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Guide prepared by: Kyrstin Floodeen, William Davis Intern

TITLE: Vern Brickley Collection



Dates: 1910? - 1970


Language and Scripts: The collection is in English.

Name of creator(s): Vern Brickley is the main contributor. He purchased other negatives and
images from various photographers, which are noted on the negative sleeves. Some are not
given full names, or are difficult to read. These contributors include:

Pfc. Joseph W. Aleksewicz
Cpl Thomas J.Bilotti 36685442
J.L. Bollom
T/5 Michael J. Chacon, ASN 39170413
Allan J. de Lay
Jimmy Dobbins
Art Frisbie
Gordon (?)
Don Groll
T Sgt Gutridge
C.M. Hanes
Barney Harens
Sgt. D. T. Hendrickson
Harold Herning
Hettel (2607)
Herb H. Hilscher
J. Holcomb
Ed Holm
H.H. Hunt
Jack Hunt
Bob Knox
Robert Koller
T Sgt Lewis
Frank Morgan
Henry Mosley
Sgt Roasch

William Ross, 32861249, Pvt Als Dept
Tex Mattox
Harold McCracken
Larry O.
Dave Olson
T/4 Mortin N. Parkinson ASN 19049811
H. Schultz
E.V. Smith
T/4 Walter T. Smith 39007710
Fred A. Stephens
Oro Stewart
Ed. Suponch
Eugene Tetinek
Harold Young (w/ release)
Cpl William S. Young ASN 39003051
Herman Wagter (sp?) 3393
Andy Water
T/5 Vincent A. Wallace, ASN 32196238
Alfred A. Wellenreiter ASN 21007172

Administrative/Biographical History:
Vern Brickley came to Valdez, Alaska from Tacoma, Washington, in 1936 not as a
photographer, but to work on a movie set. He lived through one winter on Fox Island in Prince
William Sound, where he was involved in the herring fishery and raising foxes. Just prior to
WWII he moved to Fairbanks, then was drafted into the Army as a photographer, and moved
to Anchorage in 1940. He was in the Army at Fort Richardson for about three years, and
discharged in 1945. He traveled throughout the Aleutians during the Japanese invasion, and
many of the photographs of Attu from the campaign bear his name. It is thought that he
traded for some of these images, since he was printing them commercially.

Until 1954 he and his family lived in Anchorage at 920 B East 15th
/ Avenue. He is listed
continuously in the phone book until April, but no business is listed in the yellow pages. At
that time the family moved to Moose Pass, and Brickley worked at the military rehab center in
Seward, teaching dark room techniques. According to his son Bill, this is when he picked up
the historical negatives of Seward. They moved back to Anchorage in 1958, and Brickley then
became a photographer for the Army Corps of Engineers, working for the District Engineers at
Elmendorf Air Force Base. Many of the Corp photographs of the 1964 earthquake are his work.
He died October 28, 1970, survived at the time by his widow, Margaret; a son, William; two
daughters, Mrs. Don Parker, and Miss Eileen Brickley.

Scope and Content Description:

Arrangement: The collection is arranged by format, then by location and date. The original, or
at least most recent, headings given are used to arrange the collection. The series are: 1.
Negatives; 2. Glass Plates; 3. Slides; 4. Transparencies; 5. Prints (without negatives); 6. Roll


Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use.

Physical Access:

Technical Access: No special equipment is needed to access the materials.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:
The Anchorage Museum is the owner of the materials and makes available reproductions for
research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the
Anchorage Museum before any reproduction use. The Anchorage Museum does not
necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission
for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation:
Vern Brickley Collection, Anchorage Museum, B1998.014


Acquisition and Appraisal Information
Donated by Brickley Family. Mrs. Brickley retained the negative collection through her
lifetime, and died June 8, 1996.

