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GRUBE COLLECTION. Photos. 1 file folder in .15 cu. ft. 1880s – 1930s


1971, April 5 CIHS Grube

Photographs of Native Alaskans.

Donated. Grube, Merrill

27 Photos.

Merrill E. Grube was a professional photographer in Anchorage, Alaska. Grube owned his own
photography company and worked at the Anchorage Community College.

Scope and Contents

The Grube Collection consists of 27 photographs with negatives. The subjects are primarily that
of Native Alaskans. Photographs include Natives dressed in parkas, several photographs of a
Native girl of Tanana Valley, Chief Goodlutaw of Copper Center, Copper River Natives, Kaw-
Claa (a Tlingit maiden), Doc Billum and family, East Cape Eskimo’s, a “half-breed”, Squaws,
trading post at Nome, Sport McAllistr, John Goodlutaw, a generation of Natives educated in the
missions, several photographs of young native children, and Yukon River scenes. The collection
is arranged in number order.



Series 1: Photographs
Folder 1
B70.80.1 - .20
Folder 2
B70.80.21 - .46

Photo List

B71.14.1 Dress parade, Natives dressed in parkas with reindeer B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.2 Genuine native son, young boy next to sled and gun B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.3 Native girl of Tanana Valley, B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.4 Squaw with birch bark canoe B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.5 Three woman, Berry pickers B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.6 East Cape Eskimo’s, in Oomiak arriving in Nome B&W 8 x 10*

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B71.14.7 Native girl of Tanana Valley B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.8 Young natives in village B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.9 Present generation, educated in the missions B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.10 Chief Goodlutaw, Copper Center, Copper River natives,
B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.11 Present generation ,all educated in the missions B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.12 Young boy and girl all dressed up to meet the President
B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.13 Family group B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.14 Native girl’s own idea of posing B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.15 Chief’s home on Yukon River, Alaska B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.16 Trading post, Council City, Nome B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.17 Half-breed B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.18 Copper River Indians, Cordova, Alaska B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.19 Family of Copper River Indians B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.20 Yukon River, native in birch bark canoe B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.21 Squaw race B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.22 Half-white and native B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.23 Birch canoe on river B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.24 A native girl’s own idea of posing (standing by fence) B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.25 Doc Billum and family at Copper River Ferry B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.26 Last of tribe, all carried off by disease, Sport McAllistr and
John Goodlutaw in picture
B&W 8 x 10*
B71.14.27 Kaw-Claa, a Tlingit maiden from Chilkat B&W 8 x 10*

*Has Negative