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Items: Cornelia Templeton Jewett Hatcher Papers, 1867-1953

These papers consist of three scrapbooks including numerous photographs related to
Cornelia‟s years as editor of the Woman‟s Christian Temperance Union newspaper, The
Union Signal; her visit to the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle in 1909; her trip to
Alaska with a group of national newspaper editors the summer of 1909 on the Alaska
Steamship company‟s vessel the S. S. Northwestern; her 1911 marriage to Robert Lee
Hatcher, the prospector and miner who is credited with starting underground mining in the
Talkeetna Mountains of south-central Alaska in 1906; her winter in Knik, Alaska, in 1912-
13; her role in Robert Lee Hatcher‟s development of the Gold Mint Mine; her gathering a
petition for woman suffrage that contributed to the first bill passed by Alaska‟s first
legislature enfranchising Alaska women in 1913; her service as president of the Alaska
Woman‟s Christian Temperance Union, 1913-1924; her leadership of the 1916 prohibition
campaign in Alaska that resulted in a two-to-one vote in favor of prohibiting intoxicating
liquor effective January 1, 1918; her lobbying Congress for approval of Alaska‟s Bone Dry
law; her support of the Alaska Federation of Women‟s Clubs; her operation of a beauty salon
and service as a leader in the Business and Professional Women‟s and Soroptimist clubs in
Long Beach, California, 1924-30; her service during the Hoover administration as research
secretary for the Women‟s Division of the Republican Party, 1930-35. [Scrapbooks were
assembled by Cornelia‟s daughter, Hazel Jewett Phelps Wells; they contain Hazel‟s notes on
her mother‟s life.]

The Anchorage Museum Collection Division has a Sidney Laurence painting commissioned
by the Hatchers and painted from Cornelia‟s photograph of the Hatcher Relay Station 30
miles up the trail in the Talkeetna Mountains. This painting and the 3 scrapbooks were
donated to the Anchorage Museum by Cornelia‟s great granddaughter Robin Rustad. A copy
of a related scrapbook that Cornelia donated to Frances E. Willard Memorial Library in
Evanston, Illinois, provided by Beverly Beeton is archived with the Hatcher Papers. This
scrapbook contains copies of many of Cornelia‟s publications and the Alaska WCTU annual
meeting reports and programs.

These papers are significant because they document Cornelia‟s involvement in women in
Alaska getting the vote in 1913, seven years before passage of the Nineteenth Amendment
in 1920 and her major leadership role in convincing Alaskans to ban liquor four years before
passage of the Eighteenth Amendment that prohibited liquor nationally from 1920-1933.
The mining community will be interested in the stories of Robert Lee Hatcher‟s mining
efforts and the photographs of him and the Gold Mint Mine in the Talkeetna Mountains.

Page #s in Scrapbooks Image letters on CDs & DVD Descriptions of Images
[Descriptions of the images provided by Beverly Beeton, Ph. D., based upon her research of the Hatchers. Abbreviations used:
CTH=Cornelia Templeton Hatcher (1867-1953), RLH=Robert Lee Hatcher (1867-1950) pic=photograph, essay=essay,
npc=newspaper clipping, doc=document, note=handwritten comment by Hazel Jewett Phelps Wells, CTH‟s daughter who
compiled the scrapbooks, ?=unknown individual or place in photograph.] Items in brackets are Dr. Beeton‟s notes.

Scrapbook #I [DVD has 1911 photo of Cornelia & Robert Lee Hatcher as 1st
1 essay-“It is a long, long trail a winding.” By CTH.
2/a essay-“The Spelling Match.” By CTH.
2/b pic-[Cornelia Fuller Templeton, CTH‟s mother.]
2/c pic-[Alexander Templeton, CTH‟s father.]
3/a pic-[Elijah Samuel] Fuller, CTH‟s grandfather.
3/b pic-[Betsy Clark] Fuller, CTH‟s grandmother.
3/3 note-Alexander Templeton and Cornelia Fuller, her parents. On reverse side of
folder is a letter to Ted Templeton, giving some history of Templeton and Fuller
4/a doc-Alexander Templeton Military Record-NY Infantry, June 25, 1861-July 15,
1863. Note: Alex Templeton, born 1815-Brussels, married Margaret Auld, 1836
Belgium. Arrived Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 1857. Elijah S. Fuller, born New York, 1815
married Betsy Clark, 1841, Arrived Sturgeon Bay, Wis, 1853. Doc-G.A.R. Eligibility.
4/b doc-CTH‟s Discharge Card from Daughters of Union Veterans of Civil War.
5/a pic-[CTH at Green Bay, Wisconsin.]
5/b pic-[CTH w/ 3 boys]Daily News [Namah, Wisc. where she worked as a young
5/c pic-Carrie [CTH] at sixteen to Mama w/ note: Green Bay, Wis.
5/d npc-Alaska Delegate is Veteran Printer.
5/e npc-[Probably CTH as a young woman.]
5/f pic-Wharf Scene, Sawyer, Wis.
6/a pic-[CTH‟s daughter] Hazel Templeton Jewett [born] 1889.
6/b pic-Letting down hems for Hazel in Evanston.
6/c pic-CTH‟s marriage photograph to John H. Jewett, [June 27,] 1888 [Neenah,
Wis.] w/ note: This marriage ended in divorce [1910] after she moved to Chicago and
resumed her newspaper work. She joined the staff of The Union Signal official organ
of the Women‟s Christian Temperance Union in 1897. In 1902 she became its
Managing Editor and in the offices moved to Rest Cottage, Evanston, Illinois, home
of Frances Willard.
7/a pic-Rest Cottage. Former Home of Frances E. Willard, Evanston, ILL.
7/b note-[on back of 7/a Merry Christmas note from The Margarets.]
7/d pic-CTH at her Rest Cottage desk.
7/e pic-CTH & ? Back Yard, Rest Cottage.
7/f doc-Mrs. Cornelia Templeton Jewett, Managing Editor of the Union Signal.
7/g pic-Near our Lake Michigan home, N[orthwestern] U[niversity] Campus.
8/a pic-CTH [during Chicago years].