Processing Notes
Negatives are given the accession number B1998.014.1.x
Prints from negatives are given the same number as the negative.
Glass Slides are given the accession number B1998.014.2.x
Slides were to be given the accession number B1998.014.3.x
Transparencies were to be given the accession number B1998.014.4.x
Prints without corresponding negatives are given the accession number B1998.014.5.x
Film rolls were to be given the accession number B1998.014.6.x
Nitrate negatives and film need to be separated to freezer.

The collection also contains:
Three boxes with unnumbered slide negatives. These are not yet properly rehoused.
One box (for 5x7 negatives) of prints found within the numbered negatives. They are re-
housed and assigned numbers based on the negatives they correspond to.
One box (for 5x7 negatives) of prints found within the numbered negatives. They are re-
housed, but not assigned numbers, as they did not correspond to any of the negatives they
were found with.
Once box (5x7 envelope negative box) of miscellaneous items, such as notes, found in with the
One slide box with 2 rows of unnumbered slides.
Three large boxes of prints. These have not been numbered, or re-housed. The third of these
boxes contains Brickley’s Alphanumeric index. The back of this index lists car costs, house
records, charges & credits at stores, salary and earnings statements and lists, other income;
also loose leaf notes (with headings such as “Thawing out the Eskimos”, “Mush, you

Malamutes”, “Old Yukon”, and “Road to Alaska”) a “Memoranda” address book; “What is
Propaganda” War department manual from 1944; and a personal letter from Eugene Tetinek
in 1970. It also contains Brickley’s photography permits, badge, passes, drivers license, officers
club card, business card of Yank magazine, registration certificate; souvenirs from Yellowstone
Two large loose envelopes contain prints (unnumbered) as well as transparencies, and an
application for civilian employment.

Separated Materials



B1: B1998.014.1.1 - B1998.014.1.369
Negatives of postcards indexed by Brickley: Animals, Buildings, many with captions
Animals (A1-67 in Index): B1998.014.1.1 B1998.014.1.167
Buildings (B1-86 in Index): B1998.014.1.168 B1998.014.1.369

B2: B1998.014.1.370 – B1998.014.1.717
Negatives of postcards indexed by Brickley: Buildings, Carnival, Dogs, Eskimo, and Fish, many
with captions.
Buidlings (B87-143 in Index) B1998.014.1.370 B1998.014.1.445
Carnival (C1-8 in Index) B1998.014.1.446 B1998.014.1.456
Dogs (D1-40 in Index) B1998.014.1.457 B1998.014.1.553
Eskimo (E1-59 in Index) B1998.014.1.554 B1998.014.1.647
Fish (F1-31 in Index) B1998.014.1.648 B1998.014.1.717

B3: B1998.014.1.718 – B1998.014.1.1075
Negatives of postcards indexed by Brickley: Holiday, McKinley, Landscapes, Mining, many with
Holiday (H2-10 in Index) B1998.014.1.718 B1998.014.1.726
McKinley (K1-17 in Index) B1998.014.1.727 B1998.014.1.747
Landscapes (L1-158 in Index) B1998.014.1.748 B1998.014.1.1028
Mining (M1- M15 in Index) B1998.014.1.1029 B1998.014.1.1075

B4: B1998.014.1.1076 – B1998.014.1.1439
Negatives of postcards indexed by Brickley: Mining, Night, Other, Pelts, and Service Years,
many with captions.
Mining (M16-20 in Index) B1998.014.1.1076 B1998.014.1.1085
Night (N1-11 in Index) B1998.014.1.1086 B1998.014.1.1103

Other (O1-94 in Index) B1998.014.1.1104 B1998.014.1.1313
Pelts (P1-7, PA, PE, PF, PH, PM, PS, PT in Index)
B1998.014.1.1314 B1998.014.1.1374
Service Years (S1-29 in Index) B1998.014.1.1375 B1998.014.1.1439

B5: B1998.014.1.1440 - B1998.014.1.1799
Negatives of postcards indexed by Brickley: Service Years and Towns, many with captions.
Service Years (S30-105) B1998.014.1.1440 B1998.014.1.1555
Towns (T1-108) B1998.014.1.1556 B1998.014.1.1799

