Great moments in the search for truth: Diogenes, bearing his lamp, meets Ralph Seekins, bearing his fire extinguisher” ©2005 5-1 [Seekins with Ethics Bill fire extinguisher] - “As a new state employee, I decide to model my long-term financial plan on the Legislature’s” ©2005 5-3 [woman with My Pension Plan pie chart with sections for Kindness of Feds, Reserves, Borrowing, Wildly High Oil Prices] - “Bartenders quickly learn not to yell ‘Last rounds!” after the legislature overrules city restrictions of arms in bars” ©2005 5-5 [bartender under fire, cowering behind bar] - “’The special interest lobbyists who have been in this building has been unprecedented.’ I gotta admire their work ethic” ©2005 5-7 [Ben Stevens at Anchorage Museum in first panel, holding bag of Consulting Fees in second panel] - “Anchorage tragedy: bear hit by red-light runner while crossing the street to raid garbage” ©2005 5-8 [car striking bear] - “I hope the Governor and Legislature exempt themselves from retirement reform. It requires better long-term financial skills” ©2005 5-10 [couple watching men fighting] - “You thought the end was near but I call a special session [...]”©2005 5-12 [Frank Murkowski singing to tune of ‘My Way’] - “Do I support reintroducing soft money? I repeat: I favor full disclosure. OK, will you disclose your position on soft money?” ©2005 5-14 [Frank Murkowski press conference] - “Legislature!! Keep yer eye on the ball! And this ball! And this one! And...” ©2005 5-15 [Frank Murkowski throwing balls to outfielder] - “The scars are in alignment” ©2005 5-16 [battered elephant with scars from No Ethics Reform, School Budget Delay, Special Session, Soft Money Bill, Veto Threats, Bloated Capital Spending, Closed Meetings, Pension Fracas] - “Aide: Murkowski statement on workers’ comp was ‘allegorical’” ©2005 5-17 [Frank Murkowski swearing oath on Aesop’s Fables] - “Stop cackling insanely every time I explain that pension reform is about curbing unsustainable spending” ©2005 5-19 [man holding chain of Senate Capital Budget monster, possibly Johnny Ellis?] - ©2005 5-22 [woman reading newspaper headlined ‘Gov Holds Closed Press Conference on Closed Meeting’] - “Have they agreed on anything? Yes, unanimous contempt for the public” ©2005 5-24 [couple outside Secret Budget Meetings door decorated with skull-and-crossbones] - “In case you’re wondering what the secret adjournment negotiations looked like” ©2005 5- 26 [elephant pretending to talk with its hands, hands uttering expletives] - “We don’t play well with others? Nonsense. Just watch this backhand” ©2005 5-28 [Ben Stevens returning House tennis ball to Frank Murkowski] - “Are we there yet?” ©2005 5-29 [Moebius strip with sides labeled More Roads, More Traffic] 2005 June - “Visibility schmisibility – me and the boys will actually be safer without this dopey orange vest” ©2005 6-2 [Ben Stevens handing Open Meetings vest back to woman at work site] - “Powerpoint presentation, The coming Southcentral natural gas shortage: No power. No point” ©2005 6-4 [declining Cook Inlet Gas Production graph, map of Kenai Peninsula] - “If they’re not ready to sell North Slope gas after 30 years, we should at least charge for parking” ©2005 6-5 [car at Reserves Tax parking meter, oil rigs in background] - “Uh oh, isn’t that the ‘backing up’ warning?” ©2005 6-7 [children boarding ‘Proposed AK Science Education Standards (Biological Evolution Mentioned Only Once)’ school bus] - “Discipline, Dahlstrom! Discipline! Otherwise, it’s a free for all!” ©2005 6-9 [elephant tossing money from Surplus moneybag running over Nancy Dahlstrom] - “OK, maybe the church can get too involved in science” ©2005 6-11 [couple outside church with sign ‘Today’s Sermon: Algorithms in Molecular Biology and Gene Expression’] - “Let the medical marijuana ban enforcement begin...” ©2005 6-12 [critically ill patient in hospital bed, physician saying ‘Bad news, your white count in high, your hemoglobin is low, and we found pot in your urine sample’] - “Debt forgiveness looks better all the time” ©2005 6-14 [Uncle Sam handing out Relief for Debtor Nations and IOUs to China] - ©2005 6-16 [man from BRAC truck changing sign to read ‘Welcome to Fairbanks, Alaska’s Purple Heart City’] - “Part of Bicentennial Park we shouldn’t ever dig” ©2005 6-18 [Dick Traini with shovel at gravestone for Simonian Fields Conflict] - “The bugs are fiercer than ever this year. I swore off steroids when I realized my blood was enhancing their performance” ©2005 6-19 [couple jogging on Coastal Trail] - “It’s weird, the phone’s ringing off the hook with requests for copies of Ted Stevens’ financial disclosure report. Would-be millionaires looking to copy his investment strategy” ©2005 6-21 [Ethics Committee office workers] - “Deprived of government funds, public broadcasting adapts to the commercial arena [...]”©2005 6-23 [‘Three Tenors’ replaced by ‘Three Sopranos’, ‘Jackass PhD’, ‘pledge break wardrobe malfunctions’] - “2 out of 3 Anchorage residents are overweight. Explaining the grooves in our roads” ©2005 6-25 [obese couple driving on rutted road] - “To the tune of ‘Do You Believe in Magic’” ©2005 6-26 [Frank Murkowski as snake charmer playing ‘Gas Line Deal’ out of basket] - “Oh, let’s not make an issue of our petty differences, Alaska. Join me in a toast to high profits!” ©2005 6-28 [Oil Co.s coming on to woman in bar] - “Simple rule for coexisting with urban bears: No shirt. No shoes. No service!” ©2005 6-30 [bear raiding garbage can] 2005 July - “ANWR, the annual migration of the porcupine herds” ©2005 7-2 [crowds of protestors engaging in open field] - “It may be tough, but I have faith in you Jim. If it gets out of hand, am I affected by our workers’ comp reform?” ©2005 7-3 [Frank Murkowski and Jim Clark getting ready to sign with Gas Line Deal men] - “If we want a spur line, it might help to have a spur” ©2005 7-5 [cowboy boot with Reserves Tax spur] - “The fiends! Just as I’m about to fire off an angry note about per diem, I realize they can claim per diem for reading it” ©2005 7-7 [couple using personal computer at home] - “History quiz: Pick the figure who succeeded against the British. Gandhi. Hitler. (Hint: Terrorists, you picked wrong)” ©2005 7-9 - “Unscientific consensus: Greenhouse gasses? Nah! Some alternate possibilities for skeptics to cling to [...]”©2005 7-10 [Texans’ voodoo curse, alien heat rays, lightning. No digital file] - “Wal-Mart, meet our new ‘greeter’” ©2005 7-12 [Mark Begich with brawny Design Expectations] - “Both cyclist and driver agreed it was absurd to have a law unlikely to be enforced” ©2005 7- 14 [car running a red light hitting child not wearing a helmet while riding bicycle] - “If the wind’s out of Kenai it’s the Tustumena wildfire, if it’s out of Juneau it’s the revenue surplus” ©2005 7-16 [couple in heavy smoke] - “Knik Armwrestling” ©2005 7-17 [octopus with arms labeled Financing, Maintenance, Route, Tides, Environmental Impact, Earthquake Hazard, and Ice about to attack workman with Bridge Proposal] - “Rove leaks” ©2005 7-19 [shark bleeding in water] - “How we’ll know it’s time to worry about the ‘nanny state’” ©2005 2-21 [woman pushing child in stroller past sign reading ‘Children in Strollers Must Wear Helmets’] - “Unforeseen consequence of global warming” ©2005 7-23 [zookeepers standing next to elephant who has made ‘a demand for a transfer to the Alaska Zoo’] - “Accidental health care reform: the move to a ‘single payer’ system” ©2005 7-24 [crowd looking at The Last Insured Alaskan holding long Bill] - “Don’t wince – it’s in the manual under ‘troubleshooting’” ©2005 7-26 [workman whacking complicated piping of Gas Negotiations with Reserves Tax wrench] - “Now there’s a guy who would suffer under the tyranny of a helmet law” ©2005 7-28 [children looking at headless cyclist on Coastal Trail. No digital file] - “Got garbage?” ©2005 7-30 [close-up of bear] - “The Knik Crossing – build it and they will come” ©2005 7-31 [four men labeled Urban Sprawl, Downtown Traffic Jams, Lower Anc. Property Values, and State Costs] 2005 August - “Gov. Walter Hickel” [2005-8-11. Color portrait] - [2005-8-11A. Color portrait of Ted Stevens] - “Rep. Don Young” [2005-8-11B. Color portrait] - “Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski” [2005-8-11C. Color portrait] - ©2004 [sic. 2005-8-11D. Color portrait of Lisa Murkowski] 2005 September - “FEMA’s Deputy Director says this has been one of the most efficient and effective response in U.S. history. Is that a boast, or a warning?” ©2005 9-3 [people in boat on flooded New Orleans street after Hurricane Katrina] - “Go Figure Dept., Anchorage Coast Edition: Coastal airport. Coastal sewage plant. Coastal motorcross area. Coastal railroad. Coastal shooting range. Coastal trail extension” ©2005 9-4 [man unmoved by first five, shouting ‘no’ to trail extension] - “Memo to worrywarts on the Geotechnical Advisory Commission: of course the Anchorage Port will be able to handle boats after a major earthquake” ©2005 9-8 [submarine] - “Fun fact: The gas line will require an unprecedented amount of super-strength steel ... for contract negotiations alone” ©2005 9-10 [Frank Murkowski wearing battle helmet and holding pen] - “The Transportation Chairman changes a tire” ©2005 9-11 [Don Young at auto shop, replacing conventional car tire with monster Knik Bridge tire] - “Prepare ahead for the next major disaster: observe a moment of silence now for anyone relying on a swift, smooth government response” ©2005 9-13 [man asleep in front of television, Disaster Checklist in garbage can] - “Rebuild New Orleans? What boneheads would reconstruct a city on hazardous ground?” ©2005 9-15 [couple walking at Earthquake Park] - “Helmet, Ms. Fairclough?” ©2005 9-17 [child on bicycle offering helmet to Anna Fairclough behind wheel of crashed Assembly car] - ©2005 9-18 [Uncle Sam filling gas tank, gas station in distance, hose snaking through area with signs ‘Caution: Unstable Regimes’, ‘Terrorists at Work’, ‘Watch for Falling Monarchs’, ‘Civil War Danger is High Today’, ‘Warning: Mine Field,’ ‘Caution: Jihad in Progress’] - ©2005 9-20 [Don Young walking in chest-high water, hoisting Bridge Money bag over head] - “Odd, according to my moral compass, this is the Bahamas” ©2005 9-22 [Secret Option boat in storm on high seas; Ben Stevens] - “Tight fists” ©2005 9-24 [Domestic Violence Grant Cuts fist squeezing money, Alaska Domestic Violence Rate fist squeezing woman] - “Any pork in a storm” ©2005 9-25 [Don Young clinging to wooden Bridge Money barrel in stormy seas] - “So then I said to Rep. Pombo that selling national parks in Alaska is thinking small” ©2005 9- 27 [lawmakers on roof of U.S. Capitol, with banner ‘The (Your Name Here) Dome’; Richard Pombo] - “Yet another wacky Alaska use for duct tape! Cut 3” strip, place securely on mouth. Now you’re ready to play ‘ethics charades’ with Ralph Seekins” ©2005 9-29 2005 October - “It has come to my attention that some of you engage in loose, reckless, and hurtful talk concerning the ethics of wolves” ©2005 10-1 [shepherd Ralph Seekins addressing flock of sheep] - “A pork chop? Alaska first!” ©2005 10-2 [couple watching traffic, several cars flying American flag, one flying flag with pork chop] - “To kill a moose in Chugach State Park requires a special certificate. Outside the park, you only need a driver’s license” ©2005 10-4 [car hitting moose at night] - “Only the Anchorage Assembly could get decongestants stuck in its throat” ©2005 10-6 [person with Meth Ingredients Sale Limits bottle in throat] - “No, Ben. It’s not a good time to demand the complimentary peanuts” ©2005 10-8 [Ted Stevens and Ben Stevens tangled in line of fly fishing rod caught on passing jet] - “The GAO reports the administration bought favorable coverage. And yes, we here at Fox feel like chumps for giving it away for free” ©2005 10-9 [man watching Fox Television] - “Do you promise to love each other so long as your, er, unconventional marriage passes legal challenge?” ©2005 10-11 [Frank Murkowski presiding over wedding of State to Oil Companies, reading from Gas Line sermon] - “Memo to City Hall – Town Center design tip: enhance the lighting” ©2005 10-13 [man tripping over Draft Report left on darkened sidewalk] - “Earmark” ©2005 10-15 [Mark Begich holding Anchorage Road Money report with ear- shaped hole] - “After we introduce ‘intelligent design’ into our school, can we expand it to the rest of the universe?” ©2005 10-16 [view of Earth with Floods, Mudslides, Genocide, War, Earthquake, Tsunami] - “No need to spend money on an Outside P.R. firm, Governor. Here are some creative ideas, free! 1. Fly snappy slogan behind your jet. Better yet – paint it on. 2. Record positive sound bites over old Renkes ethics video. 