8/b pic-CTH [in hat during Chicago years].
8/c pic-CTH [during Chicago years].
8/d npc-Managing Editor of Official Organ, 1904.
9/a npc-The Nation‟s Going Dry. National Prohibition Convention.
9/b note-For many years, an annual Convention took her to all parts of the country.
My amethyst brooch was a souvenir from this one.
9/c npc-CTH Chosen President by Women Scribes.
9/d-h doc-Annual Illinois Woman‟s Press Association 1909-1910.
9/f note: Outstanding recognition by the women of her craft.
10/a doc-Invite to CTH to Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, 1909.
10/b pic-View of Mt. Rainier, from the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.
10/c pic-Mrs. [Jennie M.] Kemp & CTH aboard ship [to Alaska July 1909].
11/a npc-Evanston Women Farthest North, 1909.
11/b npc-Editor‟s Travelogue, Union Signal, 8 July 1909.
w/note: This trip to Alaska opened the door to a complete change in her life.
12/a npc-Editor‟s Travelogue, Union Signal, 15 July 1909.
& pic-[CTH in auto at Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, AK, 1909].
12/b npc-Newspaper a Power for Good and Evil, Evanston Index, 6 Jan. 1910, &
pic-[CTH] 2000 ft. up on Mt Seward, Alaska, Aug. 2, 1909.
13/a-d essay-“An Alaskan Outing,” By Cornelia Templeton Jewett [Hatcher], A. M.
13/a pic-[Picnic w/ Nat. Editorial Assoc.(NEA) members out of Seward, AK, 1909.]
14/a npc-[CTH] Says All Women Should be Womanly w/ prohibition map of U.S.
14/b pic-w/ note “The best picture of the Evanston years.”
& npc-WCTU Editor Spends Day in Omaha, Sept. 1909.
14/c npc-Chicago Press League pass & npc-about CTH at reception.
15/a-d npc-Historic Rest Cottage, Union Signal, 3 Feb. 1910.
w/ note: Here Mother had her office 1903-10, and thru my high school years I
stopped by daily to “check in” enroute home.
16/a npc-Methodist Preacher...p. 3 Union Signal, 2 June 1910 w/note: *Years of desk
work resulted in a severe neuritis in arm and shoulder, and was the reason for her
decision to take this leave of absence.
16/b pic-Steamship “Alameda,” Seward, Alaska, npc-Mrs. Jewett on Alameda,
Seward Gateway, 30 July 1910 & unidentified npc from Skagway, Alaska.
17/a npc-Methodist Preacher...p. 1 Union Signal, 2 June 1910.
18/a&b npc-Among “Chechacos”...[Louis Pederson w/ photos] Epworth Herald, 12
Nov. 1910.
18/c note-The beginning of her writing about Alaska—this was while she was in
18/d pic-Strs Dora & Northwestern, Seward, Alaska, N.E.A. August 2, 1909.
[18/e duplicate of 18/d].
18/f npc-Lecture Most Interesting, 1910 w/ pic of Seward.

19 npcs w/ photos about CTH taking National Council of Women Voters position-
Tacoma paper 24 Jan 1911 & St. Louis, Mo. Paper w/ note: During her search for
story material in Alaska, she met Robert L. Hatcher when he came into Seward with
news of a new gold “strike.” When her health forced her to leave Alaska, she
accepted this position in Tacoma but held it very briefly.
20/a npc-Alaska Mine Operator Wins W. C. T. U. Worker for Bride w/ photo of CTH
& RLH [married March 5, 1911, Seattle, Wa.]
20/b doc-CTH to Edna, Jan. 23, 1920.
20/c npc-Mrs. Cornelia Templeton Hatcher [Skagway, 1915].
20/d doc-Woman‟s Who‟s Who of America, 1914.
20/e doc-[p. 371 of above w/ biographical sketch of CTH.]
21 Total page.
21/a doc-Report of WCTU of AK Meeting, Juneau, August 24-27, 1916.
21/b doc-Program of WCTU of AK Meeting, Skagway, May 13-16, 1915.
21/c npc-Temperance Song and Story, Chautauquan Daily, 12 Aug. 1914.
21/d npc-Alaska Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Progressive Miner, n.d.
21/e npc-Opening of First Territorial Convention Woman‟s Christian Temperance
21/f doc-Mrs. Scott C. Bone [Wife of Gov] WCTU at home for people to meet CTH.
22 Total page.
22/a doc-p.5 of WCTU of AK Meeting—Members and Delegates.
22/b pic-#1406 Juneau, AK, Showing Treadwell Mine in the Distance.
22/c pic-#1405 Waterfront, Juneau, Alaska.
22/d pic-Juneau, Alaska [with Governor‟s House on waterfront].
22/e pic-Seward, Alaska [with train on tressel].
23 Total page of photos w/ note: Her W. C. T.U. work took her into all the towns and
settlements of S. E. Alaska and she was well known to all the ministers and
23/a pic-Ketchikan, Alaska, looking South.
23/b pic-Mission Street, Ketchikan, Alaska.
23/c pic-Petersburg, Alaska.
23/d pic-#2128 Douglas, Alaska.
23/e pic-#1149 Native Church, Metlakatla, Alaska, 1908.
23/f pic-Band on North End of Playground—Metlkatla, Alaska.
23/g pic-#11477 Rev. Wm Duncan, Founder of the Native Mission, Metlakatla, AK.
24/a npc-How Alaska Was Made Dry and What it Means, American Issues, 5 May
w/ notes: This was a 10,000 mile trip on which she was constantly followed by the
Calif. Liquor Dealers representatives. Alaska voted dry 2 to 1. They called her the
little lady who made Alaska Dry.
24/b npc-Men Who Helped. [Names & photographs of 6 Legislators & Gov. who
supported prohibition-Snow, Strong, Shoup, Holland, Moran, Burns.]