B6: B1998.014.1.1800 - B1998.014.1.2151
Negatives of postcards indexed by Brickley: Towns, Vegetables, Winter, and Sunsets
Towns (T109-225) B1998.014.1.1800 B1998.014.1.2042
Vegetables (V1-12) B1998.014.1.2043 B1998.014.1.2083
Winter (W1-22) B1998.014.1.2084 B1998.014.1.2128
Sunsets (X1-9) B1998.014.1.2129 B1998.014.1.2151

B7: B1998.014.1.2152 - B1998.014.1.2524
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Anchorage Crippled Children’s Association (1966)
B1998.014.1.2152 B1998.014.1.2203
Animals B1998.014.1.2204 B1998.014.1.2311
Cartoons and Oddities (postcards, Christmas cards)
B1998.014.1.2312 B1998.014.1.2485
Corps of Engineers B1998.014.1.2486 B1998.014.1.2524

B8: B1998.014.1.2525 - B1998.014.1.2920
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Corps of Engineers B1998.014.1.2525 B1998.014.1.2550
Glaciers B1998.014.1.2551 B1998.014.1.2554
Highway – Seward/Kenai B1998.014.1.2555 B1998.014.1.2584
Interiors of Buildings B1998.014.1.2585 B1998.014.1.2588
Maps B1998.014.1.2589 B1998.014.1.2592
Mining B1998.014.1.2593 B1998.014.1.2621
Mountains B1998.014.1.2622 B1998.014.1.2638
Natives B1998.014.1.2639 B1998.014.1.2660
Planes B1998.014.1.2661 B1998.014.1.2674
People, pre-war B1998.014.1.2675 B1998.014.1.2717
People, post-war B1998.014.1.2718 B1998.014.1.2920

B9: B1998.014.1.2921 - B1998.014.1.3337

Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
People, post-war B1998.014.1.2921 B1998.014.1.2938
Plants B1998.014.1.2939 B1998.014.1.2975
Scenery B1998.014.1.2976 B1998.014.1.3091
Misc/Unknown (Totems, Leonard Seppala, Friends, Animals, Mountains, Scenery)
B1998.014.1.3092 B1998.014.1.3230
McKinley Park B1998.014.1.3231 B1998.014.1.3337

B10: B1998.014.1.3338 - B1998.014.1.3789
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
McKinley Park B1998.014.1.3338 B1998.014.1.3388
Alaska Highway (construction, etc) B1998.014.1.3389 B1998.014.1.3585
Anchorage, pre-war B1998.014.1.3586 B1998.014.1.3733
Anchorage, post-war B1998.014.1.3734 B1998.014.1.3789

B11: B1998.014.1.3790 - B1998.014.1.4220
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Anchorage, post-war B1998.014.1.3790 B1998.014.1.4220

B12: B1998.014.1.4221 - B1998.014.1.4610
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Anchorage, post-war B1998.014.1.4221 B1998.014.1.4337
Anchorage, Earthquake B1998.014.1.4338 B1998.014.1.4589
Anchorage, post-Earthquake B1998.014.1.4590 B1998.014.1.4610

B13: B1998.014.1.4611 - B1998.014.1.4990
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Anchorage, post-Earthquake B1998.014.1.4611 B1998.014.1.4635
Barter Island B1998.014.1.4636 B1998.014.1.4651
Bethel B1998.014.1.4652 B1998.014.1.4678
Big Delta B1998.014.1.4679 B1998.014.1.4682
Big Lake B1998.014.1.4683
Chatanika B1998.014.1.4684 B1998.014.1.4708
Chickaloon B1998.014.1.4709 B1998.014.1.4721
Clear, post war Construction B1998.014.1.4722 B1998.014.1.4726
Circle Hot Springs B1998.014.1.4727 B1998.014.1.4732
Copper Center B1998.014.1.4733 B1998.014.1.4741
Cordova B1998.014.1.4742 B1998.014.1.4846
Curry B1998.014.1.4847

