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Guide prepared by: Haley L. Jones, volunteer

TITLE: A. C. Cron Collection



Dates: 1906-08

Extent: 0.625 linear feet

Language and Scripts: The collection is in English.

Name of creator(s):
Col. Anton C. Cron

Administrative/Biographical History: Col. Anton C. Cron was born on Oct. 31, 1878. He was a
member of the 10th
/ Infantry division of the U. S. Army. From 1904-06, he was stationed at Fort
George Wright in Spokane, Washington. Here he met Nina Nash, a painter, whom he married
on January 20th
/ , 1906. He was reassigned to Fort St. Michael, Alaska, in summer 1906. His
wife remained behind in Spokane for a year due to poor health and pregnancy – she gave birth
to their first son, Frederick W. Cron, on August 28th
/ , 1906. The following year, Nina and
Frederick joined Lieutenant Cron in St. Michael. The family remained in St. Michael for two
years, braving the harsh and isolated conditions of this remote northern village.
After the birth of a second child, A. C. Cron was reassigned to Fort Benjamin Harrison
in Indiana. By 1913, Cron had become a “Professor of Military Science and Tactics,”
1 and
travelled from Michigan to the Panama Canal.2 An article published by Cron in the November

1 Cron, A. C. “Report of the Department of Military Science.” Annual Report of the Secretary of State
Board of Agriculture, vol. 52, pp 104-106. June 30th
/ , 1913. Accessed online 1/16/2014.

2 Adjunct-General’s Office. “General Orders.” War Department, Washington D. C., United States. no.
49, pp 2. August 6, 1915. Accessed online 1/16/2014.

1924 Coast Artillery Journal indicates that he achieved the rank of Major.3 According to the
accession file of this collection, he had become a Colonel by the time he died. Col. A. C. Cron
died June 10th
/ , 1961, at the age of 82, and was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery, along
with his wife, who died in 1946.

Scope and Content Description: The collection includes 186 photographs and 132 negatives, as
well as a diary fragment by A. C. Cron dating from 1904-1908. The photographs are mostly
black and white with some sepia. The photographs in this collection primarily depict scenes of
Lieutenant Cron’s daily life in Fort St. Michael, Alaska. The collection contains a number of
family photos, as well as images of the town of St. Michael. While the collection primarily
focuses on St. Michael, a few photographs depict other locations in Alaska, such as Fort Davis,
near Nome, and Fort Liscum, near Valdez. Cron’s diary fragment, B1974.007, contains a
wealth of details of his family and military life in Fort St. Michael.

Arrangement: by format


Restrictions on Access: The collection is open for research use.

Physical Access: Original prints in good condition. Nitrate negatives scanned and removed to
freezer. Access to original negatives is limited. Copy negatives and prints are available for use.

Technical Access: No special equipment is needed to access the materials.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:
The Anchorage Museum is the owner of the materials and makes available reproductions for
research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the Anchorage
Museum before any reproduction use. The Anchorage Museum does not necessarily hold
copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission for use may
require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation: A. C. Cron Collection, Anchorage Museum, B1973.079


Acquisition and Appraisal Information: Donated to the museum by A. C. Cron’s son, Mr. F.
W. Cron, on October 7, 1973.

3 Cron, Maj. A. C. “The Tank.” Coast Artillery Journal. Houston Printing and Publishing House,
Hampton, VA. Nov. 1924, pp 383-395. Accessed online 1/16/2014

4 “Anton C. Cron.” Find a Grave website. Accessed online 1/16/2014

Note: B1974.007, the fragment of Cron’s diary manuscript, is filed within photographs.

Note: Photos that only exist as original negatives, and do not have negative copies, are labeled
“[orig neg only].” There are prints only, and no original negatives, for numbers 3, 9, 11-14, 16-
17, 19-22, 24, 26-29, 31-38, 40, 66-67, 69-70, 84, 93, 119, 138-139.