3. Vanity plate (inspired by tourism billboard) [4GIVME]” ©2005 10-18 - “Snow White, meet Grumpy” ©2005 10-20 [Sarah Palin with campaign sign at house of GOP dwarf] - “Human source of global warming pinpointed” ©2005 10-22 [fuming Ted Stevens] - “Reinstate revenue sharing? Honey, we never stopped” ©2005 10-23 [man driving Urban Alaska pickup truck loaded with bags of Oil $, Fish $, Tourism $, all labeled ‘Product of Rural Alaska’] - ©2005 10-25 [Frank Murkowski flashing victory signs at podium after reading ‘Conoco: Yes’ speech, Tom Irwin making rabbit ears sign behind him holding Irwin Memo] - “All I know if the Assembly shows up an’ changes me from a handsome coach to a squash” ©2005 10-27 [Cinderella with Transportation Plan pumpkin, note pinned to pumpkin reads ‘Take a Car, Sister!’] - “The good news is we’re getting close. The bad news: we have to cut through here” ©2005 10-29 [Frank Murkowski standing next to cemetery with gravestones for Irwin, Loeffler, LeFebvre, Myers, and others] - “Run in 2006, or play dead? Frank found neither option appealing” ©2005 10-30 [Frank Murkowski facing large bear] 2005 November - “Gas line poker – the Governor antes up a few chips” ©2005 11-1 [pieces falling off Frank Murkowski’s head onto card table] - “So many Alaskans uncovered by insurance! Shouldn’t we declare a crisis? Crisis? Nah. We don’t panic about health coverage unless it’s extended to gay couples” ©2005 11-3 [two men standing atop butte surrounded by crowd] - “How good is the view from the Turnagain slide? You can see all the way to New Orleans” ©2005 11-5 [man standing in ruins of house holding window frame; earthquake hazard] - “We’ve spent billions to defend ourselves from a potentially deadly airborne threat. Sadly it’s almost impossible to intercept bird flu with Fort Greely missiles” ©2005 11-6 [virus on microscope slide] - “Hold your applause, pipes fans! We’ve added a second movement” ©2005 11-8 [man holding Oil Tax Rewrite as Frank Murkowski plays bagpipes to sheet music ‘Gas Line Concerto Part 1, DNR Dirge’] - “You’d think that a state full of pilots could break the sound barrier” ©2005 11-10 [Frank Murkowski covering ears to shouts of ‘No Jet!’] - “Apparently in ‘Coffeyball’, you can call the entire park” ©2005 11-12 [children with baseball gear watching Dan Coffey grab for Far North Bicentennial Park sign shouting ‘Mine!’] - “It could be worse: Embarrassed by the bridges? Get over it, Goody Two Shoes. There are certainly dumber ways we could waste federal bucks [...]”©2005 11-13 [pyramid on Palmer Hay Flats, Colossus of Cook Inlet, Operation Clone the Delegation] - “A car plowed into a midtown bookstore today, prompting the Assembly to amend the transportation plan to add a road through Barnes and Noble” ©2005 11-15 [man watching television] - “Ted Stevens has a dickens of a time blowing out birthday candles” ©2005 11-17 [Ted Stevens breathing fire over cake] - “Untangling the complexities of the congressional pork stamps program: you must select generic products when available” ©2005 11-19 [No to man carrying can of Earmark Brand Premium Pork, Yes to man carrying can of Pork] - “The good news is you’re gonna love it. The bad news: we had to order more pipe” ©2005 11-20 [Frank Murkowski standing in the middle of complicated Gas Line piping, with Oil Tax Reform pipe section on ground] - “No avian flu vaccine for 3 to 5 years? What do I do ‘til then? Wash your hands” ©2005 11- 22 [man talking inside telephone booth being menaced by huge chicken] - “Thanksgiving with Jerry Falwell” ©2005 11-24 [Falwell with armload of Christmas presents labeled ‘White House Bible Study’, ‘Stem Cell Restrictions’, ‘Supreme Court Nominee’, ‘Faith Based Initiatives’, ‘Congressional Majority’] - “Anyone can get health care in America. It’s just that we have separate entrances” ©2005 11-26 [Insured Persons into Main Entrance, Uninsured into Emergency Rm] - “If 95 schoolkids speak 95 separate languages, can you name the word all have in common? A: They all call Anchorage ‘home’” ©2005 11-27 [sea of faces; Anchorage School District] - “Goodbye earmarks, hello tooth and clawmarks” ©2005 11-29 [people hiding in cave as money bag falls from sky, ‘Contents: 1 Do-It-Yourself Transportation Windfall’] 2005 December - “Concerned about the appearance of graphic sex and violence on TV? Simply readjust your set” ©2005 12-1 [television set turned against wall] - “It’s not enough we have to stew over schoolkids making ‘adequate yearly progress?’” ©2005 12-3 [John Harris sitting at desk in classroom reading Campaign Law, with quote ‘All of us in the Legislature probably need to understand the rules a bit better’] - “News item: Ben Stevens downplays value of Adak option” ©2005 12-4 [Stevens fishing, whispering ‘Minnow on’; Adak Fisheries ownership stake] - “Alaska takes another PR hit when Santa suffers a back injury loading our presents on his sleigh, canceling Christmas” ©2005 12-6 [Santa hefting huge money bags labeled Oil Prices, Pork, $32 Billion Permanent Fund] - “Ogan, Ruedrich, Renkes, Harris, Ben, the jet...Will nothing stick to the Alaska GOP? Voters” ©2005 12-8 [donkey shaking elephant] - “While we’re improving the Patriot Act [...]”©2005 12-10 [identity of Dick Cheney’s advisors, wiretapping Karl Rove, surveillance on congressional voting] - “New sport at the Arctic Winter Games: dodgeball” ©2005 12-11 [Kenai athlete about to be hit by $800,000 Deficit ball] - ©2005 [file dated 2005-12-12] [four panels of man retrieving newspaper from sidewalk, getting poked in eye through hole cut in Opinion section] - “Drunken pedestrians are implicated in many traffic fatalities. It takes rare guts to step into Anchorage traffic sober” ©2005 12-13 [couple at intersection in winter] - “We’re a young state with many years to go until we catch up with infrastructure in the South 48, so while it looks like we get more than our share, in fact we get... Free money!!! Zip it, Therriault” ©2005 12-15 [Ted Stevens at press conference being interrupted by Gene Therriault] - ©2005 12-17 [polar bear on ice floes shaped like jigsaw puzzle pieces; global warming] - “Knik Arm Crossing vision: affordable housing” ©2005 12-18 [homeless couple camping under bridge] - “Ho ho ho! Obvious case of flawed intelligence” ©2005 12-25 [girl confronting Santa at Christmas tree with newspaper headlined ‘Christmas Culture War’] - “Torture? Permitted! Er, not. [...]”©2005 12-29 [voices from White House discussing constitutional interpretation] - “U.A.A. College of Arts and Science budget – the ‘Cliff Notes’ summary” ©2005 12-31 [college graduate stranded on high mountain cliff in winter] 2006 January - “One Earth year is a 149,600,000 mile journey taken at 67,000 mph through a vacuum around a continuing thermonuclear explosion. It’s no wonder we’re still getting the hang of it. Happy New Year!” ©2006 1-1 - “Knik Kong” ©2006 1-5 [giant ape menacing residents, one saying ‘I don’t suppose he read the transportation spending priority list’] - “Here’s a $1,000 check from Ted Stevens. Did he earmark it ‘Hurricane Abramoff Disaster Relief’?” ©2006 1-7 [workers in Red Cross Mailroom office; Jack Abramoff] - “Did I just hear Pat Robertson call Ariel Sharon’s stroke divine retribution? I can’t take anyone seriously who confuses God with ‘The Godfather’” ©2006 1-8 [couple watching television] - “Mayday! The ball’s on steroids!” ©2006 1-10 [referees yelling at Lege football player running to catch huge Surplus football] - “Forget-me-nots” ©2006 1-12 [flowers casting shadow on ‘Iraq’] - “Passing lanes? Who needs passing lanes?” ©2006 1-14 [Bridge Money monster truck running over smaller car on Seward Highway] - “Something for everyone! Except you” ©2006 1-15 [Frank Murkowski with Spending List, Budget Hawks in cage] - “Alaska’s wolf-kill trophy room” ©2006 1-19 [human feet with bullet holes mounted on wall] - “Shouldn’t your budget save some of this for a rainy day? Dude, look up! It’s raining!” ©2006 1-21 [Frank Murkowski celebrating windfall of money] - “’’ Try it yourself: it’s impossible to say ‘Kuparuk is a marginal oil field’ while you keep a straight face” ©2006 1-22 [man smiling as he sounds out word] - “Chew-chew train” ©2006 1-24 [dog eating money from $50 Million Rails to Canada Study bowl] - “The Alaska PR campaign: focus group reacts to the ‘Alaska as victim’ theme” ©2006 1-26 [people gagging, laughing, hitting head against wall] - “Actually, it was a relief to change the subject from bridges to nowhere” ©2006 1-28 [Don Young looking through wallet at items related to Jack Abramoff] - “Would it be missed? Honey, it’s one of the few buildings here a wrecking ball wouldn’t improve” ©2006 1-29 [couple outside 4 th Avenue Theater] - “When it comes to ‘the duty to retreat’ nobody’s more dutiful than the Alaska Legislature” ©2006 1-31 [legislators saying goodbye to Long-Range Budget Mess troll] 2006 February - “You’d think a gap like that would make it tough to argue against dental therapists” ©2006 2-2 [x-ray of mouth with statistic about Alaska Native Health System dentists] - “Seward Highway striping” ©2006 2-4 [worker painting outline of body on road; traffic fatalities] - “Voice vote: All in favor of the D.C. cleanup and reconstruction contact with Haliburton...” ©2006 2-5 [U.S. Capitol building flooded by Abramoff Scandal] - “Mystery jets and rocket launchers? Call me paranoid, but I’m thinking predator control” ©2006 2-9 [wolves in winter woods] - “There’s no harm in humoring a Congress I feel free to ignore. That’s why they call it an ‘act’” ©2006 2-11 [Dick Cheney looking over shoulder of George H.W. Bush signing Patriot Act] - “A century of Anchorage progress: still a tent city, but with better, modern tents” ©2006 2- 12 [homeless camp] - “To the critics who complain our proposed Juneau road dead-ends at a ferry terminal, point taken. Today, I announce the bridge to Haines!” ©2006 2-14 [Frank Murkowski at news conference] - “We acquired it from Dan Coffey through eminent domain” ©2006 2-16 [woman showing unbuilt Sales Tax Fixer-Upper to couple] - “Designing the Alaska quarter [...]”©2006 2-18 [Quarter-with-a-hole, No quarter asked or given, Canadian quarter, Hammer and sickle, Revenge, Extra large] - “Gents, the state will honor these meetings a private as long as nobody smokes dope or marries” ©2006 2-19 [Frank Murkowski greeting ConocoPhillips, Exxon, and BP] 2006 March - “A belated Punxsutawney Frank emerges from his burrow and see the Legislature’s shadow. Harsh winter ensues” ©2006 3-2 [Murkowski as groundhog holding Oil Tax Reform Proposal] - “Massive bleeding in state retirement system met with a Band-Aid fix” ©2006 3-4 [Legislature placing large bandage over eyes] - “Hey Vic, if you can represent Mat-Su from Portland, why can’t I from Ketchikan?” ©2006 3-5 [man holding Tax Ban with Vic Kohring] - “Vending machine gymnastics – the school district ‘sticks’ the landing” ©2006 3-7 [female gymnast with head stuck in floorboards] - “Now boarding well-connected passengers who don’t care how bad it looks to accept special favors from corporate giants who will use the opportunity to schmooze on the way to campaign events” ©2006 3-11 [Don Young racing through airport] - “I have a new take on the capital move: as long as Ben Stevens is trying to run Anchorage from Juneau... It’s not far enough away” ©2006 3-12 [couple watching television] - “Tax reform timeline. Key: [black] Closed meeting phase. [gray] Token public, legislative review phase” ©2006 3-14 [rows of closed doors with skull-and-crossbones, one door ajar at end] - “Plan A: pass the camel through the hoop; Plan B: blame the hoop” ©2006 3-16 [Frank Murkowski holding Legislature hoop around neck of camel with Gas Line and Oil Tax Bill humps] - “Senator Wilken says out heating subsidy was cut ‘cause it was unsustainable if oil prices fall. If prices fall state government would be unsustainable, and we could afford fuel” ©2006 3-18 [village buildings on cliff; Gary Wilken] - ©2006 3-19 [Lisa Murkowski holding Open ANWR sign and megaphone, facing North Slope Spill monster letting out ‘BurP’ drawn to resemble BP logo] - “Corrosion besets pipeline” ©2006 3-21 [Frank Murkowski with roll of duct tape facing complicated Petroleum Tax Bill piping spouting multiple leaks] - “Wet village” ©2006 3-23 [close-up of eye with Alcohol Grief tear] - “Impressive! A commemorative plaque from the Registry of Historic Blunders” ©2006 3-25 [sightseers on empty lot, ‘Former Sit of 4 th Ave Theater’ sign on wall, 4 th Avenue Theater sign on ground] - “Dude! You stole Frank Murkowski’s identity? Yeah, but I saw his poll numbers and I’m putting it right back!” ©2006 3-26 [two men at computer] - “If and when the state and the oil industry recover from negotiating the pre-nuptial agreement, they’ll write their own wedding vows” ©2006 3-28 [couple holding Gas Line Deal watching fight over Oil Tax Bill] - “Where did Dubai ever get the idea we’d tolerate foreign control of vital U.S. interests?” ©2006 3-30 [men on pier looking at Saudi Oil, Venezuelan Oil, and Nigerian Oil tankers] 2006 April - “The good news: does zero to sixty in nothing flat. The bad news: surprise! Just as speedy when it unexpectedly shifts into reverse” ©2006 4-1 [Oil Prices race car] - “Hello, Frank? Your gas line is backordered, your ELF is shot, and there’s a ton of loose wingnuts” ©2006 4-2 [mechanic on telephone to Frank Murkowski with Work Order Oil Taxes] - “Conceding that many U.S. citizens refuse the work, U.S. authorities boost voter turnout at home with the foreign ‘guest voters’ program” ©2006 4-4 [reporter at polling place] - “Mayor Begich, we the voters bestow on you the ancient key to our fair city. Oh, by the way, we changed the locks” ©2006 4-6 [well-dressed couple tossing key to Mark Begich] - “The name is Bonds, Anchorage Bonds... and you are? Dr. No” ©2006 4-8 [villain pointing gun at special agent] - “Hello, public broadcasting? We’re gonna burn your studio, bulldoze the remains, and shoot the survivors! Kidding, just kidding... I hate it when the Legislature calls during our pledge drive” ©2006 4-9 [volunteers manning telephones at KSKA] - “Recognizing the crucial role that only the governor can play in the historic rewrite of Alaska’s petroleum tax law, most of Juneau turns up to make sure Frank gets on the plane for Europe” ©2006 4-11 [Frank Murkowski waving goodbye] - “Homeland Security communication: the low-tech approach” ©2006 4-13 [man shouting through Bond Vote megaphone] - “Hey! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. It’s the only clue as to what’ll come out back” ©2006 4-20 [Frank Murkowski talking to man inspecting teeth of ‘Bargain As Is Tax Reform/Gas Deal’ horse] - “Why, yes! I am the image doctor” ©2006 4-22 [stoned PAC/West man holding hand saw greeting badly injured patient carrying ‘$3,000,000 No Bid-Contract’ check] - “Want ad of the week: ‘For sale – Cassandra 5000 D-lux pipeline leak alarm (with snooze button). Call BP’” ©2006 4-23 [fist reaching over to hit Spill alarm] - “So, Legislature, ever hear the word ‘karma’? No comment” ©2006 4-25 [reporter with man playing cards sitting outside Closed Gas Line Talks door] - “Hello CDC? Can I catch avian flu from a lame duck?” ©2006 4-27 [elephant on cell phone hugging tree, Frank Murkowski as GOP duck with broken leg. Color] - “Tell me, Tony, is the grin to attract donors, or scare off challengers?” ©2006 4-29 [Frank Murkowski and Tony Knowles as beached whales. Color] - “Suddenly, Ben grasped the term ‘conflict of interest’” [2006 4-30] [Ben Stevens at desk, woman holding props and saying ‘OK, suppose one of your energy biz clients messes up habitat critical to one of your fishery clients’. Unsigned. Color] 2006 May - “Step 17,692: connect PPT assembly to invisible gas contract” ©2006 5-4 [workmen reading PPT Assembly Manual; petroleum production tax. Color] - “Normal world. Alaska budget” ©2006 5-6 [road sign ‘Caution Bridge Out’, road sign ‘Caution Bridges In’ as Knik & Gravina truck drives off cliff. Color] - “Conjoined? Since when? We aren’t even twins! Hey, what are you? Anti-family?” ©2006 5-7 [Dr. Senate holding Meth Bill and Pot Bill infants. Color] - “The Legislature relieves late-session tension by shooting some hoops” ©2006 5-9 [man tossing Juneau Road and Bridge Money money bags into toilet. Color] - “God Almighty, creator of the universe, who set the stars in their courses and made all creatures great and small, needs a tax break on his Anchorage property. Tax break? Who does he think he is, Exxon?” ©2006 5-11 [legislators and citizens arguing in small groups in hallway; Anchorage Baptist Temple] - “Even without blindfolds, the PPT piñata party wasn’t pretty” ©2006 5-13 [Senate, House, and Governor hitting selves with sticks; petroleum production tax. Color] - “Of course I believe in privacy. I’ve kept much of what I do to make money secret for years” ©2006 5-14 [Ben Stevens tearing up I.D. Theft Bill. Color] - “A big budget, yes, but ‘one person’s pork is another person’s beef’. It’s hard to know in a state where pork can stampede” ©2006 5-16 [Ben Stevens and another man running from pigs. Color] - “Can’t anything compel Exxon to deal with persistent oil in Prince William Sound? Sure. When it hits $100.00 per barrel they recover it and sell it back to us” ©2006 5-18 [man and woman cleaning up beach; Exxon Valdez spill. Color] - “I’d say Don Young is taking his reprisal vow too far” ©2006 5-20 [bear straps set in hall outside Congressional Offices. Color] - “Don’t worry boys, we’ll keep at it ‘til you do it right” ©2006 5-21 [Legislature as two men riding bicycle across high wire strung between Petro Tax and Gas Line. Color] - “Don Young is awarded an honorary degree for his work on global warming” ©2006 5-23 [Young objecting to the ‘bogus’ certificate as academic says ‘Just like your expertise’. Color] - “You come here often?” ©2006 5-25 [Grim Reaper lighting cigarette for woman in bar. Color] - ©2006 5-27 [Frank Murkowski as Frankenstein’s monster experimenting on himself, negative battery charger clip much larger than positive clip. Color] - “We take you behind closed doors to a board meeting of a major oil company on a cold day in hell...” ©2006 5-28 [oil executives complaining about spike in oil prices. Color. Per Dunlap- Shohl: “This was done when the legislature was kicking around tax reform for the oil industry. The companies said what they objected to was not higher taxes, but the difficulty of planning in an ‘unstable’ tax environment.”] 2006 June - “Nice work, Frank, you woke up Tony” ©2006 6-1 [elephant chastising bumbling Frank Murkowski for making noise crashing into things, Tony Knowles mumbling about Jobs and Families. Color] - “Tongue frozen fast to the 30-year tax clause, Alaska waited, and waited, and waited, for a construction crew” ©2006 6-3 [man with tongue stuck to metal PPT pole; petroleum production tax. Color] - “Mind if I smoke? Not at all. Translation: Mind if I expose you to carcinogens, elevated risk of heart disease, and stinky smoke? I’m more afraid of being rude than of dying” ©2006 6-4 [man smoking cigarette next to woman. Color] - “Mind if I smoke? That’s not funny!” ©2006 6-6 [birch trees next to sign for high fire hazard. Color] - ©2006 6-8 [Anchorage traffic, large SUV with bumper sticker ‘Child is on the Honor Roll ASD’ and small car with bumper sticker ‘On the Payroll ASD’. Color] - “Memo to bar owners and bingo parlor operators: it’s not the smoking ban that’ll cost you customers” ©2006 6-11 [cemetery with gravestones labeled Emphysema, Heart Disease, Cancer] - “Simple rules for building a state budget. Rule 1: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Rule 2: Be sure it’s a chicken egg” ©2006 6-13 [Budget Overrun dragon hatching from shell. Color] - “The Knik Crossing comes in on time and under budget only to be rendered obsolete by the flying car and the personal rocket pack” ©2006 6-13 [futuristic travelers. Color] - “S-E-N-I-O-R-T-Y!!! OK, who changed by [expletive] pork prerogative password??” ©2006 6- 17 [Don Young unable to log in to computer] - “Casting call for ‘Grizzly Man’ sequel, ‘Garbage Man’” ©2006 6-18 [man carrying garbage can to curb, bear watching from across street] - “And they call me defective” ©2006 6-20 [‘$15 Million Wasted Crab’ crab being thrown overboard from ship; change in crab fishery management. Color] - “Hey, isn’t that Gov. Murkowski? Jeez, I miss Bob Hope” ©2006 6-22 [Frank Murkowski visiting troops in the Mideast. Color] - “The personality transplant: Imagine...” ©2006 6-29 [Frank Murkowski with a series of personality changes, including Mr. Rogers, Churchill, Schwarzenegger, and Elvis. Color] 2006 July - “Come fast, hon! I think we’re about to get a senior citizen’s discount on gubernatorial candidates!” ©2006 7-1 [man watching television, with politicians agreeing to restore longevity bonus] - “FBI investigation finds no Nome serial killer. Serial accomplice still at large” ©2006 7-2 [alcohol bottle. Color] - “Warning, candidates: the teeth may be false, but they leave real wounds” ©2006 7-4 [dentures in glass next to bed of AK Senior Vote. Color] - “Dubious of the missile defense system, Alaska adopts camo as a counter measure” ©2006 7-6 [map of Alaska in desert camouflage pattern. Color] - “Today’s pot potency is so great it outweighs privacy? Where did government get that idea? Ask it” ©2006 7-8 [giant eye looking in on couple watching television; marijuana. Color] - “Ever mindful of his duty to provide for his people, Kim Jong Il bags a deer with his new missile” ©2006 7-9 [mushroom cloud from nuclear explosion. Color] - “Take it outside? There must be less drastic ways to quit smoking” ©2006 7-11 [customers inside Brazen Husky bar, bullets flying on Fourth Avenue outside; gun violence. Color] - “Second-hand croak” ©2006 7-13 [two gravestones, ‘Smoked to Death’ and ‘I’m With Stupid’. Color] - “And the rest of the sports world is upset over headbutting?” ©2006 7-15 [people ducking from bullets flying at Chester Creek Sports Complex; gun violence] - ©2006 7-16 [House, Senate, Governor, and Oil Cos. cars stuck in traffic, three thinking ‘Gridlock’ while oil companies think ‘Stability.’ Color] - ©2006 7-18 [big Tony Knowles riding small donkey and small Frank Murkowski riding big elephant jousting in lists] - “Faced with youth violence, red light runners, and impending smoking restrictions, Anchorage authorities go beyond fluoridation of city water” [2006 7-20] [city workers at water treatment plant pouring Prozac, Valium, and Paxil into water supply. Color] - “Park user conflicts reach a new low” ©2006 7-22 [couple outside Anchorage Memorial Park cemetery, saying ‘Nice, but it could use athletic fields’ and ‘Too many people, too few trees’. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “This was about the infighting over turning a wild corner of Bicentennial Park into Little League fields”] - “No this isn’t ‘Coco the Giant Colon’” ©2006 7-23 [Frank Murkowski holding wrench, fixing valve on complicated PPT/Gas Deal piping; petroleum production tax. Color] - “Yes, John, between Lisa and Sarah I’d say I’ve done more to advance women in Alaska politics than anyone. Shut up, Frank” ©2006 7-25 [Frank Murkowski and John Binkley racing after Sarah Palin. Color] - ©2006 7-27 [man smoking cigarette, holding leash of Second-Hand Smoke dragon, standing amid piles of skulls, sign ‘Please Clean Up After Your Pet’. Color] - “Retooling Rondy: new events for a new Alaska” ©2006 7-29 [Walker Softball Tournament, Body Armor Fashion Show, Weight Pull, RV Road Rally, Tax Assessment Limbo; Anchorage Baptist Temple] - “What part of ‘Y-E-S’ don’t you understand?” ©2006 7-30 [Frank Murkowski holding Gas Deal frog for Legislature to kiss. Color] 2006 August - “This? It’s called an ELF. But I doubt you can afford it. My point exactly” ©2006 8-1 [man in coffee shop holding huge cup. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “’ELF’ was an acronym for ‘Economic Limit Factor,’ part of the oil tax structure”] - “With the right to smoke in day care centers under threat, Simone goes on the offensive” ©2006 8-3 [woman pushing baby carriage, infant smoking cigar. Color] - “OK, so he went a little deep” ©2006 8-5 [workers watching magma erupting from hole next to sign ‘Gas Line Footings, Murkowski Contracting’. Color] - “Arr, don’t think of is as a ‘head tax.’ Call it ‘professional courtesy’” ©2006 8-6 [Alaska pirate taking money from Cruise Cos. pirate; tourism. Color] - “Susan Butcher excelled where few could endure” ©2006 8-8 [musher and team on trail. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Obituary cartoon for Iditarod champion Susan Butcher”] - “Hey kids! Can you find the ‘smart pig’? A: No. The smart one is inside the pipe” ©2006 8-10 [U.S. Energy Policy pig smoking cigarette and drinking oil through straw. Color] - “Hello 911? Emergency! Lack of leadership [...]”©2006 8-12 [dispatcher asking panicked caller to hold. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “This offers a panoramic view of the Murkowski first term. Frank campaigned against a lack of leadership, then became the leader, and promptly began having problems that escalated, leaving him flailing away in a dither of reaction to events instead of a firm hand on the tiller. When offered a second chance to make him a two- term governor, voters declined his leadership”] - ©2006 8-13 [man wearing t-shirt ‘BP Planning for the Next 50 Years in Alaska,’ man covered in oil with motto ‘BP Life is What Happens When You Are Making Other Plans’. Color] - “Red alert! Chickens!” ©2006 8-15 [homeowner looking out window at neighbor’s chickens while moose eats bushes and bear eats dog. Color] - “I’m not Frank Murkowski. I’m not Frank Murkowski. Hmmm, both challengers seem equally qualified” ©2006 8-17 [elephant holding primary ballot while Sarah Palin and John Binkley campaign. Color] - “You want how much for this thing? Look at it, twisted, warped, bent... Yeah, just like new!” ©2006 8-19 [Mr. Whitekeys selling crashed Fly By Night Club airplane] - “Congratulations, Randy, you’re a survivor. Get rid of Renkes? But why? Wait, wait, ethics! I get it! And here’s Sarah’s rap sheet. Do we really want four more years of this nonsense?” ©2006 8-20 [Frank Murkowski and Randy Ruedrich. Color] - “The line that divides being Alaska’s fastest-growing region and fastest-disappearing is alarmingly low” ©2006 8-22 [people manning sandbag brigade next to rising river. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Flooding in the Mat-Su”] - “Smile, darling” ©2006 8-24 [Sarah Palin pulling Old Guard elephant’s trunk. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Before she went to the Dark Side”] - “Well, good luck with that, Sarah. Thanks Tony” ©2006 8-26 [Sarah Palin and Tony Knowles as knights in armor rescuing elephant jumping from tower. Color] - “For years, Alaskans bragged about minimizing the ‘footprint’ of oil development. Here’s the latest method” ©2006 8-29 [oil worker with foot in mouth standing next to Trans Alaska Pipeline leaking into drip pan] - “Time to pass the torch” ©2006 8-31 [Frank Murkowski with welding torch next to sign ‘Caution Gas Line Under Construction’. Color] 2006 September - “Who cares if the Spam Club closes down? Buck up! We still got me around, no competition from Mr. Keys, got me a monopoly on sleaze! [...]”©2006 9-2 [GOP machine playing accordion and singing tune; Mr. Whitekeys Fly By Night Club] - “Good intel on Iran? We don’t even know what our government is up to” ©2006 8-3 [sic] [2006-9-3] [couple in Washington, D.C., passing poster ‘Loose Talk Sinks Pork’. Color] - “How deep are VECO’s pockets? Hard to say – but they look like they’re designed to hold entire politicians” ©2006 9-7 [men and dog rappelling down giant human figure, looking into back pockets, Anchorage in background. Color] - “Sigh. And people get upset when we find schools with vending machines” ©2006 9-9 [woman at The Wonderous Fed-State-Local Fund-o-Spin slot machine. Color. Per Dunlap Shohl: “That’s then-schools superintendent Carol Comeau”] - “What’s eating Congress? [...] In our quest to promote America’s cavalier dependence on petroleum, we have left no stone unturned! And then you spill it on the tundra? Sorry! We thought you didn’t care” ©2006 9-10 [man at U.S. Capitol. Color] - “FBI net widens. Honest, never saw that person before nor their cute kids and lab retriever. Uh huh, this campaign mailer is clearly addressed to you” ©2006 9-12 [agent on AK Voter’s doorstep] - “Just for the record Randy, I still think you’re unethical. Which means, you’ll count this twice, Sarah?” ©2006 9-14 [Sarah Palin taking bag of money from Randy Ruedrich in dark alley. Color] - “National debt is up, Alaska’s got no fiscal plan, our credit cards are maxed out, health care costs keep rising, we’re gonna have to put granny on an ice floe. Or not” ©2006 9-16 [man working at computer, woman holding newspaper headlined ‘Ice Cap Melting’. Color] - “Rep. Don Young didn’t ask one question when BP came before his committee. (Whew! That was close.) [...]”