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Guide prepared by: Bruce Merrell, Museum volunteer

TITLE: Adak Historical Society Collection



Dates: 1933-1934, 1942-1996

Extent: 38 boxes; 31.5 linear feet

Language and Scripts: The collection is in English.

Name of creator: Adak Historical Society

Administrative/Biographical History:

The U.S. military base on Adak Island began its existence on August 28, 1942 when American
submarines delivered an Army scouting party to determine whether Japanese military forces
were present. The Japanese had attacked Dutch Harbor/Unalaska from the air two months
earlier and then occupied Attu and Kiska Islands, further to the west. On August 30th, 4500
troops and tons of heavy equipment were landed on Adak from seventeen ships and
construction of temporary, and then permanent, facilities was begun. At first Adak was under
the control of the Army. A shallow lagoon off Kuluk Bay was drained and a Marston mat
aircraft runway was serviceable within weeks, allowing Army Air Corps bombers to take off for
attacks on Kiska and Attu. At the same time, Navy operations were centered on the east side
of Lake Andrew where amphibious PBY aircraft departed for surveillance and bombing

Until Adak was occupied, operations against the Japanese had come from the Umnak Island
airfield near Dutch Harbor/Unalaska 300 miles to the east. Flights from Adak were shorter,
more effective, and safer.

In May 1943 about 27,000 combat troops gathered at Adak ready to support the invasion of
Attu. After three weeks of bloody fighting, the Japanese forces were defeated. In August
1943, an invasion force of 90,000 troops was staged on Adak to launch amphibious attacks on
Attu and Kiska. More than 100 ships were in the harbor. On August 15 the invasion force
landed on Kiska only to discover that the Japanese had evacuated under the cover of fog.
Thereafter, the Aleutian Islands remained under Allied control. Although this was the end of
combat in the Aleutians, development of Adak’s infrastructure continued. Adak’s role was to
support operations at newer bases further to the west; the island was also used to launch
raids against the Japanese in the Kurile Islands. Adak became the largest military base in the
Aleutians with facilities to accommodate 50,000 men.1

In 1948 the Adak base changed from Army to Air Force control, and in 1950 the Navy took
control. Rising concerns over Soviet military power during the Cold War led to expansion of
facilities and operations, including submarine surveillance; at its peak the station housed 6000
Navy personnel and their families. Support facilities included theaters, churches, elementary
and high schools, a bowling alley, a library, a swimming pool, and a MacDonald’s restaurant.
Adak remained under Navy control until the Adak Naval Air Station was decommissioned on
March 31, 1997.

Ownership of the facilities passed to the Aleut/Pribilof Native Corporation and the City of
Adak, which have worked to reconfigure Adak into a support base for commercial fishing
operations in the Aleutians. In 2001 Adak organized as a second-class city and currently
(2017) has a population of about 100-300. The southern half of the island is administered by
the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.2

Scope and Content Description:
The collection consists of materials collected by the Adak Historical Society and originally
housed at the Adak Museum. There are approximately 2570 black and white photos, 2084
color photos, 268 color 35mm slides, 170 black and white negative, 32 color negatives, 12 VHS
videotapes, and 5 audio cassette tapes.

Arrangement: Arranged in 13 series, as follows:

1, accessed February 21, 2017.
2, accessed February 21, 2017; and Stan Cohen, The
Forgotten War: A Pictorial History of World War II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada, Volume Three (Missoula:
Pictorial Histories Publishing, 1992), pp. 199-208.

Series 1, Adak and other Aleutian Islands: photographs (1942-1947)
Series 2, Personnel: photographs, letters, diaries, articles (1933-34, 1943-1980s)
Series 3: Adak, Post-war: photographs, brochures, maps (1946-1996)
Series 4: Adak, World War II Artifacts (1941-1945)
Series 5: Adak, Post-war Artifacts (1946-1993)
Series 6: Publications, maps, correspondence, diaries, photographs
Series 7: Adak Historical Society Museum: Administration and Collections
Series 8: Recreational and Social Activities
Series 9: Naval Officers’ Wives Club (1961-1996)
Series 10: Miscellaneous Scrapbooks
Series 11: Miscellaneous photographs and negatives
Series 12: Oversize photographs and display materials
Series 13: Audiovisual Media


Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use.

Physical Access: Original items in good condition.

Technical Access: No special equipment is needed to access the materials.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:
The Anchorage Museum is the owner of the materials and makes available reproductions for
research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the
Anchorage Museum before any reproduction use. The Anchorage Museum does not
necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission
for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation:
Adak Historical Society Collection, Anchorage Museum, B1996.035


Acquisition and Appraisal Information
The Adak Community Museum, which housed the collections of the Adak Historical Society,
was established in 1976 (see accession file). The Anchorage Museum was contacted in 1996
and the archivist and curator of collections travelled to Adak. They selected documents,
photographs, and artifacts which were then transferred to Anchorage.

Processing Notes

Eleven 5 ¼ inch computer floppy disks containing internal museum administrative data or
computer programs were discarded.

Particularly interesting images have been marked in this guide with an asterisk.

Separated Materials
Objects removed to Collections or cataloging:
Metal plaque, 3 ¼” x 8 ½”: USCGC IRONWOOD WLB 297 / ADAK, ALASKA
Uniform shoulder patch: ADAK / USCGC IRONWOOD / WLB-297
Eleven unit identification uniform shoulder patches, donors Spurlock and Thorsen
Booklet, Windblown and Dripping: A Book of Aleutian Cartoons, 1945
Booklet, Emergency Foods in the Aleutians (US Army, 1944)
Booklet, Alaska Flying Weather (Washington, D.C., Chief of the Air Corps, June 1941)

Dowell Aleutian Islands Clean-up Collection, B1983.058
Samuel Brice Hastings Scrapbook, B1992.011
Ervin Collection, B1999.026
Aleutian interlude, B2000.009
Charles Ireland Collection, B2004.005
Jimmy H. Long Album, B2008.022
Monroe B. Goldberg Photographs, B2009.001
Lee 349th Engineer Regiment Aleutian Campaign Album, B2009.046
Warren C. Willis Album, B2010.011
Adak Naval Station holiday menus, B2010.015
James L. Oswald, Jr., Photographs, B2014.017
Carlton F. Rinck Collection, B2014.021
William R. Gore Collection, B2014.031
Adak Naval Station Bering Hill Galley Photographs, B2014.036
Austin E. Kiser Scrapbook, B2015.018


Air Force Units
54th Fighter Squadron
Bomber Squadron

Army Units
Engineerr Supply
Company L
TC Spare Parts

Field Artillery Battalion
AA Battalion
Engineer Heavy Shop

Navy Units
Squadron VP-61

Carl Schurz [Liberty ship]
Clover (WLB-292)
Cuyama (AO-3)
Dixon (AS 37)
Donbass III [T-2 tanker]
Durant (WDE-389)
Ekaterini G [Greek freighter]
George Flavel [Liberty ship]
Fullam (DD-874)
Henry Failing [Liberty ship]
Ironwood (WLB-297)
Kalakala [Washington state ferry]
Kuluk Clipper
Mecosta (YTB-818)
McGowan (DD-678)
Hell Hag (PC-819)
Potomac (T-AO-181)
Proteus (AS-19)
Sirius (AK-15)
South Dakota (BB-57)

Boeing B-17
Boeing B-18
Boeing B-29
Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight [helicopter]
Boeing 80A
Consolidated B-24
Consolidated PBY Catalina
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
Douglas B-18

Douglas C-47
Douglas C-133 Cargomaster
Douglas DC-4
Grumman J2F Duck
Grumman JRF Goose
Lockheed P-3 Orion
Lockheed P-38 Lightning
Lockheed PV-1 Ventura
Lockheed T-33 jet trainer
Martin B-26
North American B-25
North American SNJ-4
Vought OS2U Kingfisher

Adak Island (Alaska)
Amchitka Island (Alaska)
Atka Island (Alaska)
Attu Island (Alaska)
Cold Bay (Alaska)
Great Sitkin Island (Alaska)
Kanaga Island (Alaska)
Kiska Island (Alaska)
Kodiak (Alaska)
Naknek (Alaska)
Northway (Alaska)
Paramushiro (Japan)
Shemya Island (Alaska)
Tanaga Island (Alaska)
Umnak Island (Alaska)

Chown, Frank D.
Crawford, Robert M.
Gill, Terry
Gronholdt, Andrew
Kirby, Stanton L.
Reeve, Robert C.
Reineke, Lawrence
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Stevens, Ann

Adak Survey Expedition, 1933

Airplanes, Military
Alaska Maritime Wildlife Refuge (Alaska)
Aleutian Islands Survey Expedition, 1934
American Revolution Bicentennial, 1976
Caribou hunting
Fashion shows
Jews (Alaska)
Little theater movement
Military chapels
Military libraries
Military museums
Military post schools, American
Navy spouses
Officers’ spouses
Quonset huts
Reeve Aleutian Airways
Seismic networks
United Service Organizations (U.S.)
Vehicles, Military
War diaries
World War, 1939-1945—Campaigns—Alaska—Aleutian Islands

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1, Adak and other Aleutian Islands: photographs (1942-1947)