25 Total page.
25/a 4npc-Seattle Woman [ CTH] Puts Through Bone Dry Measure for Alaska, Post-
Intelligencer, 3 Feb. 1917. [No headline article-Skagway.] Mrs. Hatcher Gives an
Interesting Lecture [note: Valdez Prospector]. Mrs. Hatcher Given Entire Credit.
25/b npc-Mrs. Hatcher Makes A Strong Argument for a “Dry” Alaska w/ note:
Anchorage Paper.
25/c pic-note: Campaigning in Alaska‟s Fourth Division [CTH in auto with male
driver & woman in back seat, probably Margaret Keenan, (all wearing mosquito
nets) man and 2 women standing beside auto, 1916.]
25/d 2npcs-Social Events—Valdez. [No headline-note: May 1917.]
26/a note: 1916-1917 Letters to Alaska and to Hazel reProhibition Bill in
Washington and return trip to Alaska. These tell of the fight in Washington against
the efforts of the “Wets” to sabotage the Prohibition victory thru Congress, then of
events in the Territorial Legislature at Juneau, to the same end.
26/b doc-telegram, to CTH fr Anna A. Gordon, Jan.31, 1917. AK Bill passed Senate.
26/c & d doc-CTH to Alaska Comrades, 11/2?/1916--[Dry Victory].
26/d doc-CTH to [Gov.‟s Sec., W. W.] Shorthill, Dec. 15, 1916. [Status of Proh in DC].
26/f doc-CTH to Alaska Comrades, Dec. 18, 1916.
26/g doc-CTH to Rev. J. H. Condit, D.D, Juneau, AK, Dec. 18, 1916.
26/h doc-CTH to Mr. [W. W.] Shorthill, Dec. 22, 1916.
26/i doc-CTH to Alaska Comrades, Jan. 15, 1917.
26/j & j2 doc-CTH to Mr. [W. W.] Shorthill, Jan. 24, 1917.
26/k doc-James Wickersham to CTH, Feb. 9, 1917.
26/l doc-W. C. Houston to CTH, Feb. 17, 1917. [Gift of pen Pres. signed w/]
26/m doc-James Wickersham to CTH, Feb. 16, 1917. [Bill signed & copies of
26/n & n2 doc-[W. W. Shorthill] to CTH, Feb. 26, 1917.
26/o & p doc-CTH to Daughter [Hazel], March 6, 1917.
26/q/1-3 doc-CTH to Daughter [Hazel], March 25, 1917.
26/r/1&2 doc-CTH to Daughter [Hazel], April 8, 1917.
26/s doc-CTH to [Daughter Hazel], April 9, 1917.
26/t doc-CTH to Daughter [Hazel], April 12, 1917.
26/u doc-CTH to [Daughter Hazel], April 9, 1917.
26/v docs-CTH to Dearest [Hazel], April 13 & 17, 1917.
27 Total page w/ note: This visit to her birth place meant much to her. Personal
report on it in folder opposite.
27/a pic-Cedar Street looking North, Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
27/b pic-Sturgeon Bay seen from Bridge.
27/c npc-Mrs. Cornelia Tempelton Jewett, note: National Prohibitionist, & no
headline npc w/note: Doar County Advocate, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
27/d 3npc-Told About Alaska & Many Attend Lecture & [no headline].
28 Total page.

28/a npc-Famous Woman to Lecture Today & note: Anchorage Times.
28/b npc-[CTH] Visits Here on Way to East. [Portland, Oregon] 3 Nov. 1917.
28/c npc-Mrs Hatcher Gives Talk on Patriotism [Anchorage newspaper].
29 Total page.
29/a pic-Red Cross in Anchorage Labor Day Parade, Sept. 3, 1917 [1918?].
29/b pic-Anchorage Labor Day Parade, Sept. 3, 1917 A.E.C. G762 P.S. Hunt.
29/c npc-Honor to Whom Honor is Due.
29/d doc-CTH Red Cross instr. card w/ note: While in Detroit in the winter of 1917-18
she took the Red Cross Instructors‟ Training Course and this is how she used it.
30 Total page.
30/a npc-[WCTU] Publishing House w/ note: March 30, 1917.
30/b npc-W.C.T.U History in the Making Reception to Mrs. Hatcher at Governor‟s
Mansion w/ pic of granddaughter, Cornelia Phelps, & a horse [1922].
30/c npc-Speaker and Singer at Meeting, Post-Intelligencer, Seattle,
w/ note: Many pictures are not identified. I have tried to keep a chronological order,
but have had to fit as space allowed. H.J.W [Hazel Jewett Phelps Wells].
30/e pic-[Unidentified photo on railroad. CTH w/ X by head. May be newspaper
editors excursion out of Seward in 1909.]
30/f doc-[Page 2 of letter below as 31/f &g.]
31 Total page.
31/a pic-Relay Camp, Mile 30 w/ note: Home, Nov. 1920-March 1921. From this
snapshot Sydney Laurence, famous painter, did our cherished oil painting. (He has
work in N.Y. Metropolitan Museum).
31/b pic-The “Town House” in Wasilla.
31/c pic-[CTH on horse in Talkeetna Mountains].
31/d npc-[CTH visiting Valdez on way to husband in Wasilla] w/ note: Valdez paper.
31/e pic-Home 1921-22 Gold Mint Mining Co. [Looks the same as 31/a].
31/f & g doc-CTH to Friends “Outside,” June 29, 1917. [from Talkeetna Mine at the
end of the Trail, 23 miles from Wasilla, Alaska.] [See above 30/f for page 2.]
31/h pic- [Tent & Hatcher crew at Gold Mint Mine summer of 1921. RLH & CTH left
of door & Grace Hermann in doorway. Grace was CTH‟s 16 year old niece, daughter
of Walter Hermann, CTH‟s half brother. Grace helped CTH cook for crew as cook
32/a pic-A.[laska] N.[orthern] Ry[Railway]. Kern Creek Construction Camp.
[Probably taken on CTH‟s trip out of Seward in 1909 w/ National Editorial
32/b pic-“Bob” and “Blue” Comrades of the Trail. [Probably RLH leaving from Knik,
Alaska, in 1912 to prospect.]
32/c pic-[Probably Hatcher‟s Matanuska/Talkeetna Mine on Fairangel Creek, 1917.]
32/d pic-[Probably women of Seward w/ CTH, 1909.]
32/e npc-On the Road to Willow Creek by CTH, Wasilla, Alaska, 1920-21.
33 Total page.