Dutch Harbor B1998.014.1.4848
Ester B1998.014.1.4849 B1998.014.1.4864
Eklutna (Christmas 1943 & 1945) B1998.014.1.4865 B1998.014.1.4910
Eilson AFB B1998.014.1.4911 B1998.014.1.4923
Fairbanks B1998.014.1.4924 B1998.014.1.4990

B14: B1998.014.1.4991 - B1998.014.1.5399
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Fairbanks B1998.014.1.4991 B1998.014.1.5215
Fort Glenn/Fox Island B1998.014.1.5216 B1998.014.1.5251
Fort Liscombe B1998.014.1.5252 B1998.014.1.5266
Fort Raymond B1998.014.1.5267 B1998.014.1.5268
Fort Richardson B1998.014.1.5269 B1998.014.1.5399

B15: B1998.014.1.5400 - B1998.014.1.5826
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Fort Richardson B1998.014.1.5400 B1998.014.1.5492
Fort Yukon B1998.014.1.5493 B1998.014.1.5503
Flat B1998.014.1.5504 B1998.014.1.5516
Galena B1998.014.1.5517 B1998.014.1.5518
Gulkana B1998.014.1.5519 B1998.014.1.5523
Hatcher Pass B1998.014.1.5524 B1998.014.1.5538
Healy B1998.014.1.5539 B1998.014.1.5563
Homer B1998.014.1.5564 B1998.014.1.5601
Hope B1998.014.1.5602 B1998.014.1.5608
Juneau B1998.014.1.5609 B1998.014.1.5705
Kenai B1998.014.1.5706 B1998.014.1.5719
Ketchikan B1998.014.1.5720 B1998.014.1.5791
King Island B1998.014.1.5792 B1998.014.1.5793
Kodiak B1998.014.1.5794 B1998.014.1.5826

B16: B1998.014.1.5827 - B1998.014.1.6250
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Kotzebue B1998.014.1.5827 B1998.014.1.5831
Matanuska Valley B1998.014.1.5832 B1998.014.1.5833
McKinley Park B1998.014.1.5834 B1998.014.1.5866
Moose Pass B1998.014.1.5867 B1998.014.1.5868
Mt Alyeska (July 4, 1962) B1998.014.1.5869 B1998.014.1.5903
Nelson Island B1998.014.1.5904 B1998.014.1.5928
Nenana (Flood Cleanup 1967) B1998.014.1.5929 B1998.014.1.5997
Nome B1998.014.1.5998 B1998.014.1.6009

Noorvik B1998.014.1.6010 B1998.014.1.6012
Nuka Bay B1998.014.1.6013 B1998.014.1.6016
Olson Island B1998.014.1.6017 B1998.014.1.6022
Palmer B1998.014.1.6023 B1998.014.1.6105
Paxson, cache B1998.014.1.6106 B1998.014.1.6107
Rampart B1998.014.1.6108 B1998.014.1.6123
Sanak B1998.014.1.6124
Seldovia B1998.014.1.6125 B1998.014.1.6128
Seward: Ships, World Flight B1998.014.1.6129 B1998.014.1.6250

B17: B1998.014.1.6251 - B1998.014.1.6689
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Seward (Ships, World Flight) B1998.014.1.6251 B1998.014.1.6442
Seward (ARR/Dock) B1998.014.1.6443 B1998.014.1.6529
Seward (Town, streets, parades) B1998.014.1.6530 B1998.014.1.6689

B18: B1998.014.1.6690 - B1998.014.1.7110
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Seward (Town, streets, parades) B1998.014.1.6690 B1998.014.1.6818
Seward (Buildings, aerials, scenery) B1998.014.1.6819 B1998.014.1.7110