Box 1/Folder 1, Adak 1942-43
Photocopies of Adak Museum display (?), “Operation Fireplace: Occupation of Adak, 30
August 1942,” 4 pp.
 1 —Alaskan scenery, December 1943 [Adak]
 2 —What I lived in when first assigned to Adak in 1943. We burned coal for heat, hauled it from ships in 60 lb. bags. [pyramidal tent in snow]
 3 —Inside Quonset hut, Adak, 1943
 4 —Lt. T. O. Meeks, lives in Albequirke [Albuquerque] NM, Adak, 1943
 5 —.8—[aerial photos of Adak installations, November 4-December 31, 1943]; has neg.
 9 —Sand Bay, Great Sitkin Island, December 21, 1943; has neg.
 10 —.13—[aerial photos of Adak, including runways, December 23-31, 1943]; has neg.
 14 —U.S.S.Cuyama, December 16, 1943; has neg.
 15 —.16—[aerial photos of Adak, December 30, 1943]; has neg. B1/F2, Adak aerial photos, 1944
 17 —[Adak runway, January 4, 1944] ; has neg.
 18 —.20—Moving OS2Us [Kingfishers] of VS-56 Squadron from Andrews Lake to Clam Lagoon, Adak, Alaska, January 1, 1944 [not aerial photos] ; has neg.
 21 —Recreation Hall, January 8, 1944; has neg.
 22 —Buildings, warehouses, January 8, 1944; has neg.
 23 —Buildings, runway, January 11, 1944; has neg.
 24 —Opening of runway, crowds gathering in anticipation of first plane landing at the NAS, January 16, 1944; has neg.
 25 —.26—SNJ-4 landing at runway opening, NAS Adak, January 16, 1944; has neg.
 27 —.34—[aerial photos of Adak runways, buildings, January 19-February 16, 1944; has neg.
 35 —Radio range station at east side of Clam Lagoon, February 16, 1944; has neg.
 36 —.37—NAS Adak, February 16-18, 1944; has neg.
 38 —Seaplane ramp, Clam Lagoon, February 21, 1944; has neg.
 39 —Seaplane facilities, Andrew Lake, February 25, 1944; has neg.
 40 —Recreation building, February 25, 1944; has neg.
 41 —.46—[runways, buildings, March 1-16, 1944; see back of image .112] ; has neg.
 47 —.48—[hangar construction, March 22, 1944] ; has neg.
 49 —Recreation building, March 22, 1944; has neg.
 50 —Construction of warehouses, March 22, 1944; has neg.
 51 —Fire station, March 22, 1944; has neg.
 52 —[buildings, March 22, 1944] ; has neg.
 53 —Fuel tank site and road from Kuluk Bay on west side of Clam Lagoon, March 29, 1944; has neg.
 54 —Excavations for oil tanks, west side of Clam Lagoon, March 28, 1944; has neg.
 55 —Supplementary radio installation, Clam Lagoon, March 28, 1944; has neg.
 56 —Start of construction, Hangar #11, Tuttle Road, March 28, 1944; has neg.
 57 —Mitchell Field operations building, March 28, 1944; has neg.
 58 —Construction of docks in Lash Bay, Tanaga Island, March 28, 1944; has neg.
 59 —Rifle range, March 31, 1944; has neg.
 60 —Steel matting and lumber stored on east end of spit, Andrew Lake, March 31, 1944; has neg.
 61 —Boat basin [with floating ice], March 31, 1944; has neg.
 62 —N. O. B. and Army supply depot, April 11, 1944; has neg.
 63 —Construction of warehouses, March 31, 1944; has neg.
 64 —Construction of NAS dispensary and corpsmen quarters, March 31, 1944; has neg.
 65 —Construction of A&R Hangar, March 31, 1944; has neg.
 66 —Meeting the grades at intersection of E&F runways, March 31, 1944; has neg.
 67 —NAS docks being extended in Kuluk Bay, April 8, 1944; has neg.
 68 —Looking north from Lake Jean to NAS Adak, April 11, 1944; has neg.
 69 —Looking NW from east of East runway, April 11, 1944; has neg.
 70 —Mosaic of NAS and surrounding area, April 12, 1944; has neg.
 71 —.72—[hangars, runway, April 29, 1944] ; has neg.
 73 —Civilian area and Happy Valley, Sweepers Cove, April 4, 1944; has neg.
 74 —Navy hospital area and Tuxedo Park, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 75 —Small boat basin, warehouse, Sweepers Cove, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 76 —Looking north across Sweepers Flats to Army airfield and supply depot, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 77 —Small boat basin and the Village and Happy Valley, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 78 —Sweepers Cove, Army depot, Navy docks, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 79 —.80—Sand Bay Naval Refueling Depot, Great Sitkin Island, July 5, 1944; has neg. B1/F3, Adak aerial photos, 1944
 81 —NAS seaplane ramp, July 5, 1944; has neg.
 82 —Sweepers Flat, July 3, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 83 —Sweepers Flat, July 3, 1944; has neg.
 84 —NAS Adak with Clam Lagoon, Air Station, and Andrews Lake, July 3, 1944; has neg.
 85 —NAS Adak with Mt. Moffett, Kanaga, Bobrof, Tanaga and Gareloi Islands, July 3, 1944
 86 —NAS Adak runways, July 26, 1944; has neg.
 87 —NAS Adak buildings, July 26, 1944; has neg.
 88 —Clam Lagoon, NAS fuel docks and storage tanks, July 26, 1944; has neg.
 89a —Finger Bay, dry docks and PT Base, July 26, 1944; has neg.
 89b —Boat basin as viewed from road to Finger Bay; has neg.
 90 —NAS Adak, docks and warehouses, July 26, 1944; has neg.
 91 —Tuxedo Park, NOB Adak, officer’s club and commander quarters, July 26, 1944; has neg.
 92 —NAS Adak, August 18, 1944; has neg.
 93 —NAS Adak showing seaplane ramp along Andrew Lake, August 18, 1944; has neg.
 94 —Old Army hospital area with NOB transmitter, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 95 —Director [direction?] finder station and Clam Spit, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 96 —Clam Lagoon, Clam Spit, Radio City, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 97 —NAAF, Tanaga, runway under construction, August 28, 1944
 98 —Landing field and living quarters, Tanaga, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 99 —Hedron area with living quarters, mess hall, garage with Kingfisher ramp, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 100 —NAAF, Tanaga, living quarters, dock and ship AN-38 on rocks in bay, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 101 —M.R.L. range at end of runway, Tanaga, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 102 —11 th Air Force HQ, Adak, August 28, 1944
 103 —NAS Adak, new chapel, dispensary, adm buildg, mess hall, August 28, 1944; no neg.
 104 —Fuel dock, Clam Lagoon on Kuluk Bay, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 105 —Recreation center and chapel, September 11, 1944; has neg.
106 —Officers’ Club, NOB, September 11, 1944; has neg.
 107 —Fuel tank farms, NOB, September 11, 1944; has neg.
 108 —NOB transmitter station, Rocky Point, Adak, September 11, 1944; has neg.
 109 —Seaplane facilities, Andrews Lake, January 8, 1944; has neg.
 110 —Copy of Mosaic of NAS Adak, February 1, 1944; has neg.
 111 —Clam Lagoon and docks, Kuluk Bay, March 29, 1944; has neg.
 112 —Seaplane facilities at Clam Lagoon, March 22, 1944 [same as image .46]; has neg.
 113 —Hanger #3, NAS Adak, March 22, 1944; has neg.
 114 —NAAF Tanaga, August 28, 1944; has neg.
 115 —Sweepers Flats, Adak, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 116 —Adak village—theatres, gym, laundry, film exchange, library—June 28, 1944; has neg.
 117 —Clam Lagoon to Kuluk Bay, April 11, 1944; has neg.
 118 —Happy Valley, Navy docks, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 119 —Happy Valley, Mitt Lake, Sweepers Flat, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 120 —Pneumonia Hill, Sweepers Flats, Sweepers Cove, June 28, 1944; has neg.
 121 —“B” runway being lengthened and widened, July 26, 1944; has neg.
 122 —[no neg or print]
 123 —Palisade district, August 28, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 124 —no neg or print
 125 —New chapel, dispensary, admin building, mess hall, GSK, public works & op building, August 28, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 126 —New Army hospital area with Andrew Lake & Clam Lagoon, August 28, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 127 —[no neg or print]
 128 —Army supply depot bordered by A & B runways, April 26, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 129 —[no neg or print]
 130 —NOB, August 18, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 131 —Zeto Point, August 18, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 132 —.133—[no negs or prints]
 134 —Albert Mitchell Field, July 26, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 135 —.136—[no negs or prints]
 137 —Zone 5 with ends of E & F runways on Andrews Lake, July 26, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 138 —.141—[no negs or prints]
 142 —Army supply depot, vertical, July 3, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 143 —Clam Lagoon looking south across Kuluk Bay, April 11, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 144 —Construction of Hanger #5 NAS, A & R hanger center, NW end of E runway, March 28, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 145 —Hangers near north end of east runway, March 1, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 146 —NAS, new runway, looking west, January 11, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 147 —[no neg or print]
 148 —Finger Bay, Com 17 dry docks, PT base, sub nets, July 3, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 149 —Tanaga Island with landing strip & tent city, December 23, 1943; neg and photocopy only
 150 —NAS showing construction area at NW end of runway, December 6, 1943; neg and photocopy only
 151 —NAS permanent buildings, north end of runway, January 11, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 152 —Sand Bay, Great Sitkin Island showing docks & active area, December 21, 1944; neg and photocopy only
 153 —NAS runway fill, December 6, 1943; neg and photocopy only
 154 —Taxiway #2, fire station apron, skeet range, April 29, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 155 —Finger Bay, NOB, Sweepers Cove, Army Supply Depot, July 3, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 156 —Army Supply Depot, Sweepers Cove, NOB, A & B Runways, [n.d.] ; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 157 —Albert Mitchell Field, July 26, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 158 —Zone I, officers quarters, July 26, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 159 —Zone 3, NAS seaplane ramp on Andrews Lake, July 26, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 160 —Zone 6, Hedron area, July 26, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 161 —Army warehouses north of “B” runway, July 26, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 162 —Sweepers Cove, Army & Navy docks, NOB and Army Supply Depot, July 26, 1944; vertical, has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 163 —Army Supply Depot, Sweepers Cove, Sub[marine] nets, [n.d.]; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 164 —Fuel docks, road and pipeline to tanks on west side of Clam Lagoon, sub nets at Zeto Point, July 3, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 165 —Magazine area on Andrew Lake, August 28, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 166 —Adak Cemetery, September 14, 1944; has two negatives (2 x 2 and 4 x 5 inch)
 167 —[Adak, n.d.]; has neg B1/F4, Adak World War II, Miscellaneous
 168 —Blair and I looking at all the pretty trees. Guess I’d better come home now. [two servicemen on treeless hills]
 169 —Before the big snow [Quonset hut, powerlines]
 170 —Adak-1944, me with civilian [two men in front of dump truck]
 171 —Looking north from Weather Station Hill / Adak Bay
 172 —[Building] 787 – head / Jounier & Billy Joe / Jones Keogh / air strip in distance
 173 —February 9, 1944 [serviceman with bedding on clothesline, snow on ground]
 174 —Seabees, Aleutian Islands [heavy equipment working]
 175 —General Landrum, Colonel Glenn, ?, General Buckner, Colonel Linden
 176 —Theater in Adak
 177 —Signal tower, Harbormaster’s office, 1944
 178 —Navy village from Signal tower
 179 —Sailors lined up to go to the show. Signalmen lived in huts on hillside.
 180 —Navy town, administration building
 181 —.183—Some of the 80 man-of-war ships in Kuluk Bay 2 weeks before the war ended. They were preparing to move in on Japan, but war ended so they all pulled out the following week. 1945 *.184—A snow storm on Adak
 185 —The old shower tent, Adak, December 1943
 186 —Ships service on Adak, August 16, 1945
 187 —NAS hut area and runway, August 16, 1945 *.188—Runway and boneyard, August 16, 1945 [dozens of vehicles parked in rows]
 189 —Summer time with tundra grass
 190 —One of 2 or 3 base chapels – near north end of airfield on west side, February 1945 [photo by Thomas Kraseman, see Box 4, folder 25 for his other photos]
 191 —Transmitter station, Adak
 192 —Lt. Walt Cook and Ensign Billy J. Zachary, Adak, March 24, 1945 [servicemen in Quonset hut office]
 193 —Lt. Jim Miller and Ensign Billy Zachary, Adak, January 2, 1945 [servicemen in Quonset hut office]
 194 —.195—NATS-SQ 5—Inside view of operations office, Adak, January 2, 1945
 196 —Four members of 77 th Bomb Squadron (M), 28 th Composite Group, Adak 1943. McNair, Perkins, Sanders, and Pryor “sweating in a mission” [waiting for return of aircraft?]
 197 —Duck shooting, Adak style, 1943. Bombardier Lt. William Taylor and a day of recreation.
 198 —Target practice. Sea birds knew just how far to move out after the first shot so it was necessary to lob a bullet too short and blow one up in the air. 1943
 199 —HQ Company power generating unit, with Bowley, Tuttle, Starkey, Byrd, July 1942 [serviceman standing around new Caterpillar Diesel Electric Set dug into trench]
 200a —Boeing 80A “The Yellow Peril,” 1942. [Bob Reeve airplane] Loading an 11,000 lb. boiler to help build the field at Northway, AK. Part of the Lend-Lease Program with Russia.
 200b —I believe the civilian is an Aleut and that there is a story here that I can’t recall [three servicemen and Native standing in front of tent—repatriation to Atka?]
 201 —DAG 777 “Army town” area to be demolished [many Quonset huts]
 202 —Roberts dump, old Roberts housing, fuel pier and boat basin *.203—Captain John W. Bennett, 154 th field Artillery Battalion, 1942-1944 [light snow on rutted roads, Quonset huts, tents]
 204 —Captain John w. Bennett [light snow on Aleutian scene]
 205 —Tents in the tundra. It was said that men would build sidewalks from tent to tent only to find that overnight complete sidewalks would be stolen and placed elsewhere.
 206 —Naval Air Transport Service, Squadron 5 Operations office, Adak, January 2, 1945
 207 —[asphalt laying machine and men]
 208 —[Navy officers inspecting sailors and bunks]
 209 —[ships in bay]
 210 —.214—[Quonset huts]
 215 —[fire truck, Quonset huts]
 216 —[steam shovel]
 217 —Aleutian Islands [sunset behind clouds]
 218a —[Quonset huts, snow]
 218b —[aircraft on Marston mat runway]
 219 —[aerial, Aleutian installation] B1/F5, Adak, Miscellaneous
 220 —Adak [aerial, 1943?]
 221 —[Adak, 1970s?]
 222 —[Adak, aerial]
 223 —Old Army town, demolished to make way for Kuluk Bay family housing
 224 —[Adak runway aerial, wrecked Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft at edge of apron, see image .246]
 225 —[Adak, aerial]
 226 —[Adak, T-2 tanker approaching dock]
 227 —.229—[Adak, aerial]
 230 —[Adak, aerial] April 1944
 231 —.232—[Adak, aerial]
 233 —[sandbagged gun emplacement, tent, Quonset huts]
 234 —.235—[tents, Quonset huts] *.236—[pyramidal tent with carved wooden sign: HOTEL ADAK], April 17, 1943 B1/F6, Adak, Camp Life
 237 —[street scene, servicemen in formation, vehicles passing, light snow]
 238 —Air Base [two servicemen with 11 th Air Force shoulder patches]
 239 —[servicemen, one writing letter on upturned crate, tents in background] *.240—[servicemen with rifles and packs lined up to board ship, MP standing by—prior to Kiska or Attu invasions?]
 241 —[rear view of two servicemen standing at attention]
 242 —[skiing lesson, one fell down]
 243 —[serviceman, Quonset huts]
 244 —[MPs with hand-held radio, 1970s Chevrolet truck]
 245 —[men climbing hillside, carrying crosses—grave markers?] B1/F7, Adak, Miscellaneous
 246 —[Lockheed P-3 Orion crash with fire crew, see image .224]
 247 —[Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight Navy helicopter over Adak runway]
 248 —[C-47 and PV-1 Ventura aircraft on Marsden mat runway]
 249 —[Vought OS2U Kingfishers, one in water preparing to take off]
 250 —[Douglas C-133 Cargomaster with Military Airlift Command markings, on runway at Adak?]
 251 —[ Lockheed P-3 Orion flying low past abandoned buildings—Adak or Unalaska?]
 252a —[Crash site of PBY on Kiska? Pilot Leland L. Davis, June 14, 1942] 3 3
 252b —[wrecked Japanese Zero aircraft?]
 253 —[tank coming ashore, LST (landing ship, tank) in background]
 254 —[waterfall, Aleutians?]
 255 —[rocky shoreline, image signed in gold ink: G. Bregg]
 256 —[Coast Guard ship at dock, Aleutians?]
 257 —Disposal of 250 lb. depth bombs, Lake Andrew seawall, 1974, Adak; has neg
 258 —261—[road, buildings, mountains in winter, Adak?]
 262 —.265—[volcanoes] Box 2/Folder 1, Volcanoes, general views, Aleutians
 266a —[volcano smoking]
 266b —Closeup of Mt. Moffett
 267 —.271[volcanoes]
 272 —missing
 273 —.276—[volcanoes]
 277 —.280—[buildings, general views]
 281 —[bulldozer, truck, steam shovel clearing snow from road], January 14, 1945
 282 —.287—[general views]
 288 —[shoreline with smoking volcano in distance]
 289 —[creek running through treeless valley]
 290 —[tents, equipment on shore, mountains beyond]
 291 —.293—[general views]
 294 —.295—[aerial image of creeks running into bay with three numbered dots—structures?— indicated], Great Sitkin, July 25, 1943 B2/F2, Women
 296 —[two women in overcoats, standing in snow—USO entertainers or nurses?] *.297—Olivia DeHavilland visits Adak on March 21, 1944, and eats with men in Mess Hall #1 and gives enlisted men autographs B2/F3, Magazine articles, Pacific Builder and Engineer, December 1943 “The Campaign of the Aleutians,” summary by editor, p. 37. “The Army Fortifies Alaska from Annette to Attu,” pp. 38-46
 298 —Lieut. Gen Simon B. Buckner, Jr. “Large Capacity Equipment Builds Vital Airport at Umnak—in a Hurry”
 299 —.300—Views of completed airport at Umnak
 301 —.302—Large capacity power shovels at Umnak
 303 —Ditcher digs trenches for drainage and water lines, Umnak
 304 —Bulldozer helps a “Cat” tractor and Carryall out of muck in taxiway soil dispersal area “Building the Amchitka Base to the Tune of Exploding Japanese Bombs”
 305 —Engineer construction scene, Amchitka
 306 —Engineer troops lived in tents countersunk into the earth and approached by slit trenches. This is Lt. Joseph L. Fusselman, C. E.
 307 —A rocky headland has been “daylighted.”
 308 —Quarrymen scale base of cliff with aid of rope.
 309 —Oil drums are commonly used as culverts. Note cold weather clothing.
 310 —Plane table surveying. “Early construction On Attu”
 311 —Pacific Huts in hospital area.
 312 —Japanese barracks built of scrap lumber, with earth floors.
 313 —American soldiers removing Duo-Therm oil burner and Frigidaire refrigerator from captured Japanese barracks.
 314 —Power shovel
 315 —Unloading supplies and equipment on beach: cranes, tractors, crawler [Athey] wagons]
 316 —Unloading scene with barge.
 317 —Dump trucks on Attu beach.
 318 —Bulldozer slicing road through cliff and, incidentally, through Jap air raid tunnels. “Engineers Hit the Ball at Kiska”
 319 —Caterpillar D6 tractors stripping muck.
 320 —Caterpillar tractor and LeTourneau scraper
 321 —Soldier operating a 12” air-powered Skilsaw.
 322 —Stockpile of food for troops on a Kiska beach [bulldozer pulling Athey wagon]
 323 —Pneumatic spike hammer “How Aviation Engineers Built Airport in a Tidal Basin Next Door to Jap-held Kiska,” by Lt. Col. Carlin Whitesell, Jr., pp. 47-52, 83.
 325 —Equipment widening and extending initial landing strip at Adak. “Starting Work At Adak”
 326 —.329—[runway construction] “Dewatering Airfield At Adak”
 330 —.333—[pump, dike, tidal gates] “Landing Strip at Adak Takes Shape
 334 —.338—[muck, dike, Marston mats being unloaded and installed]
 339 —.342—Navy construction on base in Aleutians [Adak? Images not in published article?] B2/F4, Castner’s Cutthroats (Alaska Scouts) Photocopy of magazine article: “The Alaska Scouts,” by Sgt. Georg N. Meyers, Yank, 1943?, 2 pp.
 343 —Alaskan Scouts landing party, August 1942, Adak [with names on image]
 344 —Colonel Landrum seeing Colonel L. V. Castner and his scouts off for Adak, aboard yacht Cavanaugh, via Kodiak for Dutch Harbor, then by submarine to Kuluk Bay B2/F5, Amchitka Island
 345 —Scouting party, Constantine Harbor, Amchitka Island, September 1942. Sailor garb is from S-27 [submarine] lost off St. Makarius Point earlier in the year. Forty-eight hour trip landed and picked up Navy PBY. [names on image: Col. W. J. Verbek, Sgt. Ed. Walker, Sgt. Jcb. Kelly]
 346 —Navy PBY-5A “Catalina” patrol bomber raises a cloud of mud as it lands on the landing field at Amchitka.
 347 —J2F [Grumman J2F Duck] on way to Amchitka, September 11, 1946
 348 —Amchitka, 1944-1945 [buildings]
 349 —Old fighter strip—Amchitka, 1944
 350 —B-29 that landed while I was on Amchitka, early 1945
 351 —Recovery & disposal of A/N-M47 fire bombs on Amchitka Island, 1991 B2/F6, Kiska Island
 352 —372—[aerial photos of Kiska, 1942-1943?]
 373 —Jap bomb found on Kiska [artillery shell on ground]
 374 —Jap truck—Kiska B2/F7, Cold Bay
 375 —.383—[Cold Bay vicinity views of mountains, lakes, islands with identification on backs or fronts of photos]
 384 —Mt. Simeons NW from Blue Inf area (HQ). B18 bomber in air-ground communications problem July 23, 1942 B2/F8, Western Alaska and Aleutians
 385 —.386—Seal Island [fur seals on beach, Pribilof Islands?]
 387 —..390—[Naknek town, airstrip], 1947 *.391-.399a—[Atka village, church], 1947
 399b —Atka, population 100, photo by Harold E. Wilson, 1984
 400 —Tanaga island landing strip, Tent City, December 23, 1943
 401 —Kodiak Island, 1947
 402 —650 pound MK 29 depth bomb snagged in a fishing net of Kodiak Island, 1974
 403a —A dead jap on Attu
 403b —Kanaga Volcano, March 20, 1946
 404a —20mm anti/air rounds found on Kanaga Island, 1984. [Added note by Diane Brenner, museum archivist: “Ammo dump was on Tanaga, not Kanaga. Or could be Attu. Kanaga was a weather station and ranch.”]
 404b —Attu City Power & Light Company B2/F9, Nurses, Adak, 1944
 405 —Nurses at work at Naval Air Station Adak, September 1, 1944
 406 —Interior of kitchen in nurses’ quarters at NAS Adak, Alaska, September 1, 1944 B2/F10, Tool & Equipment Branch, 309 th Ordnance Battalion, Adak, November 1944
 407 —.409—Army personnel, 30 9th Ordnance Battalion, 1944 [captions include names]
 410 —Armament shop
 411 —.412—Allied trades [lumber warehouse with truck]
 413 —Automotive shop No. 1
 414 —Armament shop 415-.416—Machine shop *.417—Lubritorium [Jeeps, trucks]
 418 —- Allied trades—carburetion & ignition shop
 419 —Allied trades—canvas and leather shop [with serviceman working on Singer sewing machine]
 420 —Allied trades—off-line engine rebuild
 421 —Allied trades—brake rebuild section
 422 —Wash rack [for vehicles]
 423 —Allied trades [machine shop above, “tube shop” below]
 424 —Allied trades—tire shop, measuring tire
 425 —Allied trades—tire shop, applying cement to buffed tire
 426 —Allied trades—tire shop, applying camelback
 427 —Allied trades—tire shop, buffing tire on precision buffer
 428 —Allied trades—tire shop, tire on power roller
 429 —Allied trades—tire shop, placing tire in Vita-Cap chamber
 430 —Allied trades—tire shop, inserting tire in recapping mold
 431 —Allied trades—tire shop, inserting heavy duty curing tube
 432 —Allied trades—tire shop, removing tire from mold Series 2, Personnel: photographs, letters, diaries, articles (1933-34, 1943-1980s) Box 2/Folder 11, “Gismo” [mascot dog owned by Stan Kirby], USN, 1946-47; see also B4/F9, B6/F2 and Box 34, Scrapbook 3]
 01 —Gismo, November 1, 1946
 02 —US Navy Identification Card for Gismo, November 1, 1946
 03 —Gismo as a pup, n.d.
 04 —Gismo, January 17, 1947
 05 —Gismo, May 5, 1947 Letter, Stan Kirby to Adak Museum, November 1992 Letter, Sandra Tromba to Stan Kirby, November 16, 1992 B2/F12, Andrews, John, USAF, 1942 Photocopies, August 14, 1983 Anchorage Times article about B-24 crash on Atka, December 9, 1942 B2/F13, Bacon, Carl N., USN, 1945-46 Letter, Carl N. Bacon to Adak Museum, December 17, 1992 Photocopies of scrapbook pages: .1—Heart Lake—Fall of 1945 Navy docks—Army Area in background—Fall 1945 View of Happy Valley Area—Fall 1945 Village Area .2—PC-819 [submarine chaser Hell Hag] at Finger Bay S.S. Henry Failing at Navy Docks—February 1946 Finger Bay from Com 17 area—February 1946 Finger Bay Area B2/F14, Bennett, John W., USA, 1942-44 .3—Captain John W. Bennett, 154 th Field Artillery Battalion Color photos of insignia: .4—154 th Field Artillery Battalion
 5 —130 th Field Artillery Battalion
 6 —154 th Field Artillery Battalion Photocopies, unit reports, December 31, 1942 Unit history, 154 th Artillery Battalion Correspondence, John W. Bennett and Adak Museum B2/F15, Bingham, Vernon D., USCG, 1958-59
 7 —Downtown Adak, 1942 [probably 1958-59—note pavement, guard rails]
 8 —Adak, Saturday morning inspection
 9 —Quonset Living [woman with Adak Alaska t-shirt, 1950s?] Letter, Vernon D. Bingham to Adak Museum, November 16, 1992 B2/F16, Blau, Louis, USAF, 1942 Photocopies, 8/14/1983 Anchorage Times article about B-24 crash on Atka, December 9 1942 B2/F17, Bowman, Carroll D., USA, 1948-49
 10 —Carroll D. Bowman, December 1948 [with cot in Quonset]
 11 —[riding bicycle between rows of Quonsets]
 12 —[men outside Building T-1421] “Aleutian Islands” foil medallion Menu and roster, Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1948 528 th Eng’r. Hvy Shop 36 th Eng’r Supply 54 th TC Spare Parts Letter, Carroll D. Bowman to Adak Museum, May 29, 1983 B2/F18, Brill, Isaac J., AAF, n.d. Permanent Pass, CAVU Theater B2/F19, Brown, Hobert W., USN, 1943-45
 13 —Adak, 1943-44 [large Quonset]
 14 —Adak, 1943-44 [Quonsets in snow]
 15 —Ship’s Store / Photo Studio, Adak, 1943-44
 16 —The Arena, Adak, 1943-44
 17 —Old Village After War, 1944-45 [burning pyramidal tents?]
 18 —Chapel of Our Lady of Victory, Adak, 1943-44
 19 —Adak Officer’s Club, 1943-44
 20 —Church at Adak, 1943-44
 21 —Summer, Adak, 1943-44 [snow-covered Quonsets]
 21a —[panorama of Unalaska, misidentified on back as Adak 1943-44]; removed to oversize file Letter, Hobert W. Brown to Adak Museum, 10/16/1992 B2/F20, Butikofer, Victor F., USA, 1944-45 *.22—Hospital, Adak, 1944
 23 —Hospital, Adak, 1944 Letter, Victor L. Butikofer to Adak Museum, n.d. B2/F21, Perry C. Card, Civilian?, 1954, 1963, 1969-1970 Photocopy, Sand Bay Fuel Farm chart, September 24, 1963
 24 —Fuel crew, trip to Great Sitkin Island, September 23, 1963
 25 —Fuel pier, NAVSTA Adak, October 10, 1969
 26 —Jet fuel stand at the fuel farm, March 20, 1963
 27 —[tanker trucks and waterfront]
 28 —[barge YFN371 (?) at anchor]
 29 —[top of riveted fuel storage tank]
 30 —Collapsed Fuel Tank at Sand Bay, August 3, 1954
 31 —Fuel farm on Sitkin Island, September 9, 1963
 32 —Collapsed Fuel Tank at Sand Bay, August 3, 1954 Letter, Perry C. Card describing trip to Great Sitkin Island, April 16, 1970 Typed report, “Tanks Gauged at Great Sitkin Island 4/16/70” (2 copies) Laboratory Test Report, Great Sitkin Tank 6 and 7, 4/16/70 .32.1-.40—Polaroid images of fuel valves and tanks, 1970?
 41 —.43—[deteriorated dock] B2/F22, Frederic C. Channell, USN, 1943-45 Pencil sketch of Japanese explosive nose plug, recovered from Kiska, 1944 Letters from Frederic C. Channell to Adak Museum, 2/3/1993 and 5/21/1993 Box 3/Folder 1, Frank D. Chown, USA, 1942-48 Diary of Lt. Frank Chown, June 18-1942-March 31, 1943—three copies: Computer printout of transcribed journal, 28 pages Computer printout of transcribed journal, 29 pages Photocopy of original handwritten journal, donated to Adak Museum by Frank Chown in 1989 B3/F2, Frank D. Chown, USA, 1942-44 Business card, Frank D. Chown, Portland, Oregon [fifth-generation hardware store, still operating in 2017] Letter, Frank D. Chown to Rick P. Munro, Adak Naval Air Station, September 19, 1988 Typed itinerary for visit to Adak by President Franklin Roosevelt, August 1-2, 1942, 4 pages Mimeographed Thanksgiving Day menu and program, Company L, 53 rd Infantry, 1943, hand- colored with pencil, 6 pages Printed certificate, “Japanese Hunting License,” Juneau, n.d. Printed certificate, “Mystic and Auroral Order of Alaska Cheechakos,” Anchorage, June 18, 1943 Printed certificate, “Brotherhood of Snafu,” 194_ Hand-written notes for a “roast,” mentions LORSTA on last page. LORSTA is the radar station that operated on Adak from February 1944-June 30, 1979, 3 pages 4 Magazine illustration, “Americans and Canadians landing on Kiska” Photocopy of Bernard Anastasia cartoon, “Most of the time they wear clothes,” 1944. [Removed to oversize: colored pencil map of Adak Island] B3/F3, Frank D. Chown, USA, 1942-48 [images donated by Chown have their own numbering sequence from .700-.816]
 700 —We just moved in from tents, Feb. 1944—living in Quonset huts
 701 —Officers Post HQ, Nov. 1944
 702 —Posing for a picture—a large group of men standing by a walkway
 703 —A tent with a wood door—needs a quarter moon [latrine?], Adak 1944
 704 —Quonset hut buried in snow, Dec. 1943
 705 —Marine barracks and brig, 1948
 706 —Quonset hut dug out of the snow, Dec. 1943
 707 —Long stretch of road down by the pier
 708 —Six tents, Adak
 709 —Skyview of Adak, lots of buildings
 710 —Post HQ building buried in snow
 711 —An old snow plow goes to work
 712 —Warehouse and dock area near Sweepers Cove
 713 —A Post HQ building
 714 —Officers, 53 rd Infantry
 715 —Majors witnessing presentation of star to Colonel—now General!—Linden
 716 —Lt. Chown presenting birthday cake to General Harry Thompson
 717 —Gen Harry Thompson being presented award by Lt. Frank Chown—for ping pong or darts?
 718 —Lt. Chown, acting adjutant
 719 —Sgt. Major Allison—highest ranking enlisted man in the regiment
 720 —3 rd Band, 53 rd Infantry on an airfield area [note dog in background]
 721 —Living in Quonset huts (as barracks)
 722 —General Thompson and other officers
 723 —General Harry F. Thompson [at microphone, speaking to troops]
 724 —The General and other dignitaries
 725 —Digging a hole for a tent
 726 —What the snow will do to a Quonset hut, winter 1943-44 4, accessed March 7, 2013.
 727 —1 st winter 1943-44: 53 rd Infantry in dug-in tents
 728 —The National Forest—fir [spruce] trees from Kodiak, 24” high
 729 —Wreckage after the snow crushed a hut
 730 —[PBYs over Aleutian Islands]
 731 —A [Quonset] hut in the tundra
 732 —A wooden hut buried in the tundra
 733 —Col. Linden and Col. Kotzebue—Col. Kotzebue was a camouflage expert and related to namesake of Kotzebue, Alaska near Nome
 734 —Officers, 53 rd Infantry
 735 —An Army band playing their heart out!
 736 —[waterfront view]
 737 —General Linden receiving award
 738 —[P-40 with crew]
 739 —[airfield and tower?]
 740 —[dug-in pyramidal tent]
 741 —Feb 9, 1944 [snowbound tents]
 742 —[snowbound Quonset, colored b&w photo]
 743 —Movie house
 744 —[pyramidal tent]
 745 —[P-40 and trestle—not Alaska?]
 746 —Capt Chown and one of officer’s barracks in background
 747 —Gen. Thompson and Lt Col Cook facing camera [Passover seder?] *.748—Jewish Passover
 749 —Officers, 3 rd Bn, 53 rd Infantry
 750 —[officers and men watching sports event]
 751 —Officers, 3 rd Bn, 53 rd Infantry
 752 —General Buckner, the Sgt. Major [Allison], Col Linden, later Brigadier General
 753 —First C.I. (?) show audience at 980 [GIs on benches, watching movie?]
 754 —Our valley at hq [Quonset and stream in winter]
 755 —53 rd Infantry area first winter 1942-43
 756 —Early days of occupation, August 1942
 757 —Officers Post HQ out for a conditioning hike, early 1945
 758 —[Navy crewman stationed at gun tub, other vessels in background]
 759 —Navy support ships
 760 —Unloading supplies in early ’42 within first few days of occupation
 761 —Troop transport
 762 —Early days of occupation Aug ‘42
 763 —[support vessels]
 764 —Landing support ships
 765 —Post HQ area
 766 —[Post HQ area] B3/F4 Frank D. Chown, USA, 1942-48
 767 —Brig Gen Harry F. Thompson, Post Commander Adak
 768 —Brig Gen Harry F. Thompson, Post Commander and 1 st Lt Frank Chown, Aide [with birthday cake]
 769 —Adak HQ staff, winter of ‘43
 770 —[Adak HQ staff, 1944?
 771 —.773—Presentation of Legion of Merit to Col. Whitesell
 774 —[digging out huts buried in snow]
 775 —Upper part of HQ Valley looking towards Mt. ______ Moffet (deleted by censor)
 776 —.777—[digging out snow-covered huts]
 778 —Where I used to live in the 3 rd Bn, first hot shower on the island
 779 —Col Carl Lyons, Lt Frank Chown
 780 —785—[groups of officers] B3/F5 Frank D. Chown, USA, 1942-48
 786 —Chick Sales [outhouse] after snowstorm—door was left or blown open
 787 —.794—[officers and road-clearing equipment after snowstorm]
 795 —Fuel tank at laundry *.796—Gen Thompson shoveling snow off Quonset
 797 —The General and his driver [standing with 4 x 4 vehicle]
 798 —.809—[snow-covered buildings, tents, roads] *.810—Brig Gen Harry F. Thompson, walking from residential quarters to Post HQ
 811 —1944 Christmas party, officers club [one man with “War Correspondent” shoulder patch]
 812 —Part of Post HQ staff—Christmas party, officers club, 1944
 813 —Christmas Party at 53 rd officers club, day before I became Aide—1944
 814 —The old man [Gen Thompson] and Col Detwiler—I like him much
 815 —Ptarmigan when they are white
 816 —Post HQ officers quarters B3/F6, Alfred B. Coward, USN, 1943-44 Letter, Alfred B. Coward to Patricia Ryder, January 5, 1990 Diary, “My WWII Story – The Beginning”
 44 —Kuluk Bay
 45 —Lakes on Adak
 46 —Small lake in the hills of Adak
 47 —Part of the bay with a big volcano in the distance
 48 —A lagoon on Adak, cold be Sweeper Cove
 49 —Looking off a cliff toward the beach
 50 —Mount Moffet, Adak, Alaska B3/F7, Ford Relyea Dally, USA, 1947-48 Letter, Ford Relyea Dally to Adak Museum, November 6, 1994 Printed certificate 18 x 12 ½ inches, Certificate of Service / Aleutian Island, Brotherhood of SNAFU, December 2, 1947 Scrapbook, leatherbound, 8¼ x 10½ inches, separately housed in Box 34 holds photos .51-.127 Two cloth shoulder patches pasted inside front cover of scrapbook along with note stating that Ford Dally of Monroe, New York was stationed on Adak from October 1947 through last part of 1948. .51—P.F.C. Ford R. Dally [in Army uniform, polar bear should patch showing] .52—Adak [exhibit with multiple photos of island and overview map at center] .53—Joseph Redmond and Paul Aultman .54—Willie Pritchard .55—Robert Bells .56—General “Ike” [smiling Eisenhower looking out window of car—on Adak?] .57-.62—Scenery shots of Adak
 63 —Main section of Adak looking toward Navy town taken from top of 90mm Hill [dozens of Quonsets in rows, snow on ground, sunny day] .64—Island of Adak Aleutian Islands [exhibit with multiple photos of island and overview map at center, different from .52 above] .65-66—Mt. Moffett .67—Shemya [view from air, approaching island]
 68 —Certificate of Service, Brotherhood of SNAFU [dated November 1, 1947, different than one in collection, noted above] .69—4 Ton Diamond T 6 x 6 [dump truck] .70—T/5 Frank J. Hoffman .71—Robert Bells & I .72—Squadron Area nearest camera [dozens of Quonset huts] .73—B-4 bag [soft suitcase with logo of polar bear and lettering: ADAK ALEUTIANS] .74—Joseph Redmond Three of the best hut buddies a fellow could ask for: .75—Joseph G. Redmond .76—Eugene A. Di Ferdinando .77—Osmond Evans .78—Joe Redmond, Ossie Evans [shaking hands] .79—Your Truly [Ford Dally seated at desk, civilian jacket and wide necktie] .80—Ossie Evans [with B-4 bag described above] .81—Joe Redmond .82—Ossie (in the rack) [sleeping in Quonset hut] .83—Ossie & Joe (Sunday morning) [relaxing outside, smoking cigarettes] .84—Brown [smoking pipe], Jack J. Wright [leaning on truck bumper, Quonset hut behind them .85—Me again [Ford Dally leaning on hood of Jeep] .86—Brown & Jimmy Critterden [posing outside wooden building] .87—Myself & Bud Abbott, Carroll Brown, Jim Critterden [lounging on hood and top of Jeep, in the sunshine] .88—Jimmy Critterden [on Jeep] .89—Myself, Bud, Brown & Jimmy [on Jeep] .90—Brown [on Jeep] .91—Wm. Allen, Bud Abbott, Jimmy, Brown [on Jeep] .92—The 4 Ton Dump I used to drive [Dally in front of truck] .93—[Dally sitting in cab of dump truck] .94—The Squadron bus I once drove for the Motor Pool .95—[Dally standing at front dump truck] .96—Me [Ford Dally] .97—Looking out over Kuluk Bay [Quonsets, vehicles, muddy road] .98—Looking down Bayshore Highway [sign shows intersection of Bayshore Highway and Hillside Blvd.] .99—Me again [Ford Dally] .100—Gavin, Bellenger, and Sizemore [lounging on hood of truck] .101—Gene, Ossie, and Joe .102—Runways
 103 —Black Raven Club, later changed to Installation Squadron Club [wooden building with pool table, painted on wall is a polar bear logo, and lettering and image of a raven smoking a cigar and wearing a top hat; see membership certificates at back of this scrapbook] .104—Joe Redmond .105—Joe & I [Joe wearing fireman’s hat?] .106-.108—Your Truly [Ford Dally] .109—Your Truly [standing by sign: BAYSHORE HWY / POST HDQTRS / SERVICE CENTER / TUNDARENA / BAYVIEW / STATION HOSPITAL / BERING INST. / ENGINEER / FINANCE OFFICE] .110—Your Truly [standing by sign: The 97 th ORDNANCE SERVICE COMPANY]
 111 —Your Truly
 112 —Yours Truly [with pipe next to Quonset hut] .113—Your Truly [with pipe, next to back of truck] .114—Your Truly .115—Your Truly [entering door of Quonset hut with sign: DUCK INN] .116—Smudge and I [Ford Dally and relaxed dog in sunshine] .117—Smudges pup in a helmet [puppy in helmet, Quonset hut in background] .118—Joe Redmond [holding puppy] .119—Joe Redmond .120—Me [Ford Dally] .121—Joe [Redmond] .122-.125—Yours Truly [Ford Dally] .126—Adak School (The most west of any American school in North America) Membership and identification cards, all with Ford Dally’s name: Selective Service Registration Certificate American Legion, 1948 La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux (American Legion, Department of Alaska) American Legion, 1949 [stamped “Early Bird Club”] Civilian Mess, Adak Blue Fox Club, Adak Army Air Forces Aid Society Black Raven Club, Adak Installation Squadron Club, Adak 561 st Engineer Mess Installation Sqd. Mess .127—[Quonset scene: dresser, bed with locker beneath, pinups covering wall] End of scrapbook
 128 —.130—Adak, Alaska, Nov 1947 (dark, poor quality) B3/F8, John M. Dearer, USA, 1944
 131 —[soldier in winter]
 132 —Gear worn on Attu, WWII
 133 —Air raid siren tower—Attu [man in parka with fur ruff]
 134 —-.50 caliber gun mount, Attu
 135 —Start of willow wak (high winds) [williwaw]
 136 —Anti-aircraft unit on Attu
 137 —Tower, searchlights building, barracks
 138 —[building]
 139 —[man in building reading, pinups on wall]
 140 —[two soldiers, pinups on wall]
 141 —Theater-Kay Frances came with USO show to Attu [Blue Fox Theater]
 142 —[caught salmon on beach]
 143 —[soldier on abandoned Japanese tractor (?)]
 144 —[soldiers in front of truck, holding Japanese flag]
 145 —[Christmas card with photo of Dearer (?)], “Merry Christmas from the Aleutians”
 146 —[Christmas card with image of sentry], “Seasons Greetings from the Aleutians, 1944,” designed and made on Attu B3/F9, Joseph Dzeda, USN, 1945 [Typed memories of military career including descriptions of life on Adak and detailed captions for 18 photographs, 5 pages]
 147 —[man and relief wall map of Adak]
 148 —[Finger Bay with ship Tatoosh]
 149 —[ship repair facilities, Finger Bay]
 150 —[buildings, Adak]
 151 —[overview of ship repair facilities]
 152 —[ship repair shops]
 153 —[two sailors and shelter at bus stop, sign reads “Finger Bay, Pop. 408, Elevation 0000”]
 154 —Enlisted men’s living quarters [Quonsets]
 155 —USO show
 156 —[woman singer, USO show]
 157 —Ensign Robert M. Dudley with truck
 158 —[harbor view of ship repair facility]
 159 —General view of shop area [crash boat on dolly]
 160 —Ensign Johnson and myself, with gunnery targets
 161 —Ship repair office yeoman and winterized Jeep
 162 —Rainbow Lounge, Moffett Hall, with piano
 163 —Dining room, Moffett Hall
 164 —Rainbow Lounge B3/F10, Arthur Enderlin, USN, 1951-53 Photocopied letter, Arthur Enderline to J. H. Card, April 2, 1976 Photocopied page from The Retired Officer magazine, April 1976, soliciting items for the new Adak Museum B3/F11, Peter B. Forrestel, n.d. Letter, Peter B. Forrestel to CAPT James B. Dulin, January 18, 1990 Photocopy of map, “Adak Island Historical Sketch” depicting runways at Sweeper Cove, May 15, 1943
 165 —Vehicle pool, warehouses near NAVFAC
 166 —[constructing dikes for Sweeper Cove runway]
 167 —[dragline working on runway]
 168 —[dam to keep tide out]
 169 —[diversion ditch]
 170 —[canal, dike, dragline]
 171 —[canal, dike, “A” runway]
 172 —[Sweeper Creek dam site, dozer]
 173 —[dozer closing dam]
 174 —[filling basin to extend “A” runway; note airplane in flight]
 175 —[water pump]
 176 —[water pump]
 177 —[back-filling creekbed]
 178 —[culvert under taxiway]
 179 —[filling lagoon]
 180 —[laying perforated steel planks (Marston mats)]
 181 —[surfacing a hardstanding area with perforated steel planks]
 182 —[unloading perforated steel planks from truck]
 183 —[runway, fighter planes]; has neg
 184 —[filling basin]; has neg
 185 —[laying steel mats]; has neg
 186 —“A” runway completed; has neg
 187 —Unloading operations over beached barges; has neg
 188 —Lower Sweeper Creek Valley, September 1942; has neg
 189 —[dozer extending “A” runway]; has neg
 190 —Sweeper Creek dam and tide gates; has neg
 191 —Drainage ditch along edge of “A” runway
 192 —[drainage ditch, road grader]
 193 —[drainage ditch, P-40 aircraft]
 194 —[dragline, “A” runway]
 195 —[B-24 aircraft on “A” runway]
 196 —[“B” runway prior to filling flats]
 197 —[taxiways and hardstandings adjacent to “B” runway, B-24 and B-17 aircraft]
 198 —[“A” runway overview, P-38 aircraft in foreground]
 199 —Site of “B” runway
 200 —[runway construction]
 201 —02—Sweeper Creek dam and tide gates
 203 —Fighter hardstandings, Sweeper Cove and Dock No. 1
 204 —“B” runway construction equipment
 205 —06—[Sweeper Cove, ships]
 207 —Hasty road through sand dunes
 208 —Adak Island, overview of Sweeper Creek Valley
 209 —[warehouses and yards on foothills of Mt. Moffett]
 210 —Typical rolling hills
 211 —12—Tidal gates B3/F12, Robert R. Fulford, USAF, 1947-48
 213 —Around the world [Piper] Cubs at Adak Alaska [photo taken at Berchwood (Birchwood?) hanger] B3/F13, Frank G. Gall, USAF, 1943-44 Letter, Frank G. Gall to Adak Museum, April 15, 1983 [letter mentions photos but none are with this collection] B3/F14, Bill Gates, 1946-47, 1988 Note from Bill Gates to Adak Museum, February 24, 1991
 214 —Post cemetery, Adak, 1947
 215 —Scofield Electric, Amchitka, November 1988
 216 —Amchitka, November 1988
 217 —Aleutian Islands [trestle bridge under construction over ravine]
 218 —Adak Greyhound Line bus and fuel truck, 1946
 219 —Amchitka, 1947
 220 —Amchitka direction sign and Lester “Kip” Kippham, 1947 B3/F15, B. F. George, USCG, 1953-54 Letter, B. F. George to NAVSTA Adak, January 2, 1991 Photocopied descriptions and images of WDE-489, the USS Durant B3/F16, Oliver S. Glenn, USN, 1942-43 Letter, Oliver S. Glenn to Ralph M. Bartholomew, July 21, 1990 Typed report by Oliver S. Glenn, “Navy Patrol Squadron VP-61 in the Aleutians, August 1942- September 1943,” dated July 17, 1990 B3/F17, Richard M. Graves, 1943 Letter, Richard M. Graves to Pat _____, August 31, 1989
 221 —[annotated aerial view of Adak harbor, December 20, 1943]
 222 —[aerial view of Adak structures, n.d.] B3/F18, Frank Guernsey, USAF, 1942 Photocopied note, Frank Guernsey to Ralph M. Bartholemew, n.d. Letter, Ralph M. Bartholomew to Stan Cohen, May 15, 1990
 223 —228—[aerial views of Kiska bombardment, October 1942] Box 4/Folder 1, Bertil P. Hagstrom, USN, 1940s Note, Bertil P. Hagstrom, November 1992
 229 —Pumper crew .230.1—Adak Forest .230.2—Fire chief, me with coffee cup, two drivers
 231 —Me
 232 —.233—Fire, Finger Bay B4/F2, M. Robert Halbouty, USA, 1948-50 Letters, M. Robert Halbouty to Adak Museum, May 13 and August 22, 1983 B4/F3, David W. Hamilton, USA, 1942-44 Letter, David A. Hamilton to R. B. Lambert, April 2, 1996 Photocopy of photo, medical detachment personnel, 210 th Aircraft Battalion, 1942-43 Newsletters, Aleutian Islands Veterans Service (Albert King, Sunrise, Florida, 1995-96 Photocopy, Portland The Oregonian clipping of barge pulling load of housing units down Willamette River bound for Adak, September 10, 1986 B4/F4, Edward J. Havlik, USAF, 1943-45 Letter, Edward J. Havlik to Adak Museum, November 25, 1992 [describes voyage to Adak on Liberty Ship George Flavel in December 1943] “Alaskan Department Certificate of Commendable Service,” n.d. Typed description of United States Ship George Flavel Photocopies of photos of Edward J. Havlik, 1944, 1963 Photocopy of photos of “battle signs” summarizing combat on Attu, 1944 Photocopy of album cover with typed note about Adak service, 1944 Photocopy of article about re-taking of Attu, Amarillo Globe-Times, May 15, 1968 B4/F5, James E. Hill, USA, 1943-44
 234 —[two men outside insulated tent]
 235 —[man sitting on top of truck in deep snow] *.236—[two men in front of dramatically painted P-40]
 237 —.240—[overview of camp with tents and Quonset huts]
 241 —[men with chained bear, Adak?]
 242 —[overview of camp with tents and Quonset huts]
 243 —[four men with machinery and aircraft]
 244 —[bomber on hardstand]
 245 —[Jeep, trailer]
 246 —[bomber on Marston mat, men in quilted jackets]
 247 —[distant P-38 on runway]
 248 —[six distant bombers flying over men on dirt bank]
 249 —[tent in snow]
 250 —[B-26, crashed, nose down—not Aleutians (trees in background)]
 251 —Communications men: Adamson, Schultz, Pearson
 252 —[runway, tents]
 253 —.254—[shot-up B-25?]
 255 —.256—[men, tents]
 257 —.258—[men, trucks, tents]
 259 —[front end of B-25]
 260 —[B-26, not Aleutians (trees in background)]
 261 —[underside of bomber with bomb, bomb-bay open, B-25?, Marston mat runway]
 262 —[six men posing by medical tent]
 263 —Major Meals used to be C.O. [standing in front of tent]
 264 —[bus, tent, trucks]
 265 —[B-25 in distance]
 266 —[airman standing in front of B-25]
 267 —Communication men digging in, tents in background were sleeping quarters*
 268 —[man in t-shirt standing at washstand]
 269 —[B-25 flying]
 270 —[B-26 on runway, not Aleutians (trees in background)]
 271 —[B-25 on snowy runway]
 272 —[three B-25s and men on runway]
 273 —[two P-40s in flight]
 274 —[tents, Quonset huts]
 275 —[B-25 “Cindy-Lou” on runway]
 276 —[rutted mud, Quonset hut]
 277 —[B-25, men on snowy runway]
 278 —[tents]
 279 —[truck loaded with men, snowy road]
 280 —[B-25 viewed from ravine] B4/F6, John M. Janis, USA, 1942-44 Letter, John M. Janis to Catherine Batman, November 14, 1991 [mentions burial of dog Rex on Adak, correspondence with actress Oliva de Havilland] B4/F7, Jared Jenkins, USN, 1949-51 Letter, Jared Jenkins to Adak Museum, November 17, 1992
 281 —Adak Museum and Bicentenial Park [sic] sign, photo by D. Martin
 282 —Bering Building under construction, probably 1949-50
 283 —Adak Ship Store basketball team
 284 —Christmas 1950, Gymnasium [band performing]
 285 —Jenkins on duty in office, Spring 1950
 286 —New barracks, Fall 1949
 287 —Harbor as seen from Administration Building area, Fall 1950 B4/F8, Streeter G. King, USMC, 1943 Letter, Madeline Drake to Streeter G. King, August 9, 1993 Letter, Streeter G. King to Madeline Drake, August 14, 1993 Letter, Streeter King to Madeline Drake, August 30, 1993 Photocopy of article by Streeter King about return to Adak, Kerrville [Texas] Daily Times, August 26, 1993
 288 —Streeter King [standing in Quonset hut on Adak, 1993?] B4/F9, Stan Kirby, USN, 1946; see also B2/F11, B6/F2 and Box 34, Scrapbook 3 Letter, Stan Kirby to “Diane and Clarence,” November 1992 Letter, Sandra Tromba to Storm [Stan] Kirby, November 16, 1992 [Photocopies of photos of dog “Gismo”; originals in file B5/F1, this collection] B4/F10, Paul A. Klasen, Jr., USA, 1946 Letter, Paul A. Klasen, Jr. to Adak Museum, February 20, 1996 Photocopies, articles about visit of U.S. Congressmen to Adak, August 1946
 289 —Sergeant Paul Klasen portrait
 290 —Congressman John E. Sheridan [with string of fish], August 1946
 291 —Base Commander Col. Gurney with Congressman John E. Sheridan, House Military Affairs Committee, [standing in front of Air Transport Command airplane]
 292 —.299—[Congressional visit] B4/F11, Edward S. Kling, USA, 1944 Letter, Edward S. Kling to Adak Museum, January 10, 1992 B4/F12, Lloyd E. Klos, USA, 1944-45 Letter, Lloyd E. Klos to Adak Museum, December 20, 1983 Typed poem “The Aleutians” by Lloyd E. Klos, November 1945, 2 pages B4/F13, Thomas W. Kraseman, USAF, 1944-46 [See Box 1, Folder 4, image .119 also by Kraseman: photo of Bering Chapel, 1945] Photocopy of letter, Thomas W. Kraseman to J. H. Card, April 30, 1976
 300 —missing
 301 —Eleventh Air Force HQ area, Adak, January 1945 [Quonset hut]
 302 —[Quonsets in blowing snow] January 1945
 303 —Blizzard, January 1946
 304 —Pacific hut, summer 1945
 305 —.310—Inside typical enlisted men’s hut, July 1945
 311 —Poker game on a stormy night, early 1945