33/a-e essay-SILHOUUETTES OF LIFE IN ALASKA, by CTH [Typewritten].
33/f pic-Pioneer Roadhouse, Knik, Alaska [w/ citizens & dog sled & dog team].
33/g pic-Knik home, winter of 1913 w/ note: The Knik cabin below was in such
terrible condition, Mother [CTH] used a pancake tuner to clean the walls. It had
been inhabited by a pack of dogs! By the following spring it was the show place of the
settlement. Knik preceeded Wasilla.
34/a pic-Cornelia [Phelps, CTH‟s granddaughter] & Bill [dog], Summer 1922.
34/b pic-Take good care of Dixie [granddaughter & horse].
34/c pic-Washday-August, 1922 [granddaughter].
34/d pic-Bringing in the wood [granddaughter].
34/e doc-Grandmother‟s Letters from Alaska to Alan and Cornelia [CTH‟s
grandchildren], 1920-22. “Please let me in‟! Nugget [the cat] (letters). [CTH brought
her granddaughter with her to AK the summer of 1922. They were in Wasilla and at
the Gold Mint Mine in the Talkeenta Mountains.]
35/a pic-Bill balks! [granddaughter & dog-Bill].
35/b pic-Cabin home, winter of 1912-13. Our “carriage and pair.” [RLH w/ 2 dogs &
sled at cabin in Knik].
35/c pic-Riding Double. [RLH & CTH‟s granddaughter on horse.]
35/d pic-[Horse wearing snow shoes & pulling sled.]
35/e pic-Birds for supper-maybe! C.T.H. [on snowshoes w/ back pack & shooting
35/f pic-Speeding the parting guest, Mrs. J. B. Marshall. [granddaughter & Mrs. M].
35/g pic-Cornelia [granddaughter], Wasilla children & “Smoke,” June 1922.
35/h pic-Summer 1922 [granddaughter].
36/a pic-Camp of Gold Mint Mining Co. [Hatcher mine in Talkeetnas early 1920s.]
36/b pic- Tram from No.4, Little Susitna River.
36/c pic-Building new bunk house & cache, April 1921.
36/d pic-Mess house & cache (food storage).
36/e pic-Bob Hatcher & their tent house at the mine. House for three years.
36/f pic-Breaking trail [RLH w/ team of horses at Relay Station].
36/g pic-The Crew, 1920 (Looks like visiting cousin Grace Hermann in door).
[RLH w/ horse.]
36/h pic-[Gold Mint Mine].
36/i pic-Camp of Gold Mint Mining Co. Willow Creek [Mining] District.
37 Total page [Gold Mint Mine pictures around 1920-22.
37/a pic-Freighting in the machinery, April 1921.
37/b pic-Bunk house.
37/c pic- Pack Horses.
37/d pic- Putting in the Pipeline.
37/e pic- Southside of the Mill.
37/f pic- The winter cabin home.
37/g pic-Life saving crew, April 1921.

37/h pic-Stuck in the snow. Heave-ho! [3 teams of horses].
38 Total page.
38/a pic-4200 ft of hydraulic pipe for water power from Lone Tree Creek.
38/b pic-[Water flume out of creek]
38/c pic-C.T.H. 1920 [On horseback dressed in riding outfit.]
38/d pic-[Anne Templeton, CTH‟s sister-in-law on horseback.]
38/e pic-Uncle Allan [CTH‟s brother] & Aunt Anna Templeton visited the mine the
summer of 1922. Cornelia [granddaughter] rode to the creek to see them off.
38/f pic-[Mining Camp.]
38/g pic-Main St. Wasilla, looking north. [Wilmoth and Herning‟s stores visible.]
38/h pic-[Cornelia Phelps at 4 years of age, in 1922, at Gold Mint Mine w/ horse.]
39 Total page w/ note: Although all the “publicity” pertains to her W. C. T. U. and
allied activities, her major “job” concerned the affairs of Bob‟s mining projects. Aside
from being camp cook at times and busying herself with much physical activity, she
handled all the business affairs. She did all the correspondence and carried a heavy
burden in raising money for the development work. There were many and great
disappointments, such as “losing the vein” of gold, etc, and finally complete failure of
all their hopes. Bob as chiefly a prospector, with little ability or experience in
business. This heavy burden, combined with the hardships of “frontier life,” finally
broke her health and forced her to leave Alaska permanently when she brought
Cornelia “outside” in the fall of 1922, she continued on to San Diego, Calif., to
recover her health and fit herself to be self-supporting once more. To do this, she
completely changed “careers,” taking a course in beauty work—and this began a
completely new story with her move to Long Beach in 1923. (In Book II)
39/a npc-What the Memorial Fund Means to Our Outlying Fields—Alaska, Porto
[sic.] Rico, The Philippines, CTH, Union Signal, 12 January 1922.
40 npc-Out Where the West Begins—And Ends, CTH, Union Signal, 11 Nov. 1933 w/
notes: This was written while she was still in Washington [D.C.]. Tho ten years away
from Alaska, she was still called upon often. Her last special service to the women of
Alaska came in 1935, after she had “ retired” to live with me. Publicity on this is in
the second book.
41/a Governor Strong signing Alaska Prohibition Referendum bill, April 13th
/ , 1915.
Note: This bill provides for the Wet-Dry election of 1916, for which she campaigned.
41/b pic-Leaving Anchorage, Alaska, with $265,000.00, Iditarod Gold Dust, that
Arrived Over the A. E.C. Ry. A. E.C. G264 P. S. Hunt [Dog teams on 4th
/ Avenue.] w/
note: Anchorage did not exist when she first went to Alaska. To get to their Willow
Creek District they had to “run the tide” in Turnagain Arm, to reach Knik from
Seward. Anchorage came after the railroad.
42 doc-Map of Alaska w/ note: Underlined are the towns she visited on W.C.T.U. &
other work. Across the Gulf of Alaska is the Seward Pen. & the mining territory?
43 Total page.

43/a npc-Are you a Good Citizen? [AK women urged to vote Nov. 7, 1922, to serve as
43/b doc-[Invitation for CTH in Valdez.]
43/c pic-CTH w/ note: My favorite picture of her. Taken on a visit to Evanston, after
1911, as evidenced by the coral cameo bought in Europe [on 1911 trip there].
43/d npc-[Various newspapers‟ comments on CTH as a convincing speaker].
43/e1-3 doc-CTH [announcement of speech, 1915].
43/f1-2 doc-[Announcement of CTH speech in Skagway, Alaska.]
44 [nothing]
45 loose pic- Herbert Hoover.
45 doc-[Typewritten page on AK by 1909 member of National Editorial Association.]
45/a doc-[CTH Invitation from Pres. & Mrs. Hoover reception at White House, 1933.]
45/b doc-[1931 invitation to CTH to White House from Pres. & Mrs. Hoover.]
45/c doc-[1932 invitation to CTH to White House from Pres. & Mrs. Hoover.]
45/d doc-[1933 invitation to CTH to White House from Pres. & Mrs. Hoover.]
45/e pic-[CTH w/ pearls in late 1920s or 1930s.]
45/f doc-[Admit at East Gate of White House.]
46 doc-[1934 invitation to General Federation of Women‟s Clubs reception.]
46/a [same as 46]
46/b-f doc-[1931 Invite from Gov of Cal. To unveiling of statue in Wash, D. C.]
47 Total page.
47/a doc-[Invite to Inaugural Ceremony 1929.]
47/b doc-[Inaugural Ceremony Admission.]
47/c doc-[Inaugural Platform A.]
48 Total page.
48/a pic-Lenna Louis Yost. To my dear friend Cornelia Templeton Hatcher.
48/b note: In the fall of 1930, she received a call from this long-time friend in
W.C.T.U. work, to join her staff in Washington. When she found her work required
much correspondence dictation, etc., she took a course in “speedwriting‟ at age 64!
Her 4 ½ years in this work gave her many thrills. Tho in Washington many times
before, this residence fulfilled many dreams.
48/c note: In 1932 with Alan, Cornelia and cousin Marshal, I drove to Washington for
a thrilling visit. Thru Mrs. Yost, we were received by President Hoover in his office
and by Mrs. Hoover in the Red Room of the White House.
48/d doc-Republican National Committee Women‟s Division letterhead noting Mrs.
Ellis A. Yost, Director, and Mrs. Robert Lee Hatcher, Research Secretary. Typed
note to granddaughter Cornelia about being sorry she is sick in bed.
49 [nothing]
50 doc-[cover] Portals to Adventure Land [AK].
50/a-h doc -above w/ note: From “Anchorage 1957 (Centennial Collector‟s Edition).
50i-o doc-National Editorial Assoc. program, 1909 & letter to CTH fr Ida A. Nichols.
[60 2 items—nothing on them.]