B19: B1998.014.1.7111 - B1998.014.1.7500
Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Seward (Buildings, aerials, scenery) B1998.014.1.7111 B1998.014.1.7256
Seward (People) B1998.014.1.7257 B1998.014.1.7270
Seward (Fish) B1998.014.1.7271 B1998.014.1.7279
Seward (Lowell Creek) B1998.014.1.7280 B1998.014.1.7308
Seward (Lodge & Cabin, Kenai) B1998.014.1.7309 B1998.014.1.7330
Kenai Lake and River B1998.014.1.7331 B1998.014.1.7362
Seward (R&H Dredging) B1998.014.1.7363 B1998.014.1.7378
Seward (Resurrection Bay) B1998.014.1.7379 B1998.014.1.7398
Columbia Glacier B1998.014.1.7399 B1998.014.1.7402
Sitka B1998.014.1.7403 B1998.014.1.7425
Tatitle B1998.014.1.7426 B1998.014.1.7438
Teller B1998.014.1.7439 B1998.014.1.7440
Umnak B1998.014.1.7441
Unimak B1998.014.1.7442 B1998.014.1.7447
Unalaska B1998.014.1.7448 B1998.014.1.7449
Valdez B1998.014.1.7450 B1998.014.1.7500

B20: B1998.014.1.7501 - B1998.014.1.7949

Pre- and post-war negatives, titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
found. Some negatives of people during the war.
Valdez B1998.014.1.7501 B1998.014.1.7584
Wasilla (Lake, Men’s Party ’46) B1998.014.1.7585 B1998.014.1.7594
Whittier B1998.014.1.7595 B1998.014.1.7641
Willow (Fishing Trip) B1998.014.1.7642 B1998.014.1.7655
Wrangell B1998.014.1.7656 B1998.014.1.7659
Yakutat B1998.014.1.7660 B1998.014.1.7667
Misc (Unknown places, dates) B1998.014.1.7668 B1998.014.1.7717

World War II:
People B1998.014.1.7718 B1998.014.1.7949

B21: B1998.014.1.7950 - B1998.014.1.8378
War negatives, by topic. Titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
People B1998.014.1.7950 B1998.014.1.8181
Celebrities B1998.014.1.8182 B1998.014.1.8378

B22: B1998.014.1.8379 - B1998.014.1.8785
War negatives, by topic. Titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Celebrations/Ceremonies B1998.014.1.8379 B1998.014.1.8552
USO B1998.014.1.8553 B1998.014.1.8599
Planes B1998.014.1.8600 B1998.014.1.8713
Construction, Kashim B1998.014.1.8714 B1998.014.1.8724
Buildings B1998.014.1.8725 B1998.014.1.8785

B23: B1998.014.1.8786 - B1998.014.1.9210
War negatives, by topic. Titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Buildings B1998.014.1.8786 B1998.014.1.8803
Parades B1998.014.1.8804 B1998.014.1.8937
Sports (Boxing, Baseball, Basketball, Fishing, Skiing)
B1998.014.1.8938 B1998.014.1.9181
Recreation (VJ Day, GI Play) B1998.014.1.9182 B1998.014.1.9210

B24: B1998.014.1.9211 - B1998.014.1.9650
War negatives, by topic. Titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Recreation (VJ Day, GI Play) B1998.014.1.9211 B1998.014.1.9361
Scenics/Aerials B1998.014.1.9362 B1998.014.1.9431
People B1998.014.1.9432 B1998.014.1.9650

B25: B1998.014.1.9651 - B1998.014.1.10103
War negatives, by topic. Titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
ARR Battalion and Station B1998.014.1.9651 B1998.014.1.9734

War negatives by place. Titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Adak B1998.014.1.9735 B1998.014.1.9847
Anchorage B1998.014.1.9848
Afognak Island B1998.014.1.9849 B1998.014.1.9854
Amchitka B1998.014.1.9855 B1998.014.1.9873
Atka B1998.014.1.9874 B1998.014.1.9880
Attu B1998.014.1.9881 B1998.014.1.10103