B1973.092 – F. W. Cron Collection


Cron, A. C.
Cron, Mrs. A. C.
Families – Alaska
Frontier and pioneer life - Alaska
Forts and bases – Alaska
Native Alaskan peoples and culture - Alaska
Military – Alaska
Mines and Mining – Alaska
Ships - Alaska
Sled dogs - Alaska
Soldiers – Alaska
Wildlife - Alaska
Bering Sea (Alaska)
Fort Davis (Alaska)
Fort Liscum (Alaska)
Fort. St. Michael (Alaska)
Haines (Alaska)
Nome (Alaska)
Norton Sound (Alaska)
Tanana River (Alaska)
Seward Peninsula (Alaska)
Skagway (Alaska)
St. Michael (Alaska)
Valdez (Alaska)

Detailed Description of the Collection
1 — [2 copies] Fort St. Michael, Alaska, Winter of 1907-08. Photos by Lieut. A. C. Cron, Probably depict midnight sun [buildings, tall flagpole]
2 — [2 copies] Fort St. Michael, Alaska, Winter of 1907-08. Photos by Lieut. A. C. Cron, Probably depict midnight sun [buildings, tall flagpole, closer shot]
3 — [2 copies] Company G – 10 th U. S. Infantry, St. Michael, Alaska. Inspection in barracks – Winter of 1907-08, photos by A. C. Cron. [barracks with tents and beds inside, infantrymen standing at attention]
4 — [2 copies] En Route to target range, Summer of 1907[group of men in uniform walking, carrying arms]
5 — [3 copies] Wireless Station, St. Michael, Alaska – 1907. Photos by Lieut. A. C. Cron [buildings with tall poles]
6 — Russian Orthodox Church, St. Michael, Alaska. Winter of 1907-08. Mrs. A. C. Cron at right of picture [wearing fur parka]
7 — Mrs. A. C. Cron [in fur parka], Frederick Cron [small child in stroller], and unidentified officer [possibly Lieut. Humber] [portrait in front of building, snow mound]
8 — Russian Blockhouse – St. Michael, Alaska, Winter of 1907-08. L to R, Mrs. A. C. Cron, Frederick W. Cron [in sled], Lieut. A. C. Cron [group in front of blockhouse, a small structure with pointed roof]
 9 — Fort St. Michael, Alaska, 1908. Miss Alma Cron, Sister of Lieut. Cron, Mrs. A. C. Cron, Miss Frances Nash – Sister of Mrs. Cron, 1908. [group in fur parkas] [orig neg only]
10 — Russian Blockhouse, St. Michael, Alaska. Unidentified officer and Mrs. A. C. Cron, Winter of 1907-08 [similar to B73.79.8]
 11 — [2 copies] [Mrs. A. C. Cron and Eskimo mother] [street and buildings in background]
12 — Dad at Fort St. Michael, 1907-08, Lieut. A. C. Cron [faded photo of Cron] [orig neg only]
 13 —[An Army man in parka and uniform on boardwalk at Fort St. Michael, Alaska Greenhouses along foundation of building and hatted lady in rear.] [orig neg only]
 14 — [Mrs. Nina Cron with 2 reindeer and 2 other people.] [orig neg only]
15 — [Lady with wicker baby carriage in heavy snow on boardwalk at Fort St. Michael, Alaska.]
 16 — Old Russian Fort at St. Michael, Alaska. Mother in center front row. Dad left rear row. Other officer is probably Dr. Swazey. One of ladies in front row may be Mrs. Swazey. [orig neg only]
 17 — [Army man in position to fire a small cannon.] [houses in background]
18 — [2 copies] 45 guns, Salute to the Union, July 4, ’07, St. Michael, Lt. A. C. Cron
 19 — [Winter view of 3 buildings at Fort St. Michael, Alaska] [orig neg only]
 20 — Comdg. Officer’s Quarters, Fort St. Michael, Alaska [exterior view with snow mounds]
 21 — Administration Bldg., Fort St. Michael [exterior view] [orig neg only]
22 — Hospital at Fort St. Michael, Alaska [exterior] [orig neg only]
23 — [2 copies] Co. G., 10 th Infantry [U. S.], Fort. St. Michael, Alaska, 1906-08. Officers in front l to r., Capt. M. B. Stokes, 1 st Lt. R. C. Humber, 2 nd Lt. Anton C. Cron [large portrait of infantry in front of building, standing with firearms]
 24 — [An Army officer and woman and child – looks like a family group.] [orig neg only]