Scrapbook #II
1 Total page w/ notes:
This is Book Two of the fabulous career of my Mother, Cornelia Templeton Jewett
Hatcher. It is unfortunately not a complete record.
It must be supplemented by two volumes which give the record of her two years as
President of the Business and Professional Women‟s Club of Long Beach California
during which time (1927-29) she was also honored by the Southern District of the
California Federation of B. & P. W. Clubs.
Following her departure from Alaska in 1922, she spent several months in San
Diego, where she recovered her health and prepared herself for operating a Beauty
Shop. A newspaper interview in the B&PW book tells how she chose Long Beach for
that business venture.
1/a pic-The Colonial 1422 East Third St. Long Beach, California w/ note:
This is the house where she started, in 1923. She operated the Beauty Shop and
rented extra rooms. Although this may seem like a radical departure from her
previous activities, it really was just a “development” of earlier interests. During her
Chicago years she wrote a beauty column for one of the big daily papers. To do this
she made an intensive study of cosmetics. In 1923, she had intended to make many
of her own, but after an inspection of the Colonial Dames manufacturing, both of
materials and processes, she decided to sell their products, and this was the
beginning of a warm, business friendship.
1/b doc-The Colonial [CTH‟s business card.]
2 doc-[Certification of CTH‟s course in Eugene Permanent Wave Machine.]
3/a-b npcs-Creed of Beauty Shop in Accord With High Ideals, & Colonial Tone
Prevails in New Shop Long Beach Sun, 7 June 1925 w/ note: Starting as a stranger
in Long Beach, in two years she had achieved this recognition. The Y.W.C.A granted
her a lease because of her excellent reputation.
4 Total page.
4a-c npc & pic of The Colonial Beauty Salon at the YWCA in Long Beach.
4/d pic-[Long Beach YWCA w/ Colonial Beauty Salon on ground floor].
5 Total page.
5/a npc-Early American Charm Found in Beauty Shop w/ note: Because of her belief
in organization work, she joined the National Hairdressers‟ Association, as well as
the local group. She attended national conventions and in a short time was elected to
the Executive Board of the National group. Clippings in the B. & P.W. book report
her eastern trips to conventions and the recognition she received there.
5/b pic-[CTH w/ colonial dress & hairdo.]
5/c npc-Has Attractive Entrance—Colonial Beauty Shop at YWCA.
6/a pic-[Colonial Beauty Shop at YWCA.]
6/b pic-[CTH w/ 4 beauty operators].
7 doc-Allan R. Thomson of Pacific Beauty Journal to CTH, July 26, 1926.
7/a npc-Counting the Cost, by CTH, Pacific Beauty Journal [n.d.].

8 npc-Winners of the Essay Prize, The American Hairdresser, August 1926.
9 npc-Second Prize Essay by CTH.
10/a-b doc-CTH to editor The American Hairdresser.
10/c doc-Marcus Lesonine to CTH, June 17, 1930.
10/d pic-[Hazel Jewett Phelps Wells in front of The Colonial Beauty Salon w/note: In
April 1958, we visited Morgan Wells in No. Hollywood and I made a “sentimental
journey” to Mother‟s shop. I found it operated by the widow of man who had bought
it in 1930, and she told me Mother‟s name had been left there until the sign wore out
and had to be removed. Doc-letter from CTH to Cousin Edna Brewster Taylor, July
8, 1941.
11 Total page.
11/a npc-History of Business, Professional Women‟s Club Here Revealed [n.d.].
11/b pic-[1929 First Prize Rose Bowl Float w/ CTH riding] w/ note: Many more
stories of this great event in the B. & P. W. Press Scrap Book.
11/c pic-Long Beach and the Rainbow Pier.
12a-b doc-President‟s Address, Woman‟s City Club, CTH, Oct. 4, 1929 w/note:
The B.&P.W. Press book (near end of larger volume) has reports of her election as
President of the Woman‟s City Club, Long Beach‟s largest. 1929-30 was probably her
biggest year, because of this position. She was given a book of press clippings for this
year too. However, much of the material related to many other people. In 1958 I
learned that the Club had achieved its objective of a building of its own and I was
fortunate to find the regular meeting in progress when I called there. I met several
women who had known Mother and were most enthusiastic in their praise of her. I
learned that they were lacking a record of her year, so I sent her Press book when I
returned home. See letter from Mrs. Harding.
13 Total page w/ npc & doc thanking CTH for service in Women‟s Clubs.
13/a doc-Elizabeth Seward to CTH [n.d].
13/b-c doc-Theodora R. Brenitt to CTH, May 22, 1929.
13/d doc-Nellie M. Hauscome to CTH, May 23, 1930.
13/e-f doc-Program, City Teacher‟s Club, Dec. 18, 1929 [CTH speaker].
14 npc-Clubwomen honoring Mrs. Hatcher Prior to Her Departure, Long Beach Sun,
18 July 1930 & doc-CTH‟s Pres‟s Report 1929-30, Woman‟s City Club of Long Beach.
14/a npc-Club Gossip, Long Beach Sun, 2 Dec. 1929.
14/b npc-Club Gossip, Long Beach Sun, 6 Jan. 1930.
14/c note-Though she considered California “the Gateway to Paradise,” she decided
in 1930 that the most important thing in life was not where you were, but with
whom. So she came to live with me and my children in Detroit—but not for long!
14/d doc-Mrs. K . Seward to CTH.
14/e-f doc-W. A. Lamonh to CTH, July 14, 1930.
15/a npc-Clubwomen Honoring Mrs. Hatcher Prior to Her Departure, Long Beach
Sun, 18 July 1930.
15/b doc- President‟s Report, 1929-1930, Woman‟s City Club, CTH.