B26: B1998.014.1.10104 - B1998.014.1.10560
War negatives by place. Titles and subject headings on negative sleeves, and ordered, as
Attu B1998.014.1.10104 B1998.014.1.10166
Cold Bay B1998.014.1.10167 B1998.014.1.10188
Dutch Harbor B1998.014.1.10189 B1998.014.1.10190
Kanatak B1998.014.1.10191
Kiska B1998.014.1.10192 B1998.014.1.10217
St Paul Island B1998.014.1.10218 B1998.014.1.10222
Shemya B1998.014.1.10223 B1998.014.1.10225
Tanaga B1998.014.1.10226 B1998.014.1.10232
Umnak B1998.014.1.10233 B1998.014.1.10252
Unimak B1998.014.1.10253 B1998.014.1.10300

Misc, some numbered B1998.014.1.10301 B1998.014.1.10560

B27: B1998.014.1.10561 - B1998.014.1.10951
War negatives, miscellaneous B1998.014.1.10561 B1998.014.1.10694
War negatives, by date; with Army number
sports, parade, animals B1998.014.1.10695 B1998.014.1.10709
scenery, animals B1998.014.1.10710 B1998.014.1.10720
misc scenic, aerials, Kodiak B1998.014.1.10721 B1998.014.1.10737
Umnak, Dutch Harbor, Kodiak B1998.014.1.10738 B1998.014.1.10763
Aleutians, Adak Occupation B1998.014.1.10764 B1998.014.1.10775
Entertainment B1998.014.1.10776 B1998.014.1.10786
Alaska & Richardson Hwys B1998.014.1.10787 B1998.014.1.10825
camp shows, ship creek B1998.014.1.10826 B1998.014.1.10829
Expeditions, Aleutian Campaign B1998.014.1.10830 B1998.014.1.10833

Nome fire, Adak Expedition B1998.014.1.10834 B1998.014.1.10852
aerials, Aleutians B1998.014.1.10853 B1998.014.1.10862

1943, Amchitka:
roads, aircraft, artillery, coastline B1998.014.1.10863 B1998.014.1.10900
radar, dock, harbor, aircraft B1998.014.1.10901 B1998.014.1.10922
camps, posts, stations, terrain B1998.014.1.10923 B1998.014.1.10936
aerials B1998.014.1.10937 B1998.014.1.10951

B28: B1998.014.1.10952 – B1998.014.1.11320
World War II negatives, by date; with Army number

Destroyer in Aleutians B1998.014.1.10952 B1998.014.1.10960
Eclipse B1998.014.1.10961 B1998.014.1.10966
Entertainment (Reynolds, USO Club)B1998.014.1.10967 B1998.014.1.11007
Basketball, ski party B1998.014.1.11008 B1998.014.1.11021
Terrain (Anchorage barracks) B1998.014.1.11022 B1998.014.1.11030
Camp show, USO Bonanza Days B1998.014.1.11031 B1998.014.1.11046
Troop training B1998.014.1.11047 B1998.014.1.11051
Train, ARR B1998.014.1.11052 B1998.014.1.11056

1943, Attu
Ship, aircraft, battlefields, bivouac B1998.014.1.11057 B1998.014.1.11078
Burials, camouflage, church service B1998.014.1.11079 B1998.014.1.11084
Command posts, communications B1998.014.1.11085 B1998.014.1.11091
Generals, Holtz Bay, hospitalsB1998.014.1.11092 B1998.014.1.11117
Organization, Jap equipment B1998.014.1.11118 B1998.014.1.11176
Jap dead, Jap installations B1998.014.1.11177 B1998.014.1.11190
Field mess, landing craft, supplies B1998.014.1.11191 B1998.014.1.11209
Medical activities, battlefields B1998.014.1.11210 B1998.014.1.11218
Mess area, motor pools B1998.014.1.11219 B1998.014.1.11225
Ordnance repair & supply dumps B1998.014.1.11226 B1998.014.1.11242
Prisoners B1998.014.1.11243 B1998.014.1.11250
Views, roads, supply dumps B1998.014.1.11251 B1998.014.1.11305
Terrain, prisoners, Shemya, Officers B1998.014.1.11306 B1998.014.1.11320

B29: B1998.014.1.11321 – B1998.014.1.11672
World War II negatives, by date; with Army number.