25 — [U. S. Army officer and woman on porch of house.]
 26 — [Detailed, large photo of Eskimo older man in fur parka.] Fort St. Michael, Alaska, 1906- 08 [orig neg only]
27 — “Natives of St. Michael, Alaska” [A woman with baby on her back and holding a young child by the hand.] [orig neg only]
 28 — [A large town area on river after a fire or some catastrophe. Alaska. Pole and insulators] [orig neg only]
 29 — [Boat dock on a wide river in Alaska, Tanana, sternwheeler, in detail] [orig neg only]
30 — View from Harbor of the North American Transportation and Trading Co.’s establishment. The large warehouse on the right is my coal shed.
 31 — View from harbor of part of the Northern Commercial Co.’s plant. Notice the little old Russian blockhouse to the right of the flagpole and the Greek church directly behind the blockhouse. [orig neg only]
 32 — First boat of the season. 1907. St. Michael, Alaska, JB, 1907 [harbor scene with ice floes, boat in the distance] [orig neg only]
33 — On Bering Sea near Nome [team of sled dogs and three people] [orig neg only]
34 — [Eleven Caucasian men in front of Miners and Merchants Supply Co., St. Michael, Alaska? With dog team and supplies] [orig neg only]
35 — [Two sled teams, one eight dog, one five dog with sleds and people.] [Tall central male looks like Lieut. A. C. Cron] [orig neg only]
36 — Ft. St. Michael, Alaska, 1906-08 [sled dog team howling] [orig neg only]
37 — Dog sled with eight adults and children, mostly Eskimo [orig neg only]
38 — Dog sled and team in arctic ice formation [tall central figure – A. C. Cron?] [orig neg only]
39 — Soldiers exercising on the transport en route to St. Michael – 1906 [soldiers running on deck]
 40 — 2 copies, Commanding Officers Quarters, 1907, St. Michael, Alaska [2 children on path to building, surrounded by snow banks] [orig neg only]
41 — Ft. Davis, 1906 [near Nome, at mouth of Nome River, on Seward Peninsula.] [view from water]
42 —Fort Davis, Near Nome, 1906 [at mouth of Nome River on Seward Peninsula.]
43 — [Camp for gold mine, Seward Peninsula] [mining structure]
44 — [Gold mining, Seward Peninsula] [mining structure]
45 — [Camp for gold mines, Seward Peninsula] [buildings.]
46 — Skagway, 1906 [docks] [view of water and surrounding mountains]
47 — [Beach at Nome, horses and Supplies] “W. L. Thor Transfer” sign on horse
48 — [Seward Peninsula] [train on tracks carrying supplies]
49 — [Street in Nome, Alaska] [Northern Commercial Co. Elevated Railway. Look out for the cars N. W. Commercial Co. Large building at right]
50 — [Nome] [street scene with buildings]
51 — [Nome, a downtown street]
52 — [Nome, a downtown street] [A. G. Nachbar? & plumbing hydraulic] a store front sign
53 — Ft. Davis – 1906 [Lightering [unloading] at mouth of Nome River on Norton Sound, Boat named “Belle”]
54 — [Fort Davis – 1906, Lightering at mouth of Nome River on Norton Sound] [barge with crowd of people and supplies onboard]
 55 — [2 views: a & b] [Northern Commercial Co. retail store and office, St. Michael. See Alaska Mag. Feb 79. p. 14] [crowd in front]
56 — [unidentified ship on the water, mountain slopes in background]
57 — [2 views: a & b] Fort Seward, 1906 [Chilkoot Barracks, Haines, Alaska] [barracks buildings with mountain peak in background]
58 — Fort Liscum – 1906 [across from Valdez] [shows busy dock with people, supplies, horses]
59 — [Fort Liscum, across from Valdez] [buildings and mountain scenery]
60 — [Fort Liscum, across from Valdez] [two buildings]
61 — Military Post at Valdez [Fort Liscum] [view from water, mountain scenery]