©2006 9-17 [Don Young asking a series of awkward questions. Color] - “Surprise! Pipeline repairs deductible!” ©2006 9-19 [man being squirted in eye by trick flower on BP lapel. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “BP had just introduced its new logo, a sunflower, in an attempt to rebrand itself an earth-friendly ‘energy company’ that was ‘Beyond Petroleum.’ This was before they had the Louisiana spill”] - “OK, I’ll reimburse the state for campaign travel on the jet, but I deserve a rebate for every vote it cost me when I flew it on state business” ©2006 9-23 [Frank Murkowski poking state worker in the nose. Color] - “Candidate Halcro occupies the fiscal-reality-straight-talk high ground” ©2006 9-24 [Andrew Halcro trapped in bubble blown by Sarah Palin and Tony Knowles. Color] - “Juneau 2007: Lawmakers artfully dodge ethics reform [...]”©2006 9-26 [ethics bill tabled as conflict of interest. Color] - “Palindrome: a word or sentence that reads the same backward or forward [...]”©2006 9-28 [Sarah Palin saying both ‘On’ and ‘No’ to same set of issues. Color] - “Are top Knik Arm honchos paid fairly? At their suggestion, we turned to ‘similar projects’ for the answer [...]” [2006-9-30] [bridge owner R. Troll, bridge keeper from Arthurian Britain, and ‘Bob The Brick Biglioni.’ Unsigned. Color] 2006 October - “Alaska’s plan to deal with its retirement funding shortfall” ©2006 10-1 [Tarzan holding watering can, letting go of one vine before next vine has grown up out of its pot] - “Sad, yes, but it does reduce worry about ballot fraud” ©2006 10-3 [woman tossing tiny person into bin labeled ‘Recycle Incumbents Here,’ couple reading newspaper headlined ‘13 of 50 AK Candidates Have No Major Party Challenger’. Color] - “Alaska nightmare #357: The secret ‘consulting services’ Ben Stevens and Tom Anderson provided VECO: ethics advice” ©2006 10-5 [man screaming ‘No’ at television. Color] - “So, the choice is ‘walk backwards’ or ‘talk backwards’” ©2006 10-7 [Sarah Palin and Tony Knowles debating] - “Knik Armpit” ©2006 10-8 [unwashed man wearing Knik Arm Bridge Authority tank top, with Executive Raises odor coming from underarm. Color] - ©2006 10-10 [dollar bill with motto ‘If you can earn this, thank a teacher’. Color] - ©2006 10-12 [Insured Alaskans patient in hospital bed, with IV in one arm and with other arm transfusing Uninsured Alaskans lying on floor] - ©2006 10-14 [protestor woman holding ‘Open ANWR’ sign, man holding ‘Open Prudhoe’ sign. Color] - “Name one ethics reform we have made in the past two years? Um, dump Renkes as state ethics video narrator?” ©2006 10-15 [elephant at podium; Gregg Renkes] - “It was only a matter of time before the wheels came off the national GOP” ©2006 10-17 [couple cowering as square tires fall from sky] - “No sweat. It’s just some villages. There’s plenty of power for us city folks, right? Right?” ©2006 10-19 [tiny man in parka trying to insert small plug into huge outlet. Color] - “Just as I notice I’m out of gas, the oil warning light flashes and suddenly the [expletive] engine’s on fire! What? Yes, I am a BP executive. How’d you know?” ©2006 10-21 [man standing next to car fire, talking on cell phone. Color] - “Maybe we do need bridges to... Found Rep. Young yet? Nowhere” ©2006 10-22 [man with bloodhound and telescope looking for Don Young. Color] - “On the way to the Fairbanks rally to denounce Knowles-era gridlock” ©2006 10-24 [GOP House, GOP Senate, and GOP Governor cars in traffic jam] - “And, to fellow citizens concerned about our anonymous involvement in state politics, let us at ‘Alaska’s Future’ assure you, we scrupulously observed every loophole!” ©2006 10-26 [man standing in hole; oil and gas tax ballot measure] - “How Parkinson’s Disease affects Michael J. Fox’s brain. How Michael J. Fox affects Rush Limbaugh’s br... Oops, never mind” ©2006 10-28 [diagram of brain, Limbaugh with empty head. Color] - “My education plan? On the job training! Uhh, not your personal education plan” ©2006 10- 29 [Sarah Palin press conference] - “Don Young swatting flies” ©2006 10-31 [Young running everything over in his $2 Million Campaign Fund Humvee] 2006 November - “How Ballot Measure 1 works” ©2006 11-2 [man being dragged by dog on 120 Day Legislative Session leash, man being dragged by dog on shorter 90 Day Legislative Session leash. Color] - “Gotta give Frank credit, he’s going out at the top of his form” ©2006 11-4 [audience throwing things at Frank Murkowski on stage on ‘Farewell Tour Taiwan-Japan’. Color] - “Don’t pester me with hypothetical questions” ©2006 11-5 [Sarah Palin doing headstand next to campaign sign with slogan ‘Sarah Palin: Take A Stand’. Color] - “Alaska troops have gone half way around the world to promote democracy. The least we can do is go to our polling places to foster it here” ©2006 11-7 [soldier on patrol, woman outside polling place. Color] - “Governor’s Mansion checkout list: Turn out the lights. Make sure the stove is off. Lower the thermostats. Aggravate gas line turmoil and legal peril by signing deal with producers” ©2006 11-9 [Frank Murkowski working at desk] - ©2006 11-10 [homage to Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, with Sarah Palin screaming at Randy Ruedrich holding pitchfork] - “In the distance, Frank Quixote spied his old foes, the judicial and legislative branches. Their delusion that they might hinder him in doing what was right for Alaska brought a weary smile to his lips. He shifted his lance, and ...” ©2006 11-12 [Frank Murkowski as Don Quixote on horseback, with a huge pen as a lance, Sancho Panza figure on mule. Color] - “Fellow surviving Republicans, did we overdo it on pork? Naaaaah! Thank you, Alaska delegation. Anyone else?” ©2006 11-14 [U.S. Capitol as apple stuffed in mouth of roasted pig. Color] - ©2006 11-16 [two doors in hallway, one marked ‘Equal opportunity for all Alaskans’, the other marked ‘P.S. Gay? Use This Entrance’ opened to reveal a small closet] - “Why doesn’t he just go out as gracefully as he can? Cut him some slack. He is going out as gracefully as he can” ©2006 11-18 [Frank Murkowski bumbling through Court Order, Touring Asia, Special Session, Gas Line Contract. Color] - “Then, suddenly it hits me. No benefits for any state worker! Boom! Equality!” ©2006 11-19 [two elephants high-fiving while throwing bill in trash] - “We wouldn’t be having this special session if the court hadn’t stuck its nose in our business. Right. Intrusion in other’s business is a legislative function” ©2006 11-21 [couple on steps of Alaska state capitol. Color] - “Please have fare ready” ©2006 11-23 [traffic on bridge, signs for Knik Crossing Southbound and Knik Crossing Northbound listing negative effects of bridge for each side. Color] - “Why? Simple. I prefer death from first-hand smoke to death from second-hand smoke” ©2006 11-25 [polar bear smoking cigarette on ice floe under Greenhouse Emissions cloud. Color] - “Earmark etiquette with Don Young [...]. Wrong: [man wagging finger and saying ‘Tsk, Tsk’]. Right: [Don Young with Transport Bill saying ‘I stuffed it like a turkey!’] ©2006 11-26 - “Leavin’ town? Sure, take the road to nowhere, cross the bridge to nowhere...” ©2006 11-28 [pedestrian giving directions to Frank Murkowski in car. Color] - “It’s about personal responsibility! You crybabys need to face up to your filthy, reckless inhaling habit!” ©2006 11-30 [man smoking cigarette, carrying sign ‘Fight the Nanny State! Can the Ban’. Color] 2006 December - “Hey, Alaskans...test your seafood marketing savvy! [...]”©2006 12-2 [salmon, with suggestions for nicknames for farmed salmon, including Norway Ratfish, Chumpy, Poodlecarp. Color] - “Nice. ‘Habitat for Inhumanity’ needs to be dealt with too” ©2006 12-3 [couple watching bulldozer raze building, sign on fence ‘This Crack House Condemned’] - “Open up, Exxon! We’re here to repossess Point Thomson! After your 20 years of nothin’, why shouldn’t we? Uhh, sentimental value?” [alligator holding leases holed up in house, bones on floor. Color] - “How do we respond, Karl? Attack! It’s off message, undermines our troops, and, wait... isn’t that a Christmas card?” ©2006 12-9 [George H.W. Bush and Karl Rove looking at Peace on Earth message from James Baker. Color] - ©2006 12-10 [Carol Comeau holding sign ‘Will Work For Kids’ next to garbage can labeled ‘Dispose of Raises Here’. Color] - ©2006 12-12 [food items, including Ciao Baby Spaghetti Sauce 90% E. Coli Free, Semi-Kosher Franks Less Than 10% Insect Parts, and Alaska Legislature Certified 90% Corruption Free by Speaker Harris; John Harris. Color] - “More last minute gifts for Alaska politicians [...]”©2006 12-16 [CBC Phone Card, Gravitas in a Box for Sarah Palin, Ethics Reform Air Freshener. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “CBC = Corrupt Bastards Club, a name a bunch of sleazy legislators bestowed on themselves”] - “Silver lining: CBC, Murkowski, Anderson, Bobrick, etc. create demand for an Alaska commodity” ©2006 12-17 [Santa Claus on telephone to Dept. of Natural Resources, ordering coal for ‘Naughty’ list; Frank Murkowski, Tom Anderson, Bill Bobrick. Color] - “Here’s looking at you, kid” ©2006 12-19 [Humphrey Bogart outside 4 th Avenue Theater] - “I believe in equality for all Alaskans. I believe in our great state constitution. I believe I’ll have to think this over” ©2006 12-21 [Sarah Palin considering Same-Sex Benefits Ruling. Color] - “Decorations from the real ‘War on Christmas’ [...]”©2006 12-23 [Bleeding Ear for holiday music, Gold Barcode for commercialism, Red Nose for drunk drivers, Order of the Yule Stump for unsolicited mail, Legion of the Reindeer Sausage for turning ‘Happy Holidays into a threat’. Color] - ©2006 12-24 [three wise men riding moose under Big Dipper] - “Do you promise to love, to honor and cherish, in sickness and in health, until (A) the day you die or (B) until the institution of marriage is destroyed by state benefits for same-sex partners” ©2006 12-28 [priest administering vows to bride and groom. Color] - ©2006 12-30 [woman holding plant pot with 2007 label, seed falling out of sky. Color] 2007 January - “His first idea, to leaflet Alaska from the jet with a ‘record of achievement,’ was scuttled by alert staff who distracted Frank with the Asia trip” ©2007 1-4 [Frank Murkowski jet flying over Anchorage, dropping papers. Color] - “Polar bears holding their breath as they await US action on global warming” ©2007 1-6 [polar bear in water. Color] - “Inspired by Sen. Green’s eloquent comment that ‘you can’t legislate morality,’ gung-ho legislators junked existing laws that quaintly tried to do just that” ©2007 1-7 [woman next to dumpster with Drug Laws, Gambling Laws, Porn Laws, Fraud Laws, Vice Laws. Color] - “Another urgent reason to fix U.S. healthcare: [...] medical tourism has made vacation slides even more excruciating” ©2007 1-9 [people in living room watching slide show. Color] - “Cracking down on politicians doesn’t get the rest of us off the hook: Ethics reform for voters [...]” ©2007 12-11 [i.e., 2007-1-11] [four rules on keeping informed about politics and exercising your right to vote. Color] - “The British are coming, the British are coming! And they can’t stop! They can’t stop” ©2007 1-13 [fish reacting to approaching wave of BP oil. Color] - ©2007 1-14 [couple in Park ‘n’ Sell lot along road with cars and Frank Murkowski’s jet for sale, woman pulling man away from airplane. Color] - “We’ve got thousands of Alaskans without health insurance while costs soar, dire need for ethics reform, new gas line law, the budget, oil at 19-month lows, we must set priorities! #1: get out of Juneau asap!” ©2007 1-18 [Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Senate President Lyda Green and Speaker of the House John Harris, exercising leadership”] - “The Birds” ©2007 1-20 [movie poster, Squawk Radio vultures perched atop 4 th Avenue Theatre sign. Color] - “Here we see the two main components: heavy oil, cold, thick and sandy, and heavy gas trapped under Exxon” ©2007 1-21 [man pointing to graphic of Alaska’s Energy Future. Color] - “Ethicshenge: mysterious, forbidding, its origins lost, its purpose forgotten, retains an air so unsettling that even some of Alaska’s most powerful politicians won’t go there” ©2007 1-23 [people standing amid letter-shaped stones] - “Ordinarily, we’d start by cutting the fat, progress to the meat, and as a last resort, bone. Problem is, our school district budget has been operated on so much that all we have here is scar tissue” ©2007 1-25 [surgeons in operating room. Color] - “Ugly? Sure. But it is a sign ethics reform just might pass” ©2007 1-27 [couple passing man sitting at table in hallway, with signs ‘The Gonzo Graft Giveaway Going Out of Business’, ‘Buy a Vote While It’s Still Legal’, ‘No Procedural Vote too Small’, ‘Volume Discounts Sorry No Returns’. Color] - “Could there be a better neighbor for City Hall?” ©2007 1-28 [bird’s eye view of street, with ‘Ruth Moulton, Winner in the 53 rd Round’; Town Square Park] - “Hey Sarah, looks like the factory issued a safety advisory on the gas deal. Can we force ‘em to recall and repair?” ©2007 1-30 [man holding Pedro Van Meurs Memo talking to Sarah Palin holding a wrench and standing next to complicated piping] 2007 February - “Ethics reform + puny, starving watchdog = ” ©2007 [2007-2-1] [little dog biting huge jawbone. Color] - “Big Wild Life: how the splat mark fits into the effort to create a city brand” ©2007 2-3 [moose being hit by car. Color] - “Alaska myth examined. Today’s myth: ‘We can continue to dodge the deficit bullet just like we always have.’ As diagram shows, our actual strategy is ‘freeze and hope bullets dodge us’” ©2007 2-24 [i.e., 2007-2-4] [bullet holes outlining human figure. Color] - “Actually, incompetent guides are much scarier beyond Kenai” ©2007 2-6 [Iraq Exit. Color] - “Oh! That vile music! He needs healthy role models, priests, astronauts...” ©2007 2-8 [woman pointing to son and yelling at husband who is reading newspaper headlined ‘Nowak Charged Attempted Murder, Priest Sued for Child Support’; Lisa Nowak. Color] - “Equal rights for Alaska gays: an update. Today: Can’t get married. Coming soon: Can’t get sick” ©2007 2-10 [crossed out wedding cake, crossed out ‘State Benefits for Partners of Gay Workers’. Color] - “Timmy checks Susie into the boards, simultaneously triumphing in the struggle for a decent seat and validating hockey programs as critical in overcrowded schools” ©2007 2-11 [man running into woman. Color] - “How do we school districts feel about Alaska’s ‘catch and release’ education funding process? Read my lips” ©2007 2-13 [fish with hook in mouth. Color] - “It clearly violates the transportation plan. Not to mention the sign ordinance” [airplane flying past bridge sign. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: ‘Don Young’s Way’ was what Rep. Young wanted to name his Anchorage Bridge to Nowhere”] - “Hey, what can I say? Big projects have horrible metabolism. You should see my cousin, the Knik Arm Crossing” ©2007 2-17 [obese Gas Line Cost man. Color] - ©2007 2-18 [BP man panhandling and shooting self in foot. Color] - “Don’t like ‘socialized medicine’? Welcome to ‘social Darwinized’ medicine” ©2007 2-22 [U.S. & AK Health Care caduceus, with Cost snake eating The Uninsured snake. Color] - “Let’s think outside the box. If we just find a way around heavy-handed child labor laws, kids could get covered as employees” ©2007 2-24 [Legislature in car passing child holding sign ‘No Child Left Uninsured’. Color] - “Meanwhile, in the dismal ethics swamp, it looked like the Legislature would be forced to reform until ... Omigaw, for me to pass ethics reform that affects my earnings is a conflict of interest! Must not do it!” ©2007 2-25 [swamp creature. Color] 2007 March - “Federal money only takes us to here? What is this? It’s where Don Young’s Way stops and ‘our way’ begins” ©2007 3-1 [people looking over edge of partially completed bridge. Color] - “Looks like we’re in for a whaling showdown with Japan. You mean this ocean isn’t big enough for the both of us?” ©2007 3-3 [boat in Pacific Ocean. Color] - “True Alaskans, bears statewide demand their slice of the action” ©2007 3-4 [bears with signs ‘No Special Rights for McNeil Bears’; McNeil River bear hunt] - “Allergies in schools: pick the most serious. 1. Timmy, peanuts. 2. Suzie, perfume. 3. Juneau School District, free speech” ©2007 3-6 [comment on Bong Hits For Jesus sign. Color] - “Last of the spill claimants. He refuses to go until Exxon pays” ©2007 3-8 [old man blowing out candles on 150 th birthday cake. Color] - “Remember, it’s Daylight Savings time. If you have any extra, it’s badly needed here” ©2007 3-11 [White House in darkness of Energy Policy, Torture, Presidential Papers, Domestic Surveillance] - “Campaign flashback: Frank ruthlessly exploits the air superiority afforded by use of the state jet” ©2007 3-13 [Frank Murkowski shooting own campaign headquarters from airplane. Color] - “A quick summary of the Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission view of the Knik Bridge [man gagging]. The Assembly chairman responds and advocates more planning. Dan knows it’s even more critical to plan for a bad idea” ©2007 3-15 [Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “The Dan here is Dan Sullivan, later elected mayor”] - “Why not base the longevity bonus on need? Because frankly, I need to believe it isn’t” ©2007 3-18 [old man talking to young man. Color] - ©2007 3-29 [man holding signs ‘Protect Marriage’, ‘Stay Single’, ‘43% of Marriages End in Divorce’. Color] - “We’re what? Fired. Satan’s outsourcing evil, and you’ll never guess who got the contract” ©2007 3-31 [devils reading newspaper headlined ‘Jesuit Dad, Church Fought Victims’. Color] 2007 April - “On the way to protest school district spending by voting against the Clark Middle School bond [car]. On the way to Clark Middle School [child being splashed by car]” ©2007 4-1 [Color] - “Last words of an incurable romantic: Without state benefits, I’m dying, you’re penniless, and soon, alone. But I will die proud, I’ll die happy, knowing that this was what it took to save someone else’s marriage” ©2007 4-3 [gay couple, one man on deathbed. Color] - ©2007 4-5 [donkey and elephant arguing about state budget sustainability, and then donkey suggests adding ‘$29 million for the longevity bonus’. Color] - “We may have finally gone too far – there’s a new petition out that calls for ‘Capitol Rangers’ to make sure we don’t gut voter initiatives” ©2007 4-7 [men dumping barrel off deck of State House freighter] - “Avert your eyes, Congressman Young! Some of it may be tainted!” ©2007 4-8 [Don Young and staffer flushing money down U.S. Campaign Finance System toilet. Color] - “The ‘Alaska hybrid,’ burning a combination of pork and natural gas, was a disappointment” ©2007 4-10 [man walking away from car holding gasoline can. Color] - “Pest control, pet grooming, aha – PETA!” ©2007 4-12 [pig looking through telephone directory next to poster ‘President Announces Pork Bounty, Herd to be Cut 50%, Open Season on Alaska Earmarks’. Color] - “The Year 2019: Senator Stevens, what is the secret of your senate longevity? Eat a good breakfast. Excellent! And what, exactly, do you have for breakfast? Twerps like you” ©2007 4- 14 [Ted Stevens with reporter. Color] - “The Knik Crossing will actually improve Anchorage traffic. As we trap Valley commuters in the downtown core, they are impeded from entering our grid, eliminating great pressure from Tudor and Lake Otis!” ©2007 4-15 [Dr. Kabada demonstrating on wall map] - “Spread thin” ©2007 4-17 [soldier standing in bull’s-eye target, man painting Extensions on target, making it larger; War in Afghanistan] - “Sinners! Prepare for a stoning! Impressive. Not really. It’s pumice” ©2007 4-19 [man carrying huge Gay Benefits Vote rock past couple] - “Alaskans agree wildlife should be managed scientifically. Beluga whales, say ‘hello’ to the ‘dismal science’” ©2007 4-21 [Economics shark. Color] - “ Victory! Legislature sweeps Alaska’s coming fiscal crunch under the rug in under 90 days instead of the usual 120” ©2007 4-22 [man and woman hiding monster under rug. Color. Identified by Dunlap-Shohl as Lyda Green and John Harris] - “So, they’ll move their oil, gas, and timber to the U.S. and we’ll move Alaska oil, gas, and uh... OK, new plan! The tunnel under Russia” ©2007 4-24 [man making presentation on The Bering Crossing. Color] - ©2007 4-26 [man covering eyes passing display of Urban Alaskan Mask Collection, all masks with hands over eyes, labeled Village Public Safety, Native Suicide, Rape, Urban-Rural Interdependence] - “The Year 2030: Using compounded interest from unpaid Valdez spill punitive damages, Exxon builds the gas line” ©2007 4-28 [robots constructing pipeline. Color] - “Don Imus? Who needs him? We have Don Young! [...]”©2007 4-29 [three panels of Don Young quotes, one panel with no comment on ‘questions arising from the conviction of a former aide of corruption’; Jack Abramoff scandal. Color] 2007 May - “Alaska, babe, I do care about you, but I need someone mature, dependable, stable! When you can be that person, call me [...]”©2007 5-1 [man driving convertible talking on cellphone. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “This is another cartoon about the oil industry’s insistence it needs ‘stability’ to invest”] - “Why are legislators so against the state helping to insure kids in working families? They’re probably worried some of us are gay” ©2007 5-3 [children walking. Color] - “Who woulda’ thunk it? Stories you may have missed... The Year 2000: Don Young rescues an endangered species” ©2007 5-5 [Don Young with Marianas Sweat Shop monster; Jack Abramoff scandal. Color] - “Alaska history quiz: Alaska Natives, once punished for speaking their own languages, now get in trouble for using which common English word?” ©2007 5-6 [person being stoned for saying ‘Tribe’. Color] - ©2007 5-8 [man holding t-shirt with ‘Corrupting Bastards Club’ slogan. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “That’s VECO’s Bill Allen, who made a deal with the FBI to cooperate with the feds investigating and prosecuting various Alaska politicians for corruption by VECO. They were known collectively as the ‘Corrupt Bastards Club’ but I thought Bill deserved a title of his own”] - “Here’s a scary thought: maybe he does represent his district” ©2007 5-10 [Vic Kohring wearing pin reading ‘I’m Vic and I Need a Hug.’ Color] - “And who’ll give me an opening bid on this exquisite work? Do we have a bid?...” ©2007 5-15 [Sarah Palin as auctioneer selling AGIA pipeline to skeptical buyers] - “I thought people in masks ran out of banks with bags of money. It’s just a politician depositing VECO contributions” ©2007 5-17 [couple watching man run into bank] - “As it turned out, circumstances dictated that the special session convene neither in Anchorage nor in Juneau” ©2007 5-20 [exterior of Federal Prison; VECO scandal. Color] - “Hi, Maggie? I hear you need a cell, uh, I mean roommate. Click. Hello? Hello?” ©2007 5-22 [AK GOP elephant calling Maggie. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Maggie was a lonely elephant living at the Anchorage Zoo. Freedom for Maggie was becoming a cause célèbre”] - “Sure. But you have to admit, it’s great industry is hiring again” ©2007 5-24 [workers standing along Trans Alaska Pipeline, holding fingers in leaks. Color] - “If the Legislature can get away with this, all I have to say is ‘ethics reform, schmethics reform’” ©2007 5-26 [man in wheelchair and Elderly Poor woman being thrown off cliff. Color] - “And the charge that I will be hindered in performing my job is ridiculous. Sincerely, Vic” ©2007 5-31 [Vic Kohring writing letters at desk while handcuffed. Color] 2007 June - “Special session foes give it their best shot [...]” ©2007 6-3 [AK Legislature truck running over man with Save Senior Care sign. Color] - “If the ‘give-‘em-less-time-they’ll-do-a-better-job’ rule is good enough for the Legislature, why not your barber? Your dentist? Your stock broker? Lawyer? Mechanic? Plumber?” ©2007 6-5 [6 panels] - “Earmark. Reformed earmark.” ©2007 6-6 [pig with elephant-shaped ear and donkey-shaped ear. Color] - “And, oh, on a totally unrelated, amazingly out-of-left-field, freakishly coincidental note, thanks for the campaign donation” ©2007 6-10 [Don Young handing Florida earmark to alligator in golf outfit. Color] - “Color coding: if it’s good enough for Alaska bears, it’s good enough for Alaska politicians [...]”©2007 6-12 [Universal Scandal Color Code. Color] - “Don Young’s district: ‘Floralaska’ [...]”©2007 6-14 [map of Alaska with Florida as panhandle. Color] - “Sarah of Mat-Su Farm, Chapter IX [...]”©2007 6-16 [Sarah Palin as dairy farmer trying to save Mat Maid cow, during pork stampede set loose by Legislature. Color] - “The Mat Maid board opens an unorthodox pairs routine with a face slap which the governor will follow with a slap shot” ©2007 6-19 [Sarah Palin hockey player threatening figure skater. Color] - “The Dark Midnight of the Soul, with Randy Ruedrich [...]”©2007 6-21 [Ruedrich in bed lamenting indictment of Vic Kohring. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Ruedrich was chairman of the GOP at the depths of the VECO scandal, and before and after as well.”] - “Russian River bears adapt with their own color scheme” ©2007 6-24 [one bear painting another in camouflage colors; Fish & Game marking habituated bears with dye. Color] - “Nonsensical messages” ©2007 6-26 [student holding ‘Bong Hits 4 Jesus’ sign, judge holding ‘Free Speech? 4Get It’ sign; Juneau School District. Color] - “What? Hold the cross-country meet on Sunday? That would conflict with NFL worship!” ©2007 6-28 [man talking on telephone while watching television. Color] 2007 July - “Then, as the Alaska GOP was updating its cell contacts, an awful thought hit: [...] I wonder if this line is tapped!!!” ©2007 7-1 [Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Deleting contacts who were casualties of the VECO scandal. Kott was Pete Kott, Speaker of the House”] - “Stevens Remodel, Bill Allen, foreman [...]”©2007 8-3 [areas of house labeled, with VECO Scandal Sewage Lagoon out back. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: Bill Allen undertook the remodeling of Ted Stevens’ Girdwood residence. Why Stevens took up with this undeniably sleazy man (see his history with underage girls) who was already found guilty of violating Alaska campaign finance law in the 1980s, is a mystery to me”] - “Matanuska Maid isn’t our only milking operation in crisis” ©2007 8-5 [man pulling on Alaska Delegation udder of Treasury cow. Color] - “We mocked Florida voters for electing the wrong people by mistake. What’s our excuse?” ©2007 8-7 [man reading newspaper headlined ‘Stevens, Young Criminal Investigation,’ ‘Lisa Gives Land Back’, ‘Mayor Writes Questionable Letter’; Ted Stevens, Don Young, Lisa Murkowski, Mark Begich. Color] - “Suddenly, after years of Don Young campaign pork roasts, the pork roasted back” ©2007 8- 11 [Bridge Backlash pig breathing fire at Don Young. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: Young used to mock objections over pork barrel spending by holding an annual fund-raising event featuring roast pork”] - “A higher alcohol tax? Unfair! I’m just a social drinker! Really? When you consider F.A.S., D.U.I., brain damage, spouse abuse, liver damage, and more, I’m just an antisocial drink” ©2007 8-12 [man holding wine glass with Grim Reaper sitting inside. Color] - “Boy, do I miss the days we worried about the feds locking up Alaska lands” ©2007 8-14 [Don Young and Ted Stevens sitting in a tree as bloodhounds follow their scent below. Color] - “Those that bite me will be bitten! Point of order! Is my good friend the congressman from Alaska current on his vaccinations?” ©2007 8-16 [Don Young on floor of U.S. House. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Don Young goes all Hannibal Lecter”] - ©2007 [George W. Bush at burning bush, holding burning Polls paper. Color. Per Dunlap- Shohl: “This was an image created for the McClatchy national caption contest”] - “Rove rarely left fingerprints, but forensic political scientists found his unique DNA everywhere” ©2007 8-18 [Karl Rove with inset of DNA structure. Color] - “New security profile: given the state of air travel, anybody nuts enough to get on a plane shouldn’t be allowed on board” ©2007 8-23 [passengers waiting in line at airport security] - “Speaking of demolition derbys” ©2007 8-26 [two men in wheelchairs playing chicken, one labeled Aging Decrepit Healthcare System and other labeled Aging Decrepit Baby Boomers] - “The FBI is concerned this video will be pirated? No, this law” ©2007 8-28 [couple watching ‘Oil Tax Special Session’ on television] 2007 September - “Thanks Bill. Just curious, why have you got some many of these rascals anyhow? A guy needs a little help when he’s trying to (expletive) the entire state” ©2007 9-6 [Per Dunlap- Shohl: “We had a story in the paper about how Bill Allen shared some of his Viagra (or similar medication) with House Speaker Pete Kott”] - “Alaska suffers sudden-onset lactose intolerance” ©2007 9-8 [man choking while holding Mat Maid milk carton] - “No kidding. I lift my lamp beside the golden door, too. Now hand over your I.D. This ain’t no sanctuary city” ©2007 9-11 [Statue of Liberty being pulled over by police while driving] - “Remember, the terrorists hate our freedoms, and will do anything to destroy them. This means we’ll have to curtail habeas corpus [...]. Note to self: urgent – clever infidels neutralizing ‘freedom’ as jihad rationale. Look for new angle...” ©2007 9-13 [terrorist listening to American talk radio] - “1953: Augie Hiebert debuts Alaska’s first TV station. The picture is bad, but the news is good. 2007: The picture is great, but the news is awful” ©2007 9-16 [man watching television news about Ted Stevens, Pete Kott, Bill Allen, and death of Augie Hiebert] - “Years later, Pete and Bill make up [...]”©2007 9-22 [Pete Kott and Bill Allen talking on telephone. Color] - ©2007 9-25 [song lyrics above crowd standing beneath flag with logo of man behind bars, eagle on flagpole; VECO scandal, pork spending, Permanent Fund Dividend. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “A rewrite of the Alaska Flag song”] - “Aflame with curiosity over what Alaskans thought of him, Frank strolled briskly to the pollster” ©2007 9-27 [Frank Murkowski walking down sidewalk holding $20,000 Gift Certificate while residents attack him. Color] - “Although fears that Anchorage was a ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal aliens proved baseless, concern that we are a ‘sanctuary state’ for illegal political activities looks serious” ©2007 9-30 [man beckoning people into ‘1 Year APOC Statute Limitations’ van under cover of darkness] 2007 October - “Don’t we send in a ‘pig’ first to check for corrosion? We did. That’s it dribblin’ out there” ©2007 10-2 [Senate and House with plungers at end of PPT pipe; petroleum production tax] - “So, kid, uninsured, eh? And first time in the emergency room I bet. Relax! I’m here all the time! Say, you gonna need all that blood?” ©2007 10-4 [Uncle Sam in U.S. Healthcare wheelchair talking to patient in waiting area] - “The Anchorage Daily News has no staff ombudsman. Luckily, many of our readers are more than happy to criticize us for free! Joe Contraire is among the best. Here he critiques our coverage of Sen. Ted Stevens [...]” [Credited to Peter Dunlap-Shohl and Matt Zencey. Undated. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: This cartoon was adapted from an animation I did for our web site”] - “If your average Alaskan has so much more survival savvy than that cheechako McCandless, how did so many of us wind up in suite 604?” ©2007 10-7 [people asking ‘Where are we?’; Chris McCandless. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Suite 604 was the hotel room number of the HQ of VECO in Juneau”] - “So, I’m watching Don on TV ranting about biting this other congressman, and I start to think, ‘Heck, if that’s the job description, let’s get a guy who’s actually done it” ©2007 10-14 [man with Mike Tyson U.S. House campaign sign on lawn, talking to neighbor with Don Young U.S. House sign on lawn. Color] - “With so many elected officials and lobbyists under FBI investigation, Alaska is designated a Superfund cleanup site” ©2007 10-16 [terrified people and skeletons] - “Then, just as the special session on the petroleum tax was winding down, the FBI arrested four more legislators” ©2007 10-18 [federal agents leading people away while legislators complain about having to redo work. Color] - “Are you people nuts? Lay off the high taxes on petroleum! You’ll scare the oil companies away! Fair point. How about we just scare away Exxon?” ©2007 10-21 [woman attacking man. Color] - “Historic analysis reveals solution to ‘unstable tax environment’ [...] Conclusion: ‘instability’ is caused by the industry. Only you can prevent it. Behave”©2007 10-28 [graph of tax increases after 1989 Exxon Valdez spill and 2007 VECO scandal] - “So we know Ben Stevens was a ‘consultant,’ but in what field? Best guess: interior design” ©2007 10-30 [couple outside Governor’s Mansion with signs ‘Alaska Capitol Remodel by VECO’, ‘Condemned by FBI’] 2007 November - “Come on, matey, how about a smile? This is for the cover of our annual report to shareholders!” ©2007 11-1 [pirates flying Exxon Jolly Roger forcing Oiled Alaskans to walk the plank. Color] - “Hey! Snap out of it! You’re just a global warming alarmist. Of course the humans are aware of it, and I have no doubt they are moving heaven and earth to stop it!” ©2007 11-4 [one polar bear slapping another around on ice floe. Color] - “Yeah, yeah. To a real Alaskan, ‘dangerous instability of the climate’ means worrying that changing tax policy will rain all over future oil investment” ©2007 11-6 [map of Alaska with labels for Villages Eroding Away, Permafrost Melting, Ice Pack Thinning, Glaciers Retreating’. Color] - “The Alaska Dictionary. Koh-ring [...]”©2007 11-8 [definition of verb ‘to preach self-reliance through a mouthful of mooched food, esp. hamburger or pork’; Vic Kohring. Color] - “Negotiating with big oil [...]”©2007 11-11 [oil executive threatening to invest elsewhere, until he finally runs out of locations. Color] - “Remove a congressman’s power to ‘earmark’ and federal agencies will decide what gets funded. I say leave that power with wealthy developers and generous campaign donors” ©2007 11-13 [Don Young embracing alligator. Color] - “Good news in the 25% oil tax rate case! The team does have a defibrillator. Bad news: Lyda gets to hold one of the paddles” ©2007 11-15 [Sarah Palin, John Harris, and Lyda Green in operating room. Color] - “When will it stop? 20 th century: the J. Edgar Hoover-controlled FBI conducts surveillance of Martin Luther King and John Lennon. 21 st century: the media-controlled FBI conducts investigations of Alaska senior U.S. senator” ©2007 11-18 [federal agent in Girdwood; Ted Stevens] - “This? It’s the brand-new Assembly-o-Matic XPB-5000 budget scalpel. But relax, it’s just for discussion purposes. What shall we talk about?” ©2007 11-20 [man looking down gunsight. Per Dunlap-Shohl: Anchorage mayor Mark Begich and unidentified man with bazooka”] - “The ultimate in Anchorage vehicle safety gadgets: dual breath test ignition locks: one for alcohol, one for road rage” ©2007 11-25 [driver behind wheel of car. Color] - ©2007 11-27 [God covering eyes while dropping ‘One More AK Oil Windfall’ money bag on Alaska. Color] - “Worst case scenario: Papa Pilgrim pickets Planned Parenthood” ©2007 11-29 [Robert Hale with sign ‘No Teen Abortion Without Parental Consent’] 2007 December - “BP pleads guilty. Assemblyman Bauer? Looks like you have a point about foreign outlaws lurking in Anchorage” ©2007 12-2 [man talking on cell phone in courtroom; Paul Bauer] - “Drat! We scared off Warren Buffett! Life was easier when Canada was the obstacle, not us!” ©2007 12-4 [Corruption Cases monster standing behind Sarah Palin and man. Color] - “Aramaic? Heck. What’s one more language? Welcome to the Anchorage School District!” ©2007 12-6 [Carol Comeau with World Languages book welcoming Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Color] - “And another reason the G.O.P. hates trial lawyers [...]” ©2007 12-13 [lawyer donating retainer fees to donkey] - “Wounded in Iraq, rescued under heavy fire and patched up by medics, evacuated to a hospital in Germany, only to find that there is a place where he is beyond the help of our armed services: his village back home in Alaska” ©2007 12-16 [Veterans Administration asking ‘Yukon-Kusko where?’] - “Santa! You brought me meds! Bless you! Uh, sorry, these are mine. Back pain, stress...” ©2007 12-18 [Santa Claus in home of elderly man. Color] - “2007: it coulda been worse! A look at major stories that DIDN’T happen this past year [...]” ©2007 12-23 [Maggy the elephant; Pete Kott; George W. Bush; Don Young; air travel] 2008 January - “The Anchorage dining guide for visiting wolves: No [dog outside dog house]. All you can eat [moose]” ©2008 1-3 [Color] - ©2008 1-6 [Mark Begich looking back and forth between giant Ted Stevens and Democratic National Headquarters chanting ‘Jump Jump’. Color] - “Civic landmarks, a whirlwind tour: Paris, the Eiffel Tower. New York, the Empire State Building. Seattle, the Space Needle. Anchorage, the 4 th Avenue Theater” ©2008 1-10 [wrecking ball] - “Distracted idiot on a cell phone foils drive-by shooting” ©2008 1-13 [car accident, with gun flying out of one car. Color] - “Major league steroids? Nonsense! I’m hulked up, not bulked up. Oh, wait, are you looking for the baseball hearings?” ©2008 1-15 [Ted Stevens as the Incredible Hulk carrying safe, talking to baseball umpire. Color] - “So, Lyda, I think we can agree we spent enough time on ‘courtesy.’ By all means, Sarah, let’s move on to ‘ethics’” ©2008 1-17 [Sarah Palin and Lyda Green after knocking each other down. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “This cartoon had a famous but little known forerunner in a cartoon from the 1940s by the fabulous Australian-British cartoonist David Low”] - ©2008 1-20 [Budget Reserve man holdings IOUs, Legislature holding Surplus money bag. Color] - “A bridge too farfetched” ©2008 1-24 [rainbow shining over Kabataland in the sky off the shore of Reality; Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority. Color] - “Ooh! Ooh! I know, let’s give it back to the oil companies! Moronic, Huggins. Let’s dish out $1,000 to the people to...uh...defray gas costs...and let them give to the oil companies themselves!” ©2008 1-26 [men talking next to huge money bag; Charlie Huggins] - “Did someone say ‘earmarks’?” ©2008 1-29 [George W. Bush holding Deficit balloon with ears like his. Color] 2008 February - “Amazing cheek pouches. Obviously expecting a lonnnng cold winter” ©2008 2-5 [couple looking up at Don Young Legal Fund squirrel in tree. Color] - ©2008 2-10 [elephant wearing ‘AK [Hearts] Mitt’ pin high-fiving Mitt Romney; elephant slapping forehead while John McCain waves. Color] - “With apologies to Gary Larson... What political watchdogs say. What politicians hear” ©2008 2-18 [APOC dog yelling ‘Hey! Citizens! Head’s up! Alert!’ while man hears ‘Blah, cut APOC budget, blah’. Color] - “(Gag) This is the way to HIGHER office? Just hold your breath and swim upstream” ©2008 2- 14 [voice coming out of U.S. Campaign Finance sewer] - “Leaked White House diagram reveals covert strategy to discourage illegal immigration. Headed north: Jose and Ramon. Headed south: Civil liberties and the dollar” ©2008 2-17 [Statue of Liberty at razor-wire-topped fence. Color] - “’All in the Family’ starring you” ©2008 2-21 [couple in convenience store, with labels on each thing tracking their movements like Big Brother, including camera on cash machine, security camera in store, credit card machine, newspaper headlined ‘Feds Push Real ID’. Color] - “What’s it for? You’re looking at almost a million bucks worth of full cooperation with the Justice Department” ©2008 2-24 [Don Young holding Legal Defense Fund money bag. Color] - “If Janis Joplin had been an Alaskan” ©2008 2-26 [lyrics to the tune of ‘Mercedes Benz’; oil prices, economy, gas pipeline. Color] 2008 March - “News item: Begich forms exploratory committee for senate race” ©2008 3-1 [explorer Mark Begich looking across Swiftboat Swamp, Valley of Shriek Radio, Innuendo River, and Elephant’s Graveyard with Bones of McCain 2000 Campaign to Mt. Rove. Color] - “I’m afraid there’s not much we can do. The law says you have to be a ‘spiritual leader’. It doesn’t specify what kind” ©2008 3-4 [man holding Property Tax Exemption Application from devil; Anchorage Baptist Temple. Color] - “When greedy eagles get trapped in slime, there’s compassion! Where’s the love for us?” ©2008 3-9 [man looking at people trapped in VECO Corruption Pit. Color] - “From the ‘It Could Be Worse File’: Don Young might still be a teacher” ©2008 3-11 [Don Young asking students to define constituents; campaign finance. Color] - “You dare to consider ousting me as party chair after I brought you so far?” ©2008 3-14 [wounded elephant carrying Randy Ruedrich into cemetery with graves of Pete Kott, Gregg Renkes, Scott Ogan, Clark, Anderson. Color] - “Old Alaska politics [Finest U.S. Pork airlift]. New Alaska politics [Sarah Palin Art of the Possible Pork Rinds]” ©2008 3-16 [Color] - “Just when you think you’ve heard it all [...]”