Camp show, dances, recreation B1998.014.1.11321 B1998.014.1.11338
Airfields (Adak, Amchitka) B1998.014.1.11339 B1998.014.1.11342
Entertainment (SS, Ft Richardson) B1998.014.1.11343 B1998.014.1.11357
Jap Equipment B1998.014.1.11358 B1998.014.1.11361
USO Club (Indian dinner) B1998.014.1.11362 B1998.014.1.11368
Adak Is (Transport, ships) B1998.014.1.11369 B1998.014.1.11384
Dances B1998.014.1.11385 B1998.014.1.11388
Harbors B1998.014.1.11389 B1998.014.1.11391
Entertainments (SS, hospital, etc) B1998.014.1.11392 B1998.014.1.11423
Shemya (supplies, terrain, airfields B1998.014.1.11424 B1998.014.1.11443
Excursion Inlet B1998.014.1.11444 B1998.014.1.11449
Haines B1998.014.1.11450 B1998.014.1.11458
Skagway B1998.014.1.11459 B1998.014.1.11465
Juneau, Ketchikan B1998.014.1.11466 B1998.014.1.11481
McGrath B1998.014.1.11482 B1998.014.1.11493
Fairbanks (AACS, CAA) B1998.014.1.11494 B1998.014.1.11517
Nome (Ordnance, CAA) B1998.014.1.11518 B1998.014.1.11526
Galena B1998.014.1.11527 B1998.014.1.11540
Misc, unidentified B1998.014.1.11541 B1998.014.1.11547
Attu, Adak B1998.014.1.11548 B1998.014.1.11560
Army Transport Service B1998.014.1.11561 B1998.014.1.11576
Shemya Is (ATS, AWS, AACS) B1998.014.1.11577 B1998.014.1.11596
Flat B1998.014.1.11597

Recreation (Honky Tonk, USO) B1998.014.1.11598 B1998.014.1.11615
POW (German) B1998.014.1.11616 B1998.014.1.11617
Umnak, USO, Attu Anti-aircraft B1998.014.1.11618 B1998.014.1.11667
Expeditions, Talkeetna B1998.014.1.11668 B1998.014.1.11672

B30: B1998.014.1.11673 – B1998.014.1.11981
World War II negatives, by date; with Army number

Attu (AACS, cemetery, unidentified) B1998.014.1.11673 B1998.014.1.11685
Dignitaries, USO, Entertainment B1998.014.1.11686 B1998.014.1.11694
Ft Richardson fire school B1998.014.1.11695
Adak (nurses, misc, dignitaries) B1998.014.1.11696 B1998.014.1.11704
USO B1998.014.1.11705 B1998.014.1.11725
Platinum B1998.014.1.11726 B1998.014.1.11729
Scenic, accident B1998.014.1.11730 B1998.014.1.11731
Seward, recreational, Whittier B1998.014.1.11732 B1998.014.1.11752

Training, sports B1998.014.1.11753 B1998.014.1.11770
Alaskan Scouts, entertainment B1998.014.1.11771 B1998.014.1.11783
Tanacross, Alcan, Animals B1998.014.1.11784 B1998.014.1.11819
Edmonton, Whittier, Tunnel B1998.014.1.11820 B1998.014.1.11833
Christmas Train, sports B1998.014.1.11834 B1998.014.1.11849
Ft Richardson B1998.014.1.11850 B1998.014.1.11865

Ft Rich (club, hospital, school) B1998.014.1.11866 B1998.014.1.11956

Ft Richardson day nursery B1998.014.1.11957 B1998.014.1.11971

Umnak B1998.014.1.11972 B1998.014.1.11973
Misc B1998.014.1.11974 B1998.014.1.11981

Document Box 1
Negatives found mixed in with 8x10 prints, most negatives are 8x10, one is larger, some are
smaller. They are housed in folders labeled by topic or location, in a 10 ½ x 12 x 5 document