16 npc-Society & Club News, Long Beach Sun, 1931 w/note: She was “gone, but not
forgotten.” [Artifact: CTH‟s President, Woman‟s Club pin.]
17 Total page.
17/a-b doc-Lulu M. Shuler to CTH w/ note: Year after year she received the
invitation to the annual Presidents‟ luncheon, and each year she responded by letter
until the time came when she could no longer respond.
18 Total page.
18/a-c doc-Flora M. Phelps, M. D. to CTH, July 1, 1935, from Long Beach.
18/d doc-CTH to Doctor Phelps, July 6, 1935 from Chicago.
19 npc-Hospitalization Fund of Woman‟s City Club Benefits From Party, 1 Feb. 1939
[CA] w/ note: During my 1958 visit it was a special pleasure to talk with Dr. Flora
Phelps and hear her tell with affection and admiration of working with Mother. She
was a spry little lady in her 80s and we were delighted to see her head off into the
city traffic in her little single-seat “go cart” automobile.
20 Total page.
20/a [no thing under #20/a].
20/b doc-Dr. Phelps to CTH, Jan. 20, 1945.
20/c doc-CTH to Woman‟s Club of Long Beach, Jan. 25, 1945.
20/d doc-[3 ¢ Envelop to Mrs. A. Warren Wells, Altus, Arkansas, 1958 & Mrs. Lewis
T. Harding‟s card.]
20/e doc-Mrs. Wallace C. Askew to Mrs. Warren Wells, May 24, 1953 [Sympathy on
CTH‟s death.]
21/a-b doc-CTH to Cornelia [granddaughter], Feb. 13, 1933 fr. Washington, D. C.
22/a-b doc-CTH to [Hazel-daughter], May 7, 1934.
23 doc-Biographical Data:CTH w/ note: In February 1935, she returned to live with
me and my children and took on another “career” as housekeeper, which she did with
characteristic efficiency. But there were still other accomplishments ahead.
24/a-b doc-Christian M. Hansen of AK Federation of Women‟s Clubs to CTH, May 23
1935, w/ note: Alaska back in the picture. We moved to Chicago on May 31 and she
went back to this big Convention, where she achieved a tremendous triumph.
25 Total page—Convention Report, Radio Address in Detroit, letters, npc.
25/a/1-4 doc-Report of CTH Delegate from the Woman‟s Club of Juneau, Alaska, to
the first Triannual Convention of the General Federation of Woman‟s Clubs, Detroit,
Michigan, June 2-12, 1935.
25/b/1-3 doc-Radio Address by CTH on W. J. B. K [Detroit] June 6, 1935.
25/c/1-2 doc-Christine M. Hansen of AK Federation of Women‟s Clubs to CTH, June
18, 1935.
25/c/3 doc-Nora Chase of Juneau Women‟s Club to CTH, July 15, 1935.
25/c4 doc-Helen Johnson of AK Federation of Women‟s Clubs to CTH, July 27, 1935.
25/c/5 doc-CTH to Mrs. Johnson [n.d].

26/a-e doc-[typewritten article] by CTH, 1936 w/ note: This completed her services to
the women of Alaska, but here again, she was “gone but not forgotten.” See article
opposite, 1948 w/ typewritten note about CTH‟s contributions to AK.
27 npc-Women at Work, A Backward Look at How it Began, by Mildred R. Hermann,
Alaska Sunday Press, Juneau, AK, 15 August 1948 w/ handwritten note from
Mildred Hermann with sincere good wishes to Alaska‟s first ambassador without
portfolio in the interests of the welfare of women.
28 Total page.
28/a doc-Pen Points, May 1937, Illinois Woman‟s Press Association.
28/b doc-Invitation to CTH‟s 1939 talk to Illinois Woman‟s Press Association w/ note:
When we returned to Chicago, she “reported” back to the IWPA as a long-absent
representative. She was warmly welcomed, and honored on many occasions, a special
party being given on her 75th
/ birthday. Her brothers came from Detroit and Ohio for
this occasion. She was made an Honorary Member of the Assn.
28/c & 1-4 doc-Illinois Woman‟s Press Association Yearbook 1951-1952.
28 d doc-Agnes Anderson to Your Highness [CTH] 10-15-44.
29/a-c doc-Tribute to Frances Willard [typescript probably CTH].
29/d-e doc-An Interview with Susan B. Anthony by CTH, Feb. 10, 1942.
30/a npc-The Press Woman, 15 October 1946.
30/b npc-Personal Recollections of Frances Willard, by CTH, Union Signal [n.d.]w/
note: We moved to Evanston in 1942, so once again she was within walking distance
of WCTU Headquarters where she had her editorial desk for so many years. Here too
she was warmly welcomed and the contacts with old friends meant much to her.
31 npc-Presenting the Union Signal—and Some Workers Past and Present, Union
Signal, 14 Feb. 1948 w/ note: A year after this, we moved to Arkansas—the only
state she had never visited. But her vigorous years had ended and illness overcame
her. Her eyesight dimmed and gradually “hardening of the arteries” of the brain
sentenced her to a long hospitalization. One friend wrote “she lived enough for two
32 Total page.
32/a npc-Editorial on CTH, Union Signal, 6 June 1953.
32/b-c npc-Cornelia Jewett Hatcher [May 5, 1953, death notice in Union Signal.]
32/d npc-Going Home by Marjorie F. W.
33 Total page.
33/a npc-End O‟ The Trail [AK article on CTH‟s death & AK years 1910-1924].
33/b pic-[5 women at Sandy Templeton‟s grave stone delivering CTH‟s ashes.]
33/c pic-Sandy Templeton, Cornelia Fuller, Daisy Evelyn headstone.
33/d npc-The Bay Shore Road, By Mrs. Robert Templeton w/ note: As she requested
her ashes are resting in the family lot, with her father, mother and sister, in the
Sturgeon Bay Cemetery “on the Bay Shore Road.”
34/a-i doc-An Alaskan Pioneer Woman [typescript written by CTH‟s daughter Hazel
Jewett Wells] w/ note: When Alaska became a State, I was moved to write this story

for possible publication. But Reader‟s Digest was oversupplied with “My Most
Remarkable Character” stories and Christian Herald uses stories only of living
persons. I hope this “summary” may mean something to her descendants.
35 doc-[Timeline of CTH‟s life.]
36 pic-The Hairdresser‟s Model! [CTH].
37 Total page w/ note: The Long Beach Clubwoman.
37/a pic-[CTH late 1920s].
37b pic-[CTH late 1920s].
38 pic-A very proud Grandmother [CTH w/ Cornelia & Alan Phelps.].
39/a-b doc-A Roving Great Grandmother [handwritten timeline of CTH‟s locations].
40 Total page.
40/a pic-[CTH w/ hat] w/ note: The early Chicago years.
40/b pic-[CTH‟s older brother Alan]w/ note: She did much to help this brother
continue his education. This was his Medical School graduation.
41 Total page.
41/a pic-[Allan, Cornelia & Sandy Templeton as young adults. CTH & older &
younger brothers.]
41/b npc-Detroiter Since 1906, Dr. Allan Templeton Banker, Dies at 79 w/ note: This
one she left behind to mourn her.
41/c doc-In Memoriam w/ note: When this beloved younger brother was the first to go
Mother grieved deeply and said, “It has always seemed that we Templetons were
invincible.” Alan, Cornelia, Sandy.
41/d doc-Alexander C. Templeton [Sandy] funeral service, April 11, 1949.
42 pic-So Hail and Farewell to “Three Musketeers” Alan, Cornelia, Sandy.