©2008 3-18 [Don Young shouting insults, then complaining that Sean Parnell ‘announced for my seat before telling me? Sheesh, whatever happened to courtesy?’ Color] - “The Book of Nutjob: the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the Reverend Pat Robertson find common ground [...]”©2008 3-23 [lyrics to tune of ‘God Bless America’. Color] - “Moving the Legislature to the road system is not the answer when our elected officials already spend so much time working the streets” ©2008 3-25 [prostitutes on Campaign Finance street] - “And they wonder why I stay inside playing video games” ©2008 3-30 [boy closing eyes as he jumps to catch baseball headed toward Infield Flies and Really Foul Ball; dog parks. Color] 2008 April - “Your handy ‘Why I am not voting today’ excuse list [...]”©2008 4-1 [reasons including ‘I voted for Tom, Vic, or Pete in the past and need time to rebuild trust in myself’ and ‘Actually, I live in Arizona, and am only registered here to qualify for the PFD’. Color] - “Hello, Committee to Draft Palin for Vice President? This is John Harris. Where do Lyda and I sign up?” ©2008 4-6 [John Harris and Lyda Green injured by Sarah Palin. Color] - “Come into my parlor, said Lyda to the fly” ©2008 4-8 [Lyda Green as spider holding Palin Priority Bills in web] - “Bush legacy takes shape” ©2008 4-10 [George W. Bush holding tray of Heckuvajob Brownies and offering ‘Pretzel, anyone?’ while pointing at twisted legacy including Iraq War references. Color] - ©2008 4-12 [House & Senate couple looking into Pet Project Emporium window while Uninsured Kids baby carriage rolls into street. Color] - ©2008 4-15 [Legislature passenger on airplane using supplemental oxygen mask, offering bag of peanuts to Uninsured Kids suffocating in next seat] - “*Sigh* It’s so hard to find decent Cro Magnons these days” ©2008 4-17 [man leading talk radio personalities into Clear Channel Department of Sensitivity Training room. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “This was done following some radio shock jocks going over the line on live radio. The two jocks were sentenced to ‘sensitivity training,’ which is like sentencing jackals to vegetarianism”] - “Ted Stevens was right! The Internet is a series of tubes [...]”©2008 4-20 [Privacy, Civility, Hollywood, Media Profit going down the tubes, and Rumors, Porn, Lies, and Paranoid Conspiracy Theories gushing out. With ‘Cartoon Correction’ noting reader comment on lack of ‘balanced coverage of the leaders of our state’. Color] - “Meanwhile, back at a garment factory in the Marianas... Ok, which wiseapple embroidered ‘Don Young’ on this prison jumpsuit?” ©2008 4-25 [boss chastising women at sewing machines. Color] - “If G. Gordon Liddy is a credible ANWR advocate, Alaskans might consider: Donald Rumsfeld to defend trapping. Bill Clinton to advocate abstinence. Dick Cheney, to consult on alternate fuel. Don Young to justify earmar...oops! Guess we’re doing that now”©2008 4-27 [Color] - ©2008 4-29 [American Dental Association asleep inside movie theater showing ‘Jaws 2008: 100 Million Americans Can’t Afford Decent Dental Care’] 2008 May - ©2008 5-2 [Don Young singing to tune of ‘Margaritaville’; Jack Abramoff scandal. Color] - “With eerie timing, the road to Alaska’s capital opened just in time for the capital move” ©2008 5-6 [moving van passing ribbon cutting ceremony with marching band] - “Actually the Elmore bridges are an improvement over the original DOT idea” ©2008 5-11 [Moose Vault Area road sign, one moose with pole vault, another moose hitting side of passing semi truck. Color] - “Now we can see why Cheney’s secret energy advisers demanded anonymity” ©2008 5-13 [U.S. Energy Policy monster truck crashing into Oil Cost gas pump] - “Hah! They declared us ‘threatened’. Pay up. Wait, let’s go double or nothing on them not figuring out THEY are, too” ©2008 5-15 [polar bears on North Pole surrounded by city buildings] - “We need an SUV, you said. An SUV is safer, you said” ©2008 5-18 [Gas Prices dinosaur attacking car] - “Cry me a river, it’s all we got that’s not ultra-classified” ©2008 5-23 [librarian at G.W. Bush Presidential Library handing ‘My Pet Goat’ book to patron. Color] - “Hey Mort, if you can hear me, don’t think of it as ‘auguring in’, think of it as ‘pioneering the subterranean option’ for re-routing the Coastal Trail” ©2008 5-27 [man shouting into hole at Mort Plumb. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “Mort was the head of the Anchorage International Airport”] 2008 June - “Just when you think the idea of turning food into gasoline couldn’t get any sicker...” ©2008 6-1 [couple in car next to gas pumps labeled Regular, Supreme, and Organic. Color] - “Who says our healthcare system is lousy at prevention?” ©2008 6-3 [bouncer blocking access to medical office, saying ‘Sorry gramps. Due to inadequate reimbursement, we cannot accept Medicare cases’] - “An Anchorage economic worst case scenario: Cargo plane loaded with earmarks from DC collides with cargo plane loaded with resource revenue from rural Alaska” ©2008 6-5 [man shielding self from debris falling from sky] - “What became of my brave stands on torture and immigration? Well my friend, this is an election about CHANGE” ©2008 6-8 [John McCain] - “Political geology of the Knik crossing: Powerful economic forces increase the political distance the bridge must span, forming a deep-water trench where submerged dollars rot and are devoured by crabs and sea worms” ©2008 6-10 [map showing Anchorage Plate and Mat- Su Plate] - “Once Anchorage bears ventured downtown, and discovered the chow at ‘First Friday’ art openings, there was no going back” ©2008 12-13 [i.e. 2008-6-13] [bear attacking people at art gallery. Color] - “...whereas the court finds that present levels of profit at Exxon make punitive damages meaningless, we reduce the award to zero, and hereby implement alternate measures. You get a 5 minute head start and then we release the mob of consumers enraged at gas prices” ©2008 6-17 [Supreme Court judge; Exxon Valdez oil spill] - “Hello and welcome to the 2008 edition of ‘Open ANWR’! Tonight: two of our leading advocates argue that we will proceed with the utmost care, caution, and forethought. G. Gordon ‘Headshots’ Liddy and G. ‘WMD’ Bush” ©2008 6-22 [G. Gordon Liddy and George W. Bush being introduced. Color] - [2008-6-23. Jihadists high-fiving, wearing t-shirts for ‘Terror U Iraq’ and ‘Terror U Gitmo’; Guantanamo Bay prison] - “Reversal of fortune” ©2008 6-24 [dog riding in back of pickup truck passing gas station selling gasoline at $5.00 per gallon; dog pulling pickup truck] - “Supreme Court winds up to deliver wrist slap to Exxon” ©2008 6-26 [judge giving backhanded face slap to Alaska] - ©2008 6-29 [Alaska Health Care caduceus, with strong Costs snake strangling weak Results snake] 2008 July - “Exxon’s inside deal to get some plaintiffs to reimburse punitive damages is the best hope of getting them to cough the damages up [...]” ©2008 7-3 [Exxon executives fighting] - “What benefits do we lobbyists derive from being part of Don Young’s Alaska Wolfpack? NONE! Really! Well, OK, we don’t have to use the dog door” ©2008 7-8 [wolf wearing business suit going into Don Young Preferred Visitors Entrance, with dog door for ‘Cretins, Supplicants, Other’ at right] - ©2008 7-11 [FBI agent jumping out of ‘Happy 50 th Alaska’ birthday cake; federal investigations of Alaska politicians. Color] - “Lassie, is that you? It’s John Cowdery. I’ve fallen into a sleaze pit! Get help! [...]” ©2008 7-13 [dog returning with Senate Resignation Form. Color] - “Does this wallet make my rear look big? No way, Speaker Harris. But it does make your head look small” ©2008 7-13 [John Harris with $21 Billion Energy Idea in pocket] - “Exxon parts with a dime... Heck, maybe $500 million will be punitive after all” ©2008 7-18 [man cracking with the effort; Exxon Valdez oil spill] - “Dismissed at the pleasure of the governor... Hey! That does look like fun!” ©2008 7-22 [Sarah Palin kicking Walt Monegan out, then nursing sore toe] - ©2008 7-25 [1958 newspaper headlined ‘We’re In, Alaska Wins Statehood’, 2008 newspaper headlined ‘We’re In Deep Doo-Doo’] - “This? A HUG? Hahaha of course not! That would be improper!” ©2008 7-27 [Charles Kopp clinging to Sarah Palin’s legs. Color] - “It’s true, we attract the occasional oddball” ©2008 7-29 [man holding sign, ‘Tavern Owners Against Drunks, Keep Safe Harbor at Bay’; Safe Harbor Inn homeless shelter. Color] - “High office, Alaska style” [2008-7-29. Ted Stevens treed by pack of hunting dogs. Color] 2008 August - “When Hulk smash, Hulk smash!” ©2008 8-1 [Incredible Hulk smashing own thumb with VECO hammer; Ted Stevens. Color] - “I’m innocent. Taaainted cash! We’re givin’ away tainted cash here...” ©2008 7-3 [i.e. 2008- 8-3. Ted Stevens next to elephant emptying Donations From Stevens money bag. Color] - “It’s true that singing is supposed to deter bear attacks, but...” ©2008 8-5 [City, State, and Feds covering ears and singing loudly. Color] - “fast forward to the year 2031: After their mid-career troubles with the FBI ended with acquittals, Ted and Don took up where they left off” ©2008 8-8 [Ted Stevens saying ‘Fair warning Senate colleagues, anyone who votes against my Open ANWR bill will be caned insensible by Cracky’ [his cane] and Don Young saying ‘You want my [expletive] pork? Say hello to my big arthritic finger!’ Color] - “’Grizzly Man’ sequel ‘Garbage Man’, now showing near you” ©2008 8-10 [bear sniffing homeowner taking our bags of Careless Storage trash. Color] - “Cruise ship arrival in Barrow via the Northwest Passage raises serious questions” ©2008 8- 12 [people wondering ‘How fast can I open up a t-shirt shop’ and ‘Will this harm our fisheries’, polar bear wondering ‘Are tourists good eating?’ Color] - “Hi Governor, I’m just calling to tell you I back you up all the way on Trooper Wooten [...]” ©2008 8-15 [Walt Monegan calling Sarah Palin about Mike Wooten. Color] - “The change of venue” ©2008 8-5 [people bowing before Ted Stevens as clerk says ‘Ahem! I said all rise for the judge!’ Color] - “Psst, hey pal, there’s something they don’t want you to know about Obama [...]” ©2008 8- 19 [man guesses Irish roots rather than Muslim roots; Barack Obama. Color] - “How about this, Vickers? Alaskans take back Alaska, and you take Florida back from Don Young” ©2008 8-22 [woman talking to Raymond ‘Vic’ Vickers as they watch Don Young wearing Coconut Rd. Swim Team t-shirt and carrying ‘101 Southern Pork Recipes’ book. Color] - “Where do they get off calling Ballot Measure 3 ‘The Clean Elections Measure’? As a heavy contributor to many candidates, I find that term insulting [...]” ©2008 8-24 [man talking outside state capitol with monsters Greed, Corruption, and Sleaze; campaign finance. Color] 2008 September - “Hey, Governor! Surely you can do better on Troopergate than leave Alaskans staring at a stone wall! Oh, sorry. Enjoy!” ©2008 9-2 [Sarah Palin posting McCain-Palin campaign sign on stone wall; Mike Wooten. Color] - [2008-9-10. Sarah Palin as Rapunzel in tower, with sniper backup, Palin lowering her hair to rescue John McCain from pack of dogs] - “Hiding from tough questions since the convention? Absurd! We’re all about transparency!” ©2008 9-11 [John McCain holding snow globe with Sarah Palin trapped inside, covering her mouth] - ©2008 9-14 [Sarah Palin trying to straighten the hair of Extreme Right woolly mammoth. Color. Per Dunlap-Shohl: “This one was reprinted on the cover of the Notebook, the trade publication of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. The inspiration was a famous image from the coverage of the GOP convention: Sarah wetting her hand and attempting to slick down a cowlick on one of her kids”] - “You want my PRIVATE e-mails? Whyever would you be worried that I might mix up PERSONAL business with GOVERNMENT business? Oh, hang on, Todd’s texting me about Trooper Wooten” ©2008 9-16 [Sarah Palin on cell phone at press conference; Mike Wooten. Color] - [2008-9-18. Sarah Palin applying lipstick, Foreign Relations, War, Deficit, Health Care, and Energy Policy pigs behind her waiting for their lipstick. Color] - “OK folks, move along. Nothing to see here, move along...” ©2008 9-18 [i.e., 2008-9-19. Elephant bouncers next to huge sign, ‘Palin: Hold me accountable, in Troopergate’. Color] - “Election Day 2008” ©2008 9-21 [campaign supporters on sidewalk, holding signs ‘Sleazy But Senior’, ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’, ‘Innocent Until Appeals Exhausted’, ‘They May bE Corrupt Bastards But They’re Our Corrupt Bastards’. Color] - “Is Sarah Palin qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? Absolutely! Just as long as that heart keeps beating” ©2008 9-23 [John McCain and Sarah Palin being followed by Cardio Squad medical team. Color] - “The ‘chalet’ that Bill Allen remodeled for his friend Ted Stevens. The temple that Alaskans built to their friend Ted Stevens” ©2008 9-26 [ruins with pillars of Trust, Loyalty, Respect, Power. Color] - “[Expletive] Congress! Call Rick Sinnott!” ©2008 9-30 [bear in alley raiding garbage can with Junk Mortgages and Junked Safeguards. Color] 2008 October - “Escaping looming economic disaster. You? Funny you should mention that...” ©2008 10-3 [resident of Rural Alaska and resident of Urban Alaska crawling opposite ways. Color] - “All good Alaskans grind their