 312 —Officer’s huts, spring 1945
 313 —Rear of officer’s huts: cubicles are showers and toilets, January 1946
 314 —[filling “jerry can” with oil for hut stove] spring 1945
 315 —Oil for stoves being poured into drum outside hut
 316 —The Aleutian National Forest (Pine brought in to decorate entrance to HQ bldg)
 317 —Hut for colonel or general, and 11 th AF officers club
 318 —11 th AF headquarters chapel, summer 1945
 319 —11 th AF headquarters chapel, January 1946
 320 —11 th AF headquarters mess hall, orderly room behind on left, summer 1945
 321 —11 th AF headquarters area, January 1945
 322 —PX, 11 th AF headquarters area, January 1946
 323 —Enlisted men’s shower & latrine in blizzard, January 1946 *.324—We had gas masks, but only wore them for comic pictures [man in gas mask holding roll of toilet paper and getting ready to open door to building with sign: “E(nlisted) M(en’s) Bath & Latrine”] summer 1945
 325 —Snowdrifts, end of EM bath and latrine, January 1946
 326 —The latrine had a wash machine (the helmet washing is comic) [man in t-shirt washing clothes in upturned helmet full of soapy water]
 327 —11 th AF Headquarters Bldg, finished about October 1944—“The little Pentagon,” February 1945
 328 —Summer uniform on Adak, entrance, 11 th AF Headquarters Bldg [note galoshes]
 329 —332—[weather office scenes] March 1945
 333 —Cat on the typewriter desk, weather office, 11 th AF Headquarters Bldg, March 1945 .334.-.335—Commanding General’s airplane (Major General), 11 th Air Force, May 1945— Liberator bomber B-24 [atypical nose—radar or photo equipment?]
 336 —Ventura medium bomber used for officer’s trips
 337 —Commanding General’s plane, replaced about September 1945, Brigadier General, plane is C-47 (Douglas DC-3)
 338 —Inside the General’s C-47, galley & shower are in the rear, October 1945
 339 —The crew of the General’s C-47, October 1945
 340 —The Commanding General’s C-47, October 1945
 341 —[view under wing of B-24 (?) to 11 th AF hanger and HQ area on hillside, May 1945]
 342 —.343—Huts in downtown Adak where construction workers had lived, 1944
 344 —A typical lonely hut, abandoned, May 1945
 345 —Typical Adak jeep, plywood body was made on island, February 1945
 346 —[weapons carrier, enclosed body improvised from plywood] 1946
 347 —Tundra Theater, February 1945
 348 —Post Library, February 1945
 349 —Main Post Exchange, February 1945
 350 —Typical GI shell parka—double layer of heavy nylon, completely waterproof, May 1945
 351 —Wooly undercoat for shell parka, with GI wool cap, [soldier holding “jerry can,”] May 1945
 352 —Helmet, carbine, gas mask, and lace boots (never carried, except for special drills), May 1945
 353 —[same outfit as in .352] Aiming GI carbine (15 shots)
 354 —Summer clothes for a hike, June 1945
 355 —.359—Pre-war trapper’s cabin, along Kuluk Bay, VJ Day 1945
 360 —364—[roads and signs] June 1945
 365 —Dogs were always numerous [two dogs] June 1945
 364 —[fire hydrant] June 1945
 365 —.366—missing Box 4/F14, Lloyd J. Leslie, USN, 1952-53; 1996? Caption for Adak Museum display of Lloyd J. Leslie photos
 367 —[three sailors in front of cases of Coca Cola], Leslie is on left
 368 —.369—[sailors relaxing]
 370 —[Adak National Forest, 1990s, photos by Ginny Dugan]
 371 —372—[Adak National Forest—faded color prints]
 373 —374—[buildings]
 375 —.377—Fishing
 378 —[barbed wire and supports]
 379 —.380—[1930s cars, camping trip—large sign in car window says NO SMOKING WITHIN 50 FT.]
 381 —[destroyer refueling at sea?]
 382 —.386—Polaroid images, 1990s?
 382 —.385—[buildings, winter]
 386 —General Talley and Admiral Russell [in Adak Museum?]
 387 —.388—[Adak buildings, with captions] *.389—[original Adak totem pole] *.390—[totem pole in 1990s?]
 391 —[Adak buildings, 1990s?]
 392 —[Adak buildings]
 393 —Upper Amulet housing [with caption, 1990s?]
 394 —.395—[Adak buildings, 1990s?]
 396 —Old elementary school [with caption, 1990s?]
 397 —Kuluk Bay, from Command Car Hill [with caption; photo by Ron Owens]
 398 —Lloyd J. Leslie [1990s?]
 399 —.400—Adak Canteen B4/F5, Jimmy H. Long, USN, 1944-46 [See also in separate collection: Jimmy H. Long Album, B2008.022, which was purchased by the Anchorage Museum] Two undated notes from Jimmy Long to Adak Museum Chow Pass with note from Jimmy Long Adak Drivers Permit for J. H. Long, November 1, 1945 Scrip “dollar,” HECP [Harbor Entrance Control Post], Adak Photo postcard: “Easter Greetings from the Aleutians” Folded Christmas-New Years greeting card with totem illustration “from Alaska” Handwritten note promising not to bother Long in exchange for beer, April 1, 1945 Transfer Order, Jimmy Long, May 22, 1944 Two blank forms, Harbor Entrance Control Post, Naval Operating Base –Adak, Alaska “Foul Weather Follies” Army-Navy variety show program, Adak, February 1946 Annotated published photos, plus photocopies, of Adak airfields, March 21, 1945 Adak Tribune, October 27, 1945 (pages 1-4) Adak Tribune, March 20, 1946 (pages 3-4 only) Removed to map file in this collection: Hydrographic Office index chart for Aleutian Islands on one side, mileage chart for North Pacific on verso, December 1944 Certificate, Honorary Order of the 180 th Meridian given to Jimmy Long June 6, 1944 Removed to publications Box 11, Folder 2 in this collection: Instructions for Use in Preparation for the Rating of Signalman 2c, Edition of 1939 (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1944), stamped “J H LONG” inside front cover
 401 —[Adak scene with electrical wires]
 402a —.402b—Harbormaster’s office with vehicle
 403 —Square building [with narrative by Long]
 404 —[officer with dog]
 405a —.405b—Harbor Entrance Control Post (HECP) [with man sighting rifle]
 406 —[aerial view of islands]
 407 —.408—[sailors]
 409 —.412—[harbor views with ships]
 413 —Living quarters for signal men at Harbormaster office
 414 —.415—Harbormaster’s office
 416 —[harbor scene]
 417 —.418—Tanker dock—first big storm took it out *.419—[sailors on dock, loading duffels and gear on Liberty ship Carl Schurz, ambulance behind men]
 420 —.424—[signal men and equipment inside Moffitt Field tower]
 425 —.426—[ship at anchor and being towed to sea where it was sunk]
 427 —[man with cat on shoulder]
 428 —[wall map of Adak, “Drawn by R. C. Winsett”]
 429 —.431—[winter scenes]
 432 —.435—[PT boats?]
 436 —[Navy DC-4 airplane on runway]
 437 —.438—[scenery]
 439 —Wreckage in foreground is an American plane shot down. It was on the beach by Clam Lagoon looking toward great Sitkin Is.
 440 —Tents burning, replaced by Quonset huts, 1944 or 1945
 441 —[PT boat?]
 442 —.449—[ships at dock, including DD-474 (destroyer USS Fullam), possibly during FDR visit in 1944-45?]
 450 —[PT boat?]
 451 —[six men in front of mess hall, Zeto Point]
 451a —[man holding up two fish]
 451b —[interior, bunk beds?]
 451c —[man in front of boardwalk]
 451d —[two men on rocky shore]
 451e —Adak 1945, entrance to Clam Lagoon [tent, boat in winter] B4/F16, James T. Malone, USA, 1942-45 Letter, Marylou Green to Adak Museum, October 1992
 452 —[man standing on pedestrian bridge over creek]
 453 —[scenery]
 454 —[large group of men in uniform, many with Schlitz beer bottles] B4/F17, William J. G. McKim, USA, 1946-47 Letter, William J. G. McKim to J.H. Card (Adak Museum), May 1, 1976
 455a —Adak, Alaska [aerial photo of approach to unused runway, Quonset huts adjacent]
 455b —[postcard, Adak National Forest]
 456 —Hospital area [aerial]
 457 —[scenery, aerial]
 458 —Finger Bay, 1945 [six men, identified on back]
 459 —.463—[winter scenes]
 464 —Finger Bay, 1945, SS Tatoosh [harbor view from hillside]
 465 —Finger Bay, 1945
 466 —Finger Bay, 1946—[buildings, winter]
 467 —Looking NE from SS Tatoosh
 468 —[harbor scene, winter]
 469 —.470—[harbor scenes, summer]
 471 —[snow-covered Quonset huts]
 472 —.473—Finger Bay, 1946 [Navy men marching, with dog]
 474 —Russian ship, 1945 [really 1946, could be Sackett’s Harbor or Donbass III tanker]
 475 —Finger Bay, 1946 [Navy men marching]
 476 —Russian ship, 1945 [really 1946, Sackett’s Harbor or Donbass III tanker] B4/F18, Edmund A. Meola, USN, 1943-1945 Letter, Edmund A. Meola to Adak Museum, May 24, 1976 Letter, Adak Museum to Edmund A. Meola, May 17, 1977 Letter, Edmund A. Meola to Adak Museum, June 4, 1977 B4/F19, Roderick J. O’Connor, USCG, 1977-1978 Letter, Roderick J. O’Connor to Adak Museum, May 8, 1983 Letter, Roderick J. O’Connor to Adak Museum, August 18, 1983 Photocopy of “Welcome Aboard” pamphlet about Coast Guard cutter Ironwood B4/F20, Roswell Parker, USAF, 1943-1945 Special Orders for reassignment and promotion, June 1943-April 1944 Photocopies of U. S. Army Air Forces Navigator’s Log, April 1944 Photocopies of newspaper clippings mentioning Roswell Parker, 3 pages Photocopy of front and back of wallet card for “I Bombed Japan” Club, June 6, 1944
 477 —B—aerial camera procedure—restricted [serviceman wearing headphones in aircraft, working with aerial camera]
 478 —B-24L Aerial Camera Procedure—restricted [serviceman wearing headphones in aircraft, working with aerial camera]
 479 —Bradshaw & crew—Shemya [five servicemen on runway, with B-24 “The Deuce” behind]
 480 —482—Wolfsen (?) & crew—air medal at Shemya—Gen (?) [medal award ceremony with unidentified general and dog]
 483 —Bradshaw pilot Newton Nav. Maiksburg Bomb Note Quonset Huts Adak 1943
 484 —2 nd Lt. Strickland Bomb[ardier?] Adak [serviceman on crutches]
 484a —Revetment Adak 1943 / Roswell Parker w/ navigation instruments to plane before mission [B-24 behind]
 485 —Parker & Johnson Adak 1943 [two servicemen, skis behind]
 486 —.487—Adak 1943 / Roswell Parker w/ ordnance [posing with bombs]
 488 —4 man hut Shemya [with crew names on back]
 489 —Quonset hut Adak 1943 [serviceman posing with skis]
 490 —Adak 1943 [two contact prints of tents in snow]
 490a —[Roswell Parker?—negative, no print] B4/F21, Frank Patterson, USA, 1942-1944 Letter, Frank Patterson to Adak Museum, no date Menu, 1 st anniversary of 396 th Base Hq & Air Base Sq [1943 or 1944?] Map, Simple Life in the Aleutians, showing footprints connecting buildings Japanese postcard, color, boy and girl in field of flowers, no date Memorial flyer, color, tree leaf with Japanese characters 5
 491 —K-K-K-Kiska [cartoon map of island with Japanese figures, by Lt. William R. Pandy]
 492 —Attu [10 small images of Japanese servicemen in winter—some on skis]
 493 —[drawing by Budd Sheesley of serviceman sitting on bunk in Quonset hut reading letter, with stove, laundry, pin-ups]
 494 —.497—Cemetery—Adak 5 “Kiri Leaf” leaflets were dropped over Attu and Kiska before troops landed. Is this an original or a copy? See Stan Cohen, The Forgotten War: A Pictorial History of World Warr II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada, Volume Two, p. 219.
 498 —.499—Volleyball at Photo Lab 1944 [vehicles, buildings in background]
 500 —Sunset in the Aleutians [poem by Arthur Stringer, on photo with scenery]
 501 —.504—[Aleutian scenery]
 505 —Mt. Moffet—taken by Heinrich & F. Patterson (?) 1943
 506 —.511—[Aleutian scenery]
 512 —Martha O’Driscoll USO 1944
 513 —Martha O’Driscoll and Errol Flynn, USO Jan 1944
 514 —Mike the dog, Mickey the blue fox, native of Adak
 515 —Shack 1944 [interior with pin-ups]
 516 —Kiska [shot-up Japanese submarine, with sign reading “Sick Bay” in foreground]
 517 —[ships in harbor, tent on near shore—Adak?; same as .520]
 518 —[tents, sky]
 519 —[Aleutian scene with buildings, trucks, airplane overhead]
 520 —[ships in harbor, tent on near shore—Adak?; same as .517]
 521 —[Aleutian scene with buildings, trucks, airplane overhead]
 521a —[buildings, tents]
 522 —Cemetery Adak [ships in harbor beyond]
 523 —November 1942 [Jeeps, trucks, airstrip in background]
 524 —November 1942 [tents, Quonset huts, old truck at far left] *.525—November 1942 [Jeeps, many tents, men walking through mud]
 526 —[P-40 on airstrip]
 527 —Rescue PBY *.528—November 1942 [flooded airstrip, P-39, half-submerged fuel truck, blowing wind sock]
 529 —November 1942 [B-26s on flooded airstrip]
 530 —November 1942 [P-39s and other aircraft on flooded airstrip]
 531 —[line drawing of amphibious aircraft]
 532 —Williwaw vs. Landing Mat [photo of wind-twisted runway mat, with caption]
 533 —.534—Base Theater 1944 Ripcord [wooden entrance structure, large Quonset behind, with separate doors for enlisted men and officers, movie posters for “Marine Raiders” and “Secret Command”]
 535 —Photo Lab December 1944 [frame structure covered with tarpaper, Quonset huts behind, one with camouflage paint on roof]
 536 —.540 [aerial views during bombing runs]
 541 —Jap planes shot down over Paramushiro 1944 photo by Stoppen [?] Box 5/Folder 1, Frank Patterson, USA, 1942-1945
 542a —F. Patterson—bunk and interior of cabin
 542b —Sept. 1943 Could be? F. Patterson inside cabin [with pinups, Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco can]
 543 —.544—Shack 1944 [interior with pinups, large radio]
 545 —[cot with sleeping bag, snow]
 546 —Happy Halloween—2 beers each—1944
 547 —Bergman on gun 1944 [serviceman with anti-aircraft weapon]
 548 —[serviceman bending over to touch toes]
 549 —Craps [two servicemen rolling dice, cash on blanket in foreground]
 550 —Les from New Orleans (?) [two servicemen]
 551 —January 1944—Adak [four servicemen in parkas, snow, vehicle behind]
 552 —Poker [three servicemen at card table, pinups on wall]
 553 —[interior, two servicemen]
 554 —Sgt. Renner & F. Patterson—Spec. Service—1944 [standing outside Quonset with sign: “Special Service”]
 555 —Bomber crew—1943 [close-up, two servicemen with cigarettes, reclining on tundra] *.556-.557—Photo Lab–Heinriech with camera, Bridges under camera [servicemen clowning with large aerial camera, Quonset hut behind]
 558 —Goodies from home—1944 [two servicemen opening package]
 559 —Rice & Smalling (?) [two servicemen drinking beer]
 560 —Medal awards 1943—Scotty, Perry, Jack, Mae
 561 —Mess hall drawing 1943 [serviceman in front of wall-mounted cartoon]
 562 —Jack Hefly—Gen. Butler—Feb 1943 award medals
 563 —Gen Butler—Carl McKay—Perry—medal awards 1943
 564 —Mt. in background Weather Hill—1944 or 43 [serviceman with bow and arrow in foreground, bulldozer behind]
 565 —Capt. Speas—Gen Butler—1943
 566 —[“Freckles”: art on bomber]
 567 —[B-25 “Flaming Mamie” with radar (?), serviceman in front]
 568 —C.O. [commanding officer] 396 AB Squ—1944 [officer in front of aircraft named “Pudgy”]
 569 —[serviceman with aircraft named “The Kat-Sas”]
 570 —[officer in front of aircraft named “Pudgy”] *.571—Brain trust—before Attu [commanding officers including Gen. Buckner, 3 rd from left, on runway with aircraft behind]
 572 —.575—Attu [war dead]
 576 —[servicemen looking at Japanese truck]
 577 —[Japanese pistol, various shells]
 578 —B-24 [aircraft wreckage; see also images .666-.670]
 579 —Jap. Cycle on Kiska [three-wheeled motorcycle]
 580 —[Japanese motorcycle with sidecar, dump truck, other equipment—Kiska?]
 581 —Kiska [aircraft engine, wrecked passenger vehicle]
 582 —[three-wheeled motorcycle—Kiska?]
 583 —Boneyard—Kiska [wrecked aircraft]
 584 —.586—Japanese on Attu 1943 [war dead]
 587 —.588—[ships aground—Attu or Kiska?]
 589 —Wilson, Oregon—wounded on Kiska 1943 [serviceman with bandage on hand, in hospital bed]
 590 —Harris—Missouri Edgar Spring; Rermero—Alberque [sic] N.M.; Kiska wounded 1943 [servicemen in hospital beds]
 591 —[graveside service with flag-draped coffin]
 592 —[gun salute at graveside service]
 593 —Hill in background blasted for rock [oil drums, pond, Quonset hut in foreground]
 594 —Base theater 1944
 595 —Air Base [tents, oil drums, overhead wires]
 596 —[Aleutian base with snow-capped mountains behind, tiny aircraft above; same as image .601]
 597 —[Aleutian base; same as image .603]
 598 —Shack after move—Air Base [frame hut, tents nearby]
 599 —[view of Quonsets near shore, winter]
 600 —Generals Qts [quarters?] burning, 1943 or 1944
 601 —[Aleutian base with snow-capped mountains behind, tiny aircraft above; same as image .596]
 602 —Shack we built ready to move, 1943 1944
 603 —[Aleutian base; same as image .597]
 604 —[man in doorway of shack, dog in front]
 605 —.606—[moving shack]
 607 —.608—[Aleutian base]
 609 —.616—[buildings, truck, scenes on Aleutian base]
 617 —[briefcase with Japanese lettering]
 618 —Shrine on Kiska
 619 —[pine cone model of “The Alaskan Key-bird” with caption: “Key-rist! It’s cold out here”] *.620—[Japanese wall graffiti of figure kicking “Bade Rousebelt” ( bad Roosevelt?) with words “Destory [sic] and “Knock ou[t] U.S.A] *.621—[servicemen in front of wall graffiti: “You are dancing by foolische (im Deutsch) order of Rousebelt. We shall come again, and kill out separately Yanki-joker.”] *.622-.625—Eddie Rickenbacker & troops [World War I flying ace with servicemen in Aleutians] 6
 626 —Mess hall 1944—Toner & Smalley
 627 —Lear, Owens, Smalley, Parker [in mess hall]
 628 —Art Smalley & Toner 1943 Baking
 629 —Art. Working? Feb 1943 [in mess hall]
 630 —Red Schuertling (?) Feb 1943 [in mess hall]
 631 —Lears Mess Hall Nothing More Feb 1943 *.632—Myself. Pretty? Feb 1943
 633 —Photo Lab 1943
 634 —Dog & Pups Kiska
 635 —Mike the dog and blue fox Native of Adak
 636 —Capt. Crawford [piano player in front of servicemen—Robert M. Crawford, composer of Air Force song “Off we go into the wild blue yonder”?] 7 6 On Shemya? See Cohen, The Forgotten War, Vol. Two, p. 235. 6 Suzanne Summerville, “Into the wild blue yonder: the story of Robert M. Crawford,” Alaska History 1994, v. 9, no. 2 (Fall, 1994) pp. 14-24;
 637 —.649—USO *.650—Adak 5 Jun 1943 [USO performers around piano; same as image .652]
 651 —USO
 652 —[same as image .650]
 653 —.664—[island volcanoes]
 665 —Paramushiru 7-18-43 [aerial photo]
 666 —.670—Sabotaged B-24—1943—11 men died [aircraft wreckage; see also image .578]
 671 —P-39 10-29-42 [aircraft missing one set of landing gear, held up by oil drum]
 672 —[aircraft engine in dirt]
 673 —.674—[two aircraft, nose-to-nose wreck on runway]
 675 —[P-39 wreckage?]
 676 —[PBY wreckage in water, crane on barge lifting it]
 677 —.678—The Line [B-24s on runway, closest one named “Little Girl”]
 679 —[six B-24s in formation over ocean] B5/F2, Jimmy M. Radostis, 1942-1945 Letter, Jimmy M. Radostis to Adak Museum, February 28, 1995 B5/F3, Clifford W. Rediske, USN, 1944-1945 Letter, Clifford W. Rediske to Adak Museum (?), December 30, 1991
 680 —Cliff Rediske [standing behind mop]
 681 —[vehicles, Quonset huts]
 682 —[servicemen posing in front of Quonset hut; identified on back]
 683 —[Quonset huts connected by boardwalk]
 684 —[Aleutian base, Quonset huts] B5/F4, Larry Reineke, USA, 1942-1943 and 1989-1993 “Who is Larry Reineke?” biographical flyer Letter, Dr. Carol Burke to Larry Reineke, November 13, 1989 Letter, James S. Russell to Larry Reineke, September 19, 1990 Letter, Larry Reineke to Linda (Dulin?), November 28, 1990 Letter, Jim O’Dair to Larry Reineke, January 7, 1991 Letter, Larry Reineke to Linda Dulin, January 16, 1991 (4 pages) Letter, Larry Reineke to Jose A Garcia, January 16, 1991 Letter, Linda Dulin to Larry Reineke, February 18, 1991 Letter, Larry Reineke to Adak Museum, January 28, 1993 (2 pages) Production notes, “1980 Adak Reunion” film Tables of contents for Larry Reineke scrapbooks [see Boxes 11 and 12]: Aleutian Book 1, September 1990 Aleutian Book 2, May 30, 1991 Miscellaneous photocopies B5/F5, William F. Royall, USN, 1933 Typed expedition account, “U.S. Navy Hydrographic Survey Expedition to Adak Island in 1933,” by William F. Royall (10 pages) Caption for photo display for Adak Survey Expedition 1933, USS Argonne
 685 —.686—[views of drag boat during survey operations]
 687 —[officers and crew, including Lt. J. G. Vanasse and Lt. W. F. Royall}
 688 —[deck equipment on drag boat]
 689 —[view of drag boat during survey operations]
 690 —[two crewman on deck of drag boat using navigation instruments] B5/F6, James S. Russell, USN, 1990s? Biographical statement (copied from Elmendorf AFB program guide, 1986, 1 page) Caption for book-signing event photos
 691 —.696—[color Polaroid images of book-signing event on Adak, 1990s?] B5/F7, Bill Ryder, 1989
 697 —.699—World War II radio station, south end of [Adak?] island at Trapper’s Cove [Images numbered .700-.816 by Frank D. Chown are in Box 3, Folders 3-5] B5/F8, Fred A. Simon, USN, 1948-1950 Letter, Fred A. Simon to Adak Museum, 1990s? Photocopy, certificate for entering Alaskan waters, December 27, 1948 Photocopy, certificate, Mystical and Auroral Order of Alaskan Cheechakoes, June 27, 1950 Photocopy, cartoon about Adak wind Photocopy, map of buildings near Sweeper Cove B5/F9, James M. Simpson, USN, 1934 Letter, James M. Simpson to Adak Museum, May 7, 1983 [regarding Aleutian Islands Survey Expedition (ALISEX), which used seaplanes on the USS Sirius to survey Aleutian islands] Photocopy, certificate for ALISEX Walrus Club Member, June 17, 1934 B5/F10, Olga K. Skirlick, USN, 1947-1948 Letter, Olga K. Skirlick to Adak Museum, November 2, 1992 B5/F11, Maurice L. Smith, USN, 1940s Letter, Maurice L. Smith to Adak Museum, May 4, 1995 Photocopy, “The Aleutians—A Battle Against Weather,” pages 261-274 from book by Robert J. Bulkley, Jr., At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States Navy (Washington, D.C.: Naval History Division, 1962). Photocopy, photo with caption, “Closer to Japan than Alaska,” with caption about PT Base 13 on Attu, from The P.T. Boater, Winter 1987, p. 15. Photocopy, photo with caption, YAG-1 Tatoosh (P.T. boat tender) Misc. photocopies, P.T. boat illustrations Photocopy, excerpts from Brian Garfield’s book The Thousand-Mile War B5/F12, Randolph M. Smith, USA, 1944-1945 Mimeographed Movement Orders (stamped SECRET) for Randolph M. Smith, November 24, 1944 Letter, Randolph M. Smith to Adak Museum, May 15, 1976 (3 pages) Form letter, Adak Museum to Randolph M. Smith, May 18, 1977 B5/F13, Joseph A. Sosbee, USN, 1943 Letter, Lilyann Brannon (widow of Sosbee) to Commanding Officer of Adak Naval Air Station, June 6, 1993 Letter, Madeline Drake (Adak Museum?) to Lilyann Brannon, July 21, 1993 Eagle’s Call newsletter, July 23, 1993 (2 leaves) B5/F14, Berle J. Spurlock, USN, 1980s Letters, Berle J. Spurlock to Adak Museum, September 29, 1992 and December 23, 1992 Eight unit identification shoulder tags [removed to Collections]
 817 —Berle Spurlock, U.S.C.S. Convention 1987 B5/F15, Robert B. Stickles, USN, n.d.
 818 —.820—Gunner Robert Beverly Stickles, USN [in boxing poses] B5/F16, Don Taylor, USAF, 1976 Press release, Adak News, September 13, 1976 regarding flight around the world
 821 —.822—Don Taylor, Lt. Col. USAF (retired) on round the world flight September 13, 1976 B5/F17, George C. Thorsen, USAF, 1950-1952 Letter, George C. Thorsen to Adak Museum, n.d. (2 pages) Letter with photo captions, George C. Thorsen to Adak Museum, n.d., (2 pages) Three shoulder patches [removed to Collections]
 823 —Adak, Oct 5, 1951 [group posing in front of building with sign: “124 NCB / Adak Aleutians Islands;” Thorsen is marked as front row, second from left]
 824 —S/Sgt George Thorsen—night cook—“everything you see we stole from the Navy”
 825 —[serviceman with pizza oven]
 826 —Doing my baking on the nite shift
 827 —[kitchen scene] In back of me was where we use to sit and shoot the rats
 828 —Shooting rats [Thorsen holding rifle]
 829 —3 rd RSM [Radio Squadron Mobile] hospital area
 830 —Adak 1951 [three cats on workbench]
 831 —[birthday cake]
 832 —[Adak base, 1951]
 833 —[living and work area with red cross painted on roof]
 834 —.838—[Adak base scenes, 1951]
 839 —Grant Ager [stepfather of George Thorsen], 1952—was on board the USS South Dakota as a seaman in his teens. They stopped at Adak to pick up coal and stores between the great wars.
 840 —USS South Dakota [See also Notebook #ll for scrapbook with military patches—not related to Adak] B5/F17, Vincent A. Transano, USN, 1942 Letter and photocopies, Vincent A. Transano to Adak Museum, June 27, 1983 [regarding SeaBee photos available from the Naval Construction Battalion Center] B5/F18, David L. Van Wormer, USN, 1946-1947 Letter, David L. Van Wormer to Adak Museum, September 21, 1994
 840a —Hospital Area [aerial]
 840b —90mm Hill Adak [aerial] B5/F19, Jackson B. Weaver, USA, 1943 Letter, Jackson B. Weaver to Adak Museum, April 12, 1976 Daily Bulletin (part torn off), Adak, with list of enlisted men approved for Officer Candidate School, March 28, 1943 Memorandum, Adak, clothing list with prices, May 21, 1943
 841 —[buildings]
 842 —[servicemen in front of B-25?]
 843 —[B-24 on runway]
 844 —[fuel truck refueling B-24]
 845 —View from Burma Road across Kuluk Bay
 846 —Sunrise on Adak
 847 —The task force that took Attu Island anchored in Sweepers Cove
 848 —Mount Moffett
 849 —[distant view of Adak runway]
 850 —Mr. Walker, Warrant Officer, my roommate
 851 —A B-24 crashes 300 yards from the field—2 motors shot out over Kiska [view of wreck on mountain, harbor in view far below]
 852 —Corporal Kennedy our orderly
 853 —Mr. Walker, Warrant Officer at our water supply [serviceman with bucket]
 854 —Under difficulties [view through open door to snow-packed outhourse]
 855 —1 st sergeant & supply sergeant unload the dirt to build a road
 856 —Sweepers Cove [with ships in harbor]
 857 —Sweepers Cove [distant view of dock and ships in harbor]
 858 —Adak freight train, 1943 [bulldozer pulling tracked Athey wagons; same as image .865]
 859 —Home sweet home, Adak, 1943 [pyramidal tent]
 860 —863—Mess hall construction, Adak, May 1943 [unloading lumber from tracked wagon pulled by bulldozers]
 864 —Toward the airport
 865 —[bulldozer pulling tracked Athey wagons; same as image .858]
 866 —Ships in the harbor
 867 —I do the weekly washing by the spring [in soap-filled bucket]
 868 —9 bombers away to Kiska, May 1943
 869 —Partial view of Adak installations, 1943
 870 —Captain John W. Bennett, 154 th Field Artillery Battalion, 1943-44, Adak [servicemen in snow, pulling on rope that’s tied to a barrel] B5/F20, Francis R. Wolff, USN, 1942-1944 Letters, Francis R. Wolff to Adak Museum, April 11, 1976, July 15, 1977, and July 9, 1980 War Diary Report, Adak Sector, Field Optical Shop No. 8, June 17-August 8, 1944 Organ and trombone recital program, July 16, 1944 Baggage tag, Naval Air Transport Service, Attu to Adak, May 29, 1944 Miscellaneous cartoons and clippings
 871 —Burr Jones, gunnery, 1944 [serviceman with Thompson submachine gun]
 872a —Ray Forcier & Tick Tock Gilmore—our bomb buggy [servicemen in front of wheeled vehicle]
 872b —873—[five skiers]
 874 —The ski lift [wheeled vehicle with power take-of]
 875 —[four skiers] Adak 1943
 876 —[buildings, vehicles]
 877 —[two servicemen with Thompson submachine guns, clowning with “prisoner”]
 878 —.880—[servicemen in front of Quonset hut]
 881 —[two servicemen in front of cut in snow bank]
 882 —[servicemen posing, identified on back]
 883 —.884a—[buildings in winter]
 884b —Good [man repairing optical instrument]
 885 —Spaulding [man with metal lathe]
 886 —Ensign J. H. White, family has Formica Co. Cincinnati 1943
 887 —Ensign Joe White and Bob Carroll 1943
 888 —[three lieutenants, identified on back]
 889 —[serviceman with machinery]
 890 —.891a—[servicemen, identified on back]
 891b —Not mine but just like it only the picture on the wall is a bit tame / That is not a phone [sleeping quarters]
 892 —Tic-Toc Gilmore, Spokane—watch maker
 893 —Aspermonti [serviceman in Quonset hut]
 894 —Bohenski [holding device and slide rule (?); details of device scribbled over by ball point pen]
 895 —Miner [serviceman with balance instrument]
 896 —Gunner Tondee [reading in bed]
 897 —Stickler—Stinky in old Navy town, old gunnery office
 898 —Ensign White and Lieutenant Carroll, January 1944
 899 —Catholic priest who drank all the booze on Adak [Navy officer formal portrait]
 900 —Bill Tiezon, civilian from Sperry
 901 —Forcier [serviceman at typewriter]
 902 —[three servicemen]
 903 —Forcier [serviceman in Navy cap in Quonset hut]
 904 —Lieutenant jg Richard Cordoza & Lt. jg F. R. Wolff. Dick is now a doctor in New York [standing in front of building with sign reading “Ye Olde Optical Shoppe”]
 905 —Chapel on Adak [interior, Christmas service]
 906 —.907—[servicemen]
 908 —The huts over the hood of the pickup are the Navy Hospital and morgue. Thru the cab and to the left is the optical, fire control, typewriter and watch repair facilities. 1944
 909 —Lt. jg H. R. Carroll, bomb disposal—received a citation this day for clearing Kiska *.910—Frazier, Keller [black Navy servicemen] .911—Optical repair, fire control and watch and typewriter repair crew, 1944
 912 —Burr Jones, 1944
 913 —[Christmas spruce trees in Quonset hut chapel]
 914 —Choir Witherspoon Chapel 1943 [servicemen with sheet music standing by pump organ] *.915—Kiska 1943 Zero [Japanese airplane] being examined by crew from Adak *.916—“Braid wetting” party 1944 [servicemen on bunk with bottle of whiskey, pinup on wall] .917-.922—[servicemen, identified on backs]
 923 —.925—above Hammerhead Bay (?)
 926 —Clay Colley, Bob Hedges, May 1944 [Kodacolor print, faded]
 927 —.928—[servicemen, identified on back]
 929 —Silvering prisms. K.G. Miner. F/C “Mad Russian”
 930 —Repaired items ready for delivery [shelving in Quonset hut with typewriters, adding machine, binoculars, etc.]
 931 —Optical parts storage
 932 —[personnel for Ye Olde Optical Shoppe (identified on back)]; has neg
 933 —From lone window in shop—Hammerhead Bay in foreground [background?]
 934 —View of Sweepers Cove from south, August 1944 [buildings identified]
 935 —Optical shop & sleeping quarters September 1943
 936 —Machine shop room of optical shop September 1943
 937 —Start of watch and typewriter repairs, September 1943—Gilmore and Forcier
 938 —Optical repair shop, September 1943—Bauerlein, Crawford, and Good
 939 —Optical repair shop, September 1943
 940 —Optical storage, September 1943
 941 —Optical shop, September 1943
 942 —Lt. Carroll & Capt. Anderson
 943a —Ordnance or Gunnery department [servicemen in dress uniforms, identified on back]
 943b —Lt. Carroll receives citation for bomb & mine disposal on Kiska, January 1944
 944 —.956—Optical shop, August 1944 B5/F21, William W. Wood, USN, 1944-1945 Letter, William W. Wood to Adak Museum, January 14, 1992
 957 —[group photo of servicemen in Small Boat Harbor repair unit, with separate page of identification]
 958 —Small Boat repair unit [group portrait]
 959 —Ship’s repair unit, Finger Bay beer hall [three servicemen]
 960 —.962—Beer hall
 964 —.969—Finger Bay beer hall
 970 —Crew Train Barge Marianne, 1944-45
 971 —Quonset Hut, Lake Betty, 1944-45 [hut buried in snow]
 972 —Finger Bay *.973—Finger Bay ship repair unit [boardwalk, Quonset huts in background]
 974 —.980—Sweeper’s Cove
 981 —.982—[servicemen with hammers, safes]
 983 —[harbor with ships]
 984 —[birds and crane]
 985 —[communication tower, Quonset hut]
 986 —[large shore gun—is it real?]
 987 —.988—Cannons protecting Sweeper’s Cove, 1944 [four antique cannons]
 989 —[waterfront scene]
 990 —Only net tender lost WW II, Shimmy [Shemya?] Island
 991 —995—[warships, including aircraft carrier]
 996 —[pier with boat, ship]
 997 —[ship at dock, painted USSR on side]
 998 —.999—[boats]
 1000 —W[illiam] W. Wood
 1001 —USS Buckborn, 1945-47, Adak, Melish [dog on ship]
 1002 —Charles Lowery, 9603 Empire Ave., Cleveland, Ohio [black sailor]
 1003 —W[illiam] W. Wood
 1004 —Melvin B. Rose, Sr., Greensboro Ala. And James P. Seales, Sr., Youngsburg (?) N.C. [servicemen in front of building with sign: SHIP REPAIR GARAGE]
 1005 —Navy Nurses, NOB Adak, 1944-45
 1006 —[sailor]
 1007 —W[illiam] W. Wood, USN, Finger Bay
 1008 —[two servicemen with boat Shagak]
 1009 —.1016—[servicemen posing]
 1017 —Fire Dept. 1944-45 Adak [posing in front of Quonset hut with sign: FIRE DEPARTMENT]
 1018 —.1020—[servicemen posing with dogs] Box 6/Folder 1, Billy J. Zachary, USN, 1945 Letter, Billy J. Zachary to Adak Museum, May 17, 1983
 1021 —[scenery, with dog]
 1022 —Two Seabees parts warehouses—main 124 th base
 1023 —Down behind Seabee Hill—most abandoned in 1948—notice cuts in hills where Quonset huts had been in past
 1024 —From Hut 1248 looking up the catwalk—1948. That’s the shower & toilet at top of the hill. [dog looking at camera]
 1025 —New ambulance, 1948 style
 1026 —The comforts of home—bunk of Seaman 1 st Class (S1C) W. O. Whiteside, 1948-1949
 1027 —One of five jumbo huts that were auto-construction Equip Supply—Acey-Ducy and light and heavy equipment garages—New gate shack in background
 1028 —[cooks with kitchen machinery]
 1029 —Hut 1248—Seabee Hill—This old salt probably never saw a ship [serviceman standing in front of Quonset hut]
 1030 —Flowers do grow on Adak—1948 B6/F2, Stan L. Kirby, leather-bound souvenir “Cruise-album / U.S. Navy” [see also in this collection B2/F11, B4/F9, and Box 34, Scrapbook 3] Unsigned certificate, “Domain of Neptunus Rex” Autograph pages dated April 20, 1946 to June 24, 1947 [32 entries]
 1031 —M[otor] F[erry] Kalakala
 1032 —Bremerton Navy Yard—Bremerton, Wash.
 1033 —Air view of Bremerton with Mt. Rainier in the background
 1034 —.1036—[servicemen posing]
 1037 —[trucks]
 1038 —1043—[servicemen posing]
 1044 —.1045—[servicemen posing]
 1046 —Chubby and me in the blister [dog and serviceman under PBY bubble]
 1047 —Peanuts asleep on his sack [man in bunk]
 1048 —“Dago” Phil Dambrosia
 1049 —“Peanuts” B. J. Plantmore, took Pierce’s place as hut captain
 1050 —Larry Pierce, “hut capt.”
 1051 —“Scottie” R. D. Scott
 1052 —Torgerson D. C.
 1053 —S. L. Kirby [owner of this album]
 1054 —[five servicemen sitting around a table in Quonset hut]
 1055 —Cheaney 12/15/46
 1056 —Howard beside the oil truck 12/18/46
 1057 —Howard on the hill in back of the show 12/15/46
 1058 —Howard & me on the stream that runs in back of our hut area 12/15/46
 1059 —Me look out of a little building on the hill in back of our show 12/15/46
 1060 —LCDR McCurdy & Lt (jg) Kockrin 7/23/46
 1061 —I was standing on one of those white posts. Ha. Trick photography. Mt. Moffett in the background. [man apparently standing on shoulders of second man]
 1062 —Lindy on the left
 1063 —Voeltz in the door of our hut [serviceman with bucket and mop]
 1064 —[officer inspecting barracks, serviceman standing at attention next to bunk; same as image .1073]
 1065 —One of Patsu’s P Boats 8/20/46 [PBY on runway]
 1066 —Davis and Woodall in J2F [Grumman J2F Duck aircraft] 9/29/46
 1067 —Howard in J2F 9/29/46
 1068 —The bar with Taylor and Thurkelson serving beer 10/24/46
 1069 —Dutch, Hodges and Wally just coming to beer party. 10/24/46
 1070 —Watts down by the photo lab 10/15/46 [standing on bunker with sign: NAVAL READY MAGAZINE NO SMOKING KEEP OUT]
 1071 —.1072—Watts 10/15/46
 1073 —[officer inspecting barracks, serviceman standing at attention next to bunk; same as image .1064]
 1074 —Swan standing by Smith’s oil truck 11/27/46
 1075 —Maple waiting to gas the JRF-Goose 10/2/46 [Grumman Goose aircraft]
 1076 —Commander S. O. Cole and Captain Harris looking at the bow wheel that I just fixed. 12/30/46
 1077 —[unidentified serviceman—Stan Kirby?--in leather flight jacket]
 1078 —Chaplain and family 3/9/47
 1079 —Our hut area 12/15/46
 1080 —I took this of an eagle. Can you find him? 12/15/46
 1081 —Looking north from the hill in back of the show 12/15/46 *.1082—[servicemen in Quonset hut decorated for Christmas; calendar shows January 1947]
 1083 —This was taken Christmas night at Lt. Carmon’s house. Woodall, me & Cheaney in the back row. 12/25/46
 1084 —Mrs. & Lt. Carmon and baby 12/25/46
 1085 —Lt. Carmon’s baby. This was taken Xmas night at his house. 12/25/46
 1086 —[winter landscape]
 1087 —JRF [Grumman Goose] in front of hanger. 1/23/47
 1088 —Inspection at hangar. Lt. Carmen in front. 3/29/47 [dog wandering in front of troops in formation]
 1089 —During quarantine [five servicemen on sofa, one holding pinup against wall]
 1090 —Watts and me in the radio compartment in the Cat 5/16/47 Stan K
 1091 —Swan on one of the sacks in the 8 ball 1/7/47
 1092 —USO camp show at the Village theater, 5/5/47, Sonny Chambers singing
 1093 —USO camp show at the Village theater, 5/5/47. She just kissed that guy on the head.
 1094 —Sonny Chambers singing
 1095 —Cast of USO show
 1096 —Hansen & Woodall in front of the Kitten [PBY], 12/7/46
 1097 —Gloadowski with fox skins at Naknek. The skins worth $25.00 a piece. 4/19/47
 1098 —Hansen in the blister of the Cat [PBY] on the trip to Kodiak, 4/17/47
 1099 —Woodall in the blister of the Cat on the trip to Kodiak, 4/17/47
 1100 —Gladowski in the blister of the Cat on the trip to Kodiak, 4/17/47
 1101 —Capillo in the blister of the Cat on the trip to Kodiak, 4/17/47
 1102 —Bower in the blister of the Cat on the trip to Kodiak, 4/17/47 *.1103—Gladowski and the pup he brought back from Tanaga, 4/3/47 [on boardwalk in front of Quonset hut]
 1104 —Dunn and the PBY, 5/4/47 [sitting on top of engine] *.1105—Gladowski & Yound, the cook, at Tanaga, 4/25/47
 1106 —Gladowski and the pup he brought back from Tanaga, 4/3/47
 1107 —Army base at Atka, 5/9/47 [tail of PBY, servicemen, Quonset huts]
 1108 —The mat at Atka, 5/9/47 [runway]
 1109 —Hansen J. R. in the blister of the Cat, 5/4/47
 1110 —Hansen and me, 5/4/47 [standing in front of PBY]
 1111 —Dunn G. O., 5/4/47 [standing in front of PBY]
 1112 —Oehler C. W., our radioman, 5/4/47 [leaning against sign: STOP THEN PROCEED AT 5 MPH, PBY in background]
 1113 —Reynolds & Dunn, 5/4/47
 1114 —Reynolds & Cappillo, 5/4/47
 1115 —Oehler on top of the hanger, 5/4/47
 1116 —PBY in front of hanger, 5/4/47
 1117 —Hansen J. R. He is the plane captain on the PBY, 5/4/47
 1118 —Me in the blister of Cat, 5/4/47
 1119 —Shidegg, Oehler, & Smith, 5/4/47
 1120 —Chief Blackner in hangar, 5/4/47
 1121 —Naknek Tower, 4/19/47 [PBY & Goose on runway]
 1122 —Capillo, Gladowski, Bower, Smith & Woodall, Naknek, 4/19/47
 1123 —Woodall in front of our hut, 6/8/47 [sign on door: 8 BALL INN]
 1124 —Inside of my new hut
 1125 —This is Merno the guy from Calexico, 4/23/47
 1126 —[PBY]
 1127 —Mrs. Bagley, Slapper [infant] & S. L. [Stan L. Kirby] Look how bald I am. 6/15/47
 1128 —Mrs. Bagley, Slapper & S. L., 6/15/47
 1129 —Bagley, Slapper & S. L., 6/15/47
 1130 —Slapper & Baldy, 6/15/47
 1131 —S. L. on the back porch of Bagley’s house, 6/15/47
 1132 —Slapper & S. L., 6/15/47
 1133 —Bagley & Slapper, 6/15/47
 1134 —Cmdr. Cole & Capt. Harris, Naknek, 4/18/47
 1135 —Powll at Naknek with a rainbow trout, 4/19/47
 1136 —Cmdr. S. O. Cole & Capt. D. Harris in the center and two Capts. From Kodiak on the ends. Naknek, 4/19/47. The fish are rainbow trout.
 1137 —[portrait of civilian woman with inscription:] Dear Stan, Be good and please be careful. Lotsa love, Pat. [dated on back June 29, 1944]
 1138 —Paterson and me. Pat is 2 nd mech. In P boat. We were going to chow and a guy took this and we didn’t know it.
 1139 —Fleet in Elliot Bay [aerial photo of several warships]
 1140 —[vehicles]
 1141 —[serviceman]
 1142 —[three servicemen]
 1143 —[serviceman with vehicles]
 1144 —[road, Quonset huts], 8/18/46
 1145 —[four servicemen playing cards in Quonset hut]
 1146 —[puppy Gismo sitting on chair; same as image .1] B6/F3, Offers of photos from GIs Letter, Sidney M. McCroskey to Adak Museum, October 24, 1994 Letter, Philippe H. Perreault to Adak Museum, October 25, 1994 Letter, George R. Thiel to Adak Museum, october 31, 1994 Letter, Joe Connor to Adak Museum, 1995 Letter, Dr. Curtis N. Sandberg to Adak Museum, 1995 Letter, no name to Adak Museum, no date [mentions dog Brutus, and totem pole stolen and hidden in empty torpedo tube] B6/F4, Miscellaneous World War II photos, selected for exhibits by Adak Historical Society?
 1147 —On board troop transport / Convoy enroute to Adak from Cold Bay
 1148 —Destoryer alongside the USS Branch
 1149 —Early days of occupation Aug ’42 / 31 August 1942, supplies are being offloaded onto NAVFAC Beach. Notice the D-8 dozer and the Athey trailer. This was the best way to get supplies around the island due to the tundra.
 1150 —The supply dump on NAVFAC Beach looking towards Zeto Pt. and Great Sitkin Island.
 1151 —Earliest days of occupation Aug ’42 / Supplies being offloaded by hand from landing craft. Mt. Razorback in Background.
 1152 —Baggage and more supplies being sorted by the landing party.
 1153 —c. 1943 view of Sweepers Cove from atop Roberts Hill.
 1154 —c. 1943 boat basin and Happy Valley *.1155—General Simon B. Buckner, head of the Alaskan Command (3 rd from left) surveys an Aleutian beach.
 1156 —Beautiful inside this cabin, too / Lt. Frank Chown (left) and friend explore a pre-war trapper’s cabin by Kuluk Bay.
 1157 —Typical early two holer [latrine in a tent]
 1158 —Tents like this were used mostly in the early part of occupation. They heated by coal stove. A 5 lb bag weekly ration.
 1159 —Adak’s original post headquarters staff. Front row 2 nd from left is Col. Whitesell, who had been in charge of runway construction. 3 rd left is Brig. Gen Harry F. Thompson, Post C.O. (formerly C.O. of the 53 rd Inf) [standing in snow, collie dog in front] Newspaper photo with caption [photocopy] U.S. Vessels in Andreanofs Storm-ridden Harbor / A stateside news clipping of Aleutian action.
 1160 —World War II / “Home of North – Quonset Adak” c. 1943 [building buried in snow]
 1161 —The snow does get high in Adak! Well over 10 feet and life still goes on in 1943. [Serviceman standing on top of chained-up military vehicle, reaching to top of snowbank]\
 1162 —Picnicking Adak style, 1943. Soft-boiled eggs and fish to fry! [two seated servicemen on hillside]
 1163 —Armament Shop—Interior View—1943 Adak Alaska
 1164 —A rare day: something to be enjoyed—a sunny day! Lts W. Taylor, Wm. Jacson, unknown, and Meeker [faded color print, servicemen in front of Quonset hut]
 1165 —WWII relics uncovered on Adak. LT(jg) J. Hamilton applies plastic explosives to 4 of 16 bombs while AO1 D. Byer looks on.
 1166 —WWII relics uncovered on Adak. LT(jg) J. Hamilton and AO1 D. Byer look at 5 of the 16 bombs discovered on the Aleutian Island of Adak.
 1167 —WWII relics uncovered on Adak. Pictured above is a close shot of one of the sixteen 500-lb bombs uncovered on the island of Adak.
 1168 —WWII relics uncovered on Adak. Four of the 16 500-lb bombs detonated on Naval Station Adak’s demolition range scatter shrapnel and debris over 4000 ft from 15 x 25 foot crater.
 1169 —Sweating in the cold: on the ridge waiting to count the returning planes. Photo credit on back: R.E. Moses, 1943. [six servicemen with variety of winter garb, standing on snowy grass]
 1170 —Sept 27, 1943 taken from optical shop to locate range finder targets. Note on back: from Francis R. Wolff. [view of ships in Adak harbor] Photocopy, newspaper photo with caption “U.S. Vessels in Andreanofs Storm-ridden Harbor” Series 3: Adak, Post-war: photographs, brochures, maps (1946-1996) Box 6/Folder 5, Adak, Post-war, 1946-1965
 1 —Looking across runway at army P Boat [PBY airplane] from our hut area, August 18, 1946
 2 —Stream that runs along beside the runway, looking northeast, August 18, 1946
 3 —Photo lab, August 18, 1946
 4 —Looking at Adak harbor. N.A.S hut area and ships service in foreground, August 18, 1946
 5 —Where we park the trucks at night. Army town and runway in background, theater at left, August 18, 1946
 6 —Mt. Moffett, August 18, 1946
 7 —Looking across the firehouse at Mt. Moffett, August 18, 1946
 8 —World War II heavy gun emplacement, Adak, 1946
 9 —Looking southwest at our hanger that burned down. Our P Boat [PBY aircraft] is in the background at its parking place, July 24, 1946
 10 —Dasy June [name for PBY aircraft?] over Bering Sea, September 11, 1946
 11 —.12—Mount Moffett, September 11, 1946
 13 —.17—Great Sitkin Volcano, September 11, 1946 [aerial photos],
 18 —Kanaga Volcano, September 11, 1946 [aerial photo]
 19 —Volcano near Umak [sic] Island, September 11, 1946 [aerial photo]
 20 —Our show, December 15, 1946 [Amulet theater?]
 21 —Army town on Adak, May 14, 1947 [aerial photo]
 22 —.23—Adak, April 12, 1947 [aerial photos]
 24 —90mm Hill on Adak, May 19, 1947 [aerial photo]
 25 —Army docks at Adak, May 16, 1947 [aerial photo]
 26 —The chief having a beer party, 1947
 27 —.28—[Adak scenery], 1947
 29 —Adak Village from atop Ships Service. N.A.S. is behind the low hills to the right, 1947
 30 —Village Theater, 1947 [interior]
 31 —Adak harbor, 1947 *.32a—Family housing, Adak, Army & Air Force, 1947 [kids with dog, Quonset hut]
 32b —Adak, 1946-47 [aerial photo]
 33 —Taken from Seabee Hill overlooking main base, 1948
 34 —Adak, November 1949 [aerial photo; have negative]
 35 —The laundry, 1960 [interior]
 36 —Adak dry cleaning plant, 1960. Buc Richard Forde—construction of plant
 37 —Aleutian construction trailers, 1960-65? B6/F6, Operation Caribou, 1959-1960 [transplanting caribou to the island] Operation Caribou handout, 2 pp. 38-.42—Caribou on Adak, 1948-1960 [sic]
 43 —[caribou calf receiving injection], June 13, 1959
 44 —[serviceman with two caribou calves], May 26, 1959
 45 —Bull #117 presents somewhat undignified appearance while in the moulting period, June 17, 1960
 46 —Bull #117 warily approaches a caribou spotter, 1 st Lt. Terry Turner, USMC. This bull the largest of the 2 year olds may weigh as much as 350 lbs., June 17, 1960
 47 —Adak caribou, photo by Lon Lauber [color]
 48 —Caribou on Adak B6/F7, Adak, Post-war, 1973-1976
 49 —.51—Trying to get state grant to finish our park, 1976 [flag-raising and cake-cutting, color photos]
 52 —Proposed Park & Recreation Area, Bicentennial project of Coast Guard Aux. Floatilla 25, December 1975
 53 —Adak AP, June 17, 1973 [aerial photo of runway, docks, buildings; have negative]
 54 —Old Navy exchange & commissary store in use till 1973, photo by L. J. Davis
 55 —Inspection of Lake Andrew sluice gate, 1973 [scuba diver in water, trucks and observers in background, snow falling]
 56 —Eruption of Great Sitkin, February 1974 B6/F8, Adak, Post-war, 1977-1986
 57 —[Christmas card, cover photo of Adak National Forest with sign and lights. Produced by Kiwanis International]
 58 —[calendar for 1983 with photo of Adak National Forest at top. Photo by Virginia I. Dugan, “May not be reproduced without permission.”]
 59 —[photo of over 100 servicemen and women spelling out VP-6; color]
 60 —Les Aspin, Sec. of Defense
 61 —Adak, 1986 [buildings, mountains, taken across harbor; color]
 62 —.63—[buildings and vehicles, 1970s?]
 64 —[five servicemen in front of sign: “Explosive Ordnance Disposal Detachment, Adak, Alaska / CWO3 M.W. Clemens Officer in Charge”]
 65 —.91—[images of “dropped supplies:” interior and exterior images of damaged shipping containers with damaged household goods, 1983-1986 B6/F9, Adak, Post-war, 1985-1989 List of “special thanks,” with names, 1985-1986 and 1985-1987—to painting volunteers?
 92 —.98—[painting building; color]
 99 —[Pat Ryder, museum curator]
 100 —.102—[women sitting with “donations” canister] *.103—[Quonset hut, harbor, ships]
 104 —[small Navy ship with “9” on bow, ‘E” on stack]
 105 —.107—[damage to refueling truck fender]
 108 —.109—[rust and failing paint on side of vessel], February 1988
 110 —.117—[damage to pier]
 118 —USS Dixon (AS 37) entering Sweeper Cove, Adak, June 1988
 119 —Richard N. Lee, Capt, USN, Commanding Officer, USS Dixon (AS 37)
 120 —Hospital Corpsman 3 rd Class Paul B. Ofcharik re-enlisting in Adak
 121 —[re-enlistment memento for HM3 Paul B. Ofcharik], 1988
 122 —[flag ceremony honoring Adak heroes from WWII, Adak 1988. Donated by PH2 Jane Kinney, NAS photo lab]
 123 —[tanker truck in front of smoking/steaming exhaust pipe], 1989
 124 —Pat Ryder, museum curator of Adak Community Museum and president of Adak Historical Society; Don Miller, artist featured in Windblown and Dripping; Bill Ryder, August 1989
 125 —.128—Food Fest, Adak Historical Society, 1989 B6/F10, Adak, Post-war, 1984: Great Sitkin Island Map of Great Sitkin Island, with account of visit by unnamed servicemen on June 7, 1984
 129 —.165—[color photos of day-long visit to Great Sitkin Island, 1984] Box 7/Folder 1, Adak, Post-war, 1986
 166 —[unidentified tanker ship approaching dock], August 1986
 167 —.174—[U.S.N.S. Potomac at dock in Adak], August 1986
 175 —.192—[damage to pier—caused by the Potomac ramming it?], August 1986 B7/F2, Adak, Post-war, U.S. Marine Corps [all dated 1989 but all black & white from 1950s?]
 193 —.194—[servicemen in formation in front of Marine Barracks, Adak, Alaska]
 195 —[car (1953 Ford station wagon) and trucks parked in front of Marine Garage], 1950s?
 196 —[servicemen changing tire on 1958 (?) Ford pickup truck, Quonset huts in background]
 197 —.198—[servicemen at inspection, with handgun]
 199 —[servicemen in white helmets next to shore guns]
 200 —.201—[serviceman in white helmet and Quonset huts]
 202 —[Marines in fatigues and watch caps preparing lunch in the field], color photo by Michael Poche, 1989
 203 —.204—[Marines hiking uphill, sunny day on Adak], color photo by Michael Poche, 1989
 205 —.209—[servicemen on skis, practicing (.208, with two dogs)
 210 —.211—[servicemen in dress uniforms examining mounted seal, seagull specimens, 1950s?]
 212 —.213—[servicemen fishing off dock]