62 — Valdez – 1906 [street scene, sign in front of building reading “Alaska Prospector”]
63 — Valdez, 1906 [tailoring & clothing shop, mountains in background]
64 — [Military man on step.] [faded]
65 — Valdez, 1906 [street scene with buildings]
 66 — [number never assigned]
 67 — Mother at Ft. St. Michael, 1907-08 [fur parka, in front of telescope?] [orig neg only]
68 — [Two handsome complete Eskimo outside clothing] [Same people B73.79.114]
 69 — Ft. St. Michael, Alaska, 1907, l. to r.: Frances Nash, Alma Cron, Nina Nash Cron [View from water down street at Ft. St. Michael, Alaska] [orig neg only]
 70 — [North American Trading and Transportation Co., St. Michael, Alaska] [view from water] [orig neg only]
71 — [Full View – Photograph of St. Michaels from water]
72 — [View from water of St. Michael, Alaska]
73 — [Clear close-up from water]
74 — [dog team in snow near cliff, faded]
75 — [unidentified building with dog team and men in front]
76 — [blurry photo of a sled dog]
77 — [dog team on path in front of house]
78 — [sled dog team in snow]
79 — [dog team and men in snow]
80 — [dog team and three men in front of building]
81 — [close up of sled dog, blurry]
82 — [disorganized sled dog team, two men]
83 — [faded photo of unidentified building]
 84 — [man on dogsled in front of house, man standing by door]
85 — [men with dog team in front of Eskimo? wooden dwellings]
86 — [dog team in snow]
87 — [dog team with three people in front of buildings]
88 — [2 prints of sled dogs in snow]
89 — [dog team in snow]
90 — [unidentified dock, building]
91 — [1907, Ft. St. Michael, Alaska, l. to r.: Frances Nash, Alma Cron, Nina Nash Cron] [all wearing fur parkas, buildings in background]
92 — [town as seen from on the water, unidentified buildings]
 93 — [“A winter harbor scene”] [distant buildings, very faded]
94 — [group of people on dock? Surrounded by snow and ice]
95 — [“Seemingly, a camping scene”] [shows disheveled campsite near water]
96 — [group of people by railroad crossing, with supplies]
97 — [2 prints] [same as B73.79.96]
98 — [group of men with cart on railroad tracks, pulled by sled dogs]
99 — [dock scene with people and dogs]
100 — [unidentified person standing on wrecked building? other buildings in background, very faded]
101 — [group of soldiers on a plain in a row, with firearms, shooting targets]
102 — [group of soldiers with firearms, standing on beach]
103 — [group of soldiers with firearms on beach, crossing onto a sandbar]
104 — [soldiers crossing, view from on sandbar]
105 — [2 mules hitched to sledge hauling ice] [three people on or around cart, several others in background]
106 — Reindeer at Ft. St. Michael, winter of 1907-08 [four people in parkas, two being pulled on a cart by reindeer]
107 — [Reindeer at Ft. St. Michael, winter of 1907-08]
108 — [Reindeer at Ft. St. Michael, winter of 1907-08]
109 — [Reindeer at St. Michael, “private dock” winter 1907-08]
110 — [Reindeer tied at “private dock,” St. Michael, winter 1907-8]
111 — [Two reindeer tied at St. Michael, winter 1907-8]
112 — [Reindeer tied at St. Michael, winter 1907-8] [faded]
113 — Reindeer at Ft. St. Michael, winter of 1907-08 [pulling cart with people]
114 — “Won’t ___ look sweet in one of these.” [Two full parkas, same people as B73.79.68]
115 — Moving Rec Hall at Ft. St. Michael, winter 1907-08. Mother in foreground. Cron quarters in background.
116 — [Two children on a snow bank at Ft. St. Michael, winter 1907-08]
117 — [Black dog on Boardwalk before porch with sign saying “Stokes.”]
118 — [Military man on porch steps] [Same photo as B73.79.129] [2 prints]
 119 — [number never assigned]
120 — [Military man on porch, blurry]