Scrapbook III
1/a npc-Banning, California, Thursday, 12 April 1928. [CTH Pres. of Long Beach
1/b npc-Business and Professional Women to Meet in District Convention at Banning
Saturday [Headline n/d].
2 npc-Soroptimists Install New Officers at Dinner Affair, Long Beach Sun, 2 April
3 npc-Mrs. Robert Lee Hatcher Given Affectionate Tribute on Eve of Departure by B.
and P. Club, Long Beach Press Telegram, 8 Sept. 1927.
4/a-b doc-Report of Southern District Federation of Business and Professional
Women‟s Clubs at Whittier, II Feb. 1928, by Nellie M. R. French, Pub. Chairman.
5 npcs-[Colonial Beauty Shop [Ad], Realistic Permanent Wave-$10 or $15. n/d].
6 npcs-Long Beach Club formed in 1920; History and Aims. Long Beach President
[CTH] is Enthusiastic Over City [n/d].
7 npc-District and Long Beach Presidents [CTH], Long Beach Sun, 10 March 1928.

8 npcs-Mrs. Hatcher is Given High B. and P.W. District Office, Long Beach Sun, 13
Feb. 1928 & Mrs. R. L. Hatcher Elected to Office in District Group, Long Beach
Press-Telegram, 13 Feb. 1928.
9/a npc-Women‟s Clubs Assemble at Long Beach, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 11
March 1928.
9/b npc-[bottom half of above article.]
10 npc-Club President Is Home After Visit to Eastern Cities, Long Beach Sun, 29
Oct. 1927.
11 npcs-[no headline], California Woman, April 1928 & Long Beach Club Wins
Banner for Membership Gains, Long Beach Sun & Long Beach Press-Telegram, 24
April & 23 April 1928.
12 npcs-Women‟s Clubs Play Active Part in Civic Life Here, Long Beach Sun, 13 May
1928 & Business Women Plan Active Week, Long Beach Sun, 11 May 1928.
13 npc-Mrs. Robert Lee Hatcher is Honored at San Diego Parley, Long Beach Sun,
11 June 1928.
14/a npc-Heads Business Women [CTH], Long Beach Sun, 26 June 1928.
14/b npc-[bottom half of above].
15 npcs-B. and P.W. to Be Entertained at Palisade Home & „Casa Amada‟ Scene of
Benefit Affair Given by B. and P.W., Long Beach Sun, 15 July & 18 July 1928.
16 npc-Great Singer Honored by Exposition, Long Beach Press-Telegraph, 14 Aug.
17 npcs-Mrs. R. L. Hatcher Will Make Trip to Attend Conventions, Long Beach
Press-Telegram, Aug. 14, 1928 & Banquet Held at Exposition, Broadcaster, 17 Aug.
18 npc-Business and Professional Woman‟s Club Hears Review of Notable Year of
Achievement, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 13 Sept. 1928.
19 doc-“PEP” Official Bulletin of the Business & Professional Woman‟s Club of Long
Beach, California, 24 Sept.
20 npc-New Officers Are Installed By Business Woman‟s Club, Long Beach Sun, 15
Sept. 1928.
21 npc-New Club President [CTH] note: continuation of article.
22 npc-Music, Installation Rites and Address Fills Program for Professional Club
Banquet, Long Beach Sun, 25 Sept. 1928.
23 npc-MME. Schuman-Heink Entertained, California Woman, Sept. 1928.
24 npcs-Benefit Bridge is Announced by Club for November 12 & Member of Guard
& Club President to Meet Officers of National Federation, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 5 & 2 on 6 Nov. 1928.
25 doc-“PEP” Official Bulletin of the Business & Professional Woman‟s Club of Long
Beach, California, 26 Nov.
26 npc-B. and P.W. Club Has Enjoyable Dinner at “Y.” Long Beach Press-Telegram,
27 Nov. 1928.

27 npcs-Business Women Enjoy Christmas Program at Club & Business and
Professional Women Hold Annual Yule Festivity at Club California, Long Beach
Sun, & Long Beach Press-Telegram, 20 Dec. 1928.
28 npcs-[No headline—CTC happy], Long Beach Sun, 25 Dec. 1928, & Rainbow
Design Chosen by Club for Parade Entry, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 29 Dec. 1928,
& Mrs. Hatcher Will Attend L.A. Meeting, Long Beach Sun, 30 Dec. 1928.
29 npcs-Long Beach Entries in Rose Tournament Parade Elaborate, Long Beach
Sun, 30 Dec. 1928, & Club President Will Entertain Official Group, Long Beach
Press-Telegram, 30 Dec. 1928.
30 npcs-Fine Floats Entered in Rose Parade & Mrs. R. L. Hatcher Elected Director of
State Federation, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 31 Dec. 1928 & 2 Floats Completed
for Rose Pageant, Los Angeles Examiner, 31 Dec. 1928.
31 npc-Band, Floats Represent L.B. at Rose Fete, Long Beach Sun, 1 Jan. 1929.
32 npc-7 Divisions in 40th
/ Annual Rose Parade, Los Angeles Evening Express, 1 Jan.
1929 & Prize Winners‟ List & Floral Rainbow Has Unique Arrangement, Pasadena
Star-News, 1 Jan. 1929.
33 npc/pic-“A Colonial Garden” was beautiful entry of Long Beach, one of prize
winners among civic bodies, Star-News, 1 Jan. 1929.
34 npc-Long Beach Float which took Second Prize, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 1
Jan. 1929.
35 pic-w/ note: Prize Winning Float Pasadena Tournament of Roses January 1, 1929,
Long Beach Club Business and Professional Women.
36 npc-Crowd Estimated at 750,000 Sees Rose Tournament, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 1 Jan. 1929.
37 npc-Prize Winners in Class, Los Angeles Times, 2 Jan. 1929 & [No Headline] Los
Angeles Examiner, 2 Jan. 1929.
38 pic-w/ note: Float of the Business and Professional Women‟s Club of Long Beach,
39 npc-Long Beach Reaps Glory At Pasadena, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 2 Jan.
39/a npcs-Long Beach Floats Place High in Rose Tournament & City‟s Rose Show
Entry Places High, Long Beach Sun, 2 Jan. 1929.
39/b doc-Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association to CTH, Jan. 10, 1929.
40/a npc-Long Beach Float Matches Southland Skies, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 2
Jan. 1929.
40/b doc-“PEP” Official Bulletin of the Business & Professional Woman‟s Club of
Long Beach, California, Jan. 14.
41 npcs-Mrs. Hatcher is Honoree at Club Surprise Party, Long Beach Sun, 4 Jan.
1929. Important Business Transacted Before Musical Arts Society & Birthday
Surprise is Given President by Officers of Club, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 3 Jan.