 214 —[serviceman painting sign: “Tundra Tavern, Adak, Alaska,” 1950s?]
 215 —[servicemen in lounge with record player, vinyl records and magazines, 1950s?]
 216 —[servicemen pouring from can labeled “Foremost Milk Sterilized, 1950s?] B7/F3, Adak, Post-war: Chapel moved and restored, 1947 and 1990 Typescript, “Base Chaplain,” Department History, Office of the Base Chaplain, Aug 30-1942 – Mar 30, 1944 by Albert L. Vifquain, 3 pp. Brochure: “The Old Chapel,” 1991? Newsletter clipping, “Old Chapel to be Fully Restored,” Eagles’s Call, October 26, 1990 Photocopy, “Operation Chapel,” Civil Engineer Corps Bulletin, February 1954, pp. 8-10 plus 4 pages of photos and map showing 1953 chapel move Photocopies about chapel and move Brochure, Chapel Dedication, July 19, 1987 Funeral program, chaplain Robert Conrad Fenning, 1992 Typescript, Faith Group Monthly Report, Church of Christ, May 1994
 217 —Catholic and Protestant Chapel, Adak [1950s?]
 218 —Adak Chapel [color photo, before restoration; have 35mm negative]
 219 —Army Chapel Adak, 1947
 220 —.244—[volunteers, identified on backs of photos, working on chapel restoration, October 1989- December 1990, color photos] B7/F4, Adak, Post-war, 1991-1993: 50 th anniversary of end of World War II Program, 50 th anniversary WWII Commemoration, Adak Museum Dedication, August 29, 1992 [with biography of Admiral James S. Russell, USN, Ret.] (2 copies) Program, 50 th anniversary Observance of the Battle of Attu Island, June 15, 1993 Program, 50 th Seabee Anniversary, 125 th Civil Engineer Corps Anniversary, 1992 [with biography of Rear Admiral G. Brian Estes, Civil Engineer Corps, USN] Program, 50 th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of Attu Island / Memorial Program, Service held at Bering Hill Chapel, Adak, June 17, 1993 (2 copies) Design submissions for Adak Community Museum logo, 9 sheets
 246 —.247—October 1991 Adak reunion held in Orlando, Florida: wives, and men who served on Adak 1942-1944 [with identification sheet]
 248 —[Lockheed P-3 Orion in flight, with inscription: “To Adak Museum from VP6 Blue Sharks, 7 Dec 90 – 10 June 91,” with three illegible names], color photo; have negative
 249 —.259—[veterans and guests disembarking from Reeve Aleutian aircraft, 50 th anniversary of war in the Aleutians; most photos inscribed by subjects]
 260 —.279—[ceremony and visit by veterans to Adak, 50 th anniversary of WWII, June 1993], color photos B7/F5, Adak, Post-war, Museum, 1988-1991
 280 —[servicemen and women standing at attention in gymnasium, in formation to spell “ADAK”]
 281 —[visitors and exhibits, Adak Museum?]
 282 —.283—Tom Morgan, Millie Frazier, Russ Greer, Captain Melville, presenting certificate of appreciation to Morgan
 284 —.286—[unidentified women hiking on Adak], July 1991, color photos
 287 —.290—[unidentified men being videotaped, in Adak Museum?], July 1991, color Typed newspaper article text, regarding museum photo exhibit using Chown photos Letter, Andrew Gronholdt to Adak Museum, October 24, 1991
 291 —.292—Aleut open crown bent wood visor by Andrew Gronholdt, color photos B7/F6, Adak, Post-war, Reeve Aleutian Airways and Robert C. Reeve, 1946-1992 Teletype transcript re: first Reeve Airways flight to Adak, June 20-21, 1946 Photocopy, Reeve Airways General Schedule No. 3, November 20, 1948 Photocopy, Reeve Airways General Schedule No. 4, March 30, 1949, 2 pp. Photocopy, photo of Adak Air Terminal, 1958 Photocopies from Adak Sun, May 28, 1971: “Bob Reeve Receives Navy Public Service Award” “Transcript of Commencement Address by Mr. Robert C. Reeve to Adak High School’s Class of 1971,” pp. 12-15, one page missing? Photos of Bob Reeve at podium Steve Weiner, “Bob Reeve and his easy-going airline,” Anchorage Daily News, February 17, 1974 Photocopy, “Lindbergh 50 th ,” n.d. [Bob Reeve’s memories of hearing about 1927 Charles Lindbergh flight across Atlantic Ocean] Brochure, International Aerospace Hall of Fame, Robert C. Reeve [with reproduction of color portrait by George Akimoto, October 25, 1980 Newspaper special supplement, “60 Years of Legendary Service, 1932-1992: Reeve Aleutian Airways,” Alaska Journal of Commerce, August 24, 1992, 12 pp.
 293 —Bob Reeve, Glacier Pilot
 294 —To some real BEARCATS.—my friends in U.S. Marine Barracks—Adak—warmest regards! Bob Reeve [image of Reeve with dead brown bear]
 295 —Fairchild F-71 NC119H at Northway Field, Nabesna, AK 1941
 296 —Boeing 80A NC793K “Black Mariah,” black/white markings, 1942, wrecked at Cold Bay, AK--1943
 297 —Sikorsky S-43 and DC-3, about 1947
 298 —Captain Mellive (based on Adak), Dick Reeve (of Reeve Aleutian Airways), Admiral Charles Prindal, Mrs. Pat Kelly [wife of Reeve pilot Pat Kelly], 1977.
 299 —Captain Bartol, Robert C. Reeve [and other officers in dress uniforms, with drinks in hand]
 300 —[men in suits and one military officer, standing with woman at party, all holding drinks] B7/F7, Adak, Post-war, Cletus George (Pat) Kelly [Reeve Aleutian Airways pilot] Photocopy, “An Aleutian Love Affair,” Alaskana, 1976? “Reeve Pilot Recalls Adventures,” Anchorage Times, n.d. “A Living Legend,” The Williwaw, September 15, 1977 [Naming of Pat Kelly Air Terminal], The Williwaw, March 15, 1978 “Adak Sets Example,” editorial, Anchorage Times, May 25, 1978, 2 copies “Air Terminal Dedication tomorrow,” Adak Eagle’s Call, May 26, 1978 “Adak Air Terminal Renamed for Pilot Pat Kelly,” The Williwaw, June 15, 1978 “27 Yrs. With Kelly,” [good biography, missing 2 nd page, no date] “In Memoriam . . . Pat Kelly,” by Father Mcmahon, no source, no date Letter, Margaret Weatherly to Lon Lauber on Reeve Aleutian Airways stationary, January 11, 1990 Press release, “Adak Air Terminal Renamed for Pilot Pat Kelly,” on Reeve Aleutian Airways stationary, January 12, 1990 [see also image .298] B7/F8, Adak Schools, 1945-1994 A Brief History of the Start of Schools on Adak by Dorothy H. Novatney, n.d., 2 pp., 2 copies Letter, Dorothy Novatney to Jean Culbertson, n.d., re: school started in 1945, 3 pp. Timeline, How It All Began [school history, 1949-1972], n.d., 1 p. Letter, Lois M. Morey (Adak School principal, 1949-50) to Adak Museum, June 7, 1983 re: where her records were sent, 2 pp. Letter, Lois M. Morey to Adak Museum, June 7, 1983 re: enclosed letter from Jean Webster- Skoien, 1 p. *Letter, Jean Webster-Skoien (Adak teacher, 1949-50) to Lois Morey, February 11, 1983 re: candid memories of working and living on Adak, 3 pp. Contact list, Lois Morey to Adak Museum, n.d., 2 pp. Hand-written notes, “A Brief History of the Start of Schools in Adak,” n.d., 3 pp. Photocopies of photos, with typed caption list (by Lois Morey?): Adak School, 1949-1950 school year [one-story building with sign: “Adak Alaska / Elementary School / Farthest West American School”] Faculty, 1949-1950: Jean Webster, second and third grades; Lois M. Morey, Principal- teacher, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades; Angela De Carlo, first grade; Virginia Grosso, high school correspondence course director; Eva Conway, fourth and fifth grades First grade at lunch with their teacher Special activity with Miss De Carlo [students sitting on benches, reading] Miss Webster in her classroom [class portrait] Miss Webster in her classroom Miss Webster and a special demonstration [students caught making chalk cartoon of TEACHER on blackboard] Photocopy, Adak Elementary School, “Program, Eighth Grade Commencement, May 11, 1950” and Adak School eighth grade graduation certificate, 3 pp. Program, Bob Reeve High School Dedication, November 11, 1975 Newsletter, The Otter Observer, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1979), 16 pp. (“published by the Adak Board of Education”) Letter, Wanda DeKay to Adak Museum, July 11, 1991 (South Dakota sixth grade teacher thanking museum for help with info on Aleutian Islands, and sending photos)
 301 —.311—[students with school projects about Aleutians], color photos Program, dedication ceremony for Mt. Moffett Middle / Bob Reeve High School, September 13, 1991, 1 p. Letter, Joyce Robinette to Adak Museum, February 10, 1994 re: Sergeant Michael Murphy Memorial Leadership Award presented by Marine Barracks, Adak, with list of recipients, and memorial to Sergeant Michael Murphy, 2 pp.
 312 — .313—Sgt. Michael Murphy Memorial, Adak 1990
 314 —[Adak school with sign: “Adak Alaska / Elementary School / Farthest West American School”] Photocopy of photo of students and teachers in front of Adak school, with penciled note “1946- 47, Ethel Ross Oliver Coll.” [at UAF?]
 315 —[Adak Elementary School, 1990s?, color]
 316 —Adak School [elementary students singing in auditorium, color] Letter carbon copy, Adak Museum to Senator Ted Stevens, October 11, 1982 Newsletter clipping, “Ann C. Stevens Elementary School: A milestone in Adak History” by Barbara S. Hiestand, Eagle’s Call, October 22, 1982, pp. 1 and 14 Program, dedication of Ann C. Stevens Elementary School, October 24, 1982 Display text and photocopied portrait photo, “Ann Cherrington Stevens,” from school dedication program Display photos and text, “Building For Those That Follow,” from school dedication program Display photo and text, “Ann Cherrington Stevens” Newspaper clipping, “Adak to open Stevens school,” Anchorage Times, October 23, 1982 Magazine clipping, [Stevens school dedication], Alaska magazine, February 1983, p. A32 Floor plan of school—Adak high school?—with teacher names for each room, n.d.
 317 —.320—Dedication of Ann Stevens school, 1982 [color] See also B10/F9 B7/F9, Historic Preservation
 321 —[unidentified officer signing guestbook] Letter, Annemarie van Roessel [Art Institute of Chicago] to Adak Public Affairs Office, August 8, 1994 re: building histories Brochure, Alaska Historic Preservation Act (Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources, Div. of Parks, February 1975), 24 pp. Map, “Location of Signs at Sweeper Creek Adak, Alaska,” part of project CLEAN [Comprehensive Long-term Environmental Action Navy], n.d. Signs are “No Fishing” and “Risk Warning” near runway and Sweeper Cove, Adak Annotated land status maps showing grazing leases, west end of Umnak Island, 5 pp. B7/F10, Adak, Philippines Folk Dancers
 322 —.333—[displays, group portraits, views of Philippines social event, n.d., color] B7/11, Adak, Animals and Plants
 334 —Eagle above Kuluk Bay, by PH2 Daniel L. Lewis of Lewistown, PA, VP Squadron, July 6, 1980
 335 —At Raptor Center [immature bald eagle] Exhibit label for “Adak,” injured eagle at Raptor Center, 1990 Official Raptor Adoption Certificate for “Adak”
 336 —.343—Eagles, July 1991
 344 —.345—[ptarmigan?], July 1991
 346 —.349—[Lapland longspurs], July 1991
 350 —.351—[gulls]
 352 —.353—[red-breasted mergansers?], July 1991
 354 —[sea otter], July 1991
 355 —.358—[mountains]
 359 —Toothpick Bridge, [photo] donated by Eleanor & Fred Post
 360 —.374—[flowers], 1990, 1991 *.375—Mrs. Terry Gill, blue fox harvest Sweepers Cove Adak Alaska March 1942. [See also Box 38, videotape 1 for interview with Terry Gill] Folded poster, “Alaskan Birds,” National Audubon Society, 1976, 23” x 44” Photocopy, “World’s Heaviest Caribou Taken from Adak Island,” Anchorage Daily News, October 30, 1968 [first page only] Page from unidentified publication, “Other Beaked Whales,” description of “the whale that beached on Adak” Photocopies, “Aleutian Islands Unit-Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge ,” The Aleutian Sound (Anchorage: AK Natural History Association, 1987?), 8 pp. Photocopy, “Seaweed and Salmon Livers are Good Sources of Food,” Anchorage Times, n.d. Photocopy, David Bruce and Arnold Court, “Trees for the Aleutians,” The Geographical Review, 194-?, pp. 418-423 [good data on Army tree planting in 1940s] Box 8, Photograph negatives for Series 1-3. Those images with negatives have notation “has neg” in descriptions, above. Series 4: Adak, World War II Artifacts (1941-1945) Box 9/Folder 1, Adak, Songs, Poems & Cartoons by GIs
 1 —Poem, “First Raid”
 2 —Lyrics, “The Man Behind the Armor-Plated Desk,” to tune of “The Strip Polka”
 3 —Poem, “Ode to the Seventy-Seventh” (“Jim O’Daire did some of the writing”)
 4 —Poem, “The Aleutians and Shemya” by Jack Hamm
 5 —Poem, “Spam”
 6 —Poems, “[NMI]” by Sgt. E. Blackwell, and “Note on the Food Situation” by Cpl Box S. McKnight, both from Yank
 7 —Lyrics, “Oh, Never Mind,” “Air Force Version of Marine Song,” “Spring Time in Alaska, “ and “Oh Come and Join the Bearded Gents”
 8a —Booklet, Windblow and Dripping: A Book of Aleutian Cartoons by Bernard Anastasia, Oliver Pedigo and Don L. Miller, 1945. Removed to Collections.
 8b —Booklet, Windblown and Dripping, 1980 reprint, signed by Don Miller in 1989
 9 —Cartoon, “COMMWOLFPAC Staff” [desk-bound “wolves” go wild over pretty woman walking by]
 10 —Poem, “Fifth Hole Symphony” by Col. T. R. Holcomb, Adak Base Commander
 11 —Poem, “Alaska Christmas Card”
 12 —Poem, “Report from the Aleutian Islands” by Cpl. Erwin Spitzer, Saturday Evening Post, May 12, 1945
 13 —Poem on photo background, “Sunset in the Aleutians” by Arthur Stringer
 14 —Poem, “Attu”
 15a —Poem, “The Last Hole” by E. P. Larsen, 53 rd Infantry “L”, 2 pp.
 15b —Program, “Sailors Carnival,” October 13, 1944 [includes “Jitterbug contest, open to all the Hep Cats”
 15c —Scrip with number 5 (cents? dollars?) [“In Our Men – We Trust. Have a Good Time. This is an Order.”] B9/F2, Adak, World War II Artifacts (Booklets and Photocopies)
 16 —Booklet, C. F. Marvin, Psychrometric Tables for Obtaining the Vapor Pressure, Relative Humidity, and Temperature of the Dew Point from Reading of the Wet-and-Dry-bulb Thermometers (Washington, D.C., U.S. Department of Commerce Weather Bureau, 1941, 32 pp.)
 17 —Booklet, Thermometers ML-R and ML-5, Psychrometers ML-24 and ML-224, Shelters ML- 41, ML-41-A, and ML-41-B, War Dept. Technical Manual TM 11-2417 (Washington, D.C.: War Department, March 17, 1945, 42 pp.) [Includes page on how to destroy equipment “to prevent the enemy from using or salvaging this equipment for his benefit”]
 18 —Booklet, Seabees: Where They Worked and Fought in World War II, reprinted from Sea Bee, October 10, 1945, 48 pp.
 19 —Operations Manual, including Design Operation and Maintenance: Sand Bay Naval Fuel Station, Great Sitkin Island, T.A., including Store and handling of Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil and Aviation Gasoline (Adak?: 52 nd Naval Construction Battalion, n.d., 52 pp.)
 20 —Chart, Voluminar Calibration of Fuel Oil Tanks, Sand Bay Naval Refueling Depot, n.d., 1 sheet, folded
 21a —News release, “Background Data – B-24 Liberator Airplane (San Diego San Diego Aero- Space Museum, n.d., 1 pi. 21b—Photocopy, B-24 in flight
 22 —Magazine article, Donald E. Keyhoe, “Aleutian Patrol: How a young pilot and his Navy Patrol Wing accomplished an impossible task in the Aleutians,” Cosmopolitan, June 1943, p. 14 [PBY pilot Lt. Bill Thies]
 23 —Photocopy, David Lamb, “Aleutian buildup answers Soviets,” n.d. but after 1986, 2 pp.
 24 —Photocopy, photo of Dashiell Hammett with members of the Adakian staff, 1944-45 B9, F3, Adak, World War II Artifacts
 25 —Photocopy, “Order of Battle: Air Corps Units in Alaska, 1940-1943,” Prepared by 406 th Bombardment Squadron Association, revised November 15, 1989, 2 pp.
 26 —Photocopies: Adak Sector—War Diary Report, NAAF Adak, September-October 1942—May-June 1944, 22 pp. Adak Sector—War Diary Report, NAF Amchitka, January 1943-December 1943, 14 pp. Daily Bulletin No. 19, 200-ton coyote blast, Sand Hill quarry, January 19, 1945, 2 pp. Request for construction of PT Base, Finger Bay, Adak, April 22, 1943, 1 p. Memo, Exercises of aircraft with submarines, March 4, 1944, 1 p. Maps: NAAF Tanaga, May 10, 1945 Sand Bay Naval Refueling Depot [Great Sitkin Island], May 15, 1945 NOB Adak [Sweeper Cove area], March 8, 194- Finger Bay, September 11, 1944 Andrew Lake Naval Air Station, n.d.
 27 —Photocopy, Adak Sector—War Diary Report, NAAF Adak, September-October 1942, 4 pp.
 28 —Photocopy, Adak Sector—War Diary Report, NAAF Adak, November 1942, 1 p.
 29 —Photocopy, Adak Sector—War Diary Report, NAF Amchitka, January-December 1943, 11 pp.
 30 —Photocopy, Adak Sector, War Diary Report, NAAF Adak, March 1943, 5 pp.
 31 —Photocopy, Adak Sector, War Diary Report, NAF Adak, April 1943, 2 pp.
 32 —Photocopy, request for construction of PT Base, Finger Bay, Adak, April 22, 1943, 1 p.
 33 —Photocopy, Adak Sector, War Diary Report, NAS Adak, May 1943, 3 pp.
 34 —Special Orders No. 35, HQ XI Bomber Command, officers and enlisted men transferred from Adak, May 15, 1943, 2 pp.
 35 — Photocopy, Adak Sector, War Diary Report, NAS Adak., July 1943, 2 pp.
 36 —Photocopy, Plan of the Day, Naval Operating Base, Adak, October 16, 1943 and undated newspaper clipping about Carl E. (Squeaky) Anderson, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2 pp.
 37 —Photocopy, Adak Sector, War Diary Report, NAS Adak, August-December 1943, 3 pp.
 38 —Photocopy, Adak Sector, War Diary Report, NAF Adak, January-April 1944, 9 pp.
 39 —Photocopy, Adak Sector, War Diary Report, NAS Adak, May-June 1944, 2 pp.
 40 —Photocopy, Adak Sector, War Diary Report, NAS Adak, May-June 1944, 2 pp.
 41 —Adak Sector, War Diary Report, Mine Disposal Unit, November 1944, 1 p.
 42 —Memo, Special Mine Recovery, Naval Operating Base Adak, December 27, 1944,1 p.
 43a —Plan for Unopposed Landing—HQ Fireplace Landing Force, Field Order #1-A, August 22, 1942 [No. III of 15 copies, stamped “Secret”]
 43b —Photocopy of .43a
 43c —Photocopy of .43a
 44a —World War II Losses, [list of US Navy ships], Seaweeds Ship’s History, n.d., 12 pp.
 44b —Photocopy of .44a
 45 —Field Order , carbon copy, re. [Operation?] Fireplace landing scheduled for August 30, 1942, SECRET
 46 —Roster of Officers with Home Address, carbon copy, n.d., 6 pp.
 47 —Photocopy, typescript of Associated Press article by William L. Worden, “Squeaky” 18- Cent Alaska Pioneer, Now Orders Naval Officers Around,” 2 pp. [Charles E. “Squeaky” Anderson]
 48 —Thanksgiving menu, Navy officers listed, no place indicated, November 25, 1943
 49 —Christmas card, “Seasons Greetings from Aleutian Islands,” photo of bald eagle tipped in on cover, n.d.
 50 —Cover letter from War Department re: personal documents being returned and censorship concerns, n.d.
 51 —Mileage Chart of the Aleutian Islands Sector, Restricted, compiled by Map & Chart Section, Seattle, Wash., n.d. [mileages between various Aleutian islands and Kodiak, Cold Bay, Naknek, Port Heiden, and Anchorage]
 52 —Blank form, U.S. Navy “S. and A. Form No. 27, Revised 1924: Monthly Ration Memorandum”
 53 —Blank form, “Form H-2 (1940): Physical Examination”
 54 —Instruction sheet, “Packboard Instructions” with cartoon drawings of how to carry various loads, dated September 24, 1943
 55a —Filled-in receipts for “the following material which I agree to return in good order,” including bedding, rain suit, “Arctics,” Parka, and “Jacket, Jungle Cloth.”
 55b —Filled-in receipt plus a filled-in form assigning a serviceman “to duty on Adak” and housing in Hut 473, dated May 30, 1946
 56 —Photocopies, typed letter to “Commanding Officer, Japanese Garrisons, Attu Island” from “Commanding Officer of American Forces of Attu,” with same message in Japanese characters (?), and bilingual envelope with handwritten annotation: “Dropped 6 copies at Attu village in Chichagof Harbor May 28, 1943. Were fired on,” 3 pp.
 57 —Typescript, Diary of a Slain Japanese Officer during the Battle of Attu, May 12-29 [1943], Lt. Nebu Tatsuguchi. “Reproduced at APO 729, 1 Aug 1943,” 4 pp.
 58 —Photocopy, hand-written notes re: ships and submarines in World War II, on letterhead stationary of Guy LaRue, Eagle River, Alaska, “Collector of Japanese Militaria and Nambu Pistols,” 5 pp.
 59 —Color photo of military patch, Wee Willie, insignia of the 21 st Bomb Group. “B-24s, we operated off Adak, Umaak and later Sheyma 1942-1943,” donated to Adak Museum by Don G. Cooley, August 17, 1980
 60 —Photocopied page from manual, schematic diagram of 650-pound Depth Bomb Mk 29, n.d.
 61 —Map, “Secret Overlay Kashiwabara-Kataoka Paramushiru-Shimushu, prepared from photographs July 18, 1943, corrected to August 11, 1943” [Kurile Islands bombing targets]
 62 —Leaflet printed in Japanese
 63 —Leaflet printed in Japanese, with tear-off coupon in English: “Security Pass. To All Members of the United States Armed Forces. The bearer of this pass is surrendering . .“
 64 —Coupon book, $5.00, Officers Mess Annex – Naval Air Station – Adak, Alaska, unused, 1943? Coupons good for 5 cents or 25 cents in trade. Series 5: Adak, Post-war Artifacts, 1946-1993 Box 9/Folder 4, Adak, Post-war Artifacts, 1946-1957
 1 —Photocopy, Plan of the Day, U.S. Naval Operating Base, Adak, February 1, 1946
 2 —Program, “Foul Weather Follies: A Combined Army-Navy Variety Show,” Adak, February 16-19, 1946 [includes the Quonset Cuties Chorus—all male]
 3 —Photocopy, NOB Sweeper Flats, looking south, April 16, 1946
 4 —Photocopy, NOB Sweeper Flats, looking north from Harber Masters Office, April 16, 1946
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 6 —Photocopy, Letter from Walter Monroe Winfrey, Aerographer, USN to Captain Russel, NaveOperbase, San Pedro, Cal, December 21, 1946 [account of attack on and capture of his unit on Kiska, June 7, 1942]
 7 —Photocopy, Aerial of Army Base Hospital at NAS Adak looking north, December 26, 1947
 8 —Plan of the Day, U.S. Naval Fueling Station, Sand Bay, February 7, 1947 [includes list of movies being shown]
 9 —Form, Navy Bill of Lading for 200 drums of lub oil to Tanaga, June 2, 1947
 10 —Memo, from U.S. Naval Operating Base, Adak about security for messages, labeled Confidential, November 24, 1947
 11 —Menu, Christmas 1947, 561 st Engineer Service Co.
 12 —Form letter, regarding shipment of personal effects, n.d.
 13 —Form, report of injury, n.d.
 14 —Memo, from U.S. Naval Communication Station, Adak, labeled Restricted, April 17, 1948
 15 —Officers Orders, Adak, names of officers with new assignments, April 30, 1948
 16 —Memo, from Headquarters Adak Sector re: “Outlying Activities Within Sector,” specifying scheduled air and sea weekly trips to Sand Bay, Tanaga, Attu, and Dutch Harbor, May 18, 1948
 17 —Officers Orders, Adak, names of officers with new assignments, June 24, 1948
 18 —Govt Hydro [observations and activities at sea], Adak, July 27, 1948
 19 —Chaplains in the Seventeenth Naval District, Kodiak, Adak and Attu, 1948 [lists count of military and civilian personnel, including dependents, at each station]
 20 —Insignia sketch for 124 th – NCB Seabee’s, Adak, Aleutian Islands, Alaska [on back: “Produced on ozalid machine by surveyors, 1948”]
 21 —Certificate, Adak Boosters’ Club [with sketches of Quonset hut and figure walking in wind]; n.d., together with reduced size photocopy
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 23a —Display text, “C118 crashes on approach to Adak,” [account of crash on Great Sitkin Island with loss of ten lives], December 11, year?
 23b —Display text with photocopies of five crew portraits with names, “In Memorial [sic] of the VP-19 crew killed on Adak, 1957”. Crew names: Jack C. Zenor, Barth R. Avenell, Neil W. Downing, Delbert L. Brown, John E. Hardy Photocopy, program for 194 th Navy Day Ball, 1969 in Edzell, Scotland B9/F5, Adak, Post-war Artifacts, 1969-1978
 24 —Handwritten account of crash, VP-45 P-3A Aircraft 1970, by Michael Canter AWCS
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 30 —.36—[Photocopies of newspaper clippings re: Navy P-3 Orion aircraft crashed October 26, 1978 off Siberian coast, ten survivors, three bodies, two missing, squadron based on Adak.] .30— “Navy crash survivors head for U.S.S.R.,” Rocky Mountain News, October 29, 1978 .31— “Families wait for rescued sons’ return .32—“Survivors thank Soviets / Ordeal of plane’s crew told after Pacific rescue,” Rocky Mountain News, November 2, 1978 .33—“Downed airman tells parents he’s OK” [article cut off] .34—“. . .was ditch or explode, says crewman” [article cut off] .35—“Crash Survivors: Soviets Great” .36—“Drugs dropped by air to son of Tri-Citians”
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 39 —Poem, “Hi there Little [Baby’s name]” on stationary of Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station, Adak Alaska 98791, “donated by Mrs. Christensen, Aleutian Construction 1986”
 40 —Program, Commencement, University of Alaska Anchorage, Adak College Center, June 26, 1993
 41 —Program, Change of Charge, PATWINGSPAC DET ADAK, June 10, 1993
 42 —Program, Change of Command, U.S. Naval Air Station Adak, August 18, 1993
 43 —Invitation, RSVP card, and envelope, Decommissioning Ceremony, September 30, 1993
 44 —Flyer, Alaska at War conference, Anchorage, November 11-13, 1993
 45 —U.S. Postage stamps, 29 cents, uncut sheet with ten different stamps, “1942: Into the Battle,” includes “Japan invades Aleutian Island June 1942” with artist’s rendering of attack on Dutch Harbor
 46 —Photocopy of patches and logos: United States Navy [button?] Patron Fifty Blue Dragons Welcome Aboard N.A.S. Adak Alaska Patron 50 [patch] Lt. Louis Mosier / Blue Dragons [name tag?]
 47 —Bumper sticker, image of shark: “BEWARE!!! / VP SIX / SHARK INFESTED WATERS”
 48 —Adhesive-backed sticker, image of shark: “VP 6 / BLUE SHARKS”
 49 —Decal, multi-colored: “PATRON SIX-BLUE SHARKS”
 50 —Program, Change of Command, Naval Facility Adak, Alaska, June 21, 1991
 51 —Invitation and envelope, Change of Command Ceremony, August 16, 19__?
 52 —Magazine illustration mounted on thick paper, USS Triton submarine viewed from a blimp, National Geographic, n.d., with typed addition: “This is the same Triton which took part in the Aleutian Campaign”
 53 —Christmas song sheet with “Adak Versions” of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” “Jingle Bells,” and “Here Comes Santa Claus”; with typed note: “Every Christmas the Adak Kiwanis Club sponsers [sic] the lighting of the Adak National Forest. These are the carols the community sings at the ceremony.”
 54 —Memo, Col. Lawrence H. Shaevitz to Capt. Dulin re: 11 th Air Force Association and Ralph Batholomew, December 20, 19__?
 55 —Color slide, tree stump on beach, with handwritten letter, Chas. To John, n.d.
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[Has red highlights on features with highest elevations “to facilitate aerial navigation”; also has 32 photos of bays and mountains on Adak and Kagalaska Islands] Adak Island, Reproduced from Adak-Kagalaska View Chart No. 9 (Adak: Regimental Headquarters S-3, Fifty-Third Infantry, June 1, 1943) [with numbered grids] T/Sgt. Robert Steele, [Untitled contour map of Adak Island and western portion of Kagalaska Island showing airfields and roads, and with hand-drawn route by water from Sweeper Cove through Kagalaska Strait to Hidden Bay] (Adak: 63 Gen. Depot, 1940s-50s?) Adak Island Map and Outdoor Recreation Guide – Aleutian Islands Unit – Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge (Adak: Alaska Natural History Association, 1992) Adak Island, details in base area: Adak Island, Historical Sketch (Adak?: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, May 15, 1943) [runways and Sweeper Cove, including original “Steel Mat” runway next to “A Runway”] Adak Island, Alaska: Project Location and General Layout, Sheet 1 (Anchorage: Alaskan Dept., Engineer Office, November 26, 1943) [Kuluk Bay overview] Photocopy, Adak Installations and Topography—Sheet 15-F (Adak: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, revised October 12, 1948) [includes “War Dog Cemetery” near Kuluk Bay] Adak, Alaska, Sheet No. 1 of 2 (Anchorage: Alaskan Dept., Engineer Office, n.d.) [Kuluk Bay – Sweeper Cove area, 1950s?] Davis Air Force Base, Adak (Adak: Davis Air Force Base, Office of the Engineer, 1948) Tab C: General Plan, Sheet 1 of 1 Tab E: Land Use Plan, Sheets 1, 2, 3 of 3 Tab F: Detailed Area Plans, Sheets 1, 2 of 2 Other Aleutian Islands: Naval Fueling Station, Great Sitkin Island, Fuel Facility Layout (Adak: Public Works Department, Naval Operating Base Adak Alaska, November 19, 1948) Geologic Map and Sections of Great Sitkin Island, Alaska (Washington, D.C.: U. S. Geological Survey, 1946), Plate 5 from Bulletin 1028 [Peninsula west of Cold Bay, Alaska], manuscript map in ink and colored pencil showing reconnaissance by Capt. Churchill, and Sgts. Brown and Henery, Co. L, before main runway was built, 1941? World Maps: Flight Chart Index, U.S. Army Air Forces--Restricted (Washington, D.C.: Army Air Forces Aeronautical Chart Service, January 1944) [shows flight chart numbers throughout the world, good for illustrating Lend Lease program with series of charts leading from Alaska to Moscow] Rand McNally War Map, Reproduced Especially for the National City Bank of New York (New York: Rand McNally, 1943[world map with symbols indicating naval and air bases controlled by the United States, British Empire, Netherlands Indies, Soviet Union, Japanese Empire, Germany, Italy, and Other Nations; Adak is added in ink] B11/F9, History of Adak Capt. William Ringler, History of the Army Air Base, Adak, Alaska: 30 August 1942 -31 March 1944 (Adak?: 1944?), 52 pp. Section 1: Introduction Background-The Strategic Situation Preparation for the Occupation of Adak Island Section 2: Early Activity on Adak The First Installations on the Base The First Tactical Operations from the Base Section 3: Development of the Base Before the Fall of Kiska Arrival of the 23 rd Service Group After the Fall of Kiska Section 4: The Base at Present Section 5: Summary B11/F10, History of Adak Capt. William Ringler, History of the Army Air Base, Adak, Alaska: 30 August 1942 -31 March 1944 (Adak?: 1944?), ~150 pp. Section 6: Appendix Part A: Section Histories Personnel Intelligence Plans and Training Supply and Maintenance Air Inspector’s Office Air Corps Supply Engineering Chemical Office Operations Photographic Laboratory Ordnance Utilities Quartermaster Motor Transportation Signal Office Finance Office Weather and Joint Weather Center Air Transport Office Surgeon’s Office Chaplain’s Office Special Service Office Billeting Office Historian Part B: Appended Documents 1. Report of Field and Airdrome Construction 2. Interview with Major Niemi, 807 th Engineer (Avn) Bn. 3. 54 th Fighter Squadron AAF: Pilot reports on mission to Kiska, September 15, 1942 [11 P-38 pilots] B11/F11, History of Adak *Larry Reineke, Aleutian Book #1 [“various items of possible interest to those stationed on Adak”], 1991 Contents: Air Force Reunion 1990 Alaska at War [conference] Aleutian Weather Battle Song Carrigan (Navy) Letters Collections Garfield Reineke Diaries Dixon Reineke Wheeler Xaver Jap Navy Occupation Kiska Mission Report Order of Battle Paramushiro Briefing Personal Accounts First Flak Bombed Paramushiro 21 Bomb Sqd items 406 Bomb Sqd Published Articles Akutan Zero Alaskan Offensive Aleuts, Twilight of Aleutian Warriors Aleutian Front, all quiet on Aleutian Front, what your boy B 24s, WW 2 Aleutians Correspondents, War Siberia, home from Superpowers B12/F1, History of Adak *Larry Reineke, Aleutian Book #2, Part 1, 1991 [photos are found after page 72] .01—Lt. Hansen at Umnak, 1943 .02—Lt. Silverman at Umnak, 1943 .03—Lt. Hansen with fish, Adak, 1943 Aboard the Henry S. Failing [Liberty] ship enroute back to states .04—Reineke, Weinberg, Silverman, 1943 .05—Hansen, Silverman, Weinberg
 06 —There’s no place like home. On Shemya this was mine for a time, 1943 [pyramidal tent] .07—Door to our tent on Shemya .08—Ed Sand, Shemya, Aug 1943 .09—Reineke in combat gear, Aug 1943 Table of contents: American A/C Markings Air Force reunion. 1990 Air Force Memorial Chase After Wind (Reineke Aleutian Stay) Eagle’s Call, 1980 Home from Siberia, Internee Diary, Sabich, O’Daire Carrigan Dawson Dulin Fuller, Where the wild wind blows Hutchinson Last B 24 Miller Pinney-Tyler Russell, Admiral Vance, Letters of Valor Sources VCR, details John Mulligan B12/F2, History of Adak *Larry Reineke, Aleutian Book #2, Part 2, 1991 [see table of contents above] B13/F1, Adak Newspapers, 1943-1993 [See also Boxes 15-19 for more Aleutian/Adak newspapers] Adak Tribune, October 27, 1943, 6 pages The Tribune, November 25, 1943, 8 pages Tribune, December 25, 1943, 8 pages The Tribune, April 9, 1944, 6 pages Tribune, “Stateside Weekly Edition,” July 15, 1944, 2 pages Tribune, “Stateside Weekly Edition,” August 5, 1944, 2 pages Add Sunday, December 31, 1944, 2 pages Alexai News [Attu],- Vol. ?, No. ?, 12 pages 8 Alexai News, Vol. ?, No. ?, 12 pages Alexai News, Vol. ?, No. ?, 10 pages Add Sunday, April 15, 1945, 1 page (original plus three photocopies) Adak Tribune, August 22, 1945, 6 pages (photocopy) The Adak Bulletin, Christmas 1948, 10 pages The Adak Daily Sun, September 7, 1951, 3 pages (photocopied excerpts) Adak Eagle’s Call, November 3, 1978, 1 page (photocopy) Eagle’s Call, June 18, 1993, 14 pages plus 10 page advertising supplement, The Wind Breaker B13, Aleutian Islands oversize photographs 8 Published on Attu Island by 58 th Fighter Control Squadron at Alexai Point Army Airfield, which was in operation from June 1943-June 1946;
 1 —President Franklin D. Roosevelt Adak visit – August 1942 [meal in Quonset hut, with FDR, Admiral Stinsen, Secretary of the Navy and General Harry F. Thompson, Adak Post Commander]
 2 —DC-3 (Blue Goose) Taxying [sic] up ramp, Adak – April 27, 1943 [on Marston mat runway, Ventura PV-1 bombers in background
 3 —Adak’s only cemetery [aerial photo]
 4 —Kuluk Bay with submarine nets in foreground [several ships and barges in background]
 5 —[Two P-40 aircraft on runway apron, being serviced—in Aleutians?]
 6 —[crashed inverted airplane—PBY?—on mountainside, two men digging through wreckage]
 7 —[white ship underway past snowy mountains, photo credit: Lon E. Lauber, c. 1990] Box 13/Folder 2, Adak totem pole
 8 —Adak, Alaska: Nov 30, 1991: original totem pole, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Soderman [also, printout from Alaska’s Digital Archives description of photo, and display text for “Adak Totem Pole,” describing figures on the pole and stating that pole was carved by a local contractor and presented to the community on September 8, 1958. Pole removed to Anchorage Museum collections in 1996?] B13/F3, Arthur Beaumont art prints, 1944 Suite of eight matted prints featuring World War II Navy vessels, with informational flyer about the artist and the images: “Camouflaged Majesty,” U.S.S. Alabama (battleship) “Jap Nemesis,” U.S.S.Louisville (heavy cruiser) “Task Force,” U.S.S.Cleveland (light cruiser) “Confidential Mission,” U.S.S. San Diego (light cruiser anti-aircraft) “Air Raid,” U.S.S. Enterprise (aircraft carrier) “Smoke Screen,” Destroyer (Fletcher class) “Sea Terrier,” Destroyer escort [with blimp/dirigible overhead] “Mosquito Patrol off Aleutians,” Motor Torpedo Boats B13/F4, Adak American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration, 1975-76 [Removed from 3-ring binder labeled “Adak American Revolution Bicentennial Folder / Capt. D. J. Childers”] *Background information on Adak—grant applicaton?—1976, 32 pp. Includes Conservation Award Nomination Report, March 11, 1976, highlighting wildlife, afforestation, toxic cleanup and other natural resource activities Correspondence regarding bicentennial, September-November 1975 Memo, bicentennial projects proposed for Adak, November 1975
 9 —Proposed Park & Recreation Area, bicentennial Project of Coast Guard Aux. Floatilla 25 (with photocopies of each image)
 10 —Adak’s Bicentennial Park/Museum Adak’s bicentennial Poem, “Borne On The Winds,” by LCDR Jerry Jacobson Photocopy, newspaper clipping, “Bicentennial Fever Hits Adak,” Anchorage Daily Times, October 22, 1975 Letter regarding budget details for bicentennial projects, February 6, 1976 Program, Adak Parent Teacher Association’s Bicentennial Presentation, no date
 11a —11b—Flotilla 25 Coast Guard Auxiliary Commander Vince Holton presenting check to bicentennial chairman Commander Jacobson, December 10, 1975
 12 —.14—Mrs. Beaty Langness (Alaska Bicentennial Executive Secretary) and Captain D. J. Childers (Commanding Officer, Naval Station Adak) raising the bicentennial flag Blank certificate of appreciation, Adak American Revolution Bicentennial Council
 15 —.18—Adak’s bicentennial heritage seal (front and back, 2 copies of each, plus photocopies) Photocopy, newsletter photo and caption showing EA2 G.R. Price receiving award for his winning Adak Bicentennial seal design Memorandum, Johnny Horizon program, January 19, 1976 Photocopy, front and back of Adak Bicentennial wooden nickels [removed to Anchorage Museum Collections] American Revolution Bicentennial Commission grant application and supporting documents, November1975-May 1976 Memo regarding Collection of Aluminum Products, February 3, 1976 Miscellaneous correspondence and flyers regarding bicentennial celebration B13/F5, Adak American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration, 1975-76
 19 —.21—color photos of bicentennial flag-raising
 22 —.24—award presentations
 25 —social “happy hour” with drinks [same as .48]
 26 —Bicentennial flag raising, Coast Guard personnel
 27 —Television set with cameraman, interviewees, placard: “Channel 8 AFTS Adak”
 28 —large sheet cake being cut (and eaten) [see .32]
 29 —Navy personnel and civilian woman, outdoors on Adak?
 30 —sign painter: TUNDRA TAVERN / ADAK, ALASKA
 31 —ribbon cutting, military and civilian personnel
 32 —cake cutting [see .28]
 33 —flag honor guard, includes bicentennial flag
 34 —Quonset hut interior with military personnel
 37 —Marine Corps parade with flag honor guard, military vehicles, and civilian on tall unicycle [color]
 38 —International TD-20 bulldozer [color]
 39 —junked earthmover, tanker trailer—Adak dump? [color]
 40 —personnel on deck of ship and in inflatable raft, wearing lifejackets [color]
 41 —.42—presentation ceremony—bicentennial quilt?
 43 —modular building with Ford Pinto parked in front, sign: ADAK MUSEUM AND BICENTENNIAL PARK [color]
 44 —Adak Museum with sign
 45 —Roy Roach, Capt Melville (commanding officer NAVSTA Adak), and Bob Reeve (owner Reeve Aleutian Airways), Reeve in back seat of car in front of Adak Museum? Memo regarding Aleutian Whirlaways square dance event, December 6, 1975
 46 —square dancers
 47 —USS Proteus submarine/ballistic missile tender, at anchor 9 .48.1—social “happy hour” with drinks, same as .25 Newspaper clipping from Anchorage Times (photocopy), “Middendorf [Secretary of the Navy] Sees Soviet Threat,” no date Images .48.2 to .58 are of sledding at the “First Annual Winter Olympics” December 1976: 48.2—Kicking off the Winter Olympics in the Spirit of ’76 [Larry Moats, Capt. Stoltz and Capt. Childers on homemade sled “Spirit of 76”] .49—Taking a spill [CTT1 Tom Meaney, FCPOA Vice Pres., Capt Stoltz, Capt Childers] .50—Paula Meany / 1 st place winner in inner-tubing .51—LCPL Cottle / Don’t fall off, glasses .52—CTT3 Josephine Capozziello / Didn’t quite make it .53—CT01 Frank Lowery / Coming down at about 65 mph .54—Finish of the captains’ run [sledding hill, barracks in background] .55—CTT1 Tom Meaney / Look out below .56—Really movin’ .57—Where’s my tube? .58—RM1 Pops Kilgore / You’re never too old to try Images .59-.69 are of display items—from Adak Museum? .59—Whalebone Mask / from the Eskimos of the Northern Slope / Kivalina, Alaska .60—[spruce root basket?] .61—Porcupine Quill Necklace / Athabascan Indians .62—Indian Doll / Tlingit – From a collection that was displayed in 1950 .63—[birch bark basket] .64-.65—[corroded metal pitcher] .66-.67—[basket—Aleut?] .68-.69—[rusted hand-held battery powered lamp] .70—[barges with crane, Quonset huts in background] .71—[buildings in winter, Adak?] B13/F6, Afforestry Project, Adak, 1975-76 Magazine article, “Adak Alaska: A Busy Bicentennial Community on our Last Continental Frontier,” All Hands, April 1976, pp. 54-55. [original article & photocopy; whole magazine is in B13/F7] Correspondence, press releases, planting suggestions, packing slip: September 1975-January 1976, 34 pp. 9
 72 —.73—Trees from Navy Reserve Construction Battalion 222, Anchorage, being prepared at Adak for Planting / OTSA Robin L. Viault planting trees /Tree pick-up (first bunch to be planted) men from NAVFAC, October 24, 1975
 74 —.75—[unloading burlap-bagged spruce tree saplings from truck], October 24, 1975
 76 —.77—[men with bagged saplings in shed, sled hanging on wall], October 24, 1975
 78 —.79—The first bunch of trees were planted the 24 th of Oct 1975 / Lady from NAVFAC [woman planting pine tree]
 80 —.81—Tree planting at NAVFAC dump, December 7, 1975 [group photo includes children and dog]
 82 —.85—Tree planting at Adak, Alaska by the men of the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, November 24, 1975
 86 —.87—Personnel involved in tree planting at NAVFAC dump, December 7, 1975
 88 —.90—Tree planting at Adak, Alaska by Bob Reeve High School biology class, December 4, 1975
 91 —LT Bill T. Smith, OTSA Robin L. Viault [planting pine tree], October 24, 1975
 92 —OT1 James W. Hendricks [planting tree], October 24, 1975
 93 —[presentation of Certificate of Appreciation to un-named woman by two officers; one is Bicentennial Chairman Commander Jacobson], December 31, 1975 [See also Series 3, Box 8, Folder 6: Photocopy, David Bruce and Arnold Court, “Trees for the Aleutians,” The Geographical Review, 194-?, pp. 418-423; good data on Army tree planting in 1940s] B13/F7, Bicentennial Publications Magazine, All Hands, April 1976 [includes article “Adak Alaska: A Busy Bicentennial Community on our Last Continental Frontier,” about forestry project] 200 Years: Adak AK, Bicentennial Issue - July 4 th , 1976 – 200 Years, 26 pp. [includes articles about history of Adak, earthquake article, photos] B13, Calendars 1982, Adak ‘Birthplace of the Winds’ Historical Engagement Calendar, Naval Wives Club of America Adakian No. 94 1987, Adak, Alaska, Lon E. Lauber, photographer 1988, Adak, Alaska, Lon E. Lauber 1989, Adak, Alaska, Lon E. Lauber Box 14/Folder 1, Aleutian Natives—articles and book excerpts (photocopies) Sandra Tromba, “Aleutian Islands and Aleuts—A Brief Synopsis, Adak, 1992 (2 pp.) Margaret Lantis, “Aleut,” from Handbook of North American Indians, Arctic, Volume 5 (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, 1984), pp. 161-184. “The Aleut Underground,” Adak Sun, no author, no date, 3 pp. Frederick Whymper, Travel and Adventure in the Territory of Alaska (London: John Murray, 1868), 14 pp. Jay Ellis Ransom, “Writing as a Medium of Acculturation Among the Aleut,” Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, Volume 1 (1945), pp. 333-344. Margaret Lantis, “The Aleut Social System, 1750 to 1810, from Early Historical Sources” and “The Ethnography,” from Ethnohistory in Southwestern Alaska and the Southern Yukon: Method and Content (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1970), pp. 142- 300. Winston L. Sarafian, “The Fox Island Aleut Uprising,” Parts 1-5 and “Solov’ev’s Revenge,” Part 1, from Chronicles of Russian America (no publisher, no date), 15 pp. Isabel S. Shepard, The Cruise of the U.S. Steamer Rush in the Behring Sea, Summer of 1889 (San Francisco: The Bancroft Company, 1889), pp. 16-45 and 98-105. L. D. Kitchener, Chapter 5: “Aleutian Commerce,” from Flag Over the North: The Story of the Northern Commercial Company (Seattle: Superior Publishing Company, 1954), pp. 118-137. “Comparison of World War II Relocation and Internment Experiences of the Aleuts and the Japanese-Americans,” from The Aleut Relocation and Internment During World War II: A Preliminary Examination (Anchorage: Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association, 1981), pp. 3-13. Fern A. Wallace, Chapter 7: “The Aleutian Chain,” from The Flame of the Candle: A Pictorial History of Russian Orthodox Churches in Alaska, pp. 51-65. Mary Susan Chase, “Aleuts: Ancient People of the Aleutians,” term paper, Biology 125: Mammals of Alaska, no date, 7 pp. “The Alaska Natives,” and “Suggested Reading List,” no publisher, no date, 4 pp. David S. Case, “Aleuts,” from Alaska Natives and American Laws, (Fairbanks: University of Alaska Press, 1984), pp. 344-349. L. J. Campbell, “Subsistence: Alaska’s Dilemma,” from Alaska Geographic, Volume 17, Number 4, (1989?), pp. 81-86. Map reproductions from Basil Dmytryshyn and E.A.P. Crownhart-Vaughan, The End of Russian America: Captain P.N. Golovin’s Last Report, 1862 (Portland: Oregon Historical Society, 1979), 3 pp. Map reproduction of North Pacific from Zagoskin, 1864, from Ethel A. Becker, A Treasury of Alaskana (New York: Bonanza Books, 1969, 1 p. Illustration: “Attu village—Native barabara—this type of Native structure has been extensively utilized by the Japanese occupation troops,” no source indicated, 1 p. Milo Minock, “Short story for fall fishing & hunting,” describing scene near Pitkas Point on the Yukon River, 1 p. “A Comparative Chronology: Alaska and America” [1648-1978], no publisher, no date, 6 pp. B14/F2, Alaskan Natives—Tlingit, Athabascan, Eskimo Portfolio of early black and white photographs, publisher? Athabascan, 9 images Tlingit, 23 images Eskimo, 22 images B14/F3, Cartoons from The Adakian, 1944-45 (originals)
 94 —Group portrait of The Adakian staff: Bernard Kalb, Dashiell Hammett, Hal Sykes, Alva Morris, Bill Glackin, Bernard Anastasia, Al Loeffler, Dick Jack, Oliver Pedigo, Don Miller Approximately 140 cartoons clipped from The Adakian, by artists Bryant K. Stoudt, A. Claude Steele, Oliver Pedigo, Bernard Anastasia, B14/F4, Cartoons from The Adakian (photocopies) Photocopies of cartoons from The Adakian, by artists Bryant K. Stoudt, A. Claude Steele, Oliver Pedigo, Bernard Anastasia, and Don Miller B14/F5, World War II art—Aleutians
 95 —[painting of scene with Quonset hut, outhouse, bridge over stream, color, no artist, no date] Printed copy of image .95, color B14/F6, World War II newspaper and magazine articles, 1941-44 (photocopies), taken from binder labeled as having been compiled by Lou Burton *War coverage in newspapers from Seattle, New York and other U.S. cities, and in magazines including Alaska Life, Collier’s, Coronet, and National Geographic. Many clippings about the Kiska and Attu campaigns, and bombing runs to the Kurile Islands. Some copies are illegible. 100+ pages, ~150 articles B14/F7, Aleutian newspaper and magazine articles, 1978-80 (photocopies) Thomas M. Spitler, “Attu—Kiska—Otaru—O’Funa” [about World War II prisoners Charles House, Steve Hodikoff, and Innokenty and Willie Golodoff], Alaskana, 1979?, pp. 30- 31. “An Aleutian Love Affair” [Reeve pilot Pat Kelly], Alaskana, 1978?, pp. 8-9. B.A. Wright, “King of Silvered Wings: A Man named Kelly,” Alaskana, 1978?, pp. 18-23. Bill Porter, “Manislov—This is Bill” [rescue of Navy personnel by Russian ship], Alaska, December 1979, pp. 32-33. “St. Helens Rivals Alaska’s Big Blows [Mt. St. Helens eruption and Alaskan volcanoes], Alaskana, 1980?, pp. 38-41. Ladd Wright,”Flying Beats Work!” [Bob Reeve], Alaskana, 1979?, pp. 12-13, 16. Lael Morgan, “The Attu-Kiska Battleground: National Monument Forgotten,” Alaska, July 1979, pp. 6-8, 56-57. Lael Morgan, “Aleutians Legacy from World War II: Clean It Up, But Save the Battlefields!,” Alaska, May 1980, pp. 6-8, 76-80. B15, Aleutian Newspapers and Newsletters [See also Box 13, Folder 1 for other Aleutian/Adak newspapers] The Adakian, June 6, 1944 [D-Day Invasion in Europe] The Williwaw, April 15, 1979 and May 15, 1979 [Reeve Aleutian Airways newsletter] Aleutians East Borough Advocate, May 4, 1990 Alaska Commercial Fisherman, May 11, 1990 Aleutian Eagle, four issues between January 6, 1989 and June 14, 1991 Ptarmigan Ptimes, about 20 issues between September 22, 1988 and April 5, 1990 Tundra Times, about 70 issues between April 1972 and May 1993 The Adak Daily Sun, about 75 issues between January 23, 1953 and December 25, 1961 B16, Aleutian Newspapers and Newsletters Adak Sun, January 1, 1962 – December 26, 1969 B17, Aleutian Newspapers and Newsletters Adak Sun, January 2, 1970 – April 23, 1976 [last issue under old name] Adak Eagle’s Call, May 7, 1976 – December 29, 1978 [new name for Adak Sun] B18, Aleutian Newspapers and Newsletters Adak Eagle’s Call, January 5, 1979 – June 8, 1979 Eagle’s Call, June 22, 1979 – December 19, 1986 [new name for Adak Eagle’s Call] B19, Aleutian Newspapers and Newsletters Eagle’s Call, January 2, 1987 – February 4, 1994 Series 7: Adak Historical Society Museum: Administration and Collections Box 20/Folder 1, Museum proposal, 1983 James G. Traves and William B. Sweetser, Jr., “A Proposal for the Establishment of the Adak Museum,” August 25, 1983, 22 pages. [Appendix C removed to Folder 2, below] B20/F2, Adak Museum collection inventory Appendix C from Traves and Sweetser report in Folder 1 above, provides short descriptions of slides .1-.118 below. Slide index pages keyed to slides A1-F309 Color slides for inventory of Adak Museum artifacts, displays, books and equipment; slides by Lee Ivan Marshall of Adak, dated 1982:
 1 —.9 .10 missing
 11 —.75 .76 missing
 77 —.97 .98 missing