teeth when they come across one of those maps that show Alaska floating off of California. As a farewell gift to Daily News readers, I offer this cartographic correction” ©2008 10-5 [map of Alaska with U.S.A. floating off Bristol Bay, Putinia to west. Color] Undated - [car passing road sign, ‘Speed Limit 1950’] B18 Undated (1/2) - [portrait of Tom Fink] - [caricature of Steve Cowper wearing cowboy hat with multiple arrows in it, riding stick pony. Pencil study on verso] - [portrait of Bob Hope. Unsigned] - [Ronald Reagan in sword duel with U.S. Capitol, both dressed as Revolution-era figures] - [angry clown] - [Monopoly-style game board, with U.S. Capitol game piece about to land on Pork Place, passing Dineh Electric square. Unsigned] - [caricature of Bill Sheffield. Pencil study on verso] - “Joe Hayes” [caricature of man] - [caricature of woman holding ‘How-to’ book and home repair tools. Pencil study on verso for ‘Real estate, do it yourself boom’] - [Tom Fink tap-dancing. Unsigned] - [caricature of Pegge Begich as lemming. Per Dunlap-Shohl: drawn as a lemming after “she made a couple of suicidal runs at U.S. Rep. Don Young in an attempt to unseat him in the mid 1980’s.”] - [circus lion tamer putting head into mouth of television set. Unsigned] - [man listening to music at desk, ducking head to avoid musical bars coming in window] - [George H.W. Bush snapping American flag at Michael Dukakis] - [George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis squaring off in tanks. Unsigned] - [George H.W. Bush reading ‘Lip Reading’ book next to jaws of Deficit] - [George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev on ship deck. Pencil] - [George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis] - [man walking past telephone booth with steeple on top] - [young boy next to Christmas tree playing with hand-crank cannon shooting ornaments] - [ruled Reporter’s Notebook opened to show woman behind bars] - [hands using hammer-and-sickle letter opener on envelope] - [Uncle Sam looking through magnifying glass. Unsigned] - [George H.W. Bush pulling dollar bill rug out from under Bob Dole] - [caricature of Steve Cowper as walrus for We Alaskans article on “Political Animals”] - [congregation in church pews handing money to man carrying huge stack of bills] - [portraits of Flip Wilson and Geraldine] - [Ted Stevens in desert carrying rifle with ‘Bang!’ flag in barrel] - [audience of hecklers throwing things at reporter sitting at typewriter on stage] - [armored personnel carriers carrying male gender symbols. Pencil study on verso] - [caricature of Glenn Olds as bird with D.C. tag on luggage, for We Alaskans article on “Political Animals”] - “The inaugural ball” [man crushed by deficit wrecking ball. Unsigned] - “Illustration for Sunday’s 3 rd page, male violence” [man shackled with male gender symbols] - “And you thought ‘assaulting the summit’ was a mountaineering term” [Ronald Reagan in fighter jet bombing American and Russian flags on mountain summit with Salt II Decision and Libya Bombing] - [portrait of Arliss Sturgulewski] - “Capitol punishment” [group portrait of politicians with Groucho Marx, Grim Reaper, and dinosaur] Undated (2/2) - “Scientists warn that Earth must devise a defense against meteors” [Earth zapping incoming meteor with ray gun. On cardboard] - “Zap! Scientists warn that it’s only a matter of time before Earth will be threatened by asteroids” [Earth zapping incoming meteor with ray gun. Color overlays for publication] - [man with hand on physician’s shoulder. On cardboard] - [skull as cork in alcohol bottle. Computer-generated art] - [portrait of Gloria Steinem on 50 th birthday, 1984. Computer-generated art] - [bicyclist and dog on trail. Scratchboard] - [dinosaurs. Scratchboard] - [warthogs snuggling on sofa, each thinking about domestic pigs. Scratchboard] B19 [Oversize] Cartoons, Undated [unless otherwise noted] - [log Espresso Hut selling Special Quiche, sign ‘Iditarod Trail, Nome 50’. Unsigned. Color] - [portrait of George H.W. Bush. Color] - “The mouths that roar” [letter ‘o’ in ‘roar’ as mouth of man shouting expletives. Color] - [sleeping man snoring so loudly he wakes cat and dog and breaks mirror on wall. Color] - [man watering grass as dog urinates on rose bush, with empty text boxes. Color] - [bull using handkerchief to blow nose, sitting in theater audience. Color. With overlays for publication, dated ‘F1 Sunday Arts 3-12-89’] - [cat and owl in hot air balloon made of basket hanging from Christmas ornament. Pencil. With color overlays for publication dated ‘Sunday Travel 12/14’] - [series of cartoons involving dogs, including dog clothing, dog psychiatrist, dog catcher, human scooping poop, dog chiropractor, sleuth following dog tracks] - [human figures as fence posts in barbed wire fence] - [one hand holding section of earth with tree on it, another hand holding a section of earth with an oil well on it] - “Sic em! Git em boy!” [man with bulldog outside of Principal’s office] - [man with fork and pencil sitting down to dinner] - [crowd of graduates throwing mortarboards into air, all labeled ‘Visa’] - [hand depositing coin into head of assemblyman Dave Rose as piggy bank. Print] - [pie chart with 42% ‘Yes’, 24% ‘No’, 20% ‘Maybe’, and a man sprinting from the final slice of pie into the voting booth] - “Holy hogwash! The bat signal!” [spotlight beaming dollar sign into night sky over Anchorage] - [Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen accepting Democratic nomination for president, 1988] - [jet airplane with radiation symbols for fuselage and four engines] - [man sitting on couch watching television blaring music concert] - [Ronald Reagan giving thumbs-up] - [man opening trench coat to show something to another man, both with empty speech bubbles] - [portrait of Texas Governor John Connally wearing Uncle Sam’s hat] - [wolf sitting with crossed arms outside log cabin, watching armadillo carrying luggage debark from bus] - [man watching one barrel fall off columns made of oil barrels on State Capitol portico] - [caricature of Arliss Sturgulewski as musk ox for We Alaskans article on “Political Animals”] - [Jay Hammond playing bagpipes standing on sled runners with sled dog in basket, with empty text box] - [man in USA Olympic uniform using snow blower] - [ghouls] - “It’s the sort of apocalyptic summer of which Hodel is fond, but his crystal ball has been cloudy” [man wearing wizard hat looking into incandescent bulb, owl on perch nearby] - [big man with tiny shadow, small man with long shadow] - “Nouvelle exercise: 1. Stretching out is very key. 2. Follow with a warm-up period. 3. Finally, do a few laps” [man on chaise longue, man starting grill, man eating ice cream] - [Ayatollah Khomeini as spirit rising from water next to tanker] - “[illegible] Boucher, Fink, Walsh, Mafia” [Red Boucher, Tom Fink, Dave Walsh, and Mike "Mafia Mike" Von Gnatensky running for mayoral office, 1987?] - [fat Elvis Presley wearing jester hat holding scepter made of young Elvis wearing crown and holding guitar] - [dog wearing goggles, airplanes reflected in glasses, collaged with Victorian images of flying fish and men in flying machines. On cardboard] - [dog wearing goggles, airplanes reflected in glasses, collaged with Victorian images of flying fish and men in flying machines, on background of computer-generated clouds. Print] - “Merry Christmas” [collage of figures from year’s cartoons, 1988? With negative overlay] - [bearded man and animals reading under night sky. Negative overlay only, probably from original scratchboard] - [24 panels of hockey referee signs. With negative overlay] - [caveman hunched over holding large pencil like a spear, word cloud at his feet. Print] - [donkey at podium saying ‘Cluck’, elephant at podium saying ‘Moo’] - [musher being laughed at by his sled dog team] - [caricature of Don Young as elephant seal for We Alaskans article on “Political Animals”] - “Ready, set, wiggle!” [man dancing with woman, caught in spotlight, wiping tears from eyes while holding a cross] - [King Kong standing on top of cabin being menaced by mosquitoes, gorilla holds woman in one hand and hammer in other] - [angry man and woman in sandwich as bed, with ‘My Side/ Your Side’ diving line on top piece of bread] - [Alaska snowbird couple as cuckoos in clock, clock face with months instead of numbers] - [farmer riding tractor over belted waists as rolling hills] - [man drinking at bar. Signed Pam D-S] - [man looking through telescope. Computer-generated art] - [leafless tree with empty text box above. Pen-and-ink and computer-generated art] - [man in kayak. Improvised scratchboard] - [two men boxing in ring. Identified by Dunlap-Shohl in 2017 as Gerry Cooney, on the right, and Phillip Brown, who fought in Anchorage in 1984. On cardboard] Graphic art, Undated, Unsigned (unless otherwise noted) - [graphics for Anchorage 1994 Olympic bid, including cost and revenue charts, facilities, and logos] - [maps, mostly outline maps without text. One original pencil sketch] - [charts and graphs, including ‘Uphill struggle: the price of campaigning has risen dramatically’ from 1984] - [symbols and graphics, most without contextual information] - [sketch for city bus graphic featuring characters from Muskeg Heights for Tobacco Control Alliance public awareness campaign] - “The new court: Moving on, Warren Burger. Stepping up, William Rehnquist. Filling in, Antonin Scalia” [portraits of three men, 1986. Signed. With print that includes text] - [three sheets of airplane sketches, including Super Cub, Maule Rocket, Champion Citabria, Cherokee 150, de Havilland Beaver, Stinson Sentinel, Taylorcraft Tandem Model D, Cessna 170, Cessna 172, Lake Buccaneer] - [soldier with cannabis leaves on helmet for camouflage. Signed] - [railroad tanker car with cutout showing interior] - [one dollar bill] - [decorative border] - [base of triangle] - [electrical cords. Computer-generated art] - [electrical cord. Computer-generated art] - [collage of woman with pocket watches for eyes, with dollar bills, IRS 1040 forms, two men] - “Daily News/collage” [collage of man with arm stuck in printing press] - [overlay for publication, elephant jumping on man’s head. Color. Signed] - [overlay for publication, jets and people in sky above collage of world heritage sites. Signed] - [overlay for publication, man getting arm caught in mail box steel trap. Signed] - “Merry Christmas” [overlay for publication, cartoons from past year, 1987? Signed] - “Joyous Holidays Alaska! And a Happy New Year!” [overlay for publication, cartoons from past year, 1995? Signed] - [skull wearing baseball cap. With overlays for publication. Signed] - [tractor-trailer with heart on cab. Two similar versions of image] - [radio head man in bed with cold] - [policeman leaning against door of patrol car] - [policeman’s belt, with weapons, handcuffs, badge] - [groom carrying bride off of airplane. Signed] - “Global Vision” [man’s face wearing glasses made of two halves of globe. Signed] - [skier. Signed. With overlays] - [man and two women in voting booths or bathroom stalls. See also similar map case item] - [overlays for We Alaskans special edition cover, December 30, 1984, ‘The Year in Pictures’] Map case [Oversize] - [worried man looking through hole in roll of dollar bills. Undated] - [toreador using dollar bill as cape. Undated. Pen-and-ink and computer-generated art] - “Roster Poster II. Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, April 23-27, 1991” [with cartoon portraits of member artists, including Dunlap-Shohl] - [Heart rising over mountains, couple walking in snow. Undated. Pen-and-ink and computer- generated art] - Little [illegible] footballs [football player towering over man reclining on chaise longue, also in football uniform but with tiny head. Undated. Signed by Dunlap Shohl with “After Steadman”] - [two dogs flying airplane. Undated. Pen-and-ink and computer-generated art] - [Mike Doogan as bull speaking into KSKA microphone on farm. Undated] - [word ‘school’ spelled out in figures of students, including skateboarder, cheerleaders, football players. Undated] - [utility pole totem pole, with figures including electrical outlets, lightbulb, man with wrenches. Undated. Pencil and ink study on verso] - “Flat [like?] a $ bill” [caricature of Frank Murkowski as halibut for We Alaskans article on “Political Animals”. Undated] - “The final hours. We sent Daily News cartoonist Peter Dunlap-Shohl down to watch the close of the session. This is what he saw [...]” [House and Senate figures, with quotes and ‘Mood-o- meter’. Undated. Between 1985-1992] - “Blackwaters: A history of the Valdez spill [...]” Publication the 28 th of April [38 small panels, with multiple corrections noted] - “Dead in the water: A history of the Exxon Valdez spill [...]” [17 panels with typescript captions. Undated] - [man wearing suit and necktie with money pin on lapel sticking tongue out at his mirror reflection, who is a hippie wearing a peace sign pin on lapel. Undated. Computer-generated art] - [graphic art overlay, man and woman in two voting booths or bathroom stalls. Unsigned. Undated. See also similar oversize graphic art item] - [graphic art overlay, schematic of groundwater or resource extraction. Unsigned. Undated] - [overlay, unlabeled map of coastline. Unsigned. Undated] - “Mastering wine [graphic art overlays, woman juggling wine bottles. Color. Unsigned. Undated] - [football player holding blank sign, with color overlay. Undated] - [graphic art overlay, family going camping. Color. For H1, Adventure/Travel, Sunday May 11, 1986] - ‘Thanksgiving with a twist” [graphic art overlays. Color. Unsigned. Undated] - “We got the Olympics, Special, A-1” [graphic art overlays, skier. For Special edition, Friday, October 17, 1986] Guide written: May 26, 2017