42 npc-Name Mrs. Hatcher of State Board of Business Club, [no newspaper] 5 Jan.
43/a npcs-Will Receive Trophy, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 8 Jan. 1929 & Business
Women to Hold Jubilee Meeting Monday, Long Beach Sun, 9 Jan. 1929.
43/b doc-C. Hal Reynolds, Pasadena Tournament of Roses to CTH, Jan. 2, 1929.
44 npcs-Trophies Won in Pasadena Parade Awarded at Lunch, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 10 Jan. 1929 & Long Beach Given Prize for Float in Rose Parade, Long
Beach Sun, 11 Jan. 1929 & B. and P.W. Club Entertain Guests at Jubilee Meeting,
Long Beach Press-Telegram, 11 Jan. 1929.
45/a npcs-Women Advised to Co-Operate in City Life & Club to Celebrate Winning of
Trophy at Monday Meeting, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 13 Jan. 1929.
45/b doc-Fannie E. Weiss to CTH, Jan. 2, 1929.
46/a npc-Rainbow Parade is Staged by Business and Professional Club Celebrating
Award for Float, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 15 Jan. 1929.
46/b doc-Blanche Iehl to CTH, Jan. 10, 1929.
46/c doc-[p.2 of above.]
47 npcs-Business Women Celebrate Victory in Rose Classic & Harmony Class of Poly
High Gives Concert at „Y. W.‟ Long Beach Press-Telegram, 16 Jan. 1929.
48 npcs-L.B. Business and Professional Women‟s Club, Broadcaster, 18 Jan. 1929.
Club Will Give Evening of Bridge & Cosmetics Authority Talks on Beauty at
Business Girls‟ Club, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 20 Jan. 1929.
49 doc-“PEP” Official Bulletin of the Business & Professional Woman‟s Club of Long
Beach, California, Jan. 28.
50/a npc-A Dream Come True, California Woman, Jan. 1929.
50/b-d Ada Margaret Brayton to CTH, [n.d.]
51 npc-[Continuation of Article.]
52 [no item # 52].
53 npc-Long Beach Stages Rainbow Parade, California Woman, Feb. 1929.
54 npc-Long Beach Women Will Help Direct National Campaign, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 4 March 1929 & L.B. Woman Will Aid in Campaign of Hairdressers, Long
Beach Sun, 5 March 1929.
55 npc-Presidents‟ Club Name Chosen by New Organization, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 8 March 1929.
56 npc-Civic Booster [CTH], Progress-Bulletin, 9 March 1929.
57 doc [p. 2 of letter from CTH, March 12, 1929, from Detroit]
58 npcs-Business Women to Hear President Tell of Eastern Journey & Neighbor
Clubs to Be Entertained by B. and P. W. Soon, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 21 & 24
March 1929. Cornelia Hatcher Returns to City After Trip East, Long Beach Sun, 23
March 1929.
59/a npc-Advertising Plan to Educate Women in Beauty Service, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 24 March 1929.
59/b doc-[CTH on Club work.]

60 npc-Judge Georgia Bullock at Long Beach Club [CTH welcomed], California
Woman, April 1929.
61 npc-Board of Directors Elected for B. and P. Women‟s Club, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 23 April 1929.
62 npc-Many Presidents Attend Dinner of Presidents‟ Club, Long Beach Sun, 28
April 1929.
63 npc-Slate of Women‟s City Club Named, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 4 May 1929.
64 npc-Two in Race for Chief Executive of Woman‟s Club, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 13 May 1929.
65 npc-Women‟s City Club Members to Visit Famed Art Exhibit, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 14 May 1929.
66 npc-Petition to City Asks for Law to Ban Cigaret [sic.] Ads, Long Beach Press-
Telegram, 14 May 1929.
67 npc-Mrs Robert L. Hatcher Chosen as President of Woman‟s City Club, Long
Beach Press-Telegram, 18 May 1929.
68 npc-Continuation of Article [Above].
69 npc-Wins High Club Honor [CTH], Long Beach Sun, 18 May 1929.
70 npc-Continuation of Article [Above].
71 doc-“Pep” Official Bulletin of the Business & Professional Woman‟s Club, Long
Beach, California, May 27.
72 npc-Life in Alaska to be Subject of Lecture by Mrs. R. Hatcher, Long Beach Sun,
26 May 1929.
73 npc-Highlights of Stay in Alaska Told by Speaker, Long Beach Sun, 28 May 1929.
74 doc-Tribute to Mrs. Robert Lee Hatcher, May 17, 1929, by Dr. Margaret V. Clark.
75 npc-Miss Ethel Carroll Elected [CTH re-elected V-P] [no newspaper, n.d.].
76 doc-The Sea Lion [Program-CTH speaker], June 18, 1929.
77 doc-United Church Brotherhood Club, June 27 [CTH speaker].
78 npcs-Mrs. Hatcher Give Lecture on Alaska & Lecture on Alaska Given in Church
by City Club Leader, California Woman & Long Beach Press-Telegram, [n.d.].
79/a npc-Busines Women Coming Into Own Speaker Asserts, Long Beach Press
Telegram, [n.d.] & Lions Captured by Invasion of Women at Luncheon Meet, Long
Beach Sun [n.d.].
79/b npc-Will Welcome Delegates to Convention, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 13
June 1930.
80 pic w/note-Luncheon at Long Beach Virginia Hotel for the Convention of the So.
District of the Calif. Federation of Business & Professional Women‟s Clubs. She was
Vice President at Large of the District for two terms.