 99 —118 B20/F3, Adak Museum administration Brochure, “Adak Community Museum: Welcome to the Adak Community Museum,” n.d., 5 copies, Museum administrative correspondence Greeting cards with color image of Adak National Forest with Christmas lights: “Season’s Greetings from the Aleutians / Adak Community Museum,” Kiwanis International logo on back, 2 copies with envelopes Certificate of Merit in Historic Preservation, Adak Historical Society, August 8, 1990 B20/F4, Adak Museum, incoming correspondence, donation offers and questions, 1991-95 John S. Allison, October 30, 1991 Donald M. Santo, September 25, 1994 Joe Russo, September 27, 1994 Kenneth D. Lindblom, September 29, 1994 John Pontillo, October 3, 1994 Austin Stephanoff, October 3, 1994 Hank Mostovoy, October 10, 1994 [includes color copy of insignia for Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron 115, ca. 1948-49] Joseph McCusker, July 8, 1995, John Tunstill, July 9, 1995 Anthony Sacco, no date Box 20, Adak Museum visitor logbooks, 1977-1996 Visitor logbook, February 12, 1977-April 28, 1979 Visitor logbook, May 18, 1979-June 21, 1987 Visitor logbook, June 21, 1987- December 16, 1995 “Special Guests” logbook, September 1995-July 9, 1996 [last signature by Diane Brenner of Anchorage Museum, when Adak Museum closed and collections were transferred to Anchorage] Series 8: Recreational and Social Activities Box 21, Adak remote cabin logbooks, 1984-1992 Cabin logbook, September 1984-June 1990 Cabin logbook, September 1990-November 1992 [Each logbook of about 150 legal-size pages contains handwritten accounts of caribou (“bou”) hunts based out of a remote cabin at Three Arm Bay on the west side of Adak. Access to the cabin was by harbor tug or on occasion, hiking overland back to NAS Adak; named vessels include Kuluk Clipper and YTB-818 (USS Mecosta). Ptarmigan (“p-birds) and rats were hunted incidentally to the caribou.] Box 22, Scrapbooks Scrapbook 1: Officers’ Wives’ Club, Adak August 1958-April 1961 Scrapbook includes black & white and color photographs, invitations, thank you notes, and clippings from The Bering Briefer, the monthly newsletter of the Officers’ Wives’ Club, U.S. Naval Station, Adak, Alaska [Other Officers’ Wives’ Club scrapbooks from 1961 to 1992 are in Series 9] 1.1—[group portrait] Barbara Blake, Betty Horton, Grace Wing, Dawn Belcher, Dorothy Olson 1.2—Luncheon, November 1958, Greeting honored guest Mrs. A. W. McKechnie and Mrs. Alice Shutzendorf, Pres. of Kodiak OWC— Barbara Blake, Betty Horton, Peggy Young, Mrs. McKechnie, Mrs. Shutzendorf, Grace Wing, Lois Thomas 1.3-1.4—Luncheon, November 1958 1.5—[group portrait] Gay Fauty, Jennie Lou Hansen, Helen Fricks, Betty Horton, Jean Stairs. Sherry Held at Hammerhead Lodge, April 16, 1959: 1.6—Dorothy Brooke, Betty Horton, Ann Kratochvil 1.7—Peggy Young, Lucy Splean, Betty Rojo, Martha Lee Hoch, Marilyn Ludlow, Florence Onslow 1.8—Betty Horton, Florence Onslow, Marilyn Ludlow, Peggy Young, Lucy Splean, Martha Lee Hoch, Betty Rojo 1.9—Grace Wing, Peggy Young, Helen Frick 1.10—Hammer head Cuties [costumed men in chorus line] 1.11—Rita Cunningham 1.12—[costumed men in chorus line] 1.13-1.14—Adak Rockettes 1.15-1.18—Our Honorary President, Betty Horton being presented with a silver bowl at the May Luncheon. Helen Fricks, President, making the presentation. 1.19—[group portrait] Tea honoring Mr. J. S. Russell, July 23, 1959. Officers and Board members representing: Officer’s Wives Club, Fleet Reserve Assoc., Catholic & Protestant Women’s Clubs, Civilian Club, Navy Wives Club, CPO Auxiliary, American Legion and Eastern Star 1.20—[group portrait] Tea honoring Mrs. Russell, July 23, 1959: Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Temple, Mrs. Fricks, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Whidden, Mrs. Rees, Mrs. Stewart 1.21—[group portrait] Officers and Board Members Feb – August 1959: Gay Fauty, Eileen MacMullen, Jennie Lou Hansen, Jean Bagby, Jean Stairs, Bette Sigman, Helen Fricks, Betty Horton, Charlotte Happel, Grace Wing 1.22—[group portrait] Girl Scout Skating Program, March 20, 1959 1.23—Tea honoring Mrs. Henry, August 6, 1959: Marilyn Ludlow, Gay Fauty, Helen Fricks, Jennie Lou Hansen, Jean Stairs, Georgia Henry, Eileen MacMullen, Lucille Skill 1.24—Tea honoring Mrs. Henry, August 6, 1959: Eileen MacMullen, Marilyn Ludlow, Fay MacKoske, Helen Fricks, Dorothy Brooke, Mrs. Henry, Jean Stairs, Jennie Lou Hansen, Gay Fouty 1.25—Officers & Board Members Sept 1959-Febr 1960: Clare Casper, Sybil Guffy, Mary Barnett, Mrs. Henry, Kay MacNintch, Evelyn McClure, Ceil Lindquist, Myra Christiansen, Helen Fricks, Martha Lee Hoch 1.26—Officers February – Aug 1960: Grace Crisp, Mrs. Henry, Ceil Lindquist, June Springer 1.27—[women seated at banquet table] Pat Jensen, Mrs. Henry, Mary Barnett, Kay MacNintch 1.28—Officers, Board and Committee, Feb – Aug 1960: June Springer, Grace Crisp, Georgia Henry, Ceil Lindquist, Betty Garner, Lorrie Rockett, Carolyn King, Martha Lee Hoch, Carol Compton, Pat Jensen, Margaret Arquiette, Ev Wikoff, Lucille Skill 1.29—Officers and Board Members February – August 1960: June Springer, Grace Crisp, Georgia Henry, Ceil Lindquist, Betty Garner, Carol Compton, Pat Jensen, Carolyn King, Mary Barnett, Ev Wikoff 1.30—Officers and Board Member Feb – Aug 1960 1.31—Board Meeting May 1960 at Georgia Henry’s 1.32—Lucille Skill – Alaska Crippled Children Association 1.33—[women at tea] [Hawaiian dancers] 1.34—June Springer, Genie Whaley, Ginger Marker, Bev Pauley, Dot Young 1.35—June Springer, Ginger Marker 1.36—Wayne Guffey, Don Springer, Mike Whaley, ? Tea honoring Mrs. McKechnie, March 1960 1.37—Cecile Lindquist, Mrs. McKechnie, Mrs. Henry, Gertie Edward 1.38-1.39—[women at tea] 1.40—Mrs. Henry, Mrs. McKechnie, Dorothy Brooks, Syd Brocaw 1.41—Tea for Mrs. McKechnie 16 March 1960 1.42—Ginger Marker, Nora West, Dorothy Brooks, Ev Wikoff, Terry Martin, Bev Freeburg, June Springer 1.43—Cecile Lindquist, Ev Wikoff, Mrs. McKechnie, Mrs. Henry 1.44—Terry Anderson, Martha Lee Hoch (pouring), Quintell Cole, Genie Whaley 1.45—Mrs. Reeves, Jo Diamond, Terry Anderson, Jenny Lou Hansen 1.46—Georgia Rogers, Julie Durst, Quintell Cole, Betty Gardner 1.47—Gertie Edwards, Nora West, Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Henry, Jo Diamond 1.48—Bev Anderson, Mrs. Caldwell, and Mrs. Henry 1.49-1.51—Fashion Show Luncheon, April 1960 [women modeling dresses] 1.52—[women seated at head table] 1.53—[women with white hats] 1.54—[women at social event] 1.55-1.65—Sherry hour given in honor of departing Ed and Anne Kratochvil 1.66—Women at officers’ wives’ meeting, October 14, 1960 1.67—Officers’ wives’ board meeting, October 14, 1960 1.68-1.77—[women at social event, 1960?] 1.78—[costume party], May 1960 Scrapbook 2: Protestant Women of the Chapel, October 1964-69 Scrapbook includes black & white photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, and agendas 2.1—Mrs. Donna Jeffries, Protestant Chaplain’s Fund 2.2—Mrs. Lois Keller, Protestant Chaplain’s Fund 2.3—Chaplain Lembke, Fort Greeley; Mrs. Eek, Ft. Greeley; Chaplain Merrill, Fort Wainwright; Mrs. Tate, Mt. Wainwright—June 1965 2.4—Alcom Executive Council, Anchorage Alaska, April 21, 1965. Chaplain Lembke, Ft. Greely, Chaplain Advisor; Mrs. H. T. Lewis, Kodiak Handbook; Mrs. L. M. Eek, Fort Greeley, President; Mrs. Seeley Eastman, Fort Richardson, 1 st Vice President Executive Council Meeting, Ft. Richardson, April 1965 2.5—[women seated at table] 2.6—Maggie Thomas (facing camera); Chaplains Walter McDuffy, Alcom; Kolc (?), Elmendorf; Cagle, Ft. Richardson 2.7—Dora Norem, Elmendorf; Chaplain Cagle, Rich; Maggie Thomas; ?; Chap. Lembke 2.8—Vivian Graham, Wainwright; Lois Bennett, Greely; Bertha Ballentine, Greely, Secretary; Jean Eek, Greely; Marion Eastman, Rich, 1 st v.p. 2.9—Col. Muntz, Commanding Officer, Ft. Rich; Mrs. Eastman, pres, Ft. Rich PWOC; Chaplain Cagle, Ft. Richardson 2.10—Bertha Ballentine, Greely, Secretary; Marion Eastman (plaid dress) 2.11—Maggie Thomas, Elmendorf, missions chairman reports; Margaret Lewis, Kodiak; Vivian Graham, Wainwright; Lois Bennett, Greely Rally, Fort Greely, May 1965 2.12—Rally, Ft. Greely 2.13—Mrs. McMellan pours coffee for post commander, Col. George T. Adair Rally, Wildwood, May 1965 2.14—1. Jean; 2, Inga Anderson, president; 3, __; 4, Robert Wilde, former local pres. and ALCOM PWOC nominating committee chairman 2.15—Charter presentation: Chap. Lembke; Jean; Inga Anderson, local pres; Chaplain William Martin Rally and Installation of Officers, Eielson AFB, May 1965 2.16—Workshop presentation 2.17—Installation of officers: outgoing pres. to left of Jean, Hermie Flam; incoming president to right of Jean, Harriet Wells 2.18—Workshop presentation 2.19—Chap. Lembke; Jean; Hermie Flam; Chaplain W. N. Williams Elmendorf, May 1965 2.20—PWOC officers 2.21—Elmendorf 2.22—Chap. Kok; Dora Norem, Elmendorf pres.; Jean; Chap. Lembke Adak, May 1965 2.23—Adak charter presentation: Chaplain Keele; Andrea Buck, president; Jean; Chap. Lembke 2.24—Recognition of officers: Andrea Buck, pres.; and Jean 2.25—Jean Eek, presenting workshop Ft. Greely, May 1965 2.26—Mrs. Lewis Eek, Jr.; Chap. Paul W. Lembke 2.27—Mrs. Steele, Ft. Greely, commanding officer’s mother (Adair), “Miss Nora” 2.28—Nov. 3 Greely: Chap. Bean; Mrs. Adair; Micki Bagwill; Bertha; Chap. Lembke 2.29—[officers and woman looking at certificate] Kodiak, May 1965 2.30—Chap. Lembke; Jean; Base commander; Deputy base commander; Chaplain Lewis Wainwright, May 1965 2.31—Workshop presentation 2.32—Charter presentation: Jean; Colonel Ost; Sadie Tate, local president; Chap. Thomas Merrill 2.33—Fourth Annual PWOC Training Conference, May 1968, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska [conference speaker Georgia Harkness (?)—at pulpit in church with banner: “WE ARE THE CHURCH’] 2.34—Mrs. Ruth Youngdahl Nelson, PWOC Conference, Fort Wainwright, May 1969 Box 23, Scrapbooks & Records, Protestant Women of the Chapel, 1969-1982 Folder 1: Scrapbook 3, October 1969-April 1970 Scrapbook includes programs, announcements, newsletter clippings, agendas, two photographs, and correspondence 3.1a—Sweetheart Banquet, Leonard Schildroth, speaker, February 1970 3.1b—Sweetheart Banquet, Chaplain Lisle Stewart & Nancy Stewart, Leonard Schildroth, speaker, February 1970 Folder 2: Correspondence, May 1972-December 1975 Folder 3: Meeting minutes, January 1971-November 1973 Folder 4: Programs and finances, 1974-1975 Folder 5: Excerpts from old PWOC minutes and scrapbooks, December 13, 1982 (1 page) Box 24, Scrapbooks Scrapbook 4, Protestant Women of the Chapel, 1972-1975 Scrapbook includes color photographs and negatives, programs, correspondence and agendas PWOC Chapel Installation Service (n.d.) Program, “The Real meaning of Christmas,” 1972 PWOC Aloha Banquet, February 25, 1973 4.1—Mary Duncan, Bonnie Griffin, Judy Lindey, Ruth ___ 4.2—Bonnie Griffin 4.3—Bonnie Griffin hugs Vern Ames 4.4—Bonnie Griffin displays PWOC Alaskan stationary & prints 4.5—Aloha Banquet (Hawaiian style dinner) 4.6—Miriam Fortuno and Mrs. Purdham 4.7—[banquet scene] 4.8—A prize is presented to the mother of the youngest person present—a 1 month old baby 4.9—Elaine & Reid Mauk receive prize for oldest couple present 4.10—Kris Card helps herself to some food 4.11—The Fortuno sisters: Leilani, Naomi & Ruth [girl hula dancers] 4.12—The Fortuno sisters 4.13—Leilani Fortuno displays the hula (Tahitian) 4.14—Maria Castroni and sisters 4.15—Michelle, Maria & LeeAnn Castroni, Twila Griffin & Sonja Shultz 4.16—The hula class performs 4.17—Maria and LeeAnn Castroni, Twila Griffin, & Sonja Schultz 4.18—Finale of the hula class performance 4.19—Fred Nolte, Mr. Ooten (?), Larry Duncan & Mike 4.20—Dave Lindey 4.21—Reid & Elaine Mauk 4.22—Toni Kudrin & Barbara Dirks “His Land: A musical journey into the soul of a nation,” March 16, 17 and 18, 1973 Promotional flyers for film starring Cliff Richard and Cliff Barrows Bake Sale, May 1973 4.23—June Ooten & Jean Carson, Mary Duncan & Bonnie Griffin 4.24—[setting up bake sale] 4.25—Peggy Tolston makes change for a plate sale Fathers Day Banquet, June 1973 4.26—Before 4.27—During 4.28—The remains 4.29—Bonnie Griffin & Ruth Nolte, Lou Leonard 4.30—Bonnie, Jack & Twila Griffin at their farewell reception. Bonnie was PWOC Pres, June- Dec 1972 4.31—Our nursery after new toys purchase 4.32—Bake sale at COMMSTA, spring of 1973. Mary Duncan, Phyllis VanDevan (?), Sheliah Henning, Peggy Tolson, her daughter, & Ruth Nolte 4.33—Jan & Erik Mueller receive PWOC layette, 1973 4.34—Our chapel [photo missing] 4.35—Flower for new baby of Mrs. Ann Hammerberg 4.36—Installation dinner, Mitchell Lodge, 1973 4.37—1973 [dinner scene] 4.38—4 th of July 1973 bake sale. Mary Duncan, Jean Carson, Ruth Nolte 4.39—Christmas PWOC dinner, 1973 4.40-41—Sugar eggs for PWOC Easter egg sale, 1974 4.42—Chap. Coapman (Jan-June) at PWOC, 1-74 4.43—Judy Emerson (Jan-June) PWOC president, 1-74 4.44—Board members on steps of Bearing [sic] Chapel, Adak, Alaska, June-Dec. 1974 term: Jean Carson—advisor, Margie Ellis—librarian, Ann Bean—nursery chairman, Sheliah Henning—president, Linda Bartlett—fellowship chairman, Jean Smallwood—secretary, Ruth Carlson—v. president, Jeanette Brooks—Treasurer Envelope with materials for program “Patterns for living 1974, Women of the Chapel, Mother- Daughter Banquet” 4.45—fellowship before the meeting starts 4.46—Sheliah Henning—President—opens meeting at 7pm 4.47—Mother and daughter models [photo missing] 4.48—musical program by the girls sextet 4.49—yound [young?] models too—Melissa Brooks 4.50—Sharon & Missy Wilson, Linda & Breana Burks, Charlene, Shelly & Stephanie Morrison 4.51—Youngest mother and daughter present—Signey Oulette and daughter. Grandmother with granddaughter present, Mrs. Miriam Duncan on visit from N. Carolina 4.52—Chaplain Carson in our chapel kitchen. Jim Wilson and Chaplain were the “taste testers” and helpers Fall Festival 1974—Christian materials booth sponsored by PWOC Handwritten notes in scrapbook give details about Adak’s Christian bookstore, operated by Neil & Ruth Ann Carlson Newspaper clipping about fundraising effort for school gym in Galena, and note about PWOC response Samples of Alaskan stationary sold by PWOC at various functions, stationary features Native portraits by Mary B. Newton (4 notecards) Two letters with envelopes from Vietnamese missionary project that PWOC supported August 1974 meeting about how to hold family devotions 4.53—Ruth Ann and Neil Carlson and daughters Paige and Dawn illustrating “wrong way to handle a family devotion” 4.54—Ruth Ann Carlson takes phone call, girls run off 4.55—Panel discussion on family devotions: Sandra Lang, Jean Carson, Linda Bartlett, Ruth Ann Carlson Letter from Adak high school basketball coach requesting donation for basketball tournament, November 8, 1974. PWOC gave $50.00. Handwritten notes about meetings, September-December 1974 4.56—Linda Bartlett and Sheliah Henning 4.57—Sheliah Henning sharing a book on symbolism December 1974 meeting on “The Role of the Husband in the Christian Home” 4.58—[men with plaques] 4.59—[woman with Christmas tree] 4.60—[crowd at event] 4.61—[woman serving punch] 4.62—Sheliah Henning conducting meeting 4.63—Jean Carson & Dee Ball at dessert tasting party 4.64—Chaplain Craycraft, Zakesian, Laura, Chaplain Carson, Jean, Chaplain Capeman 4.65—Chaplain Carsen, Jean, Laura, Chaplain Capeman, Jean opening an Alaskan ceramic picture 4.66—Jean, Laura, Chaplains Carsen & Capeman opening their going away gifts 4.67-4.70—Table settings, cakes, punch bowl Alaska Christian School, Homer, Alaska—1974-75 Missionary Project Brochure and envelope from Alaska Christian School Cookson Hills Christian Home, Homer, Alaska Typed description of Homer facility, “Unit 8” of orphanage chain headquartered in Arkansas 4.71—[home with truck in front] 4.72—Wrapping packages for the children’s home, Linda Bartlett and Bonnie Briesch 4.73—Wrapping packages from the S. S. Classes of Bering Chapel to Chldren’s home in Homer, Sheliah & Linda Bartlett 4.74—Packing clothes for Cookson Hills. Jean Smallwood, Sheliah Henning, Ruth Carlson & Bonnie Briesch Letter from Thomas Harris, superintendent, to PWOC, October 31, 1974 Christmas 1974 Brochure about making Chrismon Miniatures (Christian monograms and symbols) 4.75-4.76—Chapel Christmas tree decorated by PWOC [Bering Chapel] 4.77—Installation of officers for Jan thru June 1975 in Bering Chapel: Chaplain Carson, Sheliah Henning, Sharon Wilson, Linda Burks, Jeanette Brooks 4.78—[Bering Chapel at Christmas] 4.79—[potluck crowd] February 1975 meeting on “Treasures of Books’ 4.80-4.82—[book reviews being given, refreshments] March 7, 1975 “World Day of Prayer” 4.83-4.88—[meeting and refreshments] March 10, 1975 meeting on “Child Discipline” 4.89—Marie Cronk 4.90—Glenda Craycraft 4.91—Chapel clean-up: Mary Duncan, Ann Bean, Marie Cronk, Bonnie Briesch April 14, 1975 meeting on “Artificial Flower Arranging” 4.92—Glenda Craycraft 4.93—Ethel Fleshman 4.94—[members arranging flowers] Programs and program notes Program, Mother & Daughter Fashion Show, May 9, 1975 Handwritten notes about meeting schedule for May-November 1975 Handout on “The Obedient Christian in Action” Meetings and social activities; 35mm color negatives, no prints Film roll, 4.95-4.106 Film roll, 4.107-4.115 Film roll, 4.116-4.127 Scrapbook 5, Protestant Women of the Chapel, 1975-1976 Scrapbook includes color photographs, programs, correspondence and agendas Installation of Officers 5.1—Chaplains Rowland 7 Takesian, Rose Partwood, Marie Cronk, Penny Martin 5.2—Marvelle _____ 5.3—Martha Childers, Marvelle _____, Glenver Rowland [Meeting, refreshments] 5.4—Jeanette Brooks, JoAnn Collins, Marie Cronk 5.5—Carol Swank, Durene Snyder, Becky_____ 5.6—Pat Beck, Jean Collins Chaplain Takesian doing children’s sermon, Bering Chapel 5.8-5.10 5.11—Chaplain Takesian and the children of the chapel 5.12—Children’s sermon Farewell party for Chaplain Takesian, 1975 5.13-5.17 Chaplain Takesian leaves us [airport photos] 5.18—Chaplain Takesian getting ready to leave on the Reeve Bird 5.19—Chaplain Takesian and Father Julius 5.20-5.21—More good-byes Poem written by Judy Taylor for Chaplain Takesian’s humanities class, December 9, 1975 Program, Christmas Concert, December 14, 1975 Installation of PWOC officers 5.22—Chaplain Rowland, Jean Collins, Martha Childers, Pat Beck, Sharon McGregor, Lora Smith, Penny martin, Durene Snyder 5.23—[officers standing] 5.24—Penny Martin, Chaplain Rowland, Durene Snyder, Lora Smith, Jean Collins, Martha Childers, Pat Beck, Sharon McGregor Mother-Daughter Banquet, May 8, 1976 Flyer, Program, Napkin, Announcement on AFRTS [radio script?] 5.25—Penny Martin [at podium during banquet] 5.26-5.28—[banquet scenes] 5.29—The Beck girls modeling Bicentennial costumes 5.30—[girl playing piano at banquet] 5.31—Chaplain Craycraft’s girls 5.32—Marie Cronk modeling a dress she made Cookbook work party 5.33—Jean Collins, Sharon MacGregor 5.34—More of work party Newsletter, Adak Eagle’s Call, July 9, 1976 [includes short article by Glenver Rowland on PWOC] Program, Bering Chapel, Independence Day 1976 Sheet music, a hymn for the bicentennial of the U.S., “The God Who Guides Our Destiny” Bicentennial program: storefront selling home-made items and cookbooks, July 4, 1976 5.35—Five Ole’ Fashioned Gals 5.36—[event scene] 5.37—Jeannette Brooks, Louise Carr, Jean Collins, Durene Snyder, Penny Martin 5.38—Jim Holman, Jack Sheadel 5.39—Shirley Schedele, Willy Johns, Ute Jackson Dumpsters painted for Bicentennial year 5.40—[two dumpsters] 5.41—[two more dumpsters] Ruth Carlson PWOC designed dumpster on left 4 th of July parade 5.42—[parade float, “World Unity”] 5.43—[Dodge Power Wagon with painted flag, bible verse, and sign: “Maranatha Jesus Cometh”] Fall Festival 1976—Fishing Game for young people 5.44-5.45—Ruth Hanks designed and decorated the toy soldier 5.46—Ann Hagen 5.47—Ruth Hanks Christmas, 1976? 5.48-5.50—[Christmas scenes in chapel] Unidentified photos 5.51—[four men and one woman] 5.52—PWOC 1970? Flyer, “Intercessors for America,”1976 Scrapbook 6, Christian Women of the Chapels, 1978-1980 Scrapbook includes color photographs, programs and constitution of the CWOC Protestant Women of the Chapel Constitution (revised 1/76), “Protestant” crossed out and handwritten “Christian” inserted Mother-Daughter Banquet programs Program, PWOC, May 13, 1978 Program, “April Showers” and entry ticket, April 21, 1979 6.1—Thanks! From the crew & babies at BR Hosp Adak, 15 Feb 1979 [nurses receiving baby blankets] Mother-Daughter Banquet, 1978 6.2-6.21—[food, fashions, music] New and outgoing officers, December 1979 6.22-6.23—[officers] 6.24—President Marilyn Essinger [at podium in front of wood-burning fireplace] 6.25-6.26—Triple trio [girl singers] 6.27-6.28—Dessert tasting Mother-Daughter Banquet, 1980 6.29—Lonna Williams, Dottie _____ 6.30—Linda Heins 6.31—Marilyn Essinger Program, “All-Island Ladies (Mother-Daughter) Spring Banquet, presented by Christian Women of the Chapels” 6.32-6.34—[banquet scenes] 6.35—Dusty Hart 6.36-6.37—Becky Williams 6.38—Triple trio [singers] Goodbyes are always hard 6.39—Susie _____ 6.40—Susie & Marilyn _____ 6.41—[bake sale with sign: “Christian Women of the Chapel”] New Officers—June 1980 6.42-6.49—[ceremony with candles] Scrapbook cover for Scrapbook 7, embossed leather cover with lettering: CPO AUXILIARY ADAK, with metal binding posts. Contents of this scrapbook are in Box 25. Box 25 Scrapbook 7, Chief Petty Officer Auxiliary, Adak, 1966-1981 Scrapbook includes color and black & white and color photographs, guest registers, programs, and certificates. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Embossed leather scrapbook cover was retained in Box 24. Folder 1, Tea parties, 1966 Guest register pages, Get Acquainted Tea, January 29, 1966 Guest register pages, Farewell Tea, Mrs. John Bartol, July 30, 1966 Guest register pages, Farewell Tea, Mrs. N. W. Craw (no date) Folder 2, 1966-1968 7.1-7.4—Halloween party, CPO Club, Adak, 1966 7.5-7.19—Mardi Gras, February 1967 7.20-7.23—Mock Wedding, June 1967 7.24-7.30—Installation of Officers, July 1968 Outgoing: Pres. Carolyn Johnson, V. Pres. Mary Painter, Sec. Thelma Wheeler, Treas. Mary Stambaugh, Chaplain Dulene Holmshek Incoming: Pres. Mary Painter, V. Pres. Alma South, Sec. Thelma Wheeler, Treas. Glenice Pellom, Chaplain Ozzie Lormand, Sgt.-at-arms Ruth Boggs 7.31-7.33—Mardi Gras, February 1967 7.34-7.36—New Year’s Eve, 1968 [or 1967?] 7.37-7.44—Mardi Gras, February 1968 Beer Garden, March 1968 7.45—Farewell to Nolans – Pelloms – Noroskys 7.46—Great music! 7.47—A farewell toast 7.48—Mary, Nina & Doug 7.49—Mary Stambaugh, Nina Drainer, Doug Weisbarth Shipwreck Party, Hail & Farewell, April 1968 7.50—Chuck Bennett, Woodring (bartender) 7.51—Ray & Jean Jolly [Ray with tattoos on his arm, smoking a cigar] 7.52—Nina Drainer, Jean Jolly 7.53—Chuck Bennett, Bob Cole 7.54—Ann Ross, Carolyn Johnson, Chief & Jackie Willis 7.55—Schlegels (Gloria & Dave), Belin (?) DeBoer, Nina Drainer Around the World, May 1968 7.56—Bill DeBoer 7.57—[women in Japanese costume] Western Night, Hail & Farewell, June 1968 7.58-7.59 7.60—Gary Wade & John Drainer 7.61-7.67 Gay Nineties Fashion Show, no date 7.68—Betty Doddridge 7.69—Gussie Rodley 7.70 7.71—Mary Huffmaster 7.72—Eleanor Trudeau 7.73—Helen Foyle, Gussie, Betty & Ora Alex 7.74 Christmas party 1968 7.75-7.83 Folder 3, 1969 Party, hippy/anti-war/draft dodger theme, no date 7.84—Bob and Emma Wagner 7.85—Our ‘Bookie” Eleanor 7.86—[man in wig, woman with flower in hair, sign: “Make Love Not War”] 7.87---[man in wig, eating] 7.88—‘Doc’ Myers & Bart 7.89—[Man in wig, drummer, signs: “Stomp Out Fuzz” and “Dodge the Draft Don’t Catch Cold”] Shipwreck Party, March 1969 7.90—Helen and Frank Foyle 7.91—Wanda Yoder & Jack Spellman 7.92—Doc & Carol, Eleanor & Stan 7.93—[couples dancing] Hawaiian Night, April 1969 7.94-7.97 Trudeau’s 31 st Anniversary 7.98 Western Night, June 1969—Square Dance Club 7.99-7.104 Installation of Officers, July 5, 1969 7.105—Betty Doddridge and Nancy Lowman 7.106—Gussie Rodely and Annette Pike 7.107-7.108 7.109—Bev Donahue and Eileen Burkett 7.110—Donna Muchow and Diane Dean 7.111 Unidentified social events 7.112-7.121 Sign-in sheet, “Teens at Teen Xmas Dance, December 20, 1969” Folder 4, 1970-1972 Outgoing Officers: Pearl Paquet—Sgt. at Arms, Diane Dean—Chaplain, Lee Burkett— Treas., Annette Pike—Sec., Martha Spellman—V. Pres., Nancy Lowman—Pres. 7.122-7.124 Installation, Incoming Officers January 10, 1970: Martha Spellman—Pres., Evelyn Delander—V. Pres., Beverly Newton—Sec., Dotty Ball—Treas., Betty Stover— Chaplain, Vyola Wood—Sgt. at Arms 7.125—Outgoing Pres—Nancy Lowman 7.126—Annette Pike, Diane Dean, Eileen Burkett 7.127 7.128—Annette Pike, Beverly Newton—Secretary 7.129—Lee Burkett, Dotty Ball—Treasurer 7.130—Martha Spellman, Evelyn Delander—Vice-Pres. 7.131—Nancy Lowman, Martha Spellman—President 7.132—Diane Dean, Betty Stover—Chaplain 7.133—Pearl Paquet, Vyola Wood—Sgt. at Arms 7.134-7.146 Certificates, Recognition of [Girl Scout] Troop Sponsorship, 1970, 1971 7.147—Farewell luncheon for Mrs. Boldt—1971 7.148—Farewell for Mrs. Boldt—Fall 1971: Mrs. Boldt, Mitchell, Cargill— V.P., Depriest—Pres. CPO Wives Installation, July 1972 7.149-7.152 7.153—Captain J. C. Mitchell, NCS-19 73 Fall Festivities, September 1972 7.154-7.155—[parade scenes] 7.156—Volleyball Team, CPO vs Officers Wives Halloween Party, October 1972 7.157-7.159 Christmas Bazaar, November 1972 7.160-7.165 Folder 5, 1973-1977 Teen Christmas Dance, January 2, 1973 7.166-7.168 CPO Wives Bingo, Fall 1972 7.169-7.170b Outgoing Officers: Justine Tillman—President, Connie Robideaux—Vice President, Alma Hughes—Secretary, Mary Jane Warrior—Treasurer, Ann Brooks— Chaplain, Jane Kuehn—Sergeant at Arms, Nancy Flemming—Adak Community Projects Committee, Lydia Blackburn and Eva Stein—Child Care Center Representatives 7.171—Justine Tillman / Born March 1949—Died July 1973 Installation, Incoming Officers January 1973: Mary Jane Warrior—President, Pauline Hagemann—Vice President, Charlene Augustine—Treasurer [Secretary?], Barbara Forte—Treasurer, Levada parsons—Chaplain, Nell Blount—Sergeant at Arms, Connie Robideaux—Adak Community Projects Committee, Lydia Blackburn and Katie Speigel—Child Care Center Representatives 7.172—Capt. Thumonel & Mary J. Warrior, Pres. 7.173-7.183 7.184—[metal pin, anchor with “USN” superimposed] Variety Show, March 19, 1973 7.185-7.186 Potluck, Spring 1973 7.187-7.190 [Installation of incoming officers, January 1973?] 7.191-7.196 [Installation of incoming officers, no date] 7.197-7.208 Christmas Party, 1974 7.209-7.213 [Installation of incoming officers, 1975 or 1976] 7.214-7.215 7.216—Marcelle Leeman, Pres. Installation 1975 7.217-7.219 7.220—Dottie Ridgeway, March 1976 7.221—January 1976 7.222-7.223 [Social events, 1970s] 7.224—Installation of officers, 1975 7.225-7.235—[unidentified social events] Potluck, January 1976 7.236—246 7.247—CPO Cook & Vice-Presi. Jackie Helser 7.248-7.250 Hail & Farewell, 1976 7.251-7.252 7.253—Sonnie Selbig 7.254 [Christmas, 1976?] 7.255-7.267 [Hawaiian social event, 1977?] 7.268-7.272 Folder 6, 1978-1979 [no 1980] [St. Patrick’s Day social event, 1978?] 7.273-7.274 [Cat] 7.275 [Valentine’s Day social event, 1978?] 7.276-7.279 [Award presentation, 1978?] 7.280-7.282 Finger Bay Fillies, 1978 7.283—Marilyn, Ellie 7.284-7.288 Installation, Incoming Officers, June 1979 President—Toby Owens, Vice President—Olivia Fellers, Secretary—Judy Streepy, Chaplain—Evelyn Washington, Sgt. at Arms—Mary Painter, Civic League— Peggy Knight 7.289-7.294 Finger Bay Fillies, 1979: Horse Stables to Crab Shack 7.295-7.297 7.298—Toby 7.299—Sandy ______[illegible] 50’s Hail and Farewell, 1979 7.300 BBQ, CPO Wives Club, August 26, 1979 7.301-7.304 Folder 7, 1981 Hail and Farewell, Fur Fashion Show, March 21, 1981 7.305—OTC Harold Connor 7.306—Vivian Powell 7.307—Penny Currie, Evelyn Washington, Tommy Beebe 7.308—Penny Currie, CDR Walt Inman (Nav. Fac. Co.) 7.309-7.310—Evelyn Washington 7.311-7.312—Alice Scriven 7.313-7.314—Tommy Beebe 7.315—Vivian Powell 7.316—Penny Currie 7.317—Tommie Beebe Hail and Farewell, Finger Bay Fillies, June 19, 1981 7.318-7.321—It all begins in the dressing room [7.319—Kathi Gardner in hardhat with t-shirt writing: “So Many Men, So Little Time,” and on olive drab shorts, “Can Do”] 7.322-7.323—Laura Moss – Both Ends [belt with “Foxy Lady,” button on derriere with “I’m a Tiger / Can I get In Your Tank?” 7.324—Sherrie Clavier 7.325—Sharon Haley 7.326—Dallas Clavier “Hailed” 7.327—Harold Connor “Farewell” [with Kathi Gardner and Paula Connor] 7.328-7.331—Farewell NMC Terry Schuster [7.331, with Connie Whitehorn] 7.332-7.333—A Gift for Terry [king crab in a box] 7.334-7.335 7.336—Seated: “Granny” = Ellie Packard, Vivian Powell, Paula Connor 7.337—CTRC Dodge & wife Elsa 7.338—Connie Whitehorn 7.339-7.342 7.343—The End [Kathi Gardner shorts: “Can Do”] Installation Dinner, June 27, 1981 7.344—Outgoing Officers: Vivian Powell—President, Else Dodge—Vice President, Betsy Smith—Secretary, Alice Scriven—Treasurer, Penny Currie—Chaplain, Vernie Gardner—Sergeant at Arms 7.345—Incoming Officers: Laura Moss—President, Tommy Beebe—Vice President, Alice Scriver—Secretary, Jan Burek—Treasurer, Kaye Sheskey—Sergeant at Arms, Vivian Powell—Chaplain 7.346—Seated: Laura Moss, left to right: Kaye Sheskey, Tommy Beebe, Penny Currie, Vivian Powell, Elsa Dodge, Betsy Smith, Alice Scriven 7.347—7.352 Program, CPO Wives Club Installation, June 27, 1981 Fourth of July Balloon Booth, 1981 7.353—Laura Moss 7.354—Paula Connor 7.355—Jan Burek Fall Festival Balloon Booth, 1981 7.356—Ellie Packard 7.357—Alice Scriven, Connie Whitehorn, Jo Wootan, Sue Johnson’s back, Pat Hudson 7.358—Pat Fletcher, Connie Whitehorn 7.359-7.360 [clown] Wine ‘n’ Cheese Tasting, October 19, 1981 7.361-7.368 7.369—Jo Wooten, Tommy Beebe Christmas Bazaar, November 14, 1981 7.370—Vivian Powell, Alice Scriven 7.371—Laura Moss 7.372—Jan Burek, Lois Rude Program, installation of officers, December 1981 7.373—Civic League 7.374—Sergeant at Arms 7.375—Chaplain 7.376—Secretary \ 7.377—outgoing officers 7.378—incoming officers Scrapbook 8, Chief Petty Officer Wives Club, Adak, 1981-1987 Scrapbook includes color and black & white photographs. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Folder 8, 1981-1982 Finger Bay Fillies 8.1-8.36 Program, CPO Wives Club Installation of Officers, May 29, 1982 8.37-8.38—Past President Evelyn Washington 8.39—Formal dining [woman eating ribs] 8.40—Outgoing Officers 8.41—Incoming Officers 8.42—Chaplain 8.43—Vice President Santa Comes to CPO Club [Christmas 1981?—photos processed January 1982] 8.44-8.50 [Farewell party—photos processed November 1981] 8.51-8.52—[sheet cake with frosting writing: “AEC Packard / Congratulations on your retirement after 30 years service. / May you have fair winds & following seas”] 8.53—[woman and officer with cake] CPO Club Christmas Party 1982 8.54—Santa’s big entrance! 8.55—Pres. Becky Caudle’s son on Santa’s lap. Large elf on Santas’s left is SKC Dallas Clavier 8.56—Club member and publicity chairperson Gail Gomez visits with Santa Cleaning out the pack out shed 8.57-8.59 Welcome Luncheon for New Selectee’s wives 8.60-8.63 CPO Wives Installation Dinner, December 11, 1982 8.64—Installation dinner, left to right: Pat Hudson—Civic League, Martha Purvis—Chaplain, Nancy Staples—Secretary, Master Chief Dick Castle—Master of Ceremonies, Becky Caudle—President, Sue Johnson—Treasurer, Susan Minter—Sgt at Arms 8.65—Outgoing President Sharon Haley’s final words to the Club 8.66—Master Chief, Dick Castle, Master of Ceremonies 8.67—Oncoming President Becky Caudle and outgoing President Sharon Haley distribute the gifts 8.68—New President, Becky Caudle 8.69—Northern Lights singing group from Bob Reeves High School, led by Sharon Acree 8.70—Incoming President Becky Caudle presents outgoing President Sharon Haley with a gift 8.71—Installation—Christmas party, Top Four Club 8.72—New President, Becky Caudle 8.73-8.80 Box 26, Scrapbook 8, Chief Petty Officer Wives Club, Adak, 1981-1987 Scrapbook includes color and black & white photographs. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Folder 1, 1983 [no 1984] St. Patrick’s Day party, 1983 8.81—The Main Man 8.82—No touching the merchandise 8.83—Pat Hudson—holding up her part of the show 8.84—Could this be the door prize? 8.85—Nice looking couple—Kathy Gardner and ? 8.86—Tinkerbell—showing her stuff 8.87—Joan Strempke—You know that saying, smile _ _ _ _ _ _ CPO Wives Installation Outgoing: President—Becky Caudle, Vice President—Sherry Clavier, Secretary—Nancy Staples, Treasurer—Sue Johnson, Chaplain—Martha Purvis, Sergeant at Arms—Susan Minter, Civic League—Pat Hudson Incoming: President—Judy Gifford, Vice President—Kathy Duncan, Secretary—Ruline Scott, Treasurer—Sue Johnson, Chaplain—Sue Easley, Sergeant at Arms—Luann Corkins, Civic League—Martha Purvis 8.88-8.91 8.92—Master of Ceremonies – Kevin Gifford 8.93-8.99—Candle lighting for new officers 8.100—The new President has a few words 8.101—Gail Gomez receives her silver tray 8.102—Becky Caudle passing out gifts to the girls from her Board 8.103—Vice President Sherry Clavier gives gift to outgoing President Becky Caudle 8.104—Still trying to run everything—tell that girl to sit down! 8.105-8.112 8.113—Guess you could say her attitude changed after she was out of office!! [Becky Caudle, smiling] 8.114-8.117 8.118—Sherry Clavier, lunching [Christmas party, December 1983] 8.119-131 [Unidentified events, 1983] 8.132-8.134—[presentation of silver platter] 8.135-8.138—[event with helium-inflated balloons, some with Smurfs and Mickey Mouse designs] 8.139-8.141—[food, kids] Folder 2, 1985-1987 CPO Spouse’s Installation Dinner, December 1985 8.142-8.157 8.158-8.159—Linda Sheppard, Cindy Barrick 8.160 [Unidentified events, 1987] 8.161-8.170 8.171—[sheet cake—“Welcome to Adak”—and candles] 8.172—[performer on risers singing, backdrop from Westside Story?] [Unidentified event, 1986] 8.173-8.174—[women and child at table displaying crafts, including painted gold pans] [Thrift shop/rummage sale?—no date] 8.175-8.182 [black & white] 8.183-203 [color] Scrapbook 9, Chief Petty Officer Spouses Club, Adak, 1986-1987 Scrapbook includes color photographs and programs. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Folder 3 Original scrapbook cover: red leatherette with gold embossed map of Alaska Folder 4 CPO Spouses Installation, December 8, 1986 9.1—[display: Merry Christmas / Caribou II] Honored Guests 9.2—Captain and Mrs. K. B. Sullivan 9.3—Captain and Mrs. C. F. Authement 9.4—Chaplain and Mrs. M. Williams A Cordial welcome is extended to all who have honored us here with their presence 9.5—Cindy & Mike Nevatt 9.6—Kathy & Jeff Granberry 9.7—Bill & Saundra Best 9.8—Ted & Marilyn Rogers 9.9—Steve & Kathy Plews 9.10—Rick & Karen Thurman 9.11—Rick & Gaylene Ellis 9.12—Margie & Gary Hemmer 9.13—Bob & Vickie Mathis 9.14—Tom & Debbie Bradley 9.15—Judy & Steve Roberts 9.16—Peggy & Jim Rose 9.17—Jim & Val Vohland 9.18—Dave & Stevie Arrich 9.19—Pat & Jack Yokley 9.20—The mad photographer strikes again! 9.21—Vicky Carney thought she wouldn’t get her picture taken! 9.22—Judy does the introductions. 9.23—Debbie Bradley—President. Each officer lights a candle. 9.24—Judy Roberts—Vice President 9.25—Peggy Rose—Secretary A special thanks to Jack Yokley who also provided photos of the installation dinner. 9.26—Val Vohland—Chaplain 9.27—Anna Rouff—Sergeant-at-Arms & mad photographer 9.28—Stevie Arrich—Civic League Representative Chris Henry—Treasurer— couldn’t make it to the dinner that night. Fortunately she did send the check to pay for the member’s meals!! 9.29-9.30—Our new president says a few words 9.31—Got our gifts—time to go home!! [menu with prices] 9.32—Our gift exchange table Xmas Bazaar 1986 9.33-9.34—Gaylene Ellis (daughter Sabrina) & Saundra Best “Welcome” Social CPO Club, March 2, 1987 9.35—[cake on table with writing: Welcome to Adak] 9.36—Guest Speaker Lon Lauber & wife, Brenda [with Carousel slide projector] 9.37—1 st Prize Winner Val Vohland 9.38-9.39—[women seated at tables] 9.40—Margie H. & Sue L. 9.41—Linda P. & Jean P. 9.42—Val, Yaeko, George, Linda 9.43—Harriet & Peggy 9.44—Stevie & “friends” 9.45—Sneak preview of “Off-Broadway Players” show (Christine Callangan singing on riser in front of painted Westside [Story?] backdrop) Program, CPO Spouses Club Installation, June 15, 1987 9.46-9.51—[unidentified men and women seated at tables] Scrapbook 10, Chief Petty Officer Spouses/Senior Enlisted Spouses Club, Adak, 1987-1993 Scrapbook includes color photographs and programs. Captions are from scrapbook labels. (See also Box 36) Folder 5 July Meeting 1987 10.1-10.2—[women seated at tables] Chinese Auction August 1987 10.3—Chinese Auction? 10.4—The Pres. & Treas. In the Counting House counting the Money 10.5—How many Piggy Banks are empty now? [counting coins] 10.6—Tom & Debbie Bradley [admiring stacks of pennies] 10.7—[man in checked shirt holding box of Jell-o] 10.8—Intrigue & Mystery 10.9—The Bid Race 10.10—Time! It’s Mine! 10.11—Prize Enjoyment! Peggy Rose, George & Jean Casey 10.12—The “Phoo-ee” Prize 10.13—Discussing the Bounty 10.14—PHEW! Is it over yet? [men and women with prizes, counting money] Program, CPO Spouses Installation, December 21, 1987 Installation Dinner, CPO Club—Adak—December 1987 10.15—VIP Table 10.16—Peggy & Jim Rose, CPOS Vice-Pres.; Judy & Steve Roberts, CPOS Pres. 10.17—Gaylene & Rick Ellis, CPOA Pres., Val & Jim Voland, CPOS Chaplain 10.18—[big brown-wrapped package with Santa stamp (22 cents postage) addressed From Santa to CPO Spouses Club] 10.19—Let’s see what she is eating! 10.20—Must be good! Look at them eat! 10.21—Cordon Bleu keeps them all happy [dinner scene with Rainier beer bottle] 10.22—The ole tongue-in-cheek approach? 10.23—New prospects? 10.24—Sgt at Arms Linda Dodge 10.25—Chaplain Harriet Taylor 10.26—Treasurer Sue Weber 10.27—Secretary Cindy Nevatt 10.28—Vice President Jean Casey 10.29—President Jean Plews 10.30—The new board—Dec 87-Jun 88 10.31—Outgoing Pres. Judy Roberts, socializing 10.32-10.33—Demolishing crew 10.34—Great service! 10.35—Le Fin 10.36—Great Gifts! 10.37—Grin & bear it! (One of our supporters) 10.37.1—The Gift Corner 10.37.2—Rita & Jim Childress 10.37.3—Sue & Jim Weber 10.37.4—George & Jean Casey, Jim Dodge 10.37.5—Skip & Sue Sprague, Harriet & John Taylor 10.37.6—Pam & Butch Millward, Dora & Jerry Engleman 10.37.7—Kathy & Jim Granberry, Margie & Hammer 10.37.8—Helen & Leslie Pearson 10.37.9—Debbie & Tom Bradley 10.37.10—Cindy & Mike Nevatt, Steve & Jean Plews CPO Spouse’s Meeting, no date 10.37.11—Peggy Rose, Harriet Taylor 10.37.12—Sue Weber, Robert Millward, Ed & Barb Earl and family CPO Spouse’s Adak Trading Post 10.37.13—Sweatshirt or a trinket? 10.37.14—Buying, selling or talking? CPO Selectee’s Spouses Luncheon, Bering Chapel, September 16, 1988 [but photos are date-stamped November 1987] 10.38-10.45—[set-up, buffet line with watermelon, banquet tables] CPO Spouse’s Picnic at P-80, February 1988 10.46—Judy Roberts, Ed Earl 10.47—Steve Roberts, the chef 10.48—Co-chefs—Dale Clarke, Steve Roberts, Jim Dodge 10.49—Harriet Taylor, Jean Casey, John Taylor 10.50—Val 10.51—Kenny Millward, Russell Clarke, Missy Earl, Jeff Clarke 10.52—The Kids? Big Kid—Harriet Taylor [with three children] 10.53—More Kids! Steve Roberts, Dale Clarke Folder 6 Bowling, November 1988 10.54-10.72—[women bowling at Adak’s 4-lane alley] Unidentified social events, November 1988 10.73-10.82—[buffet meal with bouquets; women chatting] Installation at Community Center, December 1987, 1988 or 1989? 10.83-10.99—[Christmas holiday ceremony with candles, gifts] Folder 7 Program, CPO Spouses Installation, December 19, 1988 10.100-10.141—[Christmas holiday ceremony with candles, gifts, cake inscribed “CPO Spouses Installation Dec 1988”] 10.142-10.156—[Polaroid prints of candle ceremony for installation of new officers] CPO Spouse’s Installation Dinner, May 1989 10.157—Jack & Judy Bradshaw, Vicki Russell, George & Jean Casey, Jim & Sue Weber 10.158—Dora & Jerry Engleman, Rick & Gaylene Ellis, Dale & Carol Clarke 10.159—Pam Millward, Jim Dodge, Linda Dodge 10.160—New President Barbara Earl 10.161—Vice President Maureen Heiler 10.162—Secretary Vicki Russell 10.163—Chaplain Carol Clarke 10.164—Treasurer Gaylene Ellis 10.165-10.166—The Board Members: Sandy, Carol, Gaylene, Vicky, Maureen & Barbara 10.167—Sgt. at Arms Sandy Hazelip 10.168—The New Board for the CPO Spouse’s Club 10.169—New Officers: Maureen Heiler, Gaylene Ellis, Carol Clarke, Vicki Russell, Barbara Earl, Sandy Hazelip Folder 8 Installation ceremony (?) with candles, December 1989 10.170-10.177—[unidentified women lighting candles] Unidentified social events or meetings, December 1989 10.178-10.183 Installation ceremony, Polaroid prints, October 1992 10.184—Ed Morris, New President 10.185—Jeanette Whitney, Chaplain 10.186—Phili Hoar, Treasurer 10.187—Judy Sinclair, Sergeant-At-Arms 10.188—Kathy Ross, Secretary 10.189—Incoming Officers Oct 92 – Apr 93 (missing Joann Barkhurst) Kids Christmas Party, Polaroid prints, 1992 10.190-10.194 [some with Santa and Mrs. Claus] [Adults] Christmas Party, Polaroid prints, 1992 10.195—JoAnn Barkhurst & Ed Morris 10.196—Joann Barkhurst & Judy Mills 10.197—Phili Hoar 10.198 Program, S.E.S.C. [Senior Enlisted Spouses Club] Installation, Polaroid prints, May 1993 10.199—Master of Ceremonies SWC Rick McAlpine 10.200—President Edward Morris 10.201—Vice President JoAnne Barkhurst 10.202—Secretary Sandi Greenfield 10.203—Treasurer Philomena Hoar 10.204—Chaplain Edith Green 10.205—Civic League Representative LuAnn Corkins 10.206—Incoming Officers: Pres. Ed Morris, V. Pres. JoAnne Barkhurst, Sec. Sandi Greenfield, Treas. Phili Hoar, Civic League LuAnn Corkins, Sgt. at A. Jeanette Whitney Chief Petty Officer Wives/Spouses Club, Administrative Records, 1974-1993 Folder 9 By-laws, constitution, and amendments, September 1974-April 1988 Thrift Shop by-laws, September 1979-February 1987 Equal opportunity statement Folder 10 Meeting minutes, treasurer’s report, June 1981-June 1993 Scholarship thank you note Handwritten prayer on card [See also Box 36, Miscellaneous photographs and negatives, for CPO Spouses Club images from 1976-1982] Series 9: Naval Officers’ Wives Club, 1961 - 1996 Officers’ Wives’ Club, Administrative Records, 1961, 1969-1994 Box 27, Folder 1 Correspondence: Permission granted to use Navy tug for recreational excursion, July 1961 Thank you from commanding officer of Coast Guard ship Clover, mentioning boxes of clothing distributed to St. Michael, Teller, Shishmaref, and Deering, and boxes left with Bureau of Indian Affairs in Nome for Unalakleet, Shaktolik, Golovin, and Koyuk, 1961? Letter from Arthur E. French, deacon of the Savoonga, United Presbyterian Mission deacon Arthur E. French, April 12, 1961, thanking Officers’ Wives’ Club for clothing shipped on the Clover. On verso is form letter to donors with information about Savoonga and St. Lawrence Island. Folder 2 By-laws, 1969-1974 Folder 3 Welcome teas, 1961-1989 Folder 4 Ladies’ Lecture Luncheons Folder 5 Spring formal dances, 1970-1976 Folder 6 Spring formal dances, 1980-1981 Folder 7 Christmas bazaars, 1986-1994 Folder 8 Event planning, 1987-1993 Folder 9 Financial records, 1989-1994 Folder 10 Scholarship Committee, 1981-1994 Folder 11 Silver Locker, 1979-1994 [silver tea service inventory and disposition] Folder 12 Grant requests, 1986-1994 Folder 13 Ways & Means Committee, 1986-1993 Folder 14 Board meetings and minutes, 1991-1994 Folder 15 Newborn Committee, 1992 Folder 16 Hospitality Committee, 1993 Folder 17 Stationary Folder 18 Final disposition of club funds, 1994 Box 28 Bering Briefer newsletter, December 1975-December 1976, Fall 1988-April 1994 [Scrapbook 1, Officers’ Wives’ Club, August 1958-April 1961, is in Series 8, Box 22] Box 29 Scrapbook 2, Officer’s Wives’ Club , January 1961 – June 1962 Scrapbook includes black and white and color photographs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer and mimeographed event flyers. Captions are from scrapbook labels. [Tea party, women wearing dresses, hats and gloves] Invitation to tea in honor of Mrs. Walter F. Henry, January 30, 1961 2.1—Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Crance 2.2—Mrs. Grunawalt, Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Henzel, Mrs. Kroll 2.3—Mrs. Pawley, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Greeley, Mrs. Andersen, Mrs. Socha, Mrs. Bresch, Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. West, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Miller 2.4—Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Pawley, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Socha, Mrs. West, Mrs. Brewer 2.5-2.10—[women at tea party; 2.9 and 2.10 damaged] [Newsletter clippings about events; February 1961 club officer roster] 2.11-2.13—[women in dresses at casual social event] March 1961 event flyer: Crazy Hat Luncheon [Event invitations, thank you note] April-May 1961 event flyers Spring Formal: Moonlight and Roses, May 12, 1961 Event flyer, newsletter clippings 2.14-2.15—[women in formal dresses, men in suits and ties] 2.16—[damaged photo, stuck to 2.21] 2.17-2.22—[dancing; eating at candlelit tables] May-June 1961 event flyers Hallmark thank you card from Gertie and Ed 2.23—Group portrait of fourteen unidentified women, no date Four thank you notes for baby gifts Thank you post card from Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen’s Club Post card receipts for CARE [Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere] packages sent by the Officers’ Wives’ Club to Iran, Haiti, and India July 1961 event flyer: Bingo, sherry and luncheon August 1961 event flyers Post card receipts for CARE packages sent to Poland, India, Colombia, Turkey, Mexico, and Korea Group portrait of women, two of them in maternity smocks, no date: 2.24—J. Hearn, M. Harpool, N. Socha, A. Bosse, K. Falkowski, T. O’Dea, C. Klein, C. Spurgeon, S. Dynes, J. Grunawalt, R. Marvel, L. Mazzara, V. Banta September 1961 event flyers Tea for Mrs. Ricketts, October 15, 1961 [b & w 8 x 10s] 2.25—[women standing in front of brick fireplace with mounted large wooden propeller/clock]: A. Chesterfield, M. Kroll, H. Shelton, Mrs. Ricketts, M. Crance, K. Greeley, N. Socha, Miss Griffin, Mr. Harpool 2.26—[women with gloves, hats, cigarettes, tea service] 2.27—[Thirty women standing at tea party] Newsletter clipping about tea party, October 15, 1961 2.28—Tea Committee: A. Schroth, V. Banta, R. Selina, R. Marvel 2.29—Receiving Line 2.30—M. Crance, Mrs. Ricketts, H. Shelton, K. Greeley, N. Socha 2.31—Mrs. Kroll pours [tea] November 1961 event flyer: Hospitality Coffee Fall 1961 newsletter clippings, including one describing a tugboat trip on August 11 by OWC members to Sitkin Island and to a crab boat at Scabbard Bay Thanksgiving 1961 event flyers 2.32—[Thanksgiving OWC Luncheon table, with pumpkins] Christmas 1961 event flyer Christmas Brunch, December 15, 1961 2.33—[ladies at table opening gifts] 2.34—C. Klein, M. Overdeik, K. Falkowski [with gifts, in front of Christmas tree] 2.35—[ladies with cigarettes, coffee cups sitting at table] Christmas Formal event flyers 2.36—[men and women seated at formal supper] Newsletter clipping: “The Children’s Christmas Party was exceedingly well handled, particularly in view that some of the trappings were still on the dock in Seattle at the time.” January 1962 event flyer: Hospitality Coffee January 1962 event flyer: “Bake Some Goodies for the Boys on Attu!!” January 1962 event flyer: Winter Wonderland Luncheon 2.37—[women seated at table] February 1962 event flyer: “WANTED: Recipes for Ice ‘n Spice Cookbook” February 1962 event flyer: OWC election March 1962 event flyer and clipping: OWC March Luncheon, sherry hour, Irish songs, “for your convenience, base nursery” OWC group photograph, March 9, 1962: 2.38—Ida Neilsen, Naomi Socha, Dolores Martin, Shirley Dynes, Cary Klein, Nancy Blevins, Helene Shelton, Elda Lozano, Toni Wright, Annette Bosse, Juanita White, Pam Crews, Dottie Lucas, Pat Pine, Lorraine Tyrel, Barbara Conover, Kay Falkowski, Barbara Johnson Newsletter clippings announcing OWC officers and committee chairmen April 1962 event flyer: Luncheon and White Elephant Sale May 1962 event flyers: OWC Smorgasbord, $1.50 adults, $.75 children 2.39—C. Klein and A. Chesterfield at the O.W.C. Smorgasbord 2.40-2.44—[men, women, children at smorgasbord meal] April 1962 event flyer: April luncheon, sherry, and white elephant sale May 1962 event flyer and newsletter clipping: cartoon panel with boy and girl discussing the upcoming event, and clipping: “Due to the recent fire and the loss of Hammerhead Lodge there wasn’t a Brunch as had been planned. . . However, our president, Cary Klein was able to Farewell and present the following ladies with engraved silver dishes. . .” June 1962 event flyer: OWC board meeting and coffee Summer 1962 event flyer: “POSTPONED—The OWC Summer Formal has been postponed indefinitely (till August) because The Kodiak Band will not be available in July. . .” Scrapbook 3, Naval Officer’s Wives Club, July 1962 - February 1965 Scrapbook includes black and white and color photographs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer and mimeographed event flyers. Captions are from scrapbook labels. July 1962 event flyer: Afternoon meeting Farewell tea, July 6, 1962 3.1—Farewell tea for Mrs. Samuel M. Shelton [group portrait, most women with hats, gloves, and purses] 3.2—Mrs. Ferrin pours for Mrs. Shelton 3.3—In the receiving line: A. Chesterfield, M. Kroll, M. M. McKee, H. Shelton, C. Klein 3.4—V. Ferrin and V. Banta [silver tea service on table] August 1962 event flyer: Teahouse of the August Moon. New members must pay 50 cents before voting] 3.5-3.8—[women at tea, some wearing Asian costumes] OWC Summer Formal, August 14, 1962 3.9-3.10—[decorations at Club Caribou] Newsletter clipping about event Silver Tea Party for Mrs. Roberts, August 16, 1962 3.11—[two women with silver tea service] 3.11.1-3.11.2—[women at tea party] Newsletter clipping about event September 1962 event flyer: OWC Coffee, “Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow” Newsletter clipping with officers, committee chairmen, and Bering Briefer staff October 1962 event flyer: Halloween Coffee November 1962 event flyer: Ways and Means Committee Christmas Auction November 1962 event flyer: Thanksgiving Coffee December 1962 event flyer: Christmas Luncheon December 1962 event flyer: Kiddies Christmas Party January 1963 event flyer: OWC Luncheon February 1963 newsletter clippings: OWC election March 1963 event flyer: OWC St. Patrick’s Day luncheon April 1963 event flyer: April Luncheon given by the Medical and Dental Wives and the Nurses. Program by Lt. Mike Dallun of Adak Sportsman’s Club on Adak Fishing May 1963 event flyer: Ladies’ Exercise Class May 1963 event flyer: Crazy Hat Luncheon Newsletter clipping describing event 3.12-3.23—[judges in Navy uniforms, and women modeling hats. One hat features Jello-boxes and label “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”] May 1963 event flyer: Card Game Day June 1963 event flyer: OWC Coffee June 1963 event flyer: OWC Luncheon and Auction for the Benefit of Adak Nursery 3.24-3.25—[food on table; women eating and smoking at candlelit table] 3.26-3.35—[auction items, women at tables] July 1963 event flyer and newsletter clipping: OWC Summer Formal July 1963 event flyer and newsletter clipping: OWC Luncheon [program included showing of film “America—Alaska’s Brightest Star” produced and narrated by Lowell Thomas, Jr.; title may be “Alaska—America’s Brightest Star”?] August 1963 event flyer and newsletter clipping: OWC Luncheon with Hawaiian theme 3.36—Retiring Officers: Ann Morrisey, Vice President; Dorothy Crane, Treasurer; May Lester, President; Kitty Eberly, Secretary 3.37—Newly Elected Officers: Barbara Verplaetse, Treasurer; Nan Forney, Vice President; Barbara Clampet, President; Louise Hall, Secretary 3.38—Retiring Board Members: Barbara Clampet, Social; Marlene Gleason, Ways & Means; Fe Deeley, Rep. Nursery Board; Fern Ronan, Reservations; Lori Page, Editor, Bering Briefer; Jackie Jacobs, Girl Scouts; Jo Ringel, Editor, Bering Briefer; Judy Kostin, Stateside Correspondent; Willie Dallum, Hospitality; Genny Crowden, Publicity. Missing: Lydia Scott, Ways & Means; Mickey Haynes, Eleanor Bafus, Spec. Events; Beverly Will, Hospital Sewing; Mary Ellen Husted, Clothing for Charity; Barbara Conover, Stateside Correspondent 3.39-3.47—[women with leis eating, talking] September 1963 event flyer and newsletter clipping: Luncheon, with bingo October 1963 event flyer and newsletter clipping: OWC Luncheon November 1963 event flyer and newsletter clipping: OWC Luncheon and Christmas Bazaar December 1963 event flyer and newsletter clippings January 1964 newsletter clipping and “First Will and Testament” February 1964 event flyer: OWC Coffee, Medical-Dental Wives and Election 3.48-3.50—[women drinking coffee] 3.51—New Board: President, Delight Ploss; Vice President, Joyce Walter; Secretary, Jane Hults; Treasurer, Nancy Cox 3.52—Old and New Boards: Jane Hults, New Secr.; Barbara Clampet, Old Pres.; Nancy Cox, New Treas.; Delight Ploss, New Pres.; Joyce Walter, New Vice Pres.; Barbara Verplaetse, Old Treas. Thank-you letter from Commanding Officer of Attu LORAN station to Officer’s Wives Club, for “baked goods to brighten our holiday,” December 16, 1963 Mimeographed publication, Short History of the Battle of Attu, 3 rd Edition, July 1945, retyped on Attu December 1963, 11 pages By-laws, Officers’ Wives Club, Revised January 1964, 3 pages, with cover letter approving new by-laws, by Captain J. W. Roberts, U.S. Navy April 1964 event flyer and newsletter clipping, OWC Coffee: “The spring has sprung The tundra has ris I wonder where the flowers is?” May 1964 event flyer and newsletter clipping, Bridge Night May 1964 event flyer and newsletter clippings: OWC Crazy Hat Luncheon 3.53-3.55—[women modeling homemade hats, drinking sherry] 3.56—[two women with hats] “Kay Kingsbury’s cocktail hat of black velvet adorned with a white gloved hand and a cocktail glass complete with cherry was chosen the most original.” (from newsletter clipping) May 1964 Bering Briefer newsletter, pp. 1-2 with article “Original Hat Show” June 1964 event flyer: OWC Coffee 3.57-3.58—[women at coffee party] June 1964 event flyers and newsletter clipping: OWC Bridge Night 3.59—[two men, two women at card table—print damaged] June 1964 event flyer and newsletter clippings: Farewell Luncheon for Mrs. Roberts 3.60-3.61—[women seated at table—3.61 print damaged] Hand-lettered invitation for tea in honor of Mrs. Bartol, July 17, 1964 3.62-3.66—[women in hats at formal tea party, candles, flowers, etc.] July 1964 event flyer and newsletter clippings: OWC Luncheon, talk on “Liberty and Life,” plus CPR demonstration August 1964 full-page newsletter article, “A Roman Holiday” formal dinner and dance Invitation to event, beautiful calligraphy 3.67-3.70—[dinner, dancing, women in formal gowns, men in dress uniforms] August 1964 invitation to tea in honor of Mrs. [Jean] Craw 3.71-3.74—[women wearing hats, gloves; table with silver tea service] August 1964 event flyer and newsletter: OWC elections with sherry hour and luncheon 3.75-3.76—[women counting ballots, congratulating new officers] September 1964 event flyer: Hawaiian Luau: “Please bring your sit upon- mumu if you wish” 3.77—[women wearing leis sitting on floor at low luncheon table held up by concrete blocks] 3.78—[portrait of six smiling women in dark dresses, hats, gloves, high heels] November 1964 event flyer: OWC Luncheon, “Mr. & Mrs. G. D. Fraizer will be showing their interesting shell collection” 3.79—[table with decorations, including pumpkins] December 1964 event flyer and newsletter clipping: Christmas Formal, “Dress: Men – Mess Dress or Dinner Dress Blues Ladies – As formal as possible” 3.80-3.83—[men and women seated at tables during meal] December 1964 newsletter clipping: OWC Luncheon, “Fluffy pink angels which stood about seven inches in height, graced the tables and were interspersed among pink-painted wine bottles which were used as candle holders” 3.84—[table decorations; photo damaged, sadly] December 1964 newsletter clipping: children’s Christmas party 3.85-3.88—[party scenes with Santa, children, presents] January 1965 event flyer: OWC Luncheon, sherry hour, potluck with chicken salad, Jell-o mold, sherbet February 1965 event flyer: OWC election, coffee, and home-made desserts Box 30 Scrapbook 4, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, March 1966 – June 1969 Scrapbook includes color photographs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer, newspaper clippings, mimeographed event flyers, and handmade invitations. Captions are from scrapbook labels. September 1966 event flyer: “Bingo! Bring your children” September 1966 event flyer: OWC Alaskan Luncheon “Menu: Caribou (beef) Goulash, Crab Salad, Sourdough Biscuits, Tundraberry (blueberry) Cobbler” Six Months Report: Naval Officers’ Wives Club, Adak, Alaska—March 1966 thru August 1966 [7 typed pages] Newsletter clipping: “Evening Demitasse honoring Mrs. Kenneth D. Helsel, wife of the new Commanding Officer of Naval Station” 4.1-4.4—[ladies visiting, silver tea service, candles on table] Newsletter clipping: September OWC Luncheon: “A breath-taking tour of scenic Alaska” 4.5—[Paul Hilburn standing with slide projector, women with hats seated at tables] Newsletter clipping and event flyer: October OWC Luncheon: flower arranging October event flyers and newsletter clipping: Bingo Family Night and OWC Childrens’ Halloween Party Christmas Bazaar, October 15, 1966 4.6-4.7—Several Gifts [decorations on table] 4.8—Children Loved It [boy in front of artificial silver Christmas tree] November event flyer, hand-lettered in pencil: “Bingo—New Games—New Prizes--$200 in Jackpots” November newsletter clipping: “A dazzling array of knit suits, cocktail and afternoon dresses and evening gowns plus furs were modeled in the fashion show.” 4.9-4.15—[women and men modeling clothing and furs] Christmas Dessert Coffee event flyer and newsletter clipping 4.16—[table with cakes, desserts, tall pink candles] OWC Christmas Coffee program and song sheet 4.17-4.18—[children’s choir on stage with Christmas tree] OWC Childrens’ Christmas Party event flyer and newsletter clipping OWC Card Hanging Tree Trimming Party event flyer and newsletter clipping: “Free wine punch, hot buttered rum and egg nog across the bar” Bingo Hammerhead Lodge event flyer, December 20, 1966 Teletype message “To All Guest Ladies” regarding Ladies Day, July 1967: “It is a pleasure to welcome the ladies of Adak to the Naval Communication Station. We hope that you will enjoy your afternoon with us.” Schedule includes bus tour, karate exhibition, lunch at Ptarmigan Club January event flyer: Bingo, Hammerhead Lodge. Beef stew, 50 cents per person February event flyer: Sweetheart Ball, dress: black tie, dancing to the Ali Katz Newsletter clipping: January NOWC Luncheon, theme: The States 4.19—1966-67 Officers and Committee Heads: Nancy Olney, Dorene Simmerine (?), Dottie Stula, Paulette Cupp, Ann Boyce Fashion show at Club Bayview 1966 4.20—Claire Mode models a dress 4.21-4.22—[officers in dress uniforms, with wives, seated at banquet tables] January 1967 event flyer: OWC Luncheon February 1967 event flyer and newsletter clipping: NOWC Luncheon, elections 4.23-4.27—[new officers, table decorations] March 1967 event flyer: OWC St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon April 1967 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, “Fashion Show courtesy of J. C. Penney’s of Anchorage” Hand-lettered color poster advertising fashion show, 11” x 17” 4.28-4.39—women and children modeling and attending fashion show May 1967 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, white elephant sale and singing quartet for entertainment 4.40—quartet on bar stools, performing (one woman, three men) 4.41-4.42—seated women having coffee July [?] 1967 event flyer: NOWC Dinner Dance, $7.00 per couple, “reservations made at the package store” Unidentified event: women getting make-up tips? 4.43-4.46 July 1967 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, “briefing on the role of Naval Communications, followed by a guided tour of Comm Sta facilities” [July 1967 dinner dance?] 4.47-4.50—band, crepe paper streamers, men and women dancing Women seated at tables decorated with small U.S. flags 4.51-4.52 August 1967 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: Admiral White: “The Role of the Navy Wife,” and elections 4.53-4.56—newly elected officers?, in hats and with corsages September 1967 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: “Mr. Jack Anderson from Anchorage on Hallmark items and a film on package wrapping.” Invitation: “The Officers Wives Club requests the pleasure of your company at a Tea honoring Mrs. Chester Glenn Phillips on Tuesday, September twelfth at two o’clock” 4.57-4.65—women at tea, with candles, flowers, silver tea service October 1967 event flyer: OWC Luncheon, program: LSD Movie, and Children’s Halloween Party (on separate dates!) 4.66-4.67—women seated at tables with movie screen in background November 1967 event flyer and roster of officers and committee chairwomen January 1968 event flyer: OWC Luncheon Revised By-Laws of the Naval Officers’ Wives’ Club, Adak, Alaska, January 1968 (6 pages) February 1968 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: slide program on Seabee Teams in Thailand March 1968 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: “A collection of millinery from Frederick & Nelson, of Seattle” 4.71-4.76—women modeling and attending hat show April 1968 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: “LCDR Van Patten will speak on ‘Your Navy Dollar’” May 1968 event flyer: Captain’s Ball May 1968 event flyer: Activities Coffee June 1968 event flyer: Picnic Luncheon, program: “wild life on Adak,” and “the floral life in the area” July 1968 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: leather craft August 1968 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: “Duties of Members, and duties of Officers” September 1968 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: “Your Navy Exchange” October 1968 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: “Seismological Observatory” October 1968 event flyer: Halloween Party for children 4.77-4.79—children in costumes: tin foil spacemen, cat, bunny, ? November 1968 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: Adak Little Theatre 4.80-4.81—women at luncheon December 1968 event flyer: NOWC Coffee, program: arts & crafts exhibit 4.82-4.83 [4.84 missing] 4.85-4.87—knickknacks, furs, table decorations December 1968 event flyer, colored with crayons: Children’s Christmas Party 4.88-4.92—Santa and children at party December 1968 event flyer (badly faded) 4.93-4.94—holiday social event January 1969 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: bus tour of COMMSTA 4.95—Officer giving presentation, map of the world, women in audience February 1969 event flyer: NOWC Luncheon, program: Chaplain Richard A. Boyer 4.96-4.98—women seated and standing by tables at social event March 1969 event flyer: NOWC Artists Luncheon. “Join the gay and giggly by wearing your avant garde clothes.” 4.99-4.100—women at luncheon 4.101—artist sketching woman at luncheon, with artwork hung on wall behind model April 1969 event flyer: NOWC Mad Hatter Luncheon. “Two prizes will be given: most original material used and craziest hat” 4.102-4.106—women with hats, one decorated with Crest toothpaste box Children’s Easter Party 4.107-4.110—“Easter bunny” and children at party Program: A Taste of Honey fashion show, April 1969 4.111-4.119—women and one male officer, modeling clothes on runway Newspaper clipping, “Easing Bleakness: High Fashion in Remote Adak,” by Jeanne Montague, Anchorage Daily News, no date, about Moe and Dorris Kadish of Jasper’s clothing store in Anchorage presenting two fashion shows; good summary of Adak conditions (frequency of flights to Anchorage, airfare, population) May 1969 event flyer: Coffee, demonstration of decoupage Menu: La Soiree du Vieux Carre (menu items all in French) June 1969 event flyer: luncheon with champagne punch, program on Weight Control by Dr. Thomas Scrapbook 5, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, January 1970 – September 1970 Scrapbook includes color and black & white photographs, newsletter clippings from the Adak Sun, mimeographed event flyers, and handmade invitations. Captions are from scrapbook labels. February 1970 event flyer and newsletter clipping: NOWC luncheon, program: wine tasting Installation of officers, February 1970 5.1-5.2—Joanne Nadeau, V.P.; Judy Roby, Hospitality; Carol Johnson, Cor. Sec.; Rita Hellyer, Treas.; Kathi Finn, Pres.; Cap’t Glenzer; Willida Elm, Pres.; Nancy Stewart, V.P.; Abbey Bradway, Rec. Sec.; Jeanne Weir, Cor. Sec.; Sally Miller, Treas. Newsletter clipping, “Installation Held” Mimeographed candidate statements, 3 pages Farewell to Mrs. Hubert Glenzer (Jeannie) & Mrs. Loren Parry (Norma) Newsletter clipping, February 13, 1970 5.3—Sally Miller serving [tea to] Mrs. Glenzer 5.4—[table with candles, food, ladies standing] 5.5—Agatha Bishop, Norma Perry, Jeannie Glenzer [wearing pink lei] 5.6—[table, women standing] 5.7—[Jeannie Glenzer and Norma Parry] 5.8-5.9—[table, women standing] Welcome tea for Mrs. Charles Boldt (Mozelle) & Mrs. Arthur Schmeider (Grace) Newsletter clipping, March 13, 1970 5.10—Mrs. Boldt, Mrs. Elm (NOWC Pres.), Mrs. Schmieder, Mrs. Stewart (NOWC V.P.) Invitation to tea at Hammerhead Lodge 5.11—[Mrs. Elm and Mrs. Schmieder at tea] 5.12—[Mrs. Boldt and Mrs. Schmieder, and seated woman pouring from silver tea service] 5.13—[Mrs. Schmieder and table with candles and food] March 1970 event flyer: NOWC luncheon, program: guest speaker Mr. Thomson, high school principal Certificate, “Recognition of Troop Sponsorship,” Girl Scout Troops by Naval Officers Wives Club, 1970-71 April 1970 event flyer: NOWC luncheon Newsletter clipping, “Wives to Discuss Drugs” March 1970 event flyer: Childrens’ Easter Party Newsletter clipping: “Know How to Fix Caribou-Burgers?”, April 24, 1970, soliciting recipes for “Welcome to Adak Cookery” book May 1970 event flyer: NOWC luncheon, program: potluck and Windy Island Florist Letter soliciting protest letters regarding treatment of American prisoners by North Vietnamese government Event flyer and ad copy for Spring Dinner Dance, theme: Camelot May 1970 handwritten ad for Camelot event May 1970 event flyers: Camelot event Mimeographed illustrated letter to those who helped with Camelot event, 4 pages [Four-page sandwich board inserted between leaves 9 and 10 of scrapbook] 5.14—[guests at banquet tables with medieval stage setting behind] Newsletter clippings, “Camelot Comes to Adak,” Adak Sun, June 3, 1970 5.15—[officers in dress uniforms at dessert table, drum set in background] Table decoration? in shape of castle, “Camelot / May 23, 1970” 5.16—[women in furs, officers in dress uniforms] Event schedule: Cocktails, Grand March, Dinner (beef Wellington), Choral Selections from Camelot by the Aleutianaires, Dancing to the Music of the Kodiak Band June 1970 event flyer: luncheon, program: Aleutianaires 5.17-5.18—[choral group in blue and white uniforms singing] 5.19—[women seated at table] July 1970 event flyer: Commsta Luncheon, program: Movie on Alcan Highway Mimeographed handout, “Adak Wildflowers by Lou,” 2 pages August 1970 event flyers: Election Luncheon, with sherry before 5.20—[candidates lined up] Mimeographed candidate statements, 4 pages 5.21—[Christmas goody bags?], NOWC August 1970 Mimeographed “Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting, August 20, 1970” Mimeographed “President’s Corner,” by Peggy Chelgren Elected officers? 5.22-5.27—[women with corsages and name-tags, male officer conducting meeting] Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” roster and biographies of new arrivals Mimeographed “Farewell Sourdoughs” roster and biographies of departing members Scrapbook 6, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, October 1970 – March 1971 Scrapbook includes color and black & white photographs, newsletter clippings from the Adak Sun, mimeographed event flyers and birth announcements. Captions are from scrapbook labels. 6.1—[ women signing in for meeting?] October 1970 event flyer: NOWC luncheon with cocktail hour before, program: “High school students will answer questions about their island” Newsletter clipping: “Four girls from Atka will be giving a talk about their Aleutian Island home . . . Francis Snigaroff, Sally Snigaroff, Janis Zoachney, and Vivian Nevzoroff” 6.2—[table decorations] 6.3—[women at social event] 6.4—[four teenage girls, presumably the guest speakers] October 1970 event flyer: Childrens Halloween Party 6.5—[ghost, with pumpkin] 6.6—[apple bobbing] 6.7-6.9—[children in costumes] Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” and “Farewell Sourdoughs” roster and biographies Mimeographed poem: “These Things are Ours” Mimeographed flyer: NOWC Fund Raising Project: “Buy your Alyeska Candy” Mimeographed illustrations and text: “Have you written your letter about the POWs yet???? Please do!!!! November 1970 event flyer and newsletter clipping: luncheon, program: “Film and Fabric,” informal fashion show and “a film on the VP Squadrons” 6.10—[women standing] 6.11—[head table? male officer and two women eating] 6.12—[Commander Mat Pasztalaniec of VP-9 talking about P-3s] 6.13—[women seated at luncheon] December 1970 President’s Message, newsletter clipping, holiday Egg Nog Party. “The party features egg nog, but the bar will be open to provide additional cheer.” 6.14—[man with song sheet standing at piano, singing?] 6.15—[Christmas tree] 6.16—[seated man, teacups on table] December 1970 mimeographed invitation to Egg Nog Party and Sing-along 6.17—[singers holding song sheets] December 1970 event flyer and newsletter clipping: NOWC Xmas Luncheon, “with entertainment by the Aleutianaires” 6.18-6.19—[women at Christmas party] Newsletter article: “Aleutianaires Mark Their First Anniversary,” about 20- member women’s choral group 6.20-6.21—[Aleutianaires singing] December 1970 event flyers: NOWC Childrens’ Xmas Party 6.22-6.25—[Santa and children at party] Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” and “Farewell Sourdoughs” roster and biographies January 1971 event flyer: NOWC luncheon and white elephant sale 6.26-6.29—[luncheon and attendees at “Ye Old White Elephant Auction Today”] Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” and “Farewell Sourdoughs” roster and biographies February 1971 event flyer: “Baby Do Your Thing! Arts and Crafts Show . . . Whatever turns you on!” February 1971 mimeographed “President’s Corner” and invitation to luncheon and board election, and Election Luncheon event flyer 6.30-6.31—[women casting ballots] Mimeographed candidate biographies (3 pages) 6.32—[all candidates?, holding roses] 6.33—Nancy Fearing [Recording Secretary], Betty Ziegler [Vice President], Darleen Miller [President], Kathy Deichert [Treasurer], Carole Arends [Corresponding Secretary], all holding single roses Installation of Officers 6.34—The Old & the New [outgoing and incoming presidents?] 6.35-6.40—[women receiving roses and gifts; male officer speaking at microphone next to table with gavel and silver urn] Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” and “Farewell Sourdoughs” roster and biographies Box 31, Folder 1 Scrapbook 7, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, March 1971 – July 1971 Scrapbook includes color and black & white photographs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer, mimeographed event flyers and birth announcements. 7.1—[women playing volleyball in gym decorated with state flags, dated June 1971] Mimeographed President’s Corner message by Darleen L. Miller March 1971 event flyer, International Luncheon Menu. with Adak U.S. naval Communication Station logo 7.2—[woman in costume standing by large copper-hooded fireplace] 7.3—[eight women in costume] 7.4—[three women in costume] 7.5—[display of Middle Eastern rug, books, figurine] 7.6—[table decorations, including ornate beer stein] 7.7-7.9—[tabletop figurines of international types] 7.10—[adults and children in clown costumes in gymnasium, dated June 1971] Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of seven women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of three women April 1971 event flyers, Children’s Easter party Mimeographed President’s Corner message by Darleen L. Miller April 1971 event flyer, Old Adak Luncheon, “come casual” April 1971 event flyer, Old Fashioned Hail + Farewell Auction Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of five women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of three women Mimeographed President’s Corner message by Darleen L. Miller May 1971 event flyer, luncheon with singing by the Aleutianaires Mimeographed, faded birth announcement Cherry Blossom Festival, May 1971 Mimeographed cover illustration of Japanese geisha, for Bering Briefer newsletter, May 1971 Fan-shaped menu Schedule: cocktails, dinner, music, “Ladies are invited to wear Japanese Kimonos” Mimeographed thank yous, from newsletter (5 pages) Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of three women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of six women Mimeographed birth announcements for two babies Mimeographed President’s Corner message by Darleen L. Miller June 1971 event flyer, Zodiac Luncheon. “A movie of the underwater voyage of the Triton submarine will be shown” Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of eleven women July 1971 President’s Corner message by Darleen L. Miller July 1971 event flyer, Luncheon Mimeographed birth announcement Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of nine women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of four women Box 35 Scrapbook 8, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, August 1971 – August 1972 Scrapbook includes color and black & white photographs, newsletter clippings from the Adak Sun and Bering Briefer, mimeographed event flyers and birth announcements. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Election 1971 8.1—[Carol Trext and Darleen Miller, exchanging red flowers] September 3 newspaper clipping about August election 8.2—Darleen Miller, President (outgoing) 8.3—Mrs. Bolett – Nancy Fearing 8.4—Betty Ziegler, V.P. – Darleen & her gift 8.5—New President – Carol Trext 8.6—Mrs. Mitchell – Carole Arends 8.7—Darleen, Betty, Nancy, Carole 8.8—The “formal” photograph – August 19, 1971 – Kathy Deichert, Carole Arends, Nancy Fearing, Carol Trent, Darleen Miller, Betty Ziegler, Mrs. Boldt, Mrs. Mitchell Adak Sun, August 27, 1971 Clipping: “Island Wives Clubs Plan ‘Carousel of Fashion for Late September” Clipping: “Officers Wives Sponsor Okie Day Baking Contests 8.9—[crowd in front of NOWC table] Adak Sun, September 16, 1971 Clipping: “Fashion Show Selects 18 Models” Clipping: “Wives Hear About Russia” September Briefer Mimeographed President’s Corner by Carol Trent Birth announcement 8.10—8.12—Oklahoma Day Photos [baking contest] Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of thirteen women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of three women Event flyer: NWOC Luncheon, “From Russia With Love” Mimeographed thank you for totem pole, from Darleen L. Miller 8.10—Farewells [luncheon presentations] 8.11—Mrs. Bold’s “Pacifider” [woman receiving gift at luncheon] Comm-Sta’s Hail 7 Farewell, September 25, 1971 Event flyer 8.12—[luncheon head table?] Carousel of Fashions, September 28-30, 1971 Clipping: “Carousel of Fashion Ready to Whirl Next Week” Mimeographed event flyer [fall fashion show] Printed program, Carousel of Fashions Ticket for admission [$1.50] 8.13—Lynn Forrestal [modeling quilted robe] 8.14—Judy Barnett [modeling hot pants] Clipping: “Audiences Seem Pleased With Fashion Carousel” 8.15—Sue Fowler Tea party, September 28, 1971 Invitation to tea in honor of Mrs. Charles H. Boldt and Mrs. Gerald F. Thummel 8.16—The tea table [candles, flowers, refreshments] 8.17—Mrs. Thummel, Mrs. Boldt & Carol [pouring tea] 8.18—Jean Wydo, Pommy Hatfield & Shirley Heiges 8.19—Carol and Mrs. Mitchell 8.20—The Scrapbook Table [women writing in scrapbook] 8.21—Irma Buchanan, Mrs. Thummel, Mrs. “Mac”, Mrs. Boldt, Pat Diller, Betty Morehead 8.22—The presentation: Mrs. Boldt & Carol [standing at microphone] 8.23—Mrs. Boldt and 1 of 2 hurricane lamps 8.24—Mrs. Boldt and the engraved silver bowl Clipping: [Mrs. Boldt with bowl] 8.25—Carol and Mrs. Boldt [standing at microphone] 8.26-8.27—Again, the “bowl,” and a bit of the male photographer Manuscript letter: “The Adak Sun article that didn’t get printed!!! Clipping: “NavSta Gets New Skipper Tomorrow Morning,” October 1, 1971 Clippings: “The Script Should Have Worn The Magic Ring” and “So-So Job With A Bummer Script” [review by Bill Honerkamp of Adak Little Theatre production of The Hobbit] Mimeographed newsletter clippings, October 1971 Three birth announcements “Hello!” letter from Marilou Thummel President’s Corner by Carol Trent Poem about friendship Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of three women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of four women October 1971 event flyer: Halloween party with costume judging by age group 8.28—The witch [in costume with broom, greeting adults and children] 8.29—Call to Order?! [large group of children in costumes] 8.30—Instructions 8.31—Apple Bobbing 8.32—Mary and the 7’s and 8’s [reading to children in costumes] 8.33—The 3’s and 4’s [age group] 8.34—Helene and the 3’s and 4’s 8.35—The 5’s and 6’s 8.36—The 9’s and 10’s October 1971 event flyer: luncheon, Wild Life and Conservation Mimeographed newsletter clippings, November 1971 President’s Corner by Carol Trent Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of two women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of two women November 1971 event flyer, Treasure Chest Luncheon [with invitation made of construction paper and gold glitter] Mimeographed newsletter clippings, December 1971 Birth announcement President’s Corner by Carol Trent Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of five women Mimeographed “Farewell” biography of one women Mimeographed event flyer: NOWC Egg Nog Party Mimeographed invitation: Christmas Luncheon December 1971 event flyer: NOWC Christmas Party 8.37-8.38—Santa (Bill Baumgardner) & Mrs. (Jo Welsh) Claus & the kids 8.39-8.47—[Christmas party scenes with Santa, kids, food, piñatas] Mimeographed poem: A NAVY WIFE IS SOMEONE SPECIAL Mimeographed newsletter clippings, January 1972 Birth announcement Farewell by Carol Trent Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of seven women Farewell poem by K. D. Barker Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of four women Slate of Officers Supply Luncheon, January 18 Mimeographed event flyer: The Lion in Winter [stage play?] Mimeographed event flyer: French Wine Tasting, “presented by Monsieur Clermont” Mimeographed event flyer: Wonderful World of Dizzyland [play, and “Hail and Farewell”] Children’s Easter Party, March 26, 1972 8.48-8.49—Gathering the Goodies! [children with Easter baskets and plastic eggs] Volleyball Game, Hammerhead Nasty Netters vs. Caribou Clobberettes, April 9, 1972, Bering Gym Photo clippings from newsletter: Sharon Carter & Pat Diller Coach Duda Smashes One! Cheerleader Hale Diller Sue Fowler Sue Fowler & Kay Bodine Coach Judy Duda! “Zorro” (Arlene Fry) Southern Comfort, Spring Formal 1972 8.50—Moss garnishing the oak trees in entry was flown in from Mobile, Alabama 8.51—Wisteria over the bar 8.52—Magnolia trees by garden wall 8.53—Garden wall with azalea plants 8.54—Magnolia tree with flowers at base; rose trees decorated wall to left 8.55—10-foot pillars portrayed the entrance to a southern plantation [men and women in formal dress] 8.56—Red drapes tied back with gold cord decorated the interior. Beads were hung from light fixtures bringing them closer to tables. 8- foot pillars behind band. 8.57—[supper scene] 8.58—Over 1,000 flowers (8 different types) were used in floral centerpieces [man and woman seated at table with flowers, candles] 8.59—“Old” Scarlet & Rhett of Gone With The Wind [man and woman seated at table] 8.60—[piano player, banjo player in straw boater hat] 8.61—[ice sculpture of human figure?] 8.62—[woman walking past “plantation columns”] 8.63—[piano and banjo players, viewed through columns] Box 35 Scrapbook 9, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, August 1972 – October 1973 Scrapbook includes color and black & white photographs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer, mimeographed event flyers and birth announcements. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Installation of new officers, August 17, 1972 Event flyer 9.1—President: Barbara Sandler 9.2—Vice President: Janice Stucki 9.3—Recording Secretary: Anne Clermont 9.4—Corresponding Sec.: Betty Purdham 9.5—Treasurer: Maureen Callahan Mimeographed event flyer, Fall Festival, Labor Day weekend Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of eight women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of nine women Mimeographed event flyer, Italian wine-tasting, August 18, 1972 Mimeographed event flyer, Kick into Fall luncheon, September 28, 1972 Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of eleven women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of five women Mimeographed event flyer, October 19, 1972 luncheon Children’s Halloween Party, October 29, 1972 9.6—Jo Welsh – our witch 9.7—[children in costumes, apple-bobbing] 9.8—[large group of seated children in costumes] 9.9—[party scene] 9.10—Into the haunted house!! Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of fourteen women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of three women Mimeographed event flyer, Thanksgiving Luncheon Mimeographed event flyer, California Wine Tasting Christmas Bazaar, November 25, 1972 9.11—Santa’s workshop 9.12—[Santa with crowd] 9.13—Christmas crafts 9.14-9.15—General crafts 9.16—White elephant 9.17—Candies & pastries 9.18—Raffle 9.19—Used books Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of four women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of three women Mimeographed event flyer: Christmas Luncheon, December 14, 1972 Election of officers 9.20—Outgoing officers: Janice Stucki, Anne Clermont, Betty Purdhan. Incoming officers: Maureen Callahan, Treas.; Mary Hardaway, Recording Sec.; Cindy Carter, Corresponding Sec.; Sharon Cunningham, Vice President; Barbara Sandler, President. Captain J. C. Mitchell Mimeographed event flyer: NOWC Eggnog party, December 16, 1972 Children’s Christmas Party, December 23, 1972 9.21-9.23—[children swinging at piñata] 9.24—[Santa and Mrs. Claus with child on his lap] Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of four women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of nine women Mimeographed event flyer, Aquarius Luncheon, January 18, 1973 Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of five women Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of eight women Mimeographed event flyer, NOWC Luncheon, February 15, 1973 Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of seven women (“And . . . would you believe, nobody left!) Mimeographed event flyer, NOWC Luncheon, “Wear Green” Mimeographed event flyer, NOWC Wine Tasting, March 30, 1973 Photocopies of four wine labels Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of two women Birth announcements Mimeographed event flyer, Spring Fashion Show, April 19, 1973 Mimeographed event flyer, Children’s Easter Party, April 21, 1973 (“Live-Real- Giant Easter Bunny. Live-Real-Giant Raggedy Ann & Andy”) Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of three women Birth announcements Mimeographed event flyer, Around the May Pole Luncheon Mimeographed “Hail” biographies of three women Mimeographed event flyer, Spring Formal, “ South Pacific,” May 26, 1973 9.25—[chairs and tables, set for event] 9.26—[display, installed around fireplace?] 9.27—[wall mural with mountains and huts; tables and chairs set up] 9.28—[wall mural with palm trees] 9.29—[entrance with potted plants] Mimeographed credits for decorations, publicity, food, etc. 9.30—[chandelier decorated with flowers] 9.31—[set table, with event programs in place] 9.32—[bar or kitchen?] 9.33—[wall murals, entrance door decorated with bamboo] Handmade event program, tied with ribbon 9.34-9.36—[room decorations, including papier mache palm trees with coconuts and flowers] 9.37—[‘waterfall’ down stairs, made with real stones?] 9.38—[band instruments on bandstand decorated with bamboo and potted plants] 9.39—[women standing and talking] 9.40—[woman on knees, working on wall murals?] 9.41—[women setting up table decorations, one with tongue out] Mimeographed event flyer, luncheon and elections, June 18, 1973 Newspaper clipping, captioned photo of incoming and outgoing officers 9.42-9.45—[installation of officers] Mimeographed “Farewell Sourdoughs” biographies of five couples Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” biographies of two couples Mimeographed birth announcements of four babies Newspaper clippings, “Klondike Days A Success” Mimeographed event flyer, July Luncheon, “A Picnic at the BOQ”. “Sponsored by Operations and Weather (guaranteed no rain),” “Dr. Shriver will be the guest speaker—discussing weight control, particularly at a picnic.” Peanuts cartoon, featuring Snoopy jogging Mimeographed “Farewell Sourdoughs” biographies of nine couples Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” biographies of three couples Newspaper clippings, “Summer Fun 1973” July 4, 1973 Mimeographed event flyer, August Luncheon, “Beach Party” Mimeographed “Farewell Sourdoughs” biographies of eight couples Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” biographies of five couples Tea party in honor of Mrs. Gerald F. Thummel, August 14, 1973 9.46-9.49—[women at tea party, photos water-damaged] 9.50—[women at tea party: candles, silver tea service, flowers] Mimeographed clippings re. Fall Festival (parade, volleyball game, chili booth) 9.51—[chili booth customer, and women behind counter decorated with jack o’ lanterns] Mimeographed event flyer, “Show and Tell” Luncheon, September 20, 1973 Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” biographies of six couples Mimeographed “Farewell Sourdoughs” biographies of four couples Mimeographed letter from Marilou Thummel, about leaving Adak after two years Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” biographies of five couples Mimeographed event flyer, “Psychedelic Luncheon,” October 18, 1973: “Come join us and get—Turned On!!” “Partake of our PILL POT!! Mimeographed “Hail Cheechakos” biographies of nine couples Poem: “The Daffodil” [original?, about Adak] Mimeographed “Farewell” biographies of two members Mimeographed event flyer, NOWC Children’s Halloween Party Mrs. Swadener’s Tea [wife of new commanding officer] 9.52-9.58—[women at tea party: flowers, candles, silver tea set] Box 35 Scrapbook 10, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, May 1974 – December 1974 Scrapbook includes black & white photographs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer, mimeographed event flyers and birth announcements. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Event flyer, May Luncheon, “Come Fly a Kite” Event flyer, “Fiesta Espanol—A Night in Spain” [cocktails, dinner, dancing], May 25, 1974. “P.S. Those making reservations and any guests attending must be NOWC members!” [candid party scenes, good quality black & white images] 10.1—Ned Leroy, Val Fridriksson, Janice & Dennis Bulai, Anna Hemmerle, Ernestine Glover (Dale) 10.2—Kevin Hussey, Hank Haggard, Cdr. Dave Oleson [in dress uniform, taking a photo with Polaroid camera] 10.3—Sam Strong, Pam Mergan, Captain & Mrs. Veach (Nina), Valaria (Max) & Stan Crevier 10.4—Cocktail Hour—Have Some Sangria: Sherry Renner, Becky Locke, Stan again, Cheri Waytena 10.5—Maxie Tucker, Sharon & Ron Cunningham, Donna Jorgenson— Soprano: “Who’ll Buy My Pretty Violets?” 10.6—Fran Rende, Captain & Mrs. John R. Swadener 10.7—Polly & Ed Greenfield [dancing] 10.8—Tom & Debbie Currier, Ardith Hussey 10.9—Boots Herman, Becky Locke, John Fleshman 10.10—Gerry Kraft, Pam Mergan, Deibbie & Tom Currier 10.11—[couples dancing in front of band playing saxophone, trumpet] 10.12—Hale Diller [officer in uniform taking photo], Donna [Jorgenson?], Vern Thompson 10.13—Jolene Bethel accompanied Donna at the piano 10.14—Ethel & John Fleshman, Anna Hemmerle, Bob Herman, Boots Herman, Gary Locke, Becky Locke 10.15—Jeanne & Harvey Stryken [dancing] 10.16—Pat Brown, Ethel Fleshman, Vern Thompson, Donna Jorgenson, Pat Tucker, Kay Hoke, Jean Popikas Event flyer, June Luncheon, “Daisies Will Tell” Farewell flyer, biographies of three couples “Hail Cheechakos” flyer, August 1974, five biographies “New Arrivals” flyer, three babies Event flyer, “Big Top Carnival Hail & Farewell, August 31, 1974—“Featuring Hilda the singing waitress, Gaylord the near bottomless waiter, Reindeer the Auctioneer and a host of special guest stars” “Hail Cheechakos” flyer, biographies of four couples “Farewell Sourdoughs” flyer, biographies of five couples Event flyer, “Halloween Party for goblins 12 & under” Event flyer, October Luncheon, “Alaska Day,” October 18, 1974 Event flyer, Christmas bazaar, October 26, 1974—“Shop now so that your packages to the Lower 48 will arrive there on time!” Event flyer, October Hail & Farewell & Auction Event flyer, Raffle at the Christmas Bazaar [some prizes listed] Birth announcement, one child “Hail Cheechakos” flyer, eleven biographies “Farewell Sourdoughs” flyer, three biographies Event flyer, November Luncheon, “Age of Aquarius” Event flyer, “Eggnog Party,” December 7, 1974 Event flyer, December Luncheon Event flyer, Christmas party for children [written as a poem—“But mom and dad give the gift that day / Not more than one dollar and a half / Come see our children smile and laugh”] [The following items were found loose and are now in an envelope inside the back cover of Scrapbook 10]: “Hails” flyer, five biographies, February 1974? “Farewells” flyer, three biographies, February 1974? Event flyer, February Luncheon, “Washington’s Birthday” “Hail Cheechakos” flyer, five biographies, March 1974? “Farewell Sourdoughs” flyer, two biographies and one birth announcement, March 1974? Event flyer, March Luncheon, “St. Patrick’s Day” Event flyer, “Childrens Easter Party,” April 7, 1974? “Hail” flyer, six biographies, March 1974? “Hail Cheechakos” flyer, one biography, April 1974? “Farewell” flyer, one biography, April 1974? Event flyer, April Luncheon, “1974 Home Sewn Fashions” “Farewell Sourdoughs” flyer, two biographies, April 1974? Event flyer, May Luncheon, “The Panel Discussion” Classified ads, from April 1974 Bering Briefer? “Farewell” flyer, three biographies, May 1974? “Hails” flyer, three biographies, May 1974? “Farewell” flyer, three biographies, June 1974? “Hails” flyer, four biographies, June 1974? “Hails” flyer, nine biographies, June 1974? “Farewell Sourdoughs” flyer, three biographies, June 1974? Event flyer, June Hail & Farewell, “Liberty in San Francisco” Event flyer, Wine-Tasting, hammerhead Lodge, November 30, 1974? “Farewell” flyer, two biographies, no date Box 31, Folder 2 Scrapbook 11, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, January – June 1975 Scrapbook includes one black & white and the rest color photographs, newsletter clippings from the Adak Sun and Bering Briefer, and mimeographed event flyers. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Photocopy of scrapbook covers and pages before disassembly, 22 pages January 1975 NOWC Installation of Officers 11.1—Anna Hemmerle turns presidential gavel over to incoming president Janis Mitchell 11.2—Left to right: Anna Hemmerle, outgoing pres.; Betty Bowers, outgoing VP; Elaine Eichel, outgoing secretary; Genny Shirah, incoming Rec. Sec.; Susan Hill, incoming Corres. Sec,; Janis Mitchell, incoming President Mimeographed biographies of incoming officers Mimeographed farewell biographies NOWC Egg Nog Party 11.3-11.6—[men and women with song sheets, Christmas tree] February 1975 event clipping: Hubby Appreciation Dinner 11.7—[dining, dancing, electric guitar player] 11.8—Sherry Renner and John Hill [dancing] 11.9—Valerie and Stan Crevier [beaming at each other; he’s wearing a large red bow tie, red vest, sport coat and red and white checked pants, she’s in a white satin dress with pink flower pattern] February 1975 event clippings: George Washington’s “Inflation” Birthday 11.10—Guest Speaker: CWO Terry Hall, OINC Commissary Store [Navy portrait, note long sideburns] Mimeographed “Farewell Sourdoughs” biographies Mimeographed “Hail! Cheechakos” biographies Susan Hill swims to stay fit the day before baby Benjamin was born 11.11—[Susan Hill in swimming pool] 11.12—[Susan Hill, very pregnant, standing beside swimming pool with swim cap in hand] March 1975 NOWC Easter Parade: Cocktails & Lunch. (“Come in your Easter Bonnet—and win a prize if yours is most unique” “Featuring a make-up demonstration by Max Factor”) Mimeographed clippings 11.13—[table decorations] 11.14—Sue Traser accepts prize for most original bonnet from Joyce Mulhern 11.15—Nina Swadener searches for her raffle tickets 11.16—Susan Hill (in bonnet) Genny Shirah, Sharon Keenan 11.17—Micky Judd, Helen Sims (standing), Jackie Nelms (in bonnet) Mimeographed “Hail! Cheechakos” biography Ginny Jaundaleris demonstrates Max Factor techniques on Mickey Judd 11.18—Start with a clean face 11.19—The eyes have it 11.20—Always use a lip brush 11.21—The new Mickey Fashion 1975: Home Sewn Fashions Modeled by Members of NOWC, April 17, 1975 Mimeographed program, tied with pink yarn, 6 pages 11.22—Val Friedrickson 11.23—Josie Bills 11.24—Sherry Renner 11.25—Becky Cook [pantsuit, muff, Santa hat] 11.26—Sandy Love 11.27—Evelyn Barnhill 11.28—Sadie Cartwright 11.29—Sharon Cunningham 11.30—Gloria Sanders Mimeographed Hails during April 1975 [biographies] Mimeographed Fond Farewells [names and next duty stations] International Toastmistresses [women standing behind banner] 11.31—Standing L to R: Pat Westfall, Mrs. Woodward (?), Jeanne Culbertson, Val Fridriksson, Pam Tincher, Kay Hulse, Joella Welsh, Fran Rende. Kneeling: Betty Haggard, Pat Diller, Dolores Garcia, Teri Suehs Newsletter clipping with illustration: “Betty Moorhead receives patch” [for swimming 50 miles in Adak swimming pool] More Fashions from NOWC—April 1975 11.32—Barbara Moylan 11.33—Janis Mitchell 11.34—Anna Hemmerlie 11.35—Jolene Bethel NOWC Box Social April 26 11.36—What am I bid? Forrest McNair 11.37—I bid four dollars Mimeographed “Hail! Cheechakos” biographies Mimeographed baby announcement: John Ross Thompson, son of Vern and Jean Thompson 11.38—Happiness is a bundle of joy! [baby in one-piece sleeper, John Ross Thompson?] 11.39—Jean Thompson [at bowling alley, 1975; Sue Peck and Susan Hill behind her] NOWC Spring Formal, “Antebellum Days”—May 1975 Program cover?, oval drawing of southern mansion and moss-covered trees, framed with pink lace Menu, program summary, name tags (?) for Mrs. Himes and Commander Himes 11.40—[four-piece band wearing cowboy outfits, band name on bass drum is “Redneck Revue”] 11.41—[couples dancing, band in background] 11.42—[couples talking around refreshment tables] 11.43—[five teenagers wearing bowties and straw boater hats—high school skit mentioned in the program?] 11.44—[room decorations] 11.45—[Redneck Revue band instruments] 11.46—[man and woman standing by hors d’oeuvre table, woman wearing fur stole] 11.47—[room decorations] 11.48—[six teenagers, in skit?] 11.49—[couples dancing] 11.50—[man in plaid sport jacket playing piano] 11.51—[bar with bartender behind it] 11.52—[man in plaid sport jacket playing piano] 11.53—[couples dancing, cowboy guitar player] 11.54—[overview of room with piano, decorated tables] 11.55—[eight women, one man standing in a row, man making a speech?] 11.56—[three women standing by food table, large copper-hooded fireplace behind them] 11.57—[couples dancing] 11.58—[guests at tables, chandeliers above] NOWC League Bowling 11.59—Bowling 1975 / Nina Verch(?), her famous release [rear view of person bowling, nine lanes visible in photo] 11.60—Bowling 1975 [women bowling, ball return racks in foreground] Mimeographed invitation, May luncheon Mimeographed “Hail” biographies Mimeographed invitation, June luncheon Mimeographed “Farewell” list Nina’s Tea, June 26, 1975 11.61-11.74—[women at tea party with candles, silver service, presents] Unidentified event 11.75-11.79—[women working around tables, collating paperwork] Written inside rear cover: “Scrapbook Collated by Joyce Mulhern, Com Pat Wings Pac Det Adak” Box 35 Scrapbook 12, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, May 1977 – January 1979 Scrapbook, spiral-bound with color floral photographic cover, includes black & white and color photographs, newsletter clippings from the Adak Sun and Bering Briefer, and mimeographed event flyers. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Tea for Mrs. Childers 12.1—Vicki Harrison [tea being poured from silver service] 12.2—Martha Childers [cutting sheet cake], Peg McCrork 12.3—Martha Childers, Annette Cole 12.4—Dianna Huff, Barbara Thorne [caption only—photo missing] 12.5—Marlene Marx 12.6—Carol Hoyt [pouring punch], Molly Carroll 12.7—Barb Johnson, Jane Farris [pouring tea] 12.8—Sue Normandin, Ethel Fleshman [in bold floral dress] 12.9—Martha Childers [pouring tea], Pat Hendricks, Ann Huffman 12.10—Carol Gates, Dianna Moore 12.11—Peggy Cole 12.12—Paulette Sundberg 12.13—Jane Farris, Ann Huffman 12.14—Linda Wood 12.15—Annette Engstrom, Val Fridriksson 12.16—Micki Carlson, Dotlie (?) Allen 12.17—Vicki Harrison 12.18—Martha Childers, Shawna Selbey 12.19—Vicki Steinbrugge, Mary Jo Bovee 12.20—Sandra Robinson, Laurel Herriott, Pat Hendricks 12.21—Ann Huffman, Jane Issi, Janet Barham 12.22—Pat Hendricks, Vice Pres., Martha Childers 12.23—Martha Childers [serving cake], Peg McCrork 12.24—Pat Hendricks, Martha Childers [holding pewter platter] Newsletter clipping, thank you note from Martha Childers Newsletter clippings, “Farewells to Sourdoughs,” six names, June 1977 Newsletter clippings: June luncheon, edible plant tips, club election results, birth announcements, praise for original play North Pacific, written and directed by Dave Bartlett [spoof on Rodgers & Hammerstein’s musical South Pacific] Newsletter clippings, “Farewell” to twelve women, July 1977 Newsletter clippings, “Hail Cheechakos,” thirteen women, July-August 1977 Newsletter clippings, birth announcements, three babies Newsletter clippings, “Hails,” nine women, and “Farewells,” two women, August 1977 Newsletter clipping, report on August luncheon speaker Father Edward J. McMahon Event flyer, NOWC Luncheon, September 15, 1977. Guest speaker Mary DeBernardis, nutritionist, speaking on “10 SUBTLE WAYS TO KILL YOUR HUSBAND (Without Even Trying)”. Flyer illustration features Sarge from Beetle Bailey comics, chowing down on beer, cookies, soda, potato chips. Newsletter clipping, “Beware of the Dreadful Williwaw,” warnings about winter weather Newsletter clipping, report on October “Hail & Farewell.” New arrivals presented with Adak wind gauges: “a section of chain link standing straight out from a pole” Halloween party 12.25—Josie Bills [witch costume], Diana Hupp [clown makeup, straw hat] 12.26—Rita Morneau [clown makeup, wig, costume] 12.27—Josie Bills 12.28—Diana Hupp [clown costume, game with plastic jack o’ lanterns] 12.29—Marty Riley [cowboy?] 12.30—Connie Rosenberger [clown with big yellow collar, with tiny child] 12.31—Josie Bills [witch costume] 12.32—[Diana Hupp] 12.33—[Josie Bills] 12.34—[four children in costume] Luncheon, November 17, 1977: election of officers Newsletter clippings with results 12.35—[new officers?] Newsletter clippings, “Farewells” to three women, “Hails” to three women Newsletter clipping, birth announcement, one baby Election results 12.36—[new officers?—four women with flowers, man speaking from podium] Newsletter clipping, officers and committees Newsletter clipping, Hammerhead Lodge installation Newsletter clipping, skit about Adak by “Charlie Brown and his Peanuts gang” Newsletter clipping, “Some Thoughts on November” Newsletter clipping, review of Christmas Bazaar November 20, 1977 Event flyer, Christmas Luncheon, “Fur Fashion Show,” December 15, 1977 Newsletter clipping, review of Christmas Luncheon Christmas Party Newsletter clipping, review of Christmas party 12.37-12.44—[Santa with children] 12.45—[party decorations, cutout of man with beret holding painter’s palette labeled “Chez Ramponneau”] 12.46-12.48—[dancing, table decorations] Event flyer, NOWC Coffee, January 19, 1978 Newsletter clipping, review of January luncheon Newsletter clipping, “Hails” to four women Newsletter clipping, one birth announcement Newsletter clipping, OWC representatives from various commands on Adak (?) Newsletter clipping, one “Hail,” three “Farewells” Newsletter clipping soliciting comments on “improving the Exchange” Event flyer, regular meeting, topic: Child Abuse, February 14, 1978 Newsletter clippings, two “Hails,” one birth announcement Newsletter page, “Volcanos” Event flyer, NOWC Luncheon, March 16, 1978: “tour of AFRTS radio and television studios” Event flyer, NOWC Children’s Easter Party, March 25, 1978: “Children’s champagne!” Newsletter clipping: roster of NOWC officers and committees Event flyer, NOWC Coffee, July 20, 1978: Tupperware demonstration Newsletter clippings, “Hails” to eight women, “Farewells” to five women Event flyer, Luncheon hosted by Medical/Dental Wives, August 17, 1978 Newsletter clippings, “Hails” to six women, “Farewells” to four women Event flyer, Potluck Luncheon, September 19, 1978: Adak’s Education Resources Newsletter clippings, “Hails” to ten women, “Farewell” to one woman Event flyer, NOWC Coffee and Dessert, October 18, 1978: Demonstrations of Hula, Gymnastics, Akido, Quilting, and Handwriting Analysis Newsletter clipping, “Hails” to six women, “Farewell” to one woman Event flyer, luncheon with fashion show courtesy of Tess Grubb’s Furrier Shop Newsletter clipping, “Hails” to two women, “Farewells” to three women Mimeographed ballot for club officers, election on November 15, 1978 Mimeographed roster of officers and committee heads Mimeographed clippings, 1978 Christmas Bazaar announcement, reports Mimeographed event flyer, Luncheon, December 14, 1978 Mimeographed “Farewells” to four women, plus “Get Well Soon” to Lynda Maultsby, “gone to Anchorage to have surgery on her foot” Mimeographed “Hails” to six women Mimeographed event flyer, open house at the Adak Museum, December 25, 1978 Newsletter clipping, scholarships offered for three credits at the Adak Extension Center. “If the course is not completed satisfactorily, the money must be returned.” Newsletter clipping, Adak Sun?, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Thomas B. Hayward visiting Adak Mimeographed event flyer, Luncheon, January 18, 1979 Mimeographed “Hails,” two women, birth announcement, “Farewells,” three women, including scrapbook editor Rita Morneau [fifteen blank pages] Inside back cover, mimeographed INFORMATION ON NOWC SILVER LOCKER, including inventory of ITEMS AVAILABLE Box 31, Folder 3 Scrapbook 13, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, August 1979 – April 1981 Scrapbook includes black & white and color photographs, newsletter clippings from the Adak Sun and Bering Briefer, and mimeographed event flyers. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Scrapbook cover, with note pasted inside thanking Carol Gehrlein for “taking the NOWC scrapbook & camera. This job has gone unfilled for quite awhile. . .” Tea for Velma Lee, August 1979 13.1—[Velma Lee(?), standing behind table with punch bowl, candles, flowers] 13.2—[table decorations] 13.3-13.4—[women standing and talking] Unidentified event 13.5-13.11—[women with single roses receiving gifts behind table decorated with pumpkins] Unidentified event 13.12—[woman walking in door, hand over mouth—surprised?] 13.13-13.15—[woman opening gift-wrapped presents] Adak scenes 13.16—[woman and two men standing near vehicles in parking lot] 13.17—[two-story building, with other buildings in distance] Art Auction Night—October 1, 1980 Invitation to art exhibition and auction presented by Naval Officers’ Wives’ Club. “Artwork in this auction is from the distinguished COLLIER INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION.” 13.18—Tonie Allsopp, ticket seller 13.19—Rosie Pinson, Kathy Whitney [looking at framed art prints] 13.20—Elaine Durham, Captain Durham, Sue Kelly 13.21—President Joyce Wright and “auctioneer” 13.22—Paulette Peters [standing with three men, all holding drinks] 13.23—Inga Patton [standing next to easel displaying artwork] October Luncheon—Civilian Wives Mimeographed event flyer in shape of jack-o-lantern 13.24—Jan White, Inga Patton [seated at table with carved pumpkin] 13.25—[table decorations] 13.26—Mary Savel, Marilyn Essinger All-Island Christmas Bazaar, November 15, 1980 Mimeographed event flyers, newsletter article Hails [biographies of three women] Installation of New Officers, November 17, 1980 Mimeographed event flyer, plea for candidates 13.27—[silver tea service, tea cups on table] 13.28—[food and table decorations] 13.29—[candelabra with lit candles, food on table] 13.30—Outgoing: Treasurer Angie Brown for Kathy Whitney, Corres. Secre. Barbie King for Linda Herret, Recording Secre. Carol Burd for Sue Kelly, vice Pres. Toni Allsopp, Pres. Joyce Wright 13.31—Incoming: Pres. Elain Durham, Vice Pres. Sue Kelly, Recording Secr. Linda Herret, Corres Secre. Kathy Whitney, Treasurer Sue Hutchins 13.32—Joyce Wright, Captain Brown, Elaine Durham [presentation with single red roses] 13.33—Captain Brown, Joyce Wright, Elaine Durham, Sue Kelly [presentation with single red roses] 13.34—Joyce Wright, Toni Allsopp, Captain Brown, Sue Kelly 13.35—Toni Allsopp, Joyce Wright, Carol Burd, Capt. Brown, Linda Herret 13.36—Barbie King, Carol Burd, Toni Allsopp, Angie Brown, Capt. Brown, Sue Hutchins 13.37—Carol Burd, Toni Allsopp, Joyce Wright, Barbie King, Capt. Brown, Kathy Whitney Christmas Decorating Party, December 5, 1980 Mimeographed flyers Christmas Tea, December 22, 1980 Mimeographed flyer 13.38—[tea cups, silver tea service on table with lace tablecloth] 13.39—[table decorations and food] 13.40—Verlma Lee, Sue Hutchins [with silver tea service] 13.41—Elaine Durham 13.42—Marilyn Essinger, Grammy Prior 13.43—Jeanne Carver, Sue Rigby 13.44—Tracey Adams, Ruby Larson, Kris Donnelly 13.45—Elaine Durham, Sue Kelly 13.46—Velma Lee, Linda Ratliff 13.47—Sue Rigby, Georgia Hogan, Joyce Wright, Elaine Durham New Year’s Eve Party Mimeographed event flyer Oriental Luncheon, January 22, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer 13.48—[table decorations] 13.49—Nora Smith [in front of dragon wall decoration] 13.50—[scrapbooks, table decorations] 13.51—Helen Sims, Inga Patton 13.52—Diana Hupp, Cris Kovacevich, Sue Hutchins 13.53—Nancy Cockcroft, Beverly Blackwell 13.54—Carol Conaway, Jeanne Goddard 13.55—Linda Herrett, Chris Wall 13.56—Diana Hupp, Barbara Headley, Sue Hutchins, Nora Smith 13.57—Nora Smith, Joyce Wright, Chris Wall 13.58—Beverly Blackwell, Heather Stapleton 13.59—Cathie Griffith, Sandy Smith Hails [biographies of three women] Have A Heart Luncheon, February 18, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer 13.60—[food, table decorations] 13.61—Linda Ratliff, Linda Herrett, Joyce Wright Mimeographed list of coming events Hails [biographies of six women] 13.62—Guest speaker Lt. Don Primley 13.63—Jeanette Bauer 13.64—Carolyn Mueller, Inga Patton, Val Fridriksson Mimeographed thank you note for scholarship, from Cathey Byrd Mimeographed notice of school dance sponsorship, and auction of two tea sets Here’s to the Irish Luncheon Mimeographed event flyer 13.65—[food, table decorations] 13.66—NOWC President Elaine Durham, Guest Speaker Jim Madonna 13.67—Mary Savel, Jan White 13.68—Barbara Headley, Sandy Smith, Nita Haraughty Easter Time! NOWC Luncheon, April 16, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer 13.69—Dianna Hupp, ? 13.70—Maureen Kuelena (?), Jeanne Culbertson Mimeographed minutes of NOWC meeting 13.71—Carolyn Mueller, ?, ? 13.72—Heather Stapleton, Tonie Allsopp, Elain Durham 13.73—Mary Jackson, Jan White Hails [biography of Charlotte Ford Birth announcement for Jedidiah Samual Wall Art Exhibition and Auction, April 8, 1981 Event flyer Invitation Hails [biographies of four women] Box 31, Folder 4 Scrapbook 14, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, April 1981 – January 1982 Compiled by Carol Gehrlein. Scrapbook includes color photographs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer, and mimeographed event flyers. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Spring Formal: Cherry Blossom Festival, April 25, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer 14.1—[event decorations: red painted bridge over artificial stream] 14.2—[food on table] 14.3—Gary and Mary Jackson [Mary wearing kimono, artificial cherry blossom tree behind them] 14.4—[unidentified couple, woman in kimono] 14.5—Rod Poole [with unidentified woman] 14.6—[group standing behind decorated table:] “Cockerofts,” Father Joe, Rosie Pinson, Bill Burd, “Kellys’ 14.7—[three women standing behind table]: ?, Carol Conaway, ? 14.8—Elaine Durham 14.9-14.10—[same couple as in 9.5, standing behind music stand— singing?] 14.11—[woman posing in kimono, next to paper lantern] 14.12—Madhu Panchadsoram, Mary Jackson 14.13—[two women in kimonos dancing]: Velma Lee, ? 14.14—[four women in kimonos on stage in front of band instruments]: ?, ?, Mary Jackson, ? 14.15—[five women in kimonos]: Mary, ?, ?, Velma, ? 14.16—[four women in kimonos on stage—demonstrating Japanese dress?]: Pauletta Peters, ?, ?, ? Ladies Night Out! at the “O” Club, May 14, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer 14.17—[table decorations, condiments, food] 14.18—Sue Peterson, Carol Burd 14.19—Elaine Durham, Jeanette Bauer, Grammy Pryor 14.20—Bonnie King, Helen Sims, Rosie Pinson Mimeographed newsletter excerpts about art auction, high school scholarship request, and Adak Youth League 14.21—Sue Hutchins 14.22—Kathy Whitney, Bonnie King [with wine glass] Mimeographed newsletter excerpts about tea set auction, art auction, and spring formal 14.23—[man and woman auctioning framed art prints, on stage with sign: TOP OF THE ROCK] 14.24—[man seated at desk, with framed art prints] Summer Picnic at Lake Andy Boathouse, June 18, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer 14.25—[women boarding gray school bus] 14.26—Velma Lee, Bonnie King 14.27—Patty _____, Guest Speaker from Fish & Wildlife 14.28—[women in coats, with wine glasses] 14.29—[women with wine glasses, box wine and soft drinks on table behind] Mimeographed newsletter excerpt about scholarship Mimeographed “Farewells” for nine women, June 1981 Mimeographed “Hails” for three women, June 1981 Mimeographed newsletter excerpts about cookbooks, outgoing and incoming officers, treasurer’s report, and correspondence relating to club projects Tea for Mrs. Kenneth C. Lee and Mrs. George R. Allender, July 15, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer 14.30—Velma Lee, Alma Allender 14.31—[table decorations, food, flowers, candles, silver tea set, tea cups; food includes whole watermelon rind filled with melon balls] 14.32—[woman and two young girls]: Kim Lee, ?, ? 14.33—[table decorations] 14.34—Alma, Velma 14.35—Chris Wall, Alma, Velma Mimeographed thank you from Velma Lee 14.36—[women at tea]: Carol Burd, Jeanne Carver, Debbie Polak 14.37—[women at tea]: ?, ?, Pam Condon 14.38—Angie Brown, June Spearman 14.39—[unidentified women] 14.40—Velma [with three-foot tall candlestick gifts] 14.41—Velma, Pauletta Peters, [and dachshund dog sitting on coach] Mimeographed newsletter excerpt, thanks from Elain Durham for silver tray Mimeographed “Farewells” to seven women, July 1981 Mimeographed “Hails” to three women Mimeographed newsletter excerpts about art auction, newsletter editor, and a thank you note from a former club member “Island Paradise” evening at Tundra Tavern, August 19, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer, construction paper pineapple decoration 14.42—Debbie Polak 14.43-9.44—[table decorations and food] Mimeographed newsletter excerpt about new officers and their installation, and availability of “welcome aboard cookbooks” 14.45—Linda Herret 14.46—Alma Allender, Robie Shirik 14.47—Pauletta Peters, Marie Bard, Jan Heitschmidt, June Spearman 14.48—Clara Hannah, Madhu Panchadsaram 14.49—Cookie Brown, Barbara Headley, Madhu Panchadsaram, Clara Hannah 14.50—Guest speaker Pat McKenna [with flower arrangements] 14.51-14.52—[flower arrangements] 14.53—[Pat McKenna with flower arrangements] Mimeographed newsletter excerpts with definitions of Alaskan terms: (Lower 48, Outside, Cheechako, Sourdough, Alaskan horses [mosquitoes], Cabin fever, Chill factor, Bush pilots) Mimeographed “Hails” to eight women and “Farewell” to one woman, August 1981 Installation of New Officers, September 10, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer Mimeographed newsletter excerpts with outgoing and incoming board member names and phone numbers 14.54—President June Spearman, Vice-President Pat Gompper, Recording Secretary Tracey Adams 14.55—Linda Herret, Captain Allender, Chris Wall 14.56—Kathy Whitney, Tracey Adams 14.57—Cookie Brown, Debbie Polak 14.58—Pauletta Peters, Captain Allender, Pat Gompper 14.59—Sue Hutchins, June Spearman 14.60—Captain Allender, Carol Conaway 14.61—Tonie Allsopp 14.62-14.63—[table decorations, food] 14.64—Captain Spearman, Major Polak, Captain Allender Mimeographed newsletter excerpt: lyrics to “Alaska’s Flag” by Marie Drake Mimeographed “Hails” to three women, September 1981 Mimeographed “Farewells” to three women, September 1981 Welcoming Coffee, October 15, 1981 Mimeographed event flyer 14.65—[brownies and cookies on table] 14.66—Debi Polak, June Spearman 14.67—[two unidentified women at event] Mimeographed newsletter excerpts about Christmas bazaar, art auction, donation to high school senior class “to help set-up and clean-up the Christmas bazaar” Mimeographed “Hail” to one woman 14.68—Barbara Headley, ?, Sharon Paoloni 14.69—Madhu Panchadsaram, Jan Heitschmidt, Jeanne Carver 14.70—Pat Gompper Mimeographed newsletter excerpt describing “Local Tourist Traps”: Great Sitkin, Adak National Forest, Adak Totem Pole Mimeographed newsletter excerpts about club donation to Bob Reeves High School drill team, upcoming Christmas Bazaar, and new hospitality representative Art Auction, October 21, 1981 Newsletter excerpt about art auction 14.71—[Ticket sales]: Chris Wall, Debi Polak 14.72—[framed art prints] 14.73—[refreshments on table] 14.74—[people standing near art prints on display] 14.75—Auctioneer, Marquitta Holtschaw Printed event flyer by Collier Art Corporation of Los Angeles Catalogue for Exhibition & Art Auction, Collier Art Corporation, 6 pages 14.76—[auctioneer with art on easel] 14.77-14.78—[framed art on easel] 14.79—[ice sculpture (?) of mermaid on table] 14.80-14.81—[framed art on easel] 14.82—[men bidding at auction, one in terrific plaid pants] 14.83—[audience of about twenty, seated with drinks at auction] 14.84—[framed art prints] Fur Rendezvous, January 20, 1982 Mimeographed newsletter excerpts, magazine photo of woman in fur Our Models: 14.85—Carol Conaway 14.86—Jeanne Goddard 14.87—Cookie Brown 14.88—[unidentified woman modeling fur coat] 14.89—Liz Huggins 14.90—[unidentified woman modeling fur coat] 14.91—Carol lets everyone feel the fur 14.92—Some of the fur items that were on display [footwear, doll, skunk?] 14.93—The chief guests with our honorary President, V. President and President 14.94—[women at tables] Typed business directory with contact names, addresses, and phone numbers, “WHERE TO FIND IT ON ADAK, May 1982,” 3 pages Typed club member address and phone list with 60 names, “NOWC, ADAK DIRECTORY,” May 1982, 3 pages Scrapbook 15, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, May 1989 – May 1991 Scrapbook includes color photographs, programs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer, recipes, and mimeographed event flyers. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Box 35 Scrapbook cover featuring metal plate with inscription: “Donated to Adak Museum / By Adak OWC”. Photocopied contents of scrapbook, 70 pages—original with botanical samples was discarded. Box 32, Folder 1: July 1989-January 1990 Scrapbook preface by Margie Hodas-Walsh, Historian for the Officers’ Wives Club, noting that older scrapbooks were now housed at the Adak Museum and that she was inspired to create a scrapbook to add to the museum’s collection. See final clipping in Folder 3 of this scrapbook for brief bio of the scrapbook creator. Invitation to tea, July 2, 1989 15.1—Deborah Baker [holding copy of book Cooking Alaskan] Tea for newcomers, July 13, 1989 Invitation to tea 15.2—Suzette Keller, ?, ? 15.3—[women standing and talking, with tea cups] 15.4—Kris Traughber, ? [two women at tea] 15.5—[women at tea] 15.6--?, ?, ? Michelle McConnell [women at tea] Event flyer, welcome meeting at Officer’s Club, September 11, 1989 15.7—Margaret MacDonald [in serving line] 15.8—?, Eileen Carter, Debbie Fetters, ? 15.9—Brenda Bowling [and others, standing and seated around table] 15.10—[women at tables, paper pineapple decorations, lit candles] Newsletter clipping, recipe for what “A Home Is” Newsletter clipping, listing of Executive Board, Standing Committee Members, and Special Committee Chairmen All-Island Navy Day Ball, October 15, 1989 Event flyer, hand-colored List of commanding officers on base Ribbon, blue: “Adak Navy Ball” Women and one man, preparing floral decorations in greenhouse-type room: 15.11—Sally Nigro [and others] 15.12—Linda Dulin [and others] 15.13—Kay Abbot, Father Jim Ingram, ? 15.14—Mary Susan Chase, Jane Fogarty [and others] NOWC General Assembly meeting, October 30, 1989 Event flyer, with “Hello Ladies” letter from club president Michelle McConnell on back 15.15—[Halloween table decorations, women admiring them] 15.16—[close-up of Halloween stockings on woman’s legs] 15.17—Donna Eng, ?, Lois Rude, ?, ? 15.18—[two smiling women, one wearing devil mask] Newsletter excerpt, “Pumpkin Recipes,” September Treasurer’s Report on back Fall Festival, November 4, 1989 15.19—[woman selling crafts, jewelry and art prints at folding table with sign “OWC”] 15.20—Jean Kohl [and unidentified woman holding toddler, behind table laden with crafts and candy apples, sign “Officers Wives Club”] 15.21—Johanna Donovan [and unidentified woman holding toddler, seated behind table with art prints, partially obscured sign: “Special Sale / [Ru]sh Cole Prin[ts]” Newsletter excerpt, typed roster of OWC Board, Standing Committee Members, and Special Committee Chairmen NOWC Tree Decorating/Dinner, November 24, 1989 Event flyer, hand-colored, “Happy Thanksgiving” letter from President on back 15.22—[woman in Christmas sweater, on ladder, decorating artificial tree] 15.23—Marianne Olson [in red sweater, putting up artificial garlands] 15.24—[woman in dining room putting up Christmas wreath] 15.25—[posed group photo of women in decorating dining room] Christmas Bazaar, December 2, 1989 Newsletter excerpt, theme: “Christmas Wishes” 15.26—[crowded room with children, craft tables, Christmas tree] 15.27—[two children on Santa’s lap] 15.28-15.29—[man and woman hugging in front of Christmas tree, ceiling is a white parachute?] Christmas Party, December 18, 1989 Event flyer, hand-colored, “Bring a Christmas ornament to exchange” 15.30—[woman with gifts under Christmas tree, decorated with popcorn strings] 15.31—[women seated at table with candles, wine glasses] 15.32—[four standing women admiring food table: ?, ?, Wylene Tompkins, ?] 15.33—[four women around candlelit table: ?, ?, ?, Susan Springle] OWC “Tacky Tea,” January 22, 1990 Event flyer, hand-colored, “Come look at albums from past ADAK OWC years,” “Prizes awarded for tacky tea outfits” 15.34—[woman in plaid dress in front of candlelit table with food] 15.35—[woman with blue bow in hair, sitting at table] 15.36—Theresa Tollison [white hat, candles, punch bowl] 15.37—[four women standing at table with silver tea service] 15.38—[woman in blue and white striped outfit, silver punch bowl] 15.39—[woman in polka dot dress standing behind refreshment table] 15.40—Lynneanne Nordman, Linda Gibson [red and purple blazers, coffee cups] Box 32, Folder 2: February-November 1990 Sweetheart Dance, February 10, 1990 Event flyer, hand-colored, “$30 per couple, semi-formal” Pink ribbon with silver lettering: “OWC Sweetheart Ball February 10, 1990” 15.41—[man in tan 3-piece corduroy suit holding Michelob beer bottle, woman in green velvet and lace dress holding pink heart-shaped balloon] 15.42—[man with suspenders and large plastic eyeglasses, being kissed by woman in floral print dress] 15.43—[women decorating dabbles, pink heart-shaped balloons floating up to ceiling] 15.44—[decorated banquet tables, balloons] 15.45—James E. Dulin, Captain, U.S. Navy, (with address label: “Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station, Adak Alaska 98791”) [man in suit and tie standing with woman in dark pink dress, by banquet tables] Shamrock Shindig, March 26, 1990 Event flyer, hand-colored: “Green salad, green dessert, green punch” 15.46—Kathy Justice [four women standing near refreshment table] 15.47—Marie Ludwig, ? [two women standing] 15.48—[woman seated at table with shamrock nametags] 15.49—Threet, Sharon [five women standing with drinks, green shamrock nametags] Asian Occasion, April 23, 1990: “Wear Your Oriental Best” Event flyer, hand-colored featuring ferocious dragon 15.50—[“Geisha” in kimono and white face, pouring tea] 15.51—[two women, one in kimono, other with straw hat and fake “pigtail”] 15.52—[table decorated with origami and tea service, two women behind, one in kimono] 15.53--?, ?, Susan Lumpkin, Margie Hodas-Walsh, ? [five women in kimonos] Flyer, “Asian Occasion Recipes” [five recipes, typed] Spring Book Fair, May 5, 1990 Newsletter clipping thanking organizers 15.54—[two women and man standing at table, sign: “OWC Bookfair”] 15.55—[two smiling women with tubs of books, in hanger with sign: “NOISE HAZARD AREA”] 15.56—[seated woman, boy looking at tubs of books] 15.57—[woman looking at books with children] Installation Dinner, May 21, 1990 “at the COMO” Event flyer 15.58—[dark room, candles and flowers on tables, people standing] 15.59—[Navy officer in uniform, two women, banquet tables] 15.60--?, ?, ?, Kathy Bradley [four women standing, two with Coke cans] 15.61—[dark room, presentation at head table] Good-bye Kris, July 28, 1990 Label, hand-lettered 15.62—[women in red pantsuit receiving gifts in formally decorated home] 15.63—Elaine Friar, ?, ? [three women on couch, fresh flowers on coffee table] 15.64-15.65—[women and presents, punchbowl on table] Tea party welcome for Suzie Frentzel, wife of NSGA Commanding Officer CAPT William Y. Frentzel II, August 19, 1990 Newsletter clippings from Eagle’s Call 15.66—Jesie Gunn, ? [two women with pink heart nametags standing behind refreshment table] 15.67—Karolie Lerow, ? [two women with tea cups behind silver tea service on table] 15.68—Kathy Reed, ?, ?, ? [women standing and seated at party] 15.69—[group of women standing, talking] Cover page, Bering Briefer newsletter, “OWC August 1990 Briefer” Welcome event, September 24, 1990 Event flyer, hand-colored with pineapple illustration Women seated at tables with paper pineapple decorations: 15.70—Cindy Ott, Cheryl Connolly [and others] 15.71—Allie Denham [standing at food table] 15.72—Beverly Anderson [and others] 15.73—Julie Ridley [and others] All-Island Navy Day Ball, October 13, 1990 Clippings from event program 15.74—Mary Altena, ? [inflating balloon decorations] 15.75—[three women inflating balloons with helium tank] 15.76—Cathy Solem [and other women inflating balloons] 15.77—[three women tying ribbons on red, white and blue balloons] 15.78—[two women preparing decorations] 15.79—[empty banquet hall with decorated tables and balloons] Fall meeting, October 22, 1990: “Bring cookbook recipes” Event flyer, hand-colored autumn leaves, with yarn and construction paper recipe for instant spice tea and candy corn cloth jar lid decoration 15.80—Louise Crabtree [standing at dessert table] 15.81—[women going through buffet line, ghost decoration above] 15.82—[two women seated at table, one drinking from glass] 15.83—[women eating dessert, decorated jars of spice tea mix with recipe on table] Fall Festival, November 3, 1990 Newsletter clipping about tote bags for sale 15.84-15.87—[women and table with “ADAK TOTE BAGS” and “GRETA JOHNSON PHOTOS” for sale, in aircraft hangar] Christmas Decorating Party, November 23, 1990: “Attire: casual Christmas colors” Event flyer, hand-colored 15.88—[couple kissing—beneath mistletoe?] 15.89—[woman holding wreath at window] 15.90—[couple sitting at table with drinks, wrapped gifts] 15.91—[three people sitting at table during salad course] Box 32, Folder 3: November 1990-May 1991 OWC Soda Shop Hop, November 26, 1990: “Dress appropriately” Event flyer Decoration: construction paper 45rpm record: “A Big Hunk O’ Love / Elvis Presley” 15.92—Judy Easler [and other women seated around table] 15.93—[short and tall woman in 50s letter sweaters, saddle shoes, roller skates!] 15.94—Lee Corrigan [and other women seated around table] 15.95—?, ?, Joyce Iliff [three women in 50s costumes, seated on ledge with legs crossed] Christmas Bazaar, December 1, 1990: “ Adak’s Christmas Village” Newsletter clipping 15.96—Kelly Morehead, ?, ? [three women standing behind table labeled “Candy Shoppe”] 15.97—[child on Santa’s lap, in front of fake fireplace] 15.98—[two women behind decorated counter labeled “Gingerbread Shoppe”] 15.99—[overview of bazaar, display on right labeled “Balloon Express”] Christmas Tea, December 17, 1990 Event flyer, hand-colored Two hand-colored wreath cut-outs 15.100—[women around table laden with cookies and cakes] 15.101--?, ?, Linda Hutchens [three women at decorated table, one holding “Certificate One Combo Pizza”] 15.102—[gingerbread reindeer and sleigh table decorations] 15.103—Brenda Pillot-Olive, Kim Bass, ?, Betsy Ivans, Debra Boily [five women standing behind decorated table] Resolution Retreat at Skinny Haven, January 28, 1991: “Come Dressed in Workout Wear” Event flyer, hand-colored 15.104-105—[women at tables with arms in air—exercising? Newsletter clipping: popcorn recipe 15.106—[man in sweatpants leading exercises, seated laughing woman lifting coffee cup, stationary exercise bike and weigh-in scale behind them] 15.107—[three women eating dessert, diet and exercise items on display in front of them; one a Jane Fonda workout videotape?] OWC Annual Sweetheart Ball, February 16, 1991 Event flyer, hand-colored 15.108—[standing dressed-up woman and man, man holding Corona beer bottle?] 15.109--?, Patti Mosier [man and woman holding red and white “Happy Valentine’s Day” balloons] 15.110—[two dressed up couples in front of lattice decorated with hearts, flowers, ribbons] 15.111—Miriam Byers (on far right) [several couples dancing, decorated lattice and balloons behind] OWC Cajun Cuisine, February 25, 1991 Event flyer, hand-colored 15.112—[woman with name-tag “Linda Dulin,” behind table with balloon and drinks] 15.113—Nancy Maynard, ?, ? [three women with name-tags] 15.114—Suzie Frentzel, ?, ? [women with face masks at table with drinks] 15.115—[women at table with name-tags, one writing out a check] 15.116—Margie Hodas-Walsh was welcomed as the new XO’s wife [standing woman, Monica Bednar and another woman seated at table with decorations] Recipe, “King Cake (Twelfth Night Cake)” Newsletter clipping about Mardi Gras cupcakes OWC Pajama Party, March 25, 1991: “Dress Appropriately” Event flyer, hand-colored 15.117—[six women in pajamas, on bed, talking on phone, eating potato chips] 15.118—[two women, one holding stuffed bear, other in cow pajamas] 15.119—[three women holding presents, slumber party bed behind] 15.120—[about 20 women in pajamas at slumber party. Woman in front—Lyn Kaufman—with hair in pink curlers, smoking cigarette, holding Coke can, big fuzzy mouse slippers on her feet] OWC Beach Day Picnic, April 22, 1991: “Attire—Beachwear” Event flyer, hand-colored 15.121—[about 40 women posing with beach balls, beachwear] 15.122—[remnants of meal on table, woman standing and speaking] 15.123—?, Lydia Hegwood, ? [three women at table, beach ball and Coke cans] 15.124--?, Polly Hansen [two women standing and talking] Spring Fling, April 20, 1991 Newsletter clipping [tote bags, art prints, cookbooks for sale] 15.125—[two women at table with art prints, under large sign: Officer’s Wives Club 15.126—[woman at table with art prints, small easel] 15.127—[woman at table taking orders, black tote bag with white lettering in front: “Adak, Alaska Naval Air Station Birthplace of the Winds” 15.128—[women and boy at table, art prints behind] OWC Business Newsletter clipping, Scholarship Committee members Newsletter clipping, cover design for cookbook 15.129—[cookbook cover] 15.130—[two women with cookbooks, pins, totebags] 15.131--?, Valerie Byrd [women with items for sale, sign on door behind them: “Alaska USA Federal Credit Union”] 15.132--?, Doris Sharp [women holding cookbooks for sale] 15.133—Julie Myers, ? [women in red sweaters at table] OWC Installation Dinner, May 20, 1991, in honor of advisor Linda Dulin Event flyer, hand-colored 15.134--?, ?, Brenda Pillot-Olive, ?, ? [women at banquet table, woman in blue dress standing] 15.135—[woman in red dress (Linda Dulin?) holding framed art work with three images] 15.136—[two women showing scrapbook with needlework cover (?)] 15.137—[two women standing, one in blue pantsuit showing cookbook] 15.138—[woman in red dress standing behind table with art print, scrapbook (?)] 15.139--[close-up of scrapbook with needlework cover (?), design is a map of Adak Island , images of caribou, puffin, and lupine, with lettering: “Birthplace of the Winds / Adak OWC / Linda Dulin”] Newsletter page: “When God Created A Military Wife!!,” hand-colored, with minutes of OWC board meeting for November 19, 1990 on verso Newsletter pages: “Welcome Cheechakos” biographies of 27 individuals or couples new to Adak, three pages Newsletter clipping, “New Arrivals—Welcome to the Club!!,” three women Newsletter clipping, “Welcomes,” three names Newsletter clipping, “Welcome Newcomers,” three names Newsletter clipping, “Welcome—Welcome—Welcome, etc.,” 3 names Newsletter clippings, “Welcome – Welcome – Welcome” with happy faces at top, 22 names, two pages Newsletter clippings, welcoming new arrivals, eight names, five clippings Scrapbook 16, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, March 1991 – June 1992 Scrapbook includes color photographs, programs, newsletter clippings from the Bering Briefer, an invitation, event paper napkins, and mimeographed event flyers. Captions are from scrapbook labels. Box 32, Folder 4: March – December 1991 Metal plate removed from scrapbook cover (discarded), inscribed OFFICER’S WIVES CLUB / 1991 - 1992 Photocopy of entire album before disassembly due to “magnetic” non-archival pages, 26 pages Newsletter clippings: meeting announcements, roster of officers Newsletter cover with return address of Officer’s Wives Club Welcome letter on Officers’ Wives Club stationary, with list of activities and meeting schedule Welcome Tea, August 18, 1991 Newsletter clipping, “Tea honoring Julie Caldwell, wife of NAS Commanding Officer at the home of Suzie Frentzel, NSGA” 16.1—Lynda Parker, Julie Caldwell [sampling refreshments] 16.2—Julie Caldwell and Suzie Frentzel [at refreshment table] 16.3—[refreshment table, living room, view of trees (willows?) outside windows 16.4—Karolie Lerow, Paulette Rogers [African-American], Kathleen Brantley, Lee Corrigan, Beverly Anderson [all seated in living room] Welcome tea thank you note from Julie Caldwell Newsletter clipping, biographical details on Caldwell and her family Back to School meeting, September 1991 16.5—[doll with yarn hair, seated at student desk with apple on it] 16.6—[two women holding student supply kits] 16.7—[women standing in refreshment line] 16.8—[women seated at four banquet tables, red paper tablecloths] 16.9—[women at tables, listening to speaker, “Stop—School Crossing” sign on wall] 16.10—[two women standing by table with refreshments, Coke cans] All-Island Navy Day Ball, October 12, 1991 16.11—[unidentified woman], Decorating Chairman Carol Salmon 16.12—Julie Caldwell, Doyle Young 16.13—[banquet hall decorated with red, white and blue bunting and balloons, stage in background for musicians] 16.14a, 16.14b—[overview of banquet seating in gymnasium, 2 copies] 16.15—[overview of banquet hall] 16.16—[overview of banquet hall] 16.17—[man in plaid shirt filling balloon with helium] 16.18—[woman and boy preparing balloons] 16.19—[women working on decorating hall] 16.20—[head table with decorations] 16.21—[floral centerpiece with lilies, carnations, roses, ferns] 16.22-16.23—[close-up of table setting and event program] OWC October Meeting, Happy Halloween, Medical and Dental 16.24—Julie Caldwell [talking to woman] 16.25—Suzie Frentzel, ?, Janet Young, and two unidentified African- American women [seated at table with refreshments and balloon] 16.26—Door prize winners [two figures in costume, one wearing clock headdress and holding plastic pumpkin, other with paper jack o’ lantern headdress decorated with philodendron leaves, holding sign: “Boo! I am Mrs. Punkin Head from Punkinville, USA” 16.27—[crowd scene with costumes, balloons, refreshments] 16.28—[three standing figures with paper bag headdresses] 16.29—[three people at decorated table, one wearing dog headdress] 16.30—[women seated at decorated tables, balloons overhead] Fall Festival, November 2, 1991: Rush Cole prints, OWC cookbooks, totebags Newsletter clipping, Fall Festival description, by Janet Young 16.31—[stack of art prints with signs: “Rush Cole Prints $47.00 / Cookbooks $7.00 / Totebags $10.00” 16.32—[woman at table eating, festival in background] 16.33—[laughing women standing at refreshment table] 16.34—[two women doing paperwork at sale table] Monthly meeting, November 25, 1991: “Eagles Nest, Hosted by ASWOC & NOCD” Event flyer Typed note: “Sorry ! ! ! No Photos—Camera Malfunction” Deck the Halls Christmas Decorating Party, November 30, 1991 Event flyer 16.35—[white-flocked Christmas tree with presents] 16.36—[three women putting together artificial tree, sorting lights, decorated banquet hall in background] 16.37—[three men decorating bar area, television turned on in background] Christmas Bazaar, December 7, 1991 Newsletter clipping describing event, “One of OWC’s biggest” 16.38—[boy standing in doorway of “Candy Shoppe,” woman standing behind table loaded with goodies] 16.39—[smiling woman in apron in booth labeled “Gingerbread Shoppe”] 16.40—[man and woman at table loaded with Christmas dolls, jams, small decorated tree] 16.41—[two woman at booth stacked with dolls, sign at adjacent booth reads “Mary Kay Cosmetics”] Box 32, Folder 5: January – June 1992 Monthly meeting, January 1992, “Grooving to the oldies from the sixties” Newsletter clipping describing event 16.42—[man in purple shirt, white tie, black leather jacket, white tennis shoes, dancing] 16.43—[African-American woman in dashiki, white woman in tie-dye t- shirt, flashing “Peace” signs] 16.44-16.45—[seated woman opening present] 16.46a, 16.46b—[man and four women dancing, 2 copies] 16.47—[refreshment tables with phonograph records on display: “Voices of the Civil Rights Movement” and “Twist”] Tacky Tea, February 24, 1992: “Here’s your chance to play dress-up once again” Newsletter flyer describing event 16.48—[group photo, 25 women dressed in their tackiest] Two heart-shaped paper doilies, one red, one white with small red and pink hearts, each six inches across 16.49—[two women posing in hats, mismatched outfits] 16.50—[two women talking, one with wide-brimmed hat , other wearing purple shawl] 16.51—[group of women wearing hats, mismatched outfits] 16.52—[four women around decorated table, two wearing hats, pearls, pink scarf] OWC Pajama Party, March 23, 1992: “Dress Appropriately” Newsletter flyer describing event Typed caption: “We held the second annual pajama party for the March meeting. There were flannel nighties, fuzzy slippers and bubble gum.” 16.53—[woman in flannel nightgown, face partially obscured by giant bubble gum bubble] 16.54—[group photo, 27 women and one teddy bear] 16.55—[three standing women in pajamas] 16,56—[three seated women in pajamas, with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi cans on table] 16.57—[seven standing, laughing women holding sheets of paper— doing a skit?] 16.58—[seated laughing women at tables with drinks, lotion bottles?] Ladies Lecture Luncheon Series, Eagles Nest Restaurant Newsletter flyer, two events: March 4, 1992: “Life on a Remote Aleutian Island: Population 2” by Laura Greffenius of the Adak Fish & Wildlife Center March 18, 1992: “Aleutian Archeology” by Van Klett of the Adak Fish & Wildlife Center OWC Sports Night, April 27, 1992: “Attire: Clothing that represents your team or favorite sport” Newsletter flyer describing event 16.59—[women seated at tables, sports posters (one with Michael Jordan), pennants, balloons in background] 16.60—[three women seated at table wearing visors, holding drinks] 16.61—[four women at table wearing visors, football helmet on table] 16.62—[women signing in for event, one wearing University of Illinois sweatshirt] 16.63—[women seated and standing by table with stuffed animal mascot, one woman wearing Seminoles knit hat] OWC Installation Dinner, June 2, 1992 16.64—[two women seated at banquet table, one in floral v-neck dress] 16.65—[three women seated at banquet table] Two heart-shaped paper doilies, white with small red and pink hearts, six inches across Invitation to “Installation Dinner in honor of Mrs. Susie Frentzel . . . at the Commissioned Officers Mess Open,” with envelope 16.66—[three women seated, one standing, at banquet table decorated with flowers] White paper napkin with gold-stamped floral design and lettering: “OWC Installation Dinner / June 2, 1992” Blue paper napkin with gold-stamped lettering: “Adak OWC” Newsletter clipping describing event Scrapbook 17, Naval Officers’ Wives Club, March 1992 – April 1994 Apparently never housed in a scrapbook, these are color photos with processing dates on backs, found loose in a large envelope labeled “Officers’ Wives Club.” A group of undated photos was found in the same envelope and they are described at the end of this “scrapbook.” Box 32, Folder 6 March 1992 17.1—[women at table with red flowers, Diet Coke can] October 1992 17.2—[woman with cowboy boot pins on blouse, at table selling pins and figurines] 17.3—[two women, one African-American, with plates of refreshments] 17.4—[two laughing women, sign behind them: “OWC’s helping hands / Philanthropic”] 17.5—[table with sign-up displays for club committees; Hospitality Committee display and Welcome booklet] December 1992 17.6—[two women in white sweatshirts using hand-truck to move items while setting up for banquet] 17.7—table with paper leis, women in Hawaiian dress behind] March 1993 17.8-.9—[women in red sweaters putting up Christmas decorations] 17.10—[women in blue sweater holding evergreen garland, banquet table behind] 17.11—[two men, one on stepladder, putting up evergreen garland] 17.12—[families at holiday bazaar in aircraft hanger, sign painted on wall: WARNING / HANGER DOOR OPERATION RESTRICTED IN WINDS OVER 30 KNOTS / CONTACT PRODUCTION CONTROL 17.13—[women setting up tables with holiday wares (light leak on right side of image)] 17.14—[holiday bazaar in hanger, Santa seated beneath large red painted sign: NOISE, photographer with tripod waiting for children to visit him; red painted sign on wall at left: BEWARE OF JET BLAST AND PROPS] 17.15—[holiday bazaar with tables, families, women in red sweater reaching for decoration on artificial Christmas tree] 17.16—[women in red outfits, decorating?] 17.17—[woman in white blouse, blue jeans, putting Christmas lights on tree] April 1993 17.18—[man and two women at decorated banquet table with pink tablecloth] May 1993 17.19-.20—[table laden with baby shower gifts?—stuffed animals, “Activity Center,” “Activity Links Gym”] September 1993 17.21-.24—[women with pink nametags at informal social event, tables with bar in background] November 1993 17.25-.27—[women seated at informal social event, listening to women speaking] December 1993 17.28—[no photo] 17.29—Christmas wreath] 17.30-.33—[decorated Christmas trees] 17.34-.35—[rear view of men and women peering in doorway] March 1994 17.36—[men and women seated at tables, informal social event] 17.37—[woman in white sweater, holding paper “Military Exchange” paper bag, looking at Christmas display] 17.38—[families at holiday bazaar in hanger] 17.39—[child seated on stage, holiday bazaar in hanger] April 1994 17.40—[woman with shamrock nametag seated at table, eating cake] 17.41—[woman standing and reading to seated women at informal social event—St. Patrick’s Day?] Undated photos found in this envelope, most likely from 1991-94 17.42—[eight dolls on display, seated woman behind] 17.43—[women visiting at social event, silver punch bowl and glass cups on table] 17.44—[men and women finishing meal, table has red tablecloth and Christmas centerpiece] 17.45—[men and women seated at social event, Christmas lights behind] 17.46—[men and women seated at social event, Christmas wreath behind] 17.47—[women at Christmas bazaar (?), sign: NSGA WOMEN’S GROUP] 17.48—[women at social event, looking at papers] 17.49—[woman and two men, standing with drinks at social event] 17.50—[women standing over scrapbook, pointing things out] 17.51-.52—[women seated at tables during social event] Series 10: Miscellaneous Scrapbooks Box 33 Scrapbook 1, Adak Little Theater Productions, 1966-69 Padded brown leatherette loose-leaf scrapbook measuring 20 x 27 inches, cover decorated with tragedy/comedy masks and painted gold lettering: “ADAK LITTLE THEATER PROUDLY PRESENTS . . .” Photo captions identify actors or are bits of dialogue and stage instructions for each play. Titles of plays in this scrapbook are in bold italics. All photos are black and white. Page 1: Newsletter clipping, “Proposal—A Little Theater for Adak,” Adak Sun, September 16, 1966 Page 2: Typed charter and bylaws Detective Story Page 3: Newsletter clipping, “the new adak little theatre now casting “detective story” Page 4: 1.1—rehearsal, Rich Steele and Laurie Boulanger Playbill, Sydney Kingsley’s Detective Story, December 9-10, 1966 Mimeographed tickets, one pink, one yellow Page 5: 1.2—[overview of stage with three sections]: Lieutenant’s Office: Lt.: Walt Jones. Sims: Paul Serra. McKLeod: Joe Newsnow. Center Stage. Arthur: Richard Steele. Brady: Doug Weisbarth. Mr. Feeney: Gary Carter. Mrs. Feeney: Susan Shupien. Crumb-Bum: Chuck Mathews. Far Right: Shoplifter: Eunice Walz. Dakis: Joe Morris. 1.3—[two men standing, woman seated, reading magazine] “McLeod: He was guilty. . .” 1.4—[figures on stage, one with sport jacket half off] “Charlie: It’s a Lie!!” 1.5—[four men standing around body on floor] “Lt: Did he resist you?” 1.6—[police line-up of men wearing hats, woman in furs looking them over] “Miss Hatch: I never saw any of these guys in my life.” 1.7—[two men interrogating seated woman] “Lt: It never pays to lie.” Page 6: 1.8—[woman, three men standing]: “Brody: This kid has a fine war record.” 1.9—[seated men on stage, threatened by police officer with billie club] “Charlie laughs hysterically.” 1.10—[man holding woman’s shoulders] “Mary: You don’t just stop loving someone.” 1.11—[man firing gun, hitting other man] “Charlie: One more step.” 1.12—[men standing around seated wounded man] “Brody: They can’t kill you, baby.” 1.13—[men and one woman in office] 1.14—[three men standing around seated figure with hand to face] 1.15—[woman in floral dress standing next to seated man with cigarette] Page 7: [twelve photos, no captions] 1.16—[wounded seated man, two standing men helping him] 1.17—[five people on stage, seated man on left with arm raised] 1.18—[standing man and woman, calendar on wall behind them] 1.19—[six men—one wearing bow-tie—and two women] 1.20—[men and women on stage, wanted posters on wall] 1.21—[two men standing, one on left pointing] 1.22—[men standing, one holding pistol, one man seated] 1.23—[seated man looking down, arms raised, standing man holding his wrist] 1.24—[man falling out of chair behind desk] 1.25—[three men, woman with handbag] 1.26—[men and woman on stage, central figure pointing, with flower in lapel of his suit] 1.27—[men and woman on stage, one man wearing hat, one man with hand to forehead] Page 8: Newsletter clipping, “Little Theater Organizes,” September 15, 1966 Newsletter clipping, “Play Rehearsal Underway,” October 7, 1966 Newsletter clipping, “Adak Little Theater,” November 11, 1966 1.28—[cast standing on stage] Curtain Call Letter of congratulations, C.G. Phillips, Commanding Officer at Adak to President, Adak Little Theater, December 13, 1966 Newsletter clipping, “Adak Little Theater” [review of Detective Story] The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer Page 9: Newsletter clipping, Adak Sun, casting call Playbill cover, The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer Page 10: Newsletter clipping, “Upcoming Adak Little Theater Presentation” Newsletter clipping, “. . .clean wholesome comedy . . .” Program, Synopsis of Scenes, and Production Staff Newsletter clipping, “. . .on stage April 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th at the Bering Theater.” Page 11: Newsletter clippings, all in red ink: [seven small photos of stage scenes, with dialogue] Cast [twenty-four names] Page 12: Newsletter clipping, “Adak Little theater Scores Again” [review of The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer] 1.29—[three men, one in white t-shirt, one with bow-tie] 1.30—[courtroom scene? men in front of large white screen] 1.31—[woman in gown with long gloves, talking to men in suits] 1.32—[backstage, cast getting make-up] 1.33—[scene with men and women seated at table with flowers] 1.34—[backstage, woman with open mouth looking at camera] 1.35—[three men, gunny sack race?] 1.36—[man and two women facing audience, curtain call?] Come Blow Your Horn Page 13: Newsletter clippings: Casting tryouts, April 25 & 27 “Little Theatre News,” describes roles and try-out details “Way Off Broadway,” May 18, 1967, starting theater workshops “Way Off Broadway,” May 25, 1968 [sic], workshop news [regular meeting, location is BB hut 18, a white Quonset], June 2, 1968 [sic] Page 14: 1.37—[four men applying make-up] “The Actors Prepare” 1.38—[policeman scuffling with man in top-coat] “Tommy: You stupid blockhead” 1.39—[courtroom scene, woman judge] “Margaret: I hope we haven’t inconvenienced you.” Page 15: Playbill cover, Come Blow Your Horn by Neil Simon Ticket, June 29-30 and July 1 Playbill, biographies with photos of six cast members Playbill, Production Staff Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway” [description and history of Come Blow Your Horn Page 16: 1.40—Come Blow Your Horn [set with two male actors] Page 17: 1.41—[young man with angry father] “Buddy: Is anything wrong, dad?” 1.42—[standing young man, seated woman with suitcase]: “Mother: I’m here for the same reason Buddy is” 1.43—[man and woman embracing] “Peggy: Alan—bite me on the neck” 1.44—[woman and man standing in front of fireplace] “Connie: You don’t even have to say you love me.’ Buddy’s prop letter to his father! [“Dear Dad,”] Page 18: 1.45—[man with fur hat talking to woman] “Alan: It even fits” 1.46—[seated woman, man in smoking jacket] “Buddy: Mom!” 1.47—[two men standing in front of potted plant] “Buddy: You’re better off” 1.48—[woman entering room, carrying purse] “Mom: For dinner— what’ll I make?” 1.49—[angry man in dark hat, yelling] “Dad: Bum!” 1.50—[young man on couch with woman in satin gown] “Peggy: To be perfectly frank . . .” Page 19: 1.51—[parents with two sons in living room] “Dad: This is something I will not discuss. . .” Newsletter clipping, “Review: Come Blow Your Horn,” July 7 [1967] Newsletter clipping, “Return to Come Blow Your Horn,” [letter to editor from JO3 U. Devil] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway” [end of first season, general meeting July 16] Page 20: Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway, “ July 14, 1967 [meeting reminder] Newsletter clipping, “Adak Little Theatre in Crisis” [no date, letter from director Joe Nesnow bemoaning dearth of women actors] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” July 21, 1967 [workshop classes scheduled, on Acting, Make-up, Duties, and Production] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” July 28, 1967 [membership drive] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” August 4, 1967 [make-up classes, Coffee House hootenanny, general meeting] Newsletter clipping, “Adak Little Theatre,” August 16, 1967 [membership drive, Coffee House] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” August 18, 1967 [potluck, play selection process for coming season] Night of January 16th Page 21: Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” September 8, 1967 [carnival, Greg Woods directing next play, news from Broadway] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” September 22, 1967 [Lower 48 theater news, by Carol Williams] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” (date smeared) [next play chosen, theater news from lower 48] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway, “ October 20, 1967 [next play is Night of January 16 th , need cast to play jury] Newsletter clipping, “Murder Trial Play Set for Nov. 9-10-11,” October 27, 1967 Newsletter clipping, [rehearsals have started] Page 22: Newsletter clipping, casting tryouts with roles and descriptions 1.52—[men and women actors on stage, rehearsing] “Karen: Mrs. Faulkner!” Page 23: Program cover, Night of January 16 th Theater ticket, November 9-10-11 Playbill page, Production Staff Playbill pages, director and actors with individual photos Page 24: [All photos on this page and the next are similar, showing the set—a courtroom scene—with men and women actors in different positions.] 1.53—“Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth?” 1.54—“There were real trees right there” 1.55—“Flint: Why didn’t your husband work that night?” 1.56—“It is my professional opinion that this letter is a forgery.” 1.57—“I was hired to follow him by Mrs. Faulkner.” 1.58—“Nancy Lee: But two weeks after our wedding” Page 25: 1.59—“Flint: Kindly answer my questions” 1.60—“Stevens: (to clerk) Kindly read the check” 1.61—“It was a dirty trick setting Lefty up like that Stage prop, bank counter check for $10,000 drawn on the Adak branch— “Facility A”—of the First National Bank of Anchorage 1.62—“You’re on trial for his murder.” 1.63—“I did it. I helped that man kill him.” Page 26: 1.64—[cast standing on stage] Curtain Call Newsletter clipping, “Night of January 16 th ” [play review] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway . . ., November 17, 1967 [states that 241 attended the third performance of the play] 1.65—[woman holding paper cup] Lawanna Pierce Page 27—Party [all photos on this page and the next are of a party, after final performance? Each photo has inked letters of alphabet on border, for ordering purposes?] 1.66—[man wearing beads, talking to man and woman] 1.67—[man with necktie, talking to woman and man] 1.68—[man in sweater holding cigarette, talking to group] 1.69—[two men standing under streamer and balloons, talking] 1.70—[happy woman and several men, streamers in background] 1.71—[two men shaking hands] 1.72—[men and woman seated at table loaded with drinks and snacks] 1.73—[men and women facing camera, woman seated in front] Page 28—NORPAC [more party scenes] 1.74—[woman talking to man drinking from paper cup] 1.75—[four people standing at party] 1.76—[long table with people seated, eating] 1.77—[man in foreground, two women in background near refreshment table] 1.78—[man and woman at party, woman holding small purse] 1.79—[laughing men, woman in background] 1.80—[man applauding, two men standing] 1.81—[two men standing in front of floral curtains] Barefoot in the Park [Pages 29 and 30 are out of order, should be switched] Page 29—Newsletter clippings, all on this page titled “Way Off Broadway” December 15, 1967 [prospective next plays] January 26, 1968 [cast announced] February 2, 1968 [more cast details; scrapbook started] February [date blurred, production staff announced] February 23, 1968 [production details] March 1, 1968 [play description; next play will be Stalag 17 March 8, 1968—[play coming in March, don’t miss it] Page 30—Newsletter clippings, all on this page titled “Way Off Broadway” November 24, 1967 [“What will your wayest off Broadway theatre offer next?”] December [thoughts about theatre, by Alice Newsnow] December 8, 1967 [soliciting play suggestions] December 22, 1967 [don’t forget to vote; poem by Unknown] Flyer, typed and hand-lettered: “Here is your chance to help the Adak Little Theatre choose their next play”] Page 31—Newsletter page, March 8 [scenes and dialogue from play] Playbill, Barefoot in the Park, with director and actor biographies and photos Page 32—Scenes from play: 1.82—[woman standing, refrigerator in background] “Corie Bratter enters, sighs, looks around” 1.83—[woman seated on suitcase] “Mother . . . just one good look around” 1.84—[man on knees, woman standing] “Corie: More wedding gifts from mother” 1.85—[man opening door, out of breath] “Telephone man: That’s quite a [breath-breath] climb—five flights!” 1.86—[two women seated, refrigerator in background] “Corie: What’s in here?” 1.87—[man opening door, with suitcases] “Paul: It’s six flights.” Page 33—Scenes from play: 1.88—[man and woman on stepladder] “Paul: I’ve got to be in court tomorrow” 1.89—[man holding fainting woman] “(Mother collapses)” 1.90—[man standing, holding hat] “Velasco: I beg your pardon” 1.91—[seated woman, looking distressed] “Mother: Paul . . .pocketbook . . . pink pills.” 1.92—[man crawling, stepladder below] “Paul turns and sees Velasco.” 1.93—[man in sport coat, seated woman] “Mother: A martini?” Page 34—Scenes from play: 1.94—[four people, woman seated on couch] “Velasco: For dinner” 1.95—[man standing, holding phone] “Phone rings” 1.96—[man carrying woman] “Paul struggles in carrying mother” 1.97—[worker enters, carrying toolbox] “Man: you wanted the phone repaired?” 1.98—[woman seated, man standing over her] “Corie: You’re much too dignified” 1.99—[man on courch, reading newspaper] “Man: Phone’s dead” Page 35—Scenes from play: 1.100—[man putting on jacket] “Paul: Oh yeah?” 1.101—[man and woman on couch] “Velasco: Do you know what you are, Ethel?” 1.102—[man crawling, woman looking up at him] “Corie: I love you, Paul” Newsletter clipping, “Barefoot Delights Audience,” March 22, 1968 Page 36—Scenes from play: 1.103 to 1.121—[collage of scenes from play, no captions] Stalag 17 Page 37—Newsletter clipping, “Little Theater Picks Cast,” April 12, 1968 Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” April 19, 1968 [theater news] Newsletter clipping, “Casting tryouts for our May production of Stalag 17, March 15, 1968 Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” [play description] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” [more play description] Newsletter clipping, “Way Off Broadway,” March 19, 1968 [play opened last night] Page 38—Two theater tickets Newsletter page, “Adak Little Theatre presents Stalag 17. Not recommended for children” Page 39—Playbill, Stalag 17 [cast, production staff, cast biographies; “This play is dedicated to the single and unaccompanied personnel on Adak.”] Page 40—Scenes from play: 1.122—[four men, one in long underwear with sergeant stripes] “Harry: I’ll see if I can pick up some news.” 1.123—[man seated on lower bunk] “Horney enters, sits on bunk” 1.124—[German officer looking up, four prisoners] “Shultz: We have five new men” 1.125—[soldier in helmet] “Sefton: Ten packs of cigarettes” 1.126—[German officer, prisoner with black eye, man in suit] “Shultz: These Americans are always fighting” 1.127—[men fighting] “Price: Guard! Guard!” Page 41—Newsletter clippings: Playbill page, “Dear Audience” letter from Joe, Alice, Cliff and Eunice Production details with four photos of scenes from Stalag 17 “Little Theater,” review of Stalag 17 by James H. Atchison, Adak High School “Way Off Broadway” [sixth play now finished, need new participants] Page 42—[blank—contents removed?] Mary, Mary Page 43—Eight newsletter clippings, all titled “Way Off Broadway,” no dates, with plot synopsis, cast and production staff details Page 44—Playbill, Mary, Mary Two theater tickets, August 15, 16, 17 Newsletter page with photos of actors, “The Adak Little Theatre presents Mary, Mary” Page 45—Playbill pages, Mary, Mary, with photos of actors Page 46—Scenes from play: 1.128—[man standing, woman seated on couch] “Bob: You don’t resemble my ex-wife” 1.129—[man standing, leaning over woman in chair] “Oscar: Mary, do you still . . .” 1.130—[man seated behind desk] “Oscar: Bob, I called Mary in Philadelphia” 1.131—[two men in living room, woman at doorway] “Mary: I will have to use your room to change” 1.132—[two men standing, one holding statue] “Dirk: Tell Bob I’ll be back in ten minutes” 1.133—[living room, woman being helped with coat] “Dirk: I think you’ve got yourself a deal” Page 47—Scenes from play: 1.134—[man and woman seated in chairs] “Dirk: He never stopped talking” 1.135—[man standing, woman entering through doorway] “Mary: My God, you are in the living room!” 1.136—[man standing with drink, man and woman on couch] “Mary: Don’t you just know” 1.137—[woman and man seated on couch] “Mary: (reading) By the time she is thirty” 1.138—[two men by small desk] “Bob: Look here Winston” 1.139—[man and woman struggling] “Mary: (struggling)” Page 48—Scenes from play: 1.140—[man and woman looking for something] “Bob: We must remain calm” 1.141—[man seated at desk, with pill bottles] “Tiffany: You idiot” 1.142—[woman and man with cigarettes] “(They light cigarettes, exhale and exclaim in unison)” 1.143—[two men and woman standing] “Bob: There’s something important” 1.144—[two women seated by small desk] “Tiffany: Do you know the first thing he did?” 1.145—[living room, man sleeping in chair] “Oscar: I wish he could hear this.” Page 49—Scenes from play: 1.146—[man and woman standing, she holding white coat] “Bob: You’re not going anywhere” 1.147—[woman standing, with crossed arms] “Bob: (drops key out window)” 1.148—[man and woman embracing] “Bob: A hundred times I would have crawled” Newsletter clipping, “A Preview of Mary, Mary” by Valerie Greeley Newsletter clipping, “Review of Mary, Mary” by Valerie Greeley Page 50—Scenes from play: 1.149 to 1.163—[collage of scenes from play, “Work Work Work Work” at top of page] Dark of the Moon Page 51—Newsletter clipping, “Little Theater Tryouts” Newsletter clipping, “Barbara Allen at Bering” [play based on popular folk ballad Barbara Allen] Newsletter clipping, “’Dark of the Moon’ to Open” [musical dramatization] Three newsletter clippings, “Way Off Broadway,” about play Page 52—Playbill with synopsis, Dark of the Moon, October 31, November 1, 2 Two theater tickets Page 53—Playbill with actor photos and biographies Page 54—Playbill with production staff, photos of scenes from play, map of Buck Creek, Tennessee, and list of past productions of the Adak Little Theatre Page 55—Scenes from play [color prints]: 1.164— Page 56—Scenes from play [color prints]: 1.170— Page 57—Scenes from play [color prints] 1.176— Page 58—Scenes from play [color prints] 1.182— Page 59—Scenes from play [color prints] 1.188— Page 60—Cast party? [color prints] 1.194-1.199 Newsletter clipping, “Two on the Aisle,” play review by “Unknown” A Thousand Clowns Page 61—Flyer advertising “A Thousand Clowns” by Herb Gardner, March 6-8 Newsletter clipping, “A Sense Of The Ridiculous” 1.200—[man standing in front of stage curtain] Page 62—Four promotional newsletter clippings, one listing backstage personnel Page 63—1.201—[cast in living room set] “The honey-dew melon’s in season again” 1.202—[cast in living room] “Sandra: Her chest, is that something which--?” Page 64—1.203—“I’ve lost my job.” 1.204—“I think I love you.” 1.205—“Yes Sir, she’s my baby.” Page 65—1.206—“Just the key.” 1.207—“My God!! She is in the closet” 1.208—“Hi Mar . . . It’s Chuckles the chipper monkey.” Page 66—1.209—“Chuckles the chipmonk, this is Minnie Mouse” 1.210—“Now my ‘mouf’ is all stuck” 1.211—“You missed the funny part” Page 67—Newsletter review, “A Thousand Clowns Revisited” Two tickets for “A Thousand Clowns” 1.212—[silhouette of man facing stage, two actors seated on set] Newsletter clipping promoting “A Thousand Clowns” Page 68 is blank Only An Orphan Girl Page 69—Playbill, “Only An Orphan Girl” by Henning Nelms, May 23-24 in Bering Theater and June 3-4 in COMMSTA Gym Newsletter clipping, “Orphan Girl Comes to COMMSTA” Newsletter clipping, ‘COMMSTA Next for ‘Orphan Girl’ Page 70—1.213—“Perhaps I shall see you later” 1.214—“Here’s the mortgage money” 1.215—“Will you be mine?” 1.216—“Curse you” 1.217—“An ignorant hayseed—I’ll sound her out” 1.218—“I ought t’sell without tellin’ Swem” 1.219—“There’s the mortgage” Page 71—Playbill with “Synopsis of Scenes” 1.220-1.231—[scenes from play] Page 72—Newsletter review, “A Good, Solid Performance of a Poor Play,” by Marty Langeland, 3 pages Newsletter clipping promoting “Only An Orphan Girl” Page 73—1.232—“Marry me and the mortgage is yours” 1.233—“Yes! I have given my promise” 1.234—“Let’s make her jealous, shall we?” Stage prop, “Mortgage” with gold seal and blue ribbon Page 74—1.235—“We’re old friends” 1.236—“You must help me murder the girl” 1.237—“Yes, I love you” 1.238—“Go!! And never darken our door” 1.239—“My son will return in time” 1.240—“Miss Lu—cy!” 1.241—“At last I have you in my power” 1.242—“Alas! I’m shot!” 1.243—“Villainy vanquished, or curses—foiled again” [stage bows] Box 34 Scrapbook 2: Operation Remembered Front: 11 th Air Force Reunion, August 1980 Scrapbook measuring 11 inches by 14 inches, containing 88 color photos, two baggage tags, a postcard, and two travel brochures. Many photos have lengthy captions. The reunion commemorated the “40 th Anniversary of the Air Force in Alaska.” Scrapbook was assembled by Laurence Reineke (see Box 5, Folder 4, as well as audio cassette and VHS tapes in Series 12 for more by him in this collection). According to a note on page 1, this scrapbook was donated to the Adak Historical Society on June 14, 1991. Cover: Stiff paper with colored pencil caption: “Remembered Front / Alaska / Aleutians / Aug. 1980” and cartoons of two scowling hornets, one carrying a red bomb and identified as the 21 st Bomb Squad insignia, the other smoking a pipe and looking for clues through a magnifying glass and identified as “Intelligence 21 B.S.” Page 1—Bookplate of Laurence Reineke, Lt Col USAF Ret, featuring two World War II bombers, unit insignias, and lettering “Adak / Shemya” and “Saipan / Iwo Jima” Page 2—Typed agenda for reunion, from August 8-18, 1980. Handwritten annotation “This reunion was started by Chuck Pinney, 77 th B Sqdn & Col Bill Mack in Anchorage” Page 3—2.1-2.2—Elmendorf Air Field 8/20/80 [scenes taken from runway] Page 4—2.3—[Don] Cooley, Norman Vaughan, Sara Cooley, Reineke [eating supper at Elmendorf Dining Hall Officers Club] 2.4—Reineke, Bob Reeve’s son and others, Elmendorf Dining Hall Page 5—2.5—Officer B.O.Q. 2.6—Airmen Dormitory / Don Cooley / 21 st 2.7—Officer Club 2.8—Across from Officer Club / Sara Cooley & Reineke Page 6—2.9-2.10—Views off end of 6 th St [Avenue] Anchorage 2.11—William H. Seward purchaser of Alaska memorial Anchorage 8/24/80 [plaque at base of marble statue in front of old City Hall on 4 th Avenue] 2.12—Seward was born & raised Florida NY—about 15 miles from Middletown [old City Hall, Seward statue, flowerbeds] Page 7—The Air Force took us to R & R camp at Seward for salmon fishing. These are enroute to Seward. 2.13—Bird House / Don & Sara Cooley [Bird House was a rustic bar near Bird Creek on Turnagain Arm that burned, in the 1980s?] 2.14—Bird House – pit (piss) stop beer all kinds of business cards stapled to wall, ceiling, etc. [cars in parking lot, sign: WELCOME TO THE BIRD HOUSe] 2.15-2.16—Thru the bus windows 8/12/80 [mountains, trees, powerlines] Page 8—2.17—Portage Glacier [lake with icebergs, sign: PORTAGE GLACIER / Chugach National Forest] 2.18—Another glacier – there were 3 alll together on the trip 2.19—Glacier in back between ridge broke up at this point & became a river. Backpackers canoed from here. 8/12/80 [figure on shore of Portage Lake with icebergs, mountains] 2.20—[icebergs in Portage Lake, mountains with glacier behind] Page 9—2.21—Parking area [Portage Glacier] 2.22—Forest Service buildings & our A[ir] F[orce] bus 2.23- 2.24—Alaska Group – not all went down the [Aleutian] Chain, however. [group posed in parking lot on edge of Portage Lake, icebergs and mountains behind] Page 10—2.25—[woman looking south over Summit Lake] 2.26—Summit Lake enroute to Seward. We had meal here. 8/12/80 [lake, distant building on shore, mountains] 2.27—[yellow floatplane near shore, Summit Lake?] 2.28—I tried to get the mountain behind the parking lot [red Volkswagen Beetle in parking lot, Summit Lake?] Page 11—2.29—[billboard with runner holding Alaska flag on mountain, salmon jumping, mountains: “Welcome to Seward / All-America City /1963 & 1965 / Home of the Alaska flag / Mt. Marathon Race / Silver Salmon Derby”] [Note by Reineke: “April 24, 1943 6:30pm disembarked from SS St. Mihiel and went by rail that night to Elmendorf”] 2.30—R & R for active A F personnel. A F has 5 boats with skippers each boat takes 5 fishermen. Sleeping quarters behind these buildings [Seward buildings with vehicles in front] 2.31—While most went fishing I hiked down this road – Seward was 2 miles distant [outskirts of Seward near harbor, railcar on left] 2.32—Remains of dock – I landed on this dock 1943 [Seward waterfront on Lowell Point road] Page 12—Seward Harbor 8/13/80 2.33—This gentleman took pity on me as I trudged along [elderly man standing by yellow Cadillac, harbor and boats in background] 2.34—[fishing boats in Seward harbor including Trinity and Viking Explorer, Boston Whaler skiff on dock in foreground] 2.35—[Seward waterfront from Lowell Point road, town in background] 2.36—[Seward small boat harbor, part of Pacific Gale in foreground] Page 13—Seward 8/13/80 2.37—[Reineke’s tour guide and wife] 2.38—Stepson [of tour guide] fishing vessel. I had a tour of it. [superstructure of commercial fishing boat showing above dock with crab pots stacked] Page 14—Seward 8/13/80 2.39—Vessel unloading fish catch – efficient all the way – to SeaLand Terminal & rushed to States [Calypso and another boat at dock] Page 15—Cold Bay 8/16/80 2.40—[sign on Quonset-style building: RAA Reeve Aleutian Welcomes you to Cold Bay, Alaska / “Gateway to the Aleutians”] 2.41—Flying Tigers air cargo line store – quarters – restaurant – 2 hot cakes coffee fruit juice $3.90 [one-story frame building with Flying Tigers sign] 2.42-2.43—[views across treeless landscape] Page 16—Cold Bay 8/16/80 2.44—[passengers seated on airplane] “Man next to me is Alaskan writer Col [Lyman] Woodman, man behind looking at floor is John Cloe – Air Force historian at Elmendorf. Plane is Japanese” Baggage tag, orange paper: “Reeve Aleutian Airway, Inc. To: Cold Bay” 2.45-2.46—[views across treeless landscape to ocean beyond] Page 17—2.47—Kathy Whitney, neighbor to Joyce Wright, my hostess [two women standing next to outdoor wooden sign: “ADAK MUSEUM AND BICENTENIAL [sic] PARK”] 2.48—My son-in-law is a paid fireman had to take this to show him [red building with sign: “FIRE STATION 1 / ADAK ALASKA”] 2.49—[Reineke standing next to sign, with spruce trees behind: “You are now ENTERING and LEAVING The ADAK NATIONAL FOREST”] 2.50—Possible irrigation of the forest? [same as previous photo but with Reineke standing at edge of trees with back to camera] Page 18—Finger Bay—Was Submarine Base in WW2 / Adak 8/18/80 2.51—Wayne Wright my host [bearded man standing next to cow parsnip plants, bay and docks in background] 2.52—[dock ruins in bay, building on grassy hillside beyond] 2.53—Reineke [standing on shore looking across bay, dock ruins and buildings in background] 2.54—[silhouette of man with fishing pole next to body of water, mountains in background] Page 19—This stream feeds into Finger Bay. It was packed almost solid with salmon going upstream to spawn—eagles waited for the dead fish coming down. Adak 8/18/80. 2.55—[stenciled sign with fishing regulations—fly fishing only] 2.56—[pool with whitewater stream entering it, rusty oil drum in pool?] 2.57—Eskimo with salmon [man in military fatigue jacket, Pittsburg Steelers stocking cap, holding spinning rod and small salmon] 2.58—Black spots are dorsal fins of salmon. [pool with outflow stream in background] Page 20—Adak 8/17/80 2.59—This ‘log’ cabin belongs to the demolition detail commanded by my host, Wayne Wright. The ‘logs’ are old telephone poles, the horns from caribou [man standing in front of log structure, caribou antlers mounted on wall above window] 2.60—[Quonset ruins] 2.61—Adak has been stocked with caribou & has open & closed season. [Quonset building, caribou (?) behind] 2.62—WW2 Quonset huts. Those still standing are taken over for camps by Navy personnel “to get away.” [Reineke standing in front of same building as 2.60 above] Photo spotted with blue ink. Page 21—Adak 8/17/80 2.63—[close-up of center of parabolic White Alice antenna] White Alice microwave receiver. There were 2—about 100 feet high— stainless steel, were sold for $3 million. Wright has to bring them down without destroying 2 small buildings at their feet. Used for orientation —Adak residents didn’t want them sold. 2.64—[Wayne Wright standing in front of military vehicle with red warning lights and loudspeaker, Quonset on hillside behind] 2.65—[distant log building described in 2.59 above?] 2.66—[distant red and white striped structures—fuel tanks?] Page 22—Adak 8/17/80 2.67—[Wayne Wright standing by truck, looking across water] 2.68-2.69—[views of Adak shoreline] 2.70—[Reineke on shore, looking at pilings offshore] Page 23—Adak 2.71-2.72—These 3 on Bering Sea side of Adak [rocky shorelines] 2.73—Abandoned Coast Guard station [two-story building in distance] 2.74—Some debris & trails that Wright was able to run on [dirt road, lumber debris, open water and mountains in background] Page 24—Adak 8/17/80 2.75—Same old mud [dirt road, airfield in background?] 2.76—Kulak Bay [road, offshore pilings, buildings in distance] 2.77—[airfield?] 2.78—Postcard I got on Adak. Called “Artistic Toothpick Bridge” [color postcard: wooden trestle bridge with communications antennas in background] Page 25—Shemya—highly classified A F base 8/18/80 2.79—[sign: “5073 rd Air Base Group Welcomes You To Shemya A.F.B. Alaska / Aleutian WWII Veterans”] 2.80—[group standing outside bus] We had 3 hours here. Fast bus trip around the island, one stop. 2.81—[terminal building at Shemya airport] 2.82—[group standing outside bus] Page 26—2.83—Dr. Leo Numes (?), AF Elmendorf doctor, Red [Allen T.] Miller & wife. Miller was with 404[th Bombardment Squadron] first flight – mission out of Adak – B24 went into Kamchatka & he became internee. See book [by Otis Hays, Jr.] Home from Siberia / RR 6/14/91] 2.84—[group walking, two identified by arrows:] Adm. [H.S.?] Monroe / Adm [James S.?] Russell 2.85-2.86—[scenes from rocky beach] There were seals out there but they didn’t show in these photos Page 27—Return to Anchorage 2.87-2.88—Umnak from plane window Page 28—[travel brochures] Alaska Airlines and Discovery Tours, 1985: “Alaska’s Aleutian Islands—Forgotten America / Rugged Beauty and WWII Relics” Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau, 1980: “Anchorage tourmap 1980” Box 34 Scrapbook 3: Stanton L. Kirby Scrapbook Scrapbook, 11 ½ x 17 inches, plywood covers tied together with white braided string, front cover decorated with color map of Alaska featuring towns and resources. Inside front cover: taped leather label, gold-stamped with “S.L. KIRBY / AMM USN”. All pages are loose and fragile, with items attached by deteriorated Scotch tape. Includes black and white photos, cartoons, menus, postcards, newspaper clippings, military forms, and a phonograph record. Page 1—blank Page 2—3.1—[pictorial sleeve with photo inside] Souvenir Photograph / The Spinning Wheel /Seattle, Washington. Folder caption: “Here’s that picture. You know that girl, don’t you? That’s Dago’s Eilene. I wouldn’t let my gal in the picture. Larry.” Photo caption: “Larry on left and Dago after they arrived back in the States, 1946” [two men in Navy uniforms, woman with beer bottle between them] Page 3—[original penciled cartoon on back of Adak stationary, showing ape-like creature wearing tiny hat, offering a banana to caged man labeled as Kirby: “Yo-ALL Sho Do Look Sickly” Page 4—[folded 5-page mimeographed document, orienting Stanton L. Kirby to Adak, dated February 1946. Very good description of facilities at the time.] [cartoon from Adak newspaper] Page 5—[printed Christmas menu, U.S. Naval Barracks, Bremerton, Washington, 1945] [printed postcard with blanks to fill in, to “Family” from Kirby (?), about breakfast at the Army & Navy Y.M.C.A. in Seattle. “Talk about hotcakes!”] Page 6--blank Page 7—Adak Tribune newspaper, February 23, 1946, 6 pages. Lead article about a Russian ship, the Donbass, which broke in two and was found 400 miles south of Adak. “Navy search parties have been hampered by bad weather. . .” and Kirby has penciled: “That is me.” Page 8—[baggage tag]: Kirby, S. L. S1/C Jose Gonzales El Centro Kid Printed “Beer Chit” made out to Stanton L. Kirby, N.A.S. Operations [handwritten note] “Wake MAA at 0530 and duty cook. 0600 Call Ordance [sic] on field phone. 0630 Wake OOD and POOW. Wed. Dec 25 Xmas. Merry Xmas Kirby. Ha Ha Page 9—[newspaper clipping from Adak Tribune, daily schedule for radio station WXLB, March 15, 1946] [handwritten label, addressing envelope to S. L. Kirby at “Adak, Calif” with Calif crossed out and Alaska written in pencil, and note: “Don’t believe I ever heard of the place”] [newspaper clipping, letter from executive officer S. O. Cole detaching from duty at Adak: “The people and not the locality make a station. It is with this thought that I regret leaving Adak.”] Page 10—blank Page 11—[U.S.O.phonograph record, yellow plastic-coated cardboard, 6 ½ inches diameter, “From Wa, To Sugar,” in mailing sleeve labeled “To Sugar.”] [Christmas Day Dinner menu, N.O.B. Adak Alaska, December25, 1946] Page 12—[typed letter, A.R. Brady, Captain, U.S. Naval Air Facility, Adak, Alaska to Mr. E. H. Kirby of El Centro, California, regarding his son, Stanton L. Kirby’s extension of his tour of duty, June 27, 1947] [handwritten note card with itinerary for “Trip to Kodiak, Alaska 4/17/47.” Includes list of seven crew members and schedule for early morning take off] Page 13—3.2—“Rest room? Hell, I ain’t tired. Where’s the can?” [rough- looking older women in overcoat with printed caption beneath; commercial photo?] [accordion-fold black & white souvenir postcards of Kodiak, twelve images with captions, 1940s?] [typed poems: “One Aleutian Island” and “Adak”] Page 14—blank Page 15—[cocktail napkin, “The Town Club / Kodiak Alaska”] [mimeographed Special Liberty Pass for Stanton Kirby, April 18, 1947] [homemade greeting card, construction paper, paper lace, crayon: “To My Swabbie /Gob Bud [?] / On Valentiane Day”] [printed wallet card, authorizing Stanley Kirby to wear uniform decorations and insignia listed on back of card] Page 16—[four-page tabloid newspaper reprint about Bikini Atoll nuclear tests: “Clippings Taken From The Honolulu Advertiser, 3 Feb & 1 March 1946 Pertaining to “A” Bomb Test Of Which You Are A Part . . . , handwritten note on first page that “Cot sent this to me”] Box 34 Scrapbook 4: John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Awards Contest Scrapbook, 1974 Scrapbook 14 x 12 inches, green padded covers. Includes award contest forms and correspondence, postcards of Adak, black & white and color photographs, newsletter clippings, and a sample of new carpet installed in the library. Inside front cover—[award label for the Fletcher Library, United States Navy, Adak, Alaska] [Department of the Navy Memorandum: returning library award (scrapbook 5) to Adak from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where former Adak librarian Elizabeth Lane retired] Page 1—Fact Sheet about library, applying for award Page 2—blank Page 3—[contest entry form] Page 4—blank Page 5—[calligraphic title page] Page 6—[color postcard: aerial view of “U.S. Naval Station / Adak, Alaska”] [dedication on card] [typed acknowledgements, January 28, 1975] Page 7—[poem, with apologies to R. Kipling] [description of Adak listing where, who, what, when and why] Page 8—[color postcard: Adak National Forest] [typed information sheet “Adak’s Natural Setting”] Page 9—[color maps clipped from newsletter: “Aleutian Island Chain,” and close-up map of Adak and nearby islands] Page 10—[typed card with description of library setting and clientele: “. . . 3800-4000 military and civilian personnel aboard, the majority on a 6-18 months tour.”] Page 11—4.1—[photo of painting hanging in library, of Admiral Frank J. Fletcher, Navy commander for whom the base library is named] [typed card with service history of Admiral Fletcher] Page 12—blank Page 13—[newsletter clipping profiling Pete Culbertson, supervisor of Fletcher Library staff, Adak Sun, October 11, 1974] Page 14—blank Page 15—4.2—Elizabeth Lane, Librarian and Patricia Frederick, Assistant 4.3—Margaret Binning, Assistant Page 16—[newsletter clippings: “Library notes” about services and facilities, Adak Sun, August 23, 1974] Page 17—4.4—[children’s corner, Fletcher Library] 4.5-4.6—[children and library assistant in library] Page 18—[letter concerning donated children’s books from San Francisco Public Library] Page 19—[typed card about Children’s Book Week, 1974] [three handwritten thank you notes to librarian from school children] Page 20—[newsletter clippings about library Summer Fun program and book donations] Page 21—4.7—[library interior, including circulation desk—and floor ashtray!] [newsletter clipping, “Library gets unique map,” about plywood wall map of Adak Island, Adak Sun, August 9, 1974] Page 22—[newsletter clippings, “Nature walk planned for June 10,” Adak Sun, June 2, 1974] 4.8—[group sitting on rocks overlooking bay, one holding bunch of plants] 4.9—[shelves in library with NEW BOOKS] 4.10—Adak Flower Pots [typed card about Adak flower pots made from “ends of sono-buoys, found in the dump” which are filled with potting soil and plants and given to new arrivals on the island.] Page 23—4.11—[library overview with library patrons reading] 4.12—[library interior with wooden conference table and chairs] Page 24—[typed card about library displays, including “bones, Japanese glass balls, World War II remains.”] Page 25—4.13—[gulls in flight] 4.14—[display case with art and photographs, including photo of Adak “totem pole”] Page 26—blank Page 27—[typed card captioning photo (missing) of eruption of Great Mt. Sitkin] Page 28—blank Page 29—4.15—[library display case with map, prehistoric artifacts; on floor beneath are marine mammal bones and a stone lamp] Page 30—[newsletter clipping, “Library News” about brochures about other states and other Navy facilities, Adak Sun, January 11, 1974] [typed card about brochures, including “Airline schedules of all major air lines”] Page 31—4.16-4.18—[library displays] Page 32—[typed card about library promoting and hosting Toastmistress meetings] [newsletter clipping, “Patricia Fredericks given Toastmistress scholarship,” Adak Sun, September 12, 1974] Page 33—4.19-4.20—[Toastmistress meeting in library] [newsletter clipping, “Toastmistress Club to award scholarship,” Adak Sun, December 13, 1974] Page 34—[newsletter clipping, “Library News—New Books,” and “Book Review,” Adak Sun, November 1, 1974] Page 35—4.21-4.22—[library interior] [typed card, “New Books and McNaughton Rental Service Books”] Page 36—[newsletter clipping, “Library News,” Adak Sun, April 19, 1974] [newsletter clippings with names of service units on Adak in 1974: Navy, Coast Guard, Seabee, NAVFAC, Nurse Corps, Marines, VP 48] Page 37—4.23—[library overview, patron snoozing at table in foreground] [typed card, “A natural pose after having the “duty” the night before. All effort is made toward an atmosphere of relaxation and peace away from home.] Page 38—blank Page 39—4.24—[men playing chess in library] [typed card, “Indoor games of all kinds are popular on the Island.”] Page 40—[newsletter clippings, “Library News: Adak Civic League donates $1000 to library,” and “New Books,” Adak Sun, November 15, 1974] Page 41—[letter from Adak Civic League accompanying check] [typed card describing request for funds for furniture] Page 42—[letter authorizing selection of 200 books to be withdrawn from Adak Library and transferred to Correctional Center Branch Library, April 9, 1974] Page 43—4.25—[bookshelves and books, as processed for Naval Corrections Center?] [letter requesting books for Naval Corrections Center, January 30, 1974. “The Corrections Center has an operating capacity of 23 prisoners and six enlisted staff members.”] [typed card describing transfer of 360 hard cover books and 250 paperbacks to Corrections Center] Page 44—blank Page 45—[newsletter clippings, “Help needed to carpet library,” Adak Sun, December 6, 1974 and “Library news,” December 17, 1974] [typed card describing library carpet installation. “Regretfully pictures could not be made in time to be included [with award application]. Film must be sent to Anchorage to be developed and takes 3-4 weeks if the mail goes through.] [triangular carpet sample] Page 46—blank Page 47—[letter thanking Naval Training Center, San Diego for gift of excess books to Adak] Page 48—blank Page 49—[clippings from promotional literature for National Library Week, April 21-27, 1974] [newsletter clipping, “Library News” about National Library Week activities, Adak Sun, April 26, 1974] [newsletter clipping, “Library News” with tips on how to properly open new books, Adak Sun, May 10, 1974] Page 50—blank Page 51—[newsletter clippings and caption, “Some of the lesser PR actions undertaken by the library” including voter registration and Red Cross training.] Page 52—[typed list of accomplishments and goals for the library. “One might say you have a captive audience with no other book source, inclement weather, no place to go . . . however, we are in competition with a newly renovated bar and lounge on the same deck as well as a skating rink, theater, bowling alley and swimming pool in the same building.”] Page 53—[typed and drawn graph of personnel on island and library circulation, comparing 1973 and 1974. “Personnel rotation in months of December and June.”] Pages 54-56—blank Box 34 Scrapbook 5: John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award, 1974 Award certificate with yellow ribbon and gold seal in off-white padded scrapbook 11 x 15 inches, stamped gold title on cover: “JOHN COTTON DANA / Library Public Relations Award.” Presented to Fletcher Library, United States Navy “for a planned morale building program to serve the military and other persons on a remote island installation.” Sponsored by H.W. Wilson Company [library publisher] and American Library Association. Box 34 Scrapbook 6: Ford Relyea Dally Scrapbook, 1947-48 See detailed description of contents under Box 3, Folder 7 Series 11: Miscellaneous photographs and negatives Box 36, Folder 1 Chief Petty Officer Spouses Club, 1976-1980s .1-35—[officer installation ceremony?, no date, color negs only] .36-60—[birds, buildings, thrift shop?, no date, color negs only] .61-97—[thrift shop?, island scenery, no date, color negs only] .98-117—[Hawaiian social event?, no date, color negs only] .118-137—[social event, no date, color negs only] .138-146—[thrift shop?, no date, black & white negs only] Adak Seismological Observatory and Tide Station, 1976 .147- 166—Adak Seismological Observatory, June 1, 1976 [2” x 2” black & white negs only] .167-172—Adak Coast & Geodetic Survey Tide Station, June 9, 1976 [2” x 2” black & white negs only] Chief Petty Officer Wives Club social events .173-174—1970s? .175-181—CPO Wives Installation, December 11, 1982 Box 36, Folder 2 .182-195—[Finger Bay Fillies?, no date, color negs only] .196-207 [1970s?, color prints with 110 film negs] .208-251 [1980s?, color 110 film negs only] .252-295 [1980s?, color 110 film negs only] .296-306 [1981?, color disc film, prints for 4, negs for 11] .307-313 [children on couch, man holding large king crab color disc film, prints and negs] Aerial views of military installations, no date, negs only, captions out of order? .314—Helmet Creek Farm and Roberts Vill.? .315—AV/JP-5 [petroleum product tank] farm? .316—Amulet? Details of riveted surface—fuel tank? .317-321—no date, 2” x 2” black & white negs only Parade with Stan Cohen [author of The Forgotten War] in MG sports car, on Adak? .322-325—no date, 35mm color negs only Series 12: Oversize photographs and display materials Box 37
 1 —Army observation lookout overlooking Kuluk Bay. The approaching williwaw overtook the post in 3 minutes—August 1943. [four men in winter gear with backs to camera looking down mountain slope to bay beyond, black and white, 14” x 11”] Display materials: Seismic Observatory Stations Label on 3” x 5” card: Seismic Observatory Stations. All field stations were removed during August/September 1993. Only the main vault remains as an upgraded station for the global seismic network. Map, ADAK NETWORK, Adak USGS topographic map dated 1977, 20” x 23”, with fourteen seismic station locations indicated. .2-.9—Color photos that make up a panoramic view, eight prints 8’ x 12’, seismic stations marked with small colored stickers. Label: Photo Panorama by Sean-Thomas Morrissey / 20 Aug 1983 Label: These stations can be seen from the above panoramic photo taken atop of Mt. Moffet on a rare cloudless day. Labels, fifteen handwritten labels with station names and elevations, used to identify stations on panoramic photo display? .10—Photo montage, color, 8” x 20”, with typed labels pasted on: views of seismic stations, personnel, cabin at Kanaga Bay, boats and scenery. Display panels with pasted on color photos, 3” x 5” each: .11—Umak seismic station (AD2) looking toward G. Sitkin .12—S. Kagalaska station (AD3) view toward south side of Adak .13—S. Kanaga station (AD6), AK1, AK2 receive antennas .14—Bobrof seismic station (AK4) antenna atop Redan point .15—Backpacking batteries to Hidden Bay station .16—Testing the buried electronics at G. Sitkin station .17—Hidden Bay station (AD4) south side of Adak island .18—Activating primary batteries by adding water, at G. Sitkin .19—Seismoscope record of May ’86 M 7.7 quake. Instrument scribes 2X ground motion on smoked glass. .20—White Alice receive site .21—Annual cleaning of our pressure sensing tide gauge under Pier .22—South tiltmeter site .23—Splicing main vault cable Series 13: Audiovisual Media Box 38 Color 35mm slides (Images .1 through .13 appear to be copies of images taken in the 1940s, poor quality) .1—[B-24 or B-25 nose and engine, snowy mountains behind] .2—[B-24 or B-25 taxiing] .3-.5—[P-39 taxiing, taking off] .6—[B-17 in flight, over Aleutians?] .7-.8—[P-39 on runway] .9—[B-24] .10—[pyramidal tents, in Aleutians?] .11—[airman with 50 caliber round?] .12—[smiling airmen in flight uniforms, standing on Marston mat runway] .13—[P-40 nose, engine running, pilot in cockpit] .14—[T-33 on static display, with “Spirit of ‘76” and “Bicentennial” paint job] .15—[P-38 wreckage, Alaska?] .16—[rusted bulldozer remains, oil drum, aircraft or driftwood in background?] .17—[silhouette of cannon pointed skyward] .18—[wreckage of ship on Aleutian beach, bow only] .19—[B-25 wreckage?, man walking toward wreck—see also image .21] .20—[cannon, Japanese anti-aircraft?] .21—[man seated in wreckage of B-25?—see also image .19] .22—[rusted remains of Caterpillar tracked bulldozer] .23—[remains of shore gun mount] .24—[remains of mini submarine—Japanese?] .25—[rusted machine gun] .26—[construction ruins, mountain terrain] .27—[shipwreck on beach, dock with white boat, another shipwreck in background—Kiska or Attu?] .28—[Aleutian dock ruins] .29—[Aleutian dock, building ruins, road cut on hillside] .30—[rusted gun, mounted, with lupines] .31—[Quonset huts, other buildings scattered across tundra] .32—Looking out towards unnamed lake from cabin .33—Outlet stream from Lake Betty Inlet to Finger Bay .34—This is the cabin I recommend CO [commanding officer?] turn into a guest lodge, spec svs cabin, CO spa cabin or something [frame building on hill] .35—[sunset scene] (Images .36 through .90 are stock photos produced by Arctic Circle Enterprises) .36 –Arctic Eskimo Couple and Trained Deer [reindeer] .37—Eskimo Blanket Toss .38—Eskimo Dance Band .39—Eskimo Dancers .40—Whale Celebration .41—Fur Clad Eskimos of Arctic Alaska by Sod Igloo .42—Arctic Eskimos Building Snow Igloo .43—Deluxe Alaskan Out House\ .44—Food Storage Cache at Ft. Yukon .45—Typical Fairbanks Log Home .46—Alaskan Malamute Heavy Work Dog of Alaska .47—Alaskan Friends [dog and woman in fur parka] .48—Alaskan Dog Team on Arctic Ice .49—Husky Work Dogs of Alaska .50—Arctic Dog Sled Team .51—Matanuska Glacier .52—Sawyer Glacier, Tracy Arm .53—River of Ice, Southeastern Alaska .54—Mendenhall Glacier Near Juneau .55—Mt. McKinley .56—Mt. McKinley [across Wonder Lake] .57—A Bull Moose .58—Twin Moose Calves .59—Toklat Grizzly in Mt. McKinley Pak. .60—Three Young Bear Cubs .61—A Dahl [Dall] Sheep .62—Alaskan Red Fox .63—A Red Fox Pop .64—Arctic Ground Squirrel .65—Polar Bear in the Arctic Sun .66—Walrus—Monarch of the Arctic .67—A Herd of Walrus .68—Alaska’s State Fish King Salmon .69—Arctic Tern in Alaska World’s Migration Champion .70—Alaska’s State Bird Willow Ptarmigan .71—Tufted Puffin .72—Mature Bald Eagle .73—Sparrow Hawk .74—Cooper’s Hawk .75—Common Loon .76—Snowy Owl .77—Snow Geese .78—Canadian Geese .79—Lesser Yellowlegs .80—Alaskan Cotton .81—Alaska’s State Flower Forget-me-not .82—Wild Rose of Alaska .83—Dwarf Fireweed Blossom .84—Arctic Lupin [Lupine] .85—Wild Geranium .86—Mountain Aven [Avens] .87—Tiny Hawksbeard .88—A Field of Fireweed .89—Fireweed Along the Alaskan Hwy. .90—Alaska’s State Tree Sitka Spruce (Images .91 through .119 are stock images produced by Pana-Vue Slides) .91—Alaskan Silver Fox .92—Arctic Polar Bear .93—Grey Wolf .94—Toklat Grizzly Bear .95—Mountain Goat .96—Alaskan Caribou .97—Caribou at Sunset .98—Dall Sheep—Mt. McKinley N.P. .99—Red Fox .100—Moose—Cow and Calf .101—Spawning Salmon .102—Arctic Ptarmigan .103—Ptarmigan—State Bird .104—Matanuska Farm .105—Historic Railroad Engine [Palmer] .106—Portage Glacier .107—Portage River .108—Turnagain Arm—Elderberries .109—Girdwood, Alaska [scenery, not town] .110—Eklutna Graveyard .111—Eklutna Church .112—Horse Tail Falls—Richardson Highway .113—Horse Tail and Bridal Veil Falls .114—Worthington Glacier .115—Beautiful Reflections [mountains and pond, Richardson Highway] .116—Summit [mountains and fireweed, Richardson Highway] .117-.119—Northern Lights—Aurora Borealis (Image .120 is a stock photo produced by Arctic Circle Enterprises) .120—State Flag of Alaska big dipper and North Star (Images .121-.124 are copyrighted photos labeled “Photo by Carol Hagglund”) .121—Adak “National Forest” and Mt. Moffett [with sign] .122—Hiker, Mt. Moffett, Adak Island .123—Lake Bonnie Rose and Great Sitkin Island .124—Fireweed and Mt. Moffett, Adak Island (Image .125 is a copyrighted photo labeled “Photo by Kathy Karcheski”) .125—An Adak Cove, Kanaga Island
 126 —Adak Cotton .127—Cotton Flower .128—Mouintain Avens .129—Beach Sunflower .130—Fleabane .131—Unidentified water grass .132—Wind Flower .133—Lupine .134—Western Monkey Flower .135—White Bog Orchid .136—Cow Parsnip or Wild Celery .137—Fireweed .138—White Flowered Saxifrage .139—Yarrow .140—Buttercup .141—Pearly Everlasting .142—Yellow Alpine Daisy .143—Lichens/Mosses .144—Angelica (Celery Family) .145—Arctic Willow .146—Monkshood .147—Roots of Dwarf Willow exposed to wind .148—Reindeer Lichen .149—Cucumber Root .150—Leather-leaved Saxifrage .151—[white flowers] .152—[orange flower] .153—[Kamchatka lily] VHS videotapes Tape 1—“Adak: Fox Trapper Terry Gill, 1937-42 Interview of Gill & Kelly by J. Culbertson March 1978” [see photo of Mrs. Terry Gill with fox skins, 1942—Box 7, Folder 11] Tape 2—“WWII Construction of Umnak AK, Adak AK, Shemya and Amchitka Islands. Color combat silent films” Tape 3—“16mm movies taken at Umnak and Adak Jan. 1943 Report on the Aleutians by John Huston, taken at Adak in Sept. 1942 Battle of Okinawa [donated by Doyle Byram, Seattle WA or Memphis TN] Tape 4—“WWII The Aleutian Story” Tape 5—“Report from the Aleutians” 44:35 “Reflections of WWII” w/Adm. James Russell, R. Adm, H.B. Monroe, Brig. Gen. B Talley” Tape 6—“Admiral Russell 40 Years on Adak – Tom Spitler 49 Days on Kiska – William House” Tape 7—“REINEKE ALEUTIAN VCR #1 rec’d from Al McRae, radio operator with 21 Bomb Sqdn. “first part of the video tape is the Watson 16mm movies that I put on VCR. Umnak & Adak” “the movie segment on the combat mission over Kiska was filmed from Hamilton’s airplane.” (See: Roger Vance letters in Reineke Aleutian Book 2) McRae concludes this VCR with the battle of Okinawa (Extra bonus?) B29s were diverted from bombing main islands of Japan and sent to airfields in Kyushu to bomb. Didn’t do much good. Japs just filled the holes and planes took off. As you know it was a “one- way” mission. L. Reineke 5/28/91” Tape 8—“Berry & Holzmiller Albums, 1942-43, 18 th Engineers” Loose label in case has following description which probably describes a different videotape: “REINEKE ALEUTIAN VCR #2 PBY recovery from Dago Lake Return to crash site on Atka, WW2 1980 11 th AF Reunion at Adak (This is not professional work . . . long pauses, but keep with it. For detailed information on return to crash site see Aleut Expedition #6 and explanation of 1980 reunion, these will be in Aleutian Book 2, under VCR.)” Tape 9—“1986 Hawaiian Luau, 56 minutes McDonalds Comes to Adak, 35 minutes Donated to the Adak Museum by Doyle Byram, July 12, 1986” Tape 10—“Fil-Am Festival, October 1986, 88 minutes Donated to the Adak Museum by Doyle Byram March 15, 1987” Tape 11—“Adak Museum 1994” Tape 12—Commercial videotape: Aleut Evacuation: The Untold War Story (Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association, 1992), 59 minutes Audio cassette tape recordings Tape 1—Brian Garfield interview with Lawrence Reineke, May 23, 1967 Brian Garfield interview with Lucian Wernick, July 20, 1967 Tape 2—Brian Garfield interview with Lucian Wernick, July 20, 1967 [one side blank] Tape 3—Eleventh Air Force Reunion, August 9, 1980 “Aleutian Tape #1: Interview with Bob Reeve, and trip around Anchorage with O’Brien, Talley, Joe Schneider, Reineke, Bill Mack, Reineke, at Reeve Terminal-Adak, Adm. Russell, Monroe, Joe Schneider relating early movie. Long delay from side 1 to 2.” Tape 4—Eleventh Air Force Reunion, 1980 “Aleutian Tape #2: Joe Schneider contd, Shemya, some conversation enroute to Adak, meeting at Elmendorf, talk at waiting room at Reeve Adm Monroe, Red Miller (internee at Siberia) Wayne Wright (Navy demolition) blowing up Jap tanker.” Tape 5—Eleventh Air Force Reunion, 1980 “Ramputi, B24 Pilot, 1 21 St CO Pinney, B25 pilot, continued, also some tape after the showing of Alaska at War premier at Anch. October 1986” Guide updated: February 5, 2019