121 — [2 prints. Same man as B73.79.118. Two ladies on porch]
122 — [Lady from B73.79.121, boy with fish and man from B73.79.118 at St. Michael dock.]
123 — [Eskimo man and woman with military man]
124 — [2 officers and lady on porch at Ft. St. Michael] [with dog, faded]
125 — [People aboard ship] [Same people as B73.79.126]
126 — [People aboard ship, same people as B73.79.125]
127 — [Lady with stroller on boardwalk at Ft. St. Michael] [possibly Mrs. A. C. Cron and son]
128 — [Sternwheeler on dry dock, motor launch in water at St. Michael?] [blurry]
129 — [Riverboat Sarah on water, blurry]
130 — [Riverboat Sarah, blurry]
131 — [D. R. Campbell and another Riverboat at St. Michael dock?]
132 — Riverboat at St. Michael? [view from water]
133 — 3 riverboats at shore
134 — [Riverboat under construction, probably at St. Michael.]
135 — [Riverboat under construction or repair at St. Michael?] [two unidentified people in foreground]
136 — Steamship, unidentified
137 — [Same Riverboats as B73.79.131] at St. Michael [orig neg only]
 138 — Sailing boat [clouds, scenery] [orig neg only]
 139 — The Will H. Isom with barge
140 — [ocean scenery]
141 — [ocean scenery, rocky shoreline in background]
142 — [ocean scenery]
143 — Shoreline [ocean scenery, mountains in background]
144 — Bering Sea ships [ocean scenery]
145 — [group of Eskimos in parkas, on front porch of house, St. Michael]
146 — Cron Family [blurry portrait]
147 — [Mr. and Mrs. Cron with two other women, unidentified officer]
148 — [family group with children in sled being pulled by dog]
149 — [two small boats (kayaks?) on the water, view from larger boat]
150 — Mrs. Cron, water supply [In fur parka, near blocks of ice]
151 —St. Michael, Nina Cron [town of St. Michael in background]
152 — [group in St. Michael on front porch]
153 — Mrs. Cron [and child, on boardwalk]
154 — Eskimos, reindeer [group in snow]
155 — Mrs. Cron and Alma?
156 — [mother and young child]
157 — Alma Cron [on boardwalk before porch, with step reading “Lieut. Cron”]
158 — [Eskimo family in parkas in front of house]
159 — Mrs. Cron, Nina [Mrs. Cron with child in stroller on boardwalk]
160 — Lt. Cron [seated on porch]
161 — Mrs. Cron, Alma [Mrs. Cron standing with child in stroller on boardwalk]
162 — [unidentified group in winter clothes, in front of Russian blockhouse, St. Michael]
163 — [Mrs. Cron? with snow banks in background]
164 — [Mrs. Cron? with child, near front porch of house]
165 — Cutting ice [equipment, waterfront scene, unidentified buildings]
166 — Cutting ice [group of men on shore cutting ice]
167 — Mrs. Cron, Alma [and others, seated on front porch of building, blurry]
168 — Mrs. Cron, others [group with children on boardwalk]
169 — [dark print, landscape with distant buildings]
170 — Mrs. Cron, Alma [Mrs. Cron in plaid jacket, taking child’s hand, on boardwalk]
171 — Alma, Lt. Cron [on dock, boat in background]
172 — Mrs. Cron, Alma and Frederick, others [on dock]
173 — Mrs. Cron, Alma [on dock, ships in background]
174 — Dredging [equipment on water]
175 — Boardwalk, Mrs. Cron, Alma [Alma in stroller]
176 — Baby sled, snow [Mrs. Cron? on top of snow bank, stroller on bottom]
177 — Mrs. Cron, Alma [on boardwalk]
178 — Alma [on boardwalk]
179 — [unidentified ship on water, shoreline in background]
180 — Tug “Cub,” Mrs. Cron, Alma [on dock, tug boat behind]
181 — Dock, Mrs. Cron, Alma
182 — Alma on steps [“Lieut. Cron” written on top stop]
183 — Lt. Cron, Alma, baby sled
184 — Alma in high-chair [with porch steps in background]
185 — Bering Sea [very faded, photo of water]
186 — Bering Sea [faded and cracked] Guide written: 1/17/2014