Anchorage (C54-M4 44) B1998.014.1.11982 B1998.014.1.11985
Air Corps Baseball Team B1998.014.1.11986
Supply Div History (groups, wall writing) B1998.014.1.11987 B1998.014.1.11994
Old Scrap Fbks (misc: scenery, portraits) B1998.014.1.11995 B1998.014.1.12058
Attu (aerials) B1998.014.1.12059 B1998.014.1.12063
Kiska (aerial maps, charts) B1998.014.1.12064 B1998.014.1.12067
Attu (maps, weather bureau photo) B1998.014.1.12068 B1998.014.1.12069
Attu (aerial charts, maps) B1998.014.1.12070 B1998.014.1.12080
Kiska (aerial charts) B1998.014.1.20081 B1998.014.1.12083
Kiska (harbor charts, views) B1998.014.1.12084 B1998.014.1.12091
Elmendorf Field, aerials B1998.014.1.12092 B1998.014.1.12095
Mission Maps, Kiska, Sep-Oct ’42 B1998.014.1.12096 B1998.014.1.12112
Kanaga Island map B1998.014.1.12113
Attu, Holtz Bay aerial B1998.014.1.12114
Gen Burrows, portrait B1998.014.1.12115 B1998.014.1.12118
Officer B1998.014.1.12119
Scenery (panorama, mountain) B1998.014.1.12120 B1998.014.1.12123
Man with “19 Japanese” sign B1998.014.1.12124
WWII Illustration B1998.014.1.12125
Ag land, seascape B1998.014.1.12126 B1998.014.1.12127
Aerials (Homer, Kodiak, Seward, Valdez, unknown)
B1998.014.1.12128 B1998.014.1.12135

Glass Slides
Box #1 of 2: B1998.014.2.1 - B1998.014.2.28
Seward B1998.014.2.1 B1998.014.2.5
Animals B1998.014.2.6 B1998.014.2.9
Plants/Berries B1998.014.2.10 B1998.014.2.13
Native People B1998.014.2.14 B1998.014.2.28

Box #2 of 2: B1998.014.2.29 - B1998.014.2.51
People and Planes B1998.014.2.29 B1998.014.2.45
Snow B1998.014.2.46 B1998.014.2.50
Ship in Ice B1998.014.2.51

Those with corresponding negatives are given the same number as the negative
(B1998.014.1.etc) and are housed in two boxes in __

Box 1:
Prints, mostly 8x10, that are not numbered, arranged by topic in folders, mostly according to
topic or city.

Army Corps Engineers/Construction
Construction—Roads & Buildings
Fur Rendezvous
Trains & Tracks
Barter Island

Watson Lake

Box 2:
Prints, mostly 8x10, that are not numbered, arranged by topic in folders, mostly according to
topic or city.
War Humor
WWII Illustration
Model Bunk
Plane Crash, Military
Buckner at McKinley, Black Troops
Gen Buckner, others
Gen Burrows
Curry Hotel, Nov 1943
Ladd Field
St Paul Island

Kiska, Attu, maps/aerials
Rifle Range 645
Nome, Natives, Entertainers
Shoot-Up of Dan McGrew 1943
Christmas Shots (medical) KP
Capt Lathrop
Grip & Grin
Anchorage, DC, Bob Hope
Washington DC

Film Rolls: not numbered, with photographers notations on canisters.
Box #1 of 6
A 1 – 23
B 1 – 4
D 1 – 20
F 1 - 24

Box #2 of 6
F 25 – 44
S 1 – 17
Q 1 – 35

Box #3 of 6
Q 36 – 40
P 1 – 36, 40 – 61
QR 1 – 9

Box #4 of 6
QR 10 – 48
Z 1 – 27, 29 - 34

Box #5 of 6
Z 35 – 46
X 1 – 4
Miscellaneous: 31 in canisters, 13 not in cases

Box #6 of 6

Miscellaneous, 17 loose rolls, 2 16 mm film(?)

Guide updated: